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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  June 22, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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nvestigation moves from one side of new york state to another. kelly wright is here now following the latest developments. >> police in new york are investigating what they call a credible new lead in the massive search for two convicted killers. here are the latest developments. hundreds of police are on the lookout as at first they were searching in new york near the fence pennsylvania border where there were reports of escapees following the train tracks. the news search is based on evidence found in a hunting cabin in the woods in the village of owl's head. dna evidence was reportedly found showing the men may have broken into the camp. the manhunt for convicted killers david sweat and richard matt is causing people in the area to stay vigilant. >> we are prepared because being in the country we think we should be ready for anything like this. not really. we didn't think there would be
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15 cop cars going down the street. we are all pretty close around here. >> a prison guard worked at correctional facility in danna more. they are making a vow they will find them. >> as we have in other areas of the state we will search under every rock behind every tree and structure until we are confident that that area is secure. >> sweat and matt have been on the run since escaping on june the 6th. they have added matt and sweat to the list of the 15 most wanted fugitives and is offering a 50,000 dollar reward for information leading to their capture. >> what does it mean to put the killers on the most wanted list? >> it raises their profile even higher. their picture will be seen more places making them aware of who they are and what they have done that could lead to another tips that could lead to their
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capture. >> thank you, kelly. you are welcome. in other news today charleston healing. emanuel church reopening the doors four-days after a gunman murdered 5 innocent people during bible study. >> hundreds packing the pews filled with music and prayers focusing on forgiveness. >> our spirits may have been crushed but we are not broken standing tall knowing god you will never ever leave us alone. >> hours later an incredible scene across charleston bridge, as many as 20,000 coming together for a unity march to honor the people that were killed. >> all said and don, everybody is the same. >> it is a warm feeling, that southern hospitality.
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>> so man fee people there as the community continues to heal. we are learning brad new details about the accused gunman. al survivor there at the time says dill lanylann roof tried to kill himself but ran out of bullets. he is charged with nine counts of murder. >> confederate flag controversy. kill lan roof reigniting the flag as they call for them to take it down. even gop presidential candidates are weighing in. >> this has been a long debate in south carolina and beyond. hundreds gathered in charleston over the weekend to protest the flags. last week civil rights leaders called for them to remove the flag at the capitol. they were bombarded with questions about it in sunday talk shows. the mayor says the time has come
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to take the flag down. >> it sends mixed messages and at worst for hateful people like roof,it is an affirmation. they have appropriated something and used it as a symbol of hatred. >> many gop candidates still see this as a states rights issue that national politicians should steer clear of it. >> you can point to me in which a united states president ought to weigh in on which states use as symbols. refresh my memory on that for those of us running for president everybody is being baited with this question that somehow it has anything to do whatsoever with running for president. my position is it most certainly does not. mitt romney tweeted over the weekend it is time to take the flag down. jeb bush says the flag bee longs in a museum. >> hillary clinton has not
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commentnded on it either some questioning that. where do residents fall on the debate? >> there was a poem in southll taken and found 73 percent of whites want the flag to remain while 61 percent of african americans in south carolina lane gnaw want the flag taken down. there's a huge divide. >> doug mcelway thank you. nbc president cornell william brooks says there's no room for discussion it is time to take action. >> the fact of the matter is, that flag represents exclusion. it represents bigotry. it represents lies. there are white nationalist groups across the country who see that flag representing their values. the fact of the matter is our american flag represents the values of the majority of americans, inclusion, democracy and spirit of our founding
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fathers and mothers. they don't represent the values. in 2015 it is an akron nisistic emblem and a set of values that run contradictory ant counter to who we are as americans. >> for year it is is an effort to bring down that flag. breaking overnight the taliban launch{suffix}ling will launching a major flag. gunmen tried to storm the parliament but security forces pushed them back eventually dhimg in a firefight. lawmakers inside the parliament confirming a new defense minister all safe. at least 18 civilians are wounded. a sefrp for a white house chef who vanished during a solo
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hike has come to a tragic end. the body of walter sky discovered about two-miles from the base of a trail. he disappeared on june 13th after setting off on a trail that reaches altitudes of 12,000 feet. he served as white house executive chef under bill clinton and george w. bush. >> a man riding his bike is packedhack withed a machete. now the search is on to find his attackers. >> the victim crossed on an la street and collapsed after the attack. he left some sliced off his arms and his legs were cut and his skull was fractured when he refused to give up his money and bike to a group of thugs. >> they could face murder charges once they are captured. >> the frantic rescue of a texas couple after a bridge buckled from flooding sending them into
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waters. several motorists working together to pull the man and women to safety. rescues across the loan start state and a dump truck to save a woman trapped on the roof of the car after it stalled on a flooded out road. maria is tracking the weather for us. >> we are looking threat adros parts of texas. the one little bit of good news is we are looking at a quieter weather pattern over parts of the plains. in texas showers and isolated storms over the next several days through out the workweek. a lot of activity has shifted northward. we are seeing the threat for severe storms heavy rain flash flooding possible much further north into the great lakes and the midwest. we have an enhanced risk of severe weather from chicago into milwaukee. you will be looking at the risk for large hail and heavy rain but also tornadoes.
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specifically ore wisconsin and northern parts of illinois over southern parts of michigan. make sure you have a way to get the warnings today. that's a serious threat. severe weather moves eastward across portions of the northeast and west off of ohio and indiana. even a second area that will be looking at across portions of the rockies and high plains. temperature wise you are warm across the country especially in the plains and across the northeast. 79 degrees in memphis. take a look at the high temperatures well into the 90's for kansas city, memphis and raleigh. 98 degrees. humidity will feel a lot hotter than that. southeast and portions of the plains. heather and ainsley. over to you. >> thank you very much maria. check back with you. appreciate it. believe it or not a year after the supposed overhaul of the va things have dwot ten
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worse. the list that has us waiting way too long for medical health has grown 50 percent since last year. that's kiertding to the new york times. the va is also facing a $3 billion budget shortfall. va hospitals have been seeing more patients and the demand has been overwhelming. >> the marines could be hitching rides on foreign war ships. right now the marine corps is looking into a plan to deploy troops on other country's mill tear breets. they had 30 amphibious ships but it isn't enough. utilizing foreign resources from spain, italy and the u.k. could heond more quickly to crises around the world. >> jordan speech is the u.s. open champ thanks to the melt down on the 18th hole. johnson would have won it all
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with that eeling put his next attempt to force a playoff also giving him his second career major title. he is halfway for the grand slam next month. >> almost winning the playoffs today with johnson but not quite. >> he is on a role. he is on a role. >> a massive manhunt for a cop killer coming to an end with the handcuffs. how he pulled off a houdini like escape. >> ted cruise targeted? the photo that has people up in arms and the response from that photographer. >> taylor swift making itunes make a decision
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>> boyd is facing first degree murder. >> when the police officers in the community are together were unbeatable we are one. i want to be clear about this. when you kill a police officer in the line of duty, it is an attack on the entire community personally and as a city. >> officer daryl holloway was a 22 year veteran of the force and was a father of three. he was just 45 years old. is ted cruz being unfairly targeted by the media? social media beingtalking this gun pointing at his head. in response to heavy criticism they have read a statement reading five of the photos including images of guns seen on the wall in the background so it appeared it was pointed at his head. the images were not to show him
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in a negative light. people, managers, businessmen who call dhem selves themselves christian in a manufacturer weapon leads to a bit of a distrust. doesn't it? he made the comment while speaking to thousands of young people in the italian city of turin when talking more trust in politics. >> a major water bottle recall hitting the east coast. lauren simonetti is here to explain more. >> water is being recalled for possible e coli. affected bottles are 16.9 ounces with best buy june 8th and 10th 2016. wegman's spring water. would twitter be easier when you had a products page
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dedicated to reviews related to that specific product? twitter reportedly working on the edition. image this your next flight has on board wi-fi. that's not super slow that knows what you like to eat and what shows you like to watch, has no weather or maintenance delays because that is in place and signal is so strong it is communicating in real time with crews on the ground. options like these being discussed with optimism by airline executives at the paris air show. at the weekend box office injure jurassic world bringing in more 10 # 2 -- $102 million. second place inside out was a cool $91 million. nonsequel pixar movie. san spy 10.5 million and san andreas
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8.2 and dope at 6 million. thank you. loren. to find the fox business network log on to an app letting women rate the men they are dating quickly winning popularity around the world. they shared those rankings. women can include hash tags like epic smile or doesn't call critics say the app object fys men and it violates their privacy. >> we will see. >> the time is 19 after the top of the hour. coming up, hundreds of passengers forced to sleep on an airport flow. what a man on board did that delayed their departures by several hours. >> call it a parting gift. why he was paying to live off campus.
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>> scary moments on a plane when smoke filled the cabin. it had to return to the lax airport for an emergency landing. the problem was a food warmer. the people got off board and passengers spent the night in a hotel and will be on a new flight today. >> hundreds forced to sleep on the floor in the belfast ireland flight had to be diverted because of an unruly passenger. the flight crew reached the faa working hour limits. there was not a hotel room. they got on flight 24-hours
2:24 am
after leaving rome. the man who called all of this was arrested and passengers say he was verbally abusing a woman on the plane. a raging wildfire burning out of control at this hour in southern california devouring more than 17,000 acres in it the san bernardino mountains. 500 structures stand in the path and evacuations are in place for hundreds. at this hour firefighters have contained 19 percent of that wildfire no damage has been reported. a great white several shark sightings shutting down a popular beach in maine. the predator first spotted 26 miles off the coast and then it got closer. two people seeing it swimming one mile from moody beach. portland police are concerned with how close the the sharks are getting to the beach. they are warning residents and tourists to be on alert if they go in the water. >> 66 surfers set a record for
2:25 am
the most riding on a surf board riding at once. they caught the wave in southern california on a custom built 32 feet long 1300 pound board. they stayed on the board for 12 whole seconds. >> good thing we were not on we would knock everybody off and lose the record. >> like dominos into the record. >> 25 after the top of the hour. he called the american people stupid. >> it is a huge advantage. call it the stupidity of the american voter. >> what a bombshell report revealed about jonathan gruber's involvement in obamacare. >> an important warning for moms to be what doctors are saying about drinking while you are pregnant.
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a oo a fox news alert. closing in on the killers two weeks since their daring escape police hot on their trail. new tips with a possible dna link shifting the search. >> a flag fight flying out of all of the tragedy since the charleston massacre new calls to make a federal call come down as charleston comes together to warn and to heal. ♪ >> real life bad blood between taylor shift and apple. what the star did that has the company changing its tune. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> good morning. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers.
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it is half past the top of the hour. thank you for joining us. brand new incriminating evidence could help police find a pair of convicted killers 17 days after their greatest scape. >> this morning investigators are looking into the new lead and the possible sighting hundreds of miles apart. kelly wright with the latest. >> ainsley heather good morning to you. the two killers escaped june 6th. since then they have been working around the clock to find and capture the two escapees. they had another siting of the escapees and shifted their search to franklin county in an area not far. a hunting cabin at owls head village where dna of the convicts were found. it shows they may have broken into the cabin. hundreds of police have been searching an area near the pennsylvania border after reports of the two killers being seen near train tracks. we interviewed the women at
2:31 am
length and this lead should be investigated. approximately 300 members of federal state and local law enforcement agencies were brought in for the search. >> police also questioned a prison guard for 14 hours about the hollywood style prison break. he has been on paid administrative leave since sweat and matt made their greatest scape. >> as we have in other areas of the state we will search behind the rock and tree and structure until we are confident that area is secure. >> police are determined to get their men. sweat and matt have been on the run since escaping on june 6th as i mentioned on top of this the u.s. marshal service added matt and sweat to the 15 most wanted fugitives and offer a 50,000 dollar reward leading to their capture. what should people do if they come in contact with the
2:32 am
escapees? >> the first thing you should do is call them. 4er very they are very, very dangerous. >> very dangerous and have nothing to lose. >> hundreds of people packed emanuel church since 9 people were killed. >> many hearts are broken and tears are still being shed. through it all we are reminded we serve a god. who still cares. >> hours later incredible scene across the bridge. as many as 20,000 people all coming together for a unity march to honor the people who were killed. >> people can come together and make a difference in the face of
2:33 am
crisis. >> it is about love hope and forgiveness not ignorance and hate. >> i can do this. >> as the community continues to heal we are learning brand new details about the accused gunmen. a survivor from inside the church says that dylann roof tried to kill himself inside the church but he ran out of bullets. >> he was arrested and charged with nine counts of murder. >> chilling images of accused killer dylann roof holding the confederate flag now holding off a firestorm of what some call a symbol of hate. >> what are they saying? >> one of the ironies of one of the confederate flag balance is in the aftermath of this heinous crime they have set a remarkable standard for peace, healing and forgiveness. this weekend hundreds of protestors in charleston got to take to the streets over the
2:34 am
presence of the flag. conflict over this flag is nothing new. it was one of the issues of the gop primary in 2000 when john mccain and george w. bush framed it as a states right issue. there are many calls to reassess the flag's presence across from the state capitol. >> there is no doubt south carolina has a rich and provocative history and the flag is part of the history. for some the flag represents that history. for so many others it represents a page and oppression. i am looking forward to state leaders getting together after the funerals about the next step. >> we have confederate flags up every where. it is not going to make any difference. what is going to make a difference is do we change people's hearts and minds. >> former gop president nominee
2:35 am
mitt romney tweeted it is time to take it down. the flag bee longs into a muss em. >> there could be a bill that the legislature in south carolina line in a are discussing to have that flag removed. what's the latest? >> they plan to introduce a bill in january. it is unclear how many they may have. the law requires a super majority. >> doug mcelway live from washington. thank you, doug. >> fox news alert breaking overnight. the taliban launching a major attack on the afghan farlparliament in kabul. >> wow. a car bomb explosion right at
2:36 am
the building's entrance setting off the chaos. gunmen trying to storm the parliament but security forces pushed them back eventually killing them in a firefighter. the lawmakers inside the parliament confirming a new defense minister. they are all safe. at least 18 civilians were wounded. house intelligence committee chair devon noonan with a tough message for americans about the threats we are facing right now. >> we face the highest threat level we have faced in this country today. >> including after 9-11. >> including after 9-11. a couple reasons why. one is the flow of fighters that went from europe and other western countries like the united states to fight iraq and syria who have come out. we don't know all of the people who went in nor do we know the people who went back and are now in the streets in the united states. the fbi director said there are cases open? in 50 states.
2:37 am
second and more important is the fact that on the internet young people are being radicalized. it is critical the american people when they see something that looks suspicious they need to get it to the proper authorities. we are having a tough time tracking terrorist cells within the united states. >> let's talk about the extreme weather. the frantic rescue of a texas couple after a bridge buckles from the flooding sending them down into the raging waters. several motorists had to work together to pull the man and women out from safety. >> widespread flooding prompting problems in the lone star state. they saved a woman trapped on the roof of the car after it stalled trying to help the flooded out road. >> hi heather and ainsley. we are tracking severe storms. as far as texas goes where we have been seeing all of that extreme conditions out there not only in texas but also in
2:38 am
oklahoma with severe flooding we are looking at quieter weather out there. again that's welcome news. you see we do have moisture and light showers that will be moving through maybe some areas of heavier rain out there over the next few days, but overall a much quieter weather pattern for parts of the southern plains. the severe weather risk shifts northward. here's where we are looking at storms for today not only potentially producing localized flash flooding but severe weather in the form of tornadoes large hail and damaging winds. over southern wisconsin you could be looking at longer track tornadoes today. make sure to stay safe out there through out the day today. that includes the city of chicago. the storm system across the northeast into west virginia, ohio and indiana. we will be looking at strong winds possible with that system and also a second area we are
2:39 am
tracking across points of the high plains including rapid city. temperatures are going to be another big weather story. current temperatures warm out there. almost at 80 degrees in memphis. 77 atlanta. take a look at the high temperatures as we head into later this afternoon. 96 degrees in memphis. 98 degrees high temperature in raleigh, north carolina. factor in the humidity it will feel a lot hotter than that out there. that heat will continue to build. we could be looking at high temperatures in the 90's as we head into tomorrow. heather and ainsley? >> thanks may you rhea. oo -- maria. >> remember they mocked our ingenls. >> huge advantage. call it the stupid of theity of the american voter. >> gruber was much more involved in shaping this. he was in frequent contact with the white house. 20000 pages of e-mails show he was keeping track of media reports and offering advice on
2:40 am
the healthcare policy. 20,000. this contradicts gruber's argument he had a limited role in creating the policy. >> call it a parting gift washington d.c.'s american university offering $500 gift cards to those who agree to move off the campus. why? because the dorms are over booked. this fall the number of returning and new students has increased resulting in a higher demand for on campus housing. they provided incentives for students to reconsider last may. incentives fall short. >> the time is about 20 minutes after the hour. in an airline attack dozens of flights grounded at the haendz of hackers the information they took control of. >> farewell to the fake feedback. brand new moves that has reviews much more sri liable. oo -- reliable. >> what is your account number? >> 7. >> 7? >> parents, does this sound like
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areas where certain fungal infections are common and if you've had tb hepatitis b, are prone to infections or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. >> dozens of flights grounded after hackers temporarily disable a computer system used to issue flight plans. officials for the polish airlines called lots say that 10 flights were canceled and more than a dozen more were delayed for about 1400 passengers trying to fly out of the airport in war saw. they were running five hours later. thes of thatsources of that attack under investigation. >> taking down isis one tweet at a time. europe is forming a police team to block the terrorist group on social media.
2:45 am
a recent study finding there are as many as 50,000 accounts linked to the militants with an average of 100,000 posts per day. many accounts are used to recruit new members from all around the world. the team will start tracking july 1st. >> say farewell to fake feedback. amazon is revamping the customer product reviews. cheryl casone is here to talk about this. >> amazon has made key things but it should be a good thing for you. reviews were either bogus or old or outdated amazon introducing a new computer system which will analyze reviews to flush out and delete older relevant ones. it is a learning software meaning the system will teach itself what reviewings are most helpful. star ratings will be reviewed and updated. going gus reviews have been a long standing issue but the company never addressed the problem until now. it is to launch in the u.s.
2:46 am
soon. the plan is for it to be used on all of amazon international flights eventually. >> to find the fox business network log on to >> new this morning no more bad blood. apple music changes its tune after taylor swift criticizes the policy in an open letter. swift announces she would withhold oral bum 1989 in protest of the free month free customer trial period in which writers, producers and artists would not receive compensation. following the bold stance eddy q. took to quitter late last night announcing swift reversal of the payment policy. they will still offer the free friel period but will pay those behind the music. >> it is 46 minutes after the top of the hour. a community mourning the danger
2:47 am
who died of the plague. what they are doing now to stop the spread. >> annika skywalker fol his father's foot steps into the dark side. what he did to land him into jail? >> first let's check in with brian kilmeade and see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> let me tell you what's coming up on the monday edition of the show. we will have friends here as well as other surprises. hillary clinton turning gun control into a campaign issue. could it back fire or help her? we will talk toabout that. >> what every parent should know if something happens to you or your child and a pool. earn extra cash from your phone. i can't do is it but you can. we are going to tell you how. plus we are going to the dogs. we have three new dog breeds and i have to ultimately approve them. keep in mind mornings are better with friends. throw in the animation. it's part adrenaline and part adventure.
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test test test. test test test. >> 16-year-old taylor likely caught the deadly disease from fleas. health officials have the daunting task of tracking down anyone who may have visited his home since his death. hundreds gathered to remember the victims of last week's deadly balcony collapse. six students died when the balcony fell off the apartment
2:52 am
building during a birthday party. the owners were warned 18 months before the tragedy. do not drink alcohol at all. british doctors are urging women who stay away from drinking for all nine months. previously, there was a debate over when and how much alcohol a mother could actually have without harming her child. doctors say don't do it. be safe. liar liar pants on fire. >> what is your account number? >> 7. >> 7? >> a new study suggests children would lie have better memories. researchers left a group of youngers all alone telling them not to peek at the answers about a cartoon character on the back of a car. when the researchers returned
2:53 am
they asked two questions that tracked them. >> you got to keep it all straight. >> the time is ten minutes till the top of the hour. coming up great white fright where shark spottings are closing a popular beach. >> if you are a wineo, why drinking just a little bit could do wonders for your waistline.
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four minutes until the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening for you today. police in upstate new york could be closing in on the escaped killers. right now, authorities have two credible leads, including possible dna evidence. more than 300 miles apart. the inmates have been on the run for 17 days. >> a popular beach in maine shut down after several shark sitings. police are concerned how close they are getting to the close. and images of dylann roof holding the confederate flag reigniting debate. who should decide the fate of the flag? the state or the federal government. you should weigh in on our facebook page. #keep talking. the good, the bad, and the ugly. two or three servings of berries could do wonders for your waistline.
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most of the chemicals in them turn your excess flab turn them into something that can fight calories. 26-year-old jake lloyd was driving on the wrong side of the road before losing into the wrong side of the road and proug into trees. the ugly this typo on dip employee -- diplomas. the department of education says the school printed the certificates and made the mistake. we're getting a lot of social media comments about ainsley holding something in front of her tummy and do you
2:59 am
have some good news about yourself? so ainsley, do you have something to tell us? >> i do. . something to tell us. >> we've had an extra little man or little girl on set for us for the past five months. we're having a baby. my husband and i are having a baby. >> congratulations. do you know a little boy or little girl? >> in that the sono gram. i said look our little girl is praying, he said that's a boy throwing a football. >> how far along they are? >> i'm five months pregnant. what's been is sharing with friends and family? you are going to be an aunt. what a joy to give them their first grandchild. >> will says it will be a boy and a football player.
3:00 am
>> that's right. i want a girl so i can have bows in her air. >> i think you are going to have a little girl. >> because i'm growing everywhere. they say that's the girl. >> you are glowing. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. good morning to you. it's monday june 22nd i'm elisabeth hasselbeck a fox news alert now. prayers for healing. 20,000 people showing unity in charleston as the emanuel ame church reopens its doors but now the debate over the confederate flag turning political and one candidate not weighing in. why hillary clinton may be keeping quiet about this. and it could be the hottest lead yet. brand-new clues in the hunt for those two prison fugitives. how their dna was just found in a cabin just 24 hours before the cops got there. the latest developments as authorities try to close in on the cold-blooded killers. they might


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