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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  June 23, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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7:00 p.m. eastern. if you can't watch live, use your dvr and follow me at the handle @greta. up next the o'reilly factor. good night from washington d.c. tonight on "red eye" a new debate on flying the confederate flag on state grounds. i thought that ended in 1865. >> and the president sits down in an hour long interview, but since we are in the media we will focus on one of the words he said. and sony pictures demands that spider-man is a straight white male. sony, i am a straight white male. can i be spider-man? our panel will provide answers and comfort tiers -- first a news break. live from america's news headquarters i'm kelly wright. there is a growing movement underway to abolish the confederate flag from the state government dwrowndz. south carolina's governor
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nikki haley is leading the charge. a number of state lawmakers agree. haley notes that it was used as a symbol of hatred by the gunman. the pastor clementa pinckney was one of them. the search for those two escaped killers in upstate new york centers this morning in a remote area some 20 miles from the prison and residents there are being urged to be vigilant. they have been on the run since june 6th but searchers think they may be close to recapturing them after uncovering evidence that the two were recently hiding in a hunting cabin. >> it is a confirmed belief for us. itit has generated a massive law enforcement response as you can see and we will run this to ground. >> the wanted terrorist behind the attack in libya has been
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killed. he operated closely with the islamic extremists in north africa and the middle east. his death is expected to diminish the radical group's ability to recruit new forces. the attack on the benghazi administration killed four americans you will recall including the u.s. ambassador chris stevens. and the man who threw his gyrocopter to the capitol lawn has rejected a plea deal from the federal prosecutors. he will take his chances on a trial even though he could face 10 years behind bars if convicted. i'm kelly wright. "red eye" starts right now. >> welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levey at the news deck.
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how is it going? >> going good. welcome to your first official show as host. >> yes today is the big day. thank you. what have you been doing for the past two weeks? >> i have been right here sitting at the "red eye" news deck waiting for the show to start. >> really? >> yeah. i couldn't figure out why we needed eight whole days to try new things and come up with new sets and segments and graphics and then two days to run rehearsal shows? >> that does seem excessive. >> yeah. anyway what have you been doing? >> i have been standing on the x. greg said show up five minutes before the show and everything is great. >> that's fantastic. >> do you have advice? >> don't [bleep] it up. >> wow. let's welcome our guests. from you a guy you dig her. if you are gold, she digs you. it is joanne nosuchunsky. he is more even handed than luke skywalker. it is free think media producer camille foster.
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his wit is quicker than an nfl linebacker leaving a crime scene. it is comedian jim norton. and he comes from a long line of longs. rob long. and the confederate flag is coming down. racism has been defeated once and for all. on monday south carolina governor nikki haley reversed her position on the decisive symbol. >> today we are here in a moment of unity in our state without ill will to say it is time to move the flag from the capitol ground. >> haley ease's announcement comes as the black church members as he embraced the flag as a symbol of hate. the photos have surfaced in the recent days of some jerk waiving and posing with the confederate banner. i didn't want to say his name. camille, i go to you first because i go in alphabetical order.
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>> okay. >> what do you think of this decision by nikki haley. longtime coming or what? >> meh. is that an apt description of my feelings? i don't have strong feelings about this. i mean, i liken this particular flag to -- i don't even know what i liken it to. all i know is it was on the dukes of hazard. in and out of windows, that was pretty awesome. >> it is interesting. i said in my clever set up, the time was 1865. rob, wasn't i right? the time to eliminate the flag was we won the war. >> they call it a battle flag. they lost the battle and you don't get to fly the flag anymore. you lose. thz one of the penalties of losing aside from having your entire infrastructure and all of your base destroyed which is what happened in the south. we live in such a weird kind of of -- the country is so incredibly sensitive now that the first thing i heard camille say is you like the
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confederate flag? >> you likened it. >> i don't know what i likened it to. camille foster likened to the confederate flag. >> obviously it was not outlawed after the civil war and some state governments flew it outside the state house and things like that. can you blame guys like the -- you know, the dukes of hazard for putting it on their car? >> obviously the symbols change over time. look "hogan's heros" had swastikas on it in the 60s. it was one of the number one sitcoms on the television. >> should still be number one. >> in my heart it is number one. if you put it on now people would say you have to get rid of the swastikas. it is too insydney year. even though people fought and died on normandy beach and that was pretty recent. >> the first i knew of the nazis was "hogan's heros." when we made a fort we put the swastikas and the american flag on the other side and my parents said you can't put the
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swastika. >> you really nailed it. you nailed it shillue. >> but you are probably like me. when you see the confederate flag you think leonard skin nerd is in town. >> yeah, it is embarrassing. i get why they hold on to it. it is a stubbornness, but let it go. it is obviously a crap symbol. you lost the war. let it go. if that's what you are hanging on to, that's pathetic. it is like getting a tattoo of a girl who cheated on you. that's what you will remember shts. i will tattoo this girl on, but she got chlamydia and then slept with me. >> i was waiting for chlamydia. i was waiting to get to that. it is true that people do hold on to things so maybe that's why it is worse. when somebody tells you, you can't do something like
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leonard skin nerd says we will take it -- leonard -- lynn nerd skin nerd says they will put it back on. >> i am not likening -- camille likens the flag. we do know what liken means. >> i am trying to distort everything. some states put the flag -- they put a portion of the flag on their state flag after the civil rights movement. >> and those flags should be outlawed. >> they seem to be designed to say we are not -- we don't go along with your modern ways, america. that's a thumb in the eye. the state of mississippi did that. alabama did that. >> good people though. good people. >> not saying good or bad. >> the good old boys right now. joanne we can't come to a solution. we have to split the difference here. >> take it down from the capitol grounds. but you can waive that flag on your private property. i think you are pleasing to both groups because it is such a polarizing symbol.
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that way everyone kind of still gets to fly their freak flag. >> and then you have to deal with the consequences. if you fly the flag and then you get eggs on your -- the people egg your house. >> that's right. >> every halloween at my house. >> but then they deal with the consequences. the time to do it is not after a tragedy because it is like -- i don't like doing things right after the tragedy, you know what i'm talking about? >> in the past nine days we have gone from this weird lady saying she was black and saying her parents weren't necessarily her parents -- >> a true delight. >> to this incredible tragedy in south carolina to the flag controversy and the pod cast, next story. it proves that we are incapable of having a normal conversation about this topic. >> let's try to have one about this topic here. >> okay. >> the president said the n-word. enough about lyndon johnson. following in the footsteps of his predecessors, president obama appeared on his wtf pod
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cast. that's with two friends. among other things he talked about race relations in america. the president said it is inconvertible that things have gotten better during his lifetime, but he said we are not cured of the long legacy of things like slavery and jim crowe and racism in general. and then he dropped the n-bomb. >> it is not just a matter of it not being polite to say [bleep] in public. that's not the measure of whether racism still exists or not. it is not just a matter of overt discrimination. we have to -- societies don't overnight completely erase everything that happened 200 to 300 years prior. >> later on monday the white house press secretary josh ernest was asked if the president regrets using the word and ernest made it clear that he does. >> he does not. >> okay, maybe i heard that
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wrong. i will go to you first. >> yes. >> because i hold the record for most uses of the n-word in a cable news segment. i hold that record, me personally. >> i would love to break it. >> good google that. i implore you. >> well, the president has used it now, so maybe does that mean we can all use it? rob long please use the n-word. i will not say one damn thing until camille talks. >> say any word that starts with n please. >> no. >> control room, can you bleep everything after n? >> is it shocking -- the only thing shocking is the politician is speaking honestly. what a bunch of dopes we are. >> because we are a nation of fourth graders. you use a dirty word in context in a completely innocuous way and suddenly that is news. the other 59 minutes of
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content in that pod cast which was admittedly pretty forgettable is completely ignored. >> it reminds me of a few months ago when we had the draw mohamed contest. every news show was talking about contest and no one was showing the drawings we were talking about. >> and it is -- here is why they say theth-word. white people want to feel comfortable saying it and bouncing it around. you shouldn't feel comfortable when you say. it you should feel like oh no. how do black people react when i sthai? how do people feel? people can say the n-word and the n-bomb all day and feel comfortable, and you shouldn't. >> now i feel silly reading n-bomb off my teleprompter. >> i don't know if you should feel uncomfortable saying it in context not meaning disrespect. the fact that somebody can get fired from their job [bleep]. i liken it to theth-word.
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>> i liken homophone. >> joanne, you recently stopped using the n-word in public. how has that changed things for you? >> i feel lighter somehow. i don't know. it was a burden on my shoulder. >> what i think is interesting is the white house says -- they had to explain that he was justified in using the word. you should never have to justify using a word. especially if you are the president of the united states. you know what i mean? >> it was like he was doing that on purpose and you would think he would have a better answer, right? >> he said it in the moment of being honest. the fact that the white house did that was because you said we are a nation of fourth graders. we are dopes. he said a naughty word. that's all he would be talking about. >> remember john kerry said it in "rolling stone" and we talked about it for a couple days. it is time for tonight's most important story.
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>> spider-man needs to be white and straight. and we hear it is spelled out in a licensing agreement between sony pictures and marvel entertainment. the newly leaked document lists mandatory traits. for example spider-man is male. he does not torture and does not kill in defense of self or others. he does not use foul language beyond pg-13. he does not sell illegal drugs. he does not abuse alcohol and is not a homosexual. as for peter parker, he is caucasian and heterosexual. his parents become absent from his life during childhood. he gains his powers from being bitten by a giant panda. you though that, right? >> that's part of the cannon. >> can you tell me why this has to be spelled out in a contract and why they don't just tell the screenwriter, by the way all of those things. >> sony does not own spider-man. marvel owns spider-man. marvel gets to decide what happens to spider-man and sony
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has to follow. it is spelling out all of the weird things mb spay want to do with -- things somebody may want to do with spider-man in the future. i bet it is not that short. i bet there is a little lawyer addendum and they say it is a thousand pages of the other things that spider-man can't do in a movie. until marvel says he can do it. >> i thought this was very silly until you explained it and no you it makes perfect sense and i stand behind marvel right joanne? >> where else are you going to stand? >> exactly. i think spider-man obviously is not gay right? when you look at him you don't see a gay thing right? he does president have a gay vibe? >> i guess they want historical accuracy because this is a comic. it has spanned many years. he is a historical figure at this point. i think if people are happy about this which i'm sure many people are. they are offended by this. they create new comics. they create the transgender
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minority with the drinking problem. if that's someone you feel connected to, make it happen. >> so all transgenders have a drinking problem joanne? >> i knew you were going to do that. >> superheros are coming down to my house every night. >> don't you think though -- i mean you were telling me before the show you said that all superheros should be white, even the black ones. >> i i did say that and i said all people. but no. you said they have to lay these down or somebody would do something stupid. they were afraid if he was gay and shot the web and hit green goblin in the face it would look wrong. >> it would be terrible. >> all superheros are kind of gay, right? >> that's what i have been hearing, but i don't see it. >> there is a certain quality. the mask -- my secret identity, all of that seems like well, you can make a case. you can make a case. spider-man especially. >> i always like masks and i am super straight.
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>> these are boats. >> they are sailboats. >> camille, is it all right? >> your tieie. >> that's all we care about. >> i approve of it. >> at least today on your first show. >> you know what? continuity is the word. that's what is important to comic book geekses like myself. this is not a secret conspiracy a homophobic racist conspiracy to keep spider-man white and proud and straight and strong. it is just continuity in the comic books. in fact he will be black. that's the plan for the guy going forward. >> they probably couldn't make him 300 pounds either. he has to look like spider-man. >> that's what sony will do. let's make him really fat. fat people are popular. >> coming up, ted cruz warns the government wants to take your gun. too bad no one warned him the ap wants to take his picture. more "red eye" in a few.
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stay tuned.
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i would like to talk about a moment in 2007 when i got home late from a comedy club and turned on the tv to a strange little show called "red eye" with greg gutfeld. i was t pi sy from the -- tipsy, but i was trans fixed. the show was a mess, yes but it had a certain charm with its impish host with a thing for house boys. i can't tell you how thrilled i was to get the call to appear as a guest. imagine how i feel now. look, i am not much for sentiment, but i will give it my best shot right now. thanks, greg.
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jim i was a presence in the clubs for years. why do you think i got a job like this? >> you are perfect for it. you are dynamic and electrifing and make love to the camera. >> do you see what i do? i brought myself down a peg first. >> i can smell the alcohol here. >> and it was that or late night or they like things to be nonexciting. you don't want people waking up. you just want people relaxing. maybe that's what it is. you are like warm milk or melatonin. >> and it is ad supported cable. >> i think it was the juice that came from my staring role in the hollywood blockbuster "the tonya harding story" with tina yuthers. >> and from there we cash in on the gold medal and make a butt road of money and then go to hollywood. >> that whole thing was to show the clip. enough about pea. let's move on to the next story. this is actually a high point
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for you. >> that was horrible. >> that was my last high point. >> the mustache was delightful. >> you know how i got that role? i drew the mustache on my head shot. >> oh no. >> yeah, otherwise i wouldn't have dwotten cast. >> that was pre the adult version. >> the next story. the photo shows a gunpointed at ted cruzs brain. at least they got his good side. the ap-pic was taken in hua what you and it prompted accusations of political bias. the con i have to sigh states -- con i have to tiff states -- conservative states it wouldn't be of hillary clinton, but it wasn't intended to portray senator cruz in a negative light. hmm. what do you think rob this it was a second amendment event.
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maybe the photographer was looking in the foreground. >> there is zero chance. this wasn't somebody's idea of like well he loves guns so much. how much do we love this? the problem with all of this is it backfires. this will be a big fundraising moment for ted cruz. the same thing with the marco rubio a couple weeks ago. you send it around and it is try mary season and people say, well -- it is primary season. now is the chance to send that picture around a to all of your funders and say see i need your help. he will make a lot of money on this. >> he will turn lemons to money. >> exactly. >> jim obviously this was purposeful. was it even that bad? i think someone like senator cruz, he has a good attitude. if he laugh itself off it will be better than crying outrage. >> that's a phenomenal photo. >> it was absolutely on purpose. whatever did it it is leak i say in my book, plausible deny built. you have to leave yourself a
12:25 am
little wiggle room to get out. i didn't know, i just took the picture. that's awesome. >> purposeful for the photographer, but do you think cruz thought, oh this is going to happen? >> probably not. he was talking and thinking he was doing great and not realizing the big gun was pointing on the wall. >> you know john ashcroft? >> yes. >> john ashcroft used to give speeches and he would stand in tront of a statue in -- in front of a statue and the photograph photograph -- photographers had to get them. he loved them over his head. he croated them and they called him a puritan. >> they say ashcroft, he closed the naked statue. >> they set him up. >> i didn't remember that story. >> this doesn't seem like a set up. >> i may be the only person who does president think it is a big deal at all. you are in a room and talking about guns and surrounded by pictures of guns. you have to go out of your not to photograph the guy.
12:26 am
that's what photographers do. had the gun been turned in the other direction and had they photoshoped it there would be criticism. this is indicative of the left and right's ability to get excited about the electoral sub plots that are meaningless. >> i agree that it is a ridiculous caniption. >> i guarantee you -- >> you can cut it off. had you cut it off you would have had a pipe. >> you don't get that picture so perfectly. >> we are missing the really great point. cruz takes an excellent profile. not everyone can do such a good photo like that. >> that muppet nose. >> it wasn't like a dotted line going through his head. >> no. they took that out. >> they used to try to set you up in the pageants.
12:27 am
>> if i saw a flash go off you hide your drink behind your back. if you see a flash you put the drink behind your back. >> that's composure. coming up, andy levey returns with half time. but tiers let's see -- but first, let's see what my life has been leak since becoming a big television personality. >> "red eye" with tom shillue. sure is different being well known. i am not going to be able to walk in any place off the street and order a cup of coffee without a big to do. good thing i am prepared for this. >> tom shillue "red eye." "red eye" with tom shillue. >> from where? >> i thought maybe you would want an 8 by 10 for the restaurant? >> i don't have anymore frames, but i'll keep it. >> let me look. you may want to bump somebody. >> bill o'reilly, megyn kelly do their shows get high ratings. >> i don't want to mess with i'm h. shepherd smith no, he threatened me in the past. geraldo rivera.
12:28 am
he is a news guy isn't he? mike huckabee. he is not there. hannity and comes -- there you go. >> tom, i have a spot for you. >> good, good, good. >> thank you lou.
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live from america's newsing hs, i'm kelly -- i am kelly wright. south carolina's governor says it is time to remove the confederate battle flag from the grounds at the state capitol. support to move the flag to a museum is building in the wake of the nine murders at the historic emanuel ame church. governor nikki haley is saying the flag is a decisive symbol and that's not what south carolina is about. she is asking the state legislature to take action. >> we are are here in a moment of unity without ill will to say it is time to move the flag from the capitol grounds. >> meantime in mississippi the support there is belling to remove a con fed rad emblem -- confederate emblem from the state flag. speaking of the mississippi house he says the emblem should be removed.
12:33 am
but governor phil bryant says the legislature may not reverse when the voters approve a 2-1 margin in 2001. president obama travels to charleston on friday to deliver the eulogy at the funeral services for the reverend clementa pinckney. he was pastor of the church where the deadly attack took place and he was also a state senator. the president and the first lady both getting to know pinckney during the 2008 presidential campaign. tom brady gets his day in court later today so to speak. the new england patriots quarterback is appealing his four-game suspension in connection with the deflated footballs. they were used during the afc title game. the appeal is being heard by the nfl commissioner roger goodell. the attorney who wrote the 243-page report about what has become known as deflategate will be in attendance as well. brady's case could end up in court if the commissioner does not overturn the suspension. i'm kelly wright, now back to
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"red eye." >> welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levey in the news deck. andy, what is that? a shredder? >> yeah, tom. >> what are you shredding? >> short jokes. they are all useless. >> you had them ready. >> eight years of short jokes. >> it is good to see you are prepared. >> yeah. how are you? >> good. we had a great a-block. you probably don't have much to talk about. >> i have a lot to talk about. nikki haley calling for the confederate flag to come down. i was surprised to hear you
12:35 am
screaming "the south will rise again". was that in my head? i haven't done this segment in a longtime. did i make that up? yeah you said you don't care about the whole confederate flag thing. you are a libertarian and obviously think the south was come fleetly justified in saw seeding in. >> that's because they turned it into a symbol of freedom and hope. >> he tried. >> it didn't really take. jay rob, you said hogan's heros had swastikas everywhere. you saw them now people would say you have to get rid of them. >> i would say people say you can't make fun of world war ii. >> and you mentioned the states that added the confederate flag. and in fact south carolina in the modern era first raised the flag in 1961 which was the
12:36 am
centennial anniversary of the civil war and i'm sure not at all coincidentally right around a the times the civil rights -- >> completely coincidence. this date rings a bell. >> obama drops an n-bomb on the pod cast. you said in appearing on the pod cast president obama was quote, following in the foot steps of his predecessors. actually he was the first president to appear on the pod cast. >> he was? are you sure? >> he did not appear on wtf. >> george h.w. bush. >> neither bush. lincoln and douglas did do "at midnight." >> you asked why people are shocked that people spoke honestly. nobody is actually offended that he did this, right? people are pretending, but nobody is really offended. >> it is something to grab on to. we can latch on to this and make a big stink. it is embarrassing and stupid
12:37 am
and silly. any other words i can think of. >> i agree. >> joanne, as tom pointed out you stopped using the n-word in public. now that president obama has used it will you go back to it? >> it is cool again. >> you said the most n-bombss in a news segment? >> i didn't say the most n-bombs, but are you correct. >> how long after until the show was canceled? >> a full year, can you believe it? >> yeah. >> so it is not a problem. >> did the president have any relationship advice for mark marin? >> no, i don't think he did. >> i am guessing he brought it up. >> i think the first 50 minutes of the pod cast is mark's monologue and then he has eight to 10 minutes with the president. >> it was mark's monologue and president obama said the n-word and then it was done. >> peter parker has to be straight and white.
12:38 am
you said that sony demands spider-man is a straight, white male. actually it was marvel that dend mad that of sony. well how will i tease? look i completely understand why spider-man has to be straight. >> it is not realistic that he would be bitten by a radio active aracnid. >> and the gay guys don't like those. >> is that right? >> let's talk more about that you. >> you said spider-man is obviously straight and you don't get a gay vibe off of it. please go on. can he swing from a vine? take a look overhead. i don't know. because vine and head rhyme. >> how about from a thread.
12:39 am
>> i'm sorry. i was trying to use my credibility. >> camille i agree with you that this is about continuity. straight-gay thing. he has a wool cast of saw -- a whole cast of supporting player. s. it makes sense. >> yes. he has a lot of comic book knowledge. shaq as steel? that was a black superhero. >> but not a good movie. >> didn't work well. >> i think that in general i think one of the reasons marvel did this is they thought maybe it would devalue the property for sony because they did this right around the time it was like a month after they launched miles morales who is half black and half latino as the ultimate spider-man. he is pretty much taking over from peter parker as the spider-man. by putting sony in this box where spider-man has to be white they were sort of saying that's fine. but we are moving on to miles pour rail less. mar -- to miles morales. they don't want to be in the
12:40 am
sony business. >> marvel is owned by disney. >> yep. >> i thought i was nerdy. you don't even know the morales characters. >> you said when you turned on "red eye" in 2007 you were trans physicalled and the show was a mess. >> yes. >> thank god that's not the case anymore. jim you said jessica wooly had a huge hog. >> yes. and she was played by tina yuthers. >> i was iffy on that one. >> that seemed like something jeff ross would say. >> maybe. maybe. >> that is rather mean spirited. >> i i know. >> maybe we will drop it. >> it took away from the impact. >> rob you seem to think this perfectly composited person
12:41 am
with a gun .ed to his head. >> please respect my privacy at this time. >> tom you compared this to the john ashcroft and the nude statue. >> yes. >> keep that on "the five." >> i did repeat myself. i wanted to say breast again. it is time for a break. comedian jeff ross joins us when we come back.
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you know him from charlie sheen and justin bieber. it is moi pleasure -- my pleasure to be joined by jeff ross who is live at brazis county jail. this is a man who is simply -- you are too good for the panel, jeff. >> congratulations on your first show. >> thank you. >> you deserve it. >> it is like play time. >> you earned this, man. >> you're right i earned it. we started about the same time if the 90s. you were more successful than me. you were jeff ross the comic and then overnight you were the roast master. how did it happen sph? >> overnight? how about joke by joke and insult by insult. >> i was unprepared.
12:46 am
one day i turned on comedy central and jeff ross if flames lights. doesn't it seem like it happened overnight? to me it did but to you probably it didn't. >> i look like a comedian and you look like a substitute teacher. maybe that had something to do with it. you are dressed like mr. roger's pediatrician. >> i tie my shoes and sing a song before the show. >> you roasted the inmates in texas was it? >> it was in bryant x texas in college station. >> you had to seek many prisons to get permission, right? >> it was hard to find a jail that would allow cameras and the comedians to come in and look around and joke around. these are closed off places. i was lucky they had enough pride in their facility and confidence that they let me in. >> now you perform for the troops overseas. that's also a tough crowd. who is tough -- tougher?
12:47 am
it is a good question that they are starved for a laugh. there is something beautiful about performing for the troops. it was more of an intervention of sorts. trying to get them to laugh and trying to get them to see the human side of what it is like in jail. jail sucks. >> it does. tell me about -- what is it? the shoe? >> solitary confinement. it is a little different at every jail and prison, but essentially in my opinion if you put somebody in a tiny room by themselves for too long they start to go crazy. >> it is not good. i am a law and order-type guy. i don't like the shoe. >> i saw you on "to catch a predator" and you were good. >> even someone like me, i'm saying, i don't think that solitary is good. it is essentially -- it is putting somebody in a cage and that's not good. >> and then expecting them to get well. >> and i am a comedian. after two days i would start roasting myself. >> you look like bruce willis
12:48 am
let himself go. >> let's take a look -- i think we have a clip. >> you are one of those rare people who looks like a child and a child molester at the same time. >> you look like a sweet guy like you wouldn't hurt anybody. you are not a violent guy. >> i don't know about that. >> fantastic. it looks like a ball. i will play advocate for the devil. can i do that? >> please. >> what would you say to someone who says this isn't good making fun of prisoners. it is one thing to make fun of celebrities. we like that. knock them off their pedastool, but it is not fair because these guys are behind bars. >> 95% of those guys are coming out some day. toss are our that i bores -- neighbors and community. to let them laugh at their situation is one more step toward rehabilitating them. how is that? >> that's a great answer. i will go to the flip side. somebody said look, these are bad guys. it is punishment.
12:49 am
have fun while at the are out but not in prison. >> my jokes are outlawed by the geneva convention. we are harder on criminals than anyone else just by letting me in there. >> i think you were arrested once. you were arrested for putting a toy gun to the head of an audience member? >> i put it to the head of dimaggio. it was a fake gun but a real cop thought it was a real gun and drew on me and put me down. my lawyer. >> greg geraldo. >> are you kidding me? >> he had one foot in the law world and got it dismissed after two tries. >> it is like a john grish sharp sharp -- grisham novel. we end things with the random question of the day. pick a question there. >> got it. >> i usually read them. >> question of the day. if you found someone's diary jour that will would you read it -- if you found somebody's
12:50 am
diary journal would you read it? >> i it has their name and address in the front. do you return it or read it? >> i would say it is wrong and hope i got a good anecdote. >> we will close things out with a bedtime story. thank you so much, jeff ross. they are clapping at home. >> the music is playing plug it? where are you going to be? >> west -- westbury. come on down and get roasted. >> in the round!
12:51 am
12:52 am
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12:54 am
?ai when i was a little boy i used to wake up to "captain kangaroo." and then i would go back and hide under my bed. i was sure his mouth would swallow me whole. he was the scariest creature any earth ling could think of. until now. meet the new mascot for the new thistle futball club.
12:55 am
one tweeted all hale the demented sun god. i am one step ahead. that music is still playing. what do you think of when you look at this mascot? >> it is solve. dash cash it is awful. iit is a torso going into the sun. i would rather a fist go into your anus. >> do we really need these guys? >> they are horrible and they do nothing to enhance the game. they don't get me riled up. the phillie phanatic smelled terrible. they smell awful because they sweat. >> some people have a glandular problem. >> and many of them take jobs as mascots, right? joanne, do you know -- i don't even think i know the mascots for the yankees and the mets. the big teams they don't really -- >> this is football. europeans call it soccer.
12:56 am
i of course support the arts and this was done by an artist an abstract artist. abstract is not what we need in mascots. i need a mascot where i know the gender and i know the race. >> what do you think camille? >> and there is something about the way the tights start just above the belt lean and that curious bulge which is not a wrinkle. >> but we don't know. we don't know what it is. >> it could be jeff in there right? >> apparently not. >> it does look like if you look at the human skin under a powerful microscope, that's what you see living on it. >> maybe that's what they meant. and scottish football is half and half, isn't it? >> hey that's it. thanks joanne nosuchunsky rob foster, andy levey and jeff
12:57 am
ross. that does it for me. i'm tom shillue. see you tomorrow night. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans it could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. i've been with my doctor for 12 years. now i know i'll be able to stick with him. [ male announcer ] you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed.
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see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now.
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"special report" is next. this is a fox news alert. the city of charleston south carolina prepares for a week of funerals following last week's massacre at a historically black church. the governor is calling for the confederate flag to be removed from the grounds of the state capital. she's been joining by a growing list of lawmakers. it's our top story tonight. >> reporter: late today, south carolina's top republicans, including the governor and both senators called for the confederate flag to be removed from the north lawn of the state house in clemolumbia. that's after the suspect in last


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