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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 13, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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clapton. 78 years ago today. when news breaks out we'll break in because breaking news changes everything. the dow is having a great day. we're up 217 on the session. cavuto's team will lead us now. wall street cheering at greeks strike a deal with european leaders for a $96 billion rescue, just as we're gifting two very different approaches to dealing with our economy here. the fallout from all of it moments away. first, though can more scrutiny today for sanctuary cities. a knew report fining just how alarming things are. welcome everyone. this is "your world." and the death of indicate steinle, alsoly at the hands of a criminal illegal in san francisco, continuing to put the spotlight on sanctuary cities the center for immigration studies another with new numbers. they show sanctuary city
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policies led to re lee lease of more than 8,000 criminal illegals in 276 jurisdictions and that is in just the last eight months. sheriff joe arpaio with reaction and first to jessica borne who authored the report. jessica cashing that's an average of a thousand criminal illegals caught and released per month in the last eight months. don't think anybody expected a number that high. >> i certainly didn't. this is only the ones being released that i.c.e. was actually trying to deport. but this is a significant problem. sanctuary cities exist all over the country and sank wear juris ricks, san francisco is not an isolated incident and it's concerning how many of them already had serious criminal history, and the local jurisdiction simply ignored that and released them and many of
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them commit crimes, 1,900 of them. >> jessica were these people caught here in america after they'd committed some kind of crime or were taken in for some kind of crime and then released? is that how his worked? >> they were in the custody of a local law enforcement agency. i.c.e. received an alert and sent a detainer to the local agency, saying they would like to put the person in deportation proceedings, and in these cases the local sanctuaries decided that they were not going to comply with i.c.e.'s detainer and let the criminal alien go back into the community rather than have them be sent home. >> that is extraordinary. so, if you're an illegal you're taken into custody done something wrong you can't be prosecuted because you're ill local. that's extraordinary. >> well, it is, and i.c.e.'s
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position is it wants illegal immigrants who commit crimes to be prosecuted and held accountable hear ask and then they should be deport back to their home country and shouldn't be released back into the same communities were they were preying on people 0. >> where did the idea of sanctuary cities come from? >> well, there are politicians all over this country that are more interested in currying favor with certain groups of voters and so they want to do whatever they can to make it seem as if they are protecting individuals. they think immigration laws are not worth enforcing anymore and they have decided to take steps to obstruct the federal government in doing its job that most of the rest of the public would like to see enforced, and congress as well. >> jessica, you authored this report and it's a shocker. thank you very much for joining us this afternoon. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me.
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>> to maricopa county, sheriff joe arpaio, on what he makes of this gist heard the number and that's a shocker. did you think it was that high, 8,000 illegals released in eight months? >> i got a bigger shocker that nobody talks about except neil. i've been trying to get the message out for months. i have i.c.e. agents in our jail. we check everybody that comes in. then detainers are placed for those here illegally on state charges, turn them over to i.c.e., and guess what? out of 5,000, 2,000 have been coming back to my jails all serious types of crime. one guy came back 20 times. so evidently they keep crossing the border or the i.c.e. is letting them out on the streets. that's another problem. >> some we cut offered founding to sanctuary cities?
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>> yeah, yeah. i agree. we don't have that here. i will always, always work with i.c.e. and the jails to get these guys turned over, but i don't like them to be released on the streets and they're charged with serious crimes. >> donald trump, i believe you introduced him at a speech in the past week. you introduced him in arizona. he is not backing off from this at all is he? in fact he was pressing hard on the immigration situation and he pressed hard in arizona and you introduced him. what was the reception. >> pretty good. thousand, 10,000 people were cheering. they like his openness. i think he took a little heat on some semantics but still has a lot of good ideas on a drug traffic and illegal immigration problem coming across the border. >> what is the reaction of hispanic people in arizona to what donald trump said?
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not about mexican people coming to america but the whole idea of releasing criminal illegals caught is in country. what's the opinion of hispanic voter? >> there's certain groups that don't like it, but in that audience there were many hispanic people, too. so i don't think they really understand the problem. a lot of politics involved. >> where do you think we're going with this? eyeny chance of serious reform of the sank wear city mess? >> well, it's a bigger picture political picture everybody talks but illegal immigration every election, the politicians talk. nothing is ever done. so i hope one day laws will be passed or re-enforced and get down it to and do something about it. it's a political problem and we can't seem to solve it. >> do you blame the feds or the authorities in san francisco for kate steinle's death? >> i don't know who to blame. the sheriff was involved.
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i presume the district attorney. a lot of people are passing the blame. but the system that has to be alleviated and more coordination and more cooperation. >> we hear you sheriff joe arpaio from maricopa county in arizona. let get to wall street. stocks taking off. as some greek officials and the european union agree to a $96 billion rescue. the dow summering more than 200 but the greek does not get a penny unless the parliament agrees to radical changes. let's get to charles payne who says this deal has him worried. i why are you worried? >> we had a lot of false starts with this. this will be the third bailout. i think the greek people will acceptment it that i elected tsipras to be a hard guy then the had the referendum and said we want you to good up there again. as every day goes buy and their
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less money you can get 60 euros one week ask then 50 another week. the banked have not been open. the real realization of life comes at them. until they sign on the line that is dotted, we have to be also -- >> do you not think that -- you don't think that wall street should be celebrating? they're clearly up, celebrating the third bailout. >> wall street is celebrating but we're up for the year ten points. five sessions in a row 200-point moves so shows you wall street i watching this, and every time i feels like the wind tilts a sirred we, no deal, we go down, deal done, we go up. wall street just wants closure on this, and this is a sign maybe wore close. >> their bottom line is the european model socialist model is broken and what the europeans are doing is actually throwing very good money after very bad money. >> let's be honest, that what
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everybody -- every economic system is doing. we have seen dictatorships china doing the same thing europeans and we see americans doing the same thing. politics currying favor with citizens of the country, even though it means a worse life in the future and complete derailment of what could be. political pat lattable. what is not palatable is someone saying what is on their mind. this is palatable, kick the can down the road, and we like to dance on the grave off china but we need to look at what is happening here and be a lot more focused on the. >> what about hillary clinton who stated her economic plan today and basically she wants another entitlement program. >> absolutely. >> pre-k universal. >> absolutely. what scares me more than that. profit-sharing. what are you talking about? you didn't make the money. this has been their goal. they run our out of other
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people's money. we're -- there is a big honey pot in america of money called the corporate balance sheet. 200 trillion. if we could get our hand on that baby, we could be in power for in the next 100 years. we have get to the money from to the corporate balance sheets. >> let me quote margaret thatcher with the correct british accent. she said the trouble with socialism is soon are or later you run out of other people's money. that happened in europe. that's my opinion. yours? >> absolutely. jp -- getty said when the book owes you -- when you borrow hundred bucks from them bank, you owe the bank hundred. -- got them over a barrel. wall street is cheering because the world won't have to see what an implosion looks like. >> and pay the piper. thank you. look how the liberal media
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is taking aim at republican governor scott walker, he is taming aim at smart. and reports iran is preparing for celebrations in the street as a nuke deal is said to be imminent. more proof we should walk away? we're oregon that one.
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according to this score alert, my fico score just went up to 816. 816. 816! 816! fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions. so get your credit swagger on. go to become a member of experian credit tracker and take charge of your score. another isis inspired terror plot in american taken downful cat rig her around has details. >> the unsealed federal court documents allege the suspect adam sicolo of adam, massachusetts, whose father is a boston cop was arrested with weapons. this photo was entered into evidence for the case. an additional search of the 24-year-old's apartment turned up possible bombmaking equipment, including a pressure cooker, an alarm clock and documents about jihad.
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once in custody he allegedly attacked a nurse in the head with a pen. here's an evidence photo again and broke it in half. fbi affidavit said the suspect planned to attack military and law enforcement personnel but abandoned the idea, opting for an unnamed state university. on social media some evidence he was interested in jihad. recently discussing the aftermath of the tourist shooting in tunisia that killed 39 calling it, quote awesome. on thursday, fbi director james comey disclosed plots has been thwarted and we believe one of them is this. >> the the didn't end on the fourth of july. the threats are still out there through the season of ramadan to conduct further attacks. >> it's also reported his own father, the boston cop was the one who flagged his estranged son, and his jihaddist simple this to counterterrorism officials and that spurred the
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investigation that began about a year ago. >> thank you very much, katherine. something that just crossing the wires now. the diplomats an iran nuclear agreementes likely, and it's likely to emerge e tuesday. fox news rich edson is in vienna. it appears to be imminent according to the ap report. correct? >> reporter: well, what we're seeing right now is it is a late evening here, an ap report saying perhaps this is finished feel and you have secretary of state john kerry going from his hotel back to the negotiating venue but still no word from the department of state whether or not they have actually concluded for this. this has been for the last only of days they have been hours away from a deal. now hours away from another deadline and no movement. even if they do reach a deal, the white house has to sell this to a handful of skeptical lawmakers, especially
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republicans. the white house contends it's republicans who have the challenge in selling this or opposing this. take a listen. >> we're going to have a lot of confidence in the ability that we have to advocate for this agreement, and i think it's going to be a pretty tough sell on the part of republicans to suggest this is something we should walk away from. >> one of the major sticking points in all this has been the ballistic missile program that iran has been pursuing. along with its conventional weapons embargo the unites nations imposed and the sanks relief timeline, when the west would begin with drawing sanctions from iran. there's the flash from the "associated press," just came out right now. so we're watching to see if in fact this is true and they do finally have a deal. no confirmation yet from u.s. authorities in vienna. >> got it. thank you very much. it's go to republican senator john had to of won he makes of this. you heard that.
1:18 pm
the white house press secretary says the republicans -- that's you -- are going to have a hard sell rejecting this deal. what do you say to that? >> well, shouldn't come as any surprise to you that i think it's actually the other way around. i think the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, with the iranians we know in the past they cheated lied about their program. we know that they're the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world today and the american people have a healthy skepticism going into the deal. so burden is on the administration to convince congress and the american people that this is somehow a good deal. >> when president reagan was negotiating a nuclear deal with the soviets he said we can have a deal but we must trust and we must verify. from what you just said i don't think you trust the iranians, but would you sign -- i would you go along with any deal where you could not absolutely verify that the full conditions were being met? >> no. i certainly wouldn't.
1:19 pm
for that rope itch don't trust them. i don't think we should trust them. and i think there are a enough clear-eyed dem ratted -- democrats on capital hill there will be enough bipartisan resistance. you have to verify this thing enforce it, hold them accountable, because history has proven if you don't they're going to cheat. and i think that's where this thing is today. i hope the administration will get the kind of agreement that has the right restrictions but i'm skeptical that that's the case. it doesn't look to me at this point based on at the parameters the framework we're hearing, that it's going to meet any of the requirements that are going to necessary tate this to be a good deal, and no deal is better than a bad deal and that's where most member of congress are and where the american people are. >> now if the iranians don't live up to their word, if you try to verify and you can't verify, president obama says,
1:20 pm
well just snap back the sanctions, just re-apply them just like that. is it easy to do that? can you do it? >> very hard to do, and the reason is there are a lot of other parties involved. once you let them out from underneath the sanks it's going to be very difficult to re-impose them, particularly given the fact you have a lot of other countries have to be agreeable to that. u.s. could do that. but will we? i don't think that's likely. we need to know we have to have the hard type of evidence that they're going to be able to comply with this and that going to require anytime anyplace, inspections, verification and enforcement and those particulars need to be negotiated on the front end. we can't trust them and say if they don't we'll put the sanctions back in place. that's not going to work and very little support among republicans but i would guess they're going to be a lot of democrats who will have a lot of questions and be vary leery of a deal that -- along the lines of
1:21 pm
what is being described today. >> we will put you in the skeptical column, senator thune thank you. >> is a new york times attack on governor scott walker's intellect about to backfire. and hillary clinton bashing the rich. that just for show? hear what charlie gasperino is uncovering about that. i hate cleaning the gutters. have you touched the stuff? it's evil. and ladders. sfx: [screams] they have all those warnings on 'em. might as well say... 'you're gonna die, jeff.' you hired someone to clean the gutters. not just someone. angie's list helped me find a highly rated service provider to do the work at a fair price. ♪ everyone can shop, but members get more with reviews, live customer support, and better pricing.
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hillary clinton out with her economic plan and it is chock-full of goodieses. how about this. fair paid, paid pamly leave child car, profit sharing, and how does she plan to pay for it
1:25 pm
all? by targeting those at the topment. >> those at the top have to pay their fair share. hugely successful companies that benefit from everything america has to offer should not be able to game the system and avoid paying their fair share. >> game the system? avoid paying their fair share snow bring in fox business network charlie gasperino. is the clinton campaign playing a game here? >> if you notice that speech -- well a lot of platitudes in this glib statements. not a lot of specifics in terms of exactly how she plans to tax people. is she for a higher corporate tax rate? the minute she says, yes to that -- the u.s. has the among the highest corporate tax rates in the world -- she loses wall street supporters, people like larry fink says we need lower tax rates to make us more competitive in the world and you can go down the line.
1:26 pm
that's what i wonder about. this is what the wall street guys say. her speech mostly platitude. when she getness there she is not going do be the leftist bernie sanders she is appearing to be. >> is she telling donors, the people with the money telling them a different story from what she just said today? >> yes. >> she is bashing the rich, bashing corporate america. >> i know someone in new york that was in a meeting with one of her fundraiser, who came to speak to some well-heeled individuals and said point blank, don't listen to all the rhetoric. hillary clinton is someone that wall street will ultimately love. she is a huge supporter of israel which is a 1 180 from the current president, and much more moderate. that this line the fundraiser are giving to well-heeled vivids in new york. whether that true, i can only say that. that would hold true if the
1:27 pm
democratic party was the democratic part of the 1990s. it's not now it's know thumb democratic part of bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. shift don't govern as a liberal doesn't give free preschool to everybody in the country -- that's -- >> that one of her her programs. >> they have that in puerto rico and it's not exactly such a great job. if she doesn't operate like that she does tan the chance of being primaried. being -- >> you're eight she has to attack all the way to the -- tack all the way to the left. >> because they'll run against her in the next four years. >> after she has tacked left to win the primaries or do well in the primaries shark then has to go back to the center to get on with the election of 2016. that's a big switch. >> i don't know how you go from bernie sanders to bill clinton. overnight. it's going to one of the most
1:28 pm
interesting sort of political phenomenons we have seen in a while. someone that makes -- not even mitt romney who appeared very conservative when running beginning newt goodrich and all this other guys in 2012. he didn't have to move too far. the was basically -- that's what he was when he ran against barack obama and obama didn't change his stripes too much even when hi ran against hillary in 2008. he is what he is. >> the calculation is, has america been transformed by the eight years of president barack obama toward a much more lift of leftist position? >> we have a republican congress for a reason. i'm just saying that we have republican controlling various states in the country. i think america is much more socially liberal on things like gay marriage and things. don't know if we're that far left on every spending cat gore she opinions out. >> thank you very much. wisconsin's governor, scott walker, set to join a crowded g.o.p. field for president about two hours from now.
1:29 pm
and already "the new york times" is taking a crack at him. to today's headline reads: walker viewed as authentic aims for smart in 2016 race. is the times insinuating that he is dumb? to media watcher brent bowsell. that's the way it appears to me, when you put a that headline out they're saying scott walker's not got it up here elm that's what it looks like. >> well in all fairness to "the new york times," they're not targeting walker. they're targeting every republican. it's the standard fare for "the new york times." this goes back -- not just walker. look at the way they're treating trump. look at the way they treated sarah palin and treated president bush, treated ronald reagan. it's the constant narrative that conservatives aren't very intelligent people. we found this quote and you'll like this. this is from the story today talking about scott walker and foreign affairs. it says: recognizing the
1:30 pm
problem of not being smart or sophisticated, mr. walker has joined an hours long meetings in washington wisconsin and elsewhere for for tutorial on the islamic state et cetera it's. this is what "the new york times" wrote about george bush. they said, according to "the new york times," con condoleezza rice led a team of advisors whose mission is to prove mr. bush has enough global brain power to be a president. so when it comes to republicans, apparently they all need tutorials. i wish president barack obama spent more time on tutorials and less time playing golf. his knowledge of foreign affairs might be enhanced. >> is it still true to this day the rest over the establishment media takes its marching ordered from the "new york times"? it was true for the last generation. still true today?
1:31 pm
>> i think so. the great lady still has that kind of gravitas with the far left. i don't think it's been diminished. it's readership has but not its status and when the "new york times" says something, the rest of the media are like e fu hot -- ef hutton. they've jump. if the republicans are smart what they've will do is run against "the new york times." out in gingrich won by going against the media. you can be successful and the republicans have a case. >> we hear you, thank you for joining us. forget reeling entitlements in. why bernie sander is is demanding we go all out sending null debands to the white house. is the president about to meet the demands? know that saying-don't mess with texas? the same seems to apply to miss texas.
1:32 pm
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social security is not in crisis. the president just said it. and it must be true because bernie sanders and a whole host of democrats sent a letter to the president demanding he spend more on social security. >> adriana what is wrong with giving more to poor people in retirement? >> well, it's a great notion to help people in need. nobody wants to see our senior citizens go without funding or social security funding they've paid into the system, but the trouble i have with progressive liberals and socialists like bernie sanders they want to give owl freebies like give america a raise, increase the minimum rate and then free college tuition, free health care, and their good-to move, sounds nice and then somebody has to pay for it. so they always go back to increasing taxes. where does this stop? >> comp on in liz, and answer that question. who pays for an expansion in social security benefits?
1:37 pm
who actually pays for this? >> well, it's a really interesting question. the reality to everyone will pay for it. because social security is one of the most successful government programs in the history of the country -- >> wait a second. i'm sorry, i don't mean to interrupt you full flight, but so-security -- >> really? >> the social security trust fund is being depleted fairly rapidly. if you expand payments to social security recipients, how do you make up for that shortfall? you have to raise taxes. >> actually, social security is expected to grow over the next 20 years, as the baby-boomers age out of the program and as generation x one of the smallest generations in american history, ages in, and the millenials-the top of whom who are 33 and over 83 million citizens age into paying for the program. so the truth of the matter is, we're going to see an expansion of able-bodied workers in the next 10 to 20 years who can fund an expansion in social security. >> pay for itself.
1:38 pm
>> more importantly -- >> pays for itself. >> more importantly if you would let me finish, please -- two out of three american seniors actually benefit from social security. this is an incredibly important program to prevent poverty among the elder. it's done exactly what it is supposed to do, ands, yes i think an expansion in social security can be paid for by itself. >> okay, adriana, your response. >> well, that is not the data i'm looking at. we're expected to have 84 million elderly people in this country, 65 years or older in 2030. that double in 2012. doubling the amount of people who need southern security benefits so that's going to train more from sim so projections now we're on the pathway to bankruptcy and the government can only support 75 possessor of the elderly in 15
1:39 pm
to 20 years so there's going to be a 25% shortfall that we have to make up somewhere so we either have to cut 25%, millions of americans out of social security, which is not fair, or have to raise taxes by 25% to get our balance sheet working. >> ladies, good debate and i'm sure we'll hear an awful lot more of it as the months and the years go by. thank you very much. she may not have won the crown but miss texas is wing over conservatives. think things are too close for comfort on planes now? look at this and just wait. brilliantly practical scientist harriet tuttle's search for a more efficient life concluded with an unorthodox solution. harriet created four more harriets. together, they were a model of efficiency. however, while identical, they had their own interests, and their own retirement plans. each customized with a raymond james financial advisor,
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see this? why is dionne sitting so close to me? what if i told you this could be the new future of flying. i like this guy. he is an okay young man. but it's making me a tad
1:43 pm
uncomfortable that he is so close to me. >> excuse me. excuse me. sorry. >> is i it like this in first class? >> never been in first class. >> let's go to jonathan hunt in los angeles with details on the new seating arrange independent planes. >> no one wants to sit that close to dionne but let me introduce you to the family that might transform the plane we fly from. the mere pain in the neck, arm leg, and shoulder to a full-blown torture chamber. the evil manneds that soak sow yack seats have applied for a 'patent for this, the economy class cabin hexagon and those are rows of three hexagon shaped seats with the middle one in each row facing the other two so you can now engage disturbing staring contests with complete strangers instead of or perhaps on fighting them for leg space
1:44 pm
and armrest pace. so the seats fold up like movie theater seats and if you're facing a slightly larger individual, there's a pretty good chance the only place for your arms and hands to rest would be on the thighs of the facing stranger. what could possibly go wrong? according to the french geniuses behind this design, they're actually helping us on the basis of the obvious logic that squeezing 18 more seats to expo average boeing 767 will geoff each passenger more room. the pat ten application complains the aim is to increase cabin density and create units that increase the space available at the shoulder and arm area by creating an overlap in the shoulder areas of adjacent seats. so stewart we should be thanking these inventers, not criticizing them. just hope one of them is hitting opposite me when he hit turbulence and i start feeling queazy.
1:45 pm
>> he just took his shoes off. i thought i'd throw in that detail. are you done? >> no thank you. >> i hope your all done. >> get out of here. >> ready to toury christmas shopping online? in july? retailers betting that, yes you are, and now walmart is about to go really big on a blockbuster sale to compete with sam ron -- amazon's big sale this wednesday, but online retailer watcher says this scramble for sales is not great news. i don't know what you're talking about. i get a bargain i'm a happy consumer. what's wrong with it? >> nothing wrong with the consumer. i think one it's a sign that the economy is not exactly robust and two i think it's a harbinger of things to come in corporate america or in the consumer economy in general where competition gets fiercer and fiercer and margins shrink more and more.
1:46 pm
while it's only good news from a consumer standpoint, just says a few thing belt the nature of competition and the strength or weakness of our economy that are concerning. >> what does it tell you about walmart? they're the -- amazon is the king of online selling, walmart is trying to muscle in. do they have chance of challenging amazon? >> they have chance but the vectors on which people are making buying decisions are changing. used to be at who is going to have what i want on the shelves down at the local department store or discount store that i can easily get. to who will have the best selection. where is the experience going to be pleasant? where are the cash sheer lines going to be short. and the vectors are changing to hard-core pricing and let me get off your web site as fast as i can. walmart either got to got to compete with market leader amazon or they'll find themselves on the wrong side of history.
1:47 pm
>> a competitive business. thank you for joining us. good stuff. miss texas may not have been crowned miss u.s.a., but did one of her answers just win overmer? >> the ceos, i believe they work hard enough for their money so i think they should be able to attain whatever it is they are working for. thank you. you total your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. put your hand over your heart. is it beating? good! then my nutrition heart health mix is for you. it's a wholesome blend of peanuts,
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>> ceos in the united states made 300 times as the average worker salary. should the government impose -- >> i think that if you work hard enough, you can atape anything. this is the land of opportunity and ceos -- i believe they work
1:51 pm
hard enough for their money so i think they should be able to attain whatever it is they are working for. >> did you hear that applause? listen to that. miss texas may not have been crowned miss u.s.a. even with that answer but dana says miss texas just won something bigger and i think that was the admiration of america. >> absolutely. thank you for having me. she may have been first runner up but she is miss u.s.a. in my heart because that was a really weird question to ask number one. she handled it beautifully. she answered honestly and who in their right minds things the government should control salaries. anyone who understands business knows it's the business owner. it's the board of directors, in the shareholders, not the government. >> i was picking up very strongly on the audience reaction. they were strongly in favor of
1:52 pm
what she had to say which makes me feel that maybe america has not turned so far left so far antiare america as we might business owners are demonized. people now because this trust of government is at an all-time high people don't want those individuals making these decisions, so they loved her right. conventional wisdom is the rich are getting richer and the rich are all bad and the ceos make far too much money and along comes this lady and says the exact opposite and she gets cheered for it. why did the young lady have a
1:53 pm
british accent when she was asking that kind of question? i could never work that one out. do you have an answer? >> no. i'm not quite sure why she had that accent. i tell you what i think everybody is going to be very familiar with miss texas. she's lived with that capitalism and that great market and job creation. we've carried the labor market. >> i'm sick and tired of hearing people bash america publicly and get away with it and here is the exact opposite and i loved it. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, stewart. >> great scott. there are a lot of republicans to choose from but did we just get proof that democrats are most worried about this one?
1:54 pm
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1:57 pm
you why he wants to be president. to carl cameron on what you should expect to hear from the governor. >> governor walker just finished his state budget yesterday, so we're going to hear a lot about his accomplishments. he'll talk about how he's implemented a host of conservative policies here in wisconsin. he's been able to cut spending. he's going to make the argument he has been able to fight for conservative principles and unlike the rest of the republican field, he's been able to deliver. today he put out a video. he's the kind of republican who argues that he can unite the establishment and win both primaries and the general election. it is just one day after he finished his state business
1:58 pm
making himself available for the presidential run. >> hannity, what the main issue do you think scott walkers delivers and others do not? >> reform. he's a person that's willing to take on the tough issues. we needed to hire someone to fix our infrastructure rebolster our image, improve our national security but also take on the issues of national entitlement. scott has the best chance of doing that. he has his friend paul ryan who he'll be able to work alongside in the house to make these things happen. >> there were six words tweeted out by scott walker.
1:59 pm
scott walker is a national disgrace. people have been going at him. >> they had a go at him at the state house and his mom's house, but he's headed to the white house. americans are tired of the special interest groups taking for themselves and hurting the taxpayer. when scott gets his message out there, you'll find it is a unifying message. it's a message of common sense for all parties, democrats, independents and respects. guys they're going to be dealing with a new guy, new policies, and reformed nature for the federal government. >> he's about to declare formally and officially. here we go. thank you very much for joining us. i'll be seeing you on the fox business network. it's called "varney and company." we start at 9:00 sharp. scott walker is a national
2:00 pm
disgrace that's a direct quote from richard trunker. "varney and company," we start 9:00 a.m. eastern tomorrow morning. "the five" next. hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with geraldo rivera dana perino and eric bolling. this is "the five." scott walker is running for president and in a little over an hour from now, the governor is going to make a formal announcement in his home state of wisconsin. you're looking live at the crowd gathering in. walker is joining a very crowded field of republican candidates but some pundits and democrats place him at the top of the pack. >> scott walker the forgotten frontrunner i've been calling


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