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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 1, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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a 6 to 7-foot shark. you know they say there are more people in the water, more sea turtles. and guess what more sharks. run! run now! >> that's it for us. "special report" on deck. see you tomorrow. hillary clinton's end run around president obama. newly released e-mails reveal the president's top diplomat sought and received considerable help from adviser banned by the white house. this is "special report." >> good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. we're getting new insights tonight on how much hillary clinton ignored president obama's wishes during her work as secretary of state. his secretary of state. on top of violating policy by using a private e-mail address and server to do government business clinton also sought substantial help from an adviser who had been essentially blackballed by the white house. we have fox team coverage
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tonight. brit hume looks at how the latest revelations play into an all too familiar narrative about clinton's trustworthiness. we begin with chief white house correspondent ed henry who's been going through the latest treasure trove of e-mails at the state department. good evening. >> reporter: hillary clinton wanted the headline to be she's now raised a record-setting $45 million in the early days of this campaign. her team is dealing tonight with new fallout over what e-mails were released and what e-mails were not released. hillary clinton vowed in march she never sent classified information from her unsecure private e-mail server. yet today under questioning from fox, admiral john kirby confirmed the state department held back about 25 of clinton's e-mails that were deemed classified after the fact. clinton aides scrambled to insist retroactive classification does not change the fact they were unclassified when first sent. >> this was a prudent decision made to try to protect sensitive information. and again, just because it's classified now doesn't mean that
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it was wrong to send it at the time. the e-mails that were released show clinton used sidney blumenthal as early as 2009 to conduct sensitive diplomatic matters, even though blumenthal had been blocked from joining her staff by some of president obama's aides because of political dirty tricks from 2008. officials grew concerned the secret would leak. then clinton press aide p.j. crowley writing the chief of staff cheryl mills in 2009 quote fyi we just heard from an a.p. reporter that sydney outed himself about coming to the department mentioning it without realizing he was talking to someone who actually covers our building. while clinton recently made this claim. >> he sent me unsolicited e-mails. >> reporter: she sent a late night e-mail to blumenthal in october 2009 saying quote are you still awake? i will call you if you are. there are plenty of humorous exchanges. clinton e-mailing she heard on the radio there may be a cabinet meeting. republicans on the house select committee investigating benghazi said today a far more serious
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matter is the public only seeing the e-mails clinton did not already delete. >> we don't know if hillary clinton has turned over all the e-mails yet. >> reporter: the clinton campaign responded with a highly produced video entitled charade, slamming republican chairman tray gowdy. >> do you know more today about who was responsible for hitting our consulate in benghazi? >> no. but i never expected sydney blumenthal to be able to tell me that anyway. >> reporter: while clinton aides were secretive about sharing her personal e-mail address, white house aides eventually knew in 2009 she was not using state department e-mail. in september 2009 months into the administration state department aides were still not sure whether then white house chief of staff rahm emanuel should be in the loop. clinton adviser huma abedin e-mailing rob's assistant is asking your e-mail address. you want me to give him? clinton said yes. in june 2009 senior white house adviser david axelrod sent
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clinton a get well message on her private account, seemingly contradicting axelrod's claim this month he was surprised bill daley had no idea clinton was using a private server. >> i think it is unusual. he was the chief of staff. i confess i was there. ways a senior adviser. i didn't know that. >> reporter: now axelrod clarified today he knew clinton had a personal e-mail account but did not she used it exclusively or that she had a personal server. meanwhile john kirly abouts revealed that to shield separate clinton e-mails from the benghazi committee the administration has now invoked executive privilege, a very rare move bret. >> ed henry live at the state department, thank you. hillary clinton was already facing negative numbers in public polling about her honesty. political analyst brit hume is here with some of the back story on clinton's ongoing struggle on that front. >> nearly 20 years ago, the late columnist william sapphire of the "new york times" described hillary clinton as a quote congenital liar.
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the list of her whoppers was long then and it has been growing ever since. she claimed that as a novice investor in arkansas she made a 10,000% killing trading cattle futures by reading the "wall street journal." something one observer said was akin to quote driving to hawaii. she said she came under sniper fire in bosnia yeah in 1996. she didn't. she said her daughter was jogging around the world trade center on 9/11 2001. she wasn't. she even once claimed that she was named for sir edmund hillary after he became the first man to climb mt. everest. that didn't happen until five years after she was born. more recently she claimed she'd turned over all her job-related e-mails as her secretary of state. but more e-mails turned up she claimed she didn't have. and claimed sydney blumenthal was an old friend with whom she kept in touch and sent her unsolicited e-mails. turns out she was reaching out to him in the dark of night in
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her early days in the obama administration and welcomed and encouraged her advice. with such mandacity, one thing is clear. it's a good thing for hillary clinton she's not a republican. bret? >> you know brit you look at those polls and the upside down numbers on honesty. but you talk to republicans around the country and they all say one thing. to quote secretary clinton, at this point what difference does it make? >> that's the concern a lot of republicans have that she's somehow bulletproof in this regard. but something explains her bad numbers on trust. something explains the rise of bernie sanders in the polls and the enthusiastic crowds that he's getting. look. the issue with clinton is truthfulness and for better word authenticity a word we often hear in politics these days. bernie sanders, who may be out there where the buses don't run in terms of his issue positions in the eyes of many voters is nothing if not authentic and he's doing great. he certainly was not expected to. it has to have something to do
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with this with hillary clinton. >> okay. brit as always thank you. coming up the bottom of the hour former texas governor republican prosecuting candidate rick perry will be in our center seat. we'll get reaction to the clinton e-mail story plus plenty of other issues. if you have a question for governor perry let me know now. go to or on twitter @bret baier use the #specialreport. we're in talks with iran over the nuclear program. yesterday's deadline came and went was the only development a one-week ex tension. the head of the u.n.'s nuclear monitoring agency will meet with iran's president tomorrow in tehran. secretary of state john kerry talked with iran's foreign minister today in vienna. yesterday president obama promised to walk away if he can't get a good deal. late today we learned a u.n. report says iran has met a key commitment under a preliminary nuclear deal leaving it with several tons less of the material it could use to make weapons according to the u.n. still no deal in the greek
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financial crisis and one is increasingly unlikely before sunday's hayesstily called referendum on a deal that is no longer on the table. >> reporter: life keeps getting harder for the greeks. today it was the retiree's turn. some banks closed following the breakdown of talks between greece and the e.u. about its debt were open so elderly without credit cards could get some of their pension in cash. >> translator: it's very difficult. my husband is ill. we have a problem. >> reporter: with a shortage of euro bills, the 60 euros or $66, others should be able to with draw from atms is now often just 50. late today greek prime minister tsipras again went on state tv blaming the e.u. for the problems saying european union countries were forcing the greeks to vote yes in a referendum set for sunday on e.u. bailout terms. >> translator: the dominance of
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extreme conservative groups led to the decision to asphyxiate the country's banks with the obvious aim of blackmailing the government and each individual citizen. >> reporter: tsipras claims voting no is not against the e.u. and the euro but against e.u. tactics. pollsters put the no vote ahead of yes with many undecided. this as the government was still reeling from defaulting on a massive loan repayment to the imf and still floating a variety of bailout plans including one they recently walked away from. in the german parliament chancellor angela merkel said talks with greece would not resume until the referendum was over. she too was defiant. >> translator: yes these are turbulent days. there's a lot at stake. the world is watching us. but the future of europe is not at stake. >> reporter: many here are worried about the fallout from this political face-off. >> so this a game of chicken that the finance minister and
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the prime minister are playing they could play for their own money in vegas, not with the greek community. >> reporter: this athens travel agent is one of many in the community at risk. greece's crucial tourist trade is suffering so are the people. >> we don't feel very well. we don't feel safe. this is bad. >> reporter: european union finance ministers met late today to examine yet another bailout proposal coming from the greek government. they too said they would have to wait to consider it until after sunday's referendum. the e.u. at least singing from the same hymn book. bret. >> greg palkon early thursday morning in athens. thanks. stocks in positive territory in the u.s. today. the dow gain 38 s&p 500 finished ahead 14. the nasdaq was up 26. a federal judge is ordering the irs to turn over previously unreleased e-mails about its conservative targeting scandal and former bureaucrat lois
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lerner to monitoring group judicial watch. the judge says the is must produce the e-mails on a weekly basis starting as soon as next week until all are released. it will then be up to judicial watch to post them for public view. up next years of fiscal folly have chicago schools facing a failing grade. first here's news from fox affiliates around the country. fox 2 in san francisco as the fbi probes a series of physical attacks against fiberoptic cables on the west coast. the latest in the string of about a dozen incidents over the past year happened early yesterday morning affecting thousands of people in sacramento. fox 43 our affiliate in hampton roads, virginia with another shark attack off the north carolina coast. that makes seven so far this summer. today a 68-year-old man swimming about 30 feet offshore with his adult son sustained injuries on his torso, hip, left leg and both hands. and this is a live look at portland oregon from our affiliate fox 12. the big story there tonight, recreational marijuana is now
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league in that state. hundreds climbed up on the burnside bridge last night to celebrate. oregon voters passed the measure last november. a person can possess up to 8 ounces of pot and grow up to four plants per residence. that's the news outside the beltway on "special report" we'll be right back.
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can other brands say all that? for nutrition you can trust and your pet will enjoy... does your food go beyond? learn more at a federal law enforcement official says last night's fire that destroyed a historic black church in south carolina was not arson. the blaze at the mount zion methodist church in greeleyville was reported as storms moved through the area. authorities are investigating eight fires at black southern churches since the church shooting spree that killed nine in charleston last month. three of the fires have been ruled arson. one was an electrical problem and the others are still being investigated. cable station tv land is dumping the "dukes of hazzard" over its use of confederate flag
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imagery. tv land has been showing reruns of the 1980s action comedy set in rural kentucky. it's the latest organization to try to put distance between itself and the flag after last month's south carolina church massacre. it isn't greece but chicago is in the latest throes of financial crisis over schools and teacher pensions. our reporter looks at some very bad math that does not add up. >> reporter: the city of chicago's finances are in a crisis thanks to decades of leaders skipping pension payments and making all together bad financial decisions. >> they're intolerable. they're unacceptable. and they're totally unconscionable. >> reporter: chicago public schools are facial a billion dollar budget deficit and trying not to go bankrupt. last night they emptied their checking account to make a state pension contribution of $643 million.
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now the nation's third largest school system is cutting 1400 mostly nonteaching positions it can't afford. >> these reductions are necessary to minimize cuts to the classroom as much as possible. >> reporter: adding to cps's challenges are heated negotiations with the teacher's union over a new contract and threats of strikes if an agreement isn't reached. city leaders haven't had much luck getting help from state lawmakers who have their own financial crisis to deal with. illinois has the nation's largest deficit, worst funded pension system and lowest credit rating among u.s. states. for months newly elected republican governor bruce rauner has been in a standoff with democratic lawmakers about how to if fix the state's budget woes. >> there's nothing left but difficult financial choices. it's going to need to be shared sacrifice on all parts. >> reporter: democrat lawmakers want tax raises to help fill in the $4 billion budget shortfall. governor rauner says that's not
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going to happen unless they approve his recommendations to make the state more business friendly. caught in the middle is more than 65,000 state employees who don't know if they'll be paid if there's a partial government shutdown. bret? >> garrett, thank you. the justice department is investigating whether major airlines work together illegally to keepfares high. the associated press reports the inquiry is focused on whether airlines are expanding their businesses at a slower pace to keep the number of seats low, demand high and therefore prices higher. today new york democratic senator charles schumer said he first called for such an investigation in december quote it's hard to understand with jet fuel prices dropping by 40% since last year why ticket prices haven't goaled." oklahoma's supreme court says the ten commandments monument at the state capital must come down. justices say it indirectly benefits jewish and christian faiths in violation of the state
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constitution. oklahoma's attorney general argued the monument is nearly identical to one in texas that was found constitutional by the u.s. supreme court. macy's is the latest business to pull the plug on its relationship with donald trump over his comments about mexican immigrants. macy's says it will phase out trump's men's wear collection which it has sold since 2004. trump responded by suggesting it was he who initiated the breakup and blamed the macy's move on pressure by outside forces that oppose his presidential candidacy. still ahead, rick perry takes your questions from our center seat. first president obama takes some heat for restoring diplomatic relations with cuba.
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there are increasing concerns tonight about just what kind of fireworks americans can expect this fourth of july. many worry islamic extremists may try to crash america's birthday party. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the story tonight from the pentagon. >> reporter: as americans prepare to celebrate that which u.s. military commanders say threatens terrorist groups like isis the most freedom, the fbi is setting up command centers in cities across the u.s. to share intelligence and information with more than 100 joint terrorism task forces ahead of july 4th. >> unlike al qaeda of the old days there doesn't have to be and won't necessarily be a command and control relationship between somebody instigates an incident and isil as an organization. they're self-radical a'sed, self-socialized people on social media. are we concerned about that? absolutely. >> reporter: in new york city
3:24 pm
the police are deploying counterterrorism officers. mobile radar detection on planes and trains and security cameras across lower manhattan. >> we have hotel teams that will be working with the hotel security people reinforcing what we always do. which is if you see something say something. >> reporter: isis puts out 90,000 social media messages a day. >> i think it is really risky over the fourth. because it's the fourth and because these guys like to go at their enemies' holidays. they have the special edict from al baghdadi to kill infidels. >> reporter: 1200 prisoners program out of jail in yemen many associated with al qaeda taking on the proxy war between saudi arabia and iran and comes less than a month after a cia drone killed al qaeda's number two, nasir wouhasei.
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a wave of simultaneous suicide attacks by islamist extremists killed 64 soldiers in the sinai one day after egypt's president vowed a crackdown on islamist groups. bret? >> jennifer griffin at the pentagon thank you. president obama says it's time for a new chapter in u.s. relations with cuba. one of his critics calls it another trivial pursuit of a legacy item. correspondent kevin corke at the white house tonight on a move toward reconciliation getting mixed review. >> reporter: rarely have so few words ushered in so much change. >> today i can announce that the united states has agreed to formally re-establish diplomatic relations with the republic of cuba. >> reporter: with that president obama placed a historic bet that more engagement with the communist nation will usher in an era of friendship between countries separated by a mere 90 miles but seemingly worlds apart. >> that's what this is about, a choice between the future and the past. americans and cubans alike are
3:26 pm
ready to move forward. >> reporter: in letters exchanged by the president and cuban leader raul castro the countries agreed to thaw a diplomatic freeze that has lasted since 1961 with plans for embassies opening in havana and washington later this month. a seismic policy shift felt as far away as vienna austria, where secretary of state john kerry called the move a bold repudiation of cold war policy. >> president obama made a personal fundamental decision to change a policy that didn't work. >> reporter: relations between washington and havana have been warming for more than a year. in april at the summit of the americas in panama the country's leaders spoke of burying the pain and distrust of the past. for many gop lawmakers that pain and distrust remains very much alive. florida senator marco rubio, son of cuban immigrants and a strong critic of the castro regime said quote i intend to oppose the confirmation of an ambassador to cuba. fellow gop presidential candidate jeb bush tweeted this
3:27 pm
july 4th reports of a new embassy in havana will legitimize repression in cuba not promote the cause of freedom and democracy. >> this is a big mistake. we should not be re-establishing relations with this totalitarian regime. >> i don't think we should have to lower our standards in order to raise our flag in havana. >> reporter: white house sources tell us tonight that the president would absolutely love to go to cuba before the end of his presidency. if that happens, bret he'd be the first sitting president to do that since calvin coolidge in 1928. >> kevin corke, thank you. no grapevine tonight. when we come back, former texas governor rick perry in our center seat. i have type 2 diabetes. i started with pills. and now i take a long-acting insulin at night. i take mine in the morning. i was trying to eat right, stay active.
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you can save up to $423. for a free quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. tonight we welcome former texas governor republican presidential candidate rick perry to our center seat. here with questions ready is our panel, nina ease ton columnist and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. governor thanks for being here. >> you're welcome. it's an honor. >> today we had more e-mails from the state department the hillary clinton situation as it continues to develop. your thoughts first before we
3:32 pm
move onto other issues. >> the honesty issue is going to be front and center with this candidate. obviously with the history of this even before you get into issues like benghazi just the pure honesty of whether or not the secretary is being forthright in whether or not she gave all this information out and obviously it's not the case. so i think the american people are really going to be pushing back on this to some degree. >> we asked people on facebook and twitter to write in some questions. larry miller on facebook what will be your first axction and how will you make it happen. >> getting this country back to work. one way through north american energy policy opening up the xl pipeline will be one of the first things we'll do, right after we get through taking up -- tearing up any agreement that this president does with iran. >> nina? >> so governor i want to really turn to immigration and the
3:33 pm
border since you're very much -- you're the border guy in all of these candidates. you have said that you won't pursue immigration reform until the border is secure. but what specifically does that mean? you've got a two decade low inflow of illegal immigrants. what would a secure border look like? how much would it cost? and do you worry politically that you may be turning off hispanics who are waiting for immigration reform as it kind of goes down the republican agenda? >> let me address the last issue first. because i think it's very important. hispanics in this country want to live in safe communities. and to know that they're living in safe communities you've got to have a secure border. and i think that is really at the core of this. americans don't trust washington to deal with immigration until that border is secure. and i do, as you rightfully said know something about the border. i've been dealing with it for 14 years as the governor of that state that's got a 1200-mile border with that international -- with the international border.
3:34 pm
and you put the boots on the ground. you have the personnel in place. you have strategic fencing. and in most places it's already there. the third thing that's missing and the one that i think that can have the biggest impact is aviation assets from tijuana to el paso to brownsville flying 24/7. looking down making decisions about whether or not actions, activities are legal and suspicious and having fast response teams to go address those. that's the way you secure the border. once you get the border secure then you can have a conversation about immigration. but not until. the american people will not trust washington to deal with it. >> the inflow number what is a secure border look like beyond -- >> you do everything you can. the idea you're going have zero people crossing the border is unrealistic. but today we know that's not the case. today we know we've got a porous border and people are coming in and we don't know who they are. secure the border then we can have a conversation about it.
3:35 pm
>> your view of donald trump's description of mexican immigrants? >> i wouldn't have said that obviously. mexico is our number one trading partner in the state of texas. it's very important to this country. frankly, getting mexico economically headed in the right direction with good energy policy canada the united states and mexico have more known energy reserves than saudi arabia and russia. so developing those, and i think you'll see a major movement of people back into mexico when that occurs when these prices get back. you're going to see a substantial development of the energy business in mexico and canada. domestic as well. >> amy? >> governor despite what's happening in greece, i don't hear a lot of conversation on the campaign trail on the republican side about our potential coming long-term debt crisis. i'm interested in what you would do as president to avert it. how you feel about the sequester, defense cuts and what needs to change with medicare and social security. >> the two things that need to occur. obviously you can't cut your way out of this.
3:36 pm
but it's one of the issues you have to address. in texas we had two major turn downs in our economy back in 2002. and we addressed it in 2003 and again in 2011 as a result of the national recession. we had to make major cuts and we did. and they're not easy. they're hard to do. but you've got to make cuts and stand up to the american people and say we are going to reduce and you can and must. the other side is growth. if you don't have a pro growth policy to lay out, that's one of the reasons that i happen to think it's intertwined with our energy policy. north american energy policy. canada the united states and mexico we developed these energy reserves that we have in this north american region. and you can see a not only driving down the cost of electricity but a major manufacturing boom in this country. couple that with tax policy reduction, reducing the corporate tax rate. that i think a renaissance in manufacturing like we've never seen in this country and really
3:37 pm
drive the economy. >> charles? >> governor in 2012 you got into a bit of a tussle over your support for in-state tuition, meaning lower tuition, for in-state illegal immigrant children who came here as you said through no fault of their own. you said if you didn't support that you didn't have a heart. you regretted having used that phrase. but on the policy itself i assume you still support it. do you also support the dream act? do you think that illegal immigrant children ought to be given essentially the rights of citizenship? >> i think state by state these decisions are going to be made which we did in the state of texas, charles. 14 years ago it passed overwhelmingly in the state of texas. this was in 2001. >> tuition issue? >> yes. out of 180 votes, 31 senators and 150 house members, there were only five dissensions. it was an overwhelmingly supported piece of legislation. every state's got to make a decision how they want to deal with this.
3:38 pm
but that's just a symptom of the real problem. the real problem is obviously a border that is porous poring people in and in these days in particular and addressing this border. you've got to cure the disease before you can -- >> let's assume you cure it and you're the president. at that point what do you offer the 11 or so million who are here illegally? >> no. i think there is an appropriate way to deal with folks who have come into this country. but to hand out amnesty is not one of them. >> what would you do? >> well again, i think we lay that out as the campaign goes along. but as i've said you've got to secure that border first. >> but senator perry would have voted for the dream act or not? >> no. no. listen i think these are issues that the states have to deal with. this wasn't a national issue. it shouldn't be a national issue. i think when this country really starts respecting our constitution and gets back and respects the tenth amendment where the states are the ones that come up with the novel
3:39 pm
approaches the experimentations as louis brandeis called them this country will not only be more competitive, i think this country will be happier. >> more with governor perry and the panel after a quick break. we'll talk foreign policy next.
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republican presidential candidate former texas governor rick perry is in our center seat tonight now talking foreign policy charles. >> you're in the white house. you're president. you're faced with situation in the middle east where we have two main problems iran expanding aggression infiltrating destabilizing, and on the other hand isis expanding, destabilizing, threatening the homeland. they happen to be enemies. which is the number one priority for the united states? you've got to make choices. which one is the big are threat? which one do you concentrate going after first? >> i think you can multitask. obviously iran is a huge problem, allowing them to get a
3:43 pm
nuclear weapon. so that has to be at the top of your list. putting a coalition together to deal with isis the jordanians the saudis the turks, the israel his, all of those together. you can put a coalition together to both using your beefed up intelligence and also the military aspect of it to stop isis there. but again, keeping iran from getting a nuclear weapon has to be number one on the list. >> what about iran's expansion on the ground into iraq controlling syria lebanon, now yemen? what would you do about its -- what the arab states see as extending their control in the region. >> i think that coalition that you could put together with the saudis jordanians turks, israelis all of those, the egyptians, all of those together have grave concern about what they're seeing with iran. so i think a coalition of those
3:44 pm
gulf states in particular is the way to deal with that. >> today the president came out and said it was time to turn the page on cuba. if it's president perry, what do you do in regards to cuba? >> the real issue we've seen this president not being able to connect the dots often. we see it in iran. we see the same approach in cuba. and how we're dealing. the cuban people are not any better off with this deal at all. as a matter of fact i would suggest to you that this was just throwing the castro brothers a lifeline. venezuela was there, was propping them up at this particular point in time i would suggest to you. i think we had the opportunity to stop the castros finally, and this president steps in and basically normalizes relationships with them. >> but now is this over? >> i don't necessarily think so. i think that the next president of the united states obviously has an opportunity to come back
3:45 pm
in and using the sanctions and other types of diplomatic ways to deal with the castro regime. and until you see the people there getting the freedoms that they deserve, then i wouldn't -- i wouldn't try to normalize anything with them. >> nina. >> governor you like other candidates you've criticized obama for being soft towards putin and weak towards putin. but what specifically would you do to stand up to a nuclear arm tyrant to get him to change his behavior? >> here's the problem is that we have fewer options now because this president hasn't used his bully pulpit if you will and used the ability. we should have used our military being able to deliver lethal weapons to the ukranian's when they needed it. they could have pushed back in a substantial way. continued the sanctions using the swift banking rules against
3:46 pm
putin at that particular point in time. and i suggest one of the strongest tools that we had that this president used was american liquified natural gas and signing those contracts to be able to absolutely flood the european market with american l and g. at that particular point in time i think you could have really brought putin to his knees. >> what about now? he's obviously a threat beyond ukraine. there's other countries in the region that are nervous. what would you do now? >> well i think our again sanctions will work against him. they are obviously in tight financial conditions there. what's happening in the oil and gas side of things is really hurting them. and i think that you put our military forces in with nato to clearly send a message that we're not going to allow him to have these types of just free reign and go where you want to in that part of the world. >> we're going to talk politics in center seat with governorrry. we'll start with a.b. and the
3:47 pm
panel continues after a short timeout.
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the latest fox poll out nationally has you at 2%. kind of for 11th in the national poll. the latest poll slipping jimmy on twitter writes in and he is blunt, your poll numbers are low and not increasing. why no traction governor? >> we have plenty of time. we are headed to new hampshire and iowa and south carolina. we have had a strategy from the get go that we go and build a really good foundation in those first three states. that's where the action is going to be. i feel confident that nobody has what you would consider to be a overwhelming lead at this point in time. i remind people from '07-'08, mayor giuliani was leading, but then in the polls, he wasn't competitive.
3:52 pm
plenty of time to go get the message out in all of those first three states because they are important. >> governor if you don't make the top ten, will you come to the forum earlier in the day? >> we intend to make the top ten. we'll be there. >> i heard you say before there's plenty of time there's no front-runner with a market share, but ran out of time. how important is it for your candidacy and others to be in the top ten on the debate stage and the second follow up question is when we look at updates from candidates we often don't see anything from governor perry. you have a lay low strategy i have noticed. it's very anti-rand paul. you don't try to pop into the news often. can you tell me why? >> i think we'll be on the debate stage. to answer your question we are in places we feel we need to be that's iowa new hampshire and
3:53 pm
south carolina. that's you know we are going to be in the debate. we are going to be in the discussion and talking about our record. nobody on that stage has the record that we have when it comes to job creation. nobody with the exception to lindsey graham has worn the uniform of the country. i think we have a very unique place in this field. once the american people really start focusing on this race, again, i think it's early. i'm comfortable with where we have. >> it is early, but you say your strategies are iowa new hampshire and south carolina. where do you have to shine? where do you have to succeed in order to become a front liner? >> i think you do well in iowa. when i talk about doing well i think the top three in iowa. you have that same strategy for new hampshire and win south carolina. that is a strategy that you put that together and it launches
3:54 pm
you for the rest of the primary. >> that's the first time i have gotten a straight answer. >> he's asked you three times. >> to other candidates. >> i have to win everywhere and the usual stuff. >> you said you wouldn't have said what donald trump said. do you think donald trump is good for the republican party? >> listen i'm not going to judge donald trump on anything other than what he said about mexico and mexicans. itis not a statement i would have made. it's an important trading partner for the state of texas. we have shared a border with them. we have had our challenges. at the end of the day, we want a good relationship with mexico. i will suggest to you what mr. trump may have been talking about is a bigger problem in washington than mexico and washington not doing their job of securing our bodier.
3:55 pm
we have known there's a challenge down there for decades. washington failed its constitutional duty to secure that border. >> they say it hurts the brand of the republican party. what is the health of the republican party, more people saying they are liberal than before in recent history. fewer people saying they are conservative. a lot of people worry about figures like donald trump hurting the brand. what is your sense of the health of the brand? >> i think the republican party is healthy. if you want four more years of barack obama, then you are not talking to the people i'm talking to. i think that's what hillary clinton would give four more years of the same tired policy. the american people are looking for somebody that can give them hope for the future. that's going to be my message. i'm going to give hope for the future. i'm going to share a positive story of how to get the country back to work how to create a secure country. that's what the people i talk to out there, those are the two
3:56 pm
things they care about. who can get the country back working? who's got the record to do that? who can secure our border and keep this country as secure as it can be? >> senator, we are told you can stay around for the online show. are you good? >> if you are told that i'm good with it. >> that's it for the panel. stay tuned to see a 2016 presidential candidate singing a different tune. president obama is negotiating a bad deal with iran. senator marco rubio is fighting to stop it.
3:57 pm
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3:59 pm
tonight, it may be governor perry's second song. a new signature sound track. >> the campaign is going to be awesome. there's a country/rap theme song to sweeten the pot. ♪ >> rick perry. i think that song is going to be
4:00 pm
the republican nominee. >> it is something. that that's it for this special report. the governor is sticking around for a little bit, "special report" online. this is a fox news alert. two new shark attacks on an east coast beach. millions get ready to hit the beach ahead of july 4th. right now, it's trump versus macy's department store. donald trump wages war on macy's. tweeting all those who want to make america great again, boycott macy's. hours before that tweet, the clothing line terminated. trump's immigration remarks striking a fire storm. nbc jumping ship putting telecast of his