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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 29, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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hope you set your dvrs so you never miss an episode of hannity. we'll see you back here tomorrow you. >> fair balanced and unafraid. there is a fox news alert. they got him. cop-killing fugitive david sweat in custody and in the hospital. the massive 23 day manhunt finally over and the other fugitive dead, shot and killed by police while on the run. and just hours ago corrections officer gene palmer the second prison employee accused of helping the killers in incredible escape getting his day in court. "on the record" takes you to new york with fox team coverage in plattsburgh, new york. rick? >> greta, a remarkable series of events over a 48 hour stretch between friday and sunday afternoon resulting in both escaped killers being shot with matt being killed on friday afternoon and sweat being wounded and captured on sunday as you mentioned now recovering in an albany
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hospital and sweat is talking to investigators according to new york governor andrew cuomo telling them that the original plan was civilian prison employee joyce michelle to pick them up when they emergeted from that manhole. kill her husband and drive to mexico and live happily ever after. when she didn't show up, the pair decided to try to get to canada. they split up last monday, according to sweat because he says matt is older and out of shape was slowing him down. and sweat nearly made it. he a lewding the manhunt involving 1300 county, state and federal officers and allegation for 23 days in part by using pepper that you could find in your kitchen ton throw these canines off of his trail. sweat, of course was caught yesterday, just a mile and a half from the can a noddian border when was spotted by new york state police sergeant jay cook who was by himself on patrol and spotted sweat jogging along a road in fallujah clothing.
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he stopped and tried to stop him. >> sergeant cook recognizes it is in fact inmate sweated. you know, orders him to stop. sweat turns runs into this meadow here. continues to run you can see sergeant cook is in pursuit. getting close to the wood line. we had been chasing him through the woods now for three weeks there is a good possibility, i'm sure in sergeant cook's mind if he reaches that wood line we are going to lose him again. >> meanwhile this afternoon 27-year veteran corrections officer gene palmer made a brief appearance in a small courtroom here in plattsburgh, a routine hearing where his lawyer waived their right to a felony hearing and request the case be moved to county court. palmer is accused of getting too chummy with matt and sweat and providing a screwdriver and pliers. giving them access to the area they later used as part of their escape route. ground beef hack saw blades they used to cut themselves
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out of the cells. palmer apparently didn't know the blades were inside the meat. the case is expected to be presented in the next three to four weeks and palmer remains on bail. >> rick, in terms of mr. palmer is his lawyer saying anything at all about sweat or matt. >> his lawyer said very little except confirming what happened in the courtroom today. and palmer didn't say a word. he just stared straight ahead during the court proceeding and went up before the judge and on his way out stern and grim-faced and didn't answer any reporters' questions. >> there are some reports we haven't confirmed it, some reports in which the d.a. says that sweat says that sweat is talking says palmer is not involved. now, that doesn't mean that, you know, that palmer might t have been involved with matt. at least that's a report that we have not confirmed. >> and what we have been hearing that from people on the ground here as well, greta there seems to be a lot of support for this corrections officer and a
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lot of people believe he was mislead and duped. even the county d.a. said that that he thought that palmer was duped by these two men. spent a lot of time behind bars with them. developed a relationship with them and they may have taken advantage of his kindness. >> rick, thank you. and at this hour former cop-killing fugitive david sweat hospitalized in upstate new york. laura ingle is outside the hospital. laura? >> hi, greta. well, sweat was transported here to the albany medical center after he was captured yesterday and it was determined that he would need more substantial medical care after receiving those two gunshot wounds to the torso. now, he has been here since last night. he was upgraded from critical to stable condition just a few hours ago and remains under as you can imagine, heavy guard by law enforcement investigators have been using this time to try to squeeze more information from the convicted killer turned fugitive on just how he and his partner in crime richard matt, were able to pull off the prison break and allude authorities for
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so lock. new york state police tell us they are now done interviewing sweat and have learned that he was fairly prepared to be on the run even describing him a survivalist who may have studied while he was in prison about how to pull this off. as rick reported, he was shot and captured in a field in constable, new york just about a mile and a half from the canadian border with a backpack full of canned foods, pop tarts transitter radio with batteries and even a compass. one thing that they want to find out if mat and sweat had help beyond the two prison workers who allegedly helped the two pull off their escape from the clinton correctional facility in dannemora. a federal law enforcement official can confirm to fox news tonight the fbi has launched an investigation into possible corruption and criminal activity between employees and inmates at the clinton correctional facility looking at possible drug trafficking as well. now, the albany medical center was in lockdown here last night when sweat was brought in.
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it was unnerving situation for many here visiting loved ones but tonight those security checking i.d.s at the door are over. despite his gunshot wounds he will not require surgery according to medical staff who also tell us, greta he will remain here for the next few days. one other note the clinton county district attorney has spoke with us several times telling us he will most likely be facing charges of escape and burglary for breaking into those cabins once he is remanded back to a maximum security facility most likely not clinton. chances are he will be looking at solitary confinement. that will be a punishment imposed by the prison system. back to you. >> laura the description gave upgraded from critical to stable and at the same time law enforcement is apparently talking to him it seems to me that might be a very difficult conversation. with are the doctors saying that is he is lucid not getting incredible amount of pain medication for the shots to his torso. the description seems a little bit inconsistent it
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me. >> yeah. it is surprising. i mean you think about the two gunshot wounds and that's why we keep calling this facility behind us to find out if he has needed surgery. he has two gunshot wounds. he doesn't need surgery but that's what we have been told. and as for now, he is in that stable condition. but obviously very guarded in many ways. both by the doctor its watching his condition keeping him alive. to keep talking with the investigators and it seems like they have turned that corner to get him to that next level. >> all right. >> we will continue to monitor. >> talking stable. critical is worse. but he has been upgraded from critical to stable. thank you laura. so now that cop killer david sweat is caught alive could anything he says to police hurt corrections officer gene palmer or prison worker joyce mitchell's case. that's what they're both fearing tonight. corrections officer gene palmer appearing in court with a new lawyer and facing the real possibility of a grand jury indictment. former homicide detective ted williams and former prosecutor katie fang joins
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joins -- phang joins us. gene palmer i don't know whether he is or is not involved. one statement floating around there unconfirmed that sweat says he had nothing to do with, this basically just joyce mitchell. but maybe matt had a different relationship with gene palmer? >> maybe. i think both joyce mitchell and gene palmer were probably nervous whether or not they were going to catch this last convict alive from. we understand though if you look at the charges that have been filed by the clinton county d.a., the promoting the contraband and the tampering we don't see anything in terms of facilitation of the escape. in fact, the promoting of contraband were just for the small tools and for the art supplies that were supplied by gene palmer. so, right now even the clinton county d.a. does not believe that gene palmer helped in any escape plans by either sweat or matt. >> that's the distinction is that by giving them the tools, the contraband, that right, no doubt prison rules. and i suspect it's a
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violation of new york state law. but that he may have been providing the means and maybe anyone would realize what those means are being used for. but he didn't help in the actual escape. >> absolutely. and i think that goes a long way to help gene palmer. the sad commentary here, greta, is that gene palmer's biggest problem is gene palmer's own big mouth of going in and talking to the authorities. he may have done it on his own or with the advice of his lawyer. but, if i was his lawyer, he would not have said anything. i think he strongly very well may be facing administrative charges and there may be a plea deal in the offering down the road for gene palmer. >> you know, katie there was some report that he burned some the paintings that he had gotten from matt, the comma the prison artist. you know that certainly doesn't help if i were representing gene palmer i would be be a little bit worried. doesn't sound like he went immediately to the warden on june 6th when they escaped. rather it looks like he didn't go at all. at best we hear that he is burning some paintings.
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that doesn't help him. >> yeah. you know, he didn't rush to come clean in terms of his involvement. that would have saved his hide a little bit more so than what's happened here. i think across the board you see from joyce mitchell, gene palmer, dave sweat and richard matt that failing to plan, is planning to fail. they didn't have a plan b. joyce mitchell didn't pick us up we were supposed to go to mexico instead we go to canada. richard matt has blisters, sweat says forget you and took off. you predicted. you said they should flight up. i don't think that gene palmer is going to be looking at exposure. joyce mitchell. they definitely planned to kill lyle michelleer. -- mitchell. she is looking at serious charges for planned attempted murder of her husband. >> i'm pretty sure that they if they weren't watching i don't think they took my
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advice. i don't think they have cable in those cabins or brush. ted, joyce mitchell she is in deep trouble this isn't helping her any. at least if david sweat had had died, had been shot and killed, he wouldn't be talking. he is living. he is talking. >> he is living and is he talking. and you are absolutely right. i think joyce mitchell has,when she heard that sweat is still alive i think that that was her worst nightmare. and naturally sweat is going to be able to provide perhaps, testimony against her if he talks the bad problem with sweat though is he is damned if he does and damned if he don't. is he is going to be in the penal institution the corrections officers are going to be really pissed at him for escaping. the inmates are going to be kicked off and consider him a snitch. so he could be also in a heap of trouble greta. >> we have to remember that david sweat was doing life so if you add, you know, another two three four felonies on, i'm not sure what difference it's going to to his existence panel
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thank you. >> my pleasure. >> sweat's dramatic capture thanks to law enforcement jay cook. griff jenkins is on the ground in upstate new york. he spoke to a neighbor who knows jay cook. >> sea hero, there is no question about that i have known him for over 30 years and this is something extraordinary. when i heard this it didn't surprise me. a week ago i asked him when are you going to catch this guy. >> said be patient with me, i will eventually. jay is resting. i asked him how much sleep he got last night and he said i didn't get hardly any. so, i'm sure his adrenaline is still going. >> and griff joins us from plattsburgh, new york. griff? >> hi, greta. that's right. the hometown hero. sergeant cook pays for a meal i would be surprised. also the u.s. border protection and tactical unit who shot and killed richard
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matt. they are tweeting out pictures today of that unit. we have to remember it was a combination of all law enforcement, both the hometown heroes and border protection and all those state troopers who successfully brought this nightmare to answered. and now that it's over, everyone is wondering how did they escape? we may not know unless david sweat tells us exactly every step of the way. we do know he was talking today, saying that joyce mitchell was plan a and they had to improvise with plan b. i spoke with both sheriffs of clinton as well as black hawk pilot who lives in the area. they believe a very likely possibility is they picked up groomed snowmobile and atv trails leading right from the prison to where they ended up. take a look. >> sheriff so now we're a couple of blocks from the manhole cover. they only would have had to have in the middle of the night travel a few blocks and not be seen to get to
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this railway bed the old train station. take me from here. this is a pretty easy shot. can they get from here to that cabin where the d.n.a. was found? >> yes. very easily. it's about a 14 or 15-mile ride to be able to go up through this. if you were to walk, you can see the terrain is fairly simple right here in order to be able to get west from this direction these trail goes up over the side of dannemora mountain that will take you around the lake and bring you up over line mountain and northwest of line mountain, you will run into wolf pond road area. >> we see a sign here, it looks like this trail has been marked, even. >> this is the trail that goes all the way from the manhole cover outside of dannemora jail to the cabin where the found on wolf pond road. we are taking an atv vehicle and riding that route just to see how amazingly it would be for them to have walked the entire way to
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that cabin without interruption. and without being seen. >> sheriff favreau. we started this trail two miles that way. a block and a half from the manhole cover. >> correct. >> he believes this could possibly have been the route that matt and sweat took to get from the prison to the first cabin in the mountain view area. is that your view as well? >> i would agree with that 100%. there are other than if you are super human or have your own helicopter there is no physical way to get from dannemora to where they were found in the first -- where the evidence was found in the first cabin absent this trail. as you will see, as we go down the trail it's thick forest everywhere else. thick forest and swamps. so this trail there are people that use it as a running trail. and it winds back and forth a bit. but it winds up all the way up in the mountain view area. >> and having worked in law enforcement, and been around here a lot of the residents here are correctional
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officers. is it plausible in your mind that matt and sweat could have gained the knowledge of this trail? >> perfectly plausible. >> bottom line, you believe this is how they did it? >> yes sir. i don't see any other way that they could have done it. >> now greta we know that after that first cabin where the d.n.a. was found the details get a little fuzzy and the train gets difficult to pick up other atv and snowmobile trails. matt went west shot and killed. sweat went north tracked down and shot and taken into custody. i walked with the the sheriff up there at the crime scene today and the railroad bed which would take you not only to where he was just a smile short of canada but all the way across the border. you may be wondering how would two prisoners find out where these atv snowmobile trails are i stopped in the gas station and can you buy a very clear map at any gas station in this area, not to mention a lot of the correctional officers in that prison also
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recreational snowmobile and atv riders might have accidentally given information that they picked up. clearly the improvision lends itself to a theory, we're not sure, a theory if they followed groom trails all the way to the end. greta? >> griff, thank you. and david sweat heading back to where he belongs. prison. how will the other prisoners and corrections officer treat him. an inmate from dannemora is here. that's next. also brace yourself. a stunning new alert about possible terror attacks on the fourth of july. catherine herridge has the latest straight ahead. and the donald, waging ago huge fight with nbc. the latest next. you do all this research on the perfect car. gas mileage , horse power... torque ratios. three spreadsheets later you finally bring home the one. then smash it into a tree. your insurance company's all too happy
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good evening sir, thank you for joining us again. >> >> hey how are you greta? >> i'm good. it seems very unlikely he will be sent back to dannemora to the clinton maximum security. he will be sent some place else. don't you think? >> yeah. if they did send him back to dannemora it would be symbolic reason to stay say you are getting stuck back where you started. he i think he has got tore somewhere else. they made too many mistakes in clinton. >> where do you think he heads up? my first guess is marion, illinois. almost underground. he has a license to do whatever he wants. you can't punish him anymore. >> that's only going to happen if the feds pick up the case if he goes to one of those super maxes.
11:22 pm
and the feds probably have a million things that they could use to pick up the case throughout this whole escape he must have broke some federal laws that they could jump in on but other than that, it's a state case and he has to stay in the state system. i was in the federal system. i spent time in federal state and county. when i was in the federal system i could be sent anywhere in the united states. when i was in the state system you are relegated to the new york prison system. that goes from new york city up to the top of the border and that's it. >> so what's the biggest nightmare for any prisoner in new york state? which prison is the biggest nightmare? >> clinton dannemora is one of the worse. that's bad. you can go to sing sing. you can go to clinton. those in the federal system there is a number of really bad ones too. any of the maximums you can get killed. you are dealing with guys that have nothing to lose. that's what makes it so dangerous for the other convicts. and also, too the prison workers. like this woman or this other guy they go to work every day and these guys have nothing to lose. if you have two life
11:23 pm
sentences what are you going to do give me a third? i can only live one life. that's a dangerous place. all of the maxes are like that. they all have lifers and they are all dangerous places. a guy like matt, by the way he was a different killer than a guy like sweat. a guy like sweat was a killing where it was a flight or flight moment. he killed a cop it was disgusting. whatever he could. i coulda guy like that. i know if i don't corner him he is not going to kill me a guy like matt who is demented cuts somebody up after he has a delusion is a guy i don't want to cell with never know stole apple out of his locker he might cut me up. different degrees for criminality. a guy like matt i wouldn't have slept with in a cell. a guy like sweat believe it or not i could have. >> how many to a cell? it's not single cell at clinton dannemora? >> max is usually single cell but they double them up. our prisons are all packed, greta. i have been in prisons where there is three to a cell.
11:24 pm
we are stuffing 10 pounds of bologna in five pound bag in every one of these prisons. what are you going to do? >> sleep with your eyes open. that's for sure. lewis, thank you. >> thank you greta. >> and swimmers. watch out. another shark attack in shark infested waters off the coast of the united states. so why is there a shark in shark attacks? where is the most danger? "on the record" has the most answers. that's next. when you travel, we help you make all kinds of connections. connections you almost miss. and ones you never thought you'd make. we help connect where you are. to places you never thought you'd go. this, is why we travel. and why we continue to create new technology to connect you to the people and places that matter.
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this is terrifying, a outbreak of shark attacks on the north carolina coast. a sixth shark attack in two weeks. doctor has studied sharks in : six in a short period of time seems like an awful lot to me. first of all am i right to be stunned and secondly why are we having these? >> well, you know, this is starting to remind me a little bit of 2001, what we called the summer of the shark where we had had some clustering of incidents like this in certain places. and but actually, when you look back on statistics from last year, south carolina had five cases of shark attacks, north carolina had four. so that's nine. and we have had six so far. so, it seems like we are having a lot of incidents but we have to see the way the rest of the summer plays out. >> what attracts a shark going after one person as opposed to someone else in the ocean? is it random? two people 30 feet apart. >> part of it, yes. part of it is random. part of it something in the
11:29 pm
wrong place at the wrong time. you have to understand that in that area of north carolina, that surf is very, very turbid. it's hard for the sharks to see what they are going for. it's hard for the sharks see people in the area. occasionally when you put enough people in the water and sharks coming. in then you have them coming together and sometimes the shark bites asks questions later so to speak. that's what we want to try to avoid. >> after your last appearance here i got a lot of emails that i couldn't answer them. the warp is where they throw a lot of fish out. they thought it was feeding ground for a shark and that might attract them to the area. any truth to that? >> well, i don't know because i don't live there. i'm talking to you from the west coast of florida, but you this is a concern i have had. i actually talked to the police chief in oak island, north carolina where the first of the two serious attacks occurred. there is a fishing pier there interest there are fishing piers at some of the other locations where incidents occurred. if he we are putting swimmers very close to where
11:30 pm
fisherman are going for larger fish. i'm not talking about somebody using a shrimp and going for sea trout but people fishing for bigger animals like mackerel and for sharks. shark fishing does go on. they are trying to attract those animals into the area where people may be swimming. so we have got to think about that and maybe try to separate the swimming part from the fishing part in these locations. >> thanks. obviously i got some smart viewers who came up with that question. i didn't know that thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> well, europe son the brink. the greek debt crisis now threatening the entire eurozone and sending stocks plunging around the world. what is happening in greece and what about us? will greece's problems hurt us. gerri willis is here. nice to see you. very concerned about the people of greece. but i'm very concerned about the people here in the united states. >> you have got to be concerned about people's 401(k), that's right that's right.
11:31 pm
the dow fell off 350 points. big move for the dow. let me tell you if you were in europe it was far bigger than that, 2%, 3%, 4% in some of those indexes big sell off. the good newss here is most americans don't directly own greek stocks. even if you have mutual funds or etf's that invest in greek stocks the portion is tiny. >> why -- if nobody has much of this, why did the stock market plunge like that? >> it's all about the eu. european union. they issue their own debt. their promise to investors is that we stay together, we work together. if one the countries leaves, it's a very big deal. you have got to worry too about whether other countries there will be contagion and other countries will exit as well. >> people's 401(k)s are worried. people don't have 401(k)s. they would like to have them but they don't have them. does it have any sort of impact on them? >> i think it does. so think about this. the federal reserve is watching all of this very closely. they promised to raise rates
11:32 pm
come fall, come september. but if they see trouble from this going on for weeks and weeks, i don't think they will. what will that mean for debtors? they will have cheaper debt. if you have credit cards now at 15%. they won't be likely to go up. mortgage rates won't go up as fast. home equity lines of credit all of that debt will be cheaper if the federal reserve doesn't raise rates. >> all right. was this a good time to buy those greek stocks? is this going to solve itself so you catch it on the down swing? >> i'm not buying the greek stock. i heard a lot of people say buy europe but not greek stock. >> you get 66 euros out of the bank if you can find an atm that works. $66 and when do you get to draw out another $66 like a week or so if you are lucky? >> did you see people milling around the atm's finding an atm's putting out money. i don't think americans can wrap their mind around what that would be like. >> thanks, gerri. >> if you are not sure where to find it in your area.
11:33 pm
just log on to fox news finder. terror plot on fourth of july. terrifying new warning about isis inspired attacks right here in the united states. catherine herridge standing by. she is next with the latest. plus the june 30th deadline for a nuclear deal with iran, just hours away. the world is watching. but especially iran's neighbor israel. former israeli prime minister ehud barak standing by to go on the record.
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. this is a fox news alert. a terror warning for the fourth of july. homeland security warning of possible isis inspider attack on american soil. catherine herridge joins us. catherine? >> thank you greta. within the last hour fox news has confirmed that the fbi will be setting up a series of command posts across the country for the july 4th holiday weekend. these command posts will be at all 56 field offices. this is important because in the last few weeks we have
11:38 pm
seen a real shift greta with the fbi. what they have been doing is they have been taking these isis sympathizers, getting them off the street and trying to build a case against them rather than surveying them and waiting for that point when they think they are going to act greta. >> >> every holiday it seems like maybe it's my imagination, but important events whether it's a super bowl or holiday or something, is there actual chatter or, you know, that this is going to happen or is it just sort of our uneasiness with the situation? i have been covering this like yourself for 14 years and this is the first time where i have seen an administration be so public and forward leaning about the kind of security they are going to have in place for july 4th. also, i think it's unusual in my experience to see a bulletin released so far in advance of the holiday. and this was confirmed to me during a conversation today with the former secretary of homeland security tom ridge. he also felt this was
11:39 pm
unusual. and also the decision at the podium today at the white house for the spokesman there, josh earnst to kind of diss this bulletin as routine when all the signs suggest it's anything but greta. >> catherine, thank you. >> you are welcome. >> bad news for the nuclear deal with iran. u.s. officials saying a deal will probably not be ready by the june 30th deadline. that's not all. former cia director michael hayden says he fears iran has the upper hand in the fierce negotiations, so, will the deal happen and are america's allies on board in former israeli prime minister ehud barak is here. good evening sir. >> thank you for having me. >> your thoughts on a deal with iran? >> they probably -- i'm not sure whether there will be one bad on many aspects.
11:40 pm
signed deal, there will be need for intensive discussion or would created a violation of the deal or create what will emerge as a smoking gun which would be be done if and when they break it. how about snapping back the sanction possibility practical and at what stage the military option should be brought back to the table and be considered sincerely. >> all those things you just laid out are under the assumption i assume that we have inspection every place any time. >> no. i don't expect it to happen. the difference between what we heard from kerry and we heard when they -- extent is very wide and it seems that the iranians are more effective in squeezing more. if there interest will knob challenge inspection any place any time it will not be effective. >> no deal. >> i'm not sure there will be no deal why have to wait
11:41 pm
because the appetite for having a deal is high. b 5 plus 1. i'm worried that there will be a bad deal. >> let's assume that the deal that struck is one in which there is not inspections every place whenever necessary. would you agree? when i say it's not a deal, at that point no one is getting anything out of it in terms of protection from iran. do you agree? >> yeah. it's a bad deal. deal one that can't have inspection. even if you have good inspection, every time every place, it's always opportunity to expel the inspectors at the time of their choice announcing that they spy for america for israel whatever it will take a year to come back.
11:42 pm
basically we are letting into a place where everyone, after such a deal emerge a deal no one will have not a traditional leverage, no more leverage to deprive second grade dictator from the aspiration to turn into threatening nuclear power. that would change the world and the region dramatically and irreversible way. >> one last question. a lot of talk about the israeli/u.s. relationship. prime minister netanyahu and president obama relationship about the book michael orrin. what's your assessment about the relationship between president obama and president netanyahu. how does that effect both countries? >> i'm confident that something should be done note is the elected prime minister of israel. president obama is here to stay. so it's both sides but emma the israeli side.
11:43 pm
immediately working relationship. preferably even level of trust might be more complicated and to start to talk behind preferably behind closed doors about what should be done about iran. what are the terms that should be set as a minimum and what should happen in the iranians are breaking it. i think we have to launch an effort led by the americans together with the russians. europeans and others to have a region of arrangements in the region to wring moderate other players saudi arabia, the gulf states, egypt and jordan. israel and to deal with the common threat. intentions and nuclear plans of iran. and the israeli palestinian conflict which should be the first and most element of
11:44 pm
such discussion. it's essential. without it, the region will keep deteriorating. >> mr. master bedroom nice to see you. thank you. >> thank you. >> and former prime minister ehud barak told us that isis not very strong. he knows how to defeat isis. can you hear the rest of what he said just go to now to our american marine amir hekmati spending another night in prison. teaming up with montel twoims bring him home. attempting to confront the iranians at the iranian gheams london. >> you are going to open the door i will put it inside the door? okay. thank you. >> right there? >> thank you. >> can i explain to you what that letter is? >> that letter is a letter
11:45 pm
from the doctor of the father of mr. amir hekmati. >> montel and amir hekmati's family now in vienna keeping up pressure as iran nuclear talks continue. i spoke to montel and the family friday night. due to breaking news we didn't get a chance to air that interview. can you watch it only on and "on the record" is learning new information about the escape and arrest of cop killing fugitive david sweat. the man who led the manhunt is here. that's next.
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cop killing fugitive david sweat in custody shot but now recovering in upstate new york hospital. and now these incredible images showing democrattatic moment that police captured the convicted murderer.
11:50 pm
we spoke with police superintendent joseph d' amico. >> superintendent, thank you very much for joining us. >> good evening, greta. >> and a big thank you to you and every other law enforcement officer out there for the the last, you know 20-some days. thank you very much. >> thank you. our law enforcement folks really did a fantastic job over the last three weeks. >> you know, i was so worried though. i mean, because, you know, going out in that field with those two guys had nothing to lose hiding in deep underbrush. they had a shotgun. every single night i had a fear they would be hiding behind a tree and shoot law enforcement. this has been tough to watch. >> it has been. and i will tell you, you know between the two of them they have three bodies that we know about that they were serving time for. it was also our concern that an innocent civilian or a law enforcement might come upon them and be injured or killed. >> yeah, especially since they had nothing to lose at that point. they were going to go back
11:51 pm
to prison and finish their sentence and get a new one. tell me what happened. what happened with sweat? >> what happened with sweat's capture. so, sergeant cook was on patrol. and he was supervising perimeter posts in the area. we were doing a ground search from the canadian border, moving south. trying to find him in a fixed area. and he came upon him and he was kind of jogging along the edge of the roadway. and sergeant pulled up to him in his truck and you know pulled him over, and sweat turned, looked at him turned away from him h he called him over again. sweat kind of raised his hands as if to say you know, why me or it's not me. and at that time the sergeant recognized him and sweat turned, dropped his knapsack and began to run. the sergeant pursued him through the field. and at some point the sergeant realized that there was a tree line ahead and if
11:52 pm
sweat had made it to the tree line, he probably would have found freedom because the woods up there are so dense you can only see feet in front of you. he made a decision to use his service weapon and he shot sweat twice in his torso. and was able to apprehend sweat. >> you know, it's so risky in light of what has been going on in the nation. i have got to hand it to the sergeant, you know that i might have, you know, with all the apprehension about the shootings, you know, i bet this was, when he pulled that trigger, you know, he had to hope this was the guy. >> yeah, i mean, i think the sergeant properly identified him you know at the second time he turned around he recognized him. you have seen the pictures that have been posted by the media he looked a lot like the photo that we have been circulating. and at that point he dropped the backpack and ran. i think he probably reinforced to the sergeant that he was david sweat. and i think the sergeant did
11:53 pm
an excellent job honestly out there by himself taking action and making the right decision. >> well, obviously unbelievable. we all tip our hats to him and everybody else involved. one quick question. what was in that knapsack? did he have food? what did he have in there? >> he was kind of a survivalist. i think he studied it while he was doing time. and in the knapsack he had baseballly everything he needed to survive. he had water. he had canned foods. he had had candy and snacks, including things like pop tarts. he had wipes and bug spray and a compass a transsister radio with spare batteries. he was fairly well equipped. >> superintendent, again thank you very much. and, you know, great job. >> thank you greta. good evening. >> and coming up, i'm going to talk to you off the record. also don't forget to watch hannity tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern.
11:54 pm
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on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. donald trump is not taking this lying down. nbc severing ties with the donald. the network calling trump's comments on were immigrants immigrants'. he t. wants to keep celebrity apprentice without trump as a host. that's because it's a big money-maker for the network. trump now threatening to sue the network and invoking former nbc news anchor brian williams saying the network will stand behind lying brian williams and won't stand behind people who tell it like it is. the most recent greta podcast is with donald trump. go check it out. let's all go off-the-record for a main. this off-the-record is so necessary and, frankly i don't think we can all say
11:59 pm
it enough, but here it is. thank you to all the law enforcement in the state of new york for eliminating the real and imminent threat two of killers on the run. david sweat and richard matt both have killed before and there was every reason to believe that if given the opportunity, they would kill again. law enforcement for days in rough conditions never gave up. and they got their men both of them. also, we need to thank the families of the law enforcement. every day the families saw their spouse or mother or father head out to continue the search not knowing whether that kiss goodbye would be the last one if that brave member of law enforcement would return home again or not. that's how dangerous these fugitives were. so let me repeat the obvious, there is no doubt if given the chance both would kill again. so, thank you to law enforcement for the job well done and thank you to their families wholikewise sacrifice for us. and that's my off-the-record thank you for being with us. we will see you again tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. check out an interview you will only see on governor rick perry sits down with me. it's available now on
12:00 am up next, the o'reilly factor, good night from new york city. tonight on "red eye, a three-week hunt for the escaped murderers is ended. and finally and is are animals people too and was my consecutive grade teacher wrong about stupid questions? we provide-- first, a news break. more jitters, the crisis


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