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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  June 29, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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history. bonnie writes this is so silly like walmart would be on isis' side. give me a break. and justin says uninformed people that's all this is. the walmart worker probably had no clue. and that wraps it up for us. "fox and friends" starts right now. bye. good morning. it is monday june 29. i'm ainsley earhardt filling in for elizabeth this morning. a fox news alert. captured -- look at this david sweat on the run no more. the cold-blooded killer shot twice by police and now lying in critical condition. >> the nightmare is finally over. took 22 days now that we have mr. sweat it gives us the opportunity to ask more questions and provide more facts on the overall situation. >> we are live on the ground straight ahead with peter doocy. >> and republicans fired up about the supreme court ruling on same-sex marriage.
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>> when we believe the courts have a right to bypass the process of law, and we've seen it this week in two cases. >> but is it the court's role to make law? we're going to report and you will decide. >> and it's arnold and me finally one-on-one. >> you know what? i want to show my body too. let's be honest. >> the question is have you gotten rid of your chest hair? >> what? he asked me -- he's allowed to ask me questions because i'm italian. i have a lot of chest hair -- half italian. wasn't i supposed to be asking the questions? the former california governor turns the table, and then we get serious about 2016 and the scandal that ended his marriage because mornings are better with friends, even mondays. hello, everybody. welcome to "fox & friends" live from studio "e."
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the cover of "the new york daily news" and "the post" the same headline. they're both the same. blood sweat and cheers. talking about escaped killer david sweat. we start with a fox news alert. captured after three weeks on the run. >> one hero police sergeant taking down the wanted murderer as he canadian border. >> peter doocy is live. hey, peter. >> reporter: hey, it was easy to tell that something big was going down yesterday from our spot in malone as dozens of police vehicles with their sirens blaring raced towards the canadian border stopping about two miles from the line where a standoff between the new york state police sergeant and firearms instructor and a dangerous convicted cop killer had just ended because sergeant jay cook called out to the man he recognized from the wanted
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posters. and that man took off. so this happened. >> at some point running across the field, he realized that sweat was going to make it to a tree line and possibly could have disappeared, and he fired two shots from his service weapon his handgun, hitting sweat twice in the torso. >> reporter: sweat had traded his prison clothes for head-to-toe camouflage and did not have a gun but he did have pepper shakers he had been using to throw off k9 units trying to throw off his trail. the two gunshot wounds have the escapee in critical condition at albany medical center where he was taken because the local hospital could not handle his injuries and he's seen by a specialist in the icu trauma and vascular department. there was so much speculation that these escapees would be possibly heading towards canada and we are actually so close to
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canada now that the cell phones are picking up networks on the other side of the border. david sweat almost made it but instead of a new life in a different country, it's back to life behind bars in a different prison. back to you in new york. >> peter doocy about a mile from the canadian border. what drama yesterday. unbelievable. >> as peter just mentioned right there, essentially the bad guys were watching cold hand luke. remember the movie where they scattered the pepper to throw the dogs off? >> the whole thing was working. the way they broke out -- >> like a movie. >> redemption. and then this is what they did to stay loose. i heard one of the people that he's been serving time with say that he'll never talk and then others would speculate that he's going to give everybody all the answers. that's what they hope for. >> i'm curious how much money the government spent -- >> a million a day. >> three weeks? >> 23 days.
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>> probably north of $20 million for the whole episode, but governor cuomo, of course, coming out of his budget he took a victory lap yesterday. meanwhile, let's talk about this. on friday the supreme court legalized gay marriage. in the aftermath religious and conservative leaders say the fight is not over but the details are unclear. for instance what will happen? we know that it is the law of the land but what happens if a same-sex couple goes to a catholic priest and says will you marry us? obviously for religion reasons, the priest would say i can't do that. >> are they going to get condemned, steve, if they do that? are they going to get protests? walking in the streets of new york, a person got spit on because he happened to be wearing a collar. >> there are a lot of details to be worked out. going forward, will institutions that say, no i'm not going to do it will they wind up getting
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their tax-exempt status revoked. if you want tax-exempt status you're going to have to do it. >> governor mike huckabee addressed the situation. take a listen. >> judicial tyranny is when we think the courts have a right to bypass a law. in both the obamacare case which justice scalia said we should scott it scotus care because they've rescued it twice, and then in the same-sex marriage. >> so are you calling -- >> i mean there's a few options republican candidates have. now we have 14 of them. about to get two more of them. you can say, okay i'm going to take on the supreme court. i'm going to talk -- i'm going to say how wrong this is or i'm going to take it off the table. the supreme court has spoken. now let's move on to the issues that keep america safe and get the economy moving again. that's a choice. governor john kasich will get in. he announced the date yesterday. he's going to be getting into the race the third week in july.
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said this. >> i think we node to take a deep breath. look i believe in traditional marriage but the supreme court has ruled. it's the law of the land and we'll abide by it. i think everyone needs to take a deep breath to see how this evolves. religious institutions, religious entities like the catholic church, you know they need to be honored as well. and i think there's an ability to strike a balance. >> so then jake tapper interviewed donald trump, and he is asking him about traditional marriage the definition of traditional marriage, what he thought about the scotus ruling and brings up the billionaire's three marriages. take a listen. >> what do you say to a lesbian or a gay man married who says donald trump, what's traditional about being married three times? is. >> well i'd say they have a very good point. i've been a hard-working person. i have a great marriage. i have a great wife now. my two wives were very good. i don't blame them.
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he was work inging maybe like you 22 hours a day. >> reporter: i'm not asking to you explain your divorces. >> i blame myself because my business was so powerful for me. i don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. >> reporter: but what do you say to a lesbian or gay man who are married and say -- >> i really don't say anything. i'm for traditional marriage. >> he's just sticking with what he believes in. >> great answer. >> great question. >> it was but look at his answer. i was not thinking that question was even out there because traditional marriage has nothing to do with divorce. divorce, if you're going to get divorce, that's an option that you have, but his answer was, i blame myself. i worked too much. and he was thrown. i watched mark halperin interview donald trump, he charms a lot of people. >> he does. >> he really does. >> what surprised me this weekend i was talking with friends which candidates they
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like and many love donald trump because of that. he's honest. he's candid. he said jake i was working 22 hours a day. can't you relate to that? you work that much. >> what's interesting about donald trump's answer is the question was asked before the supreme court had actually ruled on gay marriage. his answer still worked after. it will be interesting to see, though if jake tapper and others ask all the candidates about their marriages. that could be interesting. >> how many marriages between the, what 13 12 candidates we have? >> on both sides. >> healther childress realizing she is filling in trying to match the tie. a fox news alert. a suburban nightmare. a small plane plunges into a massachusetts home exploding into a ball of flames killing everyone onboard, but amazingly the family inside managed to get out safely.
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>> anywhere near that crash scene at the time of the crash was in great peril. it's quite a miracle the four occupants were able to get away from the house unscathed. >> the pilot reported engine trouble just before it went down. today the ntsb will be on the scene to investigate. and new overnight another escaped murderer with an eerily similar story to the men in upstate new york is captured. christopher mcneill was found walking in north carolina about 80 miles from the minimum security prison where he escaped. police say he hopped the fence at the brown creek correctional institution and hess getaway driver a kitchen worker. now facing a long list of charges, police say they worked together in the kitchen and they had a romantic relationship. this keeps happening. a teenager attacked by a shark this weekend is now upgraded to serious condition. the 18-year-old was bitten on his legs his hands, and his back side while swimming with friends just 20 feet from the
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shore of north carolina's outer banks. now this is the seventh attack off the carolina coast this month alone. beachgoers are now being urged to remain vigilant in the water ahead of the busy fourth of july weekend. and greece going bankrupt. banks shuttered for six days as negotiations over the country's debt come to a standstill. the european central bank saying it will not increase emergency credit lines for greek banks. citizens are being limited to how much they can withdraw from the banks causing huge lines at atm machines. if greece defaults on its loans, it could be forced out of the euro currency. lots of people with their eyes on greece today. we'll see what happens. >> they are and a lot of people said to me today, are we going to have that same problem here that they're having over there? no. for over a year they've tried -- the government has talked about, well maybe we need to start to crack down some austerity measures. the people said no we don't want to do that. the government said you're right. we don't.
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now today, that bill has to be paid. >> they elected new leadership and they have to put up to a referendum next week. good luck. 11 minutes now after the hour. nascar racing to make a major move ban the confederate flag from the track. is this an overreaction? lieutenant terrible allen west says yes and there's a real crisis happening now in our country that's being totally ignored. i can't wait to hear that. en heartburn comes creeping up on you... fight back with relief so smooth...'s fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue ...and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum, tum tum tum...♪ smoothies! only from tums. ♪ ♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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flag on the track. nascar making moves to ban the confederate flag from nascar infield. the chairman stating, quote, we are going to be as aggressive as we can to disassociate ourselves with that flag. but are moves like this in the wake of the charleston murders motivated by politics? our next guest says absolutely. joining us is fox news contributor colonel allen west. good morning, colonel. the news on friday was a number of american retailers -- and we have walmart, sears, google amazon target ebay -- they're going to stop selling the confederate flag. there seemed to be a feeding frenzy on the flag to find out who could stop selling it the fastest. you said this is part of a manufactured political frenzy.
3:17 am
>> former white house chief of staff rahm emanuel. keeping people distracted from what is really going on. the deaths of the nine people in charleston were horrific. let's talk about the deaths of all the young black men in chicago which, if you look at the comparison to the conflicts in iraq and afghanistan you've had more than in the combat zones. when you look at what is happening with the failures of the black family and the decimation in the 50 years since the great society of lyndon johnson, we've gone from 77% down to 25%. that's what we should be talking about not about a piece of cloth. >> sure. and to keep in mind the flag had nothing to do with the murders. some pictures on line he was composing with a confederate
3:18 am
flag. something to do with him. >> yeah absolutely right. the young man that committed that heinous act, the demonic act that he did, he's a racist sociopath. there's no argument about that. but that has nothing to do with that confederate flag. i think the governor nikki haley listened to the people of south carolina and made the decision about the flag being there on the state grounds. now this overreaction to have someone like harry reid to say they need to change their mascot from running rebels what does that have to do with what happened in south carolina? >> what's your message to the retailers who will no longer make a conscious effort not to sell the flag anymore? >> well the thing is the public will make that decision. provide that product and if the public decides they don't want to purchase it then you will be able to understand the sentiment of the public. just to be caught up in this
3:19 am
politically manufactured crisis in this frenzy that's not how the market should be reacting how retailers should be reacting because then they become pawns to the politicized message of the left. >> all right. colonel allen west joining us today from dallas. sir, thank you very much for getting up early on this monday morning. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> no worries, steve. >> thank you, sir. it's about 19 minutes after the top of the hour. the video is insane. a child sent flying off a carnival ride. oh my goodness. what happened next an absolute miracle. how this one ends coming up. we're going to tell you. plus he's back. it's arnold and brian one-on-one. >> you know what? i want to show my body too. let's be honest. >> the question is have you gotten rid of your chest hair? >> wait. wasn't brian supposed to be asking the questions? the former california governor turns the tables on brian next.
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some quick headlines for you that morning. let's make it 15. ohio's governor john kasich set to throw his hat in the ring for 2016. he will make a big announcement at his alma mater ohio state university on july 21 hoping that his strength in the powerful swing state will help win over republican voters. and new york city's mayor bill de blasio trying to butt out cigarettes in your own house. the city is planning to pay several health groups to pressure landlords and developers to ban smoking in apartment complexes. smoking is already banned in public places including restaurants, work places and in parks. >> so you can't smoke in your own house? >> apparently not even though you pay for that house. >> great thank you. regulation nation. meanwhile, arnold schwarzenegger promised fans he'd be back. >> and now he is with the new
3:24 am
movie "terminator genesis" out on wednesday. >> the governorator sat down on our radio show. then we talked exclusively for television on the same set. watch. governor schwarzenegger it's always great to see you especially in new york in the studio. and, again, as usual, a smile on your face. >> i think we both are happy. this is really funny coming here to the studio and they said take your jacket off. why? we want to see you pumped up. i took my jacket off. are you happy now? >> i want to show my body too. let's be honest. >> the question is have you gotten rid of your chest hair? remember that years ago we did an interview and said what can i do about my chest hair? >> as an italian i have a lot of body hair. if i'm not willing to shave that body hair can i be successful? >> you don't have to. there's new technology. put a little gas on it and burn it off.
3:25 am
>> that's the only thing keeping me from being successful in body building. the last few years we saw you as a politician leading up to the running and the aftermath. when you got done with your almost eight years as governor did you need some time off? wow, i have to take a deep breath. was it more intense those seven and a half eight years than it was in hollywood? >> i think the responsibility is even bigger than anyone can dream of. >> than you dreamed of? >> oh, yes. there's problems and challenges to be overcome at all times. when you solve a problem, the next one comes in. >> the field is so big, you have so many friends you don't want to comment. we did a fox poll. the top two are nonpoliticians. you're a nonpolitician getting into it what advice do you have? can a nonpolitician be successful? >> absolutely. i think that outside the box thinking is a refreshing way of
3:26 am
going about it. we have to get rid of the big problem that people are getting stuck in the ideological corners because if i just say, well my way is the only way to go and they say their way is the only way to go but we don't sit down and work it out, we will never get anything done and that's why today america is frozen. we need new leadership and we need to have someone come in that really doesn't care about democrat/republican, that cares only about america. the will should be to serve the people not our party. >> i felt that when you came through with your book for the first time since i've known you, followed your career it was controversy. this wasn't this guy on the road for mr. owe limlympia, them the family issues. you wrote about it and you had to talk about it. how tough was that and are you in a different place now? >> i think everyone knows that it is always easier and many victories. to me this was a terrible loss. this is a terrible screw-up.
3:27 am
i lost my marriage. for me it was really then just a matter of rebuild inging and keeping a great relationship with my kids and with maria but being divorced. it was a difficult time to go through and luckily with the help of everyone in my family we've been able to move forward and i am very proud of my family and my kids and they have been absolutely extraordinary. >> very nice. >> i'm confused brian, regarding your body hair. was that before you started using the no-no pro? >> no it was probably about the same time and, yes, the worst thing about my body hair nothing until after college and then it came in. >> let me see. show it. this is television show us. >> they're telling me no. no? are you sure?
3:28 am
they're going no-no pro. >> i love that he remembered that though. that was neat. how long ago was that? >> that was when he was governor. a few years ago. >> you can check out more of the interview later in the show part two of arnold schwarzenegger the true story. >> very good. >> and that's what he looks like. the manhunt is over. escaped killer david sweat shot and lying in critical condition this hour. the sheriff of the county where they were hunting him down finally ended. inside the capture. >> and he is one of the most popular preachers in america and he's not used to this reception. olsteen heckled in his own church. >> first, happy birthday to gary busey. >> he's 71 today.
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the nightmare is finally over. it took 22 days. now that we have mr. sweat, it gives us the opportunity to ask more questions and provide more facts on the overall situation. >> captured. the manhunt is finally over as police shoot and wound prison escapee david sweat just two days after richard matt was gunned down by police. >> so how did they last so long on the run and how did the police finally track them down? joining us right now is the sheriff for franklin county new york of course. sheriff, thank you for joining us. >> thanks steve, brian and ainsley. thank you for having me. >> the capture a couple miles from the canadian border. what was going through your mind? when you were talking about how to set up a picket loin to stop it did you think they were getting this close to the border? >> a couple of the profilers and
3:33 am
what not, sweat especially may be headed north. we cast our nets a while ago on the border and kept patrols in the border area and kept moving south of the border. that police work paid off. >> speaking of police work paying off, tell us about sergeant jay cook. he was apparently on patrol and he spotted a guy essentially jogging down the road and what happened? >> he was part of that net that we had cast. was in what normally was his patrol area he's a beat trooper right from this area born and raised in a small town to close proximity to here. this is kind of his backyard. comes upon a gentleman dressed in camouflage clothing. sergeant cook gets in his patrol
3:34 am
car in close proximity, asks him to stop. he ignores him. has a few other verbal commands. the gentleman turns. what are you doing here? why are you bothering me? jay cook immediately recognized him, the facial recognition and profile and mr. sweat began to run off into a meadow. it appeared to sergeant cook he would make the wood line. he drew his firearm and fired. >> he's in the hospital. have you had a chance to interview him and if so what have you found out? >> i haven't had a chance to interview him. he's no longer in our hospital here. he's been transferred to albany medical center. he wasn't in a position to speak. >> a guy buried in the woods for 22, 23 days. can you give us an idea why he would go towards the road?
3:35 am
were the woods so dense he couldn't even walk through it? >> i think what happened and it appears re handrailing and power lines and trails. they're not walking on the power line or the trail but walking off the trail in the wooded area trying to keep that in sight. he wasn't far from the bed that goes into canada. it's safe to theorize he was hand railing that railroad bed and came on to the road. >> oh, that's right. it turns out, sheriff, it looks like the guys in the joint were watching the movies because they used the pepper shakers just like in the movie "cool hand luke" to throw the dogs off. maybe it's the reason it took 20-some-odd days to find them. >> they were experiencing difficulty but some of that is related to the weather. >> i know the families are relieved. great job, sheriff.
3:36 am
>> everybody is just so relieved. we'll do a couple days of celebrating and then get back to normal. >> sheriff kevin mulverhill thank you very much. great job. >> thank you. >> my friend heather childers is filling in. >> we've been up pretty early this morning. >> we have. >> and we have other stories we're following for you. fox news alert. the u.s. plan to train rebels to fight isis off to an embarrassing start. we just learned less than 100 syrian rebels are currently being trained by the american military. the obama administration had hoped to produce over 3,000 fighters this year. so what's the reason why the failure? finding enough syrians who are not aligned with terrorists seems to be the issue. the video is hard to watch. a little boy thrown from a carnival ride but what happens next is truly amazing.
3:37 am
can you see what happened there? this was in sweden. the 6-year-old was thrown from the ride when his harness came loose. but his life was saved thanks to a carnival worker who actually caught him. the worker carried him right to his father's arms and that child, we're told is just find. hecklers target joe olsteen at his own church but they're kicked out as worshippers cheer. the group from the controversial church began yelling as olsteen tried to deliver his sermon in houston. they called him a liar before eventually being escorted out and charged with trespassing. olsteen did finish his service. donald trump may be coming to a fiesta near you. pinatas bearing his likeness are flying off the shelves coming in response to comments he made
3:38 am
about mexico while announcing his 2016 run for the white house. the artist behind the pinatas says people want to bash trump. and those are a look at your headlines. i think he will figure out a way to make that benefit him or make money off it. i do. >> off the pinata? >> so he could sell them? >> if you want to hit it it will cost you money. >> knowing donald trump, it would be filled with money. >> somebody else's money. maria molina is outside in the elements. good morning. thankfully the elements are pretty nice out here in new york city today. we have temperatures that will climb into the 70s, a lot of sunshine pleasant conditions again across parts of the northeast. but other parts of the country are not dealing with pleasant conditions especially across the midwest, the ohio valley and even as we head even further west across the rockies you do have areas that will be seeing showers and storms and some st some severe weather especially across parts of kentucky and ohio and across portions of the midwest and you
3:39 am
could see that. as we head into tomorrow a storm system will continue to move eastward and produce a pretty widespread area that does have a margin for severe storms from arkansas all the way to portions of new york state. now temperatures across the eastern u.s. are much cooler this week compared to what we had to deal with last week. last week we were in the 90s across parts of the southeast. today you're only looking at those temperatures climbing into the upper 80s. 70s in the northeast. much further west across portions of the rockies, this is where temperatures are really heating up. temperatures into the triple digits and upper 90s as far north as parts of montana. let's head back inside. >> maria, thank you very much. all right. we had another monster weekend at the box office. for "jurassic world" $500 million sales in north america alone. >> when you speak, the music comes on. the material girl accused of farm fraud. here with a look at that and all
3:40 am
our pop culture is fox vice president of marketing. >> hey, guys. "jurassic world" showing no signs of slowing down. in its third week the fourth film brought in $52.2 million. now pixar's animated flick "inside out." >> that is not music when scary monsters are chasing you. >> it wouldn't be nearly as impactful. perfect for the segment. >> the first film of the 2015 to make more than $500 million in north america and it's helping june probably be the biggest month ever in box office history. >> now let's talk about madonna in the hamptons. >> the material girl reportedly getting a huge tax break after buying the family farm in the hamptons for $2.2 million. she claims the 24-acre property is her new tree nursery. >> really? she's a farmer? madonna had a farm. >> they say she's not really
3:41 am
interested in agriculture and just wanted it for tax breaks and stop people prying. she can use it for a tree farm meaning she is eligible for county tax breaks possibly only paying $2,200 in property taxes. madonna for the first time ever not talking. >> everybody's mad in the area. >> it could have went for $75 million. >> the town of southampton bought this for $10 million and sold it for $2 million. >> wow. >> we would have bought it for that. >> also today we're beginning our proud to be an american celebrity segment. >> it kicks off today. it allows you and our fox news channel staff, contributors guests and celebrities in sharing why you're proud americans at least up to the fourth of july event in south carolina. guys the last couple of weeks they've asked me to go out and asked celebrities why they're proud to be americans and more often than not i forget to ask the question but i did remember it at the premier on the stars
3:42 am
network and asked victor garba why he's proud to be an american and this is what happened. >> i'm actually a canadian but i'm very proud to be a resident of america, and i'm going to get my citizenship because i love this country. i never want to live anywhere else. >> i didn't know that. who knew? >> he's coming here for asylum? be sure you contact him when you do the proud canadian segment. >> i love your reaction. you weren't expecting that. >> the show airs on stars saturday at 9:00. that's your culture pop on this monday june 29. >> thank you, michael. >> thank you indeed. 18 minutes now before the top of the hour. after big rulings on obamacare and same-sex marriage senator ted cruz says justices should be voted in not appointed. is he right? we'll debate it next. ♪ roundup ♪ ♪ i'm a loving husband and a real good dad ♪ ♪ but weeds
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what i really worry about, john with this ruling is the grave injustice it does to the rule of law. they've done a great disservice to the country because they're rewriting laws at the bench. >> judicial tyranny is when we believe the courts have a right to bypass the process of law. we've seen it this week. >> a court is not reading the constitution not reading the dictionary. >> well some republicans blasting the supreme court's rulings on obamacare and same-sex marriage came down last week and now texas senator ted cruz says it's probably time the supreme court justices are subject to election so-called retention election. here to debate we have elizabeth at florida international university and a former supreme court clerk. good morning to both of you.
3:47 am
>> morning. >> good morning. >> professor foley, let's start with you, so the idea of these retention elections are -- and, in fact, ted cruz detailed it this way. with every justice beginning with that second national election and after his or her appointment will answer to the american people and to the states with a retention election every eight years. professor foley, is this a good idea? >> well you know i'm not particularly wedded to this proposal although i think it's an intriguing one and it certainly is worth considering. conservatives in particular need to be open-minded to these sorts of supreme court reform proposals like senator cruz's because essentially we have supreme court justices now who are acting like politicians in robes, and we node to find ways to make them more politically accountable to the people. >> and they aren't accountable because these are jobs that they
3:48 am
get for life right now. so is it time to revisit it and maybe have occasional retention elections for these guys and gals? >> i'm totally sympathetic with the idea of trying to find ways to bring more accountability in. history proves that it doesn't do that. there's over 99% approval rate. and i'm afraid that having something like that would just distract from the real accountability which is that the president has to appoint good jurists who have a proven track record of standing up for judicious principles and the senate has to approve them. we don't want to give them an excuse to go easy on that because they think the people can correct it with an election later anyway. >> professor foley, if they did have these retention elections, you know how it works. just about a year or two before somebody is up for re-election they'll vote the way the american people according to polls, want. otherwise they're out of work. >> yeah i think that's possible and you certainly don't want supreme court justices sort of sticking their finger in the
3:49 am
wind to figure out which way the political winds are blowing before they vote on an important case but i have to say that you know in the 20 or so states that have had judicial retention elections for many years now they do seem to be kind of keeping the judges more accountable and it does tend to sort of help the conservatives in those states make a more conservative court. so i do think that this would favor the conservatives rather that the progressives or liberals so it's definitely worth considering. and i will say this. i mean one of the problems we do appoint supreme court justices and it turns out that it's kind of like a box of chocolates. you never know what you're going to get. >> you're right about that. >> with the liberal or progress progressive judges you know what you're going to get. everyone knows exactly how they're going to vote. we need to somehow level the playing field. >> sure.
3:50 am
all right. carrie i will give you the final 30 seconds. >> i think there's a lot more we could do to do a better job vetting judges. doing it at the front end is the most important thing because it's very hard to exert that check and following the retention elections in ohio we saw that inspired the left to raise more money. it's hard to kick people out in that type of situation because of the incumbency. because the messaging is all on one side. there's not a candidate to keep and compete in that election. unfortunately, i don't think it's going to offer the check that we really need. we need people who have a proven track record not need. we need people with a proven track record and then you get less of a box of chok rates. >> ending on a candy note. thanks for joining us this morning to talk about whether justices should be reelected. meanwhile coming up the "the new york times" picking on extremism. wait until you hear who the paper says is the biggest threat to the united states. by the way, they're in the
3:51 am
united states. >> listen up kids. is your child addicted to the ipad? that might not be such a bad thing if you know which app to use. the cyber guy is on deck with what you need to know. there's some facts about seaworld we'd like you to know. we don't collect killer whales from the wild. and haven't for 35 years. with the hightest standard of animal care in the world, our whales are healthy. they're thriving. i wouldn't work here if they weren't. and government research shows they live just as long as whales in the wild. caring for these whales, we have a great responsibility
3:52 am
to get that right. and we take it very seriously. because we love them. and we know you love them too.
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3:54 am
okay. we have a question for you. are your kids turning into digital zombies? the american academy of pediatrics po poses two hours of screen time each day. but the actual amount that kids are getting, seven hours a day. and that number is only going up during the summer months. so here with some ideas to protect our children from digital addiction is kurt knutsson. >> yes they're durng into zombies. >> parents want control. >> over the summer there's great
3:55 am
new technology that is out. there were complaint about youtube's new kid app about the content there. this new app is a kick starter program on its way. smart feed app. this sin vented by a gal who says hey, i want control over the content that's coming to my kid. so this gives you a lot greater control. what's unique about it is it will push the type of content you're allowing to your kid continuously. so the permitted stuff gets to your kids and not the bad stuff. and you're in total control of that. then we have the kids go out they're going to camp running around the neighborhood and there are these new sneakers coming out of china. this is like nike watch out. this company is called 361 sport. and they teamed up with a digital chip company. it's amazing what these do. embedded is a gps chip. it tracks your kid. they'll be coming to the state later this year.
3:56 am
but this is a break through in the way shoes are made. and we've seen similar technology here but nothing that comes this close. >> so you don't lose your kids rm right. take a look at these watches. parents love this. there's one coming out. this one is a little lower cost under $100 there and kids wear that, you can track them and that kind of stuff. the better one that parents are reviewing is phillip. and phillip 2 is the matter watch that allows you to stay connected with your kids. they can take voice calls, you can set five numbers for your parents and also you have the ability to put the red button that's on the watch phone so they can hit that, hold it for four seconds and it sends off an emergency signal. you know exactly where they are. you know my very good friend mommy and heather is out there. now they can play in the neighborhood. when you go online we'll end up showing you a very cool way to set your restrictions that's so
3:57 am
easy. >> such a help. thanks so much kurt. chaos is greece and banks are ordered to stay c. people lining up at the atms if a live mash for cash. could it happen here? we're live in athens at the top of the hour. it really opens the passages. waiter. water. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla apremilast. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months.
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and why we continue to create new technology to connect you to the people and places that matter. good morning. today is monday. it's june 29 thd. i'm filling in for elizabeth this morning. banks have actually shut down after a run on atms in greece. the country's debt crisis is spiraling out of control and already taken a toll on the marks all across the world. could this happen here? we have a live report straight ahead. captured this murderer on the run no more. the cold blooded killer shot twice by police and now lie in critical condition. how one cop finally tracked him down. and walmart doing damage control after refusing to bake somebody a confederate flag cake. but then the icing is isis. it was okay to get an isis cake
4:01 am
just not a confederate flag cake. they say it was an honest mistake. we ale report and you will decide. live from new york city it's "fox and friends." it was one of those stories where everyone said did you hear, they got them. even people i didn't know cared about this story were telling me they got him. it was a fox news alert. it was a dramatic takedown after three weeks on the run. >> convicted killer david sweat shot and captured by a single police sergeant miles from the canadian border. >> sweat's arrest coming two days after his accomplice was killed by the police. peter doocy is live with a closer look at the capture. peter he almost made it to canada. >> reporter: he almost made it. and the man who wound up face to face with the fugitive murderer
4:02 am
david sweat is waking up this morning a hometown hero. it says so right on the front page of the malone telegram. his name new york state police sergeant jay cook. the firearms instructor who grew up near here and was driving by himself when he saw the man from the wanted posters joog u there a residential area. sergeant cook had to make a choice, let him get away or shoot him. >> at some point running across a field he realized that sweat was going to make it to a tree line and possibly could have disappeared and he fired two shots from his service weapon his handgun hitting sweat twice in the tore so. >> reporter: we were standing feet away from the ambulances that slowly shuttled sweat to a local hospital. but that facility was not equipped to treat his pair of gunshot wounds so sweat is now in albany medical center in
4:03 am
critical condition. once done at the hospital it will be back to jail. david sweat was not armed like his partner in crime richard matt. and now his own mother says she's just happy he made it through the manhunt alive. >> i'm glad he's not dead. i don't. i wish he would have gave up a long time ago. >> reporter: there are still a lot of gaps in the trail between the prison and the spot where richard matt was killed and the spot sweat was apprehended. but we're learning that trail with all of the gaps in it was concealed with pepper. the fugitive david sweat was using an old trick to try to conceal his scent from canine units. but that old trick did not stop this hero new york state police sergeant from seeing david sweat who is not going anywhere anytime soon. thank you. >> peter, thank you very much. so he's not the hospital right
4:04 am
now. next stop back in the big house. >> he's going to be in court today, being arraigned. he's the one who delivered the meat and gave him a tour of the bowels of the place they would later use to escape. >> yeah all sort of questions they've got to answer. >> he was hiding in the woods for all of these weeks and all of the sudden he goes out on the street and he was caught. glad he did. >> maybe that's the way they were traveling all the time. right near the road but effort somebody would come in they would go into the tree line. it's five minutes after the top of the hour. heather joins us now with some headlines. >> we have other stories that we're following. a small plane plunges to a massachusetts home exploding into a pal of flames killing everyone on board. but somehow the family inside the home managed to get out safely. >> everybody at the crash scene was in great peril. it's a miracle that the four
4:05 am
occupants were able to get away from the home. >> the pilot reported some engine trouble be before it went down. the ntsb arrived on the scene to investigate. a story eerily similar to the missing fugitives in upstate new york. christopher mcneill was from close to the prison where he escaped in north carolina. he hopped the fence, his getaway driver, a prison worker web kendra miller right there now facing a long list of charges. police say they worked together in the kitchen and they had a romantic relationship. also new tonight -- or new overnight we should say, a raging wildfire forcing 1,000 people out f their homes in washington state. the fast moving flames all of this fueled by high temperatures and fierce winds burning three square miles east of seattle and destroying a dozen structures so
4:06 am
far. up to 60 homes remain in danger. firefighters battling the blaze in temperatures over 100 degrees. she was arrested for taking down south carolina confederate flaeg and now michael moore is offering to pay bree newsome's bail. this video of the activist going viral over the weekend. shortly after her arrest moore tweeted this i will pay her bail money or any legal fees she has. please let her know this. she's charged with defacing a monument and facing a fine of up to 5,000$5,000 or three years in prison. that's a lack at your headlines. speaking of the confederate flag walmart apparently refused to make a confederate flag for a fellow down in slidell, louisiana. he called up saying i would like to order a confederate flag
4:07 am
cake. they said sorry, we can't do that. so he went back the next day and said okay you won't make a confederate flag for me how about -- he showed them a design and they said yeah we can make it. it was the isis flag. and they made it. >> they can actually sleep at night if they make the isis flag as opposed to the confederate flag. >> walmart apologized and said the employee making the cake did not recognize the image. >> they said thaw that the cake should not have been made. the larger issue -- there's the youtube video that he put together to get the story out. earlier we were talking to lieutenant colonel alan west about the message he would like to send to the companies like walmart that have banned the flag. he said this. listen. >> the public will make that decision. you know provide the product and if the public decides they do not want to purchase it you
4:08 am
will be able to understand the sentiment of the public. but to be caught up in this frenzy that's now how the market should be reacting because then they become pawn to the politicized message of the left. >> now nascar is going to be the latest to take it down and say it's not going to be here. eight minutes now after the hour. he's change gears to another huge story. this is something people all over the world are talking about. today it's a mad dash for cash. huge atm lines in greece as the country's financial crisis hits a tipping point today. >> banks ordered to stay closed for six days as citizens rushed to withdraw their money while they still can. ashley webster is live in athens greece the latest for us zblsh good morning, guys. well the lines are diminished simply because many atms have run out of cash. banks closed today and will be for the next six days.
4:09 am
and right now greek people can only take out 60 euros. that works out to $66 a day. the reason is the banks are running out of money and they don't want people taking it all out and spending it overseas or putting it under their mattress. so $66 is all that can be taken out right now from those atms that have actually have cash. they point out that tour roiss can take out as much money if they want but that's no good in the atm has no money in it. all of this part of the greek debt crisis that could see the country fall out of the euro zone. the creditors making greece live up to some harsh austerity levels. here we are. it's a standoff with neither side blinking right now and it's a serious situation for greece.
4:10 am
if they fall out to have the euro zone things could get tougher. greek people will go to a vote next sunday and they'll be asked if they agree to the european terms. if they vote no that could be a no to stay in the your vo zone. >> are they prepared to switch currencies like that? is there a system to swap? >> it would take six month to go back. and it would be worth absolutely nothing. no buying power at all. and if the greeks think it's tough now, if they drop out of the euro zone it's going to become disastrous. >> this is what happens when a country spends more than they take in. >> and nobody works. >> in some cases. there are people who with working. >> there's ooh few people in greece working but not enough working and instead of doubling
4:11 am
down like the irish did, the greece went the other way and elected a government that said you don't have to pay anything back. >> they can only take out $66 to last them for the next six days. >> can you imagine going to the atm and they limit it? come back tomorrow and get another 66 bucks. all right. meanwhile, the "the new york times" taking on extremism but not muslim extremism. wait until you hear what the paper saz is the biggest threat to the united states of america today. they say lightning doesn't strike twice but don't tell us to this guy. he's been hit by lightning twice. he joins us live. benny's the oldest dog in the shelter. he needed help all day so i adopted him. when my back pain flared up, we both felt it. i tried tylenol but it was 6 pills a day. with aleve it's just two pills, all day. now i'm back!
4:12 am
aleve. all day strong.
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my school reunion's coming fast. could be bad. could be a blast. can't find a single thing to wear. will they be looking at my hair? won't be the same without you bro. when it's go, go to the new the site with the right room, rewards
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and savings up to 20% when you book direct. if you're suffering from constipation or irregularity powders may take days to work. for gentle overnight relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. ducolax provides gentle overnight relief, unlike miralax that can take up to 3 days. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief. at least according to the "the new york times." it's just published a study from the new american foundation claiming 48 recent deaths are linked to right wing extremists while only 29 deaths are linked to muslim extremisms and they call the report nonpartisan. joining us now kevin jackson to break it down.
4:16 am
and retired las vegas police department randy sutton national spokesperson for the american council on public safety. let's start with you, kevin. do you have a problem with this study? >> the biggest hack job i've ever seen brian. first of all let's define what is considered right wing or left wing terrorism or extremism. in the case of for example, dylann roof they've thrown him into the right because he passed by a right wing building or something. don't know how they defen that. dylann roof is a product of the left wing. he's a product of their education system. and firmly as much as they want to blame it on the right, as far as i'm concerned, you can look at everything he's done and it's absolutely adds up to leftism. >> gotcha. >> and then if you look at the report there's in on the report that says left wing extremist. there's right wing extremists and then there's nonjihadists or
4:17 am
something like that. they don't reference it. >> the fbi and homeland security have a dual terror alert saying look out for july 4th because isis is determined to hit us hereby and they've been radicalized via the internet. but we've been looking at the wrong people according to the study. >> what you saw was statistic fiction where you want manipulate the numbers because you have your own agenda. i did it. this is very similar to the united states government calling the ft. hood massacre workplace violence. i bet they didn't put those numbers of those people 13 people killed in one single incident which was of course muslim extremism. >> the other thing that's interesting is they're just counting death. while every death is terrible maybe the truth is who's been arrested open charged. since 9/11 289 individuals with charged with jihad terrorism in the united states. 183 nonjihadists.
4:18 am
every death is terrible but to compare these to the international terrorist groups, that's "the new york times" editorialist. >> the way it's written, it's completely skewed. it omits a lot of crime that we would include as terrorism of some sort. this report has zero credibility. we could parse this thing all day long but it's exactly what he mentioned before statistic, you know, ma lip nation more than anything. >> why would they write it then in. >> because there's clearly some political agenda going on. something very interesting, they say they're nonpartisan, of course. but you know who is one of the board of directors? it's the son of george store rus who has a political agenda going on rnls i'm shush they don't
4:19 am
talk about anything but a little thanksgiving. thank you both. 18 minutes after the hour. still ahead, don't say everything can succeed in this society if they work hard enough because that's racist. the new list of phrases you cannot say on campus, not just on the west coast but now in wisconsin. up next the fast food you can have without feeling guilty.
4:20 am
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4:22 am
time new for quick political headlines on this monday. let's make it 15. ohio governor john kay sis set to throw his hat into the
4:23 am
presidential ring. he will make an announcement at ohio state university on july 21st. ahead of a major announcement tomorrow, new jersey governor chris christie releasing a preview for his 2016 campaign for president in a new video entitled "telling it like it is." christie tells a crowd how husband late mother taught hum to be open and honest with his voters. and the underdog comes out swinging. we are going to win new hampshire. we're going to win iowa and i think we're going to win the democratic nomination. >> vermont independent bernie sanders who has been campaigning hard in new hampshire in standing room only crowds. he's doing well very well in the polls. got a fast food craving that you just can't kick? >> welcome to kid burger.
4:24 am
can i take your order? >> it doesn't mean that you have to slam the brakes on your diet. there are some healthy options out there for your summer road trip. joining me now, women's health magazine contributor and registered dietitian kerry glassman. >> great to be here. i love that guy, by the way. >> i do too. when you're stopping at star starbucks what can we eat that's healthy. >> most people want a muffin or a gooey something. but if you have the java craving, you can still have something healthy, including the brown rice and veggie bowl. you're getting the whole grains from the brown rice, the veggies veggies, a little fiber and water volume. go for something like that. >> chipotle get the bowl but skip the rice. >> i love chipotle because mexican is so super satisfying and you can skip the rice if you
4:25 am
want just get the beans. do one scoop of meet. go for the guac and then the salsa. >> what about mcdonald's. >> this is some of us we end up going through the drive through. something as simple as a plain burger is actually going to be one of your better options because many people do the salads but thaw end up with the fried crickhicken. go for a simple purger and a side salad. and then there's some apple slices that you can get. >> what about wendy's? >> wendy's is pretty easy to eat super simple. the side salad, the chili i love because you're not getting the
4:26 am
processed refined white bun. it's just the protein from the meat some vegetables in there. and a baked potato skip the sour cream and the butter if you want. some real food and certainly better than the fries. >> i love that you included somd carbs because nobody really wants just the plain salad. you've included the chili and the baked potato. >> it's more about nutrients than calories but that chili is only 170 calories. >> thank you. this is wonderful. we're heading into summer. a lot of road trips. a fox news alert. the manhunt is now over. escaped killer david sweat shot and lying in crate call condition this morning. could he face the death penalty if he survives? we're going to ask the d.a. handling the case when he joins us live. and they say lightning does not strike twice but don't tell it to that guy. his name actually is rod and he's been hit by lightning two
4:27 am
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it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini. here we go. police shot and captured escaped prisoner david sweat near the canadian border two days after his accomplice richard matt was gunned down by the police. might have been drunk at the time. with the death penalty off the table at new york will any punishment fit this crime? andre, where do you think this is going to go in terms of a charge? >> good morning. what we have facing us right now is an escape in the first degree charge. it's only a d felony in new york state. but at this time it's the only charge that we can file against david sweat. >> okay. so how does that work out? wasn't he already serving life
4:31 am
in prison? you're going to ad whatever he gets for this on top of life right? >> it would be placed consecutive on top of life. but the fact is that we have to prosecute these cases. there is never any finality. you know david sweat escaped from the facility over three weeks ago. we have to pursue the criminal charges against him and seek the penalty if that can be imposed. >> basically you're wasting your time and money. why waste everyone's time? >> well, that's a good point and it's a point that is coming up in conversations. but i think if you checked with each and every one of my colleagues throughout the state, we would all affirm that we need to prosecute these cases. there is never any finality. you know sweat would obviously have opportunities to exercise his rights in the judicial
4:32 am
system. but we're going to continue to go forward with the prosecution. >> andrew will he go back to the same facility where he was sleeping with this prison worker who might get her job back? >> and he escaped from. >> well i don't think that they will be going back to clinton correctional facility. there will be other facilities in the state, such as the upstate correctional facility in malone. it's a security maximum facility. that's the type of facility he would be placed in. >> are there plans to fix the facility where he did escape. there's so many problems. if two prisoners escaped and he's sleeping with the person who works there. >> there's no allegation that he's sleeping with the worker and those are issues that will be coming out in the next few weeks. but we have to deal with that situation, not only in the legal system but also internally.
4:33 am
clinton correctional facility the inspector general's office is conducting an investigation on those allegations and we're dealing and working with the inspector general. >> sure. andrew you're in a tough spot because you're just following the rule of law. and that's what we want you to do. so we know what's going to happen to mr. sweat. he's going to go back and spend the rest of his life in prison. but what will happen -- what is the nature of upcoming charges against joyce mitchell the woman who allegedly helped these guys palmer the corrections officer as well. how soon might we see charges against them? >> well there with charges filed against them already. joyce mitchell's charges have been transferred to county court to go either by grand jury presentment or court information and gene palmer appears in court this afternoon at 4 o'clock with his new attorney from albany and we'll be appearing there and
4:34 am
making a determination with his lawyer as to how we'll proceed. >> do you expect any other charges against any other people? >> at this point in time the investigation is continuing to find out who may have assisted sweat and matt in their escape and we'll continue to pursue any charges that would be appropriate. >> who will question sweat? >> well right now he's still at the albany medical center. the new york state police would obviously be involved in that interrogation should he agree to speak with law enforcement officers. he is not obligated to do that. but once we get him out of the medical center and have him processed processed, we'll be proceeding with making an initial inquiry if we can do an interrue with him. >> the district attorney for clinton county new york.
4:35 am
andrew wily. thank you very much. let's hand it over to heather chilleders. >> it will be interesting if mitchell facing additional charges because some folks say they were too lenient originally. the video is hard to watch. we've been tell you about this. a was thrown from a carnival ride but what happens next is simply amazing. do you see what happened there in the highlighted portion? it happened in sweden. the six-year-old was thrown from the ride when his harness came loose. but his life was saved thanks to a carnival worker who actually caught him. that worker carried him right to his father's arms. we'll told she's fine. shark attacks are surging along the coast of the carolinas. an 18-year-old is upgrated to serious conditions after getting bit at the outer banks this weekend. this is the seventh attack this
4:36 am
month alone. beach goers are being urged to remain vigilant in the water as we head into the busy july 4th weekend. the landmark decision gives same-sex couples the right to marry. the attorney general in texas says that the clerk consist refuse them. he says that county clerks and their employees can deposit nigh a couple a marriage license based on their religious beliefs. he says although lawsuits may be filed, there's plenty of legal support to back up their refusal. sometimes being forgetful, sometimes it pays off. bob so vo left his glasses apparently at home so he could scratch off the scratch off machine in the grocery store. it was blurry to him. he thought he was getting two $20 tickets but instead he got one $30 ticket and it turns out that that $30 ticket was a
4:37 am
$30,000 winner. so he might be leaving his glasses a home a little more often. >> no kidding. >> thank you very much. it's 24 minutes before the top of the hour. we're in new york city where today is a beautiful day. >> that's right. it's a beautiful day today across the northeast. sunshine, pleasant temperatures even for this time of the year. we're not looking at temperatures too hot. they're going in 70s in the region. across portions of the rockies we're looking a storms and some of the storms could produce some severe weather, across parts of ohio and kentucky. we have a tornado threat throughout the day today. and tomorrow that storm system will keep moving eastward and we have the risk for additional severe storms anywhere from arkansas to new york state. here's a look at your high temperature. temperatures only in the 70s across parts of the northeast. 60s across parts of new england.
4:38 am
and the southeast last week you were dealing with extreme heat temperatures well into the 90s and also a lot of humidity. a little bit better this week. still warm out there with the temperatures in the 80s. but outer west we're talking extreme heat. high pressure in place. 99 degrees as far north as billings montana. parts of idaho, you're very hot, triple digit forecasts for you out there and in utah and in the desert southwest. >> it's summer. thank you very much. well you know they say lightning never strikes the same place twice but try telling that to our next guest. he was struck twice and survived and his name couldn't be more fitting. the guy hit by lightning, his name is rod. rod wolf who is either the luckiest or unlucky man alive joins us today from chicago. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. >> tell us about the first time 18 years ago when you were struck by lightning.
4:39 am
>> i was work in a cemetery. we're in the funeral business. and we had had a service and the catholic priest stopped the service in the cemetery because of lightning. which i still had to do my job. i was tearing down the equipment for the funeral and about 75 yards away a pine tree got hit. and at that time it came through the ground and got me. and i just had a little tingle in my fingertips and my ears and a surgical spot i had had done prior to that was the only thing that i felt at that time. >> what happened -- was it a few days ago? >> it was a week ago saturday on the 20th. >> what happened? >> i was getting ready for a house and garden walk for our humane foundation and about 9:00 i was out in the yard and it started raining and i had to install a you spout because i thought it was going to wash all of my mulch off that i had
4:40 am
gotten the day before. so i was on all fours, i fixed the downspout and i had just gotten up and was walking back to the garage when i seen an emergency vehicle going west on our county road and i peeked around the tree to see the emergency vehicle. and the next thing i knew i was lay on my driveway in a lot of pain. i apparently was hit. >> you said you had trouble breathing, you were disoriented and out for a second in. >> yes, i was out. when i woke up i couldn't breathe, having problems breathing, really bad chest pains and a head ache i've never had before. my feet were burning like a sensation of a tingling burn. and almost like a frostbite feeling where they hurt. >> sure. >> and then when i -- i was trying to get any wife's attention. she had been in the back yard and she came around and literally got me into the
4:41 am
garage. but it had thrown me probably 15-plus feet you know when i woke up. >> you know rod, anybody who has been struck -- none of us have been struck by lightning, thank goodness. anybody who is struck by lightning once if it just starts to get cloudy you're going to be inside. and yet you didn't realize there was a threat of thunder that day, did you, last saturday? >> well i did. that's the bad thing was i was watching the lightning show to the north of us and then i kept thinking i got a little time i'm going to keep getting this yard work done. >> no no. >> yeah. so you know being a fire chief i had been for 17 and a half years, i kind of knew better but i decided i had to get the downspout fixed because i spent all of that time and money on getting the yard right. and you know now, you're right. now when the clouds come out, i'm hiding. >> rod, obviously there's a big
4:42 am
plan for your life. god wants you to stay here on earth for a little bit longer. how do you feel emotionally going forward with your future? >> you know it's put a whole new outlook on things. you know you just take life for granted, the next day you're going to be here. but that could have very well ended worse than what it did. >> yeah. >> and we've got some fantastic grandkids and children and family and friends and my wife. yeah. and you know i'm just blessed to be here to be able to enjoy them again. >> don't go outdoors ever again. just stay indoors. let them come to you. >> good advice. >> i got out of the car this morning, chicago, it was raining. i thought, there's going to be lightning. >> just out of curiosity, who is the first person who's dubbed you "lightning rod" by the way? >> probably my sister powelly brought it to my attention one
4:43 am
evening. >> rod wolf struck by lightning twice. >> go seize the day, rod. >> and get a lottery ticket. >> that's right. >> thanks for sharing your story. >> bye. >> glad you're okay. >> thank you. 17 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up. have you ever said everyone can succeed if they work hard? well probably a lot of people have said that. according to one school if you say that you're a racist. there is a new lust of phrases that are being banned on one campus. they're going to share them with you coming up. are you flying anytime soon maybe for the fourth of july? don't change the channel. we're going to tell you the safest seat on the plane and it turns out, it happens to be the cheapest seat. it's time for you trivia question of the day. born on this day in 1947 this comedian is known for always
4:44 am
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my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? we got a fox news alert for you right now. the american plans to train syrian rebels to fight isis off to an embarrassing start. less than 100 syrian rebels are currently being trained. 100. even though the obama administration hoped to produce over 3,000 fighters this year. apparently it's been hard to find enough syrians who aren't already aligned with the bad guy. a cigarette may be to blame for the massic explosion at a water park in taiwan. police are questioning two suspects even the event organizer. one person was killed and 500 for hurt when a colorful powder was released into a crowded
4:48 am
dance party and then the powder caught on fire. the police are at it again, cracking down on traditional phrases on the university of wisconsin campus. >> the latest offense is this. everyone can succeed in society if they work hard enough. apparently at the university of wisconsin that's offensive to black people. houston powers is a columnist for the usa today and she joins us right now. kirsten, there's so many times, even if i don't agree, i can understand the other side. i cannot believe the columns of things that are not allowed at the university of wisconsin. what about you? >> well this idea of racial microaggression, some of this things they have on their list obviously are offensive. i would put them under the racist you know, people who
4:49 am
refuse to get on an elevator with a black person. but other things are just -- america is a melting pot is on there. so that would be something i would be guilty of a racial microaggression of saying or asking someone where they're from which i think we all do probably just the sort of polite small talk and being interested in other people. >> if you ask an asian to help you with your math or science problem, that's a microaggression. >> so the thing that people need to understand about this i write about it in my book this is speech policing. this is basically very chilling to speech because it's making people feel like -- i mean if these things are out of bounds wouldn't you be afraid to say anything? >> exactly. >> if you're accused of a microaggression, you're an aggressor to somebody akin to a physical attack. people aren't going to want to talk to people because they're going to think, can i ask a
4:50 am
student who is in my class who is good at math who is asian to help me no. >> you're not able to say if you work hard you're accomplish your dream or you're not allowed to say america is the land of opportunity. a lot of people believe that fact. >> people can certainly take issue with the statement that everybody who works hard will get ahead. i personally don't know that that's always the case. but it's not racist. >> how about this. where are you from and where are you born. they're saying well you're saying you're not an american and you're a foreigner. really? where are you from? where are you born? we used to have national nalty days in school where we talked about our heritage now we can't do that. if someone is walking around lost you here not supposed to give them directions. our campus and classrooms have been inclusive places that respect the diverse backgrounds. i don't know what that means.
4:51 am
>> well it's not -- the thing about it is it's not actually allowing for diversity. >> thanks so much. we're going to tell you something about flying that will change your life. for 35 years. with the hightest standard of animal care in the world, our whales are healthy. they're thriving. i wouldn't work here if they weren't. and government research shows they live just as long as whales in the wild. caring for these whales, we have a great responsibility to get that right. and we take it very seriously. because we love them. and we know you love them too. ♪ to you, they're more than just
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a pet. so protect them... ...with k9 advantix® ii. it's broad-spectrum protection k ills fleas ticks and mosquitoes too. k9 advantix® ii. for the love of dog™.
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4:54 am
well the comic who dresses in black who was born on this date back in the '40s, we're talking about richard lewis. and our winner is tom from wyoming. you're going to get a copy of brian's book. congratulations. meanwhile before you book your next flight the safest seat on the airplane could actually be the cheapest seat. >> passengers in the middle seats at the back of the aircraft have the highest survival rates in crashes.
4:55 am
>> but it smells bad back there. >> joining us now is cheryl from the fox business network. >> yesterday on the plane i went to the back and there's in way. there is no way. >> you mean the back of the plane smells? >> yeah. that's actually where you are safest. time actual he went back and analyzed all of this data over 35 years. you probably have a favorite seat and it's probably not in the back of the plane. but the middle seat sitting there could save your life. this looked at passengers who sat in the middle seats of the back of the aircraft. the fatality rate is 28%. >> not the aisle, not the window. >> the middle seat in the back of the aircraft. and the worst seats for survival aisle seats in the middle of the plane. that's a 44% fatality rate. >> that would be me. >> that's where i sit. i usually sit in the middle of
4:56 am
the plane on the emergency exit but i'm an aisle person. >> if you give me a choice between surviving or sitting in the middle seat of the back i'd rather not live. it's my nightmare. i'd rather not live. no worse an area than that. >> former flight attendant, 1 in 8,000 chance you're going to die in an aircraft. you're going to die from a bee sting before you die in a plane crash. and also factor in most accidents happening on takeoff, they happen on landing. that was put into the survey and the report to kind of show the -- it was really interesting. but sit by the exits. that's what i do for the most part. a, i know how to get the door open. i can take care of business. >> sit in the middle seat next to the exit. thank you very much. >> that leaves for aisles and windows for us. >> in the front of the plane in first class.
4:57 am
meanwhile coming up the republican presidential pop about to get deeper chris christie and john kasich about to jump in. plus arnold schwarzenegger part two, straight ahead. introducing the kelley blue book price advisor. the powerful tool that shows you what should pay. it gives you a fair purchase price that's based on what others recently paid for the same new car and kelley blue book's trusted pricing expertise. when you travel, we help you make all kinds of connections. connections you almost miss. and ones you never thought you'd make. we help connect where you are. to places you never thought you'd go. this, is why we travel.
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vo: ask your health care provider about adding novolog®. it can help provide the additional control you may need. good morning. it's june 29th. i'm filling in for lizabeth tonight. payoffs in greece banks closing their doors as people are lining up outside of atms in a mad dash for cash. could this happen here in the united states? we're live in athens in a few moments. captured ap 22 days on the run, the culler no more on the run. he was shot twice by police. 's now in critical condition in a hospital in albany. the story of how one cop finally tracked him down. we're live there plus we'll have the governor from new york state live. the governator 101, e had a chance to ask him some hard questions like -- >> are you comfortable being
5:01 am
naked? you're naked a lot in this. when you go into our world or that world, you're naked. were you really naked? >> he finally answers that question and so much more because the terminator is coming back. that's why he asked that question. arnold schwarzenegger knows mornings are better with friends. brian, mornings are better with clothes. >> that's true. >> i hope he's the only guest this hour you ask about being naked. >> i watched all of the terminator movies and i realized when he goes from world to world he ends up totally naked and he's got to go get clothes and i'm amazed how comfortable he is naked. more europeans are more comfortable than us. >> conducted a poll? >> my own. changing directions here let's start with the breaking news. fox news alert.
5:02 am
shot cuffed and under arrest. escaped killer captured after spening three weeks running from the police. >> a single sergeant is responsible for the takedown. comes two days after sweat's accomplice richard matt was killed. peter doocy is live in con stable new york where all of the ak unfolded and wrapping up this 23-day stay. what's going on this morning? >> reporter: brian, david sweat was wearing heed to toe camouflage and had been wearing pepper shakers to throw off the scent of the canines. but none of it fooled sergeant jay cook the one out of 1300 law enforcement officers combing the countryside near canada who fanlly spotted sweat jogging down the road and had a choice to make. let him go or shoot. >> at some point running across a field he realized that sweat was going to make tight a tree line and possibly could have
5:03 am
disappeared and he fired two shorts from his service weapon his handgun hitting sweat twice in the torso. >> reporter: sweat was not armed and apprehended and he did not resist once shot. impaired by the injury so much that sweat's eyes were open when he wu rolled to the local hospital here on a stretcher but he was not talking. he was quickly air lifted to albany where he lays now in critical condition. the spot where the manhunt came to an end is near a barn not by the kind of hunting cabin it was speculated he might have been hiding out in. and once sweat was taken away the road blocks and grim faced officers disappeared within minutes. the neighborhood where this all went down is so close to canada that our cell phones are picking up towers knot of the border and sweat almost made it there. but he didn't. so now on what would have been day 24 of the manhunt, instead of starting a new life in a different country, he will go
5:04 am
back to serving life in prison just at a different facility. back to you. >> hope it's a different facile fi. ty. thank you. new york governor andrew cuomo is going to join us live and talking about david sweat's arrest. >> they were in civilian clothing and making their own meals. can you imagine this? this is another huge story. greece on the brink of collapse as negotiations own debt come to a screeching halt. >> people are making a mad dash for cash standing in long lines at atms. the banks are shutting down for six day. >> a fox business network ashley webster is live in athens. what's the lawsuitest? i had somebody come up to me this morning and say, can that happen here where the atms just simply run out of money.
5:05 am
>> reporter: yes, absolutely. we have long lines at the atms here in greece yesterday, not today because they don't have any cash in them. f 0 euros, $66 in the u.s. is what that is worth. that's the absolute moox mum. we're coming to the end of the month, tomorrow being the 30th and people have bills to pay, food to get and gas to put into their vehicles. all of these things are going to be difficult when you're living on 60 euros a day. the banks will stay closed until a week from today. the stock exchange also closed here in athens and everyone waiting to find out what the government will do. what will they do? will they find a way to reach an agreement with european creditors and final lu get more bailout money or do they not manage to achieve that and ultimately fall out of the eurozone. if that happens, things could
5:06 am
get very rough here indeed. unemployment already at 26%. it would get a lot worse if they fall out of the eurozone as we talked about early, go back to the original currency before the euro things could get very difficult indeed. >> that's the latest from greece but how many other nations in the eu are having similar trouble. they're watching to see ou greece handles it. >> greece is the extreme. they've been told for years you've got to suck it up and can't spend so much. >> spain and portugal right on their heels. >> thank you very much. heather is here with the headlines. ew overnight, another escaped murderer with a story eerily similar to the missing fugitives in upstate new york. he is captured. christopher mcneill was found 80 miles from the minimum security prison he escaped from in north carolina. police say he hopped the fence
5:07 am
at brown creek correctional institution. his get away driver, a prison worker kendra miller now facing a long list of charges. police say they worked together in the kitchen and had a romantic relationship. a raging wildfire forcing 1,000 people out of their home in washington state. burning nearly three square miles east of seattle and destroying a dozen structures. and it is hot. as many as 60 homes are in danger and at that hour firefighters are facing temperatures over 100 degrees. a fireworks display goes horribly wrong in ohio. ♪ >> nine people were injured after a box fell oef and that shot the fire works right into the crowd. all of the injuries are minor. the show was stopped minutes after the accident and it's not clear what caused the box to
5:08 am
fall over in the first place. and that right there, ladies and gentlemen, that is some major bling. a colorado woman digging up an 8.52 carat white diamond. she found the rare gem within 20 minutes in an area called the pig pen. it's the fifth largest diamond to be dug up since the area became a state park in 1972. he's yet to find out the exact cost of the gem. but more than that what is that quarter right there. and that's a look at the headlines. >> i used to love doing that when i lived in western north carolina. mining for gems. >> we were just talking about that yesterday when i was in north carolina. >> remember, we thought we were rich because we had all of these emeralds and purple stones. i'm sure they just threw those in there. >> i would go for the oysters
5:09 am
and try to find pearls. >> good luck. tuesday is the big day for government nor chris christiegovernor chris christie. he's going to oi nouns that he wants to be the next president of the united states. and on the 21st day of july ohio governor john kasich is going to spr the race. elizabeth sat down the chris christie's wife mary pat and talked to her a little bit about her husband not polling so well in his home state of new jersey. here's what she has to say. >> there was a recent poll i'd like to ask you about that had the governor's popularity rating at just 30%. does that pierce you? do you get defensive? how do you recover reading something like that about the man you love? >> it doesn't pierce me and i know that polls don't really matter certainly not right now
5:10 am
and not in new jersey where we have 700,000 or 800,000 more democrats than republicans. it's not really unusual that the democrats in new jersey would prefer that you know a democrat be in charge and not a republican. as a republican with a democratic legislature, chris has done a great job of trying to meld the two and really come up with solutions. >> it's interesting her interview is going to be a great one. it's going to air on wednesday. she sits down with somebody that according to chris christie could be the next first lady. i like chris christie's slogan too, "telling it like it is." donald trump saying he's a good friend of mine but he missed his opportunity. >> i think he's going to capture everybody's attention. >> if he makes the top ten, it would will great to watch him,
5:11 am
donald trump, mike huckabee. >> i think he's lost 80 pounds. he looks like he's ready to go. >> i do look forward to seeing the debates. bernie sanders on the democrat side is getting the biggest crowds and some in the hillary camp are going, we're not worried about him. they're worried about him. here he is over the weekend giving us a bold prediction. >> we are going to win new hampshire. we're going to win iowa and i think we're going to win the democratic nomination and i think we're going to win the presidency. >> here's the things. there's in way he's going to win. he's independent. he's a socialist. i'm prethe sure we're not going to go forthat. france told us how good that works. but his message, you're right, 100% his message is why did wall street get the bailout why did everyone not? what about the middle class. is question is what he plans on going to bolster the middle
5:12 am
class is where things get murky for the average american. >> at least he's confident. caught on camera a stunt that goes horribly wrong. look. the magician that's chris angel. he's running to help. he joins us live to tell us exactly what went wrong there. >> apparently everything went wrong. >> and walmart doing damage control after refusing to bake a confederate flag cake for a customer but then they baked the customer an isis flag. they say it was an honest mistake. we're going to report and you will decide. americans... ...57% of us try to excercise regularly. 83% try to eat healthy.
5:13 am
...yet up to... 90% of us fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more, together. add one a day. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus, for women, bone health support with calcium and vitamin d. ...and for men, it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium. take one a day multivitamins.
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5:16 am
the search for the fudge "tigers live" killers has drawn to a close as police shot and captured david sweat less than two miles from the canadian border yesterday afternoon. >> with the search now over the investigation returns to the prison. how deep does the corruption go. joining us right now the governor from new york governor andrew cuomo.
5:17 am
great to see you. describe the feeling you had when you heard that sweat was shot alive and at least captured. >> deep deep sense of relief, i think. you know from a governor's state of view a state's point of view the prison system is probably the most frightening and dangerous part of the job. here in the state we had the uprising under governor rockefeller, my father had the uprising uprising the up the river expression and this was the toughest state prison to use a word and these were really dangerous men. matt had killed at least two people. sweat had killed a sheriff's deputy run him over with a car, got out, shot him 17 times and then ran him over again. these were despicable people in a very rural part of the state.
5:18 am
and we were afraid somebody else would get hurt. we had 1,000 law enforcement officers for 22 days. but luckily it all turned out well. people did their job. law enforcement was fantastic. federal partners state partners local partners. and you could not have had a better outcome given the situation we were dealing with. >> absolutely. it's great that they got both of them. governor now that we've got him we got to look forward to that particular facility. wh when you look at what happened there, contraband going in having sex with prison employees. somebody looking in at the situation, it looks like like that particular prison was severely mismanaged and it's happening on your watch. >> yeah i know it does look like that. now, on the flip side, this is a
5:19 am
100-year-old prison, the first escape in 100 years. it can't really be out of control to that extent otherwise you would have had other escapes et cetera. think about that. first escape in 100 years. having said that this situation does present a lot of troublesome questions and bizarre frankly questions. you have a prison worker, a woman, mitchell who believes she's in love with one or two of the escapees. and the plan is to escape help them escape kill her husband and then the three of them will live happily ever after. i've heard a lot of fairy tales. i've never heard that fairy tale. we have a correction officer who acted inappropriately at best. we don't know that he directly aided the escape but he acted inappropriately. we have a practice in that prison where they have an honor
5:20 am
block. >> are you going to stop that. >> inmates get to go to the honor block. >> are you going to stop this? are you going to look top to bottom in new york and start revisiting this? >> we're doing two investigations, one on the accomplices, they're going to make the point that you're going to be fully prosecuted. and the second investigation is on the practices of this prison and do we need to change any systems or practices. >> governor i will say as a new yorker i was very impressed that you were there the very day this all happened. you were doing press koorchssconferences all weekend. >> governor andrew cuomo joining us today. the video is insane a child sent flying off a carnival ride. what happened next is a total miracle. how this one ends coming up. it's me and governor arnold schwarzenegger one on one and i'm asking the really hard
5:21 am
questions. >> are you comfortable being naked? you're naked a lot in this. when you go into our world to that world, you're naked. were you really naked? >> he finally answers that question was he really naked. >> help.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
developing story, a plane plunges sbo a house, exploding into flames killing everybody on board. we're live in plainville, massachusetts with the latest. jessica, what happened to the people in the house. >> reporter: we know that all four people in the home actually made it out unscathed. in the past couple of minutes investigators from the faa just showed up here. but as we take a look this is the house that we're talking about here all three people who were on board the plane were
5:25 am
killed. and the "boston globe" is reporting that one of them was a child. the ntsb said the plane was headed to an airport in norwood, massachusetts. radio calls believed to be from the pilot understood kate he was trying to make it to a nearby highway to land but was unable to. all four people inside the home they did make it out unscathed which which the state fire marshal said is nothing short of a miracle. we're excepting updates from the faa throughout the morning. all right. meanwhile, arnold schwarzenegger promises me he'd be back and now he is with his new movie out wednesday. i had a chance to talk with the governor not only on radio but to talk just for us on the radio. let's listen. >> i'll be back. >> what? >> i want to talk about what's on the foremost of your mind.
5:26 am
you're pumped up about that "terminator" movie and a lot of people saying it's back to its roots. in what way? >> i think people say because they've seen the movie, they were blown away by the story, the battle scenes the fight scenes and the chase scenes. the vushl eisual effects. i was impressed. james cameron said this is the continuation of "terminator 2" this is the true sequel. >> are you comfortable being naked? you're naked a lot. when you go into our world were you naked in there. >> i was really naked. you know there was no reason to put anything on the way it was shot with the back lighting you couldn't see anything. but also i have nothing to hide >> you have nothing to hide. that's true. so i love the fact that you're going back and i know how much that meant to you. is it done already? i know you like the script. are you done with it?
5:27 am
>> i love the script and now it's a matter of sitting down and figuring out when we're going to do it. then we're going to talk simultaneously with the same studio about twins and triplets and it will be with eddy murphy. >> you have another brother. >> at the funeral of the mother that the money gets divided up amongst all three of us and that's where we find out wait a minute what do you mean all three. >> right there i'm sold. >> i'm your twin brother. >> obviously. >> you do something else. the after school all stars. for me personally my mom had to work, my dad passed away i was in ninth grade. i never came home to a parent. lucky i stayed out of trouble. >> absolutely correct. more than 70% of the kids come from a family where both parents are working. so that means that there's no one there, no adult supervision. after school programs is a program that helps kids stay in
5:28 am
school after 3:00 and to get home work assistance and tutoring to help them with sports programs and fitness programs arts and music. and it keeps them away streets. >> you have the most unique way of raising awareness and money for this program i've ever seen. >> we war honored to where i went to the wax museum. through those means we raised millions of dollars. we're blowing a whole bunch of stuff up very soon. people are competing and sending in their money and this the winner will be picked. as a matter of fact you are going to be out there. >> i don't know what you're talking about. i was going to be do a celebrity stroll with you. my goal is to get a superstar like you and walk with them. i don't want it scripted. i want to do a an average day with arnold schwarzenegger. >> you would be amazed at what an average day looks like for
5:29 am
arnold. ♪ >> arnold finally, out of everything you've done so far, where does it end, including this terminator and conan and triplets where does this interview rank? >> everything you do is way up at the top. there's no competition around. >> what's next for you then? >> what's next for me is i'll be back. >> and he will be. yes that's great. >> he's really happy. there you go. you want to blow things up with arnold or compete to do that you costs $10 an hour and you get to walk down the street and blow things up with him. go to to donate. >> did he say -- what was the other line he always said? it's not a tumor. >> in the chopper. i gotta get to the chopper. the video made our hearts stop. an escape artist trapped in a
5:30 am
box of water. >> get him down! get him down! >> you can hear him saying get him out. this morning we're hearing from the man who saved his life. it's a "fox & friends" exclusive. and walmart refused to make a cake with a confederate flag on it instead they made one because the guy asked, can you make this isis flag for me. they did. walmart says it's a mistake. what do you say? ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and
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have you seen this video? an escape artist with no way out was trapped in a box full of water 30 feet above the stage.
5:34 am
>> get him down! >> this morning we're actually hearing from the man who saved his life. joining us life veja skype for his first tv interview since that incident is magician criss angel. thanks for joining us js thank for having me. good morning. >> how did you know something was wrong? >> well, the super naturalists is a show i was putting together in 2005 and i wanted to create revolution nal demonstrations that people haven't seen before. in my quest to do that i created this submerged. we were rehearsing the demonstration and i was trying to get his breath time up, teaching him the tech technique. as we were training he had an int accident where he blacked
5:35 am
out. i went and i pulled him out. i know the telltale signs for it. >> which are the telltale signs? >> he got further along, came to connecticut to where we were rehearsing the show doing it through three or four time. when was rehearsing again his mind said he could do it but his body said he couldn't. at that moment i saw hum go limp and kind of just wanted to get him out of there. and thank god everything worked out great and he's safe and sound, you know. >> no kidding. you were in rehearsals in las vegas. he had a problem with it haen then the same thing happen up at fox woods in connecticut. at what point do you say maybe this is too dangerous for the show. >> well you know when you do stuff that's dealing with water, escape and the types of things that you'll see in the super naturalists, you're always dealing with that issue. i blacked out, blew out my air
5:36 am
drum doing demonstrations. it's part and parcel. what we are try to do is take every safety precaution that we can take. but ultimately in life anything can go wrong will go wrong. >> how is he and is that you that jumped on both chains with both arms and hoisted yourself up? >> that was me. and you know honestly i didn't think about it. the only thing i thought of was to get him to safety which is out of the tank as quickly as possible. spencer horsman, we just completed or preview weekend here. people went absolutely crazy when they saw the super naturalists and spencer's escape which he did successfully. the day after that happened i gave him the day off because fox woods wanted him to get some rest and we wanted to ensure his safety in the future. it's like evil knievel doing a jump. that's the thrill of it.
5:37 am
you don't know what's going to happen. you don't want to hurt anybody but it's part of the risk of doing, you know things of that nature. i want to say to all of the kids that are watching please don't ever try to do anything like that anywhere at any time. >> this guy is a professional and he's one of the greatest magicians in the world. criss angel, thank you very much. good luck with your run in fox woods. >> we'll be here until july 23rd. hope to see you guys here. >> beautiful place. thanks a lot criss. he said you get the day off. >> fantastic. >> criss holds if record for the longest amount of time under water holding his breath. meanwhile it is 23 minutes before the top of the hour. het joins us with some video. >> that was scary stuff. it's real danger. we need to remember that. we have another one for you. this one involved a little boy. he was thrown from a carnival
5:38 am
ride but what happens next truly amazing. look closely there in the highlighted area. it happened in sweden. the six-year-old was thrown from the ride. it was when his harness came loose. but his life was saved thanks to a carnival worker who actually caught him. the worker carried him right to his father's arm and we'll told that the child is fine. talk about a buzz kill even though minnesota is going to pot, medical marijuana will only be available in pill and oil form. no marijuana plants or the colorful pipes. this is one of the strictest pot laws in the nation. only eight locations in the entire state will be dispensing weed. new york city mayor bill de blasio trying to butt out cigarettes in your own home. the city is planning to play health group to pressure landlords to ban spoke in apartment complexes.
5:39 am
it's already banned in public places. and finally we're bringing you barking news out of japan. the news has gone to the dogs. this poised pooch is taking the internet by storm in his classic anchorman suit. it's all part of a series of infomercials for a japanese bank. the dog is getting a round of a-paws from around the world. get it? a- a-paws? >> that's generous. adorable. >> they would not last two seconds in that chair. >> dog anchorman. meanwhile, ever since the murder at the church down in charleston there's been a move
5:40 am
across this country to ban the confederate flag. retailers including watt matter and amazon said they're not going to sell it anymore. a fellow in slidell, louisiana decided to put that to the test. he tried to order a confederate flag from walmart, a cake and they said you know what we can't make that for you. >> yeah they said they can't. so he said okay i have an idea for you. here's a mick chur. can you do this flag? they had no problem doing this flag. it happens to be an isis flag. how wrong is that. walmart saw the problem, said what can you do about it this guy didn't know what an isis flag was. lieutenant colonel allen west sees a bigger problem with all of this. >> the public will make that decision. you know provide that product and if the public decides that they don't want to purchase it then you will be able to understand the sentiment of the public. but just to be caught up in this political manufactured crisis and this frenzy that's not how
5:41 am
the market and retailers should be reacting because then they become pawns through the politicized mcessage of the left. >> walmart did apologize. >> jerry writes walmart blames an employee for not recognizing the isis flag. why didn't they have an anti-isis policy. >> i believe it was an honest mistake from a baker who had no idea what they were doing. >> i don't believe they didn't have some idea what the other one is. black and white is really only one terrorist group and i believe it's pretty clear that that's isis. maybe that person doesn't watch the news. they should. i choose this channel. 19 minutes wfrbefore the top of the hour. trying to get the cash out, is it too late? what will this do to the markets here at home.
5:42 am
what are arewill the greek people do. a public service officer banned from boarding a bus with his public service dog. he's here with his dog for the story next.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
markets here are expected to take a hit as the greek economic crisis still unfolds. dow is down 188 points. but the trading day opening in less than an hour. stocks in europe and asia taking sharp hits. and iphone users get set for better battery life. a new software update coming soon will give user an hour battery boost >> i need that. >> but you're willing to pay for it brian. >> yes. >> but new tests with, ios 9 shows that it slows the phone down by as much as 40%. are you a nervous flier? then sit in the back of the plane. a new study find that people sitting toward the back in
5:46 am
middle seats are most likely to survive crashes. the research is based on 17 air disasters dating back to the '80s. the most dangerous place to sit, the aisle seat near the wing. now we've got a fox news awe letter. the united states on high alert for a terrorist attack ahead of the independence day celebrations this week. oss the atlantic and britain, prime minister david cameron warning of a horrific attack from isis. kristin is live in washington. i get the sense this has people concerned this time. >> the fbi has already arrested ten u.s. citizens in the last three weeks for plotting attacks on american targets and now they're warning of an increased isis-inspired terror attack here at home on our independence day. the chairman of the homeland security committee called it extremely concerning.
5:47 am
>> i'm extremely concerned about the way that the syrian isis recruiters can use the internet at lightning speed to recruit followers in the united states with thousands of followers in the united states and then act vaut them to do whatever they want to do whether it's military installations, law enforcement or possibly a 4th of july event parade. >> for now, federal authorities say there's in specific threat in the u.s. but the british prime minister david cameron just told the bbc today that isis is planning specific attacks in the uk. he said quote there are people in iraq and syria who are plotting to carry out terrible attacks and as long as isil exists we're at a threat. this comes throe dies after terror attacks in france and kuwait. three attacks in three hours on three continents. the officials are still investigating if they were
5:48 am
coordinated attacks. but i think we can agree they were certainly inspired by isis. back to you. >> the worry is that we are next. >> they're all inspired on the internet exactly what happened in garland, texas which has people worried. july 4th is here. a triple heart recipient banned from boarding a public bus because of their service dog. that decorated veteran and his dog are here next. first, let's check in with bill and find out what he did this weekend. >> you would not want to know. more on the warnings here at home. a few great guests coming up. watch your 401(k) today, the concerns about greece and puerto rico. is gay marriage different for republicans than for democrats? ted cruz is making the case. there was another shark attack over the weekend and another rocket explodes after liftoff. what happened this time. martha and i will see you on a
5:49 am
busy morning top of the hour. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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5:52 am
a fox news alert. a group of suspects associated with a jihadi beach murderer have been arrested. 39 people were killed on friday when an isis gunman opened up fire on a popular tourist destination. he was shot dead by the police. steve? >> thank you, brian. a decorated veteran and his service dog banned from borgd a pub bus in new jersey because they didn't allow the dog on. >> the driver said no dogs allowed, no exceptions and then shut the doors in his face. here with more is that purple heart recipient and retired staff sergeant daniel rice. thanks for serving our country. >> thank you. >> tell us what happened on that day. >> i was trying to come home from school. i got to the bus and i put my
5:53 am
hand out as usual, everyone getting on the bus. and i went to get on and he slammed the door. i'm like what are you doing? no dogs allowed on the bus. he said no. he needs a muzzle. i'm scared. he was putting his hands over his face like he was scared to bite him. i opened the door he wouldn't and then he pulled off. >> so how did you get home? >> i actually had to wait for the second bus. he let me on but i had to show my military id. >> and the second driver had no problem? >> at first he told me i couldn't do it but then i'm like he's my handicapped service dog. >> i feel like this is something most people should know. when you see a service dog, you let nem in the restaurant you let them on the bus. it's clearly marked here. you have u.s. army on his colar. >> the u.s. army on his vest. >> do you think it was because -- normally we see service dogs that are golden
5:54 am
retrievers. pit bulls. >> pit bulls can do the same job. he's not vicious not trying to attack anybody. he's a good dog. >> well new jersey transit has put out a statement regarding this incident and they say appropriate measure wills be taken to address the situation once all of the facts have been gathered. have they reached out to you to apologize or anything? >> i got a phone call from the rep and they apologized on behalf of new jersey transit and said that the driver will be handled accordingly. they'll have basically a trial. i want the outcome to be awesome. >> what was tank do for you. i know you were injured in iraq an. does tank do for you? >> he's an extension of my left arm. i can't feel my left arm. he can push the buttons for him, open and close the refrigerator he can get my meds. if i have a panic attack or
5:55 am
anxiety attack he calms me down. >> how helpful has he been for you? >> a daily necessity. >> that dog has changed your life. >> very much so. u love taik. >> how many surgeries have you had? >> i've had nine surgeries so far on my left arm together. >> well let's hope going forward as you continue to go to school here in the new york city area and travel to new jersey and back home to pennsylvania you don't have a problem with new jersey transit. >> i don't think it's going to be too much of a problem anymore. >> we're pulling for you. you have two boys at home too. >> love them dearly. tank loves them and they love tank. >> daniel rice and tank thank you. good luck to you. thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> thank you for your service too. coming up next on the rundown, you though his music, lee greenwood. he's coming to "fox & friends" and you can see him perform. the details are next.
5:56 am
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take a look. these are some of the um imagines from our friday summer concert series. performing last week was janet cramer. she was here the year before and she did not let anybody down. everybody had a fantastic time. there she is with us. >> and who is going to be here this friday? >> yeah. we love this guy. we have lee agreewood coming up. he's awesome and it's perfect for the fourth of july. >> crowds are getting bigger and bigger each week. >> so if you are floating around midtown manhattan this friday come on over. he's going to start singing al inging at 8:00. if you're in ohio youp can watch the concert live. we'd love to see you here and famous davis will serve you a beautiful barbecue breakfast.
6:00 am
>> let's bring the sound up and listen. ♪ >> welcome. good morning, everybody, on a monday. the supreme court's back at it, . well done. injection. not quite same-sex marriage or obamacare, but we expect big decisions in about an hour and as soon as that happens we will bring it to you live. the man hillary clinton is over -- man is over. a hero state police offer spotting the convict chasing him down and shooting him twice. sweat is now in the hospital listed in critical condition, but a lot of relief being felt today. hope you had a great weekend i'm bill hemmer welcome to "america's newsroom." martha: good morning,


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