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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 14, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> thank you, senator graham for being out numbered today. >> i want to come back. >> "happening now" starts right now. >> and we begin with a fox news alert. is it a new beginning in relations with iowa ran or a colossal mistake. >> one said the u.s. broke every rule in the negotiations. we'll have that coming now. >> this deal is not built on trust but verification. >> a nuclear clear reached with iran. but can the world trust iran to keep the promises. >> plus a twist in a kidnapping police first called a hoax.
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>> who was arrested and what led cops to him? >> throw, 2, 1. and up close and personal with plutto, first ever fly by this morning. and what makes it an american triumph. it is all "happening now". >> first this hour a now chapter and some are describing as far as our relationship with iowa ran, the united states and world powers strike a deal to limit iran's nuclear program. i am jenna lee. >> and i am jon scott. after years of sanctions leading to a land mark deal. the deal will curb the iranian nuclear program for a decade and president obama's comments were broadcast in television.
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snishgs iran must disable two-thirds of the centerfudges. and the union union weapons embargo will reare main in place for five years and u.n. inspectors can press to so military sites if they choose. and mike emmanuel has reaction from the law makers. we begin in austria with rich. >> reporter: good afternoon, the incentive for iran they get roll back on pieces of the sanctions in the economy and access to 100 billion in frozen assets worldwide. however to get that they have to reduce the enriched uranium in their country. and iran gets another concession in this and this is what the administration said a few months
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ago it would not discuss. roll back 5- 8 years from now from a missile embargo as to why the administration decided to chaefrj that i asked secretary of state john kerry. >> we said we would keep it. we are -- >> it will terminate though? >> at some point it would have to terminate anyway because the united nations security council said if iran would come negotiate sanctions would be taken away and susopinioned -- suspended. >> reporter: it has to request from iran the ability to inspect the site. iran can slow it up for 24 days. it would be impossible to eliminate evidence of illicit
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nuclear activity. but folks in the international community and in washington d.c. are skeptical about the details of this. the skepticism runs deep. >> the deal in washington d.c. setting up a battle in capitol hill. congress will have 60 days to approve the agreement and decide or reject it. mike emmanuel is live on capitol hill with more. >> reporter: there is plenty of bipartesan skeptism about the iran nuclear deal. it is not clear if there is enough opposition to kill it. >> we'll do everything we can to get to the details and if it is a bad deal we'll do going to stop it. >> the senate has yet to receive the final text of the agreement. we'll not come to a final
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judgment until we do. the country deserves a thorough review here in the united states senate and that's what we will do. >> reporter: rejecting a deal requires a majority vote and then president obama vetoes it and then the house and senate would need two- third support to override his veto. new jersey bob men endez said the bottom line the deal preserves the nuclear program. and others are cautious reading the fine print. >> this is not about trust. this is all about verif iable and enforceable provision to keep a lid on nuclear proliferation. that's what is important here.
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>> reporter: once the final agreement arrives on cant captain hill in the next few days expect lobbying for and against the agreement for the rest of the summer jenna. >> for more on the future of the nuclear deal with iran we'll bring in karl rove. and joe trippi is with us. former howard dean campaign manager and they are fox news contributors. joe, this morning, the president felt like it was a legacy achievement and will it go down that way? >> history will decide that. it is a very big deal. ten years in the making and two administrations of sanctions and trying to get iran to this point. and look it is so in the verification. and now in the dismantling of
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the centrifuges. it will be constantly staying on the iranians and i think the president understands that. >> carl,the political leaders are weighing in and what do the american people think? >> does this match the redlines that the president laid down. it doesn't. we need to have any time anywhere inspections. and now the petition and delay of 24 days and snap back of the violations and the we asked for the accounting of past behavior. that's gone. we'll dismantled the icbm program and not the sanctions for the illicit trade weapons to be removed. and in regard to the infrastructure, it is in place. there is a 159 page document
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that is available and section g, three days to the retention of the centrifuges. and you read page after page and not talking about the destruction, but the preservation and future further research on the international of a innercontinental ballistic missile system. and that could reach the united states? it is amazing to me strengthen their economy and not meet any redlines that the president laid down. >> joe, why should we trust this regime that openly chanted right to the top leaders death to america? >> i don't think anybody is trusting anything in the deal. it is a great first step but this is going to be 10, 15 years
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of inspections and holding iran accountable to what they agreed to. and this is not only the united states of america. it is germany, france and britain and russia and china. five other super powers of the world agreed with obama and us the united states that these terms will hold iran in check and help to be accountable to this. >> ka rl the president said he will veto this if congress does not approve his deal. why talk about vetoes and why not call for members of congress and telling them what they should like in his view about the deal? >> i thought it was an unusual first move. the administration is scared to death of what is happening on
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capitol hill. when you are reduced to saying it is a good deal because russia and china is a good deal they are not our friends and alwill lies particularly vat vat putin who lovese ran creating problems for the united states in the middle east. the president is off on. this my understanding is he's calling together groups on the left to say it is important for us to keep 34 senators and turn your donors and activist loose to keep them in line so if i have to veto it will be sustained. that is a difference in saying it needs to be proved on the merits alone. it falls short to what he said was essential to the things in the agreement. >> joe, do you agree? >> no the republicans on the hill and house, have been on the
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record, sight unseen of the deal this they are were going to oppose. it you can't find republicans that say they support any deal with iran and he knows going into this that it will be a d. simple majority. one card he has 34 votes means that the veto can be sustaped. >> there are prominent democrats like joe leiberman who said it is a bad deal as well. >> and we are on state department. irap carried the president's address. second time they have done that since the islamic rev lougz in known 79. we'll talk more about what is in the agreement. our next guest, called the deal a historic diplomatic dibackle.
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and we'll hear from you. dow support the agreement about iran. is it a game changer. go to fox"happening now" to join the conversation.
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new one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12... ...and more vitamin d. >> our next guest called the nuclear deal with irab a debaeblg. the deal that gives iran a right to enrich uranium leaves no future president any other option but war. and a deal that does does nothing to stop iran from the missiles. >> brett stephens wrote that last night before we had news of the deal. does your stance hold today? >> unfortunately so. i read the 159 page of the text itself. you heard president obama saying that the deal is going to prevent iran his words, from
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getting a bomb. once you read the text of the agreement it all but guarantees that iran will get a bomb first of all, after a certain time period, eight years or longer all of the provisions expire and iran can do anything it wants. the verification is so vague and bureaucratic and byzantine. there is a legalistic wherewith all they can cheat. >> you are a smart guy. you won a pulllit xer prize. how clear is that deal. >> i will not read it out loud because it is bureaucratic jargon. dispout resolution. and say iowa ran and the west have a dispout about a detail
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what do they do. they go to a joint commission and 15 days to resolve the issue if that doesn't work they go to the ministers of foreign affairs to verify compliance. and that doesn't work they have 15 days and extend by consensus. and then an advisory board and if that doesn't work orth process. and on and on. and this is one paragraph. >> and you in your column you took the best agreements for the deal and offered your opinion. one in favor of the deal and we put it on the program. the alternative would be be worse than not having it at all. to that what you say? >> we came into the negotiation with the stronger hand and implemented the sanctions that
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sent the uranium economy in a tail spin and 60 percent inflation. and we could have ratcheted them up further. iran was six months away from the cripple date and instead we removed all of that leverage when we could have exercised it and now iran came out of the deal with all sanctions removed and infrastructure in place. and the president said if you don't take the deal it means war. it means if you take the deal the next president has no choice but war. >> and wool so a change in iran and iran in the global community and the youth who see what life is like and more engaged with the western world will private us an opening?
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>> that is hope. that is not statesmanship. nixon went to china when it was ruled by ma o. and eventually he died and there was an economic hope opening and that worked out but that is another story. when mi o. wanted partnership what did he do. what about iran do? >> seizing ships. and three other americans are in prison. bad actors in syria and gaza and yemen. where is the mention of the moderate. rouhani marched friday in a death to israel and america rally.
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>> and what about a question. >> i had my son and we are watching the president's address and we were watch withing it together. and i am wondering how you see this future for your family and for your kids? they are facing the world we are creating today. >> in political terms 8 or 10 years is a life time away. for my five-year-old child, that means when she would be be a sophmeror junior in high school. and this future is coming up fast for those affected by it. we talk about ballistic missiles. and what i stand for. inner- continental missile from iran to the united states. it is more serious than just a political gamble. >> and the arms embargo we'll talk more about, allows rieshgs
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ran to get more icbm's. happy rapiding. >> and presidential candidates are weighing in on the nuclear agreement with iran. republican carli foriana and we'll get her take on what has been be agreed upon next.
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10:25 am
number two, walk away from the table at least once. people conclude if you don't walk away you are desperate for a deal. iranians said america needs a deal more than we do. >> never celebrate the deal. when obama went in the rose guard ep and say we have a historic framework. iranians concluded he is committed publicly and we'll negotiate a better deal for ourselves. that's what they did. >> what are your concerns of the monitoring of nuclear facilities in iran. >> it is a long and dense deal i have not read it all. while i understand a seemingly acceptable inspections regime on what are deemed nuclear. the devils is in the details,
10:26 am
but military facilities which iran gets to decide we have to give them weeks notice before we inspect. that is a recipe for mischief and we know that the iranians imported weapons in violation of the deal and russia and china are not on our side of the table. and russia and china want iran's economy to be open and sell military technology. i don't think we have enough inspection reg min to insure that iran plays by the rules and nothing in the past behavior suggests they will. >> in light of the sanctions, we have had sanctions on the iranian economy that could have brought it to collapse and it appears we'll lighten up on sanctions and the world will. >> that's right, and the
10:27 am
consequence of that is that iran which had a strategy to destabilize the region and why they are funding hesbollah and hamas they will have more funding available for destableation of the region and why saudi arabia and israel not traditional alloys saying it is a dangerous deal. and the other problem, we have rewarded bad behavior and they never stopped and never willing to talk about releasing american prisoners and they have gotten what they want. it signals that bad beapproximate hafr pays. >> you are running for president and you are out there talking to americans of all stripes. do they care? the classic foreign policy does not much matter when it comes to
10:28 am
presidential election. >> they do care very much. and they care because it is it hard to ignore isis when they behead people. and ignore how much discussion there has been about the dangers around the deal. i get asked all of the time what would you do? >> whatever deal obama guts one of the first phone calls from the oval office to netanyahu to reassure him we'll stand with the state of is lal. then to iran unless you open the facilities to full and unfettered inspections, we'll make it difficult for you to move money through the financial global system. we don't need alloys to help us and we don't need permission or collaboration. i fear we have all of the evidence that iran will not playboy the rules of this deal
10:29 am
and the rules are not stringent enough. >> carli foriana thank you. >> we are getting the readout of the president's phone call with the prime minister of israel. as we understand it. secretary of defense ash carter is on the way to israel next week. and the president has a few more comments on that and we'll share with you after the break. the israeli prime minister said. >> the world is a more dangerous today. the leading of the international powers bet our future in the deal with at foremost sponsor of terrorism. >> we can't forget this. we have an american, and a washington post correspondent on trial for spying in reynolds. to get us moving.
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>> president obama made a phone call and spoke with the prime minister of israel underscoring united states commitment to their security. he called it a mistake of historic porportions. john hutti with more.
10:34 am
and yeah prime minister netanyahu said it was a stunning historic mistake. he expressed concerns about the deal with iran in particular that iran will fill the terror war chest with hundreds of billions of dollars. and that also this will gratify teheran an incentive to pursue a nuclear's weapon program. listen. >> by approximate not dismantling the program, there will be an unreformed and unrepentant and richer terrorist regime the can pasty to produce nuclear bombs and arsenal with the means to deliver it. what a stunning historic mistake. prime minister internet also said that a richer and stronger
10:35 am
iran will stand by alloys and friends more than any time in the past. that is hesbollah and hams in the gaza strip. i was in the gaza strip and hamas has a tight grip on gaza and i spoke with a senior yesterday who believes that this agreement could rely or create more of an iran can support in terms of aid and money for dpaza. we are also talking about hamas. the war was raging in gaza and a fragile truce remains between hamas and israel. and as mentioned again the prime minister spoke with president obama. and president obama underscored
10:36 am
u.s. commitment. and thepgz're mentioned ash stop carter is planning to go to israel to meet with prime minister netanyahu and defense officials here aside well. >> thick tensions. >> important and valuable perspective for us inside of israel and we'll go to teheran where we found the bureau chief and one of the few concern journalist that are working inside of iowa ran. the reactions are jubillant right now. i am here in the square in terrain. and they are and i don't know if you can hear the people yelling. they are waiving the iran flag and cell phone and thanking the
10:37 am
negotiating time. they are so happy. contrary to netanyahu, the normal iran that you never hear about are hoping for a better future and less extremism and sanctions with the west. and they are experiencing it right here on the streets of terrain. >> what is the headline here in the american press. what do you think are the three headlines that are told to the iran people about the deal. they are waiting on what the final words and what he will say. it is a iran victory or something like we have it on the west. and this is a country run by
10:38 am
islamic ideology. and iowa rannian leaders are atud odds for the west. i saw people dancing as if they won the borld cup. >> thomas is live on the streets and seeing the reaction to the news of the nuclear deal. americans are jailed in iran. we have not heard about the release. and how does the deal affect them. >> the u.s. negotiating foe would not have made an
10:39 am
arrangement. my colleague and friend who in a couple of days will have his first anniversary for one year in prison. his family is here and trying to get him released and i assume we'll see it and a u.s. marine and others that have been held here. he was jailed a year ago and if you go on his twitter feed. last story about american able in iran. and we'll pay close taepgdz to that. explain what the ayatolla h has to say. we have yet to hear from him.
10:40 am
>> he is the supreme leader. >> reporter: he gave the go ahead and he is signing off on them. negotiators have kept him posted but his first appearance will be in the end of holy month of rammadan. there is no way around it. he will have to address it. and a lot of people wait for that. and you hear in the back growned they have started the partying. i am following you as you are reporting and one of the things you have done is post to the pictures and talked to a tlo year old designer and expresses skepticism about the deal as well. and concerns about being
10:41 am
disappointed and you are describing the jubulation in the streets and there is those that are skeptical. >> i think a large part of your life you had to deal with sanctions imposed by the united states and social regulations imposed by year own leaders, you are skeptical and think it is a conspiracy against you as an individual. and the people are slowly realizing that the deal is in the making and happening. the people are walking in the streets and forming a parade and the police is standing there. of course things are tightly controlled in iran and i guess that will remaun for the time being. >> we'll let you go back to report nothing terrain. what does it mean for the every
10:42 am
day iranian. thank you very much. >> thank you, jenna, for having me by by. >> it is a historic day for another reason. nasa had a close encounter after nine years and 3 billion miles, we are about to get a new look at plutto. horizon spacecraft makes its way to the far away dwharf planet. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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10:46 am
and president obama spoke to netanyahu. how did that conversation go. and we'll ask mike huckabee. and bis czar kidnapping story that many didn't believe and said was a hoax. it turns out it was real. how did that happen? don't miss it top of the hour. nanother historic feat for mankind in the outer reaches of our solar system. new orhisson spacecraft is getting closer to plut on than we have come before. compared to the best picture we had of plutto. and the morning shot. there on the right. >> and we'll have that as well. not the kind of trip you can do with a manned mission. it is it an unmanned trip. but you must be excited about what we are learning about
10:47 am
plutto and the pictures seen so far. we flew by venus and so congratulations to the new horizon time. we are seeing a new kind of body. plutto is a dwarf frozen world and made up of with ice and rock. >> i read one description that after the mission was launched. plutto was demoted from a planet to a dwarf planet. will they restore plutto's status. >> it is an intriguing world. it is intriguing world in his own right.
10:48 am
the moon is half of the sign of plutto. it is a strange world and geoology that is going on 400 degrees below 0. >> and fascinating and the spacecraft will make its closest run. and bombing the pictures back. and in the speed of light. those signals take four and half-hours to roach the earth. n3 billion miles away. and the conversation we have with new horizon is nine trip. and that confirmed the fly by and tomorrow get the bits of the image and it will take 16 months to get all of the science back to earth. >> and i remember the mercurry and apollo.
10:49 am
and this trip makes the u.s. the first and only nation to have visited every planet in the solar system. do you so any kind of a watershed moment here? >> does the past glory of nasa and the u.s. space program come back as a result of when we are doing here today? >> no question it demonstrates our expertise. we are the masters of exploring the planets and that is true half a century. whether we rest on our laurels or more ambitious visits. we want to visit and orbit them with spacecraft that do detailed investigation. and revisit them in a generation or so. and the inner solar system. we don't know about venus and their surface and the clouds. >> looking forward to seeing the
10:50 am
pictures that we get from plutto signals to make it get when the spacecraft gets there. he's on the run. he is apparently not hiding. one of the world's most wanted men. the king pin known as el chapo, flaunting freedom after escaping prison in new photographs, including one showing him drinking the beer in the cockpit of a plane. a shocking twist to what was always a bizarre story. the hoax kidnapping that turned out to be the real thing. wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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10:54 am
an about-face from authorities after making an arrest. jonathan hunt has the story from los angeles. jonathan. >> one of the more bizarre tales of this year. erin quinn told police he had been woken up in the northern california home he shares with his girlfriend. denise huskins and said two men had taken her. two days later she was dropped off in her hometown of huntington beach, 400 miles south of where she was allegedly taken. police say they investigated the stories and couldn't find anything to substantiate them. in other words it was an elaborate hoax. now the fbi says huskins was indeed kidnapped. huskins and quinn made no comment during a news conference with their attorneys who accused police of failing completely in their duty to investigate the alleged crime. >> nearly four months ago we told you that denise huskins was right, that she was not only
10:55 am
innocent of perpetrating a hoax but that she was a victim of a very serious and violent crime. and today there is vindication. >> along with vindication there is an alleged kidnapper under arrest. mathieu mueller. arrested in connection with a home invasion robbery in san francisco. cops found items in his car the fbi says are directly linked to the abduction of denise huskins. in a further twist is turns out mueller is a harvard educated lawyer whose license was suspended in 2013. he told cops he served as a marine from 1995 to 1999 and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2008. no word on whether muller has a direct connection to huskins or whether it was a completely random abduction. i bet there are further twists to come jenna. >> jonathan thank you. what a story.
10:56 am
chicago restoring the infamous escaped drug lord "el chapo" as public enemy number one. he broke out of a prison complex last weekend. he is only the second person to be named public enemy number one in chicago. the first was gangster al ca pone. he is now taunting his pursuers. his sons posting pictures online of him enjoying a beer in the cockpit of a plane. what do well-travelled dogs home run derbies and prince william have in common? they're part of our final 30 happening next.
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a heart-warming moment. albert pujols lost to jock peterson. he gave him a congratulatory hug along with his big brother champ who has down's syndrome. thank you for joining us today. "the real story" with gretchen starts now. big news day today. president obama just getting off the phone with the prime minister of our middle east ally israeli after the u.s. reaches a deal with iran. a deal the israel leader has opposed. secretary of defense ash carter will travel to israel next week. hi everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. this is the real story. here is what in the historic agreement. iran will reduce the number of operating centrifuges by two-thirds. will not enrich uranium to weapons grade for 15 years. they'll repurpose the nuclear faci


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