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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 25, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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time. fox news fox business fox you name it. you will be able to get it 24 hours a day. i want you to pic gasparino 24 hours a day. channel 115 sirius xm. give us your ear. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino with kimberly guilfoyle, greg gutfeld, eric bolling and -- >> president obama won a second major supreme court victory today concerning his health care law. in a 6-3 decision justices upheld the law's key provision of paying tax subsidies to customers in all states. chief justice john roberts wrote the opinion. the most conservative members, scalia thomas and alito dissented, scalia saying the law should now be called scotus care. the president took a victory lap in the rose garden earlier,
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first pointing out obama care's rocky path to implementation. >> as we've worked to implement the affordable care act, there have been successes and setbacks. the setbacks i remember clearly. >> he then declared the law is now woven into the fabric of america. >> after more than 50 votes in congress to repeal or weaken this law, after a presidential election based in part on preserving or repealing this law, after multiple challenges to this law before the supreme court, the affordable care act is here to say. this law is working exactly as it's supposed to. in many ways this law is working better than we expected it to. so this was a good day for america. let's get back to work.
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>> i love the pause and then you hear the birds tweeting. let's get back to work. >> the birds are all singing the praises of obama care. i'm surprised, kimberly that the vice president remember when obama care passed? he says this is a big you know what kind of deal. this is a big deal for president obama, i think. he was right to be able to take a victory lap today even though many conservatives are disappointed with the decision. >> he was definitely a little bit like i was mouthing to you not those words but boaster in chief. he was excited. feel me now. you try to take me down. even though you didn't get a single republican vote in the house et cetera we got this through. he feels he's cemented it, solidified it into the american fabric, that it's here to stay. before they take another victory lap this will go into a death spiral with the rising costs of premiums the inability to be able to pay it. they don't seem to be concerned about the financial aspects of it or the economics of it which of course are going to rear their ugly head very soon.
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>> eric president obama said that obama care is working exactly as they planned it. really? >> the way it's supposed to work. okay. so everyone constitutional scholars all day were calling out the supreme court as you pointed out. one of them called themselves scotus care. here's what they did. established by the states with an s at the end. that's the way the law was written when you say states that implies the 50 states individually the 50 states the health care marketplace needed to be set up by each individual states. that's the way most people saw it. that's the way we thought it was going to go. >> state exchanges. >> state exchanges. however the supreme court interpreted states to be state as in one the federal government. so a lot of push back. judge napolitano called it judicial activism. he thaw john roberts, supreme court chief justice was undermining his own credibility. if the law is working the way
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it's supposed to work it's interesting. because deductibles are soaring. we have numbers that said that we predicted this is going to happen and that's what's happening. the deductibles are soaring. however, doctors are also leaving the system. there are a lot of doctors who say it's so onerous, the bureaucratic nightmare of taking obama care the filings, the bureaucracies involved with it are onerous on their part. a lot of them are leaving or not taking obama care. you're having higher deductibles and probably you'll get a lot worse or i don't know -- >> not trending in the right direction. >> trending in the wrong direction health care. >> now greg he said president obama said that it is now woven into the fabric of america. >> yeah. >> are you offended? >> like hepatitis. why did he win? >> that's not covered, by the way. >> why did he win? because obama care is basically the homeless drunk of law. it survives because nobody wants
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to wrestle with it. they see it coming and they cross the street. it is such a pathetic horrible beast. everyone's going like all these wimpy supreme court justices are going like can we just get past this thing? let's talk about gay marriage. they would rather talk about gay marriage. that's easier. obama care was a drug the fda would ban it. witch doctors wouldn't try it. it's ridiculous. the other thing about this law which is so hilarious, it just destroys language. it was supposed to be established by the state. now that means nothing. so it's basically not a government program. it's a picasso painting open to interpretation anybody can decide what it means. can we do that with other crime? if a murderer confesses, i killed that person could the judge say, i think he's innocent because i like that guy. >> and he didn't say persons. >> persons, yes. >> one question i have about this so the states that have start -- many of the states have tried to run exchanges did not
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fare very well including vermont. give then decision now the supreme court has said well states state, all the same thing. what incentive is there for any state to actually continue running its own exchange? why wouldn't you push it all to the federal government and get closer to what liberals wanted which is the single payer program? >> i don't think that would necessarily push it to single payer program. but i want to congratulate everybody at this table and every republican running and every republican in the house and senate they just got their wish. they don't have to ever come up with any solutions to actually fix this law. >> what are you talking about? >> they don't. >> how do you think that's their wish? >> had the supreme court overruled this ruled the other way, they would have had to do something about all those people who were going to lose their subsidies. now they get to run and trash obama care and doing that without having to come up with any solutions. i'm not sure who was happier today, barack obama or every republican out there. >> that could actually hurt hillary. i think the law is so unpopular and she has to get closer to obama. >> i think it hurts hillary to
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some extent if the law doesn't get better. and helps republicans. >> they wanted to fix it and -- absolutely. our party is filled with geeks. >> eric something that this whole scenario has laid bare which is obama care cannot work without major subsidies to the vast majority of people. >> and that's what it did, what the supreme court did is it made sure those major subsidies made their way to the 30 or so states that were really in danger of losing any subsidies. that would have blown the whole law apart. it is 9 second time supreme court saved obama care. don't forget the first time john roberts saved it by calling obama care a tax, thereby it became constitutional when most people saw it not as a tax, as a mandated product that needed to be -- >> the president of the united states. >> twice now they've saved it.
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>> consistent. >> so the funds go from the feds to the state into the people who need the money. i guess people who are being insured that weren't insured before are going to love it. but a lot of people in the middle who are paying for it with hire deductibles and higher costs are not going to love it. here's a good indicator. health care stocks the various health care companies skyrocketed today. they loved it. wasn't this supposed to bend the cost curve down? this isn't bending the cost curve down for anybody. >> you're talk to liberals? liberals would have wanted a single payer, medicaid for all. that's not what we got. a big giveaway to the insurance companies. you can't say it's government health care because the insurance companies are benefitting the most. they've got millions and millions of more people signing up their rolls. >> when obama says the bill is working exactly it was supposed to? >> this was a flawed piece of legislation. but i think it's flawed for different reasons thar than you
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guys think it's flawed. it doesn't go far enough. >> everybody hates it. >> they've turned it into food stamps now. it's a huge problem. we're not going to be able to sustain it. that's what they've done to health care now. >> this is not a crap sandwich. it's a crap matter horn. you can't even climb this thing. you got higher premiums higher deductibles like eric says. people are losing their doctors to insure 8 million people. i'm willing to say many of whom didn't need it. a lot of them were young people and they didn't need it. so we punished peter in effect so you could punish paul. you're punishing everybody. >> everybody loses? >> the brilliance of obama care is they solved a nonproblem by making it into a bigger problem that now just fight its own existence. >> not only that you have a legacy. president obama has something with his name on it that will live on forever. >> it's scotus care now. >> it is going to be a campaign issue. maybe that does help republicans. here are three of the candidates that commented today.
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>> i disagree with their decision. i believe obama care is bad for americans, bad for the country. >> the court made its decision. what they essentially did was thumbed their nose at the constitution and declare that they believe in something that does not exist in our form of government that's judicial supremacy. >> our government was designed to be one of laws not of men. these justices are not behaving as umpires calling balls and strikes. they have joined a team and it's a team that is hurting americans across this country. >> actually when i was a spokesperson for chief justice john roberts going through confirmation. i remember one of the things he told president bush was i will be the kind of justice that will just call balls and strikes. i want to get your take kimberly in the legal realm in your profession. what's the take on him and the court? >> i mean look. i think this has been a very active court in terms of like judicial activism with the initial decision on obama care and now this decision sort of
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backing it up. i feel like chief justice roberts actually tried to back up his own legacy and his own reputation by handing this decision down. i really do. because i think the court struggled with this. they wanted to find a way to keep it in place because they were worried if they didn't -- and that's not supposed to be their job. >> in fact antonin scalia wrote the dissent. he said "you would think the answer would be obvious. so obvious there would hardly be a need for the supreme court to hear a case about it." then greg he said "he panned the majority's reasoning as quote pure apple sauce. >> the language. you should have warned me. i would have plugged my ears. john roberts soils the robe. >> no, come on. i think people are mad at him for these two decisions and i understand that. but overall -- >> you know what he did? he chose a way out. he wanted a way out that wasn't going to reflect badly on him. i think that's all this is about. >> why do you think that?
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he's getting a ton of approval from the people that put him in the seat. >> but he wins this strange new respect award and everybody likes getting that award. >> what do you mean the people that put him in the seat are happy with him? quite the opposite. >> i'm saying they're not happy with him. i'm saying what greg is saying is not accurate. >> how dare you. >> he's saying i'm my own man. >> so what you end up with the gop on the right the silver lining everyone wanted to see obama care dismentantled. but this one at least parts of it taken apart this. way it stays intact. anybody that's going to run on obama care it's going to be we will repeal fully and replace with a new system. there's wre the gop that you were asking about, they're going to have to come up with a viable option to obama care. >> but they haven't yet. that's the problem for the gop. >> i could go through the list with you if you like. >> but they're in the congress and majority in both houses and haven't actually put a bill up for a vote. >> here's my list of suggestions. >> your list. i would love to hear your list.
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>> forget it. >> do you want to save it for the commercial break? >> yes. >> coming up the mainstream media wants you to think certain americans are more dangerous than islamic terrorists. but it's pushing a study that some say is missing crucial data. greg has that next.
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to every lazy media outlet is pushing a new study saying american extremists have killed more people than islamic extremists. there's just one problem. the study omits 9/11. they started counting the bodies after that date. that's like saying since japan attacked pearl harbor attacks on pearl harbor by japan have decreased. it's like me saying since breakfast i haven't had another breakfast. so why do they start counting deaths after 9/11? two reasons. it magically removes 3,000 victims from the islamic terrorist side but it also ignores the facts that it's our response to 9/11 that reduced further attacks by radical muslims. it wasn't any humane decision to cut back by the terrorists. 9/11 led to heroic efforts to end more attacks.
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so the statistics don't expose american extremists at all. but american heroes whose great work stopped more islamic terror. but instead of crediting those who thwarted attacks you have these bozos run by anne ma marie slaughter to fabricate a new study. it proves one thing, how readily the mindless media embraces such glop. here's abc's take. "u.s. radicals bigger terror threat than jihadis in america." talk about a headline from a weak spine. >> so julie, what was the point of this report do you think? it's such an obvious joke. why would they do this? >> i guess in light of what happened last week -- >> right. >> -- they wanted to do this. you raise a good point.
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yesterday i would have disagreed with you but that was very well put. >> if i can just change one mind my work is done. >> but i will say this. in light of what happened in oklahoma city back in 1993 i think we did pay more attention as a result to home-grown terrorism. then 9/11 happened. i'm wondering regardless of the study, i'm wondering if we took our eye off the ball to some extent focusing so much on islamic terrorism we didn't pay as much attention after 9/11 to home-grown terrorism here at home. i don't note answer to that. >> i know the answer. the islamic ball is way bigger. got to look at that ball. the other ball way smaller, eric. >> is my ball metaphor working? >> no. drop it. roll away. >> hot potato. >> one of the other studies in the study was what do local law enforcement -- what groups are they most concerned with. number one was anti-government extremists. now, i think they're lunchmping people calling them right wing
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extremists in one of the studies. that's a little concerning. >> number two is al qaeda or terror. when you poll the local law enforcement of course they're going to be worried didn't not going to see the bigger picture. i'm guessing they don't have a terror network the size of new york or l.a. or other cities with a massive task force. if you poll the fbi with a joint terror task force, i would think i don't know this but i would think they would be heavily skewed the other way towards terror being a much more imminent danger threat than right wing extremism. >> dana does the media believe this stuff because they want to believe it? >> you know i don't know. i was just thinking. >> there you go. >> this is not a new theme. do you remember secretary napolitano when she was at the head of department of homeland security early on in the obama administration one of the first things she did was come out with a report and a study that said right wing extremists are more of a concern to us than terrorism. it caused a huge kerfuffle. you know the show you and i
2:21 pm
really like, "justified" in the first or the second season one of the main issues was right wing extremism. that was one of the themes throughout the show. it's not that it doesn't exist. but can you equate it with 9/11 or with islamic extremism and certainly not counting 9/11 is disingenuous. >> this is a flawed study. they wanted to have a specific outcome. it's like they take out all the parts that don't work with what their end conclusion is their hypothesis. so you can't really give it the credibility that they would like it to have. because it's like flawed in its whole premise. how do you exclude 9/11? if they're trying to come up with one specific political outcome and statement, it's very obvious. >> but the problem here that you don't like the term right wing? i agree with you that i would rather use term homegrown, right? forget right wing left wing. let's just say homegrown terror. >> so homegrown terror who happens to believe it jihad? where do you put that one then? >> that's actually why megyn
2:22 pm
kelly last night on the show talking about the special that she had last night the exclusive interview with the beheading victim or the attempted beheading victim. she was saying at end of it maybe we need to do some thinking to redefine terrorism. >> redo the class kagschange the classifications. >> some would argue this guy in south carolina is a terrorist. >> they drowned a bunch of guys in the cage isis one of the most horrible things. i don't know dana are we becoming inured to this stuff? >> remember because there's not an american in the cage that does remove it from our front pages. we have a lot of problems here in america. that's what a lot of people try to focus on. but remember what the terror director said last week. we are at more risk of a catastrophic terrorist attack on american soil than we have been since 9/11. so it is time to maybe refocus
2:23 pm
the mind and think about all kinds of terrorism, including this in the study of department of homeland security say they're worried about. >> we can't show. nobody knows what isis is doing because we can't show it. it's too gross. >> more money to the fbi. >> yeah. >> more funds. >> all right. >> i can agree to that. >> yeah, me too. >> really? >> yeah. okay. ahead. mcfarland affleck, schwarzenegger and the fastest seven. stay tuned. what a group. i accept that i'm not 21. i accept i'm not the sprinter i was back in college. i even accept that i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't accept giving it less than my best. so if i can go for something better than warfarin ...i will. eliquis. eliquis... reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin plus it had less
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welcome back. time for "the fastest seven minutes on television" three arousing stories, one five alive at five minutes.
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seth macfarlane is the creator of "family guy" happens to be the mind and voice of ted, the trash-talking teddy bear. ted 2 premiered last night in new york. mcfarland laid into politically correct media who are consistently making america less funny. >> i think you see a big disconnect from the perception that the media creates and the way people actually think. i think most people are actually much better at thinking critically and separating actual offenses from comedy than the media would have us believe. i don't buy it. i don't think it's real. >> all right, greg. that was on the red carpet just off the camera and out of the camera and microphone he said this is an area where i agree with my republican friends. >> yeah. he said it's the only area. so he had to be careful. he didn't want to offend all his liberal buddies by calling them out. so he had to add that little thing that post script that says this is the only thing i agree with them. we say this welcome to the club
2:29 pm
you. have chris rock seinfeld bill maher, louie c.k. suddenly now 10 15 years after the conservatives have been talking about the p.c. media they're coming around and seeing it. they're joining the club. it's hard to take him seriously. he looks like peter brady. >> really really does right? >> yeah. i see peter brady. >> unbelievable. >> now, k.g., do you know these guys? the mcfarland groups? >> i don't know him but john jacobs is one of the producers. everybody loves this movie. this is very smart the way it's written. people like it. >> what? >> but they do. >> you're right. i agree that a lot of people love the movie. i'm not agreeing it's very smart. >> it's hard to follow. >> the movie is a trash-talking teddy bear who has no political correctness whatsoever. >> and i like that about the bear. >> do you think it's selling the movie? >> probably. but he's also right. as a liberally would say he's
2:30 pm
not offending liberals. i 100% agree with him. we were talk about "spinal tap" on the break most anti-p.c. movie ever. >> like liberals our age which we are a little older, right? i'm not a liberal. but i think it could be generational. i think what they were talk about when you go on college campuses then people are offended by jokes that we used to think were funny. >> yeah. >> a lot of this has to do with i think he's getting some harsh reviews and he's saying the reviews are from people who are too p.c. >> that's exactly right. >> i should have written it differently. follow me now. "the show traces family histories of celebrities and public figures. last season one episode featured ben affleck. "finding your roots." zblen listed in the revolutionary army in 1776? >> that's right. your sixth great grandfather volunteered to serve in the patriot army. >> wow! >> he fought, ben, in the american revolution.
2:31 pm
>> wow! that is incredible. >> yeah well, what pbs left out was that one of affleck's ancestors was a slave owner. now apparently affleck leaned on pbs to edit that information out and they obliged. how was all this discovered? the leaked sony e-mails, pbs has delayed season three of the show. k.g. affleck leans on pbs. they pull out probably the most damning but most provocative part of that. >> so this came out. you probably wouldn't want it out, either. i don't blame him for asking them and wanting -- personally embarrassed by it with good reason. so he probably asked. they did it. and now everybody knows it. >> so you're shaking your head? >> i like ben. greg doesn't. >> i totally disagree. what's to be ashamed of? he's not owning any slaves. it goes to show that he has evolved from his ancestors. i think it's a teaching moment. >> so he's wrong for leaning on pbs. >> 100%. by the way his mother apparentlies with a big civil rights leadser in the 60s.
2:32 pm
that's what you talk about. >> there might be something in all of our backgrounds that we wouldn't like. like white washing history is not a good idea. plus he's judging his ancestors by modern thinking which is is not fair. >> people do that all the time. >> this guy is such a phony. you can't vethave it both ways. they left that part in the show making his ancestors look heroic then he asks to take out the other side. that's the sin. i'm torn because it came from leaked e-mails. i always say i don't like to comment on them. but i got to tell you, this couldn't happen to a better guy. we should remove all of ben affleck's movies from public consumption since he's a descendent of slave owners we should take his movies away and we should not be allowed to look at them. just like the confederate flag and all the confederate statues. we got to take all affleck's movies and we got to burn them in the town center! except for "dazed and confused" i love that movie. >> and also "gone with the wind"
2:33 pm
for good measure. >> an awesome thing happened on "the tonight show" last night the governor schwarzenegger and jimmy fallon in a segment called brainstorm. >> i'll be back. >> what does chris christie say after leaving a buffet table? >> carly fiorina. >> how does arnold schwarzenegger say california? >> pretty funny. greg this is a rehash. isn't this johnnie carson and ed mcmahon? >> the great carnac. up dated version. it still works. arnold is such a part of our life. he was my entire 1980s. like as he ages so do i.
2:34 pm
>> you guys are old. johnnie carson and carnac. >> he was part of my lives and my morning. >> you ran into him, didn't you? >> right here. >> oh, here today. >> a big fan of "the five" i hear. >> he loves "the five" will he still love us if we put this on? >> sure he loves you. >> he's cute. loves "the five" he's a smart guy, right? >> i just think it's a joke. how he says california? >> like carly fiorina. >> oh, carlyforna? >> that's why i have an early bedtime. >> julie, do you care to weigh in on this? >> i thought it was funny. >> can i relay a story? the schwarzenegger thing, the fallon thing. i've seen it a couple of times. it's funny but i'm not sure we're going to have a lot to talk about. no this is going to be great. >> do you think it's great? did you get the joke right away? >> adrian did. she thought it was hilarious by the way. >> she's got a good sense of
2:35 pm
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recognize that swing?
2:39 pm
♪ i think that song is exist. what if they don't want to have fun? >> why do you assume girls just want to have fun? that's disgusting. >> because we do. we've all been there. sent an e-mail we wish we could take back or accidentally hit reply like this guy in a popular super bowl commercial. >> oh, no. rod, you sent this e-mail reply all. you hit reply all. >> no! [ screaming ]
2:40 pm
>> you know i was wrong. you just sent this e-mail to me. >> could you imagine? >> i love it. there's great news for anyone who has a g mail account. this is going to help them, i think. users can now avoid a sweat-inducing scenario like that one. because google is giving them an unsend option, a button that allows you to cancel a sent message within up to 30 seconds. this is what that means. it stays in your outbox. you have 30 seconds. not 31. not 32. 30 seconds to get it back and undo making the biggest mistake of your life! i really am annoyed by reply all to be honest with you. i very carefully always hit like reply. i don't like to reply all even if i want to save time by sending aechld mail to like fiven
2:41 pm
e-mail to five of my girlfriends. >> if they ask you reply all. >> i have trained my girlfriends. reply to me. >> here's the number like i was saying. >> we have to work it out. i'm not sure we can. but they're trying to get more customers at g mail is what i think. greg you probably send a lot of hugely inappropriate things. you were saying this during the break. >> e-mail is one of the few areas left in life where you can experience experience mortification. there needs to be a day not 30 seconds. the things that tick you off a day later you don't remember but you end up creating more problems. because at that time you were upset and you did something. but what happened to me -- i know this has happened to everybody -- when somebody sends you an e-mail about you that they meant for somebody else and it's negative. and they're saying like god, i hope he brushes his teeth today or something like that. and they send it to you. i've had that happen to me.
2:42 pm
>> i got that same one from k.g. >> both your names do look alike. >> got to be very careful. >> someone from another show did that to me. >> i read that. that was bad. >> i had the situation where i think i've told you about this before. aol in the early days had a finish function. which can be good for you on words. but it also added on recipients. so if you were sending to kevin goldman and it goes to kevin mcnair by accident it finishes the last name for you. that happened -- it was a big snafu. >> you reply all, though a lot. >> i reply all. >> on "the five". >> here's good hints. twitter if you go on tweet deck they give you an option. are you sure you want to send this tweet? you can set it up so you literally check the box, read the tweet first. maybe i shouldn't. i'm telling you, it saves you a lot. >> you should probably use that
2:43 pm
mark. inside joke. >> so people are getting in a lot of trouble in social media. >> this happened to me yesterday, actually. i was working for three hours and sent this e-mail that was so passive aggressive and terrible but it got the outcome i needed. so sometimes just go for it. >> dana i know you have rules and lists for things. like how long is appropriate to wait? how long should you wait and reread an e-mail or text before you -- >> i think you better do it right away. we had a scenario a few years ago. my husband and i were going to texas to work on some p.r. stuff for the bush book that was coming out. and a friend of mine heard we were coming. she lives in dallas. she said oh, if you're coming we'd love to have you and peter come to our house on saturday because we're having a birthday party for our child. he was two. all the friends are coming in the neighborhood.
2:44 pm
we'd love to have you come over for the party. so i'm at the office. and i see a reply all from peter who says "this sounds so dreadful. can we use your baby shower excuse and not go to this thing"? i went -- peter, did you mean to reply all? he said no i didn't. yes, you did. thankfully he has a british accent so he called and smoothed everything over. that was definitely mortification. >> british humor so odd and weird. we'll be there with bells. can't miss it. >> there should be a breathalyzer on your phone or social network in case you're wasted. but has anybody ever done -- how about a classic -- this is old school. >> bullying gutfeld -- >> before social networks have you ever mailed a letter and regretted and then tried to stop that? >> no.
2:45 pm
>> i tried to stop a letter they mailed. >> greg has anybody cut out letters and pasted them? >> that's how i write the president. >> did you try to vandalize a post office box? >> no. i waited by somebody's house. >> is it illegal to intercept -- >> it's from you. i don't know. i didn't ask the police when i was in custody. >> we're going have to ask the brain room. >> have you ever prosecuted somebody for that, k.g.? >> i'm about to. greg stay later after the show. still to come the president wasn't happy when someone in the crowd interrupted him yesterday at the white house. see him put a heckler in their place next. staying in rhythm... it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want
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without the calories you don't... introducing boost 100 calories. each delicious snack size drink gives you... 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. so it's big in nutrition and small in calories. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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2:49 pm
very rare to see president obama lose his cool but yesterday at the white house he was not happy by being interrupted at a celebration of lgbt pride month. here's what happened. >> no no no. no no no. no no no no. hey. listen. you're in my house.
2:50 pm
it's not respectful when you get invited to somebody -- you're not going to get a good response from me by interrupting me like this. i'm sorry. i'm sorry. no. shame on you. you shouldn't be doing this. >> so greg i get where he's coming from. nobody likes to be heckled. but is it really his house? >> well that's a good point. it's our house, barack hussein obama if that's your real name. i don't think he handled it that well. you baited me. >> i did not. >> the more attention you give to a heckler the more they win. the fact that the media has actually responded to this activist they've given him a platform and it shows that heckling actually works. beats writing a letter sending an e-mail. >> you guys must have had this at the white house. >> it's rare to have it happen. >> shoes thrown at her. >> the shoe wasn't thrown at me. i did get hit in the face with a
2:51 pm
microphone stand. but it's rare for it to happen inside the white house. you are actually as invited guests that. usually means you're supporters friends and family or interested parties. i think he handled it fine. of course maybe he could have said this is the people's house. but look i think he was having a good human moment. i thought he handled it fine. >> i mean i don't know eric. do you think he should have had somebody quietly come over? >> so he kept going. and the president kept responding. how long does it take for security to get these people out of there? >> i'll tell you what i would have done. enough bye, beat it. zap him. taser. >> if you were in an auditorium at a big rally and you have a disrupter security acts quickly. if you're in the east room -- >> is it scary it took security that long to get to a heckler? >> i think the secret service is thinking what does the president want us to do here? these are invited guests here in a private, intimate setting with
2:52 pm
the president of the united states. >> they might have felt that the president didn't want them to make a scene. >> wouldn't it have been better for him to just say look you can stay don't heckle me as opposed to throwing the guy out. that's probably the way i would have handled it. >> i think there must be punishment must be swift. people need to know not to interrupt. it's extremely rude tase them water board. get them out of the room. >> it ruin ined the event for me. one more thing is up next. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit hey america, still not sure whether to stay or go to your people? ♪ well this summer, stay with choice hotels twice and get a $50 gift card you can use for just about anything. go
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you always have a choice. book now at
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time now for one more thing as kimberly is kicking us off. >> we do this amazing segment, cooking with friends. dana's done it. hers is really good. i don't really cook but i likeis a law like salami sapped witchndwiches. >> rowan and i love salami. >> come on ronan, get to work. do you want the lettuce here? >> ronan, how often does your mom cook at home? >> she cooks breakfast. >> what kind of breakfast? >> like usually like -- >> cereal? >> cereal or hard boiled eggs. i know how to make those.
2:57 pm
>> come on kid. >> you're making me look bad. yeah my mom dresses like this in the kitchen. there you go. it was very cute. we had a lot of fun. it was delicious and i came home with four big salamis. >> spimoni gardens. >> eric. i call him boss. you know him as roger ailes. he's signed a multiyear deal with 2 19 century fox. he'll continue to lead the fox news channel, fox business network and fox television stations. roger will jointly report to rupert murdoch and sons lackland and james. from all of us here at "the five" congratulations, boss. >> yea! >> very exciting. >> i lost the order so i'm going to go with greg. >> there you go. greg's eternal questions about life part seven! all right. my question today is why are
2:58 pm
public wedding proposals seen as a positive thing? do you invite 300 people over to an open house when you make an offer on a house? the most important decision of your life you put pressure on this person and then you demand a yes or no answer for the most important decision in that person's life? right there? it is insidious. i want it to stop! >> do you have video or something? >> no i don't. >> no elements to that? >> they wouldn't let me show the stalker video. you know the stalker video? the one where the guy comes up behind the other guy and sticks his finger -- they wouldn't let me run that one. >> i can't imagine why. >> you know what i'm talking about. the doctor video. >> google it america. >> that's the worst segment. that segment should be canceled. >> you're julie you're next. >> everybody is going to make fun of me but i don't care because i'm that secure in myself. i love you, george michael. happy birthday.
2:59 pm
he's turning 52 today. if led zeppelin can't get back together please wham get back together. >> i love wham. mock me. >> freedom by wham or freedom george michael. >> extreme butt shots. >> you're going to get a one more thing bonus. mine is very short, naturally. going to talk about something that happened to greg this morning. i'm talking about my book. the good news is i'm taking the show on the road again. i'll be in vegas. big party. when i go to vegas what do i do? i have a book signing at barnes and noble at 1:00 p.m. at the rainbow boulevard. and then preston my cousin is getting married. i'm not going to tell you where because he might get paparazzi or something. >> greg do you want to tell us what happened this morning? >> no. >> you've been talking about it. it's really interesting. >> i fell off an aero bed. >> he's like i'm hurt.
3:00 pm
i'm like hello, aero beds are like this to the ground. >> to me they're like a skyscraper. i fell and it took awhile for me to hit the ground. >> that was your one more thing bonus round. set your dvrs so you never miss "the five." special report is out. the supreme court saves obama care again ruling subsidies for 6.5 people are legal. this is "special report." >> good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. president obama says the affordable care act is here to stay. again today, the nation's highest court validated obama care. this time on the subject of federal subsidies. but that does not mean the end to republican vows to repeal and replace it. fox team coverage tonight. mike emanuel looks at reaction to the decision on the campaign trail and on capitol hill. but we begin at the u.s. supreme court. the


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