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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 13, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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great story coming up next hour on that army vet who did incredible things. >> we will see you back in an hour. "outnumbered" starts now. this is "outnumbered." i am harris faulkner on a busy monday here is sandra smith andrea jedediah, and today's #one host of lou dobbs tonight lou dobbs himself and he is outnumbered. a >> this is punishment i will take. >> i am glad you are here. we have a lot to get to. at this high noon hour on the east coast the nation is six hours away from the deadline for world powers to reach an agreement we are told to try to prevent iran from building a nuclear bomb.
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even with a deal washington, d.c. is where the story heats up. is this what the american people want? what will you tell your congress your state to do? here is mitch mcconnell on the anticipated debate to come. >> we know it will leave iran as a threshold nuclear state. we know that. it appears as if the administration's approach was to reach whatever agreement we were willing to enter into. i think it is going to be a very hard sell if it is completed in congress. >> we will bring in the couch in a moment. but first the news rich is live from us austria. >> reporter: the day is moving on and continuing without announcement of a deal. we heard speculation following a press report saying they were on the verge of agreeing to a deal
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yesterday, if not today, and we are only six hours from the latest deadline. a handful of discussions today. john kerry having an hour long meeting today with his iranian counter part the foreign minister, and earlier today, the five members of the permanent security council plus germany meeting earlier this morning. still no conformation of a deal. there are a handful of issues that need to be worked out with the state department saying they were negotiating a handful of issues. there are questions about what sank relief looks like. if the united states reaches a deal with iran how long on the time table and how significantly would the united states and other nations remove their economic sanctions against iran? whether or not to include negotiation over their ballistic
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program and human rights violation violations. we have yet to resolve a number of issues and we are waiting for an answer on if the talks are going to be delayed again. there is still plenty to discuss if they reach a deal because they have to go home and sell this to the congress and they could if they don't like the details veto it. >> lou, you heard rich saying they are looking at a time table of relief of economic sanctions. >> and the ayatollah has already demanded the sanctions be lifteded immediately, which may
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not be in writing and verified by the congress. the france german anygermany, uk and ourselves are depended upon this. russia and iran are allies and the united states is unilateral once again i am sure to this president's favor. this is a remarkable farce we are watching unfold. >> ambassador bolton had a more
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visceral reaction. >> you don't have the mustache. >> i think the worst act of appeasement in american diplomacy in our history. we have given up all of the leverage we have in an effort to persuade iran to give up nuclear weapons. we get next to nothing and they get essentially everything they want. >> andrea you hear the tone from ambassador bolton and he said the details were leaking on the deal and that is where he is getting the flavor of what is in it and not in it. it is over a hundred pages which isn't a good sign also. >> and bolton said what do we get out of this? he will say no part of the deal prevents iran from becoming nuclear. everything we we are allowing them doesn't guarantee they will
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not get weapons. study the history of the iranians. kissinger said it the best. they don't believe in doing deals with infidels. they don't believe in doing deals with them. >> that leaves me after tease in "happening now" now said this what about the ayatollah? >> the ayatollah said this is an excellant example of arrogance and talking to university students and said be prepared to continue the struggle against arrogant powers. you are looking at a situation, even if the deal is done will not improve with u.s.-iranian relations. i have been watching the story
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unfolding in the oil market. you get the economic sanctions rich reported you get those lifted, and you have iran's oil getting dumped and they have 30 million barrels at sea. and a situation that is already extremely bearish with oil prices cut in half over the years and those prices keep coming down and 30 million more barrels dumped by iran after the sanctions are lifted and it is interesting. >> cheaper for us? >> yes, but what does that do for the energy sector and jobs. >> with all of the money flowing into iran and they are buying our products this boosts them up to fund more terrorism against the united states and allies? >> that has been their goal. they are aligned with syria
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right now. they are allied with iraq -- >> and russia. >> and importantly russia. and they have been pushed aside, the united states in iraq and we cannot lead from behind for crying out loud. >> the second i hear that it is like stop. it reminds me of obamacare. >> that is what bolton is referring to. >> i think we could lay this out in ten bullet points and go to the table saying we are willing to do this, if you will not comply we will walk away. john kerry keeps saying he is going to walk away. do you think anyone believes that? >> secretary john kerry later last week said he was willing to walk away. what changed between last thursday and sunday night? >> i think there is a lot of political questions from
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americans seeing this. they realize they look weak. people expect accountability and the united states of america to walk in and say this is what we are and not willing to do. i think he is facing pressure from the public. do i believe he will back down? no. do i think we will wind up with a terrible deal? probably because congress is week on this as well. -- weak -- >> this is according to roiters so we will do our own investigation. but the prime minister is saying nuclear negotiations will not be finished by the deadline today. >> we are behaving. in whose interest is the secretary of state working here? as you look across the broad
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spectrum of negotiations and initiative and policyies by this administration when it comes to the middle east and what he has succeeded in doing as secretary of state is alienating our principle ally israel and our second most important ally saudi arabia and now embracing a nuclear iran. and this president himself said for years it was an intolerable subject. >> the ayatollah told us in a few tweets what his deadline would look like if his deal didn't go the way it would. he know he is not doing spot inspections. that is our deal breaker and we know that from a tweet a couple weeks ago. >> if you cannot inspect every facility on an inspector
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schedule that is unannounced you have no capacity to verify. >> i am reading the pushback is at least we are talking to that country. >> john kerry has been there a long time. >> 70 trips! 70 across the atlantic trips to negotiate that. >> i have been married 12 years and not taken 70 trips. >> i think we could have sent lou dobbs and gotten a better deal. >> i think this is important. congress is to going to be the stop gap here. congress' power has been weaken weakened by the supreme court, by the white house, by the congress themselves and i am hoping that a similar tact that was taken when the members of congress, democrats included stopped bill clinton because they didn't think it was a good idea. voters need to pressure the members not to sign on to the deal. they are going home for august
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recess and need to hear from them. >> the stenenate stopped that deal with 95 vote. >> they will need two democrats to come over? who will they court? we will move on. nearly two weeks since the killing of a woman by an undocumented felon living here set off fire over the sanctuary cities and a new report is showing how many illegles were rearrested after being released from local jails that refused to hold them. and governor scott walker is ready to make it 15 putting the video on youtube and it will be official later. hear why charles cradhammer said
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sdwl >> 1800 is the number of illegal immigrants released on the street over an eight month period and rearrested for offenses including drug possession and sex crimes according to a new report claiming the government wanted to pursue deportation but had their hands tied by so-called sanctuary laws. this less than two weeks after 32-year-old kate steinle was shot dead on the san francisco waterfront and the illegal immigrant accused crime had been released jail months prior. and i could go on and on about the crime and murder of children
9:18 am
even. what do you make of the current situation? >> it sounds designed to be a campaign operation for donald trump. the death of the kate steinle, 32-year-old woman by an illegal immigrant deported five times. the number doesn't matter. the reality is we are not in control of the border. he could have face -- crossed a number of times and not been incumbent to do so. for the first time in ten years we have having dialogue about the immigration issue and it took donald trump to make it happen. >> it is painful this particular incident incident involving a 32-year-old woman being shot. >> he is the only president
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candidate to talk with the families murdered by illegal immigrants. >> the donald trump comment about the immigrants being rapist. >> his government was the government of mexico is sending their rapist and murderers and drug dealers and we went on didn't by any measure, say it art artfully and went to know to say he loves mexican people. >> the media is fixated on this but as lou points out you have headlines where the u.s. government is releasing criminals back into the population. and trump looks like he has a point here. >> you forgot to add drunk drivers to the rearrest with the sex crimes and drugs. this is going to be a huge
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political talking point as painful as it is for her family. it changes the dialogue. >> isn't it time to get honest about the issues. we have to go but this week president obama is expected to tour a federal prison and announce reducing sentences for criminals. the democrat party is on the side of the criminal it seems to me. you cannot write these headlines and you have murders happening by illegles the president touring a prison trying to release more criminals, it is madness. has the democratic party lost its mind? >> the big question i asked last week and i am still asking is what has this president said to kate steinle's family? what has the president promised to look into after her death? we have seen him speak up after other deaths in the country so is he going to relook at
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sanctuary cities and the federal capture program for people that have been deported and keep coming back. >> politically this has been a hard issue for republicans to navigate. i think it is important and needs to happen but the republicans need to take time to think about it because there is division in the right and division between right and left. it is highly sensitive to people. >> sanctuary cities should be a non-negotiable issue because it is a core value of the democratic party. >> i am not hearing anything? >> the gop field got even bigger with wisconsin governor scott walker being in officially. what could this mean for the party? and teens of all shapes and sizes have a more positive view of their body and why this may not be such a good thing.
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welcome back to "outnumbered." wisconsin governor scott walker officially entering the race today expected to make an announcement later but is out with a video. >> in the republican field, there are good fighters who have not won battles and others won elections but not take on the big guys. i have shown i can do both. i am running for president to fight and win for the american people. >> the total number of republican 2016 candidates is up to 15 now. reporter charles krauthammer said so many candidates could hurt the gop field but there is irony in that it is the highest quality group. >> you have six accomplished governors four senators all
9:27 am
distinguished one way or another, the former head of hewlit hewlithew hewlit packered. you could find a dozen people that would fill a cabinet that would be the highest quality cabinet of our life time. they have to start winning though. >> lou so many reactions from both sound bytes. is the large number of gop candidates helping or hurting the field? >> i taught the idea was to bring as many compassionate leaders forward and have a primary where the party selects their nominee. if this is a disadvantage the republicans should have been so disadvantaged in 2012 and 2008.
9:28 am
who wants the coronation? let's the democrats have that in 2016. the republicans, i truly believe need a rough and tumble fight so the american people know what is going on. >> we add scott walker to the race. andrea, his senior advisor saying there is a midwestern nice he has. >> some people are saying too nice? does he need more spunk? you look at his record and it shows he is not afraid. that is what he has to play up. according to politico 82% of caucus goers believe he will in ohio. new hampshire not so much. he has to keep talking about his economic record. sandra the way he took on the
9:29 am
unions and turned a huge budget deficit into a surplus and you cover this. and he started the move against unions which is epic and not get focused on social issues. >> he has fierce competition. you look at the fact that charles krauthammer pointed out six governors and four senator and a former ceo in there this is fierce competition. >> we know that governor walker would move ahead once signing the budget. it took him a while to get the stage budget there. the afcio made a statement saying scott walker is a magsal disgression -- national disgrace. if they feel they have to say
9:30 am
something and he hasn't announced to the public other than a youtube it shows how strong he is. i don't know how much we take that because he hasn'ced announced. >> he went to the union members and said if you don't want to be part you don't have to be. and the leaders said thank you. the leadership is mad at him but they have been trying to get him for a long time by drudging up his old teachers and going after him for not going to college. >> and he kept the fire department and police all in their unions and gave them protections as was intended originally. >> i like a good duke out and i think it is good for the party. i say pack the stage. you are going to see six or seven die immediately on the stage asked hard questions without answers. >> i know that is your pet peeve. >> first control question they
9:31 am
haven't study is going to happen fast. i say beef it up. >> my experience is more choices leads to a better outcome. >> absolutely. >> i thought that was the republican philosophy? >> governor walker is sitting down with sean hannity later tonight starting at 10 p.m. eastern time right here on fox news. hillary clinton laying out her economic plan for america earlier today. some critics are starting to pick it apart blasting her for trying to expand an already bloated government and stifle growth. so are they right? we will debate. plus the journalist granted the first tv interview with ms. clinton speaking out and saying she was surprised by some of the democratic front runner's answers.
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>> hillary clinton is laying out her economic plan rejecting ideas put forth by republican contenders but strikes a contrast with the liberal wing. she wants tax cuts for small businesses and new regulations on government infrastructure and here is what he said on wages: -- she said -- >> wages need to rise pay checks need to grow families that work hard and do their part deserve to get ahead and stay ahead. the defining economic challenge of our time is clear. we must raise incomes for hard working americans so they can afford a middle class life.
9:37 am
>> sandra you had an interesting -- >> are you okay? >> you had a response. >> i was feeling the pain for businesses in this country. lou, it is painful to hear her say wages need to just randomly rise to meet the rising cost. wages go up as a result of demand and the market has to demand wages go up. you don't walk in the door of a small business and say you need to pay the workers more. no she needs to promise to make an economic environment that will naturally raise those wages or you are killing jobs ands and killing the economic environment in this country. >> lou can i ask you about one of the things she is proposing which is raising the minimum wage which is on the left you cover the affects of raising the minimum wage and talk about puerto rico and raising the minimum wage there almost single
9:38 am
handedly led to the destruction of their country. face palm! >> it is stunning that anyone would dare to be that dull. and secondally to say okay the solution for our economy is raising everybody's income. she is the queen of heart here. this is madness in my opinion. she is married to one of the smartest guys i have heard give a speech. she has departed company with his philosophy. she is alien to business and i see no way of making sense of her economic policy other than saying it is a third term for obama. >> she makes it out like the government is in a position to hand out raises. >> she believes the government creates jobs and it is their business to butt their nose into
9:39 am
business. take bill out of this. let's focus on hillary. what has she done to create jobs? >> that is a great point but people don't ask her. they hear the talking point that got obama elected twice. what you are saying makes sense. we want to create an environment for people to grow and want opportunity. he got elected twice, the second time after he already had facts and evidence it didn't work the first time. people are keyed in. >> i didn't hear one new idea in that speech. >> i think jedediah makes a good point. if you can win without new ideas why would you fix it? i would say looking at her speech and i watched some of it she did take the opportunity to pick on a few people. governor walker was on the list jeb bush marco rubio she hit
9:40 am
walker on worker's rights because that is where she is going to go after him. she is going to talk economy and take every chance to hit the other side. >> it is a risky position to bring up the records because they have created more jobs and she doesn't. >> today was the tip of the hat. her real message and poplarulpopulism and she is driving that. >> the interviewer who sat down with clinton is surprised she didn't show more contrition and some of the things she said regarding the e-mail scandal may
9:41 am
not pass the fact check. listen >> i was surprised she didn't show more contrition. talk to democrats including democrats who want to see her in the white house will say she didn't handle the e-mail situation right, but i think on the e-mail answer there were a number of things that didn't pass the fact check. >> she gave that interview and she is confused about hillary's answers. isn't that what we have follow-up questions for? >> it might be very frustrating as the correspondent to have your questions about the exclusive interview make more news than the actual interview. it was difficult watching hillary clinton handling her and her follow up to be who makes a better impression of you? amy polar or someone else? it is frustrating seeing your comments about the interview make more news. >> what about the issue of
9:42 am
contrition? she is expecting her to be re remorseful? >> i really was kind of shocked because i expected hillary clinton to just seek forgiveness from the american people. contrition? come on! >> what about the notion of the subpoena? i was sitting at home screaming at the television saying she is talking about the subpoena. it seems like she recognized there are a lot of unanswered questions but she didn't take advantage of the chance to get the questions >> get clarity why you are sitting in a chair in front of you. she chose not to do that. we have been in tough interview situations before. we are overprepared when we sit down. we are ready for every response.
9:43 am
and harris you said it one of the first weeks of the show you better know that person's answer before they say it so you know how to come back and dig deeper. >> what if she loses her voice? >> she played herself looking worse when she said she expected contrition. the clinton's wouldn't know contrition if it hit them in the face. they are arrogant and above the law and she was lying about the suspin subpoena as well. >> maybe you don't think you care if your boss is a man or woman but a new study shows you do care and we will show you how men react when their boss is a woman. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first, let's go to jon scott for the second hour of "happening now." >> we are waiting details as world powers reportedly finalize that deal that will limit iran's nuclear program. will the announcement coming soon fly in the u.s. congress? we will talk with our panel on that. and wisconsin governor scott walker is in the race for the
9:48 am
white house becoming the 15th to declare on the republican side. and the dow surging up more than 170 points with news that the eu gives greece another bail out as investors breathing a sigh of relief. >> thank you. sounds good. a new study finds some men feel so intimidated by having a female boss they act more aggressively as a result. in one experiment male participants negotiating a boss with a female boss were more aggressive and when women were tested with the gender of the boss had no affect on how they negotiated. lou, have you ever had a female boss? >> i have not. >> okay. so when you go into a male-boss
9:49 am
you are not thinking about gender whatsoever you are asking for what you want? >> or my agent? i find this fascinating. >> it is. >> a guy talking to a woman is somehow threatened so he asks for more money he would otherwise. that sounds like a guy feeling unsure of himself. >> i have seen this. i know guys that have female bosses that have felt a little uncomfortable and they deny it but i can see the need to over assert their maleness like position of power and demand more and almost like she has one up on me and i need to catch up. so i have known guys that acted like this. i have seen it in the flesh. >> i think you are not giving us credit. it may be a hormonal thing guys
9:50 am
go through. it might be kind of -- we are just trying to hide -- >> careful lou! >> you think this plays a part in negotiations done with subordants? >> having had female and male bosses the whole idea of asking for more money is hard in general. it wouldn't matter if it were a puppy dressed in interesting clothing i would be nervous. >> that would be emma. >> so sweet your dog. knowing your own value is tough as women in the workplace. i have found that to be the case. men tend to know their value better. when they go in and ask for raise they do it with more confidence. >> the women that went in asking for a raise or making a change
9:51 am
it didn't matter if they had a man or woman. it is only the men altering their behavior. >> i am getting steam rolled here. >> they are not as confidant discussing money and this is making more news because more women are occupying the positions of power. it has been a pretty quick power trade women have made it men and men are not used to it. >> i think that is interesting. i think one thing we didn't hit on is women have different negotiating skills and women tend to stand their ground more than men. if a woman is in a position of being a boss she might be harded to break in negotiations. and the man might reject that. >> you know what? >> you are married. maybe not. >> hell i would be thrilled if
9:52 am
i got to negotiate. i just do what i am told. >> awe. on that note having a positive body image seems like a good thing, but some health experts worry overweight teens seeing nothing wrong with their size may be jeopardizing their health. we will explain.
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>> so a mixed bag, good and not so good news when it comes to teenagers and their body image. they have a more positive view of their body. more than one- third 15 years consider it normal. overnight teenager ares are likely to be overweight adults with a higher risk of cancer. being aware they are above a healthy weight. >> you work in schools and come from an academic background. we are not allowed to talk about
9:57 am
anybody's reality. >> you have to be afraid to make phone calls and there are student advisors tracked with watching kids. and seeing what they eat. being over weight is not healthy. if you are obese your parents have to provide a support system. it is not like you are 14 and go out and eat your french fries. cancer and diabetes. and all. issues down the road. and give michelle obama credit for tackling the issues. don't make the kids feel bad approximate. >> they will take race and gender issues and nutrition, the schools are emboldened.
9:58 am
they are trying to ban twinkies and bake sales. you can't get a hoho close to a school ground. no one knows how to read or write anyone. >> and only need an egg timer and ariana grande back in the conversation. >> schools are obsessed. >> i know that is political talking point. saying too many regulations and the school will tell our kids what to do. i get. that the over all goal is to better our children and care and want them to be healthy and feel good about themselves. they feel good about themselves when they shouldn't. that is a difficult and sticky situation. and if a parent is not telling the kids that the school gets worried that no one is saying
9:59 am
it. >> some idiots did a study and examined kids who feel good about themselves as teenage examiner now that is a problem. what the hell is wrong with this country? having a teenager who feel good about themselves is splendid. we can go to the gym next year. >> they are teaching kids to feel good about approximate themselves. we are teaching if you are overweight. >> we are teaching this country that there is no problem too small for which government or group thing has a solution. >> there is a role for pafrpts. >> michelle turned it into government. >> this is not accurate. >> how about do your school work and home work.
10:00 am
>> we'll going over time. go to fox news.comslash overtime. noon eastern. and lou dobbs good to it have you today. >> fox news alert. a historic nuclear deal with iran? the marathon talks are not over yet. and we are covering all of the news "happening now". cleared we begin with scott walk with -- walker, the wisconsin governor entering the presidential race. i am jon scott.


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