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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  June 28, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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again. i hope investigators hear plenty because those are the answers now we are all very much looking forward to. we will continue our coverage right now here on fox. >> the manhunt is over, david sweat, 35 years old serving life prison a sentence for life for killing a police officers, a sheriff deputy back in 2002 has been caught. we are told he was shot. he is wounded. reports say he now is in surgery on the right captured, in custody, as he walked down the street in constable, new york, early this afternoon. reports say he had hunting camouflage on and was walking on the street. the new york state police say sergeant jay cook a firearms instructor part of the team on the search, saw him walking down the street, thought he was suspicious and stopped him and he then started to run.
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that is when police say sweat was shot at least twice in the back and he now is undergoing surgery at a hospital in ma lend ending the three week long desperate search if the two killers and rich mat was shot and killed by a boarder patrol agent on friday and they say he had a shotgun we do not know if this was gun play or if sweat was armed. we are expecting more details in the next 45 minutes from new york governor question me who will brief the media and rick is there, at the ski hodge in malone not far from the hospital. rick has been on the story from the beginning and has the latest. a tremendous day for law enforcement and clearly a day of relief thousands of manhour
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spent on the manhunt since they escaped back on june 6 after midnight and they have been on the run for 23 days and rich matt for 21 when captured and shot and killed in an area near this location a few miles from our spot. david sweat made his way north to malone to constable. that is where the trooper sergeant cook spotted him on the roadway and attempted to capture him. he shot him. he new is in the hospital being treated and will be moved to am bone medical center for further treatment because the hospital where he is now is not accustomed to treating gunshot
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wounds a dramatic day of developments for the new york state police and the other 1,300 members of law enforcement here struggling through the rugged conditions to capture the men. david sweat at 3:20, shot in the town of constable a few miles from the canadian forder -- boarder with a news conference from the governor in 40 minutes. >> he will be transferred when he is out of surgery and he did escape from a maximum security prison three weeks ago so you would think what type of security are they going to have? where would they transfer him when he is cleared by doctors? >> prison he was hold was maximum security and they cut
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through walls using tools smuggled to him by civilian prison employee and possibly schools left inside a cat walk area by contractors to cut through the steel pipes and get to an area cut out of the steel pipe and through the manhole breaking through a lock and a train. that will not happen again if you believe the correctional officials. there are a last changes made at clinton correctional that will be made. there are measurer prisons including a have mark in ma lend area where it is likely david sweat will spend the rest of his life behind bars and will probably lose many of the privileges he enjoyed at clinton correctional where he was spending time in a tailol shop. >> he could be transferred to a hospital in albany, new york. you mentioned how this hospital is not experienced when it comes
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to gun shot wounds and he has two gun shot wounds in the back. risk do you see anyone entering? some officials are filtering in but they will not talk to us until the governor talks at 6:45. he will be treated for his wounds and they try and talk. >> i was told they are not life threatening injuries, i have seen photos online. he appears to be standing with a last blood on him but he appeared to be in decent condition and i was told he is stable and the injuries are not life threatening but he is expected to survive. the real story is how these 1,300 members of law enforcement tracked the men with the 2,400 tips and the evidence they are gathering on their own and
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finding remnants of the two membership left behind and doing field tests and check the dan and finding they were linked to the two escaped killers and tracking them across this section of franklin county and to the north where they found david sweat headed to the can made an border. it is a remarkable story of law enforcement using all the assets it has to rhythm to justice and considering this is a rugged area a densely forested and difficult terrain to search but they had atvs and helicopters and a last k-9 teams and a hot of places to hide. with 1,300 cops you can further search every building every day. they stayed a step ahead of them for three weeks but not more than 23 days. there were trail cameras and we have an image of these two guys
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when they were alive and on the run. eric talked about the hunters out there encouraged to use the cameras to try to potentially spot the guys in the night and a trailer camera caught an image of the two walking in the woods. it is broad daylight. they put the animals on the rails and leave them and you cannot necessarily see them. they presumably in the woods a now be concerned about being spotted in daylight because if they are in citizens woods they can see what is around them but it appears to be a brazen image of one caring a shot gun and it is daylight. it shows how important this can
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be as far as providing information to law enforcement. we saw this in the poconos where the authorities asked homeowners to check the cameras andry images to law enforcement if they saw anything suspicious because it would give law enforcement an idea of where they were and when they were there. >> i went to talk about the state police sergeant of the new york state police, the hero, the person in the middle of all of this who will get at the love praise at the news conference in 30 minutes. he is the one who spotted a suspicious man walking down the street and we are showing you a picture of sergeant jay cook would happens to be well trained in shooting and he spotted a suspicious man walking down the road in constable and sergeant cook shot and injured david
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sweat. set was taken into police custody alive but not before he was shot twice in the back. we have been talking how these shots were shot so specifically in an area to keep this guy alive to get him into custody because he was more valuable to them alive than dead. >> that is anding. i look forward to hearing more about that. i wish i had more background on sergeant cook. the new york state police, the lead agency on the investigation i am sure are very proud of their own for ending it the way he did. they have been here every day and night. i spoke to a lot of troopers working hard and long hours of the one guy ended 30-hour shift with a four hour break and he was back at it. they needed the manpower and the
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bodies. they are working under rigorous and difficult conditions. a trooper this morning said he was in the woods for nine days and nine nights and today is the first time he was out to get a hot meal during daylight because he was working in the woods all night so this is a great day for them and for all of law enforcement. do not forget border and tactical unit who have been helicoptering into the locations when they got a tip they would rally the forces and send them in there and some of the first to arrive were customsing as would would fly in on helicopter, jump out and head off into the woods presumably with a chance they could be shot at because at least rich matt was armed and they were concerned we david sweat could be viewed. >> to update viewers david sweat
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is in custody but he is in the hands of doctors right now who are performing surgery after he would shot twice in the back and seen in pictures with camouflage and blood coughing but at this point it does not seem life threatening as rick has been reporting and a retired united states marshal joins us again on the phone and if you can stand by for a minute we are awaiting a news conference of the capture of david sweat and he could be transferred to another hospital as far away as albany, new york, because in the small town of ma help, new york, where he is in the hospital they do not have a lot of gunshot victims to the emergency room and he in better happens. the asked is to keep the guy alive. he is in custody. the people in the neighbors six miles from where matt was caught and where sweat was captured and
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shot that is two- or three-miles away from canada and the boarding as were ready and there when richard matt was shot and killed on friday. but the objective is to keep the man on right alive because he has a wealth of information. he had nothing to lose, a cop kill are shot twice day on the run in the back is he was most likely not armed. what if any information can he provide to make sure this never happens again? >> absolutely, every bit of information is more than what you have already. going back to the going wherever the not was hatched and this was indication it was as long as five months ago or longer, we know as disclosed through the involvement effigies miller and
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-- vomit of joyce mitchell and palmer there were others involved and in the first cabinet whether it was owned or leased by correctional officers. what involvement if any did they have? how wide of a plan or conspiracy was it? was it limited to those three? all indications are more were involve. that is the value of him what he can shed, how many trips did they make? they retrace that escape from the jail cell through that manhole and the area. did they have an alternate plan, a plan "b" and it fell apart? could have have been another get away? >> or was there someone on the outside helping? was this someone that helped them trace their steps through that pipe to know the precise area to bust and cut through the pipe in order to best out of the
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manhole and in the middle of the night walk away undeticketted? >> absolutely. absolutely. so many issues, how do you know where to come out of the pipe? was the hole already cut for you? i am sure they would have had experts on saw blades, if the pipe was cut from the outside in or inside out. something like that would suggest this was someone else involved. >> this a maximum security prison where they managed to break out and he is not going to go back there but he will be in another maximum security prison. maximum security does not mean that much considering these two guys got out. the maximum security prison was sun years old should not make a difference. what needs to make a difference? where do they stick this guy when he is healed up from the
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two gun shot wounds? where do they put him? >> this will be a template for corrections nation or worldwide on security. when the appropriate agency that condition out with a report, they are going to find all kinds of flaws and lessons learned and what could be done better. is this going on in other prisons? other wardens i am sure are asking these questions. >> the corruption in the prison walls are deep and there were two people that were charged at this point as accomplices and helping these two guys out. where does it stop? how high does it go? do law enforcement officials people in the correctional fail know where they were headed? how did they know they were headed to canada. how did they necessity there was
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a cabin in the middle of the woodses that what honed by correctional facility officers? this is joyce mitchell claiming she was going to help pick them up at the map hole and she decided not to show up. how credible is she? she slept with them, she had sex with both of these guys and that is the tip of the iceburg. it is the tip of the iceburg. as far as the canadian aspect i assure you the marshall service have an ongoing relationship with canadian authorities. i am aware from day one they were on board and awaiting the moment they come to the canadian site. as far as the manhunt it would be seamless. whatever happened on the united
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states side would occur on the canadian side. as far as the manhunt itself, that would have been seemless, a seamless transition. being three miles from the border was not a big concern with respect to the manhunt. >> we appreciate you coming on and we ask you to please stand by as our coverage continues. at 6:45 we are expected to hear from new york governor cuomo who wanted about sweatening extreme dangerous and he is now in custody in surgery after suffering two gunshots delivered by a hero sergeant with the new york state police department. we will have much more continuing coverage after this break.
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>> coverage of the capture of david sweat continues. what a day it is for law enforcement. after the desperate three week search for this convicted cop killer. he has been captured, three hours ago if upstate town of constable two miles south of the canadian border. new york state authorities believe that sweat and his companion richard matt were trying to go north to canada. matt was shot and killed open friday when he was holding a shotgun and was drunk. not the case with sweat. he was walking down the street say the police, in constable and this afternoon when a morning state police sergeant, jay cook, a firearms instructor, saw him stopped him and challenged him and there was a confrontation and people say sweat started to run. that is when sergeant cook opened fire, striking sweat
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twice in the back, our experts saying that is perfectly legal to try and stop a fleeing felon a convicted murderer as sweat is who killed a police officer in new york back in two two. that was -- in 2002 a horrible crime. he was burglarizing a fireworks store and he was moving stuff to a baseball food and a sheriff deputy came by at 3:15 in the morning and sweat amedly opened fire and he was convicted of killing the broom by county sheriff deputy and then running him over with a car. law enforcement early at this hour is jubilant. relief. complete welcoming this news as well as the people of upstate new york that after three weeks david sweat has been captureed.
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john, can you tell us in your mine as we wait for the news conference in 20 minutes by governor cuomo what do you think happen? how did it go down? sergeant cook is the hero, on patrol on the look out based on evidence in constable new york and saw a guy walking down the street in camouflage and decided to stop him? >> i echo everything you said. sergeant cook is our hero and the men and women of law enforcement that participate in this manhunt a textbook manhunt, the immediate area down there and the 22-mile grid they set out. there was another net the direction they movied he was going. you look become at the other steps that were taken investigative steps there was a
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game changer. there is speculation they were in the mountains, no one knew near sure. there could have been a plan "b" but when you had the subject's d.n.a. that was a game changer and now >> focus came here after the cabin, and you had only d.n.a. from one subject but now from what i understand last night or early this morning it was confirmed more d.n.a. came back from items found on the trail indicating sweat's d.n.a. was this as well. further confirmation of what we suspected, the two were running together. now, at the time matt was shot where was sweat? that is the million dollar question. you have to deal with this, okay? he is there you have to treat it that way but you cannot rule out the far county that sweat could
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have penetrated and got were away which is what law enforcement did so they cast out the net further with a tightening loose. sweat was sweating. sweat is up there. if he had camouflage gear they public up, that is fine but what a great observation by sergeant cook. a great day for law enforcement. if he got to the canadian border that would have been seamless transition with the canadians tuned if on the fugitive cases and we hahave a great relationship with the united states and it would have been win-win. >> there is that indication that one you get cross the board are you are home tree but that is not the case. we hope to hear from sergeant cook and we do not know if sergeant cook will an at the news conference with governor cuomo but we will learn more details of this. from your experience in hunting down fugitives based on the
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fact that there wasn't any gun fire exchanged between the two do you believe that sweat was armed or he tried to run away? he is a guy who has already been shot -- who shot and killed a police officers and said to a friend if cops of came to him he would blow them away. but he ran. >> exactly. you have a could you -- coward. you have to consider there are helping cabins and you have to presume the other individual, sweat, would be armed. it is great police work, but the ending is still not sealed because we need to find out the other staff involvement. >> he is hardened criminal. why would he talk?
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they can throw him a candy bar and he will open up. but is this any interest for him not to cooperate and give up others and confirm the chaps to that is the case against joyce mitchell and palmer who were accused of being part of -- at least palmer's torn saying they exchanged art work for smuggling in frozen hamburger meat with the tools. >> investigators will barter. he has been in prison for many years and knows he is looking at lockdown. what little benefit if you want to call it that, a benefit that you girlfriend him to induce him into talking. he knows what is in it for him. the investigators will know how
3:28 pm
to barter and deal with that. it is in his best interest to provide any information at this point. >> thank you if you stay with us and update the viewers, we are told that not only has david sweat been captured but he is in surgery and we have been reporting he will be taken to the albany medical center 200-mile trip so he could be taken by helicopter out of malone new york to the albany medical center a completely sophisticated high-end medical center that can deal with blunt force trauma and gunshot wounds of the like that we are told suffered having been shot twice in the back according to reports and pleading from -- pleading from law enforcement. course law enforcement hope he can stay alive so they can gather more information. in 15 minutes we have governor
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>> coverage of the cap fewer of david sweat 35-year-old inmate who escaped from the correctional facility three weeks ago. he was captured three hours ago while walking down the street in constable, new york, a small town just to miles south of the canadian border. reports say he was wearing hunter camouflage and a jacket and spotted by a team of new york state police officers who were out part of the dragnet looking for him. high was stop asked confront
3:33 pm
asked challenged by sergeant jay cook of the new york state police. sergeant cook is a firearms expert. police say sweat ran. he was shot twice in the back by sergeant cook and is in stable condition. he will be transferred to albany medical center a two or three hour drive. his condition is stable. those are the details. we are awaiting a news conference by new york governor cuomo in moments from now with rick standing by at the lodge ski resort which is in mahony, new york. there has to be a great sense of relief and satisfaction and justice is done and he is in custody and no law enforcement officers were killed and no members of the public killed or injured. >> absolutely. a lot smiles and hand shakes among members of law enforcement arriving in advance of the news
3:34 pm
conference in 15 minutes. we have seen vermont state police and forestry officials and major of the morning state police handling many of the news conferences and he spoke to my producer and said this was a big team effort. you mentioned david sweat being treated and transferred to albany medical. they hoped to send him by helicopter but there are heavy rains and cloud cover and not suitable for medivac but they are planning to move him by ambulance to albany medical and the hope was to chopper him but the weather is pad if this part of the world. it has been bad for many of the 23 days and that may have caused problems for the escapeees to move. they were at a cab pin -- cabin
3:35 pm
20 miles due west from the prison and a man went to check his cab pin and the map saw men run. this was more dan evidence found in another cabin helpinged to rich matt shot and killed by law enforcement on friday afternoon. they were traffic accidenting sweat, as well, and they told us that perhaps they could be trying to head to canada and the town of constable is six miles north of malone and roughly 13 miles north from where rich matt was killed so sweat did make his way north. we are told that eric sweat is leaving the hospital now and transferred to most likely another hospital for further treatment for his wounds and law enforcement was in constable searching for this man not just today but i was told but law enforcement force they were hammering that area yesterday evening because of information they developed so they were near
3:36 pm
the border alonging for david sweat and spotted him walking along the road and shot him when sweat tried to flee. we hope to find out more about sergeant jay cook and see if he attend the news conference. governor cuomo will in 10 minutes have a news conference. we are told sweat is being transferred to the hospital that is closer than albany. any sense from your sources on his condition? he is expected to live. the question is, will he talk and give up other people? >> i was told the injuries are life threatening and he was table but you were reporting he was shot in the back. beyond that i don't know what kind of information he could give authorities they don't have. they know how they broke out.
3:37 pm
they know who gave the cools and how they cut through the steel walls their cells and where they cut into the steel pipe after accessing the cat walk behind the cells and where they cut out of the pipe and where they cut the chain and the lock to get outside into da ann ora and beyond but they did have a possible get away driver who new is behind bars facing charges for being accessory and beyond that it does not appear they had another land because they were in the woods and were laying low and trying to avoid capture for all this time. the clothing they were wearing and the shotgun richard matt had was stolen great a hunting cabin. many of the cab pins have clothe s and weapons and food. they made the best use of the material and use it to change
3:38 pm
clothes and make their way out. the occupy on richard matt the autopsy showed he was in good condition, bites and bruises but he was to pretty good shape according to the medical examiner who examined him best autopsy and he said the medical examiner he may have been clean shaven and have showered so these guys were finding shelter and they were finding a level of comfort but matt was killed on friday and sweat was captured. >> matt may have been drunk with a bottle of gin was moved. governor question me will step up to the podium and give us more information. join us on the telephone is a former a.t.f. special agent in
3:39 pm
charged with the eric rudolph the bomber in georgia. thank you for joining us. what strikes me he was a hardened killer a cop killer would said if a police officer ever confronted him he would "blow them away." he was convicted of killing one police officer a sheriff deputies in broome county in 2002 shooting him when he confronted him after a robbery and driving offer his body with his honey da. what do you think happened? how did it go down? was he armed? kudos to law enforcement authorities and sergeant jay cook forgetting this guy and bringing him in. >> it is an outstanding operation no civilians were hurt and no law enforcement officers were hurt. this type of operation obviously is resource intensive. all these different police agencies have primary missions and day-to-day protecting their communities and everything they
3:40 pm
normally need to do. now you are doing or fulfilling that responsibility in addition to the contrails of resources to identify the to men. the subject have demonstrated history of violence and being sociopathic. these officers had to operate with the understanding the confrontation with them most likely was going to be fatal. >> why do you think there was no violent situation with members of the public but for the one catcher carjacking, this was not another hostage and they did not try to steal another car. >> what you can identify is how they manipulated the remainly he at the facility and how they went about this. they were very intelligent and you could say wicked and intelligent so that means
3:41 pm
diabolical and by break manage and getting their resources and making their movements covert with an escape to canada which would provide them nothing because the canadians are fantastic in their own mission with an outstanding relationship with the united states they would fine no sanctuary but they were intelligent enough i believe to realize having a confront station or taking someone captive would identify them right away and this was a smart are way for them to go about it and not engage them with anyone. >> we have to go to a break as we await the news conference from bernard cuomo. we will be right back awaiting the news conference from governor cuomo with our continuing coverage of the capture of david sweat conditioning.
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>> brand new pictures after the second of two inmates were captured today in a dramatic fashion. right now to the left of the scream you saw we are waiting for the governor of new york to step up to the lectern with a response to the capture. we take you to the pictures fresh to fox news, the ambulance that is leaving the medical center in constable knock and now headed to the canton hospital. we knew that dave southwest would be transferred. he has been shot twice this the back by the state trooper who got the heads up and the take down on the escape korea. now he is headed for further medical attention. you can imagine if a small town that side about 1,600 people this type of wound he would have
3:45 pm
suffered in the take down is not something they felt like they could treat him further for so they are moving him to the canton hospital in albany, morning and we wanted to show you the fresh pictures. as we go back now -- when we get a two meant warning we will go there but we have our eye on the look town. i went to bring back would greg was speaking with moments ago former a.t.f. special agent to come in. bernard, you are with us? you are this? >> yes ma'am. something i want to ask you about is the transportation situation, they wanted to air advantage him and the weather has been is poor they have not been able to do that. talk about transporting a energy like this, but it is a special
3:46 pm
situation. >> the disadvantage is the weather. the state police are expert as clearing highways and state routes. it will not be difficult for them under the current circumstance. also to the benefit of it being sunday depending on how much traffic you have but a security element to this and obviously they will be pursued by media and those anding but why think there will be difficulty with this situation. >> i want to ask you about how the state troopers have held together in all of this because you mentioned the weather has been a factor for a few weeks. some pretty treacherous terrain the foliage so thick in upstate new york. this town of constable is less so but you can see from the perks here thick foliage and
3:47 pm
wooded area. david sweat when he was picked up and his former prison partner shot dead on friday, covered in bug bites cuts and bruises of someone would be would in the woods but this is tough if the state troopers and their schedules have been 24 hours a day. >> law enforcement is a difficult mission under normal sicks if there is such a thing but you take it to the rural element where they taking their police into the heavy woods with everything that goes with that and, also, operating with the expectation that there will be a fatal or violent confrontation. it is an intensive process and i am sure all those officers are involved and the towns people and all the communities in northern new york and the pennsylvania area will be very relieved that this has come to an end. >> i know we have been reporting
3:48 pm
on fox news that the goal was to be able to take him alive and we had a firm governor on fox news and i asked in this instance, how do you envision this and he envisioned it as the way it happened saying state troopers will go in there and potentially wound this guy. talk to me of the conversation and the plan to get someone. he is hooking down the street. he sees someone would looked like the suspect, the convict i should say and he takes him but does not kill him. >> the use of force is all or nothing. there is no intent to shoot someone to wound them it is to stop them from doing what they are doing. sometimes people die from being shot. sometimes they survive with the medical attention he gets, he has a into chance of surviving. the other point is, if he does survive and they have the opportunity to interview him it will probably be his ego that
3:49 pm
will drive him to provide the missing parts to the conspiracy to the escape come binned he will do what he can to improve his living situation will be there the reminder of his life. >> some of the complicating factor was how much leeway these guys had in prison. they were on the on roll of prisoners but they were vicious killer both of them. i imagine the prison. -- the prison system will look at that. that is not the special treatment you get when you are running around and the public was at risk. how compressed are you that law enforcement was able to keep these guys contained enough not to do more harm or do you think they played a role and we just got lucky? >> not luck. absolutely 100 percent the professionalism of the officers, their leadership of having great cooperation, communication because there is no single police agency that has the
3:50 pm
resources or ability to conduct this thing safely. it takes everyone coming together with a unified command presence and working these things and at the same time there is a type of war gaming that is happening what are the possibilities? -- so they are marshaling their resources so what has the best chance. obviously the intelligence they were gathering as this unfolded was leading them to put their resources where they needed to be. and i think the country needs to be recognized the professionalism of all those agencies involved. >> i didn't mean to step in too early there. i want to tell our audience a little bit about your experience with this because you've done this sort of hunt before. fill me in on that and maybe kind of take us back to some of the things that you learned that you kind of saw in play as we come to today. >> well as a federal agency the one thing that i learned in my 25 years is that our reliance on the united states marshal
3:51 pm
service was bar none because they are fantastic at doing this very thing. they are outstanding at transporting but also locating fugitives. these are people who may have been indicted and there is an outstanding warrant for them but when you take somebody who has already been showed and has been convicted for a predilection of a violent crime and they escape corrections, it is a completely different paradigm. that level of cooperation and the amount of resources involved really takes everybody to drop everything bar your basic public safety to get this thing resolved. because you're allowing people to be active and roam in the community that will use whatever it takes for them to seek their chief desire which in this case was freedom. which in this case they never had the chance of having. it was just the damage they would do before they were taken
3:52 pm
back. >> i hear that confidence in your voice and state police and other authorities in this manhunt. where did that confidence come from? i didn't hear it was going to be today or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow but they had no doubt about it. >> number one, the cooperation is their biggest adversary in somebody trying to escape or be successful at this. the second thing that goes against them is the technology and the exploitation of both the dna information, but also law enforcement has gone through a major evolution towards intelligence-led police. and that means using the an analytics and the information to speak to the possibility. there is actually a type of predictive analysis based on their behavior patterns and the things they've done even up until when they were breaking into cabins to get their resources. all of that is being exploited for this type of outcome. >> well and i know just so our audience understands, that you were part of the manhunt that went after eric rudolph, the
3:53 pm
olympic park bomber. take us back, if you can, just a little bit to that because i think people can learn and understand from the experience as you said has already proven thirst for danger. >> people remember back this was a while ago, 1996 the olympics were in atlanta georgia. there was a tremendous amount of extra security. this was pre-9/11 but still the expectation that it's a major public international event with the possibility or probability of an attempted violent act. in this case it was somebody who had a radicalized idealogy eric rudolph, who actually conducted a bombing operation through the means of a pipe bomb and a backpack. one of the things that happens with that situation, and you think about the infancy of the internet even back then is that the lead generation is massive. so it's one of these things of
3:54 pm
processing. what are you going to follow up on and what takes a second seat to it? so that requires the cooperation, the analysis but the information of eric rudolph was all over the place. they had sightings of eric rudolph all over the place because he was a young man, a good-looking kind of everyday man, in a way, so you had reports of sightings all over the place. this was somebody who didn't start -- he was an unknown and indicted and he used his outdoor skills that he had developed from his family to evade capture for a tremendous amount of time. the resources that were poured into that were massive and expensive with federal, state, local and tribal agencies searching for him in the mountains. eventually he was captured by a very aware sheriff's deputy all by himself on the middle of a routine patrol and finds him
3:55 pm
running into a dumpster. >> i see the similarity with the state trooper just walking down the street and he saw this guy who looked like david sweat. as you said with that former capture, one of the ones you worked on bernard, it can come down to that moment where it's just eye to eye and that person has to make a split decision. you know was it a surprise to you that this guy would have been walking around town though? he has to know people were looking for him. his partner has been shot and killed. >> one of the things that i think was advantageous to law enforcement was the fatigue and probably a sense of success in blending in. and so he thinks that he's going to be able to transition across a laneway or something without taking notice he's just going to pop out of the woods for a few moments and he made a mistake. he made a mistake combined with the excellent efforts of those agencies and those troopers. >> wow.
3:56 pm
you know i was reading recently and i think it was on like day 16 because this had gone on a while, bernard, about how when you're institutionalized for so long in a prison setting, when you get out, the simplest things in life are difficult to negotiate. and that that would make you somewhat of a slower type of movement to get to wherever you're going because you've got to kind of remember where things were and these guys were incarcerated for a while, and deal with on you things are. are you familiar with that that sort of mental lapse that prisoners have when they first get out? >> i am very familiar with that. however, i think in this case both these men showed their intelligence their scheming in the time they took in having this goal and objective. and obviously it builds depending on the results of their manipulation of the people around them who gave them support. i think they had a very concentrated effort. they were intelligent. i think they thought out what it
3:57 pm
was going to be outside the facility once they got out. i don't think this adaption to societal change was any type of interference in this particular case. it certainly is for people that spend 10-plus years in an institution and then try to operate as a citizen externally. but in this case they were still on their mission. >> and what you're talking with with that manipulation there are prison employees who are now accused of not just helping these guys a little bit, but that one in particular mitchell. oh my goodness. and some of the things that have been reported about the relationships and intimate relationships reportedly that were happening with both of these men and that female employee. that's the type of manipulation you're talking about. >> one thing that violent crime demonstrates to us all the time is people don't look like monsters. you could have a sociopathic serial killer that doesn't look like a monster. if you engage personally with
3:58 pm
somebody and start to develop a rapport with them you are completely naive to the fact of their propensity for violence and their warmth is in fact a manipulation. >> bernard zapper i want to thank you. we're going to keep you standing by for a bit. we're waiting for the governor of new york to step up to the lecturn there. it's about 30 minutes beyond when we were expecting him to speak. thank you, bernard. i want to bring in retired lieutenant detective for the nutley new jersey police department. good to see you tonight. steve rogers is with us. you are very familiar i would imagine, being just across the state line and i live in new jersey by the way, and i live by the george washington bridge so i know when two states get together. i would imagine that because these guys could have been anywhere in the beginning, that new jersey played an important role as well. >> you know it's extraordinary
3:59 pm
police work i've got to tell you. there were probably police departments pretty much all over the country, including your joint task forces who obviously engaged in all of this. the point here is the ability to share information, to gather intelligence to collect actionable intelligence and in this case the actionable intelligence was a location and then they moved in and captured david sweat. >> your interpretation of how it came down today. i asked the state association what role luck played and he said this was absolutely great police work. >> we have to remember there were multiple agencies involved over 1,000 police officers. they had the technology the infrared equipment, the k-9 units out there. this is good what they call footwork good groundwork. whatever equipment we had, it still took police officers' boots on the ground to determine
4:00 pm
where this fellow was and then they captured him. >> i'm so glad you're here. we're going to get sec witht with fox news as we wait for the governor to get to the lecturn. i'm waiting to see when that will happen because we should get a moment by moment. let's take a break. and it will be a very quick break. a fox news alert now. the governor of new york set to hold that news conference as law firms confirm escapee david sweat has been captured and they brought him in alive. a jaw-dropping end to a massive manhunt when escapees broke out of prison back on june 6. here's what we know. a massive manhunt was brought to a close in a town of constable, new york. that's just two miles from the canadian