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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  June 29, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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egg and deep fries it. his creation, 1,000-calories and a stomach ache. gretchen is on the road for her book in chicago. and in d.c., join her tomorrow. great to see you all. >> prison escapee is dead and the other in custody. now we're hearing more about their plain. a plan that apparently included a nice trip to mexico. also why david sweat reportedly ditched his partner the guy hacksaw, and judge napolitano says why prosecutors may be looking to caught deal with sweat to avoid a trial. >> are islamic state terrorist planning an independence day attack here in the united states? we'll have the warning and the intelligence for what it's worth. so let get to it. good monday afternoon from the news deck. first today the surviving fugitive in the prison break
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upstate in new york, thought his older partner was slowing him down. that's the word from the new york governor, andrew cuomo who says the pair of killers split up other a few days before they were caught. he says the cop killer, david sweat, is now talking talking about the escape and more. doctors say he is in serious condition now. that's upgraded from critical. after a trooper shoot him yesterday and took him down. according to the new york governor david sweat says he ditched his partner richard matt because he had blisters that made it hard for him to keep up. that left richard matt for fend for himself. he was sick and at the time of the shootdown, little drunk. when cops closed in on him in a cabin on friday. officials say a gunshot and then a cough may have given away his location and sealed his fate. police say they shot him three times in the head before he ever had a chance to use the shotgun that they say he had. that sent hundreds of searchers scrambling to find the other
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guy, the surviving fugitive in the end it was one state troop ore who made the bust. he opened fire after spotting david sweat on a country road, only 0 couple of mileses from the canadian border. the killer's own mother seemed relieved. >> if wish he would have gave up a long time ago. i wish he would have stayed where he was instead of leaving there with that guy. i was kind of scared that guy was going to kill him when he got done with him. 'i'm grad he didn't. >> the takedown happened in a little town of constable new york, two miles from the canadian border. that is just north of where cops shot and killed his partner two days earlier about 30 miles from the mask security prison right here. of course, theyeven leave upstate new york, which really makes it progress toward their original goal of mexico, not so good. the governor said the plan fell through when the prison worker
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accused of helping them, after having section with them, got cold feet. rick leventhal has more information, and first laura ingle in albany where sweat is in the hospital. apparently he's doing better? >> reporter: he is doing better, making the jump from credit dollar serious condition. the news shortly announced just a few hours ago and as doctors continue to evaluate and treat sweat, investigators here, who are inside, continue to try to squeeze out information from this captured criminal who had kept them on the hunt for the last 23 days. now, sweat was finally taken into custody as we have been reporting, bloody, dirty wearing camouflage he apparently stole from a hunting cabin he and his fellow escapee richard matt broke into. he was toting a bag with map tools and pop tarts. investigators are slowly gifting the information from him as he receives care. he was brought here after first
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being evaluated at a local hospital near where he was caught yesterday. the medical director releasing a statement this afternoon talking about the tight security surrounding their new patient stating that the new york state police working with the albany police the department of corrections and the albany medical security staff are taking appropriate measures to ensure the safety and security of our patients and their families, our replyees and the public. imagine if you have family member in the hospital, sweat did not require surgery. they do say hi will be here several more days. >> what about charges? >> reporter: he hasn't been charged yet but we're hearing he might be soon. now, the clinton county district attorney said today that while sweat is in prison for life, as we know, on the 2002 murder charges he could be looking at years of solitary confinement maybe up to 12. the, in state police say they're hoping to learn more from sweat about the details of the prison
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break and if anyone else helped them out. >> well, he'll be turn over to the department of corrections after he is a appropriately charged and arraigned and put back in custody and of course we have lot of questions for him. we'd like to fill in the gaps, as i'm sure the department of corrections would like to fill in many gaps, and then apply lessons learn. >> the d.a. told us he will be meeting with law enforcement today to discuss the charges. we'll let nowow if we hear neglect more. >> we'll hear from judge napolitano on that in a second. he doesn't think any of that is true. he doesn't think there will be that much more time. a falls nateing theory about what is going on. thousands of searchers combed through thick woods upstate new york, hunting for the fugitives and the state official says the search team was working in the largest wilderness area east of the mississippi river. rick leventhal has been on this for weeks. the terrain made it difficult for everybody rick. >> reporter: it's one of the
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reasons they built clinton correction in dana more because of how rough the terrains is, knowing that if win was able to break out it would be difficult for them to get away. so matt and sweat may have surprised the 1300 local state and federal officers and agents who joined the manhunt by eluding them to so long. apparently they used old logging trails and'd track beds to move west. hiding out in thousands of russ stick hunting cabins in the adirondack woods stealing clothes and food and liquor and a shotgun and using common household pepper to throw the cane -- k-9s off the trail. matt was killed when he failed to drop a shot folk and sweat reside run for the border was end when he was sported by new york state police sergeant jay cook, who recognized sweat tried to stop him chased hem him when he ran and put two
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bullets in his back when it like liked he might might a it to a tree line. >> another court answer for a prison worker. >> there are two civilian prison employee who may identified themselves on the other side of the bars for aiding the two. gene palmer will be the court here in the next hour or so for planning hearing on his case. he is a 27 year veteran corrections officer who got too chummy with the cons, giving them paint tools and access to the catwalks they used at part of if the breakout, and he passed some hacksaw blade hidden in burger meat. the claims the didn't know they were there. they were stuffed in the burgers by joyce mitchell who report reportedly had relations with one or both of them and planned to run off with them to mexico. >> you have a prison worker who believes she is in love with one or two of the escapees, and the plan is to escape, help them escape kill her husband and then the three of them will live
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happily ever after. i've heard a lot of fairie tales. never heard that one. >> reporter: palmer is out on bail. mitchell is in county jail, waiting for her next court appearance. >> rick, thank you. let's bring in judge andrew napolitano our chief judicial analyst. laura ingle reporting he could get 12 years in iso. >> that's what the police are telling her. i'm sure laura is reports what she is hearing but that would not be permissible under new york state law. the punishment for escape is only whatever the court needs out and that will be determined by a trial if there is one other, plea deal win the -- between the prosecutors and his lawyers, which i suggest the way this will go, because the last thing the governor wants is a trial. >> why wouldn't the governor want a trial? a guy who got out of prison, cost the state more than $20 million. you have to think politics. >> yes, here's the type of
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information that will come out in the trial. how did the governor's people totally mismanage this contraband coming in, going out. livers walking free throughout the building. lifers being given a tour of the secure part of the billing by prison officials. lifers having section with a prison official. she is not just a guard she's in management. how its that the satch for these people was delayed by four or five hours, according to sources for the new york post in which state police says the governor effectively delayed the search until he arrived at the prison could begin tour of the escape route and then could take the television cameras on a tour of the escape route. how is it that when they caught the first guy he was executed in the head with three bullets rather than shot at so as to save his life, and captured, which was the reason they were after him. how is it that the second guy the one -- lawyer was just talking about was shot twice in
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the back when he had no gun with him, was not a deadly threat, when it's unlawful in the state of new york to shoot at a prisoner and always unlawful to shoot in the back. now, there are answers to each of these questions, but the government does not want -- the governor does not want this played out in a courtroom where he can't control what those answers will be. >> why would you only be able to give him -- first of all what can you offer him? there's not much to offer a lifer. >> life for him -- the other guy, the one that is dead, had life without parole. this fellow has 25 years to life. in new york, that means from 15 to 25 years. so they would offer him something less than seven when his life term is served, because seven is the maximum they can charge him for escape. because he never made it to canada didn't make it to vermont, didn't go over a state border doesn't face federal
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charges. only faces one state charges of escape, mask seven years so they say, plead guiltiy we'll just add five years. >> think how life will be for him wherever they lock him up. >> i think it will be brutal but not going to consist of solitary. if is dot -- it sounds crazy -- he has a caution of action against the state because the state's only rules prohibit it. >> it's rich. >> it is. it's a fascinating case about all the mistakes the government made, on top of all this, 22, 21-1/2, 22 million bucks in money spent out to kill one and arrest the other. >> judge, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> what wear hearing bat different prison worker accused of having sex with an inmate before helping him escape. but this time deputies caught the convicted killer one day after he broke out. this one happened in north carolina. officials there say the inmate, named christopher mcneill scaled the fence as a minimum security prison 40 miles east of charlotte on saturday, and a day
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later, yelled, deputies reportedly found him walking on the side of a road about 80 miles north of the prison. investigators say the woman on the left here gave the killary lift after he broke out. she now faces several charges including having sex with an inmate, which is is apparent in vogue, and giving him a cell phone. officials say both of them worked in the prison kitchen together. back in 2009 mcneill pleaded guilty to murder in the second degree for shooting a man to death after the victim's body turn up near a creek. the supreme court has had a very busy week, or last week, healthcare, same-sex marriage marriage, now the justices issued yet another decision on a controversial topic this time the death penalty. that and we're on market watch. it is a disaster on wall street today. the dow has been off almost 300 points in just the last few minutes. the nasdaq down more than 100 and all of this is out of athens
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breaking news now on fox news channel. the dow jones industrial average down more than 300 points. with now 45 minutes left to go in the trading day. the dive has been precipitous over the last hour. we have been off more than a percent the whole day this
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having everything to do with what is happening in greece. think of the greek economy which is about the size of the state of south carolina's or the state ofalabama's, and yet around the world numbers are off. the dow off 1.7%. the nasdaq down more than 105 points on the session. lots of people very curious about what is going to happen when there's a referendum next week and whether the greek economy will be able to survive whether they'll stay with the euro, go back to another current si and how it affects the markets around the world. there's breaking news coverage now on fox business network. the united states can keep using a lethal injection drug linked to a few botched executions. it's from a brand new ruling from the supreme court on the last day of its term today. lawyers for the death row inmates argue that the drug doesn't always put prisoners into a deep enough sleep so they can actually still feel the pain of the execution, but the justices ruled, split again 5-4
12:17 pm
again, the drug does not violate the constitution's been on cruel and unusual punishment. shannon breen is outside the supreme court. hough did that reach that conclusion? >> reporter: justice alito writing for the majority said the plaintiffs did not make their case. he said they failed on two counts can both to show there was an available and preferable method of execution and also they failed to say there was a -- substantial risk from the pain justice sotomayor said in her opinion the majority's opinion equates to telling states they can draw and quarter inmates, they can slowly torture them to death or burn them at the stake. justice breyer writing a separate dissent saying maybe it's final for the court to question whether the death penalty is constitutional at all. >> and down in texas they're saying no way to this same-sex marriage ruling, huh? >> reporter: we're still seeing reaction to friday's big ruling
12:18 pm
legalizes same-sex marriage in five states, in texas county clerks were told if they have a religious conviction that keeps them from taking part, they won't have to issue a license or take part in a same-sex marriage ceremony. he said to them, keep in mind, you're likely to be sued if that is the case. he says there are lawyers standing by to defend your first amendment rights. >> shannon, thank you. i messengered a rough day for the 401(k)'s because of greek's financial crisis. a crisis that right now is so severe that banks are closed, and folks there cannot withdraw more than the equivalent of 70 u.s. dollars from the atm. the dow has been diving today off more than 300 points. we'll have continuing coveragen our money and your money and what is happening around the world. stay with us. it wouldn't make sense if you turned on something in one room and it turned on everywhere else.
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it's not just the united states. markets around the world happen of have plumb melted as officials in greece scramble to cry to pull the economy back from the brink of collapse, or try not to in greece the stock market and banks are collarosed today and all week. people have been lining up at atms. officials capped withdrawals at the equivalent of close to $70 a day. some to try to stop a run on the banks, and they've imposed a series of other financial restrictions. the analysts say greece tomorrow will likely fail to repay nearly $2 billion at that it owe the international banking officials and analysts say if the country defaults on its debt it may leave the your ozone but we'll see. that could have a huge ripple effect across the globe and major impact on americans' retirement plans. officials at standard and poors
12:23 pm
those agency folks have cut greece's credit rating even father their into junk status and say there's a 50% chance the country will exit the eurozone. we have team fox coverage. gerri willis is with us. first, greg palkot is live in athens. >> reporter: shep, i think you can hear and see to some degree a big rally behind us. it is in front of the greek parliament building. it's been called by the government we, our cameraman and have seen a lot of nasty stuff on the streets of greece from this vantage point and others. so far however this is peaceful. the rally called not against the european union not against the euro but against the demands may be the european union bon greece to resolve its debt, but the european union is standing firm.
12:24 pm
they've season a number of deadlines broke and have cut off emergency funding to the banks. take a look at what we saw at one bank at one atm today. >> you're looking at greeks trying to get their money out of an atm machine. they're limitedlei[
12:25 pm
and a newly aggressive vladimir putin. so again we're looking at a rally which so far tonight although we see police reinforcements in the background, has been peaceful, but who knows what could happen in the next couple of days as all of the journalists and analysts are saying now we're in uncharted and maybe dangerous territory. baback to you. >> thanks. gerri willis. this isn't a new thing. how many people are still invested in greek stocks. >> not many. just $3.3 billion invested by individual investors, regular people, you and me. that's not much money. when you look at what is invested in europe by individual investors in the united states, 1.1 trillion. this where is the real exposure comes. the european market is down two three, four percent today. that's where you're getting stung. >> financial advisers are telling people to do what? >> not a whole lot. >> hang on. >> because what you need to do here is think about the long run. even look if you're on the cusp
12:26 pm
of retirement, advisers are telling folks this is not the time to make big decisions about your portfolio. difficult to get out of mute fuel funds. >> interesting the leaders are letting the people decide, do you want austerity and spiraling to nothingness or give this a shot. i don't know what hey'll do. >> you want to give up some money out of your pension, do you want higher tacks pay more out of your own pact? do you want the greek economy to really feel it? that's what they're voting on. it's not likely they're going to like it. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. >> negotiators clearly have to push back the ra? deadline with iran, soundses like about a week pushback on the deadline for nuclear talks. we'll speak with a former pentagon official which says each day of delay 'helps iran. >> the dramatic images are
12:27 pm
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and why we continue to create new technology to connect you to the people and places that matter. more headlines from the fox news deng. an out of control wildfire destroys homes east of seattle and forcing hundreds of people to pack up and get out. emergency officials say the fire broke out yesterday. temperatures in the trim digits. thankfully no word of anybody hurt. the feds teaming 'with google to help prevent deadly crashes between trains and cars. like the disaster outside new york city that killed six people in february. officials say people who use google maps when they drive will soon hear alerts when they approach train crossings. investigators in new york say a train hit another vehicle every 90 minutes in the united states. cops in atlanta say they arrested a guy who stole a
12:30 pm
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laxative tablets. ducolax provides gentle overnight relief, unlike miralax that can take up to 3 days. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief. investigators now say a cigarette may have spark it the deadly explosion at a water pack that injured hundreds of people. [screaming] >> official says colored powder sprayed during a concert caught fire and sent people running for the lives. happened saturday in taiwan. we have more in our slide show for you this afternoon. officials, we just learned say one person died and more than 400 are now in hospitals. you can see people used rafts here to try to help people escape from the water park. but witnesses say the statement was too far -- the stage was too far from the pool and slides to help use that water to put out the fire. this government has now banned the colorful powder at future
12:33 pm
events. you can see it here on this woman's skin. here's a look at at the stage where the explosion happened. officials have shut down the water park and they don't know exactly when it's going to re-open. many people, many dozens still in hospitals. iran has the edge as negotiators scramble to close out a nuclear deal accord ago form head of the cia. >> i fear the iranians have the upper hand. i fear we have painted ourselves into a corner where we believe that any deal is better than no deal. >> that's michael hayden's opinion. a certainly u.s. official said it would be absurds so say that diplomats are caving into the iranians secretary of state john kerry taking part in the talks in austria. negotiators say they need more time claiming tomorrow's deadline is no longer realistic the u.s. and other world powers agreed to a framework deal the months osgood, offering iran
12:34 pm
relief from sanctions as long as the regime scales back its nuclear program. official says iran is backtracking refusing to give foreign inspectors sack sees to nuclear sites and an iranian general says the u.s. is trying to steal their military secrets. a lot of consumption at home talks. >> he white house acknowledges it's likely that the talks will extend beyond tomorrow's so-called dead lan. when asked about the odds, white house spokesman said this. >> i would hesitate to put numbers on it. we're close to the deadline, and obviously our negotiators understand the stakes of the negotiations and that is why the united states and our p-5 plus one partners are willing to sit at the table a few extra days. >> he said that any agreement would have to be consistent with the framework, the political framework, reached in april. specifically it would prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon and it would ensure iran
12:35 pm
cooperate with the quote most intrusive inspections ever empoised on the country's nuclear program. over the weekend the secretary of state john kerry met several times with iran's foreign minister. the top guy the negotiating table from iran but he took off and headed back to iran yesterday. he will be back in vienna tomorrow and he says a deal is possible if, quote the other side has the political will. >> we're not talking about an extended delay here. something less than a week. >> that's what they're aiming for. the-on-that essentially if this gets done before july 9th, congress will have 30 days to review it before sanctions would be suspended. now, if it goes beyond annual 9th. the congress has 60 days. republican law makers are speaking out. the house foreign affairs committee chairman said we're on the verge of other deal that would be a win for iran, quote
12:36 pm
extending these negotiations is worth it only if we're moving toward greater restraints on iran's perilous nuclear aspirations and absolutely blocking its path to the bomb, not more concessions from the united states. now, he also says that congress has its own redline and he would be the last one to be critical if the u.s. simply walked away. >> let's bring in mike barrett former defense department intelligence officer. on the substance of this matter, what do you think? >> i think we're in a really sad ironic situation. the fact is the sanctions regime we put in place the international sanctions, has iran in a tough spot. and therefore we ought to be the a strong position in terms of negotiations. but we have managed to set ourselves this artificial deadline and the fact of he matter he deadline matters more to the u.s., the political side here domestically for us, than the ayatollah and the senior decisionmakers in tehran. >> of course they said let's give itself another week you. get the lead negotiator back
12:37 pm
from over there and try to put something together. it seems that this deadline was artificially imposed in the first place. why not give it a few more days, says the secretary of state? >> i don't have an issue with a couple of days here and there. you have each side wanting a little bit more. and the'll go back anding for. that's not my concern. my concerns in 18 months when you have a in president whoever that may be, they're going to take a bit of time to get their national security team in place have to build back relations with our european allies. will well be willing and our allies be willing to re-impose sanctions when iran, what consider to be inevitably, violates the agreement? >> and at that time they'll probably be a new administration place. >> right. so we'll have a new administration here, maybe a new administration in iran, although the ayatollah the so-called supreme leader, will still be there and erred hard linerred be there and a variety of new players among the p5. so you're talk about an entire
12:38 pm
live different cast of characters that have to do snapback sanctions, the idea that if iran violates the agreement we'll immediatelymc back the sanctions. that sound goods in practice. it's really great political rhetoric. but the fact of the matter is herself to agree the definition of a violation and have to agree re-impose sanctions and that seems unlikely. so we'll bed a a disadvantage during the 10-15 year implementation of this agreement. >> if have you heard any realistic ideas about what to do in the absence of this agreement? in other words if this doesn't work, then what? >> well, i think the only being thing well know right now is they sanks are working. the only reason iran is having a discussion is because of the strong sanctions. my concern is that the sanctions might weaken a little bit over time but if you start removing them en masse and then hoping you can bring them back as leverage the edge leverage we have right now is the economic sanctions. we're going to take away the hammer and then we're going to hope that iran fully lives up to
12:39 pm
their side of this agreement and i just haven't seen any indication from their side that's actually what they whatnot to do. seems to me like they just wantvs-m to play the middle. >> in the absence of this agreement, should talks break down there aren't sanctions. we can continue to put sanctions into place but they're no good without russia and china are they? >> well, russia and china are a special case but we become get the rest of europe on board. the fact is that the global oil markets are denominated in u.s. dollar, and so we still have a lot of power and control over whether or not iran can make use of their primary resource, which is oil. and of course there's things going on in syria and iraq that are leverage points regarding iran. so there's a lot of different areas. in isolation the deal we're signing seems like it would probably be okay if we could trust them to live up to it. but as i say over time i don't see that happening. >> we'll know more in a few more days. great to talk to you. thank you. a massive explosion tore through a line of cars during --
12:40 pm
driving down a busy street, killing egypt's top prosecutor and three other people. that is according to egypt's official news agency. the prosecutor worked on many controversial terrorism cases and he is reportedly egypt's most senior official to die from an assassin in years. at least six others were reportedly hurt. this happened in a suburb of the capital city of cairo. the attack came almost exactly two years after antigovernment protesters that oustedrwí t >> mourners from south carolina and acacross the nation gathering to say their final farewells to the victims of the deadly church shooting in charleston. family and friends attended the funeral for 59-year-old myra thompson today at emanuel ame church, the same church with the gunman opened fire and killed nine people. thompson's husband said in court, he forgives the admitted killer.
12:41 pm
dylan roof, saying we like you to take this opportunity to repent. family members and friends bieried four victims over the weekend. vice-president joe biden attended a service at the church yesterday before one of the funerals. the vice-president delivered an emotional speech, saying the reason i came is to draw strength from all of you. his son beau biden died of brain cancer last month. >> a live look at the dow and the downward trend continues it. it's down 1.83%. the dow off more than 326 points. the nasdaq down more than 110. and we'll be right back.
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you wouldn't ignore signs of damage in your home. are you sure you're not ignoring them in your body? even if you're treating your crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis an occasional flare may be a sign of damaging inflammation. and if you ignore the signs, the more debilitating your symptoms could become. learn more about the role damaging inflammation may be playing in your symptoms with the expert advice tool at and then speak with your gastroenterologist. breaking news out of the united states supreme court and another big ruling. moments ago the u.s. supreme court temporarily blocked texas from enforcing its strict rules for abortion clinics. texasz]rhrassed limitations on
12:45 pm
abortions which forced most clinics in that state to shut down. texas lawmakers claim the rules were designed to improve safety but of course women's rights activists claims it's really designed to make it harder to get an abortion. the united states supreme court temporarily blocked texas from enforcing the restrictions. shannon breen is there. they're waiting for another group to file a motion. >> reporter: we have these abortion doctors outs of texas saying that some of these regular legislation ises in their estimation go too far. they don't that abortion doctors should have to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of the clinic's their clinics should have to be up to the code you require of a surgical center. lawmakers in texas passed the laws saying they think that this proper standard for these clinics. the pro choice doctors and drews filed for an emergency stay at the supreme court because these were sit to kick in july 1st. today the stay was granted
12:46 pm
meaning temporarily those two big new requirement is will not go into effect july 1st in texas. what happened is the petition went to justice schoola, simply based on geography. he could have decided alone but referred this to the full court. at least four or five of ojustices volunteer ford the stay because we had four dissented, justices ask lea, alito, and roberts. they say it remains in place until the case is handled here at the supreme court. if they file for this court to hear their case, and the court decides not to, then the stay goes away. if the court decides to hear the case out of texas then this stay will remain in place until the supreme court ultimately decides the case, which could be a year from now. but for now starting on wednesday, those tough new abortion clinic restrictions in texas will not go into effect, and emergency stay hear from the justices blocks it. >> shannon the end of this term has beenying. is this end or are we expecting anything else from the supreme
12:47 pm
court? >> we think this is the ends of it but we know it's possible we'll get another round of orders from the court tomorrow that may tell us about other cases they will or will not add to the fall term. we'd like to say it's over but not sure. >> shannon thanks. a little news from basketball. dwyane wade will opt out of the final year of his contract, $16.1 million to become a free agent. and down on wall street, it is still a mess and the numbers continuing south down 337 on the dow. the nasdaq now off more than 117 points on today's session alone. again, this is -- in fact the nasdaq down 122 the s&p down 142. all has to do with greece and the economic crisis there. the feds warning of an increased risk of a terror attack around the fourth of july. why are they warning of that? exactly what is the reason? no specifics, just time for a
12:48 pm
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he just loves her so much. do it. come on. do it. come on! yes! awww, yes! that is what i'm talking about. baby. call and upgrade to get x1 today. ♪ more breaking news. man disappeared from a court in new jersey accused of help thing islamic state. he was arrested today in west new york, in the state of new jersey. just croat the hudson river from manhattan. the feds say the 23-year-old tried to get a witness to lie to the fbi. the feds this month have already arrested three other people from the same area on terrorism charges. one of them is this new suspect's brother. the feds say they caught him in jordan after the traveled overseas to try to join up with isis. prosecutors say the man agents
12:52 pm
arrested today toll somebody that one of the other suspects had snitched on his brother and that he would have to kill somebody. the suspect's lawyer says that she just got the case and doesn't really know that much about it. the arrest in west new york, new jersey. the fed says there's a greater risk of a terror attack during the fourth of july holiday weekend though the white house says there's no credible threat. what they're saying is in case something happened, we told you so. the warning came just before a series of attacks on friday, including that massacre in tunisia. [ gunshots ]es >> some fairly newé 5 video of the scene in the middle of all that. a gunman with an assault rifle and grenades killed 38 people in and around the beach resort. the same day official says suicide bombers blew up a mosque in kuwait and another attacker cut off the head of his boss outside of an american-owned factory in france.
12:53 pm
our catherine herridge is in d.c. what else is the white house saying? >> reporter: at the briefing this afternoon the who is spokesman played down the bulletin calling it routine. >> it's not uncommon for these kinds of joint information bulletins to be issued in advance of the fourth of july. i can also say there's no specific credible intelligence to indicate that -- the threats against celebrations over the fourth of july:v!y weekend. >> the briefs on the bulletins say otherwise. it speaks of the attacks in garland texas and the june 2nd june 2nd confrontation with this man knife-wielding isis supporter who was killed outside of a boston cva after he lied to federal investigators who wanted to question him and this new arraignment this afternoon bring thoughtsal number of cases brought here in the united states to about 50 in the last year shep. >> what can'ts for the disconnect? >> lawmakers briefed on the
12:54 pm
intelligence say they just couldn't disagree more with the white house, and that includes the former chairman of the house homeland security committee who also sounded the alarm on the sunday talk shows. >> secretary put out the statement, talking about the fourth of july, generally they don't put those statements out that far in advance unless there's reason for concern. so it's about the lone wolfs and the potential of a coordinated attack. >> while administration officials say there's no connect between friday's attacks we're now learning the suspect in the french assault took a selfie with the severed head that hung from the fence and then sent it to a canadian mobile number showing connectivity with individuals in the country, and isis called for increased attacks during ramadan and also the one year anniversary since the group had the successful sweep through northern iraq. >> thank you katherine. >> turkey could soon invade syria and pushing back the
12:55 pm
islamic state is only part othester. the other issue here, kurdish rebels gained significant ground as they battle isis. but the turkish president vowed his done triwould never allow the kurds to establish their own state. the kurds have territory near turk 'er's border. not one syrian rebel has completed the pentagon's training program. not one. and fewer than 100 of them are even involved in the first place. defense officials have said they aimed to train more than 3,000 rebels by the ends of the year. so far they'd trained zero. they say this is happening at bases in jordan and turkey, that's where no one has been trained. a pentagon spokesman says the standards for vetting the rebels are, quote very high. meantime, the russian president vladimir putin says the entire middle east needs to join together to take on the islamic state, even though he wants everybody to know russia strongly supports syria's government and the president there-bashar al-assad. president putin held a surprise
12:56 pm
meeting with syria razz foreign minister. president obama called for assad to step down, although we actually work with him. the dow off 300 points, nasdaq down in a huge way about 120. and what did you say victor? and we'll be right back. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away
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on this day in the year 1613 william shakespeare's globe theater burped down during one of his plays. back then london banned theaters so shakespeare's acting company built the probe right outside the city. during a performance of henry viii a shot from stage cannon set the roof on fire, burning the theater to the ground. today a new version of the globe stand near its original site. one of shakespeare's plays got a little too real, 400 year ago
1:00 pm
today. and the dow just keeps on diving. we're off 343 points on this session alone. the nasdaq off 121. the s&p 500 down 43. "your world" with cavuto starts now. >> greece is i a word but debt this problem. and let's just say this country isn't the only one in the pits. reason why stocks are looking just downright pitiful now. welcome everybody i'm neil cavuto. we're live in greece where thousands of protesters are taking to the streets agency their prime minister is trying to explain his position on all of this. right now a lot of the protesters are chanting, "no" to austerity even as they're cut off from their own cash. they've been spores photoed ryan up at atm machines for a