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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 22, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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of pizza sauce. how are you going to beat that for a good weekend? >> it sounds so delicious. >> i'm starving. >> set your dvrs. thank you for being here. "special report" is next. this is a fox news alert. the city of charleston south carolina prepares for a week of funerals following last week's massacre at a historically black church. the governor is calling for the confederate flag to be removed from the grounds of the state capital. she's been joining by a growing list of lawmakers. it's our top story tonight. >> reporter: late today, south carolina's top republicans, including the governor and both senators called for the confederate flag to be removed from the north lawn of the state house in clemolumbia. that's after the suspect in last week's church shooting in
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charleston was photographed with that flag. >> today we are here in a moment of unity in our state without ill will to say it is time to remove the flag from the capital grounds. >> a 2012 republican candidate nominee tweeted take down the confederate flag at the sc capital. to many it is a symbol of racial hatred. dr. ben carson, the african-american republican candidate for president, downplayed the issue on "fox and friends." >> you can get rid of all the confederate flags. it's not going to make any difference. what's going to make a difference is do we change people's hearts. >> it's an issue that south carolina has grappled with a long time. >> the people of south carolina are capable of having that
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debate again. i think they're more than capable of figuring it themselves. >> my issue on how to address the confederate flag is clear. we moved the flag from the state grounds to a museum where it belonged. mike huckabee suggested the south carolina flag issue is a trap. >> everyone is being baited with this question as if somehow that has something to do whatsoever with president. it most certainly does not. >> the top blue star reflects it was a member of the confederacy. hillary clinton was first lady of arkansas before her husband was elected president. her campaign says she's been against it since 2007 when she called for it to be removed from the state grounds.
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bernie sanders said the flag belongs in a museum. >> a number of gop candidates have expressed support for their decision. now that prominent officials have spoken they may be able to focus on the top issues on their agenda. there are associated press photos showing ted cruz at a gun range in johnston iowa. they show a pistol being pointed at his head. they would have not issued photos like that for a prominent democrat. therm they were not intended to cast cruz in a bad light. today the pictures were pulled. >> do you think south carolina should get rid of the confederate flag? let me know. in the wake of south carolina president obama is underscoring his disappointment with the
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nation's race relations by using perhaps what is the most universally condemned racial ephitat. >> good evening. >> good evening. we have learned the vice president president, his wife the president and the first lady will head to the funerals in south carolina. his candor has caused an uproar when the president told a podcast the united states has not overcome racism. he used the n-word.
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it's not just a matter of it not being polite to say [ bleep ] in public. that's not the measure of whether racism still exists or not. >> reporter: it followed the deadly attack in south carolina that saw an alleged white supremacist murder nine blacks in a church. >> it is incontrovertible that race relations have improved significantly during my lifetime and yours. >> reporter: the uproar seemed to catch the white house off guard. it appears in print in his best-selling book "dreams of my father." >> we're not going to capitalize on this audio interview from somebody's garage in california.
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>> reporter: the president repeated his call for stricter gun laws. >> right after sandy hook new town, when 20 6-year-olds are gunned down and congress does nothing -- >> reporter: timing was terrible. >> south carolina has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation and all those things that president obama has been lobbying for are in place in south carolina. clearly, they did not prevent this tragedy. >> i think when there's that much evil in the heart, it is hard to think of the right legislative solution for that problem. >> reporter: a solution the white house is still looking for. >> there's a simple thing that can be done that doesn't under undermine our constitutional right and we should do it. >> reporter: there is no evidence that any of the gun law proposals the president had made
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that would have made any difference in the massacre in south carolina because the gun used in that shooting was purchased legally. now to politics 2016. jeb bush tops the latest poll of republican presidential hopefuls. he checks in with 22%. scott walker and marco rubio and ben carson and mike huckabee round out the top five. the opening gop debate on fox news august 6th will take the top ten in an average of major polls. on the democratic side hillary clinton is embarking on a money blitz in coming weeks. ed henry, who is covering the hillary campaign, says it may reflect a shortage of more than just money. >> reporter: she launched a fundraising spree that will include nearly 30 finance
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campaign events. the dash for cash comes as all of the candidates in both parties are trying to show fundraising strength ahead of june 30th reporting deadlines with the federal election commission. though clinton is facing special trouble locking down her base as the energy and momentum continues to swing to socialist democratic senator bernie sanders, who was mobbed by a crowd of people saturday night in denver. >> i look forward to working with you all in creating the political revolution that this country needs. >> reporter: clinton's scramble for money is taking her to mostly high-dollar homes across the east coast. today she's branching out to indianapolis and minneapolis, followed by chicago and st. louis tomorrow.
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wednesday in new york, laydy gaga and tony bennett are headlining an event to raise money for clinton. she pushed back on allegations about the propriety of massive contributions to her family's foundation foundation. there was certainly nothing about the work of the foundation that was used in any way that was used to influence any decisions i made at the state department. democrats close to clinton appear to be trying to lower expectations. >> we shouldn't be surprised there's so much enthusiasm for him. we shouldn't be surprised if he does very well in new hampshire and even wins. >> this will raise clinton's game and in the end she'll be a stronger general election candidate. >> thank you. the search for the two convicted killers who escaped a maximum security prison in
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upstate new york has shifted west. they're searching around owls head new york. up next, the taliban attacks afghanistan's parliament. a 19-year-old man is charged with playing assassinations and violent attacks in the u.s. on behalf of isis. justin sullivan was arrested friday. he tried to obtain an ar-15 rifle at a gun show and was planning to kill a large number of americans. a cancer diagnosis for the maryland governor. he's been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer of the lymph nodes. >> with my faith, my family and my friends, i know that i won't
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just beat this disease, but that'll i'll be a better and stronger person and governor when we get to the other side of it. >> hogan took office in january. and this is a live look at san francisco from our affiliate ktvu. apple caves in to taylor swift. the company will pay royalties to artists and record labels for music playing during the free trial of its new streaming service. swift said she would withhold her latest album over this dispute. we'll be right back. we did battle. until i said... you will not beat... meeeeee!!! greg. what should i do with your fish? gary. just put it in the cooler.
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a taliban assault team is dead tonight after attacking the entrance to the afghan parliament. we have the latest from our middle east newsroom.
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>> reporter: as afghan lawmakers gathered, the taliban deadtonated a massive car bomb outside of parliament. ensuing chaos with lawmakers covered in dust and rubble running for their lives. the brazen assault came after afghanistan's new defense minister was being introduced to parliament. the attack meant to undermine that meeting. though afghan security forces ultimately repelled the attackers, killing all of them before they could do damage. >> this new wave of fighting is compounded by an unprecedented convergence of international
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terrorist network on our soil compromised of taliban, thousands of foreign fighters and violent extremist groups like isis. >> reporter: at the same time afghanistan's new pro-american president has worked to strike a peace deal with the taliban, according to them and their pakistani backers. meaningful progress has been limited. as today's attacks demonstrate, the the capabilities of the forces is limited. there's also a growing fear that if talks with the taliban are successful and a deal is done younger, more militant fighters may reject it and join a group
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like isis that is gaining strength in afghanistan. europe's own finance ministers broke off talks today. they continue to say a deal is coming later this week with greece. let's get some background and some perspective. >> with all you have heard for years about greece and its debt problems you may wonder why the fuss now. it doesn't seem to have the money. greece has been on the brink like this for now and has been saved by a series of compromise deals with its creditors. while these have undeny bli -- still high government spending
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especially on pensions. there's something else. a lot of greeks simply don't pay their taxes. some estimates that are as much of a quarter of greece's economy is on the black market. tax evasion is not uncommon in european countries. germany, finland, and the netherlands tend to pay their taxes and save more than their mediterranean counterparts. >> what about the concerns of some here in the u.s. that this situation could open the door for russia to step in and somehow rescue greece and potentially cause us problems? >> well it's an interesting question but one would think that the last thing that russia given the condition of its economy, needs now is another broken economy to bail out or
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support. one would think not, but putin's ambitions can never be underestimated. >> it's up in the air. >> greece would have to exit the european currency and go back to its old currency. the consequences would be bad for the creditors. it would be bad for credit in greece and would worsen the situation with its economy. optimism over a potential deal in greece fueled a big day on wall street. the dow gained 104. the s&p 500 was up 13. the nasdaq finished at 37 for a new record close. he's appalled by the
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proposal. hamilton, the first secretary of the treasury should stay. hamilton is the best economic policymaker in u.s. history. they suggest replacing andrew jackson from the 20 instead. how south africans feel about being associated with the south carolina church massacre suspect? the california raisin farmer that just beat the feds at the u.s. supreme court. ...and the wolf was huffing and puffing... kind of like you sometimes, grandpa.
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the u.s. supreme court has ruled in favor of a california farmer who fought the federal government over his raisins. the justices says a program that
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leds takes away raisins is unconstitutional. we are still awaiting a supreme court decision on whether obama subsidies are legal. we're learning more tonight just about how involved the controversial economist was in shaping obamacare law. >> reporter: a higher level of m.i.t. economist than the administration previously admit admitted. >> this is someone directly at the center of the tent. >> reporter: the white house refer to gruber has, quote, an integral part of the process, later calling him, quote, our
3:25 pm
hero. the e-mails show an ongoing stream of conversations between gruber and other top obama administration staff members, including then director of office management and budget. >> this was not some rogue adviser or someone who was outside the circle. rather this was someone who was very much part of the inner circle and had routine contact with administration top officials. >> reporter: yet when video surfaced last year when he referred to the stupidity of the american voter and the subsidyies now at the supreme court, the administration downplayed his involvement. >> i don't know who he is. he didn'telp write our bill. >> the fact that some adviser who never worked on our staff expressed an opinion that i completely disagree with is no reflection on the actual process
3:26 pm
that was run. >> reporter: records show that gruber had more than 20 appointments at the white house, one with the president himself. he rejected that he was the architect of obamacare. >> i don't think there's anything that is revealed by these e-mails that is at all surprising to anybody who works here and it doesn't undermine the way his role has been previously described by the administration. >> they have requested detailed e-mails with a deadline of next tuesday. the florida postal worker who landed his gyrocopter did
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benghazi. he was killed in an air strike in mosul, iraq on june 15th. he is described as a person of interest in the benghazi attacks on u.s. diplomatic facilities in 2012. iran is imposing more conditions on the nuclear deal with the u.s. james rosen has the story. >> reporter: members of iran's parliament chanted death to america as they approved a preliminary measure barring nuclear inspectors access in the event u.s. and five other world powers should reach a final deal in their long-running nuclear talks with iran that face a june 30th deadline. >> these are chants we have heard before from iran.
3:32 pm
i think what's more telling than the chants or perhapsis progress is being made. >> reporter: the terms of the deal will remain with the country's supreme leader. u.s. officials suggested last week that access to military sites andnnel aimed at flushing out the military dimension to iran's nuclear program may be subject to more negotiation. >> i said that. they have to have provided the parameters for the access. >> reporter: today u.s. officials seemed eager to dispel the idea that a final deal could be less than final. >> the important details, those are being hashed out and they will be hashed out.
3:33 pm
or there won't be a deal. >> reporter: critics of the obama administration expressed greater concern, arguing that they have operated a clandestine nuclear apparatus in the past. >> there can't be anything that is off limits to inspectors. >> reporter: they're working toward that june 30th deadline. there's a good possibility of reaching a deal by the deadline or a few days after. >> thank you. residents of south africa are reacting with shock and disappointment to images showing the south carolina church shooting suspect wearing a symbol of the country's past apartheid regime. >> south africans i spoke with this weekend are outraged that
3:34 pm
dylann root appears to have tried to associate with himself to this country by emblazoning the old south african flag on a jacket in his facebook profile photo. thousands mournpacked the church when it was open in sunday. >> it's basically the younger generation where we have embraced our past and we're moving forward. >> the color and race doesn't matter at all these days. >> we would hate to be seen as a symbol for racism. this is terrible that this man is using us as some kind of symbol of hatred. >> reporter: the flag is never to be taken out in public
3:35 pm
decayed like the apartheid government it represented. >> it is symbolic of a regime or a situation that would give way to something better. >> reporter: the foundation of south africa's last white president lambasted dylann root for using the flag. >> thank you. the chef who ran the white house kitchen for two presidents is dead tonight. the body was found yesterday in a new mexico river near a hiking trail. he had been missing since june 13th. he was white house executive chef during parts of the clinton and bush 43 administration. president obama uses the n-word to talk about slavery and racism and south carolina's governor tells lawmakers they
3:36 pm
need to move the flag. we'll talk to a panel when we come back. ♪ ♪ introducing the samsung galaxy s6 active only from at&t. tested to withstand pretty much anything life throws your way. get a galaxy s6 active for zero down and get a free samsung tablet.
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some divisions are bigger than a flag. the evil we saw last wednesday comes from a place much deeper much darker but we're not going to allow this symbol to divide us any longer. today, we are here in a moment of unity in our state without ill will to say it is time to move the flag from the capital grounds. >> the governor of south carolina saying the confederate flag needs to move off the state grounds in columbia south carolina. a south carolina senator, lindsey graham agrees standing next to the governor. it is only appropriate that we deal once and for all with the issue of the flag.
3:40 pm
i hope by removing the flag, we can take another step toward healing and recognition and a sign that south carolina is moving forward. with that let's move to our panel. >> i'm wearing a necktie emblazoned with the symbols of south carolina's state flag. no state in the union has changed more for the better than south carolina. it is typified as the indian american governor spoke today he was flanked by the most popular politician in the state, senator tim scott, who is an african-american u.s. senator. that aside, there are those who would like to use the act of one madman to indict a state or a region or the whole nation for some kind of failing of which he
3:41 pm
is supposedly symptomatic. how this has anything to do with the confederate flag is unclear to me. 45% said they had negative feelings about it. 50% or more south carolinians have negative flags about the flag than positive feelings. >> what do you think? >> this has been a politically fraught debate going on in south carolina for years. this was thrust in the 2012 race republican we-- this has been a debate that's been going on especially among gop primaries
3:42 pm
for cycle after cycle. what this has done now with the push to move the flag from the state grounds is allowing many of the candidates who otherwise might be stuck in a tough position here who might want to speak out against the flag being displayed but not want to step on toes. it puts them in the position of saying the state of south carolina is speaking with this. the governor has spoken. i'm going to standby what the governor says. it puts a little bow on this issue in a way that is going to potentially be less divisive. >> i think the governor in 1961 said it needed to be taken off the state capital. there are many other flags in the south that have a part of the confederate flag.
3:43 pm
where do you think this is going? >> i think they are on their way to extinction over time. i do think wesley is exactly right in thinking the governor has done everyone a favor in giving cover. she speaks for the state. the two senators who are republicans as well, have spoken for the state. everybody is covered. as a matter of policy, if i were a south carolinian i would do exactly as she did. i would have done it five years ago. it's a good thing it's been done but the other fact this is totally irrelevant. this massacre could have happened in any case. something happened really bad, so there's got to be a problem and there has to be a solution. we must do something, even if the something is entirely
3:44 pm
irrelevant. gun control being an example of the second here. that's the instinct. don't just stand there and do something. when reagan advised don't just do something, stand there. >> about president obama on that podcast talking about the state of racism in our country, here's what he said. >> the legacy of slavery, jim crow, discrimination in almost every institution of our lives, you know that casts a long shadow and that's still part of our dna that's passed on. we're not cured of it. racism, we are not cured of clearly. it's not just a matter of it not being polite to say [ bleep ] in public. that's not the measure of whether racism still exists or
3:45 pm
not. >> it raised some eyebrows in washington. lots of people saying what should the president have said not said. wesley? >> i think that sometimes, president obama in particularly in his role as the first african-american president of the united states, any time he weighs in on race it's going to become a bit of a political distraction. no matter what he says or does. it's going to become an issue. i didn't have an issue with the president using the n-word because it was a conversation about the word in the academic sense. so i think a little bit of the political furor around it is a little disingenuous. you can't erase 200 or 300 years of institutionalized racism whether that be jim crow or most
3:46 pm
things that everyone agrees were systemically racist. the conversation has to be deeper than overt racism. it has to speak to systemic issues. >> race relations are not getting better. >> how better if they're part of our dna and transferred from one generation to another? americans are in some sense naturally by nature racist. it's an unfortunate indictment of a nation and it should be taken back. >> another network had this to say. >> this man did not pull out a confederate flag and shoot people. he pulled out a firearm. i don't understand why we're talking about the flag when the real issue is maybe something might have happened if we had
3:47 pm
concealed weapons in that church. it's a sideshow to be talking about the second amendment and a sideshow to be talking about the confederate flag or obama using the n-word. the issue is whether or not someone can work hard and make it to the middle class. and the answer is yes. >> the idea it is unique or worse here is simply wrong. you go to other places in europe where they pride themselves on their worldliness, the racism is a lot deeper. i'm not even speaking about the middle east. where i think america is way ahead of the world on race relations, we ought to be proud of that fact despite what happened in charleston.
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lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. basically, you know, call it the stupidity of the american voter or whatever, but, basically, that was really critical to getting this thing to pass. >> i don't know who he is. he didn't help write our bill. >> the fact that some advisor, who never worked on our staff expressed an opinion that i completely disagree with, in terms of the voters, is no reflection on the actual process that was run. >> well, jonathan gruber the mit economist made quite a splash with some of those videos talking about obamacare, talking about the american voter being stupid, talking about a lack of transparency getting the obamacare law through and now a slew of emails, thousands of them released
3:52 pm
by the house oversight committee show that the relationship was actually a lot tighter with the administration. a lot more communication, a lot more intimate, and the white house was asked about that today. >> i think our description of his role in this has been consistent it. he did not work at the white house. if there is a bombshell that's included in those emails, it certain isly hasn't gone off. >> okay. what about this? back with the panel george? >> well, mr. gruber is, for opponent of the affordable care act the gift that keeps on giving. what the emails say he is important. he should have been. the department of health and human services paid him almost $400,000 for whatever he did. this matters because either thursday or a week from today, on monday of next week the supreme court will handle down an opinion as to whether the affordable care act should be read as written. that is should be read that subsidies can only be delivered through exchanges established by the states. the question is that language purposeful as it is
3:53 pm
plain? mr. gruber is on record as saying it was written deliberately to, and these are his language, squeeze the states to compel them to be collaborators in the affordable care act. it's too late for this revelation to influence the supreme court. we will read the supreme court opinion in light of this. >> was it? >> of course, i think what the white house press secretary josh earnst said there was not inaccurate in that there was no huge smoking gun bombshells in the way the "wall street journal" reported them. what is becoming increasingly clear time and time again. jonathan gruber was closer to the white house writing legislation that became law than the white house has ever led us to believe. >> nancy pelosi too i don't know who he is. >> and she very well personally may not have known who he was. i don't believe that nancy pelosi is in the basement of the capitol building personally writing legislation. there is a good chance she might not have known who he was.
3:54 pm
with that said there does show ongoing relationship where he was not someone brought in one time to give a pass at legislation give up or down or give an expert opinion. he was intimately involved in crafting is language here. that is important. that said, the fact that he he was emailing them media interviews. he might not have been the architect. because i would like to believe that the obama white house would be clearing interviews being done by people who are, in fact, writing their legislation but who knows? >> charles? >> look, the white house dealing with this is a classic example of clintonism. this is a clinton i don'tian explanation. he did not work at the house meaning he wasn't an employee. he got almost half a million dollars as contract worker. so he was working with the white house for the white house. and what the emails show intimately with the staff crafted legislation. one of the emails revealed came from a top obama health advisor to gruber, thank you
3:55 pm
for being an integral part of getting us to this historic moment. another moment she called him "our hero." whether the guy was hero, integral, yes, he didn't work at the white house. obviously he was and he did reveal the secrets. >> all right. it's fair to say that the president down played his role as some advisor who never worked on our staff. >> and it's all word play. everybody understands he was a big part of this. architect or not he was the general contractor. i don't care. but he was important. what he said revealed the underlying motives that embarrassed the administration and that we all know were true. deception, and obfuscation. and it worked. >> prediction game, not sure. >> i think it will read language plain and purposeful. >> all right. thanks for being here, wesley. >> thank you. >> stay tuned former
3:56 pm
politician in the flesh.
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fox news channelly tonight, he said he would be back. but the return of the terminator surprised even his most die hard fans. arnold's schwarzenegger stood in for his double admah dam tussauds' wax museum which shocked his he fans. >> you look real. >> because i am. >> can i help you? >> no touching. [ laughter ] >> let me hold you? [ laughter ] >> thank you. [screams] >> that poor kid.
4:00 pm
much more fun than being governor huh? thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. >> donald trump and ohio governor john kasich are both here. one of them could be your next president. both are going "on the record" in just mommy's. -- moments. >> this is a fox news alert. and this could be a big break in capturing those two escapee killers. new d.n.a. just found which is the biggest clue yet. right now fox news confirming police successfully matching d.n.a. to the killers. that d.n.a. uncovered at a cabin 20 miles west of clinton correctional facility in dannemora. but at this hour the killers are still on the run. but this huge lead coming amid other reports that the police have found prison-issued underwear and fingerprints belonging to the killers. fox news rick legislative that you will is