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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 13, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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walker is a national disgrace that's a direct quote from richard trunker. "varney and company," we start 9:00 a.m. eastern tomorrow morning. "the five" next. hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with geraldo rivera dana perino and eric bolling. this is "the five." scott walker is running for president and in a little over an hour from now, the governor is going to make a formal announcement in his home state of wisconsin. you're looking live at the crowd gathering in. walker is joining a very crowded field of republican candidates but some pundits and democrats place him at the top of the pack. >> scott walker the forgotten frontrunner i've been calling him.
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>> who would be tougher to beat, jeb bush or scott walker? >> scott walker. >> why? >> if we're going to run for a repeat of the bush years, democrats would love to have that. >> here's hillary clinton today attacking walker for taking a tough stance against unions. >> republican governors like scott walker have made their names stomping on workers' rights and practically all the republican candidates hope to do the same as president. i will fight back against these mean-spirited misguided attacks. >> well she speaks. apparently it seems that scott walker has the attention of hillary clinton. >> according to dan fifer, who was at the white house for eight years, i think that's worth listening to. they think scott walker is a threat. wisconsin is one of those states that republican presidential candidates have come this close
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and never have quite clenched it. scott walker not only does he have the support of a lot of people a lot of people got to know him, but republicans have a hard time winning that in a presidential election year. if hillary clinton wanted to show a little bit of concern today, that was probably a worthwhile shot she took at him. >> absolutely. you know scott walker. you introduced me to him at the last convention. >> what a great guy. he's different from the rest of the field. when you meet the guy, you shake his hand he looks at you. you know he's talking to you. he's a genuine person. not concerning the politician in him, but also the numbers he's putting up. wisconsin was very much in the red when he took over. he fixed that budget.
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he fixed the pension situation in wisconsin, and he beat collective bargaining. when he beat collective bargaining, he got recalled. if i were a democrat i would worry about scott walker because he resonates with the base and also with the real people as well on the right. so if he were to go up against hillary clinton, he has real numbers to go. so does john kasich and another republican governor in florida, rick scott. they've taken states that were very much in the red, losing money during the midst of very popular states with real solid pension reform. >> geraldo, what do you think? >> i think collective bargaining is a good thing between unions and management when management is in the private sector. the problem with collective bargaining when it comes to public sector unions is that they're negotiating away taxpayer money. they tend to be much more
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generous. that's why i support governor walker's stance against the public sector unions. i think he has shown admirable courage. he became much more tough, much tougher, a lot like senator rubio's position on immigration. when push came to shove, they backed down on the reforms they supported initially. he's become much tougher on immigration since he saw his tea parties did not like his more moderate stance. what i consider the litmus test in iowa is how the candidates respond on the issue of ethanol. if you were in favor of ethanol before or if you were against ethanol before you come to iowa and say you're all for it. yeah you're just another politician.
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walker definitely came out in favor of ethanol after this presidential aspiration came out. >> all right. jesse? >> hillary flip-flopped on immigration. she was against driver's licenses for illegals, now all of a sudden she's for it. scott walker makes democrats run across state lines. i would love to see him in the white house to i could watch nancy pelosi high tail it out of there in a prius. he took a $3.6 billion deficit turned it into a 500 million surplus. unemployment went from 10.1 to 4.4, and he created 135,000 jobs and ten new businesses. i think the left-wing media tried to attack him, didn't have any success at all. they had to retract "the new
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york times" hatchet job on him. look at biden. right now, i think he's number two nationally. or obama. right now he's number two nationally and he's number one in iowa. >> standing opposite donald trump on the stage, donald trump will be much more commanding. scott walker has kind of a bureaucrat -- he's a little guy. i don't mean size wise. >> from what i saw in iowa he had a real barn burner. >> unlike some of the other republicans candidates he has the every guy quality. it's lasted for about -- and maintained interest for several months and including the entire day leading up to a 6:00 p.m. -- you can watch it live here. i think the roll up has been good. he rides a harley. he goes around -- he has also
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put together a really good team. he's hired good people in rick wily and ashley strong. >> sounds like he has your attention. >> he's a good guy. i'm very excited about the debate which is about three weeks from this thursday because that's really going to be the first time where everybody gets a chance to see how they react. they better know their record better than their opponents know their record because that is the first thing that can trip them up. >> that's right. someone knows your record better than you do and they're bringing up questions you can't answer you're game over because you're not going to look prepared. >> i wonder if his crack team advised him to prepare about defeating unionists and isis. >> let it slide.
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>> as we mentioned in this segment already, donald trump still dominating the news cycle. another gop hopeful. donald trump up on that stage. how should the other candidates deal with the donald? here are some of their latest responses. >> donald is a friend. i've known him for 13 years. i like him personally, but his comments are inappropriate. it will be the last time i say it. nobody in the real world asks me about this. nobody. >> i've been in new hampshire now for six days, and i have not been asked a single question about donald trump. on the other hand i think donald trump tapped into an anger that i hear every day. >> donald trump, is he bad for the gop? >> i've already stated my views on donald trump. >> you're done? >> i'm done. i'm through. i gave my views.
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>> those are the answers. people are saying enough. talk about me my candidacy, what i have to offer, my position my level of preparedness and ideology versus the other guy. that makes sense eric right? >> they don't want to give him anymore of the spotlight than he's already demanding. same goes with the media. i find it very hard to believe chris christie that they don't ask you about donald trump. i find it very hard to believe. >> they're lying? >> it's impossible. i would say chris christie doesn't want to give donald trump any more of the spotlight, so he's going to say they don't really ask me about that. it find it very concerning that other conservatives come on fox
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and rather than focus on the opponent, hillary clinton, the guns are pointed directly at donald trump. they've called him a sideshow. they've called him a clown act. i don't want to get into a food fight with him. really? the opponent is liberal progressivism progressivism. not donald trump. >> chris christie from out of nowhere was getting over 9% or was in third place if you consider first and second. they were tied. they had chris christie at nine-plus. where the hell did that come from? >> the feedback from both of them on the ground is they are personal. i don't think christie is lying when he says people in new hampshire isn't asking him about i think when they do media interviews they are asked about
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him. in order to get to a point where you can attack hillary clinton, when you're trying to get to that critical debate stage on august 6th of course you're going to have to talk about the other republicans. >> danny, you bring up a great point because the feedback from new hampshire is very considerable and strong about chris christie. from months ago, i know that was his whole focus and strategy. >> i understand why other candidates take a shot at someone who may be ahead. chris christie i think his politics average is around 6%. republican pundits taking shots at frontrunners it doesn't make sense. >> it's so early on. right now they have to distinguish themselves amongst the available choices. choose me. there's this guy and that guy. this is what's wrong with them.
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>> right. i wouldn't want to tango with trump either. he'll go after your looks. he'll go after anything. what you have to do is say, you know what make fun of his hair maybe because he'll eventually play golf at his course. trump, he's not going to win the nomination but trump has tapped into the red-blooded american bloodstream right now. the people that are sick of watching the skinny community organizer go out there and run this country into the ground. >> you refer to your president as a skinny community organizer? >> no i don't think so. i've said a lot worse about republicans. >> immigrations is like a cheap drug. you get a big bang a quick high and a very long hangover. >> it's not a quick high when people are getting murdered in
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san francisco. >> that is exploiting the misery of that family. >> you're exploiting it by downplaying it. it's a sanctuary policy. >> you're equating trump's comments with all immigrants. what he said was is trump's comments specifically pointed at illegals. i'm talking about the reaction to trump. >> you tell me it is not an immigration response. >> it is tapping into -- >> it is exploiting -- it is exploiting and sensationalizing. >> from a guy that exploits and sensationalized everything. >> you're lucky you're my friend or i would knock you out right now. where do you get your stuff from? >> all right.
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okay. control room? we're going to have a commercial coming up. it's probably a good time to roll the bowflex commercial. coming up the parents of the woman gunned down by an illegal in san francisco share their heartbreaking story with bill o'reilly. see that first clip from an exclusive interview next. so what i'm saying is, people like options. when you take geico, you can call them anytime you feel like saving money. it don't matter, day or night. use your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, whatever. the point is you have options. oh, how convenient. hey. crab cakes, what are you looking at? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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their daughter was murdered by an illegal immigrant while talking a walk on a pier in san francisco this month. kate steinle would be alived if he was turned over to federal agents for deportation. in a preview clip james steinle describes that horrific day when his daughter was gunned down. >> we turned around and came back from whence we came. we heard a shot and kate went down and the rest we all know
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what happened then. >> what did she say before she went down? >> help me dad. >> wow. >> o'reilly is pushing for what he calls case law, which would pose a mandatory minimum of five years for any illegal immigrant who comes back. >> you do support kate's law. why? >> well i support kate's law because it would be a legacy in her name and her death would not go unnoticed. we feel the federal, state, and city's laws are here to protect us, but we feel that this particular set of circumstances and the people involved at the different agencies let us down. >> okay.
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so geraldo? >> this is a father a grieving parent. it's horrible but this is what it's all about. >> i'm not sure what you're specifically referring to. if you're saying that the murder by this scum dog with a record as long as my arm which should have been in prison or in mexico was directly resulting because of obama's immigration policy i disagree with you respectfully. bill o'reilly is not here. we have had our head to heads on this issue as well. >> if bill were here i would say to him that mandatory minimum sentences -- that's essentially what kate's law is. francisco rodriguez did it was
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almost five years. i know how unpopular my position is with almost everybody watching. still, i feel strongly about how i feel. i believe that mandatory minimums in the case of immigration -- let's say it was a dad who has three children. he gets deported. he gets caught speeding and gets deported. now his family is here, three of them citizens under my scenario. he comes back because his family is hungry. he gets arrested for felony reentry reentry. the judges need some discretion. mandatory minimums is what fill our prisons with non-violence drug offenders it doesn't work. >> bill o'reilly did address
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that. maybe felons that leave and come back. 400,000 people have signed the petition on >> there is a strong public will to do something about this so we don't see senseless loss of life like we did with this beautiful steinle girl. i don't believe in the sanctuary city philosophy. i've devoted my life to these causes and to making the city safe. people who are constantly thumbing their nose at the law, the laws of this country, illegally coming back in and
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committing crimes against communities, it's unacceptable. something has to be done. >> there's a representative in arizona who introduced legislation that kind of mirrors the petition. >> right. i don't think even think so much it's an issue about these felonies. i think it's more about getting rid of the sanctuary cities. it is total hypocrisy on the left to say we should be able to ignore federal law and immigration. you can't have it both ways unless it is anarchy. the president has been a huge hypocrite on this issue too. he wants to investigate the ferguson police department when someone gets shot there, but doesn't want to do anything with the san francisco police department. he wants to have a national conversation about race when a black kid gets shot but a white woman gets shot by an illegal alien and he hasn't said a word. i think it is total hypocrisy
2:24 pm
here. the sanctuary city policies and ice releasing illegal aliens that has cost lives, so the president himself has blood on his hands too. no geraldo, it's true. there have been 100 murders. >> here's a rape victim in new york a rape victim. 18-year-old girl. she's been brutally raped. she knows if she goes to cops and complains about the rape she's undocumented and gets deported. >> in your world, you're acting as if all these illegal aliens are running to police departments tipping off cops to solve murders. it doesn't happen that way. to be honest with you, one life is worth saving getting rid of sanctuary cities. >> yes, he brought up trayvon
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martin michael brown, and freddy gray. the president either sent someone or made a very public commentary on his own or actually showed up himself in the case of charleston. should he have done something here? >> when the white house first started down this road when they started commenting on individually and isolated crime cases, if you do it for one, you're going to be asked about the next and the next. they've made a priority of certain cases and not others. tonight i'm going to be on megyn kelly's show. she's been asking the white house whether the president should have addressed it at all. that's going to be live tonight. i'm going to get a chance to react to that. i think the white house bears some responsibility for the questions coming their way because of previous cases they've decided to talk about and ignore others. >> why not this one? >> we have to leave it there.
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kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. hillary clinton unveiled her economic plan for america today, an economy where everyone must share their prosperity because she says it is only fair. >> we can't build strong families and support our consumer economy without more fairness. those at the top have to pay their fair share. an america built on growth and fairness. please join me in that mission. let's do it together. >> according to hillary, companies need to help america more fair. >> we need new ideas as well
2:31 pm
and one that i believe in and will fight for is profit sharing. hard-working americans deserve to benefit from the record corporate earnings they help produce, so i will propose ways to encourage companies to share profits with their employees. that's good for workers and good for businesses. >> okay. i wish you guys could have heard the commentary. the reaction was like really what is she saying. >> every single public corporation has a profit sharing plan. it's called stock. if you want to pay your employees in stock, go for it. they are profit sharing. i would encourage that. that gives them incentive to work hard. >> get in the game. >> you'll participate more. great idea. that's not what she was talking about. she was talking about an internal redistribution in business. she wants to take more taxes, more debt, more spending --
2:32 pm
basically eight more years of obama. we're seeing hillary clinton trying to box out bernie sanders. she did the elizabeth warren thing when elizabeth warren was making some waves. now bernie sanders is making some waves. i can out bernie sanders bernie sanders. she wants to be the last man standing and she just might be. >> if you look at kevin williamson's cover story from his weekend with bernie it was fantastic. everybody should read that. she took a shot at president obama for not filing any criminal cases against any of the bankers or hedge -- she says hedge funding is criminal behavior. the thing about this is attorney general eric holder was not a shrinking violet when it came to progressive causes. doesn't it mean he didn't have a case to make if they don't bring
2:33 pm
one? >> i think she's going to stay whatever it takes at this point to shore up her base and to keep the other two out, the people who love elizabeth warren and the bernie sanders zombies. you don't need to look any further for another candidate. i'm telling you i'm going to go further than president obama, further than eric holder did. we're going to find a way to do it. what's vastly hypocritical is she loves bankers' money. >> wall street will probably still support her like they have all the other democrats. can we listen to this? because she was talking about profit sharing economy. this is talking about companies like uber and air b and b. >> many americans are making money selling products they design at home or even driving their own car. this on demand or gig economy is
2:34 pm
creating exciting opportunities and unleashing innovation but it's also raising hard questions about workplace protection and what a good job will look like in the future. >> so it's interesting because progressives -- almost what she's saying is the progressive now -- new way of dealing with the economy is not good. >> it's silly. maybe she's attacking uber because she hasn't taken a car in six years. >> she has a scooby van. >> she doesn't need uber. the only way she knows how to make money is to ask donors for it. she doesn't know anything about growing an economy. her idea of profit sharing is selling sleepovers in the lincoln bedroom. she got her job through her husband. she makes 200k a speech.
2:35 pm
she ties up reporters who don't agree with her. come on. >> this was billed as a big, major speech for hillary clinton. it is one of her first big substantive ones of the campaign. delivery wise that's not going to light the world on fire. >> i want to separate quickly the message from the messenger in terms of the message. i would advise any republican running to campaign in favor of a hike in the minimum wage and in favor of some kind of stock stockholder review of ceo compensation because these boards are giving them 300 times when they pay their employees and i don't think it's fair. >> you want a republican to run on that? >> i do. of course i do. i want a republican to win. >> sabotage. >> when she gave this major speech you can see that she's
2:36 pm
not wearing well. you want to love the first female substantive female candidate for the highest office in the land but she's not -- >> she's not quite there yet. >> she's not getting better with time and i don't know how you fix it. when you read a speech like that and it sounds teleprompterish and you hit all the predictable lines and it is kind of screechy. >> there's no blood flow in it. it's anemic. >> i have to go look up gig economy in the commercial break. >> i know she's very beatable. you just saw it right there. ahead, another dramatic prison escape. this time the world's most notorious drug lord is on the run. the hunt for el chapo next. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled
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most wanted fugitive the drug lord el chapo. it means shorty in spanish. he broke out of prison after being recaptured last year. he escaped through a mile long tunnel. should he have been imprisoned in the united states in the first place? here's the governor of texas, greg abbott. >> we are deeply concerned. the cartels in mexico who operate in the united states pose a great danger. we expected him to be extradited no the united states to be imprisoned here. >> they didn't extradite him because he's wanted on hundreds of murders in mexico. mexico wanted to put him in their own justice system. jesse, you joked that we set up the escape of el chapo. listen to this report. this came a minute after you
2:42 pm
made that joke. u.s. drug authorities knew of el chapo's escape plans about a month after his arrest last year according to internal drug enforcement administration documents. do you think we sprung him from prison just to get him in colorado super max? >> obama knew the plan. they had a girl give him the drill. he drilled out, and now we're going to capture him back and then obama is going to give him amnesty. no, but this guy is ridiculous. we knew he was going to do this. his cartel basically mastered the concept of drilling these tunnels underneath our border to get narcotics in this country and then everyone is shocked this guy drilled out of prison? this is the second time. i don't know why they don't have this guy in a super max. i just like his name el chapo. >> dana doesn't mexico, though
2:43 pm
have sovereignty? he committed far more crimes in mexico than the united states. >> it occurred to me the president might want to have criminals like this in america because time and again they've shown they've been able to do it. if they want to clean up corruption in their country, maybe it wasn't be a bad thing to allow the americans to hold him. >> eric it is pretty easy to bribe a guard. that's one thing. it's even easier when you seize a relative of a prison guard and say if you don't turn around when i'm digging your tunnel i'm going to kill your 3-year-old. >> i think that's how he got out the first time. he had some family members of those prison guards that helped him get out. all we need to do is put up border security, some feds at san francisco, and make sure he doesn't get into san francisco.
2:44 pm
>> i knew that was coming. >> 45,000 deaths are attributed to him in mexico and here as well. the dea is ticked off that he wasn't extradited. they wanted him badly here. i don't blame them. he's going to be found. he can't hide forever. he'll be found. >> he'll escape again. this is a problem. this isn't the first time this has happened. depending on who is in the white house and who puts pressure where, but yeah they should learn their lesson and put him in a super max in the u.s. and see if he can tunnel his way out. the problem is this guy is wanted in so many cities. in chicago, he's responsible for so many deaths. he's a huge exporter of heroin
2:45 pm
cocaine, and methamphetamine. fsu's football coach -- changing topics to football and the behavior of players off the field. the coach there at fsu has a massive plan for keeping his players out of trouble. he had two more arrested for punching women at bars, yet. will it work? next. rated #1 trading app in the app store. it lets you trade stocks options, futures... even advanced orders. and it offers more charts than a lot of the other competitors do in desktop. you work so late. i guess you don't see your family very much? i see them all the time. did you finish your derivative pricing model, honey? for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this.
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the coach of fsu's football team is reportedly cracking down on his players after two were involved in a violent bar fight recently. he banned his entire team from going to bars. deandre johnson was dismissed last week after video surfaced of him punching a woman. another player was suspended indefinitely after punching a woman outside the bar. we had jameis winston stealing
2:50 pm
crab legs. it's kicked up a notch. >> fsu keeps getting caught. my hunch is every major college campus with a major football program or major basketball program similar things are going on. what you have is big man on campus syndrome. these guys walk around these campuses. they come out. they're doing the school a favor by going to fsu or florida or alabama or wherever they may be going, and they feel entitled to act and do what they want to do above the law. what needs to happen is coaches, administrators, and teachers need to have a zero tolerance. make an example out of these guys. you have to take him down. you have to throw them out schoolof school. you have to prosecute them. it's going to be zero tolerance. >> geraldo, can you tell a college student not to go to a
2:51 pm
bar? do you think that's actually going to work? >> you can tell a college student who wants to stay on the team he can't go to a bar. i want to follow up on what eric said. jameis winston, not only did he allegedly rape a woman who is suing him, but he's never been questioned. they took days and then weeks and then months to investigate the case. it was clear the local law enforcement was in cahoots with the people running that program. fsu has managed to dodge this one and they should confront the fact that right now they have a toilet for an athletic program. >> but they have a very winning program is one of the reasons is because they investigated this the judges the prosecutors, the local police are in on this. they sweep this under the rug.
2:52 pm
they misreport it when they write it down. there's corruption all over this. >> it is all about maintaining an excellent football program. they should punish these guys. they should have to go to class. they should be made to do community service as well. they're spoiled rotten and they are committing acts of violence. they're not going to grow up to be good citizens. they're going to be men who commit domestic violence acts against their girlfriends or wives. grow up fsu. >> if they're going to have a zero tolerance policy they better enforce it across the board. hitting women is absolutely unacceptable. i would have expelled them. >> one of the guys is a heisman frontrunner. one more thing is up next.
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it's time now for "one more thing." >> a couple of foreign policy stories that have the potential to affect all americans. bailing greece out one more time. i would say that would be a bad idea, but the markets like it. the market rallied. early tomorrow morning we'll
2:57 pm
probably have an iranian nuclear deal that john kerry will have signed and he'll bring it back to the congress. if there is not an inspection agreement in there, i would suggest wholeheartedly that congress push back on this deal. >> eric and i are childless right now because our daughters are at sleepaway camp so we spent our time last night watching "to kill a mockingbird." it was a wonderful experience. i read "to kill a mockingbird" my senior year in high school and then later in college. it was a wonderful hero this man. to me he helped forge my whole career direction. he was this small town lawyer in the south who stands up for a black man falsely accused of rape. he loses the case anyway but the way he portrays himself and
2:58 pm
holds himself was magnificent. a great lesson to all of us. to now see the sequel "go set a watchman," watchman," it's just crazy. >> geraldo rivera people. >> i want to recommend a book that's on saltomorrow. this is called "the conservative heart." this is about how to build a fair happier and more prosperous america with conservative values and how to talk to americans.
2:59 pm
it is kind of a novel approach. >> so i had a great time this weekend at the villages. it is probably one of the friendliest places on earth. i did a book signing there. that's where the heart of fox news lives. you can catch me tomorrow on "fox and friends" nice bright and early. >> curtis jackson, aka 50-cent, is down to his last 50 cents. the platinum selling rapper who made almost $100 million was sued over a sex tape and was just ordered to pay this woman $5 million, so when you see 50-cent in the club, buy him a drink. >> what about all that vitamin water? >> he made close to $400
3:00 pm
million. >> what did he blow it all on? probably women. that's what happens. set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is next. this is a fox news alert. seconds ago, the most recent temporary deal between the u.s. and iran ran out, but the word from vienna says a deal is imminent. we're awaiting more details. we have fox team coverage tonight. we begin with a correspondent very early in the morni


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