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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 1, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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bitti vander's ear off. >> and go to fox we'll be back on tv at noon eastern. "happening now" starts now. >> >> and fox alert. greece teetering on the financial edge as the prime minister renews call for a referendum on the europe bail out plan. >> they missed the debt payment and the leader showing possible signs of giving in to creditors. >> the united states agreed to formally re-establish relations with the republic of cuba. >> u.s. and cuba agree to open embassies. >> the american engagement is best way to restore our interest. >> plus an incredible story of survival. >> a crash leaves a grandmother
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trapped in her car for two-days and hot temperatures. how she made it out alive. >> and i am a nurse and i cannot afford the ticket. >> the cost of traffic tickets. many folks are forced to it take drastic measures. it is all "happening now". >> we begin this hour with new revelations with a document down by the state department. the senior white house officials anyhow she was using a private e-mail account as secretary of state despite earlier denials. i am jenna lee. >> and i am eric shaun in for jon scott. the state department was ordered to release mrs. clinton's e-mails that is supposed to be part of the public record.
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the sidney bloomingthal has been around the clintons for a long time and his role with them stretched combrnd libia. he was advising her as far back as two where are 09. >> this is how the e-mails could impact the benghazi situation. >> reporter: his role goes beyond benghazi. he was conduct being phone calls with british prime minister gordon brown on behalf of secretary clinton and putting together an agenda with hillary clinton's meeting with merkel. he was knee-deep in sensitive matters and the key here white house officials had banded him
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from being on the state department payroll. he was receiving money from the clinton foundation on the outside and advising hillary clinton on all of this. and top white house officials like david a xelrod was trying to get her e-mail address and eventually got it and e-mailed her on the private server and just a couple of weeks ago, a xelrod was surprised the top aides didn't know about the private server at all. >> it is unusual that the chief of staff, i confess, i was there and senior advisor and i didn't know that. >> interesting because now david a xelrod was e-mailing her on her private account based on the e-mails we are receiving now. and the clinton campaign is pushing back hard and suggesting
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that there is nothing new here. and watch this. >> do you know more today than who was responsible for hitting our consulate in benghazi. >> no i never expected sidney bloomingthal to tell me that. we'll have committee hearings until the lord comes back if that is what it takes. >> they are trying to say there is nothing new in the document. the clinton campaign is revealing she raised $45 million in the first quarter of the year. that sets a record this early in the campaign. >> interesting, we'll talk about the e-mails we haven't seen coming up in a moment; thank you. >> the hillary and sidney connection is delving deep in foreign policy.
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catherine is live in washington. >> reporter: the state department released limited number of e-mails and sidney bloomingthal's assessment of libya politics. and no information was shared on the private e-mail account. but over two dozens of the new e-mails were upgraded to classified and it is routine to upgrade to classified process. and the subsequent upgrade did not mean they did anything wrong when or violated the law when they sent or received this information. they received e-mails from former u.n. embassy from susan rice and cheryl mills and jake sullivan. a select number of members
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investigating benghazi said the priority should be on the e-mails leading up to the terrorist attack and it is one block after another. >> i can't understand why they didn't do march of 2012 to december of 2012. to me it is a delaying tactic. >> reporter: the source said they have had relevant e-mails for some months but he was silent on whether they were satisfied that the clinton e-mail record was now complete. >> thank you very much. >> we'll bring in brett hume who is a fox analyst. we'll start with benghazi. we heard from the congressman that was speaking on american newsroom saying we haven't received all of the e-mails we've requested. will we ever so all of the
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e-mails that the the committee wants? >> it is not clear at this time and the particular set of e-mails dates back to 2009. and congressman westmooreland suggested that the state department would put the most relevant e-mails out sense it is produced to the public yes. and the committee from 2012 which was when the benghazi attack occurred. that raises fresh questions about the state department and how cooperative it is being to go back to 2009. there are nuggets in here that bear on important things not least the relationship between secretary clinton and bloomingthal. and he had a dodgy relationship with ethics and she painted him in the past as one of my many friends and i communicate with
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him from time to time and on the e-mail we heard she was reaching out to him in the middle of the night wonder figure she could call him. >> let me ask you about that years of reporting in washington d.c. hearing this as an outsider plays in the public fears that you have a shadowy figure playing in the huge government decisions that impact our entire country. and based on your reporting experience, is this typical? >> it's not uncommon for people in the top levels of government to reach to people outside of the government from time to time. this relationship was different. this was a character so notorious that the obama administration didn't want him around and forbade her to hire him. he got a job with the clinton foundation that paid him and leaving him to be a deal maker
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and a guy with a big- time access to the secretary for his own personal benefits dealing with foreign governments and relied on him more than she admitted as an advisor. it is unusual and a piece of the way the clinton inc. works. her in office and bill out on the stump and doing business with foreign governments and staggering sums of money, and all of the relationships with the foreign governments and money pouring in to the clinton foundation and in their election cofferes. he hired her and made a contract with an outside organization which he was a principle partner. >> and the questions are raised what the administration anyhow about the action and e-mails. it is tough to know who to believe on this brett. when we look at e-mails with the
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state and benghazi. state department e-mails released because of the questions over the server ares and the benghazi erngs mails released because of the investigation goes on. and the new york times has a title. clinton trough shoes fax machine confusion and little fodder for opponents. apparently clinton had questions about her fax machine and that's what the new york times is talking about. we don't know. we don't have the e-mails in their entirity. >> we don't and the order that the state department is operating under is releasing so many a month. and we have to wait for another installment in a mpth. this is the way the major news outlets are reporting. they don't take an interest in the substance of the e-mails or whether they foster fodder for the republican critics. they don't cast doubt on
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secretary clinton's actions or what the e-mails show except they are critized by republicans and creates titfor tat. >> and clintons actions were ethiccal or illegal or some serious consequences beyond eyebrow raising to them; what do you think about that? >> these are typical of the way the clintons operate. probably not illegal. but probably not ethiccal either. there are structures about how you are supposed to maintain e-mails and she clearly worked outside of that and that is clearly improper. and so the whole thing is improper. and this is the way they operate. they are never quite ethiccal or
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illegal so far. >> and many more e-mails to go through if we see them all. brett, appreciate it. >> thanks, gen a. >> major developments in the u.s./cuba. both countries agreeing to reopen embassies in each other's capitols. this is expected to happen later this month. the president hailing it as a new chapter in u.s./cuba relationships. >> americans and cub ans a like are ready to move forward. and i believe it is time for congress to do the same. i have called on congress to lift the embargo that prevents americans from traveling or doing business in cub a. we have already seen that it work. >> the 50 year embargo on the communist island 90 miles south of florida was ineffective. critics say he is rewarding the
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hard line communist government that continues to imprison citizens for political reasons and his move will bolster the castros. do you agree with the u.s. policy of reopening diplomatic relationships with cub a. go to fox"happening now" to join the conversation. >> puerto rico are sagging under crushing debt. how does it impact you and your community as well? we'll talk to a report that saw it coming. >> and greece and the nation in default. they may be ready to come to new terms with creditors. and this california tough new vaccination rules. the governor signed a controversial measure in law. and we'll talk about whether this can become a nationwide trend.
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it should be my choice. in discussing with my doctor about my children's personal medical choices without the interferrance of the government.
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1shgs the prime minister of groes pushing forward a referendum after floating an alternative plan of his own. greece missed the debt payment and a financial crisis hitting home for us. that is a focus of puerto rico. it is a problem that the debt highlights in a cover story. sounding the alarm of puerto rico's debt and danger to bond investors that include a lot of us. joining us is darren.
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the big news people watching the market, andrew. it caused a huge alarm bell to go off when there was not an alarm bell ringing. why did you decide to do the story? >> we felt that theuation in puerto rico was weakening and it was not widely recognized. . this was after detroit declared bankruptcy. >> you have the paper with you. you have had a lot of career and what was it is reaction? >> puerto rico down played and seaing we are alarmist and they fully agreed to pay their debts. they have restructured debt in the last six months or so and now they are moving forward to a full-scale. >> what does that mus? >> it is reflected in the market
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right now. puerto rico debt is weak. and even though they are probably not that great. >> what is the solution for puerto rico long- term? >> i think puerto rico needs to cut the debt and cut taxes and being more competitive with lower cost areas in the caribbean where manufacturers and others are now going. >> do you foreso a bail out? >> we hate to so the b word. but that comes up because puerto rico is one of our territories. >> no they wont bail out detroit and the government is not willing to bail out puerto rico. there will be thinking that the problems self inflicted. >> there is a question of how this problem for puerto rico is applied to other cities and
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municipalities if you will. you think it is a bell weather for what we are seeing state side and local governments having issues with that? >> some have problems. illinois and chicago it problems. and new jersey had problems and no where near as what is happening in puerto rico right now. i think they are dope societied and not easy to fix. >> the problems in greece be deep-seated. how dow see the greek issue over all? and how is the next few days going to look like? >> if you are an american investors, i don't think you should pay much attention to it greece. if you talk to smart investors, he would focus on investing her and it will some how get resolved.
10:21 am
>> the economy of greece is like the size of south carolina. would you say it is an emotional versus a actual crisis? >> i think so. it is a relatively small country and small gdp. and i think people are overreacting. the euro is not that weak. smart money is saying it will play out. it may not be great, but not a danger to the european economy and markets over. there >> good context, andrew. great to have you, eric? >> thank you, jenna. and what caused the internet service in california to go on the fritz? they are investigating for the customers in the west coast. what is causing the outages. and there are wildfires in the
10:22 am
west and powerful thunderstorms in the east and residents are running for cover.
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>> there is attacks in the san francisco bay area and that happen last year. the latest happen yesterday when someone cut the cables belonging to serve providers. what is going on? johnathon? >> reporter: this series of attacks whether or not they are linked are raising questions of how vulnerable our internet structure may be to physical attacks and not only cyber hacking attacks. and the latest in the string of
10:26 am
attacks affected thousand people in sacramento, the california state capitol. >> pretty much first thing this morning people came in and when the first person decided to get on the internet there was a problem, and we anyhow about it immediately. >> reporter: fiber optic cables are the interstate. and carrying vast amounts of information. and without them the internet doesn't work. and it is on line shopping and banking system to national security. the attacks tend to come in clusters according to the fbi, with 2 or 3 fiber optic cables cut in different locations in hours or minutes of each other. officials will not say it is vandalism or something more sinister. and asking the public to report
10:27 am
any activity even though it was unusual. >> if they know about the normal crews, and actively doing something in that time period people might think they were workers and maybe they were dressed as workers. >> and now back up system reduce the impact of those kinds of internet outages and the fear is that obviously the damage that could be done were it a widely coordinated attack like this and took down primary and back up systems. and who is doing this is simply carrying out a test run to something much bigger. >> that is fright eping and sounds like it is more than stupid vandalism. jenna? >> a folks in the northeast cloning up after severe storms and pennsylvania a tornado sweeping through.
10:28 am
and threat for severe continues today and in the meantime strong storms in the midmississippi valley. and tornados are in the southern missouri and severe storms may develop in the plains. and out west we turn to the wildfires that we are watching. they are gaining control of a fast- moving wildfires there. and it is called the sleepy holly blaze. we'll keep you posted on that. >> and the nuclear talks are continuing past this week's deadline and could tough talk from president obama and the iranian supreme leader put an agreement in jeopardy. >> and our medical panel is here
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>> california will is one of the toughest school vaccinations laws in the nation and that is new this week. governor jerry brown signing the controversial bill that eliminates exemptions. and nearly all public school kids will be required to get vaccinated. and we'll talk about this.
10:33 am
we have our experts with us. and a pediatrician and mother of five. and a specialist in university hospital rainbow babies and children's hospital. it is great to have you both and the brady bunch panel on the screen. that's right. good looking family. >> good looking family. we are all part of it. >> and let me generally all of you agree that vaccinations are good for our kids doctor i would like to start with you. all five of your children are vaccinated and you say legislation is not the way to go about this. you feel it should be approached differently why? >> our first amendment rights are important for a reason. we have enjoyed that for many many years without infringing on anyone's rights.
10:34 am
this came about not because of tiny people with a true religious based objection to vaccination. this is all of the people who abused it and claimed a religious xechlgdz when they were believing in a false science. >> and let me ask you, doctor in all of this. if you had the families that opted out because of religious exemption. would that be enough to keep the people safe in >> a lot of times, we have to done the studies. people who opt out because of beliefs and opting out because of religious beliefs, they cluster together. and so what you get is micro communities within a small radius who have low vaccination rates and this puts that community at increased risk for spreading the disease amongst
10:35 am
themselves and surrounding communities and that's kind of what happen in the measles outbreak. >> it is grow think. we talked about it before there's been an idea that the vaccinations cause different conditions like autism. it is not proven by facts. but the group think and one idea that captured the attention of the parents rightfully and wrongly. how do we move to the facts, based information that the vaccinations are safe and leaving room for parents to exercise their own right. parents make decisions for l families. >> as you said jenna, the group think and group psycheicology is important. we have folks who are well known and could influence the group. jenna mccarthy. hint hint they get the herd
10:36 am
going in one direction and in this instance it was unwise and unhealthy. and it caused a public health crois or square in california and maybe in other states. and to turn that around. psycheicology requires that we have a significant person in the community who had celebrity, and say that that leader was wrong and i am right. that is not only good for your and our kids and it is a public health imperative. nreally the way we change our mind is rely on laws and edkigz? >> right, the whole thing started with famous people to influence the group any they were under informed and i know
10:37 am
dr. kathleen and mike know about. they are concerned about the health and welfare. my sister just had a new girl. my niece was born a couple of weeks ago. and she worries if that babies coughs, she wants to know what is going on. we have to insure that our kids are in the best place possible to be healthy and productive citizens and vaccinations help it work. and now we need someone else who is also has. >> and turn it around. >> do we need to take away our first amendment rights. we are all for the vaccinations. but in illinois it is harder to use a conscious exemption. they have diabetic done away
10:38 am
with the permanent. >> i agree to you with a certain extent. lights in the state. if we use the first amendment i can't yell fire in a crowded building and i can't use fighting words. >> and absolutely. it is a safe community for so many years until we had a group think problem. it is not religion or free exercise it is group think and science. >> doctor you said that someone who deals with infectious diseases. we need a national strategy to keep our country sieve. >> i knowledge happen. the peoples are prenot toment.
10:39 am
and so are are other disease that we have pulled away from a lot of the population of the united states. and these germs are bombarding our country all of the time because of people traveling into the united states. it is our vaccination rates in our community, and in this case the community of the united states, protecting our citizens from those measles and pumps and all kinds of diseases. and if we have certain pockets and holes in the armor of protection that we have in the united states we are going to see more and more outbreaks. >> okay let me ask you a final question for everyone. doctor, i will start with you. do you think instead of state laws on this and it is a california. and who would have thought california would have done this.
10:40 am
now california said you have to be vaccinated. should it be a federal law and initial level; is that the right fix? >> i would like that to be the case. but our constitution is not set up that way. they give recommendations, but it is up to the states to ratify the recommendation. and each of them do it differently is i think what we need to do as a increase the vaccination rights any way we can. and it would make it a lot easier. in >> it should be i 12 captain campaign issue. the group thinks can and so it
10:41 am
toe. and law, and they go to a itate where they vent to have the state law. and we'll see measle out break. and we need to protect the united states of america. >> i respect theitution and first amendment and free exercise of religion. and i think we need to go state to state and increase vaccination rates and education. and i strongly support changes personal belief and supporting the tiny number of people with a true religious exemption. i think we achieve better vaccination rates without infringing on anyone's free exercise of religion. >> it is a very interesting
10:42 am
debate. you look at your baby and say what is the right call? sometimes the medical questions, it does make you take a second look. >> and can i say. >> quickly. jenna, thank you and fox news for the support in the passing of my father. it meant a lot. >> we have thought about you doctor, and we care about you. and i know we don't look like part of the same family but we feel that way. even though we have the boxes up. >> next to have you all back. thank you. >> thank you. >> jenna, a privacy advocates, they are up in arms after the court ruled the nsa, can continue to collect the phone records of us. millions and millions of americans. and coming up. do you think it is good idea to keep us safe.
10:43 am
>> a grandmother found alive in this car after being trapped two days in sweltering health. >> she swerved to miss an animal on the road.
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. .
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>> i am gretchen carlsson. and we are hearing from david sweat who practiced the prison break and got out x. given new details on how they evaded escape. and do we have a plan b if the deal goes south. and we have good news for you. join us in the top of the hour. >> and car crash in texas with
10:47 am
an unbelievable ending. a 75-year-old grandmother trapped if an over turned car for two days. she swerved on a remote highway. she was too weak and scared. she survived on water. >> i had some spright in the car. that's the only thing i had. she said her prayers were answered when the cell phone signal led rescuers to her car. she is okay. >> and the nsa's use of bulk collection. the court ruling they can continue the program that gathers roars of american's phone calls. and the a lcu said it amounts to
10:48 am
illegally spying on us. some worry without it we would be less safe. we'll have the manager for the national security law system. good to so you as always. >> it was on hold for six months and now the court said we can resume. >> the aclu's lawsuit has no merit. when the second circuit court of appeals rowelled it was illegal, they stated their opinion. and we'll not enforces stop the program because congress would debate this and congress passed the usa freedom act. in other words, specifically acknowledging they would collect the data and they had a six month transition period.
10:49 am
>> take a look at what the nsa said. we use close partnership with the fbi to collect bulk telephone records. and the data gives us information about what communications end. and where you are. and what kind of device you are using. they say they know everything about me. and it goes too far. >> it doesn't. and in fact congress debated this. and the foreign court in washington is the court that issues specific orders for queries of specific phone numbers that are associated with terrorist or known terrorist organizations and we are in a transition period when the government has all of the data pursuant to the enteleigence court to six months from now when they will keep the data and the government will not have it
10:50 am
at all. that was specifically in the legislation. >> and we have all of the chatter about july 4th. and could this help to i think that lawful surveillance is a key aspect of our national security. that's beyond question. and the fact that isis and those associated with isis or inspired by isis are increasing their chatter and trying to conduct attacks, 4th of july is a big time. it's a symbolic time for our country. it means a lot to all of us of course. if they could conduct even a small-scale attack it would be a strategic victory for them. >> hope it doesn't happen. good to see you. thank you so much. >> thank you. cue the music from jaws. you might not want to go in the water after seeing this. >> thank you. look what these guys pulled in from the surf at a popular summertime destination. plus the trouble with
10:51 am
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do it. come on. do it. come on! yes! awww, yes! that is what i'm talking about. baby. call and upgrade to get x1 today. ♪ california grappling with $10 billion in unpaid traffic tickets. a new study claiming that one in six people have a suspended driver's license because they can't afford the fines. william william la jeunesse has more from los angeles. hopefully he is not one of them. >> punishment is supposed to fit the crime. $63 for a parking ticket. $270 for a speeding ticket. four million motorists, 17% of the state's adult population lost their license because they can't afford the fine. >> it ended up being $4,000. just off two citations. >> casey campbell served two
10:55 am
tours in iraq. now he's fighting a new battle in california. >> it was a simple seat belt ticket at first. a no front license plate. >> with added fees his $25 ticket jumped to 300 and 600 when he missed a court date. >> for a $25 fine you're looking now at over $500. >> 7:00 a.m. tuesday, hundreds wait tfine. >> i have had a ticket that went up to $5,000 before. >> for driving without plates and proof of insurance. >> you do one of three things. you either go to jail [ laughing ] community service or you pay. >> i'm a nurse and i still cannot afford to pay the ticket. >> i found out yesterday i have a warrant for my arrest. >> critics call the traffic citation system a racket that has nothing to do with justice. why? a $100 ticket jumps to 290 with state penalties. 416 with assessments.
10:56 am
490 with surcharges. if you can't afford it the ticket rises to 815. >> when they don't pay that they have their license suspended. and puts folks in a cycle of poverty. >> until recently drivers could not even see a judge to fight their ticket before paying it. the aclu sued and won. >> it's all about the money. that's the best way i can put it. all about the money. >> even the governor has called the system a hell-hole of desperation. he instituted amnesty. you can pay half and still get your license back. 1/6 of the people then won't all be criminals. back to you. >> thank you. what do wolves and sharks and alligators have in common? look at that. the animal kingdom. that's style! to help rearrange the fridge and get us energized! i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge
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alligator bride. a tradition believed to bring a bount why i of seafood in the town. >> a 7-foot shark on the outer banks of north carolina. they brought it ashore before releasing it back unharmed. hopefully they didn't go swimming afterwards. thanks for joining us. "the real story" starts now. we kick it off with a fox news alert on hillary clinton and her controversial relationship with sidney blumenthal. hi i'm gretchen carlson. welcome to "the real story" live from d.c. today. we're waiting for reaction from the state department following the release of thousands of pages of clinton emails. we have been poring over them here at fox and learned the former secretary of state began communicating with her long-time aide earlier than previously thought. blumenthal emailed clinton in june of 2009 saying he had information for her on the uk. two weeks later he urged her to call


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