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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  June 28, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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to determine where this fellow was and then they captured him. >> i'm so glad you're here. we're going to get sec witht with fox news as we wait for the governor to get to the lecturn. i'm waiting to see when that will happen because we should get a moment by moment. let's take a break. and it will be a very quick break. a fox news alert now. the governor of new york set to hold that news conference as law firms confirm escapee david sweat has been captured and they brought him in alive. a jaw-dropping end to a massive manhunt when escapees broke out of prison back on june 6. here's what we know. a massive manhunt was brought to a close in a town of constable, new york. that's just two miles from the canadian border.
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the tick-tock of this a state trooper spotted a man who looked like a convict walking down the street. it was, in fact david sweat. at 3:20 p.m. sweat turned and ran and the new york state trooper turned and shot him, twice in the back. at this hour sweat is in a hospital. then they are going to transfer him to the potston hospital before going on to albany. we're waiting to learn exactly where they're going to take him to work on him finally, to work on his wounds. let's bring in steve robbins again. as we wait until you talk to the governor. do you think they will tell us
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much? >> i think the governor will state without compromising the investigation. . every prison correctional officer is going to be interviewed, there's a lot involved here. and and. >> maybe he would do some kind of deal to try to better himself that feel. what's it going to be? "life life"? just as you were walking up to the set minutes ago, the atf officer was speaking that his ego may drive him to do more than anything they could ever promise him. >> that's right, and law enforcement has a very method cal way of.
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it may be his ego. it may be something we're not aware of that may make him a very famous individual. he already is infamous. but the point is he's alive, and we have to find out who knew what when especially in the planning stage of the entire operation. >> we're already finding out more and more about the help these guys had. perhaps the manipulation that ensued and whether or not this was systemic. >> well if it is i'm sure they'll find out. i can tell you this. what also goes through the mind of many law enforcement officers what an argument to reinstate the death penalty. the millions of dollars, the lives that could have been threatened lives that could have been lost. they could have the death penalty, and in the state of new york there is no death penalty. but that's something the state of new york ought to consider. >> if nothing else reconsider
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the honor roll they have in the prison system up there. how can you do what these guys did? david sweat didn't just kill a sheriff's deputy. he ran over the body to make sure he was dead. >> yeah k.. the real honor roll here are the police officers the boots on the ground. and our citizens stepped up. . this is an example they gave to the police and your background and that you're a former military. this to me especially when it got to be two weeks into it looked like a military operation. just how many people were gallon vannized in all this.
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6 6. we haven't been given a two-minute warning, but. this seems to be taking on so much more than it was in the beginning, looking for an operation that was much more military military. >> they know the tactics, they know the strategy. they employed that strategy what they learned in the military to this operation. keep in mind he was dressed in camouflage too, so he knew how to cover and hide. it was the objective of the police to expose this high tactic than they had, and whenever you see them form like. let's take a pause here and let's watch the governor. >> well we are here with good
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news as i'm smur you've heard already. >>. mr. sweat is in custody, he's in stable condition, and let's give a big round of applause to the men and women of law 've done a great job. it has been a long long time. we will go into greater detail. mr. sweat was spotted by a new york state police sergeant sergeant jay cook. he was approached this afternoon. the sergeant recognized mr. sweat, obviously, from his
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description. encountered and engaged mr. sweat. mr. sweat fled. the trooper gave chase. the trooper was unable to catch him on foot. at one point the sergeant decided to discharge his weapon hitting mr. sweat twice in the torso. mr. sweat went down help arrived and mr. sweat is in a hospital in stable condition. this happened a mile and a half. i had a chance to speak with sergeant cook on his great police work. he was alone when this happened. sergeant cook happens to be from troom troom. but he was still alone and it was a very courageous act. i said to sergeant cook who has two daurlts.
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tell your daughters that you're a hero with teenage girls that will probably last a good 24 hours, and then you'll go back to being a regular dad, as i well known. sfwlz this was. this is the first escape. if you were writing a movie plot they would say this is overdone. you have hacksaws delivered by a facilitator in ground-up meat. you had two prisoners who were on the honor block. they hacksawed through the bag of their sell they got into the catpate. a trt frm.
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you know who had to pick the lock repeatedly? they used those tools, then to do the work of breaking the wall, cutting the pipe cutting the chains and making way to the sewer pipe. it was the first escape in over 100 years, but one escape is one escape too many. we will have the ongoing investigation to find out exactly who was involved. we have two people who have been arrested for facilitation or accomplices in this situation, but the investigation is not over. now that we have mr. sweat, it gives us the opportunity to have some more questions and provide more facts on the overall situation. anyone who we find who was culpable and guilty of cooperating in this escape will be fully prosecuted.
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the i want to thank frink lynnanklin and clinton county. we will prosecute them to the full extent of the law. if anyone else is involved we'll find that. we also want. so there are a lot of p. that was a few days ago and we've already started a full investigation that's been system dangerous, dangerous, dangerous men. they were killers. mr. matt killed at least two people. mr. sweat killed a sheriff's deputy in bruin county in a savage savage way. these were dangerous people. we could not tolerate them being on the loose. the terrain was very difficult.
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this prison happens to be elected in an extraordinarily remote area so it was entirely disrespect active come to me. we had local law enforcement, we had federal law enforcement hand in glove. collections sorteen, headed by. the fbi did an outstanding job. i spoke to agent vail. the u.s. martial's clinton
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county. the district attorney's office plattsburgh police vermont state police governor peter chomlin who was extremely cooperative, visited the prison. brought vermont aspects to work hand in glove with eunique, border protection washington county sheriff's office as the thank them all very close. last but not least, i want to think think -- thank them. they were on the lookout. law enforcement did not end here. every citizen did their job, and they did it bravely and
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courageously and they dealt with the incoming police presence and the fear frankly, with having to go three weeks knowing there were murderers loose in your backyard. but murder i is tough. thank dwrau. >> every law enforcement officer,officer was engaged in this. it's nice when it ends well. we said we would have a celebration at the appropriate time but we wish that everyone goes home safe. and the escapees have been dealt with. we could have had a number of. another round of applause for the men and women of law
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enforcement [ cheers and applause ] >> and now i turn you over to superintendent damico who runs the new york state police. >> i'll give you the facts that i know but i just caution that the shooting investigation into the apprehension of david sweat is ongoing, so i will give you whatever i do know though. at about 3:20 today, sergeant jay cook who is assigned to troop b, spent most of its. it's on patrol. he was supervising. as he was drifg down the road he spotted a male who is basic. and as he exited the car, the
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mail kurnd. called out to him again at which time the male turned around kind of like what do you want from me? and he recognized him as being drifd drifd. at some point running across the field, he realized sweat was going to make it to a tree line and possibly could have gotten him then. he was treated on the scene and airlifted to the hospital. he's in stable condition and i would expect that he's going to be moved to one of those trauma center for future treatment. >> as i. this event took place about a
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mile and a half from the co nad canadian border. we were pushing the border. where it was, i can only assume that he was going for the border that he. it's been pam three weeks. we had some investigation of the where we thought maybe there's an area on route 41 in malone and we were able to obtain dna discarded material that came back to david sweat. >> it was pipper strokes and we thought maybe they were using pepper to throw the dogs off the scent. we did have difficulty tracking so it was fairly respect tif in
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that respect. i just wanted to observing oe the the. >> in the field 24 hours a take, in in. i also want to single out our on-scene commander, major charles guest, who has been in the face of police the last three weeks. tremendous leader. [ cheers and applause ] >> he has really done a phenomenal job in the last few weeks leading our ground troops coordinating our bci, our investigate oror sites. we tracked down over 2400 leads. we appreciate the partnership we receive from the communities. it was law enforcement and the
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community working together. i think that was effective here. i appreciate the support everyone has shown us and the support that they've had. hopefully now everybody's life can get back to normal. at this time i guess we would be willing to take questions. >> mr. sweat was tracked well north, it seems, from the area. i was told you guys were hammering that area too. what led you to assess pekt hesuspect he might be that far? >> we were already searching from the canadian border southward. after the burglary we figure we would go further north and try to push down in the event they might be going torefor canada. it was approximately 16 miles north of where matt was shot and killed. >> was sweat armed, and with what? and are the nature of his injuries to the extent that he wouldn't be able to speak and
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talk to authorities? has he said anything either to the officer or the sergeant before getting shot and after since being taken into custody? >> well his injuries he was shot twice in the torso and he's considered in stable condition. he hasn't been interviewed by our investigators. obviously we're looking to interview him. there are a lot of blank spaces between the time they left dan he -- danna more prison. >> do you think someone who saw him was tipped off and that led to the officer finding him? >> not today. today it was routine patrol by the sergeant who spotted him on the side of the road and good heads-up police work on
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sergeant. he was establishing a perimeter post as a sergeant. he approached him. he did a fantastic job. i think he did a courageous and brave act of policing and the governor said we've commended him, and i couldn't be prouder of him. >> how did sweat get so far from that area in constable? how do you get up that way? >> you've been around here the last three weeks like we have. the terrain is so dense, you can't see five feet in front of you. if you stayed in the tree line you wouldn't have been able to see him from the road. it's not impossible. >> were there standing orders to the 1300 or so law enforcement that if sweat was spotted and he did surrender to shoot him as opposed to letting him run away? >> absolutely not. our attention as to law
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enforcement was to. in the situation of matt where he was armed and he presented a threat sometimes force is necessary. it's a dangerous job if. who knows what kind of damage -- you know i'm just tharng ful. three weeks. >> is there any indication that they were together close by each other at least friday when matt was shot? did they split up at some point? >> obviously since they escaped, there was a time when they were together and there was a time when they split apart. when was it? i couldn't say for sure other than the fact that sweat's dna was required in the area of that county route 41 burglary. so, you know, it's due north from there. very possible.
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zlz zlz. >> one more round of applause for our partners who were all here. [ applause ] >> all right. so we learned a lot of detail about how david sweat was taken down today in that small town of constable, new york. we also saw an omission i thought, and some of you have tweeted on twitter that you could hear me kind of clicking on my keyboard. we thank duty nutley from the police department. where was the octoberact of omission? >> we've seen the visuals of all the police officers but in the past few days we haven't seen the warden. >> or even heard about him. >> i don't know who he is to tell you the truth, but there may be a bit of a religious
4:23 pm
reason why he's not here. but the fact of the matter is outside the investigation, there has to be accountability from anyone anyone. this was a military operation. the commander would have been immediately dismissed from his command command. >> i mentioned to our audience you're ex-military. you mention. i'm curious now. that accountability you fwauk, not necessarily in the chain of command as far as the investigation. did they hand this guy a rench to -- i'm being facetious or something with that tool -- it's not necessarily that warden would have taken direct part in that but you say leadership. >> leadership is very important.
4:24 pm
this is why, you know i've always believed over the past several years that there has been somewhat of a lack of discipline and order in law enforcement agencies because when i was in the police department 38 years and going back into the '60s, '70s and '80s. now we don't see young people going into the military. the question is as for the warden does he have recent training and how about that chain of command. this is something that has to be viewed given the fact we had a major, major prison break. >> where is the warden? not one reporter brings up the person who was in charge of the prison when the prison break happened. not one person in that room. i'm shouting it but it's just you and me in the studio at fox report right now. >> not one. and that's what's another extraordinary component of this.
4:25 pm
there may be something legitimate and certainly we're not prejudging this fellow whoever he is -- >> no it has nothing to do with that. it's just the question of accountability and what this person may have known. there is a celebration at an appropriate time. so if the warden did something great, wouldn't you want to include him in your words tonight? >> hence there is no reason to celebrate. the celebration should be on our knees praying to god and thanking god that nobody else was injured. that's going to be part of this entire investigation, this entire episode. >> steve rogers you're along for the breaking news tonight, and we have much more coming up on our top story. police shooting and capturing that second escaped prisoner two days after authorities fatally shot his accomplice. we'll have new reaction from a judge as well as breaking new details from upstate new our journalists on the ground there. stay with us. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. new one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12...
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and may stop treatment. side effects may include diarrhea nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your doctor about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. i'm harris faulkner. escaped murderer david sweat is in custody after being shot by a new york state trooper near the canadian border. he was awfully close, we're told. the shooting happened this afternoon by a state trooper who noticed a suspicious man walking down a road in constable, new york. that's a town of about 1600 people. he recognized that guy. it was david sweat. sweat tried to run away, prompting that sergeant to open fire shooting him twice in the torso, in the back. sweat's capture ending a massive manhunt that's been under way,
4:30 pm
as you know since he and richard matt used power tools to break out of a maximum security prison more than three weeks ago. we've been reporting matt was shot and is i would by a federal agent during a confrontation on friday. david sweat is being treated for his injuries before being transferred to another hospital where we hear he is in stable condition. rick leventhal in new york. rick? >> he reminded us how dangerous these two escaped killers were that they were in his words, very dangerous men. one of them killed a sheriff's deputy david sweat did, in a savage savage way. they were eager to get them both into custody. richard matt was killed on friday by the tactical unit ask then today a new york state trooper, a sergeant out on routine patrol as you mentioned, saw david sweat, stopped him and tried to question him. sweat went running toward a tree
4:31 pm
line and that's when police opened fire hitting him twice in the torso. joining us now is the sheriff of clinton county sheriff fabro. you are the county where they escaped from and you want him back now. >> absolutely. it's been three weeks since they escaped. >> it's been a long 22 days and it's good to have it finally over. >> the people of clinton the people of franklin county understandably nervous with a guy who has killed before on the loose, possibly armed. no one knew where he was, cannotly. i guess everyone is breathing a sigh of relief at this point. >> i'm sure and certainly the residents and guests of clinton county and franklin county were very nervous, but i have to tell you they're outstanding law enforcement partners. when you look at everything else going on globally with law enforcement, when they have large issues it's nice to have
4:32 pm
the community on your backside and that certainly helped in getting this man into custody. >> sweat is alive and could possibly provide information that would be helpful to authorities? >> that's the hope. i think they'll be able to interview him, get some questions and maybe answer some situations and be able to preview the whole situation from here on in. >> it would be interesting to find out what direction of travel and what path of travel they used where they went right when they got outside the walls. >> and you're a bit surprised he was able to get so close to canada. >> that's a lot of territory he covered given all the weather conditions. we've had some very cold nights. it's a lot of rough terrain to be able to get through without being up on the roadways. >> so where do you go now from here? what happens to the sheriff now, moving forward? >> i'm going to try to clean my desk off and get a little order back to my office and then i
4:33 pm
think i'll be looking at a few days off. >> maybe clean out your voice in box, too, i think it's full. >> i think it's full. >> congratulations. a lot of smiles and handshakes here today as this law enforcement came in for this news conference. these guys have been working tirelessly for the past 22 23 days and this ended pretty well for them. >> no doubt. rick leventhal, we'll come back to you as the situation warrants there, because we know you have the opportunity to talk to people and get some reaction. we'll come back to you. right now i want to go to somebody on the phone who i often ask these legal type questions to. judge alex ferrer is host of "judge alex," a former police officer himself and a former florida circuit court judge, and you're not just on the phone, you're live with us now via satellite, which is a good thing. >> no i'm not. >> we had been talking with my guest here who is formerly of the nutley new jersey police department about the fact there really is no place else for the law to go here. you don't double down on a guy
4:34 pm
that's already loog life in prison f. how does this guy talk if his ego just dent feel like walking and talking. >> little things. when you have somebody who is doing life and they're not going to get any parole there is really not much incentive to weigh against them being a snitch. however, they are going to be put in maximum security. so their life is going to be a lot more difficult -- it could be that that situation-- they may not care. there has been a lot of success by law enforcement and the prosecutor's office in negotiating little things just stuff that they can use every day without giving them any real -- anything that we would consider as a benefit. they consider all kinds of small
4:35 pm
amenities benefits when your life is that risk which is how it's probably going to be from now on. >> judge, i want to ask you a little bit about the death penalty, because it was absolved in the state of new york in 2007. so these guys knew it wasn't going to go beyond that in the state of new york. they already knew it was life for them. >> why you is. >> this makes them dangerous, as i i. if they kill somebody in their attempt attempt. there were other people out there who say murderers don't think about that when they're committing a crime. i have to disagree with that. murderers think about it when they put their mask on
4:36 pm
murderers think about it when they put their gloves on they think about it when there is a witness who can't identify them. so when they change cars and take it to a person in another state, they have to make the decision whether that person is going to live or die. if the penalty is different than living and. that makes them that much more dangerous, we could be so thankful that. we're harming people along the way and what you're saying is it doesn't matter legally, anyway. >> there's not much more you can do for maximum security the rest of their life. that's unfortunate. luckily in this case one of them is still alive. he was shot twice in the back. i think that's certainly going
4:37 pm
to be a justifiable shooting under tennessee versus garner, and maybe they will be able to extract information from him. i want to know if these prisoners are having these kinds of corrections with other corrections staff or corrections officers either sexual relationships or benefits relationships where they're getting benefits from them because i'm sure these aren't the only two guys that are getting stuff, so i would want to know that information. >> what you're talking about is what we've been mentioning tonight on set, and that is the wider set of accountability judge, that would go all the way to the top, maybe that prison superintendent or warden somebody who would run the place. and that's my big question tonight. i didn't hear that question from any of the reporters. but what is the leadership like inside that prison now and who are the people who are in charge and how has it immediately changed, or has it? those are some of the questions. you're former law enforcement yourself. >> yes, absolutely. you have to realize i'm sure a
4:38 pm
lot, if not a vast majority of corrections officers are playing it by the book. there are going to be just as there are some police officers who play fast and loose, there are going to be some corrections officers who play fast and loose with the rules and maybe give some benefits they shouldn't give in order to get something out of it. and i think that needs to be examined further and they need to be identified. the prisoners talk to other prisoners in the yard. they tell them what they're doing, what they're getting away with and that's something that hopefully we can extract from sweat if he decides to talk. in addition to of course all the details of the escape how he got out, was there anybody else involved did they have any assistance in transportation did other people know about the escape things like that. >> well reportedly they were supposed to get more help than they were already getting from the woman. the prison employee mitchell who was arrested. >> yeah and i'd also want to know were they the only two she was assisting in a variety of
4:39 pm
ways or was she involved way lot of other prisoners who we may have to look at to see if they've, in addition to whatever else they got from her, might be planning an escape in some way, shape or form. >> that's almost as big an investigation you're talking about as the manhunt has turned out to be. judge alex ferrer to board tonight as this news breaks. the details pouring in as the marathon manhunt coming to a close. police shot the second of the escaped prisoners. stay with us. you wouldn't haul a load without checking your clearance. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. working on my feet all day gave me pain here. in my lower back but now, i step on this machine and get my number which matches my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts. now i get immediate relief from my foot pain. my lower back pain. find a machine at what about
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the state trooper shot and killed now the second of the escapees on foot. they tracked him near the
4:43 pm
canadian border. that's where they started their search and then they fanned out a little along that border. and they got these guys. he is told to have non-life threatening injuries. his accomplice as you may know from our reporting, richard matt was shot and killed in a showdown with police on friday. the men escaped from a maximum security prison more than three weeks ago, and peter doocy is live in new york. peter? >> this all ended quietly by two major gunshots by sergeant jay cook. we spoke to the man whose property this all went down on this confrontation, shooting and arrest and he told us that he was just sitting there watching tv with his girlfriend heard some sirens but didn't think anything really, of it. then the neighbor called him and said hey, there is some action going on in your hayfield right now. he looked out, couldn't see
4:44 pm
anything. then he saw an ambulance come and an ambulance leave. that is how quickly it went down and that is how, really oblivious some of the people around here were because it all happened so quickly and it all happened really without much of a chase and without much of a fight, based on what we've heard. something else that we heard the details about from the new york state police officials and from the governor. even though david sweat was not armed, he was shot by that sergeant because he was about to make it to a treeline. there are a lot of open spaces here that are paved roads and many houses and families that live around here but the trees are really thick. so when they talk about how they felt like they needed -- this sergeant felt like he needed to shoot to take down the fugitive david sweat so that he didn't make it to the treeline that's because if he made it there, and this sergeant was by himself, there is a solid possibility that sweat would have disappeared again up here so
4:45 pm
close, about two miles away now from the canadian border. it is really something to think that that sergeant was by himself. he was one of 1300 law enforce mts officers in a 22-square-mile search area around here. the spot where we're standing right now according to an app i gist looked at is a 59-minute drive from the clinton correctional facility in dannemora where this man and his partner in crime, richard matt escaped from. that gives you a sense of how much ground he covered. it would take an hour to drive. it's been raining almost every day on and off for the last three weeks without many exceptions and he was here. the police said if he was sfolg following the road or treeline and could have gone undetected we know how he got there, and he's alive, and following
4:46 pm
surgery he's going to have a lot of explaining to do. >> i know in 50 miles my car can go a long ways but they had three weeks to get there. that's a long time to not get very far, and he may have felt like he was blending in if he got into the town. peter, thank you very much. we have a first on fox right now. the clinton county district attorney since david sweat was taken alive today, the first time we'll get to talk with him, and our rick leventhal is live in malone new york with andrew wylie, the district attorney. rick? >> that's right, harris. the clinton county d.a. andrew wylie has not yet commented on his reaction to the capture of david sweat, so what is your reaction? >> my reaction is the 22 or 23 days has finally come to an end in relation to the escape of david sweat and richard matt. the energy obviously, that exists between our law enforcement partners the local, state and federal agencies that
4:47 pm
have been involved in these last three and a half weeks or so is so high right now, it's unbelievable. and so with that we're looking forward to this process being over and then moving forward with the criminal charges i'll need to be dealing with in clinton county. >> what exactly is the process now for david sweat? >> well right now he's obviously been transported from alyce height hospital here in malone to a facility in albany the medical facility there and will be treated for his gunshot wounds. >> then once he's treated, then what? >> once he's treated, he'll be transported by the new york state police or department of corrections back to clinton county where he'll be arraigned on the felony charge for escape in the first degree and at that point in time we'll start moving that criminal process forward. >> but when that process is happening, he's back in a
4:48 pm
maximum security prison in a cell not in a county jail? >> he's the property of department of corrections. so with that he will be transferred back to department of corrections pending his proceedings, yes. >> this is a guy that was already in prison for life without a chance of parole. what else can you do to him because of these felony escape charges? >> there's not much more that my office can do there's not much more that the legal system can do with him, with the exception we need to proceed with these charges. the next time there may not be a david sweat. it may be something on a grand larceny charges. we need to move forward with the criminal charges. as i said on day one, the impact that the legal system could have. >> a very challenging 23 days for clinton county your office. you've got to be relieved on so
4:49 pm
many levels. >> we are. we can start, at least, to get back to normal. we're a small county. we do not have the resources and assets some of the larger counties do, so this has impacted my county greatly, it's impacted franklin county and the actions that acting d.a. mcneil has had to face. but the monetary amount the personnel from my office that have been involved with this case it will be good to get back to normal. >> absolutely. thanks very much andrew. a quick question from harris. >> just a follow-up to what you said because you said there really isn't anything more they can do. how frustrated is mr. wylie that after 1100 members of law enforcement, and all the money that's been spent to recap tourture these guys how frustrated is he that they can't really do anything to him? >> harris is wondering if there
4:50 pm
is a frustration level that you can't do much to this guy after 2300 law enforcement searched for him? >> i have to take those laws and the sentencing guidelines we have. i'm not the person who can make those changes in albany. is it frustrating that we have a person that's been convicted of murder of violent murder of a law enforcement officer, that he was serving a life sentence has escaped, and the hardest thing that we can sentence him to is a three and a half year to seven year sense on a d felony. that's very frustrating, yes, it is. >> but relief harris i think, is the overauley motion and a lot of people are very happy that this guy is going back to prison and you better believe he's not going to have the same privilege this time around that he was enjoying at clinton correctional before his escape. >> rick leventhal, thank you
4:51 pm
very much. a search for david sweat, he's back in custody. we'll bring you news on that as it happens. stay right here for more in continued konch. a manhunt in upstate new york. we might have thought it would go farther, but it didn't. with aleve pm. i like my seafood like i like my vacations: tropical. and during red lobster's island escape, three new dishes take me straight to the islands. like the ultimate island seafood feast, with crab, lobster and jumbo shrimp. all you have to do... get here while you still can. there's something out there. it's a highly contagious disease. it can be especially serious- even fatal to infants. unfortunately, many people who spread it may not know they have it. it's called whooping cough. and the cdc recommends everyone, including those around babies, make sure their whooping cough vaccination is up to date.
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as our coverage continues now, let's bring in steven nutley. you've been along for the breaking news and you said a couple issues bubbled up that you wanted to follow through on. one of them is the level of frustration for the police officers. talk about that. >> the police officers are out on the street every day, no job is routine. in this case you had two killers who were arrested, they went through the system sentenced to life. you hope to god that the rest of
4:55 pm
the system works. there was an epic failure. this did not work they got out, and you know what really would have been sad? if another police officer, even a civilian an innocent person would have been killed. that's where our frustrations as cops is. we rely on the judges and the courts and the system to at least fulfill their responsibility. we did ours with guns pointing at us. they need to do theirs. >> so the other thing you and i were talking about, and it kind of lit up social media as we discussed it. who is running that prison facility because we haven't heard -- i guess it's old school to call it a warden. in some states i lived in that's what they're called. this particular clinton correctional facility is superintendent and his name is david ransett. we didn't get a pronunciation, but with the spelling that's what i suspect. graduated from state ranger cool?cool
4:56 pm
school in 1976. he's got this in his family line. i would be asking questions about what he knew as the chain of command and leadership in that prison. that doesn't speak to the investigation of how they break out, but more this wider scope of leadership and accountability which is the word we've been using. >> how about what you just shared with me frustration. you're a professional law enforcement officer. your whole life you worked hard and all of a sudden -- and we don't know if this is the case -- all of a sudden the person in charge is a political appoint appointee. he was there because he knew someone in politics. i'm not saying this is the case but for the most part that's what happens in law enforcement. unqualified people get in positions of power and management when they're dealing with law enforcement, and that is something that's got to stop. you need professional law enforcement practitioners running our prisons and running our police departments. >> and, again, that's your opinion. we don't know that to be the case in any regard in any of
4:57 pm
this but from your experience and how many years were you -- >> 38 years. >> that's a lot of experience. and a former vet. a veteran, military veteran. thank you for being along with us. more details on the capture of that second inmate at the top of the hour. ief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two
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or any symptoms of an allergic reaction stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. escapee david sweat shot and captured by officers bringing him in alive. it involved a massive manhunt with more than 100 officers tracking down richard matt and david sweat since they broke out of a prison on june 1st. here's what we know. the search was brought to a close in the town of constable, new york just two miles from the canadian border. tick-tock now. shortly after 3:00 a police officer spotted david sweat walking down the street.


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