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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  June 22, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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become a reality. featuring overlapping rotor to blades. researchers said could be an;/e alternative to the helicopter. wow. it's been great to seeee $u you today. greg jarrett up next in for shep. take care. >> tracking the escaped murderers. could a pair of prison underwear of all things help investigators find the suspects?l##b we'll look at the clues searchers found inside a cabin. in the city of charleston, thousands coming together in a show of unity days after a killer opened fire inside a church. the marchers meeting hatred and intolerance with love and unity. developing news about the future of the confederate flag at the state capitol. >> president obama's controversial comment about racism in america. >> she is just 25 years old but this singer, taylor swift took on apple and won. all of that distraught ahead.
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hello. it is the first big break in the manhunt for those two escaped killers in upstate new york. the convicts' dna turning up inside a cabin sending hundreds of officers scrambling t to a new search site. that according to several reports which indicate the killers leveled the dna traces during the break-in within the last couple of days and police would not talk about the evidence they found other than calling it the first confirmed lead in the search for the savage murderers. that cabin break-in happened in a heavily wooded area not far from the prison. "the new york times" reporting the cops found prison-issued underwear inside in addition to dna. that cabin is near wolf pond, an area filled with vacation homes lots of them empty until their openers returned for the season right about now. you can see here just how isolated that area is with thick
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woods where the men could be hiding inside. that makes finding them a whole lot harder. for more than two weeks now they have somehow dodged high-tech equipment, including choppers with night vision and heat, seeking cameras. the killers have proven just how crafty they can be. prison officials say they pulled off a complicated escape using power tools to break out of their cells and tunnel beyond the prison walls. cops accused a prison tailor of giving them tools to help in that escape. she is behind bars he was. but on friday the prison put out a guard on -- in connection with the breakout -- officials have not said exactly why but i -- he is on leave right now and today there's word that the killer's might have gotten help from a lack of security at the supposedly maximum security prison. according to "the new york times." guards rarely checked to make sure that prisoners were actually in their cell beds during hourly checks.
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the times reports that the thumb the inmates used had not been regularly inspected in years. how about the guard towers? well allegedly the night of the escape, they were empty. and cell blocks don't have surveillance cams to watch for any suspect behavior. wreck leventhal is live in new york. what's happening there? >> reporter: a very heavy police presence with road blocks like the one you see behind me. vehicles stopped check trunks open other. roads closed completely as teams of police officers, aviation and k-9 units scour the thick woods of the adirondacks here, checking structures and possible hiding places for the two escaped killers who have been on the run for 17 days. police confirm they recovered items and found definitive evidence the men spent time in a hunting cabin here. authoritying catching a baby when the man who owns the camp went to check on the place armed if a handgun.
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he saw a jug of water and a jar of peanut butter inside. he yelled at whoever was in there to come out and someone went running out the back door. >> it's a confirmed lead for us. generating a massive law enforcement response, as you can see. and we're going to run this to ground. >> there are reports that authorities found bloody socks and boots and toiletries and footprints and locals are being warned to stay on the lookout. >> what more do we know about the corrections officer the latest one who is now on leave? >> we confirmed his name is gene palmer a 27-year veteran of the clinton correctional facility, the maximum security prison where the breakout occurred. according "the wall street journal" he had significant contact with matt and sweat and also worked with joyce mitchell, who is now charged with helping them escape. the man's attorney says that palmer talked to the fbi and state police for 14 hours providing significant and relevant information and he says his client did not
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intentionally help the men escape. authorities reportedly looking at three other corrections officers for their possible connection to the escape. >> all right. rick leventhal, thank you. springing craig cain, former corrections officer and retired inspecteddor with the u.s. marshal service spent 30 years hunting 1vd overseas. you're the real deal. thank you for dropping by. the dna is apparentsly inside this cabin, which is very close to the prison itself. so folks are saying, wait a minute. all this time for roughly two weeks they've been right under the noses of law enforcement? what does that say? >> well, as i said earlier, in one of your earlier shows when they set up the perimeter from the focal point the jail, and expanded outward they have to figure out how far they're going to go. has to be a limit to -- unless they have concrete evidence or information that they're further or a particular point. they have to decide where
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they're going to stop. these guys could be, like they said earlier ten miles just past the initial perimeter hunkered down, waiting for -- >> they could be 350 miles or so 365 miles where they were looking yesterday, because law enforcement -- and is was covering the news conference -- we have great confidence in this one witness who saw two men by railroad tracks which invites another question, these guys could jump a train. >> absolutely. they could jump a train. but want to bring up the point there's a lot of people out there, as crazy as it sounds, rooting for these guys. >> really. >> absolutely. >> these could be false leads. >> yes. suppose you're in a town and having a problem with your town they've don't want to fifth you a variance, the code enforcement is bothering you i'm going to wreak havoc on the town. i'll call up and give a leave. >> ticket out on the government.
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>> exactly. >> one law enforcement official says theku in> j the next 24 to 48 hours we're confident they're going to be caught. that's a broken recording. we have heard that repeatedly. >> we have but we did not have forensic evidence that put them in a particular point a particular area. so this is huge. >> i wonder whether law enforcement overestimates their skills and is underestimating the cleverness of these guys in their survival skills. i remember eric rudolph, we have a picture of him. the olympic bomber. he was a fugitive in the wilderness of the appalachian mountains for five years before he was finally caught but only by accident. so these identifies could be out there for a long time. >> absolutely. i had a indicate, guy escaped from a virginia road gang in 1940. we caught him in 1990. these guys are clever.
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>> let me ask you about the other aspect of the story. "the new york times," big story today, security and inspections at the prison were lax guard towers vacant, no cam florida the cell blocks, rules routinely broken and complacency was rampant. >> i worked in the prison setting for a very brief time, and it's like a machine. if you don't oil that machine the machine is going to get fatigue, machine is going to break down. so i equate the prison system to a machine. there's fatigue among the officers not getting paid good wages, don't care. or if they're not doing their inspokes lax on their inspections, things happen and they were lax to a certain degree and these guys made their holes and cuts. >> if you're running a maximum security prison, you're the warden you have to make sure
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it's being run properly. >> you think. >> how could you have guard towers unmanned at night especially. >> ludicrous. >> it's crazy. no surveillance cameras. maybe money is an issue but in this day and aim -- >> when i started in the early '80s they had surveillance cameras. this is the federal system i was in so maybe they had little bit more money but i've been up to state prisons many times and just can't fathom them not having a security system. >> craig cain, hope to have you back when they catch these guys and hopefully won't be five years like the olympic bomber. >> thank you greg. >> the man who landed a gyrocopter on the lawn of the u.s. capitol. he says he rejected a plea deal that would have landed him behind bars for several years in april the postal worker from florida flew a minihelicopter through some of america's strictest no-fly zones over the nation's capitol.
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he did it, he said to call attention to campaign finance laws. a bit of a disconnect but nevertheless he carried a box of protest letters addressed to each member of congress, but the mainman faces charges that could get him in prison for ten years. he says he rejected the plea deal because he did not believe he deserves so much jail time since nobody was hurt. terrorists detonate a car bomb at a government meeting and dozens of people are injured. the car bomb just the first step in a much larger attack. coming up, we'll have details on the fox news deck. you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement,
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take a look at this dramatic videotape showing a terrorist attack on a packed government building. [explosion] >> that guy didn't even move. didn't even flinch. police say a suicide car bomber attacked a parliament building in afghanistan while lawmakers were meeting inside. the taliban took responsibility. this is one of the most heavily garolded areas in the capital kabul. an official says dozens were injured, including women and children no lawmakers were injured. gunmen tried to storm the building after the explosion but security forces pushed themy.í÷ back killing all of the gunman in the firefight. this come as taliban militants
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continue to gain ground. since yelled they have taken control of two districts the in the northern part of the country according to afghan officials. jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. what can you tell us. >> reporter: it happened in broad daylight. it was in the heart of the capital, inside the parliament. just as the new defense minister was to be confirmed. a suicide car bomb went off at the entrance. that is when the attack began. the symbolism was not lost on the afghans who have been without a defense minister for nine months. gunmen stormed the parliament but no members of parliament inside were killed. afghan security forces repeled them. >> i saw they were trying to enter inside one by one. i killed all six of them. they're bodies are there. everybody can see them. >> 31 civilians were wounded and afghan woman and taken-year-old girl were killed. the vote for the new defense minister was delayed by this
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taliban attack. >> tell us more about the recent taliban offensives. >> in fact the attack on the parliament came just hours after a second district in northern province fell to taliban fighters in as many days. the second district to fall to the taliban in the last two days. right now there are 150,000 afghan residents in this one district who are trapped after the taliban takeover. the taliban have been making gains since the president president obama called an end to combat operations last december. there are still 9,800 u.s. troops in afghanistan. the president has slowed their withdrawal and kept some air fields open for use by u.s. troops but has vowed most u.s. troops will be gone by the time he leaves office&e security forces have been killed since the start of the year. a 70% increase, almost the same as the number of u.s. troops
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killed since 2001. last year alone there were more than 4500 afghan troops killed in afghanistan. >> jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. thank you. there's word now an ancient city that once drew hundreds of thousands of visitors every year is now covered with landmines curtsy over the islamic state terrorists. this is according to an activist group who has been following it. isis took over the historic city of palmyra in syria last month. this is the site of ancient ruins dating back thousands of years. those are some of them. and its museum was opposite a major tourist attraction. so far no reports that the islamic state has destroyed any artifacts but the group claims the syrian government has hilt the area with air strikes killing more than 10 people. closer to home a teenager from north carolina planned to gun down large number of people in the u.s., all for the islamic state. that according to a criminal
12:17 pm
complaint from the fbi. the 19-year-old now facing charges of trying to support isis terrorists. he had his first court appearance today. in recent weeks the feds have arrested three men from new york accused of plotting together to carry out bombings in new york city, and earlier this month police in a neighborhood of boston sent an officer and an fbi agent shod and killed a terror suspect who lunged at them with a knife. the feds arrested two men of plot plotting with the suspect to carry out beheadings. both men pled not guilty. a big announcement from apple after one of music's biggest artists, taylor swift threatened to pull her album off the company's new streaming service. he complaint and apple's response straight ahead. amazon's plan to weed out fake reviews for the products you buy on its webs. that's ahead from the fox news deck.
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awww, yes! that is what i'm talking about. baby. call and upgrade to get x1 today. ♪ -; let's talk taylor swift. why not. looks like a letter from taylor forted apple to make a big change to the streaming service. the tech giant announced it would not pay royalty to musicians during the free trial next month. actually next week. taylor swift threatened to pull her latest album from the service. and less than 24 hours later guess what? apple said, we're not going to do it after all. gerri willis is here now. she is 110-pounds soaking wet but she can pack a punch. how did one recording artist take on apple and win. >> she asked.
12:22 pm
she went up against a $430 billion company apple the biggest company on the planet. she wins because she essentially threatens them and says i'm not bringing my music here but she put it in such nice language. she says, apple music women not be paying writers can producers artists for the new streaming service. find that to be shocking, disappointing and completely unlike the historically, progressive company. she signs, love taylor. i have lots of respect for you. >> it's not about me. >> no. its its about all producers and artists. apple responds like that. saying apple music will pay artists for streaming even during the customers re free trial period. we hear your, taylor swift. love apple. this it about the benjamins. not about love. >> hough big is taylor swift in i'm not talki"laj about her physical size. >> she is number two to
12:23 pm
beyoncé. he sales last year, 64 million, beyoncé had 115 million. so she is not number one but she is pretty darn important and as she know she tends to get her way win she asks for something. >> no kidding. my daughters just love taylor swift. what young person really doesn't? but it's amaze. that apple backed down so quickly and actually maybe they should be complimented. they were very reactive to a plan that probably was a bad idea to begin with. >> elvis costello called her the next president. >> she's not old enough yet. you have to be 30. >> i don't think she can drive a car. >> you have to be 35. all right. thanks very much. somebody is blocking access to instaprogram in north korea. people there say they are seeing messages like thing this one warning you cannot connect to this web site because as a black list site. unclear if the3jáx blockages coming from hackers or the government.
12:24 pm
analysts say there could be a connection to a fire in june in the luxury hotel in the capital city. photos of the fire leaked out of the country through social media. has begun using artificial intelligence to help weed out fake product reviews. that's according to the reporting of the bc news -- abc news and others. they report that amazon has developed a system using an algorithm to learn which reviews are most authentic. raising those reviews to the top of the list. the system reportedly looks out for newer reviews and those that customers called helpful. the online retailer filed a lawsuit back in april accusing several web sites of selling positive reviews to give products higher ratings. well we are getting word that south carolina's governor just mints from now will call for the removal of the confederate flag outside the state capital. thekbcnç charleston church shooting
12:25 pm
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president obama used the n-word to explain his belief that racism is still a problem in america. he made that comment in an interview with the comedian mark marion, the president talk about a lot of different issues, including the charleston church massacre. he said america has made progress when it comes to race but the fight is not over yet. >> it's not just a matter of it not being polite to say [bleep] in public. that's r?ñ not the measure of whether racism still exists or not. it's not just a matter of overt discrimination. societies don't overnight
12:31 pm
completely erase everything that happened two to three hundred years prior. >> the president said the united states is the only advanced country that tolerates mass shootings on a regularnzo[ basis and said congress will not do anything about it until americans decideu#7nñ it's quote not normal. kevin cork is live at the white house with more. what is the white house saying about thej >> reporter: i have to let everybody at home know this. i think it's important and instructive. the white house seems a little caught offguard by this because keep in mind the president is actually used this word before. in fact if you look at hit best-selling book, "dreams of my father" it appears in the book and even the audio version of the book you can hear the president say the n-word in that particular book. they seemed a little surprised by the blowback but whatr happened here is the use of such an explosive word has now overshadowed the entire
12:32 pm
conversation. here's a little built of what the press secretary joshern neace', has to say about that today. >> the president's use of the word and he reason he used the word could not be more apparent from the context of his discussion on the podcast. the president made clear that it's not possible to judge the nation's progress on race issues based solely on an evaluation of our country's manners. >> reporter: classic example of the message getting lost because of the way the messenger put the word out there. in this circumstance it's fair to state had he simply used n-word or maybe another word that was less explosive his message may have gotten across more clearly. >> well, it seems kevin some critics have taken issue with this. right? >> reporter: no question about that. again, if you're a parent and you're trying to teach your child, don't ever save that word that word is never useful, whether in a private setting or public space it is hard then to go back and say that when you hear the president saying that
12:33 pm
word. but i think what also sort of stood out in that conversation, the president himself sort of took umbrage at the used that some people say race relation it have never changed. they're as bad as they'veo listen carefully to how that was described in the podcast. >> do not say that nothing has changed when it comes to race in america. unless you lived through being a black man in the 1950s. or '60s or '7s so. it is incontro veritable that race relations have improved significantly during my lifetime and yours. >> reporter: no question about that. he was elected. not once but twice. greg, back to you. >> kevin, thank you very much. more now on the deadly charleston church shooting. south carolina's gov plans to call for the removal of the confederate flag from the grounds of the state capital according to the charleston post
12:34 pm
and courier newspaper. it reports they for nikki haley is set to make the announce amount half hour from now. the mayor and other officials and community leaders have already called for the flag's removal. reports indicate south carolina's two senators also plan to say the flag must come down. they are g.o.p. presidential candidate lindsey graham and republican tim scott. the suspect in the church shooting apparently posed for photographs with the flag. this image fromvéñ a web site that included a racist manifesto. investigators say they're still working to confirm the suspect wrote that map fess stow. mike tobin is live at the emanuel church in charleston. what more are we lean learning about the debate over the flag? >> reporter: i can tell you ever since the cold-belovedded massacre here at the mother emanuel church there has been a growing chorus of voices saying now is the time to remove the confederate battle flag. it was the subject of a press conference of local leaders held
12:35 pm
a short time ago in north charlston. >> what better way to honor the late reverend and senator clementa pinkney and those killed by one who adored the confederate battle flag and thought to it be symbolic of it would supremacy and hate. our friend and brother should not lie in state in the shadow of a flag whose meaning apparently motivated a killer to take his life. >> reporter: the official channels in the for's office will only say an important announcement is coming from governor nikki haley. >> whose they latest from folks there about the church shooting? >> reporter: well, it is really heart warming to watch this con stream of people, even braving this mid-day heat to come out here and sing in front the church lay flowers well watched the mother emanuel church yesterday open its doors once again. packed to capacity. people in the streets sing
12:36 pm
together in harmony, white and black. inside the interim minister gave a message of peace. >> it's some strange and demented twisted racist bigot terrorist, who decided to do this senseless act and he wanted to trigger i believe riots in the streets. screaming and marching against everything. that is not going to happen because of the people of faith and the good people of charleston and the state of series. -- state of south carolina. >> reporter: $176,000 have been donated to the hope fund here at the mother emanuel church an additional $50,000 have been donated to a fund in memory of state senator reverend clementa pinckney. >> thank you very much. let's turn to bill gavin former assistant director for the fbi in new york. good to see you. given the racist rants he uttered during his heinous
12:37 pm
shooting is it any wonder that he allegedly had this manifesto that was filled with hate? >> no, greg, there's no wonder at all. i think that while everybody says they're analyzing it to make sure he did write that manifesto it has all of the sounds and all of the content that he has ease supposed and it's no doubt he did it him. >> apparently when he confessed to police he said he wanted to incite a race war. that's right out of neonazi white supremacist handbook. three years ago in florida ten people were busted in a plot to incite a race war. before that, boston, same plan, same goal, race war. goes back to 1969 and probably long before then. charlie manson, the manson family their helter skelter
12:38 pm
plan in the tate la bianka murders was to incorrect a race war. so tragically, biffle, this is not new in the minds of twisted hateful people, is it? >> reporter: it's not anything new. i think he grossly exaggerated overestimated his personal ability to start a race war. and what is even more contradictory is there is no way that kind of a concept would take hold in charleston, south carolina with that population of people who are true christians and love one another. he picked the wrong venue and he overestimated his own ability to do something like that. >> the fbi director, sames comey, was asked is this terrorism and should this be prosecuted as such? comey said, no. bill he might want to check his own fbi web site. which defines what terrorism is,
12:39 pm
according to federal statute. we'll put it up on the screen. here's their own web site, activities that involve acts dangerous to human life -- yes that happened here -- violates federal or state law -- happened here -- and appear suspended to intimidate a civilian population. didn't that happen here? >> greg, i leave all that up to the authorities, both from the justice department and the bureau. but let me say this. if a young islamic person got on a web site and self-radicalized, came from the web site, esupposed his radicalization, went and did something within america to someone based on those beliefs of his radicalization we would call him a terrorist. now he wave an individual, white male who went online, keyed in to google black on who is crime historied who did all of these
12:40 pm
things and does that fall into the same mode as the young islamic guy? in any mind it does. >> it's intend end for intimidation and coercion of the population. seems pretty clear. maybe we'll send mr. comey a copy of his web site. thank you so much. police say they found the body of a former white house chef who vanished after going hiking in new mexico. authority says walter shibe was 61 worked as a white house chef for 11 years under presidents clinton and george w. bush. his girlfriend reported him missing this month after he went for a hike in the mountains. about 70 miles north often santa fe. cops say search teams found his body near a trail. they did not say how he died in a statement former first lady laura bush said walter was an outstanding talent. he prepared magnificent dinners for world leaders and delicious
12:41 pm
family fare for our family and friends. george and i send our heartfelt sympathy to walter's loved ones. we're about a week away from a deadline for a nuclear deal with iran, buv%e$u$e rogue nation just doubled down on its promise to keep inspectors t ÷ of its military sites. that's coming up. vo: today's the day. more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir®. as my diabetes changed it got harder to control my blood sugar. today, i'm asking about levemir®. vo: levemir® is an injectable insulin that can give you blood sugar control for up to 24 hours. and levemir® helps lower your a1c. levemir® lasts 42 days without refrigeration. that's 50% longer than lantus® which lasts 28 days. levemir® comes in flextouch® the latest in insulin pen technology from novo nordisk. levemir® is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar
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iran is not backing down on a key sticking point in the nuclear talks with a deadline for a final deal fast approaching, a week away. iran's parliament voted to block inspection's military sites. that bill is not final but the state department official tells fox news any agreement has to include access to iran's nuclear facilities. quote, we will not agree to a deal without that but our team is focused on+s9uk what is9&óq÷ happening in the negotiating room. in the meantime, politico
12:45 pm
reporting a religious ruling by iran's supreme leader forbidding nuclear weapons because it would keep iran from agreeing to a demand by the u.s. and other world powers to reveal the past research on building nuclear weapons. let's bring in michael singh former senior director for the middle east affairs on the national security council. now manager director over the washington institute. thank you. >> high, greg. >> it was about a month ago that iran's supreme leader, the ayatollah khamenei, rejected access to scientists and military sites can now the parliament and yet michael the ayatollah's nuclear negotiators are saying something completely different. they promised, quote managed access to military sites. is this typical schizophrenic rhetoric from tehran? >> well, this is one of those
12:46 pm
big issues, greg, which just hasn't been resolved yet, and it's not surprising, frankly to see the iranians using whatever tools are at their disposal to try to get an outcome the most favorable to them. remember iran is not as part of this deal going to really be dismantling any nuclear infrastructure, and so the way the administration is pitching this deal is that it's really going to hinge on verification and inspect and without access to the sensitiveo
12:47 pm
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♪ a robot that can think and feel just like a human being sold out in just over a minute over the weekend. that according to soft bank robotics the japanese company that created it. this firm built a thousand robots and buyers just gobbled them up in 60 seconds. the robot called pepper, can recognize different human emotions and then interact with people depending upon how they feel. the project manager says the goal is to try to make you happy. pepper is just one example of how scientists are developing the field of robotics. at a museum in northern california robots serve as tour guides for people who are homebound. claudia cowen is live outside the deyoung museum in san
12:53 pm
francisco. explain how this robot works. >> reporter: it's some of the coolest technology around, and thanks to the robot called the beam probe disabled visitors are able to roam many of the galleries at their own pace. we caught up with a young man named patrick reagan who lives in alaska but makes a lot of virtual trips here to the deyoung with the help of some special software on his laptop, and his disability affects his speech and motor controls about he can hear the beam appropriate with his eyes. >> makes it possible for me to explore the museum from my home, lying down which is my best position while working my computer to control the robot. >> reporter: the deyoung museum has two of these beam probe robots here and they're almost as popular as the exhibits and other museums are
12:54 pm
also looking into starting similar robotic telepresence programs as well. >> that is among the coolest things i've seen. what about other robots in the works? >> reporter: a lot of these robots are developed just down the flood silicon valley and are being rolled out in silicon valley as well. for instance, to patrol parking lots robots equipped with sensors and cameras. these robo cops can call real security guards and at san francisco's massive new mission bay medical center, fleet of 25 programmable pugs do much of the grunt work, transporting linens in hallwayize the tugs are a service to the staff so the staff have time available to interact with patients. >> reporter: and with studies showing there will be a shortage of caregivers in the years ahead, the federal government is investing some $800,000 to help
12:55 pm
to the robots that can monitor the health of senior citizens, make sure they're eating right. a lot of very cool and helpful applications we're seeing with this robotic technology. >> they can do anything and everything. at some point we won't have to get out of bed and i vote for that. >> more fake ingredients in cereals. the company that brings us cheerios, general mills plans to get rid of artificial flavors and colors in other cereals including tricks and lucky charms. the company reports it will take longer to make the cereal with marshmallows natural. general mills the top selling cereal maker. and late live pizza hut necessary lee -- nestly, have plans to drop artificial ingredients from their products.
12:56 pm
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>> jesse jackson, jr. o o halfway house. he served two and a half years in federal prison after pleading guilty to fraud. his wife still has to serve a one-year sentence for filing false tax returns. prosecutors say the couple spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign money on personal items including get this, fur capes, mounted elk heads and bruce lee memorabilia. on the this day in 1870. president ulysses s. grant signed a law creating the department of justice. after the civil war the government had to deal with a lot more legal work and newly freed african-americans noded representation. the justice department didn't have its own investigators for more than three decades. it would hire private detectives or borrow some from other federal agencies. the doj finally recruited its own detectives for an office that later became the fbi.
1:00 pm
and a new law created a department dedicated to justice 145 years ago today. that's the news. i'm greg jarrett in for shepard smith. "your world" with neil cavuto is next. thank you greg. south carolina senator lint si graham saying it is time, it is time to put that confederate flag away. in south carolify