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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 2, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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you wouldn't haul a load without checking your clearance. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast i'm shepard smith in new york and fox news coverage continues. you're fast asleep and somebody starts banging on the door, tells you to get up and get out because a derailed freight train is spewing toxic smoke. >> told us a train wrecked and to evacuate. >> in fact this disaster forced thousands from their homes and sent first responders to the hospital. how would you like to get taxed for every mile you drive anywhere you go? some people are actually volunteering and there's talk of eventually making this mandatory with government installed gps devices in cars. >> and today the navy veteran who is swimming the entire
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mississippi river, more than 2300 miles to support families of fallen troops. >> imup for it all the way to the en. >> we'll take you alongside the vet as he tries to do something no american has ever done. let's get to it. now "shepard smith reporting." first from the news deck this thursday afternoon thousands of families ran from their homes in the dead of night, trying to escape a cloud of poisesonnous chemicals after a train jumped the tracks and burst into flames. it happened last night in east tennessee. now emergency officials are warning people, do not drink the well water. we'll take a look at the scene this morning. the flames still burning bright and smoldering. it's about 20 miles south of knocks -- knoxville. emergency officials told 5,000 people to evacuate within a mile and a half radius of the
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derailment. all directions. several businesses shut down. one woman said the stench of chemicals was so strong you could smell it in the air. first responsiblers went door to door telling people get out of their homes. >> the fireman come up to the door and started knocking on it, woke me and my dog up. >> the rail company csx, report this train was headed from cincinnati to south georgia transporting a dangerous chemical used to make plastics. officials with the environmental protection agency say that breathing these fumes can make people really sick, including headaches,dizziness and a rapid heartbeat. doctors say ten emergency workers have been taken to the hospital after breathing in the chemical. john robertser monitoring developments. >> the latest word from the scene is the train continues to burn at this hour. the strategy that first responders are employing is allowing the train to burn
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itself out. there's a huge danger in first responders getting too close to the fumes because the chemical in the tank produces hydrogen cyanide, the same chemical used in death row gas chambers. csx doesn't know what caused the accident. officials tell me an axle broke as the train was passing over a level crossing. you can see how the crossing is torn up and train wheels are sitting on the ground. the axle ethunder punked the tanker. note now how long it will take for the fire to burn itself out but it was still going strong. >> how are the people who breathed in the chemicals? >> they're still in the hospital. a number has gone up. acknowledge official me a totallal of 30 people had been
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taken to the hospital from either bringing in the fumes or the smoke bruised by the fire. among those are a number of law enforcement officers. here's the city manager, greg mcclain. >> we're actually ten public safety officers, i think five from alcoa and five from the county that were -- had burning eyes. they went to the hospital and were checked out and to my knowledge, they're doing fine at this point. >> they seem to be doing fine but we want to point out all 30 of those people are still in the hospital nine of them have been admitted. the rest are being treated in the e.r. one small bright spot. while the train did derail, in fact the wheels came off. it didn't fall over on its side. there's minimal damage to the tracks so once the fire goes out they should be able to clean up quickly. >> john, thank you. jobs now. unemployment has hit its lowest level since the great recession. terrific news no date but maybe
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not quite as good as it sundays. fed sayso many people gave up looking for work the lash job market is weak. 430,000 people just stopped looking for work last mock, while the economy added 223,000 jobs. combined those numbers dropped the unemployment rate to 5.3%. that as good as we have seen in who knows how long. stocks bounced around as investors trying to makesons of this. we started in the green in the morning but around 11:15 this morning, wall street time, it took a dive and has kind of stayed there. off .2%. dow climbed at first. investors realize it was too good to be true. all on top of the chaos in greece. the greek involve is beg thing
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people to vote know. the finance minister says he would rather chop off his arm than sign another loan deal that does not reduce the country's debt. it's a scramble as people try to feed their families. tams are empty banks limiting withdrawals to $60 a day. the wait could be the least of their worries. one woman said the lines are nothing next to all thes suicides and homelessness on the streets of athens. they make this seem like end of the world kind of stuff but the greek government is saying, this hasn't worked, this austerity is not going work. >> boils down 0 to what happened yes. door one or door two. yes, you ail agree to the conditions or no, and then you
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run the possibility of greece leaving the eurozone. >> if you keep shrinking the economy, people have less money. >> the government would like the voters in greece obviously to go with a no so they can get their way and solve the problems rather than continuing to kick the can down the road. but they'd rather to keep things like it is. for you and me and everybody else doesn't matter whether it's in the eurozone. nothing drama is going to have to the market. your portfolio will take a bit of a hit but not a game-changer. >> at one time there were concerns that the portugals and italys of the world might see a decline -- >> that's the main thing the contagion fears are alive and well perhaps less they're in better shape financially, but the fear is keeping the markets uncertain which is why it's been so
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volatile. >> our own jobs report, on the surface issue is good news. i don't want to throw water on something that is great. with the unemployment raid down to 5.3s, that has ward to imagine a few years ago. >> the only concern i have is the labor par tis racing -- participation rate is low and wages are still flat. so people need good, quality paying jobs. we saw growth in retail and -- it's goldilocks report. not too low not too high. >> not much of a surprise to me. the big surprise for loot of these economists was wages. being so flat. they're waiting to see wage growth kick. >> everyone in the country is talking about wanting more wages. what could cause that to happen?
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seems like no-brainer. >> we're still waiting for it to happen. if you want to take the big picture scenario, things are moving along but when you see a report like this, it raises question weather the fed will actually exact raise rates in 2015. the may wait. this is just one batch of data. has to be -- have to see the collaboration or trend for the fed to make a decision. so we'll see. >> all right. nice to talk to you. >> you too. >> bp, the company behind the worst oil spill in u.s. history the company a federal judge declared grossly negligent, is actually a good corporate partner according to florida's attorney general. does that sound right to now? the skinny on that is next.
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an occasional flare may be a sign of damaging inflammation. and if you ignore the signs, the more debilitating your symptoms could become. learn more about the role damaging inflammation may be playing in your symptoms with the expert advice tool at and then speak with your gastroenterologist. bp has agreed to pay nearly $20 billion to states where crude oil covered beaches killed wildfire, and devastated tourism and fishing industries after the nation's worst offshore oil spill. if a court approves the feds say it will be the largest settlement with a single company in american history. the spill started in april of 20 with a massive explosion on the deep water horizon oil platform. the blast killed 11 workers and broke open a well in the gulf of mexico. the oil gushed from the well for months until workers finally managed to cap and it plug it
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with cement. by then really the damage was done. oil slicks stretched for miles across the water's surface washed ashore, sparking a huge cleanup effort that continues to this day. on the wall you can see how enormous this spill was. look how much area it covers here. this does not show the smaller amounts of oil that spread to other areas. the states involved in this bp settlement are texas louisiana mississippi, alabama and florida. the company and the state announced the agreement today after years of legal wrangling. here's more on this. the surface oil is one thing. what's down below they can't even be sure what is down the. it's still a mess. >> it is. bp oil disaster was a huge, huge problem across the golf. 134 million-gallons of oil spilled into the gulf of mexico. bp reports it has spent
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$28 billion in spill response cleanup and claims before the new settlement. crews found more than 8,000 birds, sea turtles and marine mammals injured or dead in the six months after the bill. and enthere's tony heyward who stated he would like his life back. he resigned. as and cleanup crews spayed massive amounts of chemical disbursant on the oil. people along the coast claim tar balls are story coming ashore, oil patterns over 1200 miles. bp says the studies have flaws in them. >> thank you for that, d'. john, thank you. federal investigators say a device that was supposed to stop the oil flow had failed because of faulty parts and shoddy testing. steve harrigan is in our south florida newsroom. why is the settlement now?
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five years. >> just over five years. bp just lost its appeal to the supreme court. they tried to make the case that it was faulty equipment that belongs to another company that was responsible for the disaster. and florida's attorney general praised bp for paying up right now instead of going further on in a court battle. >> the last thing that we wanted was to be tied up again in a black hole of litigation that could have gone 15, 20, 30 years, that perhaps our grandchildren would have seen the results of. >> reporter: that was $18 billion in payments to the five states. it will take place over the next 18 years and some of them will be tax deductible. >> louisiana got the worth but florida's tourism industry took a big hit. >> reporter: it wasn't the oil as much as the perception of oil coming to florida especially the panhandle. the giant-likes of holy on the
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white beaches never materialeesed but people were so fright ended they would the tourism industry took a huge hit. so florida is getting $3.25 billion but much of the money is for the economic damage that really the perception of this oil caused to the tourism industry here. >> thanks. wow, pulled back on the wrong side of the throttle. that's what one of the pilots said just before the plane crashed in taiwan, according to safety officials. we covered this when it happened in february. 43 people died. the amateur video you can forget this. the plane clipping an overpass before plunging into the river. vectors say cockpit voice recordings showup of the pilots realizing he was shutting down the wrong engine after the other one failed. the plane crashed into the river a second later. it was transasia's second deadly
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crash in a year. looks like engine trouble caused a military plane to crash into a neighbor this week, killing more than 140 people. that's according to indonesia's air force. happen northwest of the capitol city. the ahead of the air force says the propeller was spinning in a way that suggested engine failure. he also said the plane was flying too slowly before it hate radio antenna and crashed shortly after takeoff. witnesses say passenger jet crashed on that exact same street ten years ago. our favorite story of the day now. a navy veteran started a mission to swim the entire length of the mississippi river to help families of fallen troops. next on "shepard smith reporting," we'll get on the water with him and meet some of the people he trying to help. >> that and the daredevil who dropped out of the sky and tried to fly through a mountain. that later.
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baby. call and upgrade to get x1 today. ♪ fourth of july coming as we thank our vas and families our fallen heroes. what would you do for them? run a mile? run a marathon? swim a river? tied only on "shepard smith reporting" the navy vet who is swimming the river all of it. imagine, a six-month trip down the mighty mississippi. one stroke at a time, chris ring is making his way toward the gulf of mexico. >> bring it in quick. >> here in north central minnesota. >> head down south around this dam here, bypass the dam. >> the map shows he has a long way to go. >> it is a big feat, but the main focus is not what i'm doing but why i'm doing it.
12:22 pm
>> he is doing it for an organization called "legacies alive" supporting the families of fallen troops, many of whom he is meeting along the way. >> sorry it took so long. >> no, no. >> these families, ultimately paid the ultimate sacrifice. they lost one they loved dearly, and this person, this fallen hero, did it defending us and our country and our beliefs scour values. >> to honor them he says he wanted to do something big. >> let's go! >> he started the journey four weeks ago on the anniversary of d-day. diving into the chilly waters of lake itasca, the starting point of mississippi. it begins as a stream before widening. >> time management going on. don't want to be here all day. it's a pace i'm not killing myself at. so a happy medium here.
12:23 pm
>> his pace as we followed it, four miles an hour. he averages houghly 16-miles a day. but that varies as he devotes time to family members like brian and marsha moon. >> just still -- i still expect him to come through the door. >> their son chris was a baseball standout whom the atlanta braves drafted out of high school. instead he went to college and after a semester joined the army. >> said i want a tougher challenge, and i want to serve my country. >> he died serving his country. after a roadside boom exploded in afghanistan. >> i got to believe our boys are looking down on this and probably rooting saying, yeah. >> ring listens to the family's stories and asks them to sign a team member's kayak for motivation. >> they care about us and want to know we're doing well and we're continuing to do well. i just very thankful for those people.
12:24 pm
>> what chris is doing anytime awe. >> the organize's cofounder put himself through his own grueling challenge last year, walking more than 4,000 miles across the u.s. he says chris ring came to him afterwards volunteering his swimming skills to continue the mission. >> doing the great lakes, doing something, and he came to, swim the mississippi. i'm like, okay. >> doing good. supporters out here help. >> family from the pittsburgh area joined ring on the water spending their vacation with him in honor of a fallen hero back home. >> this is probably a once in a lifetime event to see someone swim the mississippi and to have my kid around such great role models. >> to see him and be out there and watch him swim, that's definitely high up there on a memory i'll never forget. >> he is only a few weeks in to a six-month journey but clearly
12:25 pm
chris ring is already leaving his mark on the mississippi river. >> i feel like this is exactly where i need to be, exactly what i'm suppose supposed to be dog right now. means the world to me. >> amazing. the organization is "legacies alive" and is trying to build a memorial for chris moon. the baseball player who died in afghanistan. another guy risked his life to try to fly through a hole in a mountain. nothing but a wing suit on his back. first he measured the narrow space, only about eight feet weight and then strapped a camera on to his helmet, claimed to the top of the swiss mountains and jumped. wow. that's incredible. gopro made the video. i reports the guy made very jump
12:26 pm
last fall. he had to train for three years before he built up the guts to try it. wow. the feds say they' alert for a possible terror attack during the fourth of july weekend. why do they tell us that when hey have the nothing specific? a live report coming. would you rather pay a flat gas tax or pay for the miles you drive? details on a new program as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. on fox news channel.
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a fox report now. >> check that out! the whole building. >> likely a tornado according to the national weather service. severe storms tore through a mall in kansas city. one news station flew its chopper into the storm and caught video of a transformer exploding. no reports of anybody hurt.
12:29 pm
cops say four boys face charges for the fire that destroyed a wooden ballpark in eugene oregon. the kids were 10-12 years old. witnesses saw the boys in the press box before the fire started. >> the original makers of bubble wrap came up with a product you can't pop. this new product reportedly takes up less space are but people who like popping the bubbles will be happy to know the original bubble wrap is not going anywhere. first world problems. news continues after this. so i could get a faulty light switch fixed? yup! or make a backyard pizza oven? oh yeah. i can almost taste it now. tastes like victory. and pepperoni... ♪ ♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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hello, europe. it's 8:30 p.m. in london. still boils. record-breaking heat waves baking europe this week. temperatures soaring past 100 degrees in some spots. some images in our slide show. here's a guy cooling off right by the building there that eiffel tower building. it was 103 there today.
12:32 pm
those in france that's 103 fahrenheit. the second highest temperature recorded there. the officials shut down the notes not -- the fountain and pools near the lourve. in germany, it's very hot in germany. people are packing the beaches to try to cool off. forecaster says germany and poland should be getting the worst of the heat wave today and here's this ice bomb thing at some zoos in germany. they make these things -- they eat them but i make them so television cameras will take pictures. this is wimbledon. a tennis fan trying to block out the sun. yesterday, fahrenheit 96 degrees, 98 in heathrow. breaking the records in england.
12:33 pm
family members and friends saying goodbye to the last victim of the charleston shooting the clutch in columbia south carolina holding a service for the reverend daniel simmons sr. he was 74. he was a minister and an army veteran. the shooting last month killed nine people. and cops arrested the suspect the next day. the fed says they're investigating it as a possible hate crime. a swarm of police and firefighters today responding to a report of gunshots at the navy yard in washington but investigators say they found no evidence of anything at all. a lot of action for a false alarm. cops say a woman this morning called from inside the building, as sincere as she could be, saying she thought she might have heard gunshots. remember, hear something, say something, and she did. officials say surveillance video showed two people jumping a fence near the yard but the
12:34 pm
security teams found nobody inside. this comes to years after a gunman stormed through the very building killing a dozen workers. the feds say they may have been on high alert over concerns that pouters of the islamic state or other terrorid might try to launch an attack to correspond with the fourth of july and the holy month of ramadan. catherine herridge is in washington. >> the news conference this morning, recorders were told that dc police and navy investigators were pulling together all of to the closed circuit sam a footage to check out the report of two guys about at this opinion were not concern, and they spoke with the person who called in the alarm and at that's stage they don't believe there was any malicious intent. >> the person who made the call heard what shoe thought may have been gunshots and she made a call, which is what employees are trained to do. we are not concerned this is a hoax whatsoever. >> this was a massive police presence this morning.
12:35 pm
they even brought in a group called the national capital response squad. this is a squad that kicks into gear if they believe that there is a credible terrorism threat. that was not the case and the d.c. police chief went out of her way to emphasizes that the response here at the navy yard was not a reflex of any heightened threat for the july 4th weekend. >> but they are suggesting that the threat level is higher. why is that specifically? >> for a couple of different reasons. what we have seen here at fox news in the last month is a real acceleration in the arrests because the fbi has made a pivot from surveilling people they believe are isis sympathizers and instead simply arresting them and then trying to build a case against them. publicly, at least the administration is telling people to go out and enjoy the holiday. >> there's no specific credible
12:36 pm
threat that has been identified, but i think it's just good common sense when you have large gatherings like i expect that we'll have this weekend, for people to just be village -- vigilant but go out and enjoy the holiday. >> reporter: another element of the threat stream in fact goes back to that attempt to shoot out that cartoon drawing contest in garland texas there was an isis operative who was connected to those shooters, and we have learned through one of hour counterterrorism sources that the reason these last ten guys were picked up in the united states these domestic terrorism or alleged terrorism arrests they were also connected to the guy called al britaini. they believe he is in syria or somalia and he is a major
12:37 pm
instigator he has the able to get people to purr see these acts of violence. >> thank you. >> the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu is speaking again, this time he says we see isis at the gates. israel reports it's moving soldiers the border with egypt as the military raises its alert level. this in israel. the prime minister called on both countries to work together to take on isis. >> the sinai peninsula is seeing the bloodiest fighting in decade. egypt is at wart, newspapers are reporting. soldierses are going house to house trying to find isis fighters and they're working to remove mines from roads. security forces report killing more than 20 militants in air raids this morning alone after isis took credit for a series of cowsheds nateed terror attacks yesterday, hitting police at army checkpoints killing dozens of troops. >> ambassador is with us, form former depth assistant secretary of state.
12:38 pm
right now director of the middle east policy forum at george washington university. thank you. what do you make of what prime minister benjamin netanyahu was saying? >> i think he highlights something that is quite important. they've always felt secure in the sigh -- sigh sinai peninsulafights the israel. egypt and israel have diplomatic relations and the one area which has actually been a good one for cooperation, intelligence in the military area. >> some might be surprised to learn that israel does have a working relationship with both egypt and jordan, and they've been able to accomplish some pretty good tasks the region. >> they have. and i know from when i was ambassador in jordan, that the intelligence services that were in touch with each other multiple times during one day were watching the border for common concerns. >> you said that netanyahu and
12:39 pm
others mischaracterized this common enemy thing. >> mischaracterize only i said -- thought about the way he sometimes talks about a common enemy with all of the arab states really talk about the gulf arab states. they do have a common enemy. i it is isil. no doubt. but when he carries it one step further and says, well, there's cooperation, no, that's stretching things. >> what do you see in isis' progress now? they're special media would suggest they're winning in an enormous way. >> that's their propaganda. i think they're actually doing well unfortunately. we have been managing to contain them in several places, but they've also been able to demonstrate an ability to undertake actions weapon sue it in tunisia and the beheading in france, and i they took part of
12:40 pm
tune near the syrian turkish bored that had been liberated. so they have fairly good capabilities about they're also suffering losses. >> that do you think of the blanket alerts that come out. for instance, this holiday weekend, the threat level is high. nothing to tell us what to do, just be afraid. >> this is always very, very hard. when i was in government and had to face this sort of terrorist threat because when you get a lot of chatter that's what we often called it, chatter between elements, it bothers you and maybe not specific, it may not point to one place inch this case where is where they have called on sympathizers around the world to undertake action you get this lone-wolf action, and that stuff is troubling very troubling. it's hard to counter, and you get this kind of a general warning. just be careful. keep your eyes open. >> great advice, thank you. nice to see you again.
12:41 pm
a fox urgent now just in. the pentagon just confirmed moments ago that it has killed a suspect in the attack on the american outpost in benghazi. the strike happened in syria. according to the defense department the guy was a senior leader with the islamic state involved in, as they describe it all sorts of terror activity. he is also the second suspect in the benghazi attack killed in the last week. official says the suspect's brother was also wanted for his involvement in the attack when a separate strike took him out. four americans died in the attack september 1, 2012 in libya. the pentagon confirms to fox news strike has killed another suspect in that attack. how would you like to pay more taxes the more you drive? in other words pay by the mile. folks in oregon are testing out a program that has them doing exactly that. it's called, orego instead of
12:42 pm
state officials charging people to fill up at the pitch they would pay for each mile they drive. thousands of drivers set to test out the program. some say it should be a lot fairer. dan springer is in portland. pain and it. >> reporter: the 5,000 or people who signed up will have a small gps device put in their car installed just behind the steering wheel. we got a look at it yesterday. it with track where the car goes and charge the driver's credit card a penny and a half for every mile traveled. any gas tax paid will be refunded. a person that drives a car that gets to miles per gallon will break even. but the point is to get more money that the gas taxes bring in with mow hybrids on the road the gas tax revenue has been nat. >> we're trying to make up for a growing deficit because inflation is eating away at our ability to buy asphalt and rebar and things we use to maintain the roads.
12:43 pm
>> reporter: oregon is the first to charge by the mile but probably not the least. 28 states are looking at going down the same road. >> what are the critics saying? >> they're saying a lot. there are lot of concerns being voiced out there. certainly privacy is one of them. location information will be stored forever. by the vendors who are doing this program ask that will be accessible nature spoken. the cost to administer this is extremely high. 40 cents for every dollar collected. conservative is vie is as anticar, lib valtimeists worry about it taking away the incentive to buy electric cars. >> we need be subsidizing and incentivizing electric cars and not put are more taxes or fees on them. >> reporter: 270 people signed up in the n the first 24 hours. have of them in the high mileage vehicles or hybrids or electric,
12:44 pm
and right now the program is voluntary but we expect this to be mandatory in the coming years. >> dan springer live for us, thank you. next when the dolphin comes aboard it can get bloody. t,but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-qu now if you had a liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. new car replacement is just one of the features that come standard with a base liberty mutual policy. and for drivers with accident forgivness,rates won't go up due to your first accident. learn more by calling switch to liberty mutual and you can save up to $423. for a free quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new
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we have heard about sharking biting people near beaches. is it possible that the sharks are but a diversion drawing take attention from the real threat, attack dolphins. >> a woman made it out of the hospital to share her store. take a look at this. this is a family boat where it went down. it is a bloody mess. it happened on father's day off the coast of dana point california 60 miles south of l.a. the family enjoyed watching dolphins, playing alongside her family's boat. what was different this time was how close one jumped as she
12:48 pm
watched with her husband and two kids. >> i knew right away he was going to lan in the boat because of the way he was facing weapon couldn't get the dolphin out of the boat. no way and i couldn't stand up, and even if i could we wouldn't have been able to get it out. >> all 350 pounds right there in the boat. all that blood you see is the dolphin but it landed on her legs breaking bosket her ankles. he her pulled her out. >> it was chaos at that point mitchell wife was screaming the dolphin was screaming. >> he headed straight for the harbor and even took care of the dolphin, flashing it with heart. >> how did they get it out of the boat. >> he said it was thrashing bo about in the boat and was hurt. it was too heavy for them to lift it out so they kept the family away from it. the dolphin's nose and tale were cut. you can see his nose there. once in the harbor, officials
12:49 pm
used a rope to get the dolphin out of the boat, on to the dock, and then just pushed it right back into the water. through you see it going. while she is out of the hospital it's going to take a while for those ankles to heal. >> what a story. >> watch owl for the dolphins. >> always something. thank you. a robot reportedly killed a man at a factory this week. happened at a volkswagen plant in central germany. the robot grabbed the worker, smacked him up against a metal plate. knew this was coming. the spokesman says it pairses one of the operators made a mistake and there was no glitch in the robot help says workers typically program robots to weld paint install parts and now obviously kill people. whole foods is apologizing for overcharging us customers after investigators say stores in new york city were posting the wrong weights on prepackaged
12:50 pm
foods execs said was unintentional and claim some customers got a bargain. the city's consumer affairs department reports whole foods could face fines of thousands of violations. after almost half a century the blood character is saying goodbye to "sesame street." telling fans, don't be bummed. that's next.
12:51 pm
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♪ whoa what are you doing? putting on a movie. i'm trying to watch the game here. look i need this right now ok? come on i don't want to watch that. too bad this is happening. fine, what if i just put up the x1 sports app right here. ah jeez it's so close. he just loves her so much. do it. come on. do it. come on! yes! awww, yes! that is what i'm talking about. baby. call and upgrade to get x1 today. ♪ looks like we made a mistake. a correction now from the pentagon on the strike that took out a terror suspect in syria. the pentagon says it took out an islamic state leader, but he was not a suspect in the attack on the american justice post in benghazi. instead his brother was the suspect. and he died in a separate strike last week. this man was accused of things
12:54 pm
including raising money for the islamic state in syria. we regret the era. >> big bird, elmo burt and ernie are saying farewell to maria. how does this happen? she is leaving. what happened here? >> maria is leaving after 44 years on "sesame street." sonya is retiring shep started out in the role as a drama student. she made occasional appearances on the show and then was a regular cast member. now, "sesame street" is groundbreaking, the first program to integrate childhood development and entertain. but sonya is pioneer, the one of the first latino women on television. she said we were cast because of the people we were and she got to do something on "sesame street" that is unmentionable in american society and that age possibly and got mirror parts of
12:55 pm
her life in show. when she got married in real life maria married her tv hubby. when she got pregnant, maria got pregnant. so she got live her life on "sesame street." she tweeted to a fan maybe just maybe she'll make an appearance on the 50th 50th anniversary of the show. >> thank you. >> the feds asking switzerland to send seven fief -- fifa official to the states. there's fighting to stay in switzerland. looking at 20 years in prison if convicted on corruption charges american investigators say it's part of a bribery and racketeering scheme worth more than 50 billion u.s. dollars. swiss officials will did whether to extradite the officials in a few weeks. we'll be back with a look back
12:56 pm
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get the nutrition you need everyday with boost® high protein. join the club at >> a thundershower feet per minute, soaring miles before los angeles and getting dangerously close to planes flying into lax. how did he get back down? he eventually shot the balloons with a pellet gun to drop back to earth. his return did not go well. he hit some power lines, causing a blackout. the police arrested him when he landed but a man soared into the
1:00 pm
sky in his lawn chair 33 years ago today. i don't even know. something weird happens they'll make us come back. the dow is down but only a little bit. here's the next program. the nation on high alert ahead of the july 4th holiday and what happened this morning in d.c. shows just how high. law enforcement swarming thewed naval yard after a report of shots being fired. luckily it was a false alarm but just how worried should we be? welcome everyone, aisle charles payne, in for neil cavuto and this is "your world." new stats released by the house homeland security committee showed 28 isis related plots against western targeting this year compared to 19 for all of last year. the number of home-grown terror plots tripling in the past five years and we're all