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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 12, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

9:00 am as for the television version we're back here next sunday at 11:00 and 5:00 eastern. we hope you'll join us then for more on the media and the latest buzz. we start with a fox news alert in the possible deal on the iranian nuclear negotiations. a pair of diplomats telling the associated press that the negotiators in vienna are expected to reach a provisional deal to try and curb iran's nuclear program today. official announcement of all this coming tomorrow. hello, everyone and welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm eric shawn. >> and i'm arthel neville. >> talks appearing to gain momentum in recent hours with the parties still hammering out the details which all seven nations would need to sign off on. more now live from washington. rich what can you tell us? >> reporter: this among reports,
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russian foreign minister sergei lavrov is traveling to vienna, a sign perhaps that an agreement is near. however, a senior state department official refuses to comment on official timing saying the major outstanding issues diplomats need to resolve. much has timed on the sanction relief the west would provide iran and others arms-importing restrictions impose on that regime. the u.s. congress has an opportunity to review it and a significant portion of capitol hill opposes the details that have already emerged. sanctions, that's what brought themed to the table in the first place. that's why they were hurting. that's a strategy that i think could have been deployed a couple of years ago that could have got us to a better place. >> the president continues to be confident that an agreement like that would effectively shut down every pathway that iran has for nuclear weapons, and it would put in place the most
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instrussive set of inspections that have ever been imposed on a country's nuclear program to verify iran's compliance with the agreement. >> reporter: opposition is growing among regional's enemies, in particular arab states and israel. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu recently described the negotiation as a parade of concession. negotiators have deployed their self-imposed deadlines saying the u.s. was prepared to walk away from the talks if necessary. >> rich edson, thanks so much. >> arthel one iranian diplomat says it's impossible to try to nail all this down by tonight because the agreement is said to be more than 100 pages long. so what's in it? and more importantly will it work? ambassador john bolton is here. he's a former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, fox news contributor and senior fellow at the american enterprise institute. ambassador if there is a deal do you think it will prevent
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iran from building a nuclear bomb? >> absolutely not. look this deal whatever its final details turn out to be is an american munich. we have surrendered on essentially every key point. all that's happening now is papering over differences that still exist so that they can get to a signing ceremony to launch another phase of negotiations once this deal is signed so we can make more concessions. it's really an embarrassment. it's a disgrace but i think it's very close to being signed. >> what concessions worry you the most? >> the most important concession from which really all the others flow is allowing iran to have any uranium enrichment capability whatever. that is the sign that iran has not made a strategic decision to give up nuclear weapons. quite the contrary. it's the sign that they are determined to have member. and, you know the obama administration leaked some months ago that when iran simply
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said we won't deal unless we can have uranium enrichment they accepted it. that was the beginning of the slide downhill and it's just been one mistake after another since then. >> well why would the administration accept that when the administration is on record as previous administrations have been in saying that iran has to suspend that. there are six u.n. county resolutions ordering iran to suspend u.n. uranium enrichment. this agreement would violate all six of those resolutions. >> absolutely. that's a real feature here. the obama administration position is weaker than the u.n. security council, hard for many americans to figure but that's the fact. i believe the administration the president himself, his secretary of state john kerry, his predecessor hillary clinton have believed from the outset that if they could simply convince iran that america wasn't their enemy, that iran would begin behaving like belgium or the netherlands, give up its nuclear weapons program
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and become like a western state. i think that's 180 degrees the opposite of reality, but that's the delusional bubble that they are operating in. >> boy, talk about a delusional bubble. what about the ayatollah khamenei no inspections into sites and this has been watered into parts in the military facility barred from u.n. inspections where it's suspected they researched nuclear development. what is it if you have managed inspections and is that acceptable to make sure iran is not building nuclear weapons? >> i think the obama administration is prepared to accept the concept of managed access. the atomic energy agency will ask for access and then they will deny it and then they will negotiate for months and two possibilities. either access simply won't occur at all or whatever it is that
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the iranians are trying to conceal they would have covered up during the time while the negotiations are going on. really this is fanciful to think that we'll be able to detect iranian violations in time to do anything and that's central to the deal. i mean, the administration says that there's an iranian fatwa out there somewhere that has never been seen that iran doesn't real want nuclear weapons, but this whole deal is based around the premise that they are still after them and the main objective is to detect violations when they inevitably occur which we won't be able to do with certainty. >> finally, ambassador tens of billions of dollars that will be free flowing now to tehran will they use that to fund terrorism, hezbollah, hamas and to threaten the united states? do you think in the end enriching tehran threatens u.s. security? >> it does absolutely. they will enhance their support for terrorists. they will speed up their nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs they will benefit economically from the release of
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these funds, and it really -- that's been their central objective. they never slowed down the nuclear weapons program. they never slowed down their support for terrorism. what they wanted is release from the sanctions, and they are about to get their central diplomatic objective in exchange for only trivial easily reversible concessions on their part. >> and not one part of the iranian nuclear program is being actually taken apart and destroyed as has happened with south africa and other countries. ambassador john bolton we're staying on this throughout the hour. thank you so much for your valuable insight. >> thank you, eric. >> and there'sner big story overseas. greece fighting for its economic future at an emergency summit meeting in brussels as it looks for a third bailout to keep the country from going bankrupt. the greek prime minister saying he's ready for compromise just hours before the latest deadline on reaching a deal. this amid reports that greek banks have barely enough money to get through the week.
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amy kellogg is live in athens with all the latest. amy? >> hi arthel. well the greek banks running out of money could be an impetus, a real trigger for greece leaving the euro falling out of the euro and ultimately out of the european union all together arthel because if the european central bank stops giving the greek banks the lifeline that it has been giving them if the talks break down an greece ultimately misses another deadline for repayment to the european central bank, them presumably the greek banks will be forced to print their own money or the government will be forced to do that and it is presumed that that one would be the drachma. that is greece's previous currency and there is no telling what have sort of scenario would lead to so because the banks are running low on cash and because the situation has become so dire today has been set as yet
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another deadline and the leader. 19 countries that use the common curbs remassaging the latest greek proposal for cuts and reforms in exchange for bailout money. this time around it is not so much about the technicalities involved as the trust that has been squandered and the endless meetings and missed dead lines the >> translator: the situation is extremely difficult. on the one hand when one thinks that the economic situation in greece and how it has deteriorated over the past few months but on the other hand because the most important currency has been lost and that is trust. >> greeks today in large numbers hit the beaches as it is very hot and as one person told me it is the only pastime here that is free. there are incredible stories of people helping each other out in this time of crisis doctors giving services for free of neighbors feeding entire neighborhoods, so there is a good news story in all of this but it is certainly not enough. >> people are helping each
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other, but new austerity measures are coming. how long can this last? there are people without electricity, food water. they can't even pay for a doctor. people have a thousand problems. >> reporter: arthel, on friday it looked like a deal would come together over the weekend, but now it seems increasingly likely that was decided tonight could be that greece is going to have to really be hustle and get its parliament to push through some legislation that would ensure that the demanded reforms actually happen and back to the trust issue. the greeks don't understand why the germans can't cut them a break and the germans, particularly angela merkel are under their own sets of pressures because first of all german taxpayers are not too keen to be funding this greek bailout and germany takes the lions share of that and at the same time finally, arthel merkel does not want to go down in the history books as european leader who presided over the erosion of the european union.
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arthel? >> quite a predicament. amy keggol, olkellogg, thank you very much much. >> mexico's most prominent drug lord has escaped from prison again. mexican authorities are questioning prison authorities over the shocking breakout as they search for this top level fugitive. will carr is from our west coast newsroom with the late on manhunt. hi will. >> reporter: hi eric. arguably we're talking about one of the most powerful drug traffickers, not just in mexico but in the world, worth more dylan $1 billion. "forbes" has consistently ranked him on the world's most powerful people list. he's in charge of the one most dangerous and brutally violent drug cartels, estimated to have taken at least 100,000 lives in mexico alone. last seen saturday night in the shower area of a maximum
9:12 am
security prison an hour and a half west of mexico city and when guards went on to check on him the cell was empty. the only thing left a big hole near the shower that led to a fully ventilated tunnel that was under construction in a nearby village. guzman has used them in recent years to evade law enforcement. many times the cartels will dig the tunnels by hand to avoid making noise but even if that happened here authorities say it's unlikely that this tunnel could have been built without detection by prison guards. this is actually the second time that guzman has broken out of prison. back in 2001 he snuck out of another maximum security prison and in that escape he got help from prison guards. several years later they were prosecuted and convicted. then he was arrested in 2014 at the time. mexican officials vowed he would not escape again but here again authorities in mexico and the united states are once again on
9:13 am
the hunt again for el chapo. eric? >> absolutely amazing. >> all right. coming up donald trump is closing in on the top contender. what a new pole is revealing about support for donald trump and former florida governor jeb bush >> you know those ruby red slippers that took dorothy home in "the wizard of oz," there they are, the original ones. guess what. some are now hoping that they will land a thief in a jail cell. >> you can't take dorothy's slippers.
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>> you know those ruby red
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9:17 am
bush pulling in 16.1%. joining me now is the online editor for "the weekly standard." good to see you. >> good to see you, too. thank you. >> absolutely. why is donald trump resonating with potential voters? >> he's definitely tapping into anger over president obama but also tapping into anger from the republicans towards republican establishment and towards republican leaders in washington. i think he reese able to position himself as a legitimate outsider and able to harness the support in ways that are clearly favorable towards him and he's gaining steam faster than anybody in the republican field and what he's doing i think is remarkable and other candidates are beginning to take note which they should because he is speaking to a large segment of republican voters. >> so then you mentioned that you think part of the reason trump is resonating because he's not establishment. jeb bush has a very strong name in the political world. however, he has made it very clear that he's not his brother,
9:18 am
he's not his father. what else should jeb bush do as it refers to you know donald trump and what he's going out there doing? how should jeb bush play his hand? >> i think jeb needs to talk about the concerns of the republican voters right? a lot of them are concerned about illegal immigration and don't find jeb bush persuasive on it? earlier today on "fox news sunday" bret baier played a clip of his interview with jeb bush and said what do you think about donald trump and bush said he -- he no longer wants to talk about donald trump. i don't think you can do that with somebody that you're tied with in the polls. i don't think you can treat somebody like that. i'm not saying he should emulate donald trump, but he needs to learn from donald trump. what is donnell trump tapping into and how can jeb bush do that? he needs to figure that out and try to convince republicans that he has the answers and he has the experience to do what donald trump says he's going to do if that makes sense. >> but maybe jeb bush doesn't want to talk about donald trump right now because he's waiting
9:19 am
to see how this plays out, and that's what i want to ask you. how long will potential voters buy, keep buying what donald trump is selling? you know he's playing up the immigration issue and donald trump says he'll be the best jobs president ever. >> if this campaign is anything like the 2012 campaign we'll have a slew of leaders before the actual nominee wins. i'm not sure that this campaign is like that. we have a much crowded field and frankly a much better field on the republican side a lot more accomplished individuals, former governors, current governors, former senators current senators and i think that -- i think that the stakes are a lot higher. i'm not sure donald trump can care they enthusiasm. you might, you know, the politically correct way is to say that peeking a bit too early but all campaigns are different and the fact is he's gathering the most support and the most enthusiasm of anybody in the field right now on the republican side, and you would rather be in his position and there's a lot of republicans
9:20 am
sitting at home who are envious of the attention that he is clearly being able to corner. >> before we go yes, donald trump is getting all the attention right now. so how does the gop handle donald trump as a party? i mean he's a wild card candidate. quickly they have asked him to tone it down a little bit and he would be really harmful possibly to them if he runs as an independent so quickly how do the parties handle trump as a whole? >> that's exactly the wrong way to do it. they have called on him to tone it tone. reince priebus asked him to tone it down. that's totally wrong. let him speak. he's harnessing an anti-establishment fervor. if you put fuel on that fire by telling him to shut up they will only get more supporters. they should let go organically. votelers figure this out. not establishment leaders in washington. >> we'll leave it there.
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they execute orders and use discipline to get the job done right and on time. veteran movers nyc was founded by jesse gartman who worked as a mover himself after serving in the marine corps, including a deployment in iraq. jesse decided to go into business for himself and hire fellow veterans. 17 of his current 20 employees are vets. gartman says it helps his customers know who they are getting when they call him for a job. >> trust, integrity, a little bit of muscle foresight, intuition. these kinds of things that we were taught in the military discipline. responsibility these kinds of things know. these are very very important to uphold such a high level of customer satisfaction. >> reporter: guardman feels like he's giving back by employing veterans who might be challenged to find work and make the transition back into the private sector after being in the
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service. physical strength is part of the gig which comes easy for veteran employee eric perez. >> you don't know what to expect. as far as going out to the field, a lot of things happen on the field as far as in this job. elevateors get messed up. sometimes pieces are too big, have to break them apart, sofas, dressers and it basically puts you on your feet to actually think on your feet and execute and still get the job done just like the military does. >> currently 459,000 unemployed vets in the u.s. and with companies like veterans movers new york city that number will hopefully improve. to learn more visit their website. we have it on the screen veteranmoversnyc. >> hats off to jesse. >> absolutely. >> an anonymous donor offering a $1 million reward for information leading to these, a pair of judy garland's sequinned ruby red slippers stolen from a museum in her minnesota hometown.
9:27 am
reward requires the exact location of the slippers and the thief's name. the late actress wore those slippers in "the wizard of oz" of course. >> i can't believe someone stole those. >> "sunday housecall" up next. >> stick around. doctors are over there. this allergy season, will you be a sound sleeper, or a mouth breather. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicines alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right.
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and welcome to "sunday housecall." i'm eric shawn. >> and i'm arthel neville. welcome to all of you. joining us is dr. david samadi, chairman and professor of urology at lennox hill hospital and chief of robotics surgery. >> and dr. marc siegel from langone medical center and author of "the secret code." >> let's start here. something we warned about just last week and now that word that new york giant defensive end jason pierre-paul was forced to


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