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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 18, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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this is a fox news alert. massacre at a church, nine innocent people praying and studying the bible gunned down inside historic african-american church in south carolina. place say the white gunman joined a white prayer meeting spending an hour sitting next to the pastor before fire on all of them. 6 women and three men all murdered. tracking down dillon roof in north carolina. on the team coverage from south carolina to north carolina, we start with geraldo rivera live in charleston herald? -- geraldo. >> greta it's hard to look
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at that church behind me the mother immanuel ame church a church with great racial history. weep for what happened here last night. deeply troubled sociopath this dillon roof just inculcating himself with the worshipers at that bible study, pretending to be interested in what they were learning there in that say credit place after 45 or 50 minutes takes out the 45 caliber weapon, we think his father gave him for his 21st birthday and unleashes this awful violence, taking the lives of nine wonderful people how do we know this he allowed some to survive despite the fact as he fired his weapon killing them, shooting them time and time again he spared a couple of people because he wanted them to carry his sick racist message that the reason he was perpetrating this awful
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violence was because black people were raping white people and taking over our country. where that cancerous idea grew in this young man i have no idea. but i do know that the community of charleston is united in its revulsion at this crime at its shock at its outrage over this crime. and we are delighted everyone here, that the citizens, the good citizens of shelby, north carolina listened to the all points bulletin that was point out located or identified the vehicle of this perpetrator called the cops, got him busted and now he is on his way to face stern justice here in south carolina, a state that is no stranger to the death penalty. this is clearly this mass murderer, a death penalty case. yes, it is a hate crime and yes, the feds have common jury here. -- common jurisdiction here. there is no doubt the state of north carolina will
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punish this man who has so disrupted people, reminding everyone of the dark racial past that has scared this lovely community in the south. >> all right geraldo. let me take issue with one thing. deeply troubled. i'm so over that. i'm not going to give this kid or this young man one inch of islamic that he is deeply troubled. he couldn't be more evil than that he walked into the church. he didn't start shooting. he sat down with them. he stat next to the pastor. he saw every single one of his victims. he got to know them as they prayed. deeply troubled business i don't care how quote deeply troubled it is. he is evil and cruel and destroyed so many lives and created some racial tension problems that we didn't need in this country. so i have absolutely zero sympathy. i'm not going to give him that deeply troubled stuff. he is he just evil. >> i have no argument with anything you just said, greta. he is a racist james holmes. a racist adam lance zoo. a racist jared lauper.
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he wanted to kill people because they were black. we can't deny that. this is a racist act. horrifying act. he has unleashed a river of blood mere. and of all places in that church which traces its roots to the early 19th century, the scene as you know of historic slave uprising. trying to throw off the chains of bondage were captured and executed right there on that same sacred ground and to have this, 100 and -- i don't know from 1820s to now all these years later to have it happen again on the same site in the the same town with the civil war started it is just almost too much to bear but i have to say again, that the people here are united white and black against this person. >> you know, in my mind, geraldo, i'm going to take the last word on this. i can see it, a outcome guy comes into church, my guess is i bet those people embraced him in a sense like come pray with us.
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i bet they couldn't have kindler to him nicer to him. he sat next to the pastor. to me it's so unthinkable. these were probably the most generous nice, decent people walking. that's what he did destroyed their lives and their family and all sorts of other problems. geraldo, thank you for joining us. thank you geraldo. >> thank you greta. >> and now to north carolina where the alleged gunman was arrested after the all night manhunt. fox columbia reporter tara petit is live in columbia, north carolina. how did he get caught? >> greta, here in charlotte north carolina where dillon was just extradited back to charleston, south carolina less than one hour ago he was taken into cuss can today earlier this morning here in shelby. it's hard for the death of these nine people during last night's shooting rampage at that church in charleston. just to break it down what happened he was arrested about 10 to 15 miles from here on u.s. 74 lee road west of the city when
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another driver behind him recognized the vehicle that authorities had been searching for. and also recognized that distinguishable hair cut that he had that was shown in photos. after she called in and tipped police, they were able to capture him and bring him to the shelby police station. roof is from the columbia, south carolina area. today just shortly after 4:00. shellie escorted roof from the station into a police car and took him from the courthouse and then to this airport to be flown back to charleston county. that never would have happened if it weren't for the assistance of law enforcement and the community. >> you know, it's just amazing, tara, so many people in the community really jumped into action and had their eyes wide open. good for law enforcement for getting those pictures out so quickly so everybody could participate. tara, thank you very much. so the big question, who tipped off police in the beginning to dylann roof. his long time friend joe meek and just recently
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dylann spent time in his friend's home. his brother justin lives there and we spoke to him just moments ago. >> what did your brother think about all of this? >> he was shocked. >> when is the last time you saw dylann? >> tuesday. >> and under what circumstances? >> like he chasm came to my house to chill and he took my brother to the lake. >> besides to take your brother to go down to the lake, did they play video games or do anything at all spend any time with you? >> no. we just usually go play the x box watch tv, listen to music. like just enjoy ourselves. >> justin, give me the straight story. what's the real story on this kid what's the story on dylann. >> he got the gun. he showed us the gun a couple weeks ago. and he said that he took it from his parents from his mom. and he told me his mom
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didn't know he had the gun. it was first his gun that his mother this h. taken from his. >> it was his gun but his mom took it from dylann. >> why would she have done that if it's his gun? why did she take it? >> because his mom don't trust him with it. >> you can imagine in your wildest dreams dylann gunning down nine people? >> i didn't i can't believe it. >> why did he pick that church, do you think? >> i don't know, i think he is racist. >> and this church massacre shattering the peace of south carolina. it's a beautiful historic small town, usually bustling with tourists and locals. "fox & friends first" anchor and south carolina native ainsley earhardt knows the area very well. ainsley, tell me about that area and all the broken hearts tonight. >> oh my gosh.
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there is some, greta. when i woke up this morning and found out that this had happened in charleston, south carolina. a place where i lived and my cities lived here for 20 plus years. my family goes to the beach here. we grew up two hours away from this place. i interned in charleston at the nbc affiliate when i was in college. this is a special place. if you have been here and i'm sure most of the people watching has been here. it's historic town so much mystery here. wonderful place to bring your family. it's a southern town. we pride ourself on faith and family and it's not unusual for people to go to church on a wednesday night and sunday morning twis a -- twice a week. friends did growing up. the church is right here behind me. ame, the white church. there is a gas station right here where everyone goes. it was the place where you would see your friends when you came to the beach. you go down this street and you hit the bars and hit all the restaurants king street is a block away. this is where everything happens in downtown charleston greta.
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>> the thing i can't get out of my mind is this he went in and sat there for an hour. we have been on the air 10 minutes. it's not nothing since the time we started this show. he went in there and apparently asked for the pastor and sat next to the pastor. you know the pastor was decent to him. you know they opened up their arms. how nice to have this young man walk in from the community. they probably wanted to help him. they probably couldn't have been nicer to this guy. they probably invited him to prayer. he actually got to sort of know the people he was about to execute. he got to see their goodness. he got to seat big hearts. he got to see how they wanted to spend their night. it is incredibly unthinkable the cruelty of this young man. >> greta, you are always so good at telling the truth and knowing how the story plays out. i agree to you. i have been to an ame church. visited ame church before. they made me stand up because i was a visitor. welcomed me, clapped came up and talked to me after the service. i'm sure they welcomed this gentleman -- i shouldn't say this gentleman this killer
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with open arms. an hour later he pulls out a gun and he shoots nine of them. i will say growing in south carolina, faith is so important. and i don't know how to put this but there are many people that would say if you are going to go, going in a church might be the best place to go. and maybe maybe something resonated that was preached by this reverend that really resonated with this kid and this suspect will eventually come to know the love of the faith that those in that church shared. and i drove by this church today. they finally opened up calhoun street and i drove by the church, and i thought nine people lost their lives there last night. nine good people. we talked to one guy greta who said he works for one of the museums here, the naval and maritime museum. he was working on a helicopter for a navy ceremony that's going to take place on monday. he was supposed to go to that church and sit next to his cousin in the pew. and he said he regrets that he wasn't there because maybe he could have done something to save her. he didn't want to talk on camera. he didn't go because they needed him to work on that
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helicopter and stay a little later. he wasn't there with his cousin. his cousin was one of the victims who was shot and killed. >> i go through the list there was one woman. i don't know these people. sherron da coleman. a teacher a coach a minister. the list goes on. nine of them. ainsley, thank you. >> yeah. greta, can i add more thing. my sources in columbia, south carolina two hours away where he did grow up. they do have evidence this is a hate crime. they searched his mother's house. he lived with his mother. they found videos that are anti-african-american videos. they found skin head paraphernalia. we just learned this information from my sources there. that they talked with a roommate of his or a friend of his. they haven't clarified that yet that he lived with in the past, apparently, that person said that he had been planning this for six months and he wanted to start a civil war and he was for segregation. >> and, of course that friend kept quiet and so now today we have got nine people to bury because that
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friend and everybody else was well aware and expected it: thank you. >> reverend clamenta pink -- pinckney. south carolina state senator sean bennett joins us. senator, your thoughts tonight about your colleague and the pastor. >> i understand you are having trouble hearing me. senator, i'm curious if you can tell me tonight about your thoughts about the pastor. he was also a state senator with you. >> i guess he can't hear me either. well i will tell you a little bit about that reverend that pastor who probably opened that door to that young man. he is only 41 years old. he has got children. he has got a wife. at age 18 he became a pastor. age 23. got into politics. 41 years old a senator and it's incredible.
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now i understand we do have him. state senator tell me your thoughts tonight about the pastor. >> well, it's just tragic. clem is a wonderful man. you just can't express it enough. is he a kind, gentle, calming person. and we just can't believe he is gone. i read about each one of them. each one couldn't be nicer than the next. you think about it a webs night. they are just gathering to do some prayer. and, i don't know about you but i go through my mind, probably how generous they were to the killer not knowing he was coming in to execute them. it's not surprising to me. clem pinckney was like that with everybody. the church that he ran those people are the kindest people you will ever want to meet. it doesn't surprise me that they would welcome anybody and take that opportunity to share with them their own love. >> what were his interests in the state senate? i mean, i obviously know his
11:15 pm
deep faith because he was running a bible study class. but what about the state senate? what was his passion? >> clem was always involved mostly with the down trodden. just yesterday we had a finance committee meeting where he really fought for some additional surplus funds that we ran into this year. made sure to go to some foster children programs. that's the type of things he does. he is always there when you need him to fight for the people that need him the most. >> key reach across the aisle? >> always, always. clem was one of those guys that, you know, in political circles, it's all too often a debate, an adversarial type of arrangement where you are talking and debating the issue. clem was the type of person that you could sit down and have a good conversation with. at the end of the day you may not agree but he was willing to listen, you were willing to listen to him. nobody did it better to reach across the aisle than
11:16 pm
clem pinckney. >> senator, thank you. we are just looking at a picture of the pastor, the state senator. he probably splashed that same smile at the the killer came in to sit next to him last night. that warm smile that he has probably welcoming. it's absolutely horrible. thank you, sir. and "on the record" is going to continue to bring you coverage of the church massacre. we are going to back to charleston and south carolina senator tim scott and lindsey graham will both be joining us. first, tonight other big story, the manhunt for those two killers who broke out of new york prison. you are about to hear from the lawyer for joyce mitchell's husband. the husband that is the target of the murder plot. that's next.
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prison break and murder plot. "on the record" is investigating what led to their escape. joyce mitchell, the woman accused of helping the killers is also accused of talking to them about a plot to kill her own husband lyle mitchell. spoke with husband peter dumoss. join the live "on the record" social discussion. answer this poll and you will see the results in realtime on the bottom of your television screen. as you watch listen to this interview, tell us, if you were joyce mitchell's husband, would you you forgive her? watch this interview and start voting right now. vote by tweeting yes or no using #greta. >> when did you last speak to him. >> he is doing okay. i spoke to him a little while ago. >> when exactly did lyle found out? >> the last time that his wife went in to talk to the police, the time that she
11:21 pm
gave her statement to the police about what she had done, the investigator would come out every hour and tell lyle what was going on in there. so lyle had a small view into what joyce was talking about with the investigators on the hour. then when she was done giving her statement to them she came out and she told him everything that she had told the police. about the escape, the plot to murder him. everything. it's my understanding that matt and sweat started threatening joyce, that if she didn't continue to help out, that lyle would still be in danger. they would still have someone on the outside get to him or they would have someone inside the prison get to him and do harm to him. >> so if that's the case, does lyle feel that his life is in danger because by all intents and purposes, joyce is now -- >> -- sure. >> come forward with what what she knows. >> i don't think he is he so worried about it at this point because he believes it may have been just a ploy to
11:22 pm
get her to do more for them or to scare her into helping them out more. he doesn't think they are still up here. he doesn't think that they are looking for him. he doesn't think they have anybody to do anything for him because he really doesn't know anything. he doesn't know anything more than what joyce knows. >> at what point does joyce share the sexual infidelity with lyle? >> she has never actually told lyle that she had sexual contact with either of them she told lyle that they made advances that it never happened. lyle knows there were notes going back and forth of a sexual nature. joyce offered to tell him what was in the notes and he just said he doesn't want to know. because, this was a woman that he was in love with. and he still loves. >> what is lyle's current employment status? is he still showing up to
11:23 pm
work at the jail? >> he wants to but he is on administrative leave until they call him back. he loves his job. wants to get back to his job. wants everybody there to know he had nothing to do with it is he not trying to get her out of trouble in any way. is he making sure that he is telling the police everything that he knows. >> does lyle or do you believe there was a point that he might have been able to know, that he might have been able to discover the plot which would have stopped the escape? >> no. and he keeps on asking himself the same questions. he keeps on saying, you know, how could i not have seen this? how could i not have seen what was going on here? i believe if he would have known beforehand he would have come forward. he would have stopped this from happening because possibly it would have stopped everything. is he certainly looking back on his life right now and looking for any clues that might have been there that
11:24 pm
he didn't pick up on. he loved this woman. he thought they had the perfect relationship. they had been together for 21 years. they drove to work together every day. they had meals together every day. they didn't even really vacation. they just spent time with family and friends. he is just blown away with it. >> joyce lyle is standing by his wife. plans to testify on her behalf. >> he doesn't plan on testifying on her behalf. for a number of reasons. one, he doesn't support what went on, okay? he doesn't want anyone to believe that he is supporting joyce in that way. as i said he is still in love with the woman. i believe that's something that he is going to have to figure out on his own and it's going to take a lot of time because of how o. how close he was to her. at this point though, he is cooperating with the police all he can everythings that joyce has told him he has
11:25 pm
told the police. he has agreed if she says anything more to him he is going to go back to the police. i think she knows that at this point. he is just trying to rebuild his life. >> now greta it's very important to point out that lyle mitchell is not facing any charges. and law enforcement sources tell us is he not expected to face any charges and he continues to cooperate. manhunt front intensity that u.s. marshalls have added david sweat and richard matt to 15 most wanted fugitive fugitive list. the message is clear here they are not giving up. greta? >> thank you. note to the viewers look, have you been watching social votes here on the screen realtime right here "on the record." voting on twitter awful -- all of you viewers tweet yes or no. >> as a the investigation into the south carolina church massacre unfolds.
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this is a fox news alert. the alleged gunman in the church massacre is headed back to south carolina. he just waived extradition south carolina police have gone and gotten him. is he accused of doing the absolutely unthinkable spending an hour with a group at bible study and then murdering nine of them inside that historic african-american church in charleston. now here is a minute-by-minute look at how it all started last night.
11:30 pm
>> it is unfathomable that somebody in today's society would walk into a church when people are having a prayer meeting and take their lives. >> a house of worship turned into a house of horror. wednesday night 8:16 p.m. the suspect seen here in surveillance photo enters the historic emanuel ame church. he sits in prayer meeting for approximately an hour for 12 others. >> >> the suspect opening fire including nine people including the pastor and state senator clement ata pinckney. >> he had reloaded five different times. he said i have to do it. he said you rape our women and you have taken over our country. and you have to go.
11:31 pm
>> moment later the suspect flees the church in a black hyundai. >> this tragedy that we are addressing right now is undescribable. no one in this community will ever forget this night. >> we can catch this no-good, horrible person to see that he pays the price. >> police launching an all out manhunt. >> we are looking for a white male, approximately 21 years old sandy blond hair and he obviously is extremely dangerous. >> a dangerous killer on the run. police begging the public for help to find out anything about this cruel gunman. >> the fbi has confirmed that he is the suspect in this case, dylan roof, 21 years old still on the loose. >> thursday, 10:32 a.m. someone spots dylan roof
11:32 pm
245 miles away in shelby, north carolina. 12 minutes later at 10:44 a.m. officers pull over and arrest the 21-year-old suspected mass killer. >> we. >> we have made an arrest in this case. we have arrested dylan roof, from lexington, south carolina. he was arrested in shelby, north carolina, during a traffic stop. >> and south carolina governor nikki haley getting emotional while talking about the tragedy a massacre of innocence in her state. >> we woke up today and the heart and soul of south carolina was broken. and so we have some grieving to do. and we have got some pain we have to go through. parents are having to explain to their kids how they can go to church and feel safe and that's not
11:33 pm
something we ever thought we would deal with. having said that we are a strong and faithful state. we love our state we love our country most importantly, we love each other. and i will tell you there is a lot of prayer in this state. and so you you are going to see all of us hold these nine families up in prayer because they need us. i want to personally thank the law enforcement community because you have now allowed us to start healing. we can now tell our children that that person is in custody. and we can now not only lift up our law enforcement community who hasn't slept since this happened, but thank them and give them the credit and they deserve and the courage that they deserve, but i want to remind everybody, south carolina has stepped up today in a way that continues to make me proud. but, for that, i will tell you it is a very, very sad day in south carolina. but it is a day that we will get through. it is a day that we will remember. and it is a day that will allow us to get stronger. thank you. >> well, the alleged gunman
11:34 pm
is under arrest in custody but the church massacre has broken some hearts and left a quiet south carolina city stunned. senator tim scott joins us from charleston. good evening, sir. >> thank you greta. certainly wish this was under different circumstances. >> indeed, i do too. what do you say to your constituents? how do you you possibly console them in the face of this? >> that's very difficult. i certainly find myself my knees praying to the good lord. some of the words that come to my mind have come from scripture says that while we may endure for a night joy comes in the morning. it is not morning here yet in south carolina. certainly not in charleston, but the morning will come. the fact of the matter is that our hearts are broken but our spirits are truly strong. i'm looking forward to seeing this community still coming together and it has been fantastic to see the response from all aspects of
11:35 pm
our community this morning at the prayer service we had such a diverse group of south carry-south carolinaians. we will keep hope alive because we will stay together and we will be one community. >> you mention the term diverse. and, you know, and i'm so cloud you did because as you look -- look, the racial issue on this is obvious. it's a white guy goes into an african-american church and he shoots african-americans. we can't deny this race issue. you see so many white members of the community black members of the community, white cops black cops. we have got to focus that we're all in this together. >> absolutely, greta. and when you think about if you you want to know what south carolina looks like from a racial perspective the progress that we have made the last 50 years was on display today. the fact of the matter is i would not look at last night. i would look at today in
11:36 pm
that church to see the present and the future of south carolina. we come together and i will say that under some of the worse conditions you can imagine, i think of hurricane hugo. i think of the walter scott incident. and now i add in the nine last night. the fact of the matter is that these events, these horrible events have truly brought us together in a way that very few things actually do. unfortunately, in the midst of challenges and real tragedy, south carolina has come together. >> indeed. i mean, these nine families, friends, it just breaks everybody's heart. senator, thank you sir. >> absolutely, yes ma'am thank you. >> live coverage of the massacre in this church will continue. coming up you will hear from a famous musician who took action when he heard about the massacre. you will find out what he he did that went viral. gospel star marcus stanley will be here. first, we will take you back live to upstate new york where the manhunt for two
11:37 pm
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. new york prison worker joyce mitchell is in big trouble. she is accused of helping two killers break out of a state maximum security prison. spoke with a former worker from the clinton correctional facility. >> do you think that the inmates had any help in escaping from the prison that you worked in for over 23 years? >> yes sir. >> and why do you say that? >> because inmates don't know stuff on their own and you know, they had to have help. >> do you know of any employees that worked in the prison system and i'm not asking you for names but any employees there that would normally help the prisoners out? >> yes. while i was there two females did. >> you can tell us what you know about that? >> well, one would befriended like joyce was
11:42 pm
and by an inmate and they found some pictures of her in the cell and she was terminated and then another one was bringing in like brought in a radio and stuff like that. >> note to the viewers don't forget we have got this social media question. if you were joyce mitchell's husband could you forgive her or not. just tweet #greta and vote yes or no whether you could forgive her. former homicide detective ted williams joins us from upstate new york. you have been talking to a lot of people up there. what you have learned. >> well, fred has represented about the intimate relationship between correction officers and inmates is not anything that's unusual greta as you already know we had the gang one convict impregnated four correctional officers.
11:43 pm
we had a warden's wife to run away with an inmate. we also have had this psychiatrist the run away and to help an inmate escape. so, what fred is saying should not be shocking to our viewers greta. >> you know, it's just incredible. i mean this whole thing is so bizarre, which is why we have this vote up the social media the whole idea of joyce having this plot to murder her husband could the husband forgive her or not and whether the viewers themselves, if they walked in his shoes and they can vote -- you can still vote and he seat live number go to twitter #greta yes or no whether you could forgive him. ted, any update on the two killers? where are they? >> well, greta they -- law enforcement is frustrated. it's like a needle in a hay stack here. they don't know where these individuals are. they are still closing close
11:44 pm
and looking for these individuals. no sign of anything. in a position where they are waiting for them to lift their head and hoping they will make a mistake, greta. >> do they think they split up? do they think they have hopped a train? have there been any sightings? how are they eating? did joyce mitchell leave money for them? they have got to have some means to move. >> yeah, you know, again greta. we don't know if joyce hism has told the truth about everything. you heard griff jenkins' interview where joyce mitchell supposedly told her husband that she was not in an intimate relationship, yet, there are rumors out there, strong rumors that she was involved in a sexual relationship with one or both of these inmates. >> i know i bet you are not surprised can't see the numbers on the screen. social vote about whether you could forgive joyce mitchell if you were her husband we asked the viewers to tweet #yes or no.
11:45 pm
overwhelmingly 87%. of course the number could change. 87% say they couldn't forgive joyce mitchell. >> well, i think it's very understandable that when you hear about that 87% she grown woman. worked in that system. she could have went to the authorities. i don't give a damn what she had over her head she didn't do the right and proper thing, greta. >> maybe there is a back story and we have it wrong. joyce mitchell looks like a woman in a heap of trouble. that's indeed true. we will hear more information later. ted, thank you. and straight ahead. coverage on the charleston church massacre. you are about to hear from a famous musician when he took action when he heard about the tragedy. you will find out what he did. christian gospel star marcus stanley
11:46 pm
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tonight the massacre in south carolina being felt all across the nation. a famous gospel star was so moved that he took to facebook. musician marcus stanley posted a stanley facebook page. stanley writing in part i don't look with you with the eyes of hatred or judge you by your appearance or race. i look at you as a human being to made a horrible decision to take the lives of nine living and breathing people. he goes on and says you have accomplished nothing from this killing but planting seeds of pain that will forever remain in the hearts of the families that lost their lives and countless hearts around our country. and marcus stanley joins us. good evening sir. >> good evening, greta. >> before i ask you about facebook page and career as a gospel singer, you have a personal story. you were shot, were you not? >> >> yes, i was ma'am, i was shot on april 2 2004, shot
11:51 pm
in baltimore maryland while i was on tour no fault of my own. confronted by a gang doing a gang initiation by one of their members shot 8 times in point blank range. >> this was your tour as a gospel singer? >> yes. i was actually a musician playing for different artists. >> all right. now, tell me, what were the injuries? >> well, i had -- i was shot actually eight times seven times in my chest. one time in my arm. and had one bullet that hit my stomach. i had a bullet that hit my spleen. i had had to get half of my stomach removed. i had my small intestine removed. i had a bullet that was lodged in my elbow as well. i still have a bullet that's in my spine today in my l 2 vertebrae. >> and then so then today you woke up, and you saw what happened in charleston, and you posted on the suspect's facebook page, why? >> well, i saw it last night, actually, but i didn't have enough details
11:52 pm
about the situation. so when i woke up in the morning, me and my wife were praying so the people and the family and the victims that lost their lives there. and we also went and reached out and prayed for not only the victims but just the country in general with this terrible violence. when i went into work to my church, which is new life outreach international, i was talking to my coworker adam and he was on the suspect's facebook page. he just told me about the suspect and i looked him up. i did not plan on reaching out to him, but the fact that he wasn't apprehended yet is when i decided to reach out to him instead of i asked myself what could i do to make a difference? what could i do in this situation? what could i do to bring some hope? i reached out to him directly instead of putting the post up for my own page. i reached out to him. >> you write so eloquently. deep faith. i'm so angry i can't see straight. i don't think i could forgive this man. can you forgive him?
11:53 pm
can you reach down in your heart and forgive this man? >> well, i can forgive him because i have been there. it took me a long time to forgive the person that shot me. because i held that bitterness for years. it plunged me into addiction. i got addicted to pain killers, to heroin, and it just progressed when i got shot. coming out of the hospital, i was a full blown drug addict. it completely paralyzed my life to the point where i had to go through a program called new life for youth which was founded by victor and carmen torez here in virginia. that's a one year program. that's when i encountered god and i finally got the strength to forgive. >> well, marcus stanley, you are a good man and sorry what happened to you and thank you very much, sir for joining us. >> thank you. i'm grateful to be with you tonight. god bless you. >> thank you sir. coming up, police bringing the church massacre suspect when you're not confident you have complete visibility into your business,
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. this is a fox news alert. south carolina police have gone to north carolina to pick up church pass massacre suspect dylann roof. rich is live in charleston, rich? >> good evening, greta. just walking past this intersection right now hundreds of locals here from charleston, south carolina, with a number of folks from the church community and officials. walking with cards and flowers in their hands to walk over to that church to leave flowers and cards messages of condolences for what happened nearly 24 hours ago last evening. while the suspect on this is on his way here. officials are saying that dylann storm roof is the one who was responsible for the shooting last evening was arrested in shelby, north carolina about a four hour drive from here. he was waived his challenge to extradition and is on his way back to urk so. police say the white shooter entered around 24 hours ago, :00 at night pretending it be part of this bible study opened
11:59 pm
fire about an hour later at 9:00 p.m. now the federal government is looking into this because, greta as you have discussed, this is historically black church. if this is a racially motivated crime and according to what we have seen in reports and officials say there are elements of a a strong possibility of that, then he could be brought up on federal charges for this one. the attorney general loretta lynch hasn't said if that's the case, the fbi is only here to investigating that and looking into that. meanwhile there are vigils, signs of condolences ongoing throughout the area, throughout the state and throughout the country. president obama also bringing his con condolences to the white house briefing room earlier today and calling for stricter gun control, greta? >> rich, thanks. let's all go off-the-record for just one second there isn't much you can say about the cruelty. you can't console one broken hearts. i can't express the words but here is in charleston, south carolina today. ♪ praise him all creatures here below
12:00 am
♪ praise him abundantly heavenly host ♪ praise live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez. we are learning more about the man accused of opening fire in a south carolina church claiming nine lives. a friend of the suspect says 21-year-old dylann roof, you can see him there ranted that black people were taking over the world and that something had to be done for the sake of the white race. the masacre at charleston's historical ame church is being investigated as a hate crime. the victims were all black. roof sat with them in a bible study session for nearly an hour before opening fire. he was nabbed in north carolina and is now in south carolina awaiting a bond hearing. >> it is premature to determine


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