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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  June 23, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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over there. >> if you have to run from the television run to the radio. great lineup includes elisabeth hasselbeck. >> that is true. >> log onto fox and for the after the show show. we had time left on the show. bill: i want to get to a fox news alert. there is another american teenager accused of trying to support isis. he's turned in by his own father. welcome to america's newsroom. >> reporter: shocking new alleged attempts at home grown terror. reports that joseph sullivan was planning an isis-inspired attack here in the united states. he was also planning to get an automatic weapon. his dad became increasingly concerned about his dad's behavior.
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>> he was in too deem. the warning signs were there and that's why i made some calls. martha: from london a mother foiling an alleged plot by two teenagers to attack buckingham palace. bill: let's start in north carolina. how was this first reported to the feds? >> reporter: how much of a threat did this guy pose? he talked a big game with plans to kill up to 1,000 people. to explode a car bomb and use chemical weapons. he confided he wanted to coat bullets from cyanide and rob banks. whether this was bluster we don't know. >> if justin came out and
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knocked on my door and i saw it was him i would open our door to him. but now my gosh, get him out of here. we might not be sitting here talking to you at all. >> reporter: his father called 911 that april that he doused their religious objects with gasoline. justin could be heard in the background saying why are you trying to say i'm a terrorist. bill: how far did he go to carry this out? >> reporter: not very. he tried to secure a silencer and he planned to purchase a gun. and he asked undercover officers to kill his parents. whether these were from a sick
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young mind me don't know but authorities weren't going to take any chances. martha: this is the latest of what has been a string of isis-related attacks. here is a look at the pictures of those that we've have. these suspects were spread out from california to boston. each is suspected of providing material support to isis. so you have a rocky -- you have iraqi forces backed by shiite militias. this is west of baghdad. it's the area of big isis gains. kurdish forces captured an isis
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military base in syria as well which could be critical in terms of cutting off the supply route. martha: working on the latest isis depravities. growing calls from north carolina to remove the flag from the state capitol. yesterday governor nikki haley reversed her position and called for that flag to be taken down. >> we are without ill will to say it's time to move the flag from the capitol grounds. martha: john roberts live in atlanta with more on this. >> you remember 15 years ago the flag was flying on the capitol dome and was moved to a nearby war memorial.
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this latest move, some are saying it's overdue others are fighting it. nikki haley flanked by republicans and democrats alike saying while individuals are allowed to have the flag, it was time to move it away from the statehouse. >> we are not going to allow this symbol to divide us any longer. the fact that people are choosing to use it as a sign of hate is something we cannot stand. the fact it causes pain for so many is enough to move it from the capitol grounds. >> reporter: lindsey graham said i hope by removing the flag we can take a step forward and a sign south carolina is moving forward.
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though she is an outsider, hillary clinton also called for the flag to come down tweeting, nikki haley is white to call for the taking down the confederate flag. but the sons of the confederates organization say there is no link between the flag and what happened last week. it wasn't responsible a hate-filled young man was. martha: there are also moves like this in other states. >> reporter: in mississippi the republican speaker of the house said it's time to remove the con federal symbol from the state flag. there was a referendum in
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mississippi to whether to change the flag. corporations are joining in. walmart and sears say they will remove merchandise bearing the confederate flag from their website. martha: all this prompted by what happened in charleston earlier this week. bill: rick santorum is live in south carolina. we'll get his reflections on that. everybody is getting questions for now. martha: we'll debate that issue. bill: severe storms moving across the country. here is the aftermath in mf where -- inmichigan where a tornado blew
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the roof off several homes. two other tornadoes were sighted in that state. he veerl storms ripping sack chicago sparking reports of several funnel clouds. this is damage in coal city, illinois where a confirmed tornado ripped through there. >> you feel like total pressure in your head and you feel like your head is going to explode. then my house was shaking and everything was breaking. i thought it was windows by the was coming out of my kitchen cabinet and everything throughout the house. >> it was a weird new experience. i was sitting in the house. i usually don't hide from them but i took off with the girlfriend into the bathroom. bill: meteorologist maria molina
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has more on where the storms are headed. >> take a look at at radar. it shows the complex of storms ripping through michigan. it was a fast-moving storm producing damaging winds and large hail. the same storm system is across portions of the northeast. we have a severe thunderstorm watch effect in pennsylvania. you can see a couple of cells. we have a pair of them moving southwest. the big concern is storms. we are going to be seeing thunderstorms moving eastward and producing severe weather across portions of the mid-atlantic up to new york city and also the city of boston. so a very populated area that will be looking at strong to
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severe storms moving through the area. it's not just damaging wind and large hail. tornadoes will also be a concern. and there is an elevated concern across massachusetts new york and new jersey. make sure you have a way to get those weather warnings throughout the day out there. another system moves into parts of the plains and the midwest. the other big story is ahead of our storm system extreme heat. here is your forecast. triple digits for so many areas for florida up through north carolina. martha: we have some brand-new polling on the 2016 race. it shows hillary clinton in very good shape in many way. few red flags that may have her campaign concerned. bill: the u.s. and russia on a
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collision course. new warnings from the pentagon comparing putin's actions to nazi germany. martha: tom brady will appeal his suspension directly to nfl commissioner roger goodell. what could happen in deflategate. >> there is an elephant in the room. >> where? >> the ted wells report was just released. ♪ building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance.
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martha: maryland's governor is vowing to beat an aggressive form of cancer he's been diagnosed with. he has advanced non-hodgkins lymphoma. he was sworn into office in january after an upset victory over democrat anthony brown. so the lieutenant governor will be standing in for hogan. we wish him well. bill: polling by the "wall street journal" shows hillary clinton with a big lead over our rivals. rich how are you is head of
6:16 am
national review. it's over, right? >> we are calling it today. next president of the united states is hillary clinton. bill: when asked which would better prepare hillary clinton for the general election. 62% say a challenging primary. here is leon chafe he saying the metric system has a shot. >> i always thought secretary clinton was not the inevitable nominee. i always thought the numbers would change. >> it looks like she could be in a dog fight in new hampshire. you have national polls that show her killing them by 70
6:17 am
point. in new hampshire it's 10 or so. bill: what are they saying inside her campaign? >> from what i understand they don't think she is an inevitable candidate. he's from vermont. people didn't know who he was six months ago. even democrats didn't know who he was. people will be curious. when they start paying attention they will recognize the names of some of these guys. bill: why does he pull in so many crowd? >> even liberals agree hillary clinton is more moderate in her policy position. -- 92% of democrats say they
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can support hillary clinton. >> what's so interesting about her campaign is how left the policy has been. the traditional wisdom is a plausible path to the nomination which is the same as barack obama had which is a narrow path to constituency groups. she'll have a little of that being the first plausible woman that could be president but you have to motivate them on substance. on criminal justice you go down the line, she has been further to the left than you would have thought. bill: this is what she does in the "wall street journal" post when stacked up against jeb bush scott walker and marco rubio. it's 8 points on bush, 10 point
6:19 am
on rubio 14 point on scott walker. if you look at the generic number. the and nameless republican it's 3 point. you have to discount for the fact she is the overwhelming favorite in the democratic nomination battle who has been at it 20 years. scott walker and marco rubio have zero national profile. bill: she is doing radio interview up in new hampshire. this is what she said on the clinton foundation concerns. she said i made decisions at the state department in accord's with the values of our country. you can probably rerack that
6:20 am
answer a year from now. >> the republican candidate have been taking her to task, this stereotype of her as a teflon candidate is bearing out in reality. her poll numbers are still nationally more favorable than unfavable, that includes republicans and conservatives. jeb bush still has more unfavorability than favorability. >> there hasn't been a republican debate yet. none of these guys. i misunder themartha: one of hollywood's
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bill: the man behind the music of some of hollywood's biggest films has died. james horner died when the plane he was apparently piloting crashed in california. he composed soundtracks for "field of dreams," "apollo 13," and "brave heart." dead at the age of 61 in santa barbara, california. martha: the not is expected to
6:25 am
take a key procedural vote a couple hours from now. the legislation would grant the president fast track authority on pending trade agreements with asia. it's an important test for the president and pro-trade law making. byron york, good morning. this has been a winding path that hit some speed bumps along the way. where are we today on this? >> it's complicated but this could be the big day for the president's trade agenda. what we are talking about tpa is a bill that gives the president the authority to negotiate this giant pacific trade deal and seen it and have congress vote up or down on it but not be able to amended it or make changes. it's a huge thing for the presidency. back in may the senate passed
6:26 am
the trade promotion authority by the also passed in the same bill t.a.a., trade ajust assistance. it's worker retraining for people who have been displaced by these big trade deals. house democrats wanted to kill the for thing. he said let's vote on trade promotion authority and they did and it passed. if the senate can pass that bill by itself, it's law and goes to the president's desk for signature. martha: it would give the path a huge pacific trade agreement he believes will open up a lot of markets. the president is in agreement with mitch mcconnell and john boehner on this issue and even presidential candidates are split on what they think about it. here is donald trump talking
6:27 am
about it last night. >> that trade pack is a disaster for jobs in our country. we should not have it. it doesn't talk about currency manipulation the way it should. it covers too big an area. we should do individual agreements with individual countries. obama is not a negotiator. the last person i want negotiating for me is president obama. it's a disaster for business and jobs. martha: i feel like a lot of people don't know what's in this bill. it's a large sweeping bill and we haven't heard the details of it. >> it's been negotiated mostly in secret. i'm sure mitch mcconnell is glad donald trump isn't in the senate to vote against this. are they going to vote for it
6:28 am
again standing alone by itself? some of them are not. but mitch mcconnell needs almost all of them to stick with him and vote for it. the secrecy i shall sue. the issue of what it could do to american jobs is still not entirely clear and a lot of democrats are going to have to jump in the blind right now. martha: mcconnell needs 11 of them and he the got around 5. we'll see where this goes. bill: across shocking act of depravity by isis. the reports of women prisoners being given away to jihadi prisoners. plus this ... march report u.s. womb 10 fighting for another world cup title. are they on track to win it all?
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we'll show you when we come back.
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bill: louisiana governor bobby jindal is expected to announce his bid for the presidency. the governor has been a rising star among conservatives. governor jindal has been out there a while a lot of people know his name. what are this chances? >> reporter: the odds are against him but they will be pushing hard and it starts tomorrow. bobby jindal has his team in place. we spent a good part of the day with him at the governor's mansion. mr. jindal has been a fixture in american politics. particularly the gop. he was a bush administration appointee. a congressman. moved fast through the ranks of
6:33 am
the republican gop. now he's a two-term governor of louisiana and tomorrow he will declare his presidential campaign. in the polls he's 15th out of 15 in the recent poll from the "wall street journal" and that's a tough delays to start. but he has a plan he will outline tomorrow. >> i'm looking forward to making a big decision, announcement wednesday about the run it for president in 2016. i think the country needs a big change that will rescue this country from its current path to socialism. i think the best days for america are ahead of us but we need to make big changes today. >> reporter: he's very well known in republican circles. he's an ideas guy a social conservative here in louisiana.
6:34 am
he as an executive order put together a religious freedom version in louisiana. he will campaign against barack obama and hillary clinton. he fits in the republican field. this is one of the most diverse field there has ever been. >> we'll be in touch with you the next 24 hours. thank you sir we'll talk to you then. thank you carl. martha: another twisted low from isis. amid new reports the terror army is essentially running a program that gives women away as prizes to jihadi fighters who can show they have mastered the quran. unbelievable story we are learning from isis at this hour. so these have christian women
6:35 am
the yazidi, minority women and they are a prize for those who can demonstrate they have authority in the quran. >> we see when isis comes across anything oil women hostages, they make a profit off it. the women they captured, they are incentivizing memorizing the quran. this is their way of spreading their ideology in their islamic state. at the same time using the women as objects. then their brand of a ria law. this is a time of ramadan. it's the time to get a bit more leniency from the government and here you see quite the contrary. they started this contest in honor of ramadan. martha: i can only imagine even isis must be shocked at what they are allowed to get away
6:36 am
with. >> it's amazing as the world stands by and watches them destroy these historic sites and watches them take these women as property. some of them are younger than 10 years old. as you said, this becomes normal. it's so incredibly sad to say that that the world stands by and watches. it's so horrific. martha: you think of the treatment of jews during the holocaust. when you read in the history books, you say how could this happen in a civilized world. i think people will look back at this moment and say the same thing. how can we turn our backs on these women sold into slavery by isis. there is some military effort to push them back but it clearly doesn't have the force to do the
6:37 am
job. >> the speed at which they are spreading their message and the speed at which it's being combated by the international community. martha: new members are joining the ranks every day. >> all of their platforms are powerful. they are very literal about creating an islamic state with a revenue, an ideology, a flag. and a brand. martha: we saw one teenager arrested in north carolina and two teenagers in great britain who are believed to be isis inspired. isis suspends two boys from a pole in syria for eating in ramadan and that's suppose to be okay as well. >> they are putting these two
6:38 am
boys to death to force them to observe a holiday that's meant to be a reflection, repentance, asking god for forgiveness. as you said, it works because they are intimidating people to their brand of political islam. and they are creating a state around this ideology and we are standing back and watching. martha: i can't believe this is the world we are living in, i really can't. lisa it's great to have you here today. bill: big win for the united states in the world cup. the women shutting out colombia. morgan breaks through with a goal. that was quickly followed by a second goal with a penalty kick. the u.s. will face china in the quarterfinals friday. martha: that will be an
6:39 am
interesting one. bill: the women are great. there were a couple questions about the women coming into the tournament. they are so far so good. keep it rocking. they are playing china. martha: how is that going to go? bill: i think we win. i just hope there is no -- you know no funny business. bill: they are so great just to watch them. see how they have come together as a team their charisma. great stuff. let's go get beijing. march already we'll wear "beat china" t-shirts tomorrow. tom brady is hungered down with roger goodell and they are discussing whether he will be able to reverse the four-game suspension that was leveled at him in the deflategate scandal. what will happen? bill: the pentagon amping up the
6:40 am
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so everyone gets exactly what they want! mitsubishi electric cooling and heating. make comfort personal. martha: the bag and fees you pay at the airport are leading to a windfall for the airlines. $1.6 billion have been taken in. airlines increased those fee. that's how you do that. bill: the u.s. will send military hardware to several european countries. the concern is russia and the concern is isis. retired four-tar general jack keane, general how are you and good morning to you. is the concern isis when you are
6:44 am
sending 250 tanks and military equipment across six countries or is it a direct signal to vladimir putin and moscow. >> this is a step in the right direct. putin has blown off the sanctions as you know for the last year and a half. even though the sanctions have been extended he will continue to blow those off. but he -- we are providing mostly enablers. the other countries will provide the headquarters and the large amount of the ground combat forces. but putin will respect this. while i think the force should be considerably larger, it is a step in the right direction. bill: you are suggesting this is a significant move on the part of the administration. >> it's a significant move on
6:45 am
the part of nato. they are frustrated with us because we are the last country to sign on to this. normally we play a langer role, particularly with ground forces than what we are seeing here. we are providing a lot of the enablers but we are part of this rapid response force. this is a force of 5,000 they will spread out among sick countries. that's probably about a battalion-size organization in each of those countries. it's more after 30,000 force. bill: are you aware of commander steven wilson? he said i don't think we have ever seen so much power put in one person in russia. thing happening there are concerning for everybody. they annexed a country and
6:46 am
changed borders like we haven't seen since the cold war times. that's plain speak. >> putin is clearly redesigning the political order post-soviet union collapse. i think what is intent is to challenge nato. what many happening today is -- what's happening today is to deter putin from an advance on nato countries. clearly he already expressed some interest in the baltics. this will have no impact on what he's doing in eastern ukraine. >> the youth is providing training and military -- the united states is providing train and military equipment to ukraine. we have not changed our policy.
6:47 am
bill: that's one foot in and one foot out, isn't it? >> we have always been reluctant to provide the kind of i think weapons and training the ukrainians need. we have been providing non-lethal capability to them. that's unfortunate and i don't think the u.s. policy is going to change. i believe while we are committing to this force in those six country as part of the rapid response force i hope as time go the on our commit the will increase. we'll get a lot out of the training that take place with other nato forces we get our ground forces more involved in this. it's a strong signal to an opponent. there is a moral and political commitment with those forces because obviously the casualties would be involved if there is a conflict. >> it's definitely a change. general, thank you so much. live in washington.
6:48 am
martha: did you hear about this one? sean diddy colmes is facing assault charge after allegedly getting into a fight with a ucla football coach. what led the rapper to allegedly confront this coach in his office. bill: tom brady roger goodell one-on-one. what happens in this high-profile sports story. >> has this detract from your joy of winning the super bowl? >> absolutely not.
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bill: rapper sean p. diddy
6:52 am
colmes out on bail after he got into a fight with a coach at ucla. his son plays for the team. police charged colmes with assault with a deadly weapon, making terrorist threats and battery. ucla coach jim moore released a statement calling it an unfortunate incident. martha: i did read in one of these pieces the guy he got into the altercation with was accused at a point prior in his career of tripping a jets player as he ran down the field if it's the same guy. but i'm just saying. bill: i didn't know diddy had a son who plays football. martha: yes he does. we have a fox news alert.
6:53 am
tom brady's appeal hearing just gotten started a few blocks from here at the nfl headquarters in new york city. he snuck the back door. brady and roger goodell going head to made over this four-game suspension. the attorney whose findings led to that punishment will also thereby today. the nfl say the patriots quote more likely than not intentionally deflated footballs before a crucial playoff game with the colts. the investigation found brady was quote generally aware of what was going on. so do they have a good argument here the patriots? jim gray a sportscaster and fox news analyst. it seems their argument is twofold. question of the authority whether the person who granted this punishment has the authority to do so, then they are going to make a scientific
6:54 am
argument as well. is that right? >> that's correct. they believe the commissioner had to make it punishment and troy vincent who works for the commissioner made the punishment. they believe the science is wrong and the american enterprise institute found there is significant flaws and unreliable is the wells report. i just spoke to john dowd who is in the news. and he wrote the preeminent report in history of sports. he told me the wells report is significantly flawed, it's poorly done and there is no case against tom brady. martha: in terms of how this will be decided how's it going to go, do you think? >> i think tom brady said before
6:55 am
that he didn't believe he had done anything wrong will present his case. the commissioner will ask for new information. they don't believe tom cooperate. brady believes every did cooperate. this cell phone will come up. the commissioner has had for a couple months all the information he needs. he has every single piece of information from tom brady as it relates to this investigation. so the commissioner will have to decide whether the wells report is reliable. it's been debunked by several people and by science and he spent $4 million to $5 million. so the commissioner finds himself where he's going to believe tom brady or believe the report. in tom brady does not get complete exoneration i believe he will end up in federal court and test the case there. martha: i'm wondering. there are two ways to go here.
6:56 am
they have a $1 million fine against the patriots. two draft picks and four games for tom brady. or you can split the baby and say you bleach tom brady had less knowledge of it than you thought. >> i don't think tom brady is trying to fight on behalf of the organization. the organization said they will accept the penalty. but in terms of his name and his role i believe brady wants no games. the commission everything may say two games but i don't think that will be good enough for brady and his team. if it goes down to two games he will continue to fight. martha: thanks a lot. see you next time. bill: more than a dozen tornadoes have been reported. where it hit and where that bad weather is heading next. martha: there are more emails from hillary clinton raising questions about that night in
6:57 am
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that matter. martha: a lot of tense hearings going on at this moment. another one is getting underway in the senate. an investigation into faultily takata airbags. an executive with the company will be on the hot seat moments away. things are likely to get pretty tense in there. it comes on the heels of a new senate report that suggest that the company ignored years of warnings. at least eight deaths and hundreds of injuries are linked to the faulty airbags. we'll monitor the hearings and bring you update as they come in. the cleanup begins after severe weather blasts through parts of illinois and michigan. at least 13 tornadoes reported. the national weather service confirms that the tore made touched down in a chicago suburb of cold city. leveling homes and knocking out power to thousands.
7:01 am
[wind noise] that is a scary sound, isn't it? four people were injured. a number of people were injured. number of roads were shut down due to flash flooding well. have a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'mi'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. a tornado confirmed in grand rip its, michigan. the twister was tack packing winds of 100 miles per hour when it struck. >> it was really rough wind. was this a tornado any freaked out. i ran downstairs. >> you feel total pressure in your head. you feel like your head will explode. you feel like a total change in my house was shaking. everything was breaking. i could hear everything breaking upstairs. pole fence is gone. giant trees uprooted. one of the trees in the backyard is in my front yard. bill: what a mess now.
7:02 am
garrett tenney live in chicago. how are things looking today garrett? >> reporter: bill, the national weather service confirmed five tornadoes touched down in illinois alone. these storms hit across the midwest from minnesota to iowa to michigan. 10:00 this is where we saw some of the worst of the damage in coal city, illinois. a tornado ran through the middle of that town, an hour outside of chicago. at least 30 buildings were damaged. some homes and businesses were wiped out entirely. rescue crews have been having a hard time reaching all of them thanks to the downed trees and power lines. also due to the flooding in the area that is blocking roads. they got three to four inches of rain in many of these areas just last night. those crews are still out there this morning, bill? bill: garrett this tornado hit outside of grand rapids
7:03 am
michigan? how are those folks doing? what are you hearing from there? >> reporter: more than 70 homes and businesses is latest count including three churchers with a tornado with wind clocked so far at 100 miles per hour. the national weather service has teams going to all the sites to confirm all the numbers. the roof of a goodwill in portland michigan, the store roof collapsed during the storm trapping four people inside. thankfully a firefighter had his business just across the street and was able to come over to rescue them. here is what those folks said. >> kind of stunning to see it. >> never seen winds that strong. i have seen strong winds but not that strong. >> we had pretty bad storms but i never seen any damage like this in our immediate area. the road up to our form up -- farm up here a couple miles was tree after tree after tree. it was closed. >> reporter: the mayor said they have had only a few minor
7:04 am
injuries reported. they're counting their blessings it wasn't any worse. bill? bill: indeed for that. barrett, thanks. let's keep it quiet today. garrett tenney live in chicago. martha: so the white house is defending president obama after he raised a lot of eyebrows using a certain offensive word. it came in a podcast interview with the comedian mark maron. he does interviews in his garage. the show is called, wtf. we'll talk more, during that discussion of race relations after the charleston shootings. the president put it this way. >> racism, we are not cured of. it is not just a matter of, not being polite to say [bleep] in public. that is not the measure of whether racism still exists or not. it is not just a matter of overt discrimination. societies don't overnight completely erase everything that happened two to 300 years prior. martha: itch red son is live live with reaction from the
7:05 am
white house today and others as well. good morning rich. >> reporter: good morning martha. president obama's term in office is more consumed with race relations in the united states to policing whether it is appropriate to fly a confederate flag over government buildings. the white house commenting on the president's use just because we no longer say that word in public doesn't mean there is no racism in the united states. >> the president's use of the word and the reason that he used the word could not be more apparent from the context of his discussion on the podcast. the president made clear that it is not possible to judge the nation's progress on race issues based solely on an evaluation of our country's manners. >> reporter: the president will have another opportunity to discuss race relations on friday. he will deliver the eulogy for the slain pastor in charleston,
7:06 am
south carolina. martha: we heard from the president of the national urban league. morning moreyal. he criticized the president for using the word. he said that should never be used. others weighing in. >> reporter: others are arguing the word should not use that word even as the president used it in an academic discussion. there are plenty defending the president. >> when i first heard it this morning, my lord, what was he thinking about. i saw the whole thing as you just put it. i know what he is thinking about. he is trying to give a lesson trying to teach a lesson. >> reporter: congressman clyburn, taught a class on history, used word in similar context. offended someone in doing so and he never used it again. martha? martha: thank you rich. bill: i'm in the clyburn camp, my lord, what is going on there. martha: clearly wanted to stir up discussion. i heard ed henry talking about this morning, guessing with
7:07 am
brian kilmeade that the president would not have done it in his first term but he feels liberated now to speak the way he wants to speak. part of him wishes he had done that with his voice all along. bill: not quite the homestretch but coming close to it. >> pretty close. bill: a lot of reaction. we expect a critical ruling from the supreme court any day now on obamacare. there are new questions about what happens if the high court rules against the administration and strikes down the subsidies millions of americans are using every day. michael warren staff writer, "weekly standard," out of washington. good morning. welcome back to "america's newsroom." you say the irony is for republicans. how so? >> if the court rules against the administration the political heat will actually go to republicans on this think about what is actually in front. court here, if the court rules that the law is being implemented illegally against the letter of the law, that these subsidies that were given out on plans bought on the
7:08 am
federal exchange were illegal there will be a lot of people who see their premiums go up. they might have to return some money in the federal government. who is in charge here? republicans in congress will have to do something about this. you're seeing state has don't have state exchanges, that have the federal exchange, trying to scramble and figure out are they going to set up their own state exchanges? that will put a lot of pressure on republican members of the congress to come up with something. bill: got it. you know if congress passes something against obamacare the president can veto it. what then is the likelihood that congress would extend those subsidies until after the election and then they would bank on getting a republican president in january set of set of zest zest. that is where you -- 2017. how much talk about the president in january? >> republicans on the hill are
7:09 am
pretty opaque on this kevin mccarthy and other leaders on capitol hill are being mum. they will have to wait until the decision comes out before we have a plan. but trust us, we have a plan. there are bills on capitol hill in the both the house and senate they're saying instead of extending the subsidies let's put forth a plan to basically extend tax credits so these people who would be losing subsidies are not left empty-handed or having to pay out-of-pocket for this. i haven't really heard from leadership a lot of enthusiasm for those kind of plans. i get the sense republicans on capitol hill don't really know what to do. that should worry people who don't like obamacare, oppose obamacare, but don't really see any hope of doing something about it at the end of obama's term. bill: paul ryan was asked the question a week ago. we'll see what the court says first and we'll decide quickly here. >> that's right. bill: what if the court says established by the states doesn't really mean established by the states, the law stands as
7:10 am
is, is it over? >> no. i think then republicans all all the more, might be a better outcome for republicans to say, okay, this is where the law is. now we can sort of move forward to, with a sort of repeal and replace strategy. again, i don't see anything the leadership of the republican party sort of coalescing around one idea. there are a lot of ideas out there. tom price, the house budget chair, committee chair is, has one of those plans out there. i think it may be offers more unity for the republican party, if sort of irony the administration wins this case. bill: established by the states. we will see what that means very soon mike, thanks. michael warren there in washington. martha. martha: so isis militants were driven from tikrit. now residents are finally able to return home after months in limbo but there is not much left to go back to. plus this. >> there are those who would
7:11 am
like to use the acts of one madman to indict a state or a region or a whole nation for some kind of a failing which he is supposedly symptommic. how this has to do with the confederate flag is unclear to me. bill: there is big reaction to south carolina governor nikki haley's call to remove the confederate flag from statehouse grounds especially from the 2016 candidates. rick santorum is one of them. he is live from south carolina. we'll talk to him about that in a moment. martha: a moment of comfort from a police officer after a car accident kills a little girl's father. >> we started kind of attending to the kid. she was crying. she was actually soaked in gasoline from the truck. so the smells, it was really awful. when heartburn comes creeping up on you... fight back with relief so smooth...'s fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue
7:12 am
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some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. side effects may include diarrhea nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your doctor about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. bill: residents from tikrit slowly moving back home after islamic state terrorists were booted out of the city just north of baghdad. they come home to homes damaged and destroyed, infrastructure falling apart. iraqi police checking identification, trained by american forces. they're monitoring who comes and goes to prevent isis sympathizers from coming back. ♪ >> we have stared evil in the eye and watched good, prayerful people killed in one of the most sacred of places.
7:16 am
we were hurt and broken and we needed to heal. 15 years ago after much contentious debate south carolina came together to in bipartisan way to move the flag from atop the capitol dome. martha: that was south carolina nikki haley in the call for state lawmakers to remove the confederate flag from the capitol grounds. a rally set for 11:00 eastern time. other republicans joined her in that call including some of those in the race for the white house. i'm joined now by rick santorum former pennsylvania senator and republican candidate for president. he joins me rick santorum, wonderful to have you with this morning. welcome. >> thank you, martha. martha: you were asked about this in terms of an interview whether or not you thought the confederate flag removed from the capitol grounds, removed from the main state building not too long ago and in a war memorial. you wouldn't really commit on it. it is not my decision it is a south carolina decision. why? >> well, because, well, number
7:17 am
one president obama said the same thing. governor hailry yesterday at her news conference said the same thing. this is a decision of the people of south carolina. i will respect that decision. i'm actually encouraged by what i see. i see the governor taking leaderships under both united states senators congressman and by the way statehouse and senate members. i think this is, there is encouragement there will be consensus here. that south carolina is coming to that that consensus. that is important in the whole reconciliation process we're seeing led here. i'm in charleston and i can tell you they're leading here in charleston. they don't need anybody outside telling them how to heal. they're healing already. they're showing how reconciliation can happen. i was at mother emanuel church on sunday and sat through the amazing service where you saw all range of human emotions. you saw pain, meeting people and seeing people in real pain and anger at the same time,
7:18 am
forgiveness, reconciliation. the idea they will rise above this and put this in con ticks of really using the power of faith. we talk so much about how religion can divide. look how religion and faith of people of mother emanuel church have really shown a light for this country. i think south carolina is doing a great job right now. i don't think they need a whole lot of people from washington telling them what to do. martha: i would absolutely agree with you on that. they have set an extraordinary example for unity in that city and come together in a way we wish we would seen in other places around the country that have been hit by violence and made a different choice. i want to circle back to the flag issue and all the attention. why not -- south carolina will decide on their own no matter what you thinks or, when asked the question if it were you in
7:19 am
that position would you say yes, i think we need to take this flag down? it's a symbol for too many people of racism and of slavery? would you say that? >> well of course, i was asked the question if i was president you know and this was federal grounds would i ask for it, the answer is yes. but, again, i don't understand how the media focuses on an issue that is an important issue but how tremendous a example that is being set here and we're focusing on a flag when we should be focusing primarily on the pain and suffering of these victims that, and the amazing way that this community is responded. this is an important issue. martha: i think it is amazing to watch tim scott and nikki haley said, yes this is our decision. seems to me not a difficult thing to say yes that is -- that absolutely is -- >> i'm not suggesting this is
7:20 am
difficult thing i'm suggesting this is decision toy south carolina and politicizing this and putting in context after presidential campaign cheapens it. this is an issue and bigger, more important than that i'm trying to focus in on what i think is really amazing of the reconciliation of both with the flag and with the what is going on here at the church. martha: absolutely agree. >> i don't think necessarily my entering into that and telling what i should do or what i would do is anymore telling or more important than what the people actually are doing here. martha: all right. let's talk a little bit you mentioned that you were in the church. it has come up in looking at what happened there, that you were seated next to the one of the leaders of the black lives matter movement. what did you do talk about? >> i didn't know, he was sitting there he came and sat next to me. he introduced himself. i frankly didn't know who he was. i just exchanged pleasantries
7:21 am
with him. think we made a couple of comments. again i was just so moved by the service around i think i made a couple of comments about that how amazing this whole experience was and he was spending a lot of his time on his phone doing a lot of communicating on his phone. martha: before you go, i want to ask you one more quick presidential campaign election question because you're at around 2% maybe a little bit less than that at this moment. how are you feeling about how it is going? how much does that number matter to you? you're on a sweep from south carolina to iowa right now? >> when i won the iowa caucuses in 2012 we were at 4% in the national polls. so i don't really pay much attention in national polls. they don't really matter. martha: all right. >> the end we were able to win iowa and 10 other states, we never really vaulted to the top of the national polls. i think we won four states. again you have folks who were at the top of the national polls
7:22 am
who ended up not winning a single delegate. we don't pay attention to that. we focus on iowa. martha: i'm about to get cut off. that's why i'm jumping. thank you, senator. >> you bet. what up wheels! mr. auto-mo-deal! hey, it's the wheel deal! hey, hey, the duke of deals! i know a few guys in the rental car biz. let's go, 'wheels'. rental car deals up to 40% off.
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7:25 am
martha: hmmm. warning for the beachgoers in massachusetts. a great white spotted off the coast of cape cod in south or liens to be exact. look at that baby. that is a pretty big one. first sighting this season of the big guys. the shark is about 15 feet long when you make sense of size of boat. it was swimming 200 yards from the shore. making people think i'm not ready for a swim today. maybe i will sit on the beach and read a book. >> it is nerve-wracking, yeah.
7:26 am
makes you not want to be in the water. that's for sure. >> you definitely have be to aware of where you are. i'm more comfortable in my beach chair, that's for sure. martha: researchers say the sharks are actually scared of humans. i don't know about that. we've seen some run-ins recently which were not so great. but you should absolutely use caution when entering the water bill. bill: shark tag. try it. martha: i'm sure the shark is tagged. everybody knows where it is at any given moment. bill: i like the beach chair. maytha: the beach chair is looking pretty good. bill: 26 past the hour. >> i think what is most important sidney blumenthal didn't have any idea what was in these memos he was forwarding. he was merely a conduit. he didn't draft them. he doesn't know the first thing about libya. he hasn't been to libya. that calls into question why secretary clinton would receive so many emails from him. bill: trey gowdy reacting to greta on bucket load of emails handed over to the house. they reveal at least 60 emails
7:27 am
between clinton and her long-time friend sidney blumenthal. jim jordan is on the select committee and is my guest now. welcome back to "america's newsroom." >> good morning. bill: those who have seen the emails share with those who have not seen the emails about what it tells you what was going on back and forth? >> well i think there are two key points here, bill. one, we know we got more emails from mr. blumenthal than we got from the state department which raises the big question, why didn't the state department give them to us or did mrs. clinton not give them to the state department to forward to us. we have to get answer to that question. it is par for the course for the state department. we have subpoena there couple of years. we have yet to get the documents, not even close to the documents we deserve. second, the emails we received from mr. blumenthal what they said. i think it is interesting mrs. clinton said these were unsolicited yet some of emails say, sydney, keep it coming, keep the information flowing. sounds like that is soliciting
7:28 am
information from mr. blumenthal whether he wrote these things or not, he wrote them. telling from mr. blumenthal to secretary clinton where he says, when qadaffi is overthrown it is important that you talk about the successful strategy. i think that's telling because libya was supposed to be the shining example of the success of the obama administration and secretary clinton's foreign policy obviously the tragedy that occurred on 9/11 we know that it wasn't. bill: indeed. just rating from reuters here. here is the paragraph the years following qadaffi's downfall is chaotic, two rival governments battling for control and islamic state militants taking control within the security vacuum. that country is a mess. >> sure is. this is now famous ben roads email which set up this whole narrative it was spontaneous demonstration sparked by a video
7:29 am
and all this, and talks about the strategy and foreign policy objectives there in libya. we haveremember the entire context, this took place 50 some days before a presidential election. this was supposed to be a the shining example of their foreign policy success. obviously a tragedy where four americans were killed. that is why we need to get to the documents. that is why we need to get to the truth. this points to the whole narrative they hatched and talked to the american people about, this i think now proven false narrative that it was a video that caused this demonstration and caused this terrorist at. bill: he talked about vindication and successful strategy and sharing with secretary clinton at the time. last question, is the state department stonewalling your committee or not? >> i mean, look, i will let the american people reach their own conclusions but we had a subpoena there for two years. we have yet to receive even close to the documents we should from the key players like, you know, cheryl mills, chief of
7:30 am
staff to secretary clinton huma abidine. obviously we haven't got enall the emails from the state department because mr. blumenthal gave us 64 emails. you can reach your own conclusion. i know the pace -- bill: our apologies there. we heard it almost until the end. jim jordan, republican from ohio back home in ohio. our apologies for the satellite drop. we'll work to get the answer to the very end and he will finish that sentence in a moment. 10:30 in new york. martha: meantime this fox news alert everybody. we're awaiting a big hearing about to get underway on capitol hill on this massive hacking that took place into the inside of our government. really incredible story. we're learning that that cyberattack affected far more americans than they originally thought. bill: heartwarming story behind this viral photo. a police officer comforting
7:31 am
little girl after her family was involved in a deadly roadside accident. >> put her arm around my shoulder like her daughter does. that is really when the emotions start kicking in. when you travel, we help you make all kinds of connections. connections you almost miss. and ones you never thought you'd make. we help connect where you are. to places you never thought you'd go. this, is why we travel. and why we continue to create new technology to connect you to the people and places that matter.
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so i could get a faulty light switch fixed? yup! or make a backyard pizza oven? oh yeah. i can almost taste it now. tastes like victory. and pepperoni... martha: back with this as the director of a hacked u.s. agency that exposed millions of federal employees personal information is on the hot seat once again this morning. we're learning the data breach was far worse than the government initially let on. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live on this in washington. catherine, what is the latest number on those affected here? >> reporter: martha, good morning. what we know this morning as many as 18 million current former prospective government employees are affected by the breach. in fact the number could go as high as 30 million. in the testimony for the record, the head of opm the federal government human resources department, there is confirmation that any federal employee from across all
7:35 am
branches government whose organization submitted service history records to opm may have been compromised even if their full personnel file is not stored on opm system. a well-placed source said the high level of organization points to a nation-state and likely back of chinese military units, pla 13698 housed in this non-deprint office complex in suburban shanghai. they are known for advanced persistent threats that are designed to access information covertly and not cripple systems. we're learning about the microtargetting of security clearance applications at opm considered the crown jewels for hackers because it includes in depth background on the individual as well as family members. in this case the hackers got into opm as authorized users either a stolen password or masquerading as an authorized user based on previous theft, pardon me, of other datas,
7:36 am
martha. martha: incredible. has the administration taken action against china for any of this? >> reporter: the short answer is no publicly and the on monday the es spokesman john kirby seemed to avoid the question. >> i think we've made our concerns clear to state and non-state actors. we don't necessarily agree to the approach on cybersecurity and cyberdefense, it is certainly one of those areas where there is room for better cooperation. >> reporter: so far the white house is standing by the head of opm catherine a chew let at that. she is testifying at the hearing there. are growing calls for her to resign or fired because the opm breach is not isolated incident but rather part of a larger campaign by china to harvest this data, martha. martha: catherine, thank you. >> reporter: you're welcome. bill: there is outrage in south africa over the jacket worn by south carolina shooting
7:37 am
suspect dylann roof. on that jacket is a patch with the old south african flag a symbol synonymous with apartheid. paul till sy, live by way of skype in johannesburg, south africa with more there. >> reporter: bill, this just in. south african authorities that shooting suspect dylann roof using south african flag they order ad secret investigation by the elite hawks special investigations unit, bringing ghader in the hawks told fox news they used undercover sources and proved that roof does not have any links with extreme right-wing terror groups operating here in south africa. roof's use of the flag really upset people here. ♪ hundreds the packed the bethesda methodist church with its female minister and mourned a similar
7:38 am
killing in south carolina three how miles away but distanced themselves from racist actions. >> for most of oust color is not issue. younger generation come to the point where we embraced our past and we're moving forward looking at a future without color. color or race doesn't matter at all in these days. >> we would hate to be seen as symbol for racism. south africans have enough bad press. it is terrible this man is using us as symbol of hatred. >> the old south african flag hangs overtone any davidson's mantlepiece. never he taken out in public decayed like the apartheid government it represented. >> symbolic of a dying regime or inevitable situation that it was, have to give way to something better. >> reporter: noticeably even extreme right-wing groups here that like parading around with the old south african flag are quiet on this one. there is real sense of revulsion
7:39 am
here over this tragedy bill. bill: paul till sy, by way of skype. reporting on reaction from overseas. johannesburg, south africa. martha: to a photo from a tragic colorado crash scene that is getting a lot of attention on line. it shows an officer comforting two-year-old little girl after her family was involved in an awful roadside crash. her father died instantly. her mother and three other young children in that car were injured. and while paramedics were working to save them they handed the frightened little girl to the officer, whose name is nick strock. >> she was crying and actually soaked in gasoline from the truck. so the smells, it was really awful. my daughter, who is the sweetest thing in the world when she falls and cries she wants twinkle, twinkle little star sung to her. this girl out in the field, i was singing twinkle twinkle
7:40 am
little star. pointing to lights on fire truck. put her arm around my shoulder just like my daughter does. that is really when the emotions start kicking in. martha: good guy in the right place at the right time for that little girl. police believe that the family was from illinois and vacationing in colorado. they say that with the exception of one child in a car seat, no one else was wearing a seatbelt. the cause of this crash remains under investigation. the little girl is doing okay. and he was really an angel for her at that moment in the right place. she has a long road ahead of her as they all try to recover from the injuries. bill: good man with a very, very difficult job. good that little girl had him. 20 minutes now before the hour. court date for a pilot who caused a security scare in washington. >> this is not good, people. no. he is not. bill: it is not, it is not good, people. prosecutors offering him a plea deal. so why you asked did he take a pass?
7:41 am
figure that out. martha: controversy over a word used by president obama during an interview on race relations. we debate. did the president go too far? >> we're talking about the president of the united states using the "n" word, bill. he has really dragged in the gutter speak of rap music. so now he is the first president of rap of street? ♪ ♪ ♪ (singing) you wouldn't haul a load without checking your clearance. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. vo: today's the day. more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir®.
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7:44 am
♪ >> i think he has absolutely lowered the standard in terms of being president of the united states. he made no mention of racism in america when he ran for president not once, but twice. and i have dubbed him today rapper in chief for using such language. obama was elected twice. it wasn't only with black voters. >> a black senator of south carolina. >> here we're talking about a flag. here we're talking about racism again. that people are saying that is
7:45 am
rampant in america. martha: harsh criticism for president obama after he used the "n" word in an interview about race relations and the question now did he go too far in using that word? was it effective in what he was trying to convey which may be the most important question here. our panel david webb, host of david webb show on cirrus kxm. that was him filling in on "hannity." and leslie marshall. radio talk show host and fox news contributor. dinneen borelli, got a lot of backlash for rapper in chief comment and below the presidency to use that word in the garage interview on the podcast with somebody named mark maron. what do you think, david? >> the president pretty much put his presidency on the level of kanye who went off with in a concert with a n word-filled
7:46 am
outspoken word peace on south carolina. look the office of the presidency, for get party for a moment. doesn't matter whether you're on podcast or white house podium, it is magnified not only to this count by but to the world. there is decorum goes with that office. this president violated that. even mark morey ral certainly doesn't sit on the right side of the aisle. he agrees the president has taken this. let me ask the question, is the president going to use this in the white house or in the rose garden? is this now acceptable? this is disgusting to us use. martha: leslie, you're not alone feeling it is beneath the office of the presidency to use that word. obviously he understands the power of his pulpit, leslie, and he used quite intentionally. he wanted to make a point. that point may be largely lost though. what do you think the point was that he was trying to make? >> i don't think the point was largely lost. i think he was using that word,
7:47 am
and i think effectively to further that point. which is, what that word stands for. in the history of african-americans in this country and the sting of that word and racism is still alive today on the heels of the deaths of those nine people in south carolina with the alleged killings being racially motivated. i'm not saying alleged it was racially motivated but obviously even with confession we don't have trial completed at this time. i wrote a piece about this for the "huffington post," i think it will run today. i wrote a piece about this years ago. there are times when the word needs to be said. this is not about rapping. this is about the emphasis and meaning tied into the racism and history and the disparaging remarks and unfortunately those feelings that still ring true today for many. >> leslie, he could have done this without the word. martha: all right, i hear you david. but the president needs, he uses his time in very powerful way.
7:48 am
he uses his moments in a very poorful way. i reminded what we saw in france with the "charlie hebdo" march the backlash the president got for not being a part of that. you have what happened in stout caroline over the weekend. this is a moment when the president could be embracing what we saw on that bridge. he could be embracing what we saw in the church on sunday, talking about importance of faith, pulling people together, of the unity that we are seeing in south carolina. i don't doubt he will make points on friday when he is at the ref earned's funeral on friday. but this pulls us so far away from these positive moments david that i just wonder what the point is of pulling us away from that? >> martha, i don't know the president's motivation but boy are you on point on this. i interviewed that, his widow, the reverend widow's and granddaughter alanna last night on hannity. i look at that family, in the
7:49 am
light of incredible tragedy that none of us want to go through show themselves to be strong united a good example of good solid christian family values, standing together. the president had an opportunity here to highlight that and to talk about how we react to individual racists when they come out and do what this young man did. martha: we listened to the pastor the other day on sundays, they thought we would riot. they don't know who we are. they don't understand us. and, what an amazing moment that was. now here we are talking about the n word, leslie, why? >> well, first of all, we have to put it in context. he was asked certain questions by the interviewer in this podcast. secondly, the president can't just show up or speak about things that are negative or positive. as you said he is going to be there friday. i'mure will address this. martha: he can show up anywhere he wants to make any point he wants to make, llie.
7:50 am
>> this is the no only issue going on. martha: he ignored it so far. >> i don't think it has been ignored. he will be there friday. >> leslie, you're telling me kanye uses it on stage it is okay. what if someone who was white used it -- let me finish. >> i don't feel it is right for anyone to be using that word. >> why is it defensible for the president? it is indefensible. martha: thank you both for being here. >> thank you martha. bill: now for something completely different. sometimes one flip isn't enough. watch here. [engine noise] that is tom meents. he has done it. that is a world record! he is next live. >> it was awesome, man. maxine didn't hold up. we give it our all. thank you to the awesome fans coming here in fox bore. maxine double backflip baby!
7:51 am
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>> i'm jon scott. coming up ahead in six minutes on "happening now," we're watching two major events slated to begin at the top of the hour. big rally in south carolina calling for removal of the confederate flag from the grounds of the state capitol. plus a crucial test vote in the senate on trade. will lawmakers help president obama's fast track authority. new report on how a prison worker allegedly smuggled power tools to help the two killers break out of prison in new york. that is ahead "happening now." bill: thank you jon. after trying to stick a frontflip with a monster truck two weeks ago tom meents was not to be denied. this time trying a double backflip. that had not been done before until now. [engine noise] bam stuck the landing.
7:55 am
welcome back to monster jam's only 11-time world champion final tom meents by telephone. hello, sir. >> great to be here, bill. i'm so excited. bill: you told us two weeks ago you would do it and how did it feel? >> it feels great. having the job i do, greatest job ever. every day i wake up i go to work. bill: have you tried that in practice before? that takes time, tom? >> that is rough one. tried three events been be successful. this time i made it. bill: you said you would try to stick the landing on the frontflip. >> i'm not giving up on that. that will happen again. we will make that happen. do not have a date yet. i'm telling you we'll keep pushing. monster jam is the best. we'll keep pushing. bill: you're crazy. that is the frontflip that happened two weeks ago or a week ago, eight days ago. what is so difficult about sticking the landing going
7:56 am
forward? >> there is a lot of forces at work. when you have a truck that weighs almost 11,000 pounds and you're 50 feet off the ground coming down hard. you have to have the rear suspension so tight it hits the ramp, flips forward. makes it hard to land. bill: bet it does. congratulations. you are the champ. what is next, thomas. >> more crazy stunts. that is what monster jam is doing here. pushing edge of thelope. i love doing it. favorite job i have. i love going to work every day. bill: listen, you bring us video we'll bring you back. >> thank you, bill. bill: a lot of guts, thank thank you. martha: when we come back, a young man charged with plotting a terror attack here in the united states. wait until you hear who turned him in.
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a severe storm underway that is a solar flare. scott kelly tweeted this. we know he is okay because he tweeted this picture. >> we have to run. >> bye, everybody. more teenagers facing terrorist charges for trying to help isis with plans of attacks stopped overseas and in the states. i am jon scott. >> and i am in for jenna lee. a north carolina teenager turned in my his own father. 19-year-old justin sullivan was planning an isis-inspired plot here in the united states and another plot between two british teens


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