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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 1, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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that's it for us. "special report" is next. selfie stick. historic greece makes history in a very bad way. on its way to defaulting on a $2 billion loan payment and sending shudders through global markets. this is "special report." >> good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. as of a few seconds ago, it looks like greece has become the first developed nation to not pay its debts to the international monetary fund on time. the 6 p.m. eastern deadline has come and go with no word that a $1.9 billion loan payment has been made. it's a situation that has world markets on pins and needles.
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senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palcott has the latest in athens. >> reporter: greece was entering uncharted financial territory. a $18 billion eu bailout program aimed at dealing with the country's massive debt was expiring after greece and the e.u. failed to reach an agreement on reforms. an early $2 billion loan repayment to the imf was being missed. technically at least placing greece in default, close to bankruptcy and an exit from the euro. >> i'm here to declare that -- >> reporter: the european central bank has yanked funds from greek banks forcing them to close the atms to nearly run dry and making a lot of people angry and scared. >> very bad, yes. >> you have to stand in line to get -- >> to get my pension, yes. >> i have my work i have my children. i'm worried about the future. >> reporter: these difficulties hitting a greek society crippled by years of austerity and cuts
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growth down unemployment up shortages all around. concerns expressed by president obama today. >> it's very painful for the greek people. and it can have a significant effect on growth rates in europe. and if europe's not growing the way it needs to grow that has an impact on us. >> reporter: the deteriorating conditions reportedly moving the government of prime minister alexis tsipras to to the e.u. the last 24 hours about a last-minute deal. still going forward, a yes-no referendum this sunday on whether or not to go along with the european union's program about the debt. fast turning into a high stakes referendum on the e.u. itself. >> i can think of no example of a people who have voluntarily decided to leave a developed world club and join the ranks of the underdeveloped which is what will happen to greece if we vote no. >> late tonight, a eurozone finance minister turned down yet
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another request by greece to extend the e.u. bailout program. and they put off looking at that new greek debt program. the german chancellor angela merkel on tuesday said they would look at no new greek proposal until after sunday's referendum. and the chancellor tends to get her way on these things. bret? >> greg palkot live in athens early wednesday morning. greg thank you. much closer to home the u.s. territory of puerto rico is also looking at default and/or bankruptcy. it's staring at tens of billions of dollars in public debt and washington is looking the other way. correspondent phil keating has that story. >> reporter: puerto rico is in an economic death spiral. $72 billion deep and no way out. analysts believe the government of this u.s. territory could run out of cash in the coming weeks.
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so extraordinary seven-point plan speech last night by the governor was televised live to the island's 3.5 million u.s. citizens calling for shared sacrifice by everyone. and the hardship already felt in this commonwealth on a daily basis, it's about to get worse. pedea wants to raise the sales tax from 7 to 11.5%, lower the minimum wage from 7.25 an hour restructure its loans, defer all payments due for five years, persuade creditors to accept far less money paid back and ask congress to allow puerto rico the ability to file chapter 9 bankruptcy as cities are allowed, just like detroit and stockton california have done in similar financial straits. >> translator: faced with this situation, all of us have to assume certain responsibility. listen to this closely. this isn't about politics. we're talking about math.
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>> reporter: u.s. territory has been in recession or near recession for ten years. unemployment is 12%, twice that in the states. this dire situation is a big concern for u.s. financial markets, especially municipal bond fund holders. if puerto rico defaults wall street could react by hesitating to lend money to u.s. cities. congress opposes a $70 billion puerto rico bailout, and the white house says the treasury department will only lend expert advice. >> there's no one in the administration or in d.c. that's contemplating a federal bailout of puerto rico. >> reporter: for years, puerto rico's economy has been contracting while the government there has continued to spend and spend, mostly on borrowed money. without a solution soon the government of puerto rico could default, could shut down, could take unknown emergency measures all of which would possibly create an even worse crisis
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bret. >> phil keating live in miami. thank you. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he will give supporters of the federal export import bank the opportunity to revive it. the charter expires at midnight for the small agency created during the depression to help american businesses export their products. fiscal conservatives argue the bank is crony capitalism and no longer needed. supporters say u.s. businesses would be at a competitive disadvantage without it. wall street has a positive day today. the dow was up 23 s&p 500 gained 5.5. the nasdaq finished ahead 28. now to politics. and another entry into the already crowded republican presidential field. today new jersey governor chris christie went back to the scene of his earliest political victories. senior correspondent eric shaun has the story from livingston new jersey. >> a presidential campaign launched by a hug from a high school classmate. the jersey governor chris christie returned to his roots,
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the livingston high school gym, where 35 years ago he was class president, three years that row. and star on the baseball team the lancers, to announce his bid for president. >> america is tired of hand wringing and indecisiveness and weakness in the oval office. we need to have strength and decision making and authority back in the oval office. and that is why today i am proud to announce my candidacy for the republican nomination for president of the united states of america! >> reporter: his was a very personal speech off the cuff no text no teleprompter but from the heart. >> i couldn't be prouder of four children than i am of them. >> reporter: he slammed what he called the dysfunction of washington saying the country needs quote big ideas and hard truths. >> americans are filled with anxiety. they're filled with anxiety because they look to washington, d.c. and they see a government that not only doesn't work anymore, it doesn't even talk to each other anymore.
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it doesn't even try to pretend to work anymore. we have a president in the oval office who ignores the congress and a congress that ignores the president. we need a government in washington, d.c. that remembers you went there to work for us not the other way around. >> reporter: earlier this year, christie was the republican frontrunner. but his poll numbers were hurt by the george washington bridge lane closing investigation. former political ally david wildstein, who christie met at the high school in 1977 pled guilty last month. christie's former deputy chief of staff, bridget anne kelly and another official are charged with the alleged political payback scheme. but christie has heatedly denied any involvement and investigations have found he was not a part of it. those here say it's behind him. >> look at hillary clinton's list of woes. did she come out for 2 1/2 hours and say this is what happened. this i what i know. and let's move on. i respect him for that. >> reporter: at this hour the
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governor is scheduled to appear at a town hall meeting in new hampshire. he'll be apaying and campaigning in that key primary state through the end of the week. his campaign clearly hoping to harness some of the enthusiasm and support seen here at his high school to republican voters across the country. bret? >> eric shawn live in new jersey tonight. thank you. what do you think? do you think christie has a shot? let me know at sr or at twitter @bret baier. check out my presidential contenders interview with chris christie on our show page. up next the president wants more people to get paid for overtime. but who pays the bill? first here's some of our fox affiliates around the country. in albany, new york, with administrative leave tonight for the administrator of the clinton
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correctional facility. meanwhile recaptured convict david sweat is improving after being shot. he's now listed in fair condition. q 13 fox in seattle with hundreds evacuating from devastating fires in the wenatchee area. 24 homes, several businesses and outbuildings have burned. firefighters have been treated for smoke inhalation and heat fatigue. jet bleublue will charge up to $25 a bag. from special report we'll be right back.
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president obama is on a
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roll. and happy to let you know it. today he took a victory lap before the media and unveiled his next populist project, a frontal assault on a common bookkeeping practice that either costs of saves billions of year depending on which side of the economic fence you're on. correspondent kevin dock explains from the white house. >> reporter: on the heels of a week that saw the administration earn major victories on i affordable care act, gay marriage today the president unveiled a plan to help americans make another money by expanding the government's role in determining who gets overtime. >> we announced overtime rules i'm going to be talk about more this week that's going to give a raise to 5 million people potentially in this country who really deserve it. >> reporter: as it stands now, employers are only required to pay overtime to an employee who works more than 40 hours a week and makes less than 23 666 a year. the president's plan would expand that, raising the top
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income to be eligible for overtime pay to 50440. in taking his pitch directly to the american people the president penned an op ed in the huffington post an even tweeted about expanding opportunities to make time and a half saying quote a hard day's work deserves a fair day's pay. but critics say it's all a shell game with the burden on business simply moving from one place to the next with no real benefit for employees or consumers. >> i do not believe in santa claus. i do not think a rational reaction by business will be just start paying people overtime or giving them 10,000, $20,000 in raises. >> reporter: experts warned the cost cowl be particularly severe for the retail and restaurant sectors. they say the president's plan would mandate overtime pay for an additional 2.2 million workers in those industries alone, at an additional cost of
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$9.5 billion per year. >> we think it's a bad deal for retailers and retail employees. you can mandate salary by government fiat. >> to me it's like taking the san francisco minimum wage of $12.25 and say we're going to apply that everywhere in the country. it just will not work. and it's going to hurt employees. not help them. >> reporter: so here's the question. will companies simply cut employee hours to get around the mandate? that's what experts fear. by the way, this follows the presidential directive to the department of labor and barring congressional intervention bret it is set to begin in 2010. >> kevin corke, thank you. the u.s. and brazil are promsing to do more with green energy. president president obama and russe ferkz today pledging to increase their share of renewable energy and electricity generation from sources other than hydro power to 20% by the year 2030. that would be a 300% increase for the u.s. 200% for brazil. tonight we look at the fallout both real and
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anticipated from last week's supreme court decision legalizing gay marriage throughout the country. correspondent shannon breem. >> reporter: in the landmark supreme court opinion legalizing gay marriage nation-wide, justice anthony kennedy said the decision was not meant to quote disparage those with religious objections to same-sex marriage adding the first amendment ensures that religious organizations and persons are given proper protection. president obama reacting the to the decision also re-emphasized america's deep commitment to religious freedom. yet skeptics including the dissenting justices question whether people of faith, primarily advantageprimely evangelical christians are set up for public shaming? justice thomas says the court's decision had potentially ruinous consequences for religious liberty. with justice samuel alito saying those against it risk being
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labelled as big got and treated as such by governments, employers and schools. adding "the court's ruling will be used to vilify americans who are unwilling to ascent to the new orthodoxy". >> when those of us warning the rest of the american people pay attention to the sacrificing of first amendment freedoms this isn't "chicken little." we have very good reason to be concerned about this. >> reporter: one "new york times" columnist says it's time to abolish or greatly diminish tax-exempt status for religious groups that quote dissent from friday's decision. the aclu has announced it will end its decades-long defense of the religious freedom restoration act saying quote religious liberty doesn't mean the right to discriminate. >> thissies we founded the united states of america. people got on boats and came here because they wanted the right to disagree with the government in connection with their religious beliefs. >> reporter: though many of the left say those talk about religious liberty issues are simply scare monkscare mongers,
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congress invented the relive us beliefs defense act. the supreme court has agreed to consider limiting the power of government employee unions to collect fees from nonmembers. that case involve as group of california teachers who say it violates their first amendment rights to have to pay into a union they do not want to join and whose positions they do not agree with. next up negotiators in vienna push back the date for a nuclear deal with iran.
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easy and hard decisions tonight in vienna where nuclear talks with iran will continue. the easy part deciding to push back today's deadline another week. the hard part getting something on paper that will satisfy the negotiating teams and the folks back home. chief washington correspondent james rosen is in vienna tonight. >> reporter: as secretary of state john kerry met with russia's foreign minister in vienna kerry's boss back at the white house told reporters it's going to be a problem if iran holds to the red lines the country's supreme leader laid out last week because they don't align with the preliminary deal agreed to in lauzanne in april. >> i said from the start i will walk away from the negotiations if in fact it's a bad deal. and given past behavior on the part of iran that can't simply
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be a declaration by iran and a few inspectors wandering around every once in awhile. >> we believe that a world in which there is a deal with iran is much more likely to produce an evolution in iranian behavior than a world in which there is no deal. >> reporter: but iran's recent refusal to admit u.n. nuclear inspectors to any of the country's military sites would preclude the kind of verification mr. obama insisted upon. an official said iran agrees they should have limited access not unfitered access. saying "the entry point isn't we must be able to get into every military site because the united states of america wouldn't allow anybody to get into every military site. there are conventional military purposes. there are military secrets that every country has that they should not be prepared to release to all people." iranian foreign minister bristled when asked if his trip
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to tehran imbyued him with a mandate from the ayatollah to close a deal. >> reporter: state department officials likened the weak-long extension of the sessions to july 7th as a technical matter akin to extra innings in a baseball game. >> nobody's under any illusions or trying to race to that day as sort of got to have it by. if we can get a deal in two days three days we can get a deal on the 7th or we could get no deal at all. >> reporter: for the last seven days state department officials have maintained they're not concerned about the ayatollah's new red lines. casting his voice as just one of many outside the negotiating room. but president obama's comments reveal the i yeahayatollah's new posture ace problem and one the negotiators only have seven days
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to overcome. >> james, thank you. french investigators say they have uncovered links between the man who hung his employer's severed head at a gas plant last week and isis terrorists. yasin sali says he was acting for personal reasons, but officials believe his actions went beyond a workplace dispute and set past ties to islamic radical i-he is charged with attacking an american-owned gas plant days after isis militants urged followers to strike during the month of ramadan. we have just learned the obama administration will announce tomorrow an agreement to reopen embassies and restore diplomatic relations with cuba. we're told both president obama and secretary of state john kerry will address this issue. still ahead, jeb bush opens up his financial books. and in the grapevine we find out what some of the executives running obama care are getting paid.
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now some fresh political grapevine. at a time when many on the left complain about high salaries for executives it seems ceos of taxpayer-funded obama scare, health insurance cooperatives are raking it in. the daily caller found that 18 of the 23 cope ops paid their executives salaries of at least $236,000 according to 2013 tax filings. if you think high compensation core hates to top performance, think again. massachusetts minutemen health
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paid its ceo almost $600,000 in 2013. but it had reportedly enrolled only about 1700 people at the end of last year. for context, kentucky's plan enrolled nearly 67,000. minutemen helps as that it used a third party market salary survey when setting compensation and cited the failed state exchange as reason for low enrollment. a trade group for the co-ops says executive pay is much less compared to other health insurance executives. talk about hard workers. some amtrak employees claim to have put in 40 hours in a single day. and they were paid accordingly. the long work weeks were not the only questionable items flagged by the amtrak inspector general. some employees were paid for weeks worth of overtime hours without logging any regular hours. the inspector general admits quote some of these trends and patterns may be justified because of the complexity of
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union agreement rules. amtrak employs people from 14 different unions governed by 23 different bargaining agreements each bringing along specific rules and calculations. a manhattan institute analyst points to the bigger picture "even if all is legitimate under the union contract it gives a great window into why u.s. rail is so screwed up." finally, if you're in the market for some unusual 2016 chotskis at least two candidates have you covered. while many are sticking with the tried and true shirts and buttons and signs, hillary clinton and rand paul offer more variety. 35 bucks gets you a grillry clinton spatula. or for a little less an apron. over at team rand you can spend $35 on a giant birthday card or for a few dollars more wine glasses for quote the discriminating rand paul wine drinker. stay thirsty, my friend. tonight jeb bush is throwing
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down the financial gauntlet to fellow republican presidential candidates and to hillary clinton. he's releasing awn precedented amount of personal financial information and trumpeting unprecedented transparency. chief political correspondent carl cameron tells us why. >> reporter: gop presidential frontrunner jeb bush put down a marker on trants parentsy this afternoon. making public 33 years of personal income tax returns on jeb 1150 pages of returns shows an average effective tax rate of 36%. before serving as florida governor from 1985-88 he lost money and paid no federal income taxes. after serving as governor his high in 2013 was $7.3 million in taxable income 2.9 in taxes paid for a 40% effective tax race. the disclosures are an effort to cast himself as an honest forthcoming accountable leader in contrast to hillary clinton whose credibility has take an hit in the polls for evading questions and using a home
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e-mail server as secretary of state when she was supposed to be using the government system. bush compares his 280,000 e-mails released to clinton's e-mails as secretary of state which a federal court today ordered produced by the end of the year and remain the subject of ongoing congressional investigations. >> we are going to go and win this election. >> reporter: more immediately, team bush's efforts on transparency and shining light on government came the same day new jersey governor chris christie joined the race. >> christie is a rival of bush's in new hampshire which bush has to win or do well in. so this was an attempt to step on chris christie's message. >> reporter: it could remind voters of the so-called bridgegate scandal in which three former christie staffers were indicted one has pled guilty for closing lanes to the george washington bridge against a mayor who refused to endorse christie. as a candidate and president, president obama has released seven. the previous record was held by former senator bob dole who
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release 29 years of tax returns by his third white house run in 1996. it would be fascinating to see tax returns from donald trump. don't bet on it in his casinos or anywhere else bret. >> carl thank you. donald trump speaking of him is suing univision for $500 million over its refusal to broadcast next month's miss usa pageant which trump owns. univision says it is because of trump's comments about mexican immigrants. trump alleges it was a politically motivated decision designed to hurt his presidential campaign. while awaiting the release of about 3,000 pages of hillary clinton's e-mails from her time as secretary of state. state department says it will make them available online tonight. they're part of tens of thousands of pages generated through clinton's personal e-mail server. ed henry will dig into them tonight and have a story for us tomorrow on "special report". greece is now in default.
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puerto rico may be heading that way. what that means to the rest of the world and to you when we come back.
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in layman's terms for the american people this is not something that we believe will have a major shock to the system. but obviously it's very painful for the greek people and it can have a significant effect on growth rates in europe. and if europe's not growing the way it needs to grow that has an impact on us. >> about ten minutes ago we received a statement from the imf about the greek debt crisis. the imf saying the sd r-1.2 billion repayment due by greece to the imf today has not been
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received. we have informed our executive board that greece is now in arrears and can only receive imf financing once the arears are firmed. "the imf received a request today from the greek authorities for an extension of greece's repayment obligation that fell due today which will go to the imf executive board. 1.9 billion was due today. greece is totally in debt for $271 billion. the unemployment rate 26.6%. youth unemployment 51.9% in greece. there you see the first quarter gdp. today also fitch had another downgrade for greece. the breakdown of negotiations between the greek government and its creditors has significantly increased the risk that greece will not be able to honor its debt obligations in coming months including bonds held by the private sector. so what does all of this mean to us in the u.s.? steve hayes senior writer for the weekly standard julie hayes
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and syndicatist columnist charles krauthammer. >> it doesn't mean anything good much that's for sure. the statement we just got from the imf is an expedited statement. the head of the imf has decided to push this forward given we all sort of know where this is coming which will i think hasten i think greece from the euro. if you look at arguments you're hearing from the two sides on this the units making an argument this is caused by austerity. the "new york times" arguing in effect this is really the cause. this shows what happens when you have too harsh austerity measures on a country that's in trouble. but that's like blaming an obese glutton for the crash diet for his massive health problems rather than the overeating he's done for decades. the problem here is years of socialism, a culture, i think that doesn't value work in the
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way that many cultures including western europe and the united states does an inability to take measures when things could have been saved. >> julia, the president today sounded like he'd been working on it making calls to european leaders, concerned about it but saying it's not going to hurt us that badly. >> it's interesting. we've been dealing with this situation in greece for several years now. there was a point when it looked like greece could have exited the euro a few years ago and there was much more concern about the ripple effect on europe and then on the u.s. at this point officials say that the u.s. economy just doesn't have as much direct exposure to greece. the concern obviously, though is that if there is a ripple effect and it hurts the euro the e.u. the u.s. economy has a great amount of exposure to europe. if we do see other countries, spain, portugal italy have had similar problems not to this extent but similar problems then that could affect the u.s. >> speaking of the u.s. economy, washington examiner had this chart where it looked at the greek debt which now stands at gdp to debt 177% of the national
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gdp. and in 25 years according to cbo u.s. debt levels are projected to reach 156% of the economy which greece had in 2012. obviously if something's not changed the trajectory is as you can see similar. >> that's why something will be changed between now and then. it always is. we're not going to go over a cliff. we do collect taxes, unlike the greeks. and we don't quite have the labor laws that the greeks have. in greece you retire at the age of 50 if you're a hazardous profession among which -- i love this are radio announcers and hair dressers. not exactly sure what that means, but if you've been a hair dresser you can now be retired on a beach in the aiddriatic. greece is a third world economy in a first world club. what the europeans are worried about is not so much the default because greece cannot repay the debts one way or the other.
1:44 am
this is a game of chicken where the greeks are trying to get better terms. what they're worried about is a radicalization of the other countries. greek elected a far left government which challenges status quo. the problem is this is how the germans and the others see it if they cave in to the greek demands and give them essentially a pass on this you're going to get radical governments in spain, portugal and italy. and then the political future of the european union, of europe itself is really in doubt. so i think they're going to hold the line. i think in the end on the referendum the greeks will probably have to accept the deal. and i think that's the likely outcome, although it's possible they're going to get kicked out of the euro. >> in the meantime much closer to home puerto rico u.s. territory, $72 billion in debt. looks like it is running out of cash as well. here's what the white house said about a possible bailout from this administration. >> there's no one in the administration or in d.c. that's contemplating a federal bailout
1:45 am
of puerto rico. but we do remain committed to working with puerto rico and their leaders as they address the serious challenges serious financial challenges that are currently plaguing the commonwealth of puerto rico. >> julie, that's serious as well. >> it is. the scope of puerto rico isn't as large as the scope of greece. and u.s. mutual funds have small exposure to puerto rico. but it's not an insignificant level of exposure. i think the question for the white house will be okay. no federal bailout. what are you going to do, then? there is deep ties between the u.s. and puerto rico. and so many puerto ricans who live in the united states in the mainland of the united states. so there is going to have to be some administrative action here. >> steve? >> look that's right. people act like nobody saw this puerto rico thing coming. this has been -- we've been discussing this for years. we've known this was coming. the same is true in illinois the same is true in chicago itself. the rational response to a problem like this would be to both look for solutions and patches, do what you can short term to avoid a crisis but then
1:46 am
also re-examine the cause of the problem. the cause of the problem in greece in puerto rico in the united states and elsewhere, is politicians making promises that they cannot possibly keep. the math doesn't work. and we're looking for patches and solutions but we're not doing the big, look the reassessment of where we are nationally on our entitlement programs which we know will cause additional problems. >> i want to play one additional sound bite about foreign policy overall former president jimmy carter asked about president obama's foreign policy today. >> what about president obama's success or failures on the world stage? how would you assess that? >> on the world stage, i think they've been minimal. i think he's done some good things domestically like the health program and so forth. but on the world stage, just to be objective about it as i can,
1:47 am
i can't think of many nations in the world where we have a better relationship now than we did when he took over. >> charles. >> i don't often agree with jimmy carter. i did many years ago. but he's right. and i think this is a question for hillary. she talks about a great experience as secretary of state. just ask her. name me one achievement, not three, one achievement of your tenure. there is no answer. all she has are disasters on her hands. and i think that's a hidden weakness which democrats are not going to expose in the primaries. but that's going to be the job of any republican nominee. >> if jimmy carter is questioning your foreign policy competence you had better go back to the drawing board. >> next up governor chris christie announces his candidacy and jeb bush turns over his financial records.
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test freddy galvis
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as a candidate for president, i want to promise you just a few things. first, a campaign without spin or without pandering or focus group tested answers you're going to get what i think whether you like it or not or whether it makings you cringe every once in a while or not. when i stand up on a stage like this in front of all of you, there is one thing you will know for sure, i mean what i say and i say what i mean and that's what america needs right now. >> chris christie announcing his run for the presidency. the nomination in the g.o.p. today. he is facing uphill battle according to the poll toes. the latest fox news poll has him well back in the pack as you can see there. a big fall from where he was a year, two years ago. and then in new jersey, the polling doesn't look any better. in fact, it looks worse. it's his lowest approval
1:52 am
rating since being in office at 30%. obviously a number of factors there what about chris christie's chances and what he has to do. we're back with the panel. julie? >> i think what's interesting about chris christie is we know what the strengths are he had been elected as governor of a democratic-leaning state. he does have reputation for being blunt a straight-talker. he was trying to play off that on his announcement today. i didn't come away from his aannouncement what is his sense of the country is. telling the country you are going to tell it like it is not a vision, it's a practice. a way you would implement your policy. jeb bush and marco rubio in particular are talking in optimistic way presenting a hopeful optimistic vision for this country. i wonder if he is going to be able to tie down a vision. that's important to voters. >> a lot of people weigh in on facebook, on twitter yes, i think he can build momentum by doing groundwork
1:53 am
and getting lots of tv time. robert martin, i honestly do not believe i didn't say city has a shot. he doesn't have much to run on and isn't popular in his own state. val says when he hugged obama that was it for me. >> surprising how many people when you talk to conservative activists around the country bring up that embrace of obama as sort of a deal-closer. >> after hurricane sandy. >> and the closing days of the 2012 presidential election. i thought the speech was a good speech. you saw i think in it the strengths of chris christie he is able to speak exten rampously. he can make a case. i would agree with julie on the substantive problem and add one thing. he says he is going to tell us the hard truth. is he going to be the candidate who tell us what we need to here particularly on entitlements. if you look what chris christie did he accepted the expansion of medicaid under obamacare he did that having said earlier at the speech at the american enterprise institute if we don't reform
1:54 am
these medicaid entitlements it will ruin the country. can you count on the fact that his opponents will make him reconcile these two things. >> if he makes the debated he has to be in the top ten. he could be debate stage. >> right now on those numbers is he number 10 so he would make the cut. >> look, is he is all personality. that's what he is selling. that's who he is. it's not the policy or the successes the governor of new jersey hard to do when you are a republican in a democratic dominated state. he has got some stuff done but obviously his numbers are under water in his own home state. this is the force of personality. you know some candidates, perhaps all politicians there is always a moment. and i think i mean, who knows, he could jump out of the pack, win the nomination. i think it's extremely improbable. his moment was four years ago when he was fresh brash, there was just something about him. he was, you know, the candidate everybody wanted,
1:55 am
the anti-mitt romney and he decided he wanted to wait and now the buzz is gonna excitement is gone. and we have seen a few of the raw moments of that personality. i mean, his only hope is to run on entitlements, to run as the guy who speaks the truth it's a wrong shot. his political space ideological has been taken by jeb bush. >> maybe john kasich as well. >> so it's a hard lane that is he running in. he is a long shot but it's hard not to like the guy. >> let me just mexico this but the jeb bush release today which is also interesting. 33 years of personal tax returns effective tax rate over the time 36%. highest taxable income 7.3 million in 2013 paid 2.9 million. 40% taxes. julie, the sense that you putting this out it's not mitt romney. you are not holding anything back and you are challenging probably hillary clinton in one sense to do the same. >> absolutely it really sets
1:56 am
a standard for presidential candidates, not just in this election but going forward. his team remembers how this dogged mitt romney through the entire primary. they wanted to get ahead of this. i think it's smart because frankly most americans are not paying attention to this campaign at a granular level right now. if there is something they wanted to get out this is a a god time to do it. clinton has tax returns at different parts of her term. she will have to now. >> failed effort to pin one famous mom down on a
1:57 am
1:58 am
the best news of the day my mom finally told me i was her favorite. >> oh no i didn't. you mean of all the children? >> yeah. >> no. [ laughter ] >> you are my favorite child in the room right now. >> that would be a no. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced >> desecrating the symbol of our freedom. activists are burning the american flag before the holiday
1:59 am
weekend. >> donald trump keeping his promise and now suing univision. >> they have no right to terminate and they terminated and they didn't even send me a letter. >> why the business tycoon and gop presidential candidate is doubling down on his comments. >> the split rocking hollywood today. why jennifer garner and ben affleck calling it quits after 10 years of marriage. >> good morning to you. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this wednesday. we appreciate it. >> i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. thank you for waking up with us. as we get ready to celebrate independence day hundreds are doing the opposite by burning the american flag. the act vigs group disarm nypd is hosting a flag burning event in brooklyn new york today at
2:00 am
7:30 in response to the charleston church massacre. posting this message quote we do not believe the ideals of america are anything to be revered revered. we will burn the american flag a symbol of oppression and genocide. critics trying to stop the event saying it is illegal and the city should not allow it. no word on what if anything the city plans to do. >> billionaire mogul donald trump laying the smack down on univision after they dropped his miss isa path. >> i sued univision for $500 million. i had a signed contract for five years they had no right to terminate and they terminated. how the gop presidential candidate is preparing for battle. >> he is. good morning to all of you at home. donald trump making good on his promise filing a $500 million lawsuit for breech of contract and defamation. it all goes back to comments