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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  July 3, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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couples having sex. he would say change partners. >> he was a master of making people follow him. >> be sure to tune in for tonight on "red eye," why are they flocking to see bernie sanders and has hollywood objectifying men right when i'm getting in game. if you are sexist if you sympathize with a soccerer player that scored on her own net? first a news break. the fourth of holiday weekend kicks off today amid
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heighteneder fears of a terrorist strike. the feds are on high alert. >> there's not credible threat that was identified. i think, it's good common sense when you have a large gathering, like i expect that we will have this weekend for people to just be vigilant, keep their head on a swivel. get out and enjoy the holiday. >> at the same type, the pentagon reveals that a senior islamic state leader has been killed in a coalition air strike. he has been identified and was responsible for moving fighters and weapons from libya to syria. the unemployment rate now at a seven year low, but the pet said that the a lot needs to be done to increase american wages. he was in wisconsin yesterday to promote a labor department rule
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that would make more workers eligible for overtime. more legal fall out from last week's supreme court ruling that same-sex couples have a right to marry. the c a handful of judges and clerks across the south are doing likewise. leave the fireworks to the pros. this stash of explosives was found in a home in connecticut, it's the biggist fireworkers stager in recent history. valued at a quarter of a million. red eye tarts right now. welcome to "red eye." let's check in with andy levy,
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how are you? >> good, good. >> holiday womani icoming up. >> i don't really like to drink sweet liquor. and i'm confused about sam bucca. what is it? >> it's an italian drink. >> i don't think when they put it had the coffee. >> what about putting the coffee beans in it? >> no, then your beans just go to the bottom. let welcome our guests. you may remember her from one life to live. he is a lawyer that served in
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congress. thes not racist but her last name is, and his head is libertarian, well, it's going to be an off some weekend at bernies. yes, bernie sanders is a roll. he took to the stage at veteran's memorial where a crowd of 10,000 supporters chanted his name. i believe we have a clip. sanders claimed that the crowd of 10,000 was the most of any this year and he is catching up to hillary clinton. a poll shows that her lead is
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not as comfortable as in may. that is 700% closer. progressives are excited for a political revolution. he is doing the income inequality thing. he wants to take down the bank. is there successful? >> they are looking back for progressives. they are going back to 1968. can and clearly, sanders wants to be the eugene mccarthy of the race. take on the titan and pull up the up is set with the support of the left wing who wants something different. can he get over the hump? that will remain to be seen. he is proving now that the talk of the democrat i can party not necessarily being content with hillary clinton has a lot justification. >> you love a eugene mccarthy reference, don't you? >> of course, that guy.
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>> is it politics? is it the left flank that is getting it or do they just not like her? >> hillary? >> yeah. >> yeah, i have a met a for, it's people on a left have done an eight mile run called obama a's presidency is. okay. and so, do you want to take, you know, another two mile run being hillary? you know what i mean? you want to continue on the run with the hillary? no, you want a cold shower after a hot run and that is bernie sand er sanders. >> you say, you just took an eight mile run, do you want to go another four miles. >> should hillary be worried or is it just kind of the, i don't want to say rand paul, you know, then people are going to be at me. >> don't kim kick the paul hive. is he the buchanan of the democratic party?
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>> yareah, to a certain extent. he has some support. it's his demographic right now and it will not be enough to make a bold prediction. the chances of bernie sanders becoming the democratic nominee, small. could he win a couple of primaries and make hillary look vulnerable? possible. >> and maybe make her more human at the same time. if she had a cake walk to the nomination, it would not mean she worked for it. >> it could toughen her up. it's hard to root for goliath. >> carmen? >> yes. >> welcome to the show.
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>> what do you think of hillary? i think it's her personality. they are looking for someone exciting. bernie sanders is crumpled, but there's something authentic. >> i don't like how he called everyone his brothers and sisters. he is 73, that is kind of an insult. >> i think it was, don't you think it was a labor thing, like brothers and sisters, awake and something like that? >> maybe. yeah. >> workers of the world unite. >> yes. that is it. >> the labor folks -- >> i'm trying to dumb it down a as fast as i dcan. >> where does it -- it is more inclusive. you can go about 2015 years. >> you going to vote for hillary? >> i like her pant suits. >> great. from one crazy old man to
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another. donald trump is sitting in the polls. his recent comments about the mexican immigrants is meat for the lefties. here is hillary leading the charge. >> recently a republican candidate described immigrants, as drug dealers, rapists and criminals. maybe he never stopped to ask, millions people who love the country, work hard and want nothing more than a chance to build a better life themselves and their children. what their lives are like. >> and there seems to be growing support for the town with the donald movement. a growing number of corporations have is stopped pedaling his wears.
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karm en. do you think that trump is distracting others from serious republican candidates? [ speaking spanish ] >> you have the real span i cis knew you had the spanish. what is your heritage? >> i'm half from spain. >> you spanish people want us to know it's spain and not mexico. all right, does donald trump, he had some of them, some of them are raping and pillaging. >> he probably hires half of them to clean his gardens and work in his billuildings. joan, i want you to say something, bring us back to
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trump. you have something nice to say. >> i think his spokes person or someone in his had camp. he has a lot of people in the camp that said, he loofs mexican people, he does employ a lot of them in his businesses. the proof is in the pudding right there. >> i mean, will, are you as excited about trump ask the democrats are? >> so, i mean the people excited about trump is disaster for the serious candidates. it's not great for them to share a stage with the guy. it is not great right now for donald trump who is really endangering his brand. from the standards or from the perspective of those of us in the news media and the networks, it is fantastic. >> the ratings. >> we put donald trump in a headline and everyone clicks on it. >> he is like the charlie sheen
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of the republicans. you never know what he is going to say. >> right, it's the spectacle. is he that bad? he said that we have an immigration problem. he just did it in colorful language. >> and the gop better hope that the surge in the polls is not just some of the republicans going to a guy who the media is attacking. my concern is over time, he could do to the gop what he did for the usfl. >> hm-mm. >> i know what you mean. >> you want to play in the fall, donald. >> ted cruz is impersonating cartoons. let watch. . hey, i got some bad news,
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treb layoffs we talked about. finding jobs that pay well are tough. bringing uprising gasoline prices, rising home prices. more rgzs, more taxes. the economy is -- [ screaming ] ♪ deep in the heart of texas >> texas has created 1/3 of the net new jobs in the united states. keeping taxes low, the this former governor led his state through a period of unprecedented economic growth. yes, jeremie? who is rick perry. >> that's are right. >> hey, it's your boss, remember that promotion i told you about? >> guess what, he didn't get it. i'm kidding. he did. will, look, some people are making fun of the video. a lot of the websites are
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snarking, look at perry with the cartoon. i thought it was good. >> i appreciate somebody making a campaign cartoon that was terrible. >> i can relate. my hope is that a kid doing drugs for the first time will stumble on that and get in to politics for the rest of his life. >> the things that inspire peep, rig -- people, right? >> did you notice how the boss who gave him a promotion was a woman? good job, rick e.r.perry's peop. >> that is crafty. i did not notice that. >> i'm not kidding. i think rick perry -- >> that's the sad part. >> rick perry was a bit of a joke last time around. he made a couple of mistakes in the debates. but he is impressive as a
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candidate. he is all republican all the way. he has texas, he has a good economic story. he is not to be under estimated. >> there are worse ways to cut through the clutter than this attempt. so from their point of view, it worked. we are not saying it was offensive. some of you are saying we would rather have a different movement. but it worked for him. he is not in trouble for we are talking about it. >> rick perry, are you impressed? >> not really, i felt the 2008 part was more like the brady bunch. did you see the wall paper and the land lines and the tv on the floor. >> and the animation was like bevis and butthead. >> or the brad neely guy. >> i don't know him. >> that's because you are not a millennial. those watching on their smartphones they got it. >> they got your reference and they were impressed. >> it's time for the most
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important story. last week, after gay marriage ruling. many company cans redesigned their logos to include rainbow flags. fox corporate ordered us to change our name. but wired magazine wonders how long should brands wave the gay banner. removing the rainbow too soon might seem insensitive. but keeping it up without demonstrating more support could cause unsensitive as well. one brand didn't pay tribute and that was chick-filet, i didn't check it but i'm aassuming. they have opposed gay marriage. they are still in business. in fact, a new report found that
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it's america's favorite fast food chain. to quote winston churchhill, i guess taste matters more than what is trending on twitter. you told me the significance of the gay marriage ruling. you were fairly anti-gay until you realized that had a -- >> i did not say that, and i will sue you if you say it again. >> this is taken like a symbol that was cool and corporate and lame. it's like what john waters said, you know, gay is not cool anymore. >> gay is not cool anymore. >> he said, that was at the -- the -- what was that speech? he just gave it. >> he said it to me he in a private conversation. >> he just gave a commencement speech and it was fairly impressive.
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do we have the quote. look, i love this. the amazing concept i've heard about is where you're supposed to warn students if you are going to talk about something that challenges their values. i thought that's why you went to college. my whole life has been a trigger warning. he is like a gay icon, and he is telling the students not to be so politically correct, right? >> and i mean, he should know. you have is seen pink flamingos, that is truly a disgusting movie even now. >> okay, carmen, what were we talking about, rick perry or -- oh, the gay issue. yeah. that whole chick-file thing, it showed the intolerance of the left. >> i don't believe in chick fil-a, i only go there if i'm
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hung over. i'm glad there's nothing in there like a rat or roach or anything. you know? >> if there was, it would be all over the internet, right? we see those fried roaches, it's all fake. i think this is just company's jumping on the band wagon. it's not brave, is it? >> it depends, people who are upset about the decision and they run the risk of getting themselves to take action against the product. so beit, okay. well done. coming up, why does the new movie "magic mike xxl" have to objectify men? more "red eye" coming up. don't touch that dial.
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time magazine has declared the era of male objectification is upon us. showing that women are ready to treat men like the pieces of meat that they are. it's something to celebrate. wait a minute, isn't is it bad aren't we supposed to resist, rather than indulge in impulse? let me go back to my theory classes that i enjoy so much in college. isn't it possible because of the imbalance between the sexes? because of power? because of our society? i get it. on when women do it, it's just kind of pretend. it's play objectification, that is why guys that attend a strip
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club look like this and women that go to a strip club look like this. oh, yeah. women are out of control. i think you know where i'm getting at. have woman bit off more than they care to? >> this movie is like ridiculous, first of all. it like a disney movie, because strip clubs don't look like that when we go to them. like a fantasy. >> have you been to disney lately? >> i have seen a strip club, and guys don't look like that. >> the guys actually look pretty together, don't they? >> the chipendales, but they get fairly buff guys in there. i think women, they don't, they act as if going to a strip club is the same experience for men. it's absolutely night and day. it's a whole different experience. right or wrong? >> it's a totally different experience. >>s yes. >> the women are like, yeah, we are out with the girls. it's all about them. guys are literally, not caring,
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they are going in alone getting in the zone. right? >> oh, i don't know, i'm not a fan of all this. here's my problem with it all. i don't think these guys who are at the strip clubs they are not doing it for the women. they are doing it for themselves. they are stroking their own egos, i think they like it, if it makes their odds of getting laid better, they are all about it. man jectify me is what they are thinking. women are looking at them and who doesn't want that? you know? >> i think that goes to my point, right? men and women, they are trying make it seem like it's all the same now. women are just as sexually hungry a as guys. when in fact, it's a whole different game, right? >> i'm married. >> so -- >> i is not seen that. >> how about this. it's like the -- >> i agree with them. >> you do?
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>> why not? >> and i think they a agree with me. it's like the idea that minorities cannot be racist and women cannot be sexist, right? >> if at the end of the day, if my being object ified by women, it makes things more equal, that is fine. >> they don't mind it, so it's not objectification. >> i'm comfortable with my roles as a sex symbol. i've made my piece with it. it's a debate thing, it's a fake trend, it's not new. it would not go back at looft to the 1990s. remember the diet coke ad where he is shirtless and he he is singing cheap trick? >> he was fantastic.
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he goes back to the burt reynolds, when he was in magazine. >> "playgirl." >> look at him. >> this is an example of that. this is not a real thing. >> i don't think that was burt reynolds in. >> i think was the, but it goes to the point that's an old thing. we cannot say it's a new development. he looks good there. he was very young at one time. thadius is remembers what burt reynolds looks like. i did not pay the fee to get the photo. >> that was from back in the day. >> i think he is better looking than reynolds. >> i feel like when men do it, it's fun. and girls go because it's fun. it's the opposite, when guys go see women, it kind of bad. it's different.
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>> trust me, when you are married and the guy is lay around the house like that, nothing did will happen. >> when it came out with burt reynolds. he was supposedly the most good looking than in the world. he was the sex symbol of the time. and even then, it was gross to look at him. >> that suh being sexist. you saying that is lookist, and ageist and all the things. >> you like to see a hair suit man laying on the carpet? >> i think he looks good. >> what kind of carpet? >> it was like an animal inspired. >> andy levy will correct my mistakes. and jokes on him, i'm save issing all of mistakes from the second half of the show. do you know the answer to today's trivia question.
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live from america's news headquarters. law enforcement officials in south carolina say weather is to blame for a fire that destroyed a black church this week. investigators examined the scene
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a and analyzed the fire. it's just 65 miles north of the black church in charleston where nine people were shot and killed recently. meantime, investigators believe that the false report of a shooting at the washington navy yard was an innocent mistake and not a hoax, the base was put on lock down thursday after a woman reported shots fired and no evidence of a shooting was found. officials say the women did the right thing by reporting possible suspicious active theity. this all happened in the same place, where a gunman killed 12 workers in a rampage two years ago. another shark attack has safety officials looking for answers. they are trying find patterns in the attacks to improve visitor safety. seven people have been bitten by sharks there in the past three weeks. that's the most for north carolina in 80 years of record keeping. the highest previous total was five attacks in 2010.
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all of the people attacked this year have survived with various injuries. and whole foods apologizing for over charging the customers. this after an investigation in new york found stores were posting the the wrong prices and weights on prepackaged foods. the company said that they will increase training. the natural food grocer could face fines for thousands of violations. now, let's go back to "red eye." welcome back, it's time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed. >> how are you? >> you have a johnny cash thing going on in all black. >> a lot of of crumb over here at the news desk. >> they are from you? >> he they are not from me. before we get started on the stories.
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joanne, were you high school graduate/bikini girl from one life to live? >> yes. >> when was that? >> 2010. >> i believe we have tape, can we roll it. >> i have googled that, i cannot find it. i wish i could. >> "red eye" fans, your job. all right, bernie sanders, surging, thadius you had thsaid that he wants to be the mccarthy. but who is the kennedy? >> they will end up with hubert humphrey? >> they can. >> i'm being told that bernie sanders changed his slogan to cold shower 2016. >> you are welcome, bernie. >> tom said he did not want to
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compare bernie sanders to rand paul, but isn't is it more a ron paul, someone who you draws big crowds and does not have it take off. >> okay. that's the one i was looking for really. in fairness, bernie sanders has 33% of the democratic vote in iowa. i don't know in ron paul had that much. >> he won 28% of the vote. >> that is not true. >> that was worth a shot. >> you would not believe what i get away with. >> your reaction to tom's reaction to the brothers and sisters thing. i think it was 100% accurate. >> right? >> thank you, so much.
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look, now we are looking at sanders and he has crazy economic beliefs. they are crazy. and he wears the moniker of socialist proudly. >> donald trump surging, tom, you said that trump was saying that some mexicans were raping and some were pilaging. he mentioned that last one. >> i must are have added that. >> hillaryseemed believable when she went after him. >> she did. >> does it make candidate thes
12:38 am
look better to share the stage? >> why can't they say, my thoughts are donald trump is [ bleep ] crazy? >> then you are turning up donald trump voters. i appreciated the usfl reference. even though nobody else did. >> what is it? it's the philadelphia stars. >> usfl was the united states football league, it was an alternative to the nfl. >> rick perry cartoon. when the guy was sitting there
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had and he got fired and ran down the treat screaming. i thought he was going to pull out an f-15. >> you know, what was fun about that video, it's a woman's voice that gives him a promotion. a guy fired him and a woman promoted him. secret agendas everywhere. chick-fil-a, you mention that gawker was keeping a talley of how long companies are keeping their rainbow avetar. can we pull up the tweet. keep cans a list of when people take the rainbow off their
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avatar. am aprophet? i just put things up there. >> why did you put the stars? >> it's a twitter style thing. >> okay. >> thank you. >> yeah. >> will, you said is that if so many said again you were anti-gay until you saw that over stock added to the rainbow to their logo, you would sue. >> yeah. >> i just wanted to say it again. you said that pink flamingos -- all right, tom, it's interesting that you did a story on "magic mike ", you wrote a monologue about it. >> yeah. yeah. >> did you remember your reaction when iing suggested i?
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>> i said yeah, that is fine. >> i thought you would pull this. i got video from the meeting. can we roll it? >> i said no magic mike. what [ bleep ], why are we obsessed with magic mike. when we do "red eye," no "magic mike." >> yep. >> no, we can use it. >> yeah. my source. i had -- i 100% trust my source on that. >> they are going to have to cut it. who took the video. >> doesn't matter who took the video. and yeah, i just took it. don't say things in meetings if you don't want it on the show. tv 101. >> can he use it? >> i checked, i got clearance from legal. and one last thing, i'm
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officially putting a moratorium on using man for a prefix for thing. we are done with that. >> okay. >> we are done with it. stop it. >> okay. >> i'm done. >> are we still doing the show? is this taping now? time to take a break. female soccer players get emotional when we come back, and oh, look, a poll.
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now, a subject in the old wheelhouse. women's soccer. on wednesday, england lost in the world cup semifinals defender laura bassett scored an own team goal. twitter popped up, i will stand with bass. and proud of bassett. yes, bassett received an huge amount of simple sympathy and t sexist. and at the 1994 world cup can, andrei escobar scored an own goal. six weeks later, he was shot and killed. it's written, if we want men and wm a's football to be playing on
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a level field, we need to treat them all the same way. bassett deserves to die. we need equality in the sport. look, i proved a few blocks ago that you are not qualified to answer this question. but is it sexist? >> you want -- do you want me he to answer? >> yes. >> this is sexist. i want men to also also get some sympathy. i would like to see the men cry a little more. because they have to suppress their feelings and that's not okay. you i think the fans are sympathizing with this poor woman and it's an embarrassing thing to do. and everyone deserves their emotions. >> obviously. j joanne is trying to get the guys to be more like the girls. shouldn't we be happy that they are being nice on social media? >> yes, i am, sometimes it's hot when a guy breaks down.
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right? a little bit. >> yeah. >> in a crazy way. >> you say that. >> like a single tear, you are like, oh, salty. >> you say that if you are watching a medical show, if your boyfriend breaks down and cries, you say knock it off, you whimp, you are the man. >> if he is a soccer player and he is all muscular and there's a tear. >> should men get more sympathy or women get more abuse? >> g >> competitors are competitors, you should be able to sympathize if you played any sport. to have equality, it's silly to say, you have to be vicious to the women as well a as the men. there's no crying in baseball or football or in any of these sports. in the men's sports. if there is, fine, if that gets you hot, fine, but at the end of the day, we should not
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villafying people for doing the best they can. this girl will never forget it. ever. >> and she will never forget the support she got, right? >> and it's a nice thing. i have to disagree a bit, i would like to see more crying in sports and people were in touch with their emotions on that level. the world is a really sad place. >> and everyone should get a trophy. >> i guess, we proved that. one man and three girls on the panel. a bubble wrap and a look at another poll.
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♪ we are off for the fourth of july holiday. ♪ i remember when we got in an aappliance delivered to our house, i was so excited because all of us kids got the best part. the packaging. forts out of the boxes and the bubble wrap. that was the best.
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i take it to bed with me and wrap my head in it. i can't believe i did not die. those were the good days. that may be coming to an end. sealed air the company that makes bubble wrap has started to make a new so-called improved bubble wrap, is that doesn't pop but distributes the air to a neighboring bubble. care to guess? redistribution, bubbles that can't pop. hope and change indeed. tha thadis, i'm drawing a line. if bubble wrap goes, i'm going. >> when bubbles burst like the economic housing bubble and others, that's when you are talk socialism. maybe no longer have bubbles that burst may prevent socialism. >> well, are you for all of this, all of these banking, too big to fail banking regulations,
12:55 am
bail outs forever? >> no, they should have put in to like a -- like as housing corporation. they will they should have levy out. >> were you in to cardboard boxes. you turn it in, and that would go wrong. there's a big blast. this is great. that is how annoying bubble wrap be. hands of lonely people. here's the thing of bubble wrap. >> when you are not popping the
12:56 am
bubble. it's annoying. >> it is. it's annoying. okay. andy. all right. >> there was only one company. it's a great thing for the economy. great for the market capitalism. you think the stuff would be made in china. >> there's such little demand did they stopped making it. >> i'm getting packages with the new bubble wrap, that you cannot pop. it is really disappointing to my daughter. so. >> so, this wrap was used for wrapping levy's blow-up doll. >> okay. >> we are counting down guys. see how many pops we can get in
12:57 am
as i count down the show. a special thanks to my guests. that does it for me. i will see you 96 time. i will see you next time.
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president obama as ronald reagan? you gipper. this is "special report." welcome to washington. i'm shannon bream in for bret baier. the june unemployment report shows a gain of 223,000 jobs last month. the unemployment rate fell from 5.5% to 5.3. that is a seven-year low. that coupled with big supreme court wins on obama care and same-sex marriage, plus mostly positive receptions for initiatives like cuba and new overtime rules have led the


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