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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 19, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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guy. happy father's day to your dad and your husband. >> thank you very much, happy father's day to dan and mr. maccallum. best dad. the mr. hemmer. bill: the original bill hemmer. martha: have a great father's day weekend. see you monday. bye-bye. jenna: awaiting the first court appearance for the man accused of murdering nine people in cold blood as they prayed together in a south carolina church. welcome to "happening now," everybody, i'm jenna lee you i'm jon scott. another vigil is set tonight in charleston to honor nine people gunned down in a black church. the 20 one-year-old murderer who confessed to authorities sits in a charleston jail charged with nine counts of murder and possession after weapon. dylann roof's own sister called him after recognizing him in surveillance photos. amber roof was planning to be mayor whiched this weekend.
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rich edson live at the church in downtown charleston. >> reporter: good morning jon. three hours from now dillon roof will have his bond hearing in the court detention center a few miles from downtown. down here there has been a steady stream of mourners. it started with hundreds of people black, white stopping by the church, emanuel ame church to leave cards, ribbons, sentiments. this continues throughout the day. a man just walking here coming from all other area, all over the region. there has been a steady stream of these folks crossing this yellow line to leave flowers thoughts, prayers condolence. there is a national conversation ongoing about gun violence. president obama speaking yesterday bull a of this. the former governor of the state and congressman responding to the president's calls for stricter gun control. >> i think it is premature. you know, i think a lot of people will the nature of tragically of any tragedy is that people use to it advocate
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that which they believe in. there are people all sides of that debate. i happen to be a second amendment person. i don't think this is the time nor the place for that debate. >> reporter: police say roof will face county charges. the federal government is also investigating this as a possible hate crime. he does have a history according to reports of making racist statements, coming into historically black church killing nine people that could make it a federal crime. so investigators are looking whether they can charge him on a federal level as well. back here in charleston, south carolina the city of charleston will hold a prayer vigil in a 5100 person arena, scheduled for 6:00 p.m. jon: you wonder will be big enough. the whole city wants to turn out. thanks very much, rich edson. jenna: as rich mentioned that vigil set for tonight as people in charleston and communities gathered in prayer. governor the south carolina nikki haley is calling for the death penalty in this horrific
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crime. friends recall the racist views harbored by dylann roof. we're just now hear being about that. we're joined by retired lieutenant detective steve rogers on set. steve, it seems open and shut. we have the guy apparently he confessed. he is growing to be charged. there is still a lot of police work to be done. what is the top priority today? >> the investigation now begins. now that they have a suspect, jenna, they will look at his computers. they will look at his cell phone records. there will be electronic footprint god knows where it will lead the police but may lead them to a lot of evidence and answer the question what in the world was the motive. jenna: that is a big question still today why apparently according to reports, hate was the source of it all. but, what specifically would you be asking today? where would you point your team? >> i would want to know if he had a connection to any homegrown terrorist group, all right? you could call them hate groups biased groups, whatever. an act like this is a act of terrorism. if he was connected to some
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group like that then the charges should be elevated from a biased crime to terrorist act. jenna: so we'll wait for that. what about copycats? what about security today in very practical level whether in charleston or otherwise? how concerned are you about that? >> you're always concerned about copycats. there will be increased security i'm sure in many churches in many areas. jenna, i would hope the good lord as copycatted is the way people of south carolina have handled this. they are a role model for bringing this country together for love and faith they have communicated to the entire world. so that i hope is copycatted more than anything else. jenna: you say really that community in charleston is a role model for everybody. >> jenna there is scripture in the bible what man meant for evil god turns for man's good. those people there have done that. they have lived up to the promise of god. jenna: going back to security what about that in churches across our country now? obviously people will be nervous for good reason with something like this happening. >> that's right. i'm sure there will be security
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but it will probably security you can't see. you won't see uniformed armed men and women outside of churches. that would frighten people. people need to take comfort in knowing church pastors, police departments, they're very vigilant and very aware and they will do the best they could to protect everyone. jenna: who around dylann roof who would you most want to speak with? >> i want to go to his dad. i want to find out why that gun was given to him or had access to a gun. the dad, unless totally absent and absent-minded father he had to know where this young man was going, who he was associating with. words have to be spoken to somebody and this young man this, killer, if you will, spoke to somebody in the past as i mentioned yesterday and kind, he used the word. i have a gun. and i have a plan. jenna: the timing is something else we're looking at today. a wide variety of report we're looking independently his sister was getting married this weekend. what do you make of the timing of this crime that event, do you think there is a tie?
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>> just a brutal, cold, calculated killer. didn't care about anyone. sits in a church for an hour, executes people. he had no mind at all. goes to a point if you hear something, see something say something. maybe he said something to somebody and somebody is scratching their head saying should have said something. jenna: we'll talk to an fbi profiler when is the right time to speak up. that is the big question, we're all thinking about today. great to have you on the program. thank you very much. jon? jon: new jersey governor chris christie possibly moving closer to joining the 2016 race for the white house holding his 10th townhall event in new hampshire last night as he decides whether or not to announce his candidacy. senior national correspondent john roberts live in hampton new hampshire with more on that. john? >> reporter: beautiful beach day here in new hampshire jon better known having nine months of winter and three months of bad skating. chris christie playing coy
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whether or not he will jump into the race for president. at family meeting his wife and his children said they were 100% in him running. likely he will jump in the race had next three weeks. christie push hard against claims from jeb bush and scott walker saying they are the best people to run. they have had had easy ride of it with republican legislatures, he as republican in a blue state with democratic legislature has what it takes to fight the tough fights and reach compromises necessary to get things done. he did agree with both bush and walkers that governors make better presidents than senators do sightings experience with hurricane sandy as an example. >> when you're guy sitting at table, hearing bad news, everybody stops talking to look at you to decide how we recover there is no book that we can teach you that. you don't learn that in a senate subcommittee marking up a bill. >> reporter: christie told me believes in order to win next year the republican party needs
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to show more heart saying candidates have been too preprogrammed by political consultants and political correctness. >> i think you say what is in your heart around what you really believe. let the chips fall where they may. i think too often we've done that. >> will this be touchy-feely campaign if you get in. >> of course. why would anybody think of me as anything other than touchy-feely john. >> reporter: touchy-feely, presidential campaign. he has been tough on particular opponents rand paul or ted cruz. when i felt he couldn't really criticize jeb bush because he appointed u.s. attorney in state of new jersey by bush's brother back in early 2000s. i never say anything bad about george w. bush. jeb bush, john is another story. can't wait for this one. jon: how does touchy-feely work on bummer sticker? any research on that? >> reporter: how does touchy-feely work with chris christie? jon: that is the better
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question. john roberts in new hampshire. thank you. jenna: new developments in the case of a wisconsin teen accused in the brutal stabbing of a classmate last year. why psychiatrists want to move her trial now to juvenile court. we'll talk a little bit about that. plus as we await a key supreme court decision on the president's health care law what republicans are doing to make schur millions of americans don't lose their insurance. we want to learn from you as john roberts talked to us about if chris christie runs will you support his candidacy. a live chat is running, to join the conversation. hey america, still not sure whether to stay or go to your people? ♪ well this summer, stay with choice hotels twice and get a $50 gift card you can use for just about anything. go you always have a choice.
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or pain while you urinate. farxiga can cause serious side effects including dehydration, genital yeast infections in women and men, low blood sugar, kidney problems, and increased bad cholesterol. common side effects include urinary tract infections changes in urination and runny nose. ♪do the walk of life♪ ♪yeah, you do the walk of life♪ need to lower your blood sugar? ask your doctor about farxiga. and visit our website to learn how you may be able to get every month free. jon: a fox news alert. we take you now to charleston south caroline. this is the long-term long-time mayor, joe reilly. >> all he did was make us more united and love each other even more. i want to welcome the citizens of charleston and those here who to come to the community prayer service and vigil at 6:00 at
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college of charleston arena on meeting street. secondly we have announced the wonderful fund, the mother emanuel hope fund. and, you can make donations by taking a check to the, any wells fargo branch, mail it to box 304 or now or very soon you will be able to make donations online. this fund will be used to help the families of the victims handle the great expenses that they will be facing as well as this church. i had the honor of working with senator reverend pinckney to raise money to build an elevator for the church. you can see the steep climb that it would be to get into the sanctuary, and we about
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finished, we're about finished raising money for that. and years ago i worked with the church to repair the damage steeple. mother emanuel, an historic african-american church in our country is and has been an extremely important place of worship for the citizens of our city. so and we will, there will be another fund later on announced. jon: joe riley, elected and elected 10 times to the mayorship of charleston, south carolina, one of the longest serving mayors in this country. got the city through ravages of hurricane hugo. he faces another test after the shootings after the emanuel african-american, i'm sorry, african meth think episcopal church in his city. we have the entire news conference on if you want to watch. the plan to extend bam care
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tax credits up to two years repealing other parts of the law if the supreme court rules against the federal obamacare subsidies in states that did not create their own exchanges. a decision could hinge on this key phrase in the law. it allows subsidies to be paid to policyholders enrolledded in and through an exchange established by the state under section 1311 of the patient protection and affordable care act. let's bring in liz begs harrington, staff righter for the "washington free beacon." kevin zerilli, a reporter for "the hill." elizabeth, how much enthusiasm about republicans that now they have to the first the law they didn't want in the first place? >> that is really the problem for them, right? they have been kind of been putting this off. this is the first meeting the house republican caucus had to put a plan forward. they're not really excited about it because it is a tough position for them because if
8:16 am
they win in the supreme court they really feel like they're going to lose because they're really scared of the messaging war they could be blamed for millions of americans losing these subsidies they're used to under obamacare. so really they're trying to come up with a plan that makes it so they're not blamed for losing the subsidies. but at the same time, can kind of chip away in somes with obama care. they extended subsidies for a short while. then the house plan would offer block grants so states could decide how to spend the money. maybe bring in things like health savings accounts, more conservative ideas and also get rid of employer and individual mandate. so it is really they don't think they can get rid of obamacare. they don't really want this problem. they want to push it off to the election but they definitely need to have a plan so they don't feel they will get blamed for this. jon: they can't just throw the baby out with the bath water overnight, right kevin? they have to come up with some kind of a plan that phases things in, assuming the supreme
8:17 am
court makes some changes to the law? >> well that's a great point, jon. there are two points i would make. the first republicans have been warning for years ever since obamacare was enacted into law that parts of it were unconstitutional. now you're having a situation where the supreme court of the united states is very likely to strike down this subsidy provision. now as a result, republicans have an opportunity, the second point i would make to really kind of put forth an alternative proposal. you're seeing people like representative paul ryan who has emerged as a deal-maker of sorts in congress put together an alternative but it is going to create a political tightrope that cone serve tiffs like senator ted cruz, senator rand paul, more tea party leaning conservatives on the campaign trail will simply have to bach. walk. what is their alternative what is their plan? do they want to get rid of the
8:18 am
tax subsidy programs. elizabeth alluded to the messaging war. saying they have to put forth an alternative simply because obama care didn't hold up in court. jon: but also obamacare didn't hold up in the court of public opinion you look at last two elections. republicans did very well and seemed to be driven in large part by obamacare. so are democrats going to be enthusiastic about making some changes to this law? >> well, i think that is what is interesting about this supreme court case. the democrats want to lose in court. president obama wants to lose in court that is what they like to do best. they want to unite and do what they like, which is hammer republicans. even though no republicans voted for this law, they didn't write it which was written so poorly that even bringing in this chal democrats, that won't stop them from saying look these mean republicans are trying to take your health care away. they really want this fight. they will not give up on obamacare. it has been unpopular since the beginning.
8:19 am
but that hasn't stopped them from implementing it. president obama through executive action and they're going to stick with it. president obama is a lame duck. he will not let this go. he will definitely fight and he will use the bully pulpit against them. that is what republicans fear the most. jon: he is using the bully pulpit against the supreme court. he is one who said the supreme court probably never should have taken up this case. >> it is fascinating because it is a typo of sorts that got the obama care ruling to the supreme court. i think the bottom line jon this will be contentious republican primary issue. you will see like more moderate candidates like former florida governor jeb bush and senator marco rubio, to some extent governor chris christie and scott walker make the case they have a better, inclusive obamacare versus more tea party, more convservative ideology. how they're able to do that will be on full display. i think republicans will be in agreement anything would be
8:20 am
better than obamacare because obama care they will argue there was hillary care. jon: will be fascinating to see what the how the supreme court decides and how congress reacts. elizabeth kevin, thank you both. >> thank you. jenna: hot weather around high winds fueling wildfires across the west. hundreds forced to evacuate and sizing up to be a destructive fire season. what goes on in the head someone like dylann roof the accused charles charleston church shooter? a former fbi profiler is next.
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the so-called lake fire in the san bernardino forest. it has burned 10,000-acres, threatens 150 structures and has forced evacuations. plus two big fires in alaska spreading across thousands of acres there, more than two dozen homes lost so far with hundreds of residents forced out. in arizona, a wildfire burned more than a thousand acres bringing out hundreds of firefighters. several mobile homes caught fire but most evacuations are lifted now. jenna: we're standing by for a court appearance by 21-year-old dylann roof taken into custody about this time yesterday. he is charged with nine counts of murder and reportedly confessed to horrific shooting at one of the country's oldest african-american churches leaving nine people dead and the city of charleston traumatized. experts are working to figure out why anyone could do this. mary ellen owe teal, fbi agent for 20 years. ties to have you back on the
8:25 am
program, mary ellen. at this point in the investigation is someone with your skills on this case and where do you even start? >> yes. we would be. and what we would be doing is working for the prosecutor attempting to do really a 360-degree assessment on this shooter. we would want to find out, for example, how long this planning had gone on. we would want to find out about this weapon or any other weapons. we would want to find out about his writings, his postings. we would take him back to the time he was practically a newborn so we understood what made this person tick. jenna: that not to explain or justify the acts for any reason but for a specific purpose. what is that purpose? >> it is for several purposes. we want to find out the full extent of his problems. maybe there are other crimes involved that we're simply not aware of. not certainly on this level but we would still want to find out who he was interacting with, who he associated with. maybe those were people that
8:26 am
were listen to what he said but the leakage rose to the level of conspiracy. linkages when you broadcast to a friend you know what you are going to do so we look at that in his background. jenna: you have investigated, been part of some huge lie profile cases. for example the investigation into the unabomber for example and you say when you look at a crime like this, that the roots of this crime actually begin years before the shooting. why is that? >> because what, in a case like this before someone pulls the trigger there is a certain thinking process that has to be in place and that thinking process evolves over time and it includes developing the kind of eye did i ages of hating other people. the world is against me. in this case he had hatred
8:27 am
against towards african-americans but that thinking process and wanting to kill people takes years and years to develop. it also has to be reinforced. that's why, that process that development of that, we call it nilistic thinking can go back to childhood. jenna: mary ellen, i'm curious you said something about this is in your notes going through think about this case you would look for increasingly negative world outlook. i think all of us have been around friends or acquaintances that find themselves or appears they're in a dark period. you see someone descend into a bad place. getting that point to becoming a murderer is a big distance to travel and one of the things we were talking about at the beginning of our show with an investigator when you need to speak up and say i'm concerned about the potential behavior of this individual. how do you sift through that knowing what someone is going through a bad period versus someone that is potentially really dangerous to the community?
8:28 am
>> that is really a tremendous question because, you can't sit back from afar and just say well this person in this room is going through an epsoddic period of depression and this person is actually thinking about carrying something out. what we do is a called a bio cycle social assessment of this person. we have to interview people that they know. we have to interview him find out, you've written these things. you've come to our attention because people are concerned. they're afraid of you. have you gone out and purchase ad weapon? have you target practiced? what have you done to carry out what you have written about? it's really very straightforward but you can't sit back and just assume you know the difference between when person a and person b, say basically the same thing. person a may never do it. person b may. that is why it requires taking a
8:29 am
indepth look at each one of them. jenna: i have to run but as far as you know limited as it is do you think any red flags are raised in this case based on what you know? >> there were definitely red flags in this case and they were either ignored or misunderstood. jenna: mary ellen, always good talking to you. thank you. >> thank you. jon: a terror suspect expected to appear in federal court. david wright one of two men accused in a plot to kill americans. we're live at that hearing. plus brian williams admits he told false stories but he soon becomes the face of msnbc. our media panel weighs in.
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jon: right now a quick look what's still to come this hour of "happening now." nbc news anchor brian williams speaking publicly for the first time since his suspension. what williams now blames for causing him to tell tall tales. shocking discovery in british airways plane. did a stow away fall to his death before it landed. dylan roof confessed to killing nine people in charleston, south carolina. our legal panel weighs in how the case moves forward now. jenna: meantime two men accused of conspiring to support isis appearing in a federal court in boston. one of the suspects david wright is the nephew of the man fatally shot by boston police after refusing to drop a knife. officers say they were involved in a plot to kill u.s. citizens
8:34 am
a rhode island man is also in custody. molly line is live in boston with more on this story. molly. >> reporter: there will actually be two men in court this afternoon. they're both charged with conspiracy to provide material support to isis. prosecutors allege the two men worked with the third man the man you just mentioned. usaama rahim. 26 years old was killed earlier this month. they hatch ad plot to behead pamela geller who organized the draw muhammad cartoon contest in texas. going before the judge this afternoon, david wright, 25 years old from everett, most mass he is the nephew of rahim. nicholas, 24 years old from rhode island. rao heem ordered received three huge military-style knives online. rahim rode to rhode island picked up.
8:35 am
rasinsky. where they discussed their plot secretly believing the plan would support the plans ever isis. but they never acted. rahim called wright and shifted course. scrapping initial plan to go after boys in blue a reference to attacking police. wright advised rahim to destroy his phone clear computer urged him to make a will. rahim's phone call was intercepted by federal investigators who approached him hours later. he lashed out with a knife coming within feet of law enforcement team, forcing one boston police officer and one fbi agent opened fire. both right and rabinsky were detained after their arrest. their first appearance is 2:00 this afternoon. jenna? jenna: molly, thank you. >> i am fully aware of the second chance i have been given. i don't intend to squander it.
8:36 am
i have strong feelings for the folks who tuned in all these years, the folks, i asked to put their trust in me.e >> to that percentage of viewers out there that says he doesn't deserve my trust. what do you say to them. >> i will work every day for it. jon: brian williams admitting that he told stories that weren't true. he spoke to matt lure first time since being suspended by the "nbc nightly news." he will not return to the program but become the face of msnbc anchoring breaking news for that struggling channel. fox news contributor and lynn sweet, washington bureau chief for "the chicago sun-times." brian williams had a 10 million-dollar a year contract over five years. he would make 50 million bucks, newly signed. apparently he will be taking a reduced salary at msnbc.
8:37 am
lynn, does the punishment fit the crime? >> it seems some by the way even if he makes 1/10 of that, that is astounding amount of money. jon: he should be able so get by. >> if only reporters could get anywhere close to that. judy is laughing we know what a different world y'all live in than us. but the punishment i think people do deserve second chances. i think he is blessed beyond belief that he worked for a company that whatever their motives are that he has a second chance. so the punishment to be stripped of the anchor chair, and assigned other duties at a second, at msnbc, seems reasonable. jon: well, you know, i guess msnbc, or nbc gave him some support judy. he actually got more support from the chairman of fox roger ailes than his own people at nbc.
8:38 am
>> right. he is still an anchor. who knows maybe he can help right the struggling msnbc. look their ratings have been tumbling and especially in that key demographic. but if i worked at msnbc in the news department i would be asking myself, is this the dumping ground for people who are ashamed -- shamed out of the being on the network? i think that brian williams apology tour is a very good move for him. i think it was essential in terms of re-establishing trust. i agree with lynn. i think it is personally sad when this happens to someone who worked so long and so hard to get where he was but, i think he is really lucky because other people and women will tell you other women would not have been given the a second chance. so i think on balance yes the punishment does fit the crime and it's a great opportunity for him. jon: he fibbed about his own involvement apparently in stories, nobody died. he didn't kill anybody.
8:39 am
lynn politicians lie to us every day and we let them stay in office. >> people vote and they decide whether or not they want to do it. i think one of the opportunities that he will have on msnbc, i would think if he wants to let his colleagues know, and his viewers know, that he is turned a new leaf, do a lot of reporting yourself. i know that tv is a team sport when you do this but, pick what you do not to be a performer or a personality, which there were reports, that is what he had been interested in doing. but if you're sticking in a journing aism organization he could have left. he apparently with 10 million a year some of that gives you options in life, do real reporting, not just be a face on the story. some producer wrote, organized looked at documents for and made the phone calls on. jon: curious to me, judy, i was working at nbc news when they were inventing msnbc and one of
8:40 am
the things that they thought would really make that network stand out they were going to put tom brokaw on it. they were going to put jane paulie on it. they would put big face familiar names of nbc news on msnbc all the time. they were all going to you know work to make this cable channel really something special. didn't really happen that way. i was told that the big names didn't really like going over there to do extra shifts and extra work. so, how much help is brian going to be, brian williams, over at msnbc? >> well i think if he follows lynn's advice he is going to do pretty well because one of the problems with msnbc is that they have nothing but talking heads. they don't really have a lot of reporters who are willing to do the work. if if brian williams broke news on msnbc people might actually watch and that would be refreshing for the network and for nbc as well. >> i mean i just must say because i am, i'm the ecumenical
8:41 am
one here, i'm i like to, and watch, all cnn msnbc fox there are some wonderful reporters there. andrea mitchell's show she is one of the most hard-working reporters around. so i would say let's, let's talk about brian what he did wrong. i'm very charitable. i don't think we need to take down others in our examination for what brian williams did wrong. >> i'm saying real reporters they are at nbc and not at msnbc. they have turned msnbc as kind after liberal talking outlet. i think that it can be more than that. it was supposed to be more than that he could actually help with that. i'm actually agreeing with you, lynn. jon: we wish him well as he tries to resurrect his career. judy miller, lynn sweet, thank you both. >> thanks. jenna: a body found on a rooftop in west london is raising some serious questions why police are now connecting it to a british airways flight. we'll tell you the story there.
8:42 am
was the south carolina church shooting a hate crime? how investigators will determine whether the case is also tried in federal court.
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8:45 am
jon: ladies of "outnumbered" and one gentleman will join us at top of the hour. andrea harris, what do you have? >> thanks thanks a lot jon. the charleston church shooting suspect confessed and friends saying he started months ago starting a quote a race war. why didn't anyone raise a red flag. >> disgraced nbc news anchor brian williams launches his apology tour. is an apology to earn back the trust of a viewers. >> a baseball star benched for liking woman's instagram picture. it happened during a game. is the punishment fair or foul? >> all that plus our #oneluckyguy on "outnumbered." see you this friday. yes it is friday. >> i would click on john's picture at work. jon: all right. not during the program, right. >> maybe.
8:46 am
>> maybe. jon: thank you both. see you at top. hour. >> see ya. jon: some new information on the man charged with killing nine people in an historic black church in charleston, south carolina. federal authorities may charge him with a hate crime but that does not mean a federal trial will take place. they're looking ad evident that the suspect was motivated by racial animus. we have a fred tease sy. -- tease sy. thanks to both of you being here. fred i've been on cases where crime investigations and so forth where the feds come in. muscle local people out. they take over and often resented in legal circles. is that going to happen here? >> it is. no, i don't think it is going to happen here for a couple different reasons. i think south carolina has compelling interest in trying this guy and basically convicting him and executing him. i think hopefully what will
8:47 am
happen the federal government will come in, the fbi will come in aid in the investigation and turn it over to local law enforcement to let them do it. for couple reasons. very difficult to get someone executed in federal system. we haven't done anybody since timothy mcveigh. jon: you can charge somebody in the federal system, esther, correct and also have a completely separate trial on the state level without invoking double jeopardy? >> that's correct. two different jurisdictions can pursue the same person for the same crime as long as it is not the same jurisdiction doing it twice. i was part of the first federal case in georgia. i was appointed to represent the defendant. he was prosecuted in state court and also prosecuted in federal court for a hate crime. jon: i think it is fair to say fred the evidence is overwhelming. there are pictures of the young man inside of the room where the shootings took place. there are surveillance pictures. there is the phone call from his sister. the fact that the car was snapped leaving the church parking lot.
8:48 am
and then here is my question. the governor of south carolina, nikki haley has said, you know, let's convict him and invoke the death penalty. is there a danger that too much piling on too soon, somehow affects his ability to get what would be perceived as a fair trial? >> it is unfortunate these comments are made in the media. part of what is going on part of why the case calls out for the death penalty jon, every once in a while excuse manifests society's outrage at depravity of this type of crime. everything from her comments. governor from mayor of south carolina to charleston's comments is society's reaction to the horrific horrific nature of this crime. the guy needs to be charged and defended by somebody like esther and needs appeal rights and needs to be executed. jon: esther, put our your defense hat for a minute. how do you mount a defense in a case like this. the only defense i potentially
8:49 am
see a insanity defense. >> that would be it. not a whodunit but why. if he has undiagnosed history of mental disorder that shows itself is with prior actions but in this case i haven't heard anything to indicate that he has got that. and even if he did he had to have not known the difference between right and wrong n this case he sat there, he knew what he was doing. this will be a very difficult case to defend. and, you know, may end up with a public defender in south carolina. jon: the remarks, supposedly, one survivor in the room said he said, you have to go, before opening fire. that is all of you in the room you have to be dispatched. does a sane person do something like that, fred? >> you know what, jon? there is esther hit on it. the question for purposes of legal issues whether or not he knows right from wrong. for purposes of whether he was requisite mental state to know right from wrong. he fled from the scene. he knew what he was doing are
8:50 am
wrong. he made comments that will come back to haunt him. they're not hearsay. they're an admission. the answer to your question, as sane people, people who would never dream of doing something horrific what he has done we look how can this guy be sane. he knows right from wrong and that is the standard. jon: we'll see what justice does as it takes its course in. esther panitche, fred tecce thank you both. >> thanks for having me. jenna: another suspect in isis related plot here in new york area. we heard molly line investigating in boston. we have a new case. why justice department officials say more indictments are on the way both here and abroad. shopping online... as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers carpenters and even piano tuners...
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8:54 am
investigating perhaps came from a plane. maybe this person was a stowaway. newspaper reports a man fell from a british airways jet as it was landing nearby. the man's body was found on an office roof just yesterday. another stowaway who survived the trip was found unconscious when the plane landed. the two men apparently clung to the jet for more than 6,000-mile trek from south africa to the united kingdom. we'll bring you more as we learn more on the story. jon: the fbi making a new isis related arrest. the fourth this week in the new york city area. 21-year-old samuel topaz of new jersey now accused conspiring with three other men to provide material support to isis. the justice department says we can expect even more arrests before the 4th of july holiday. laura engle has been looking into this. she joins us with more. laura? >> reporter: jon, jenna samuel topaz is latest in string of 60 terror-related arrests in the
8:55 am
u.s. since 2007. investigators say topaz was working on active plan to travel to iraq or syria for the purpose of joining ices is and was planning to hook up with could conspirators. one of the men topaz is linked in with omar saleh a queens college student arrested last week accused of building a ex-most system device to detonate it in the new york city area on behalf of isis. since march there have been several arrests overseas people attempting to join isis. seven from britain, including the son of a u.k. lawmaker and a former british boxing champion. investigators say these are part of a bigger picture. the cases all share the same philosophy extremist support groomed through the web. fbi director james comey says the agency doesn't have the full capacity to investigate all terror-related threats on social media, due to the going dark phenomenon, extremist use of encryption tools to mask their
8:56 am
communication to investigators. yet still they say they are making progress. >> isil has spent about a year investing in trying to reach troubled minds in the united states through social media, to recruit to come to the so-called caliphate. >> some have been killed trying to carry out acts terror here in the u.s. and abroad, including two men opened fire at so-called muslim art exhibit in garland, texas, last month. fox news investigators are told that they are working on numerous terror-related cases and we can expect to see several more indictments ahead of the 4th of july which could be a target date for potential terror attacks. jon: something to keep in mind unfortunately. >> if you see something, say something, that's for sure, thanks. jenna: it has been two weeks since two killers broke out of a prison in new york state. you will be shocked how many other dangerous criminals are at large after escaping.
8:57 am
we have important context. plus a master bomb-maker working for al qaeda despite u.s. efforts to take him out. why the cia considers this man a huge threat to america. when you travel, we help you make all kinds of connections. connections you almost miss. and ones you never thought you'd make. we help connect where you are. to places you never thought you'd go. this, is why we travel.
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is >> "outnumbered" starts right now: >> i am andrea and harris faulkner is here, co-host of after the bell, melissa francis is here editor for town hall katie pavlich, and a first timer on the couch former candidate for lieutenant governor of virginia, peter synder is here. >> thank you. great to be here. >> it is going to be a great


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