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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 1, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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is going to be the republican nominee. >> it is something. that that's it for this special report. the governor is sticking around for a little bit, "special report" online. this is a fox news alert. two new shark attacks on an east coast beach. millions get ready to hit the beach ahead of july 4th. right now, it's trump versus macy's department store. donald trump wages war on macy's. tweeting all those who want to make america great again, boycott macy's. hours before that tweet, the clothing line terminated. trump's immigration remarks striking a fire storm. nbc jumping ship putting telecast of his beauty pageant
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in jeopardy. some corporate partners bail. donald trump is standing firm as poll numbers continue to climb. donald nice to talk to you. >> hello, greta. >> donald lots going on with you today. who moved first? you dumped macy's or they jumped you? >> i heard pressure was put onny macy's. it's a small business but pressure was put on them. they do not handle pressure well. i'm very strong in favor of the, we have to stop it actually the illegal immigrants pouring through the borders. i'm very very strong on border control and border security. they probably aren't. i'm strong on making great trade deals with other countries and macy's isn't. they were folding like a bunch of bandits. i said let's end it.
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i said that to them last night. i think it's a mutual thing, but i gave them the out. there's pressure put on them by certain groups. the groups that go around i guess they i don't know maybe make a living doing this stuff. you know i'm okay with it. i have nothing against macy's. i don't like the fact people are trying to be so politically correct that they don't do the right thing. >> do you wish you had a do over on what you said your announcement day or do you stand by it still? >> no what i said is simple. i would love to say i will change it. i'm talking illegal immigrants pouring into our country. with that comes tremendous crime. i have said that. other people have said it. by the way, department of homeland security has said it border patrol said it. look at the stories with the tremendous amounts. it's a crime wave. somebody has to say it. i know it's not nice to say or
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politically correction. if a macy's canceling my tie, it has no impact on me. it doesn't have any impact. but, the truth is you have to be able -- somebody has to stick up to this country and say it. frankly, i appreciated ted cruz backing me. i respected that. a lot of people have -- look you see it in the polls. people are backing me. somebody has to stick up for our country on trade. we are getting ripped off by china, mexico japan, by everybody. everybody that does business with us. so honestly it's like i don't think i could have been more clear. we have to stop illegal immigration into our country. we have to strengthen our borders. >> but, i'm reading every day when i wake up whether on twitter or the new, something is going on with donald trump. now the latest is you are going to lose a judge from the contest, emmitt smith.
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he's out of the pageant business with you. >> who cares? i don't care if he's with the pageant business. >> he was a judge. >> who cares? so what? we'll get other judges. judges are easy to get. it's interesting nbc left and univision, which i'm suing for $500 million. they left 51 wonderful young women sitting stranded in louisiana in baton rouge and i said you know what? i'm putting the show on. so i'm putting the show on. i'm going to go to the show. they left these wonderful say people stranded. they could have waited a week and they could have had the show. but, nbc chickened out. it was a week. that's the problem with our country. nobody wants to do what's right. they want to do what's politically expedient. it's sad. that's why we have so many
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difficulties. >> donald? >> yes. >> you have been talking about it for a long time. the products like the ties you sold in macy's were made in china. >> i talked about why? why not be a leader? >> i tell you what i thought i was. if you look at the announcement one of the reasons i said let's give it up is because i felt uncomfortable having ties made in china. they are made there because they manipulate their currency and people in the united states cannot compete with china. we don't have a leader that knows what it means to say currency manipulation. between china and japan and so many other countries, including mexico by the way, which is doing a tremendous number on us. now, i have to say, i have great love for the mexican people and the spirit of the mexican people. i have respect for mexico. i'm not angry at mexico i'm angry at our country for being so stupid in trade negotiations with mexico china and japan and
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everybody that does business with us. >> you can see the rest of our interview. go to this is a fox news alert that keeps happening. shark attacks off the coast of the carolinas. another one today. in three short weeks, nine victims, three locations. john joins us with the story. >> reporter: this has shark experts ready. this was just southwest of cape hatteras. a 68-year-old man visiting from massachusetts was waiting around and hit the water and got bit in the hip, lower leg, rib cage and hands. he was med evaced to the hospital. this is one, as you mentioned, nine incidents since the beginning of june along the outer banks of the north to the south carolina and georgia border. yesterday, a 12-year-old boy was
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bitten north of charleston. he was wading in knee-deep water. a wave washed over them bringing a shark. he felt a brick, shooted out of the water, went to the hospital and was treated and released. on friday patrick thornton a 47-year-old banker from charlotte was playing in the water near avon north of cape hatteras when a shark grabbed his ankle. the shark then grabbed his back. he punched it three times trying to make it let go then tried to get his son, who was frozen with fear out of the water. it grabbed his back. they made it on to the beach. he's said to have lost ten inches of flesh on his ankle. six other incidents, including two nasty ones in north carolina within an hour of each other. one 12 years of age and the other 16 lost part of their ams. george burgess, a shark expert says it's a combination of a lot
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of things. warmer water, abundance of food and lack of rain have made for fertile ground for sharks to be in. a lot of people are going to want to go in the water over the fourth of july weekend. he said avoid going in near fishing piers, particularly if people are throwing bait into the water or cleaning fish. it puts that much more food in the water. he goes so far to say, he tweeted this out earlier today, it might be time in areas with recent attacks for people to stay out of the water, all together. it's not what you want to hear going into the fourth of july weekend. burgess says the only way to avoid a shark attack is to stay on the beach. >> john, thank you. a boy getting bitten by a shark in south carolina. tyson joins us on the phone. how are you? >> caller: i'm good. >> what happened?
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>> caller: well i was just floating kind of in the water. maybe ten, 15 feet off the beach. and i was just pulling myself in the sand. the tide was coming in. all of a sudden i felt just like a twinge of pain in my leg and i looked back and saw the fin of the shark swimming away and i yelled for my cousin who was next to me. i said get out of the water, i was just bit by a shark. he ran to the edge. i, like ran/crawled in the water to the beach. i got bit by a shark and she --
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i pulled up my swimsuit and you could see the teeth marks where the shark had bitten me. it was pouring blood out on my leg. we went over to the life guard stand. my mom was like my son got bit by a shark. so they sat me down and took all my vitals and then they wrapped bandaged it up and told me i needed to talk to medicare. so we went and they irrigated it and i got eight stitches. and, then we spent the whole day and i had a wrap on it. it's doing pretty good. >> i'm looking at the picture. it is absolutely amazing. we have been talking to tyson, a 12-year-old young man who was bitten by a shark off the coast. tieson thanks for walking to
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us. it's a terrible thing to happen to you. we are so happy it's just the bite and you are out of the hospital. i'm curious, are you going to go back in the water soon? tyson? >> caller: what? >> you want to go back in the water again or are you finished with the ocean? >> caller: um i don't think i'm afraid of the ocean, for the most part at least. >> have you heard that there were -- have you heard that there were other people that were bitten by sharks in the past couple days? >> caller: what? >> have you heard that sharks had bitten other people? >> caller: what? >> i think that tyson is having a hard time hearing us. boy, think about it that 12-year-old young man fishing, i mean swimming off the coast of carolina and a shark coming up to him. that picture of his leg is absolutely unbelievable.
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look at that picture. look at that bite mark? that young man is lucky he didn't lose that leg. a lot of people aren't quite that lucky. we have people that have been bitten and lost limbs. nine attacks off the coast of north carolina. this holiday weekend, going into the fourth of july weekend, a lot of people want to hit the beach in north carolina and south carolina. instead, they are facing this. a lot of people are brave and going to go in anyway. i imagine that the people who make their living off these beaches this time of year are completely worried this is going to kill their businesses during this holiday weekend. they expect a lot of money. look at that. june 27 june 26 july 1, june 24 june 14 june 11 june 30. all along the map along north carolina and south carolina. you have to wonder why aren't
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they going further north or south? it's like they decided to congregate on north carolina and south carolina. but, anyway there's been a surge of these shark attacks. what should you do if a shark attacks you? dr. robber joins us on the phone. doctor, we have this 12-year-old kid, young man, and all these attacks in a short period of time in north carolina and south carolina. how could anyone feel comfortable going to the ocean there? >> first of all, good evening, greta. good to talk to you again. it is a concern. there definitely is something going on there as far as a lot of sharks close to the surf zone, in the surf zone where they are hard to see. there are a lot of people of course, coming up on the fourth of july weekend. the beaches on the north carolina coast need to be individual lent. people need to listen to local authorities, look for sharks in the water and don't go don't
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venture too far offshore. don't swim at night when sharks are feeding. i would be concerned and cautious but still go and enjoy the beach there. >> i don't know how you could enjoy it. honestly i don't want to kill the business for north carolina/south carolina but look at that map. i might feel better in georgia or florida where i'm not looking at the map. why north carolina/south carolina? what is the reason they are hitting there? is it not reported in other places? >> caller: let's recognize the distance along this beach front is about 250 miles. so this isn't just a cluster in a tiny spot. this is spread out. it's not -- it's just within that 250 miles. so but north carolina/south carolina every summer has a few, you know bites like this. actually it's kind of becoming the new florida in a way.
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florida routinely has this on the east coast in the summertime, when the sharks are in close to shore with surfers and swimmers in the water. usually bites, not major injuries. i think because the water is so warm the sharks moved in and people are enjoying the warm weather as well. >> isn't it warm in other parts? florida is expected to have warm water as well and the coast, any other southern state that has any ocean front. i would expect them to have just as warm water as north carolina/south carolina. >> sure. well sharks sometimes move in groups. they don't really school but they move with several hundred animals. that may be where the large amount is. north carolina is a fairly sharky place. this is an area known for shark life.
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it's a good thing. sharks are a natural part of the ocean. that shows that the ocean is healthy there. but, you don't want to have this kind of thing happening, so people need to be cautious at the beach. >> thank you, doctor. major developments today at the maximum security prison where two killers escaped and led them in a 23 day manhunt. jason joins us. >> thank you. the clinton correctional facility is getting more tight run. they are fixing security problems that led to the prisoner's escape. a 30 year veteran, michael kilpatrick is going to be responsible for strict new security protocol. among them once a week inspection of the integrity of every cell making sure nothing has been cut through the wall. the number of cells searched
4:17 pm
randomly for contraband is tripled. there's an fbi investigation going on whether there was heroin trading going on. inspections of boxes brought in by contractors are going to be enhanced. they are going to be sure there are not tools in the box unneeded for a particular job. the honor block, the one where matt and sweat used to live themselves that's no more. all inmates are subject to the same security restrictions pending further review. >> what's the story with sweat? >> well the story of sweat is his condition is still -- he'll be in the hospital a few more days. he has been talking. he's giving information to help investigators to plug some of these holes to figure out where the security breaches were that allowed them to do remarkable things. one thing we learned is they were actually able to make their way to a manhole twice. they did a dry run once and didn't like the location of the
4:18 pm
manhole they got out of the first time. well that's not a safe spot so went to a place where they would in the be in a residential area. they wept to a secure area and back into the prison sometimes soon. >> i can't imagine he's going back to dannemora. >> don't know where he's going. >> thank you. >> thank you. a brand-new poll showing a fierce battle for the republican nomination. guess who is on top of the poll? a bizarre mystery in australia. an american vanishing five years ago and now he's found. a live report from australia ahead. ♪ ♪ when you're living with diabetes steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady
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the fight for the republican
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nomination is heating up. a poll showing a tight race in the all important race. at the top, wisconsin governor scott walker with 18%. for the big news the battle for second place, donald trump locked with ben carson at 10%. rand paul and cruz at 9%. our panel is here abc news political director rick. >> you cannot have a better six months than he has in that sense. he has not gotten into the race. based on a couple appearances in iowa he did what no one else has been able to do sustain numbers. he was able to bolt himself to the top. he is your iowa front-runner for better or for worse. you would have to take that if you are scott walker. the first six months a budget session, he's got to wrap up business. we expect him to announce. he will do it as a first tier
4:23 pm
contender. >> wisconsin is your home state. >> it is. tommy thompson ran in 2008 and that didn't help him win. he did a terrible job then. as rick said scott walker is durable right now. he dip as little bit, but as more people have gotten in the race they are choosing different candidates. as you look into the poll conservative to somewhat conservative. still strong in iowa. >> behind trump is carson at 10%. a businessman and a neurosurgeon and bush at 8%. trump and carson. >> people like outsiders. even if trump and carson are splitting, trump has been in the new as lot. he was on the program talking about the immigration issue appealing to a lot of people. carson intrigues me. this is a guy that doesn't have
4:24 pm
the megaphone trump does but he's caught on in a real way. there's a yearning there, a desire to see someone who speaks differently than a typical politician. he has toz like where he stands. >> john the controversy surrounding donald trump. >> i don't know where to begin. it's controversial. they are all going to be asked about those same things. >> he's at 10%. >> it's pretty good. the most surprising thing is mike huckabee who won iowa in 2008 is only at 5%. he is way down there. people want a fresh face. how we got donald trump was a poll when the votes are cast. it shows they want someone that is fresh. huckabee won last time i don't think he's going to do it this time around. >> so many candidates having 8% is a lot. >> it's something to know you have a segment.
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thanks for calling angie's list. how may i help you? i heard i could call angie's list if i needed work done around my house at a fair price. you heard right, just tell us what you need done and we'll find a top rated provider to take care of it. so i could get a faulty light switch fixed? yup! or have a guy refinish my floors? absolutely! or send someone out to groom my pookie? pookie's what you call your? my dog. yes, we can do that. real help from real people. come see what the new angie's list can do for you. a convicted gangster admits his involvement. why would a federal judge let him walk free? marcus robertson and his lawyer are going on the record. thank you very much for joining
4:29 pm
me. >> you're welcome, greta. >> thank you for having us miss greta. >> first to you, are you a radical imam and if not, how do you define them. >> no i'm not a radical imam. however, i think the term radical is a term everyone uses to call the other guy radical. we don't have a good definition to define it. i define myself as a muse limb teacher. i speak islamic studies to muslim people. that's how i define myself. >> have you ever helped facilitated or encouraged anyone to engage in terrorism or travel overseas to learn anything that would be described as terrorism? >> it's very difficult to answer the question as formed because to a lot of american people anything that you go and study islamic might be seen as
4:30 pm
terroristic. there's a thin line that people don't seem to know how to cross when you say something is islamic and something is terroristic. >> let me give you an example of how i define it. if you are going over to learn how to make bombs or to hurt people or to train other people to do things like that things of violence that would seem obvious to me to be on the side of terrorism, do you agree? >> i agree, 100%. >> where is that close line then then for you? >> there's islamic practices going overseas to memorize the koran. that was turned as being terroristic. >> the judge said basically, and tell me if i'm wrong, he basically said your client is a bad person he's a criminal a terrorist. the government doesn't have
4:31 pm
enough evidence to prove it at all. is that a fair description or too simple? >> you are simplifying it too much. he ran afoul with law and had problems with the law. more recently engaged in what one might characterize as federal violations. the judge said that their evidence was inadequate. >> he never called me a terrorist. >> imam you have served time. in fact you are also in the marines, i should add. you have served time and helped the fbi, is that right? >> in what capacity? >> helped them in law enforcement, give them information? >> no you are not correct, ma'am. there was a brief time i worked as a covert operative for the government but i'm not able to talk about that. >> all right. what is your view of our
4:32 pm
government i mam? >> i'm like every other american. i have the same views you find a republican or democrat have. i have the same complaints and same things i praise the government for. >> give me our complaint. >> i'll give you an example. when somebody in congress stands up and calls the president a liar and they are not considered to be a radical or have a grievance with the government then we spend money and go overseas and fight when we have poverty we need to deal with. that's a complaint of mine. when we have problems like racism in this country and we pretend like we don't and want to focus on china or another country, i have a problem with that. those are normal complaints any american has. i don't see them any different. >> i guess why i'm skeptical is you were the body guard for the group who set off a bomb in the world trade center. >> hold on. i think you are correct.
4:33 pm
you said i was the body guard for somebody. i was never the body guard. >> were you part of them? >> no i wasn't. >> not at all? >> why would you say that without doing your research. you are supposed to be a lawyer. >> that's what i read. >> you read it incorrectly. if i was a body guard for a terrorist, why wasn't i charged for terrorism i held the door open while the man walked out the door and they said i was a body guard. >> how do you know him? >> i don't know him. >> by coincidence you opened the door for him? >> does that make me a terrorist. you said you did our research. i body guarded him. how did i body guard him. you know the definition of a body guard. >> the reason i'm asking questions is to get information. >> you said you are skeptical of me. >> i'm skeptical of you because you have some association, even
4:34 pm
if it's opening a door for a guy who was part of a bomb at the world trade center in 1993. it's fair to be skeptical with anybody with contact. i'm asking what was your affiliation with him? >> he was working for the cia at the time. you should be skeptical of the cia. >> what were you doing with him? >> i wasn't doing anything with him. >> just opening doors. >> opening the door. muslim scholars come and give lectures. the time he came and gave a lecture at new york state, he was helping the government with their program at that time was to send them overseas to fight against russia the freedom fighters as president reagan stated it. he was part of that group. he was promoting the same program that the government was promoting at that time. he gave a lecture in new york city. i was one of the thousands of people that attended the lecture. that doesn't make me the body guard of someone. >> i was trying to sort this
4:35 pm
out. your client was in the marines. he's involved in criminal activity. he served time got out, ended up back in trouble and then he was released because the judge said there was insufficient evidence to hold him. is that the arcing narrative of this? >> it's simplified of what's going on. yes, he was involved in criminal activity recently. he should have served no more than 20 months. he served the better part of four years. actually the government should be giving him time back. >> imam your thoughts -- i'll give you the closing thoughts on this. >> i'm sorry, i didn't understand you, ma'am. >> i'll gif you a chance to say your closing thoughts to end the interview. you can have the last word. >> really i think that you know i don't understand what we have covered in this interview. i would like to say that i think there is a trend in the united
4:36 pm
states now to tie any type of criminal activity done by a muslim into terrorism. and, i think this is unfair. i think it's discriminatory in nature. i think we should have a meaningful talk about the nature of the country. people have different cultures and they should not be demonized. >> and this is a christian woman in pakistan sentenced to death for drinking water from a cup used by muslims. the christian woman is in such poor health, the mother of five she might not make it to her execution. good evening, sir. am i correct that's why she is facing execution?
4:37 pm
chowdry. this is not working out. he cannot hear us. i will give you more details of what i know. this woman was out in the heat picking berries. she was so hot, parched. naturally, she went for water. she went to drink out of the water and drank out of water from a cup or glass that is only for muslims. now i understand chowdry is back with us. tell us about this woman, this christian facing the death penalty. >> she was an innocent woman. she simply went to drink from the same well of muslims. when the women saw her drinking they felt as an untouchable christian, she contaminated the water. they berated her about her faith, her person and her christ. she simply said my christ died for me what did mohammed do for
4:38 pm
you? she was beaten gang raped, the children molested. she is the one serving five years imprisonment. six weeks now for this awful false crime. >> you can't even make this stuff up. i mean in my wildest dreams if i wanted to think of something so awful, a woman very thirsty from working and gets a drink of water. instead of people being generous she drinks out of something that for some reason offends somebody. rather than worry about her health they arrest her. she is the mother of five children. because she is christian, she cant drink this water. now they are going to execute her. aren't there people there in pakistan who think this is terrible? >> there are very few. i have to say this. the country has become extremely
4:39 pm
conservative and extremely -- >> wait a second. you know what? it's extremely conservative that is one thing and extremely lyly evil is the other thing. killing someone for drinking out of a cup is not conservative it is evil. >> 6% of christians are domestic laborers servants in the homes of rich muslims. the majority of them were laborers. generation after generation their children locked into the same contract. they signed it with a thumbprint. only 7% of minorities actually obtain literacy. they are hated in pakistan. >> just incredible. wilson thank you for joining us. i hope somebody has the wisdom to try to stop this. this is unbelievable.
4:40 pm
it's horrible. a stunning story in australia where an american missing five years has suddenly been found. a live report from australia is next.
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great rates for great rides. this is fox news alert. the burning of a baltimore cvs during the april riots is under arrest. he led police on a foot chase and led to his arrest. you remember the disturbing images of the cvs on fire and the looting that followed. found. an american tourist that disappeared five years ago, was never heard from again until now. we have been covering the story. christian is in australia. tell me who this man is and what happened. >> his name is kenneth and he is originally from california. he came to australia about five years ago on a tourist visa.
4:45 pm
he's gone up to a place which is a beautiful part of australia where the great barrier reef is. very very popular with tourists. he was there and told a friend he was going to go kayaking. he was never heard from again. his kayak washed up on shore and over the weekend, he was found by police. so it's quite an interesting case. he had been on the run several years. police initially thought he may have died but quickly realized that there were pieces of the puzzle that didn't quite make sense. so for a long time they believed he was hiding out. he was arrested in circumstances over the weekend. police were in the area looking for somebody else and happened to come across him. he thought they were looking for him, so he gave himself up. now he's said to be deported
4:46 pm
back to the u.s. >> why did he want to disappear? >> it's an interesting question. we think it has something to do with his family back home. his wife had given some interviews to the media here and said that he owed some child support payments totally about $50,000. he has a family back home a 13-year-old daughter and ex-wife. no doubt, they will be interested to see his return. our understanding is that the wife isn't too keen to see him, but, i'm sure she wants her money back. >> it's an ex-wife. i assume the 50,000 was since he disappeared. at the time he disappeared, probably didn't owe anything so it's stranger. >> it is. what is more bizarre is this is an area of australia where another american man was also hiding out as a fugitive and he
4:47 pm
was only uncovered, his real identity was uncovered a couple weeks ago after he died in a car crash. he had been living in the area for about 40 years. he had run a successful tourist boat company there. so seems like it's a bit of a hideout for you guys. >> indeed it is. christian, thank you. a big win last night tr team usa. america's women's world cup team beating germany, now heading to the championships. former players here to go on the record, next. when heartburn comes creeping up on you... fight back with relief so smooth...'s fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue ...and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum, tum tum tum...♪ smoothies! only from tums.
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okay. this is so fun. team usa heading to sunday's women's world cup championship. the two-time championships advance to the world cup championship.
4:52 pm
nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> as i told you, nice watching you. you told me you got 70 scholarships when you got out of high school to play soccer? >> i played soccer and softball and ran track as well. >> 70. what was it like watching the game last night? >> it was great. i was a little nervous because usa had not been playing as well as i had hoped but when they got on the field yesterday against germany, they really took over the game. alex morgan had a fantastic game. second half carli lloyd got her penalty kick. kelly o'hare was able to get in there. >> do you miss it? >> you're asking me that? i miss it a little bit but not in the sense that -- the team was very successful and it was successful while i played.
4:53 pm
>> that was a polite way to say it. >> we had a couple olympic medals. things went well. i felt excitement yesterday more than in a long time. it's been fun watching them. >> how is women's soccer doing? >> i think it's doing great. i really do. when i played in my first world cup in 1995 the people in the stands maybe were 1,000 and half of them were friends and family of the teams playing. now you have 60,000 people in the stadium. it's come a long way. i look at growth in terms of a decade over time. so i think the sport has really grown and part of the growth was from our great success in 1999 i feel. other countries have put funding into their programs now and it's really cool. >> thursday night, japan plays the uk which will determine who the u.s. plays on sunday. who is going to win? uk or japan? >> i think japan will be the
4:54 pm
better team. japan is very organized on defense and offense. they really want to get back to the final and i think they are going to win it. >> and we're going to have a grudge match with them right? >> payback match. >> they basically ripped usa's hearts out of their chest in 2011. back when i was playing, i would definitely want japan in the final for a little revenge. >> i guess i would, too. ripping their hearts out, too. any way, thank you very much. nice to meet you. >> thanks for having me. appreciate it. coming up a special off the record. that's next.
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let's go off the record for a men and talk about timing. did you know this weekend is the fourth of july celebration. we celebration our nation's independence with flags and hometown parades. this year to add to our national pride, talk about timing this sunday the u.s. women's soccer team competes in
4:59 pm
the world cup championship game against japan or england. it will be a fantastic fourth of july weekend. if the women don't win the championship this sunday although we are rooting for them, these great women athletes should know that they have done so much for us. they remind us how great it is to be an american. so go usa. i'll be cheering you on. that's my off the record comment tonight. and this is a fox news alert. just moments ago in brooklyn, new york protesters clashing as police take one man into custody. the group that scheduled the protest posted a picture of a flag burning from last night as well. thanks for being with us. see you again tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. beth holloway joins me. it's been ten years since her daughter vanished in aruba. here what she said about her
5:00 pm
daughter. a brand new got greta talk and it's free. subscribe to it. the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> the marriage decision was utterly contrary to the constitution. they are simply making it up. >> now the question becomes, will americans who have deep religious beliefs be directly affected by the gay marriage ruling? the answer is yes. we'll have a special report. >> since sandy hook there has been a school shooting on average, every week. >> but is that true? are american school kids in danger? our true serum correspondents on the case. >> it's great to be back and i said i'll be back. i am back. >> also ahead, arnold schwarzenegger says that he can speak perfect english if he


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