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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 16, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> we will see you back in an hour. >> "outnumbered" starts now. >> kirsten powers is back and one lucky guy, charlie gasparino, is here and he is "outnumbered." >> unlucky and "outnumbered." just kidding! >> i was going to say we were gasping for gasparino but forget it after that dig. >> you love it. >> new fall out from the deal critics say they fear will put iran on the path to nuclear weapons. joe biden is meeting with democrats in the senate today.
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and we all heard israel's crime not to do this. the president is willing to boost military aid to ease concern but benjamin netanyahu is remaining furious. >> if someone says i am going it destroy you what you want to do is make sure they cannot. it isn't a question of not talking to the iranians. they are your enemy. don't empower your enemy. don't let them have cake and eat it to. >> the 24-day period until investigators a investigators access space is wrong saying you would not give a drug dealer 24 days.
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but susan rice is saying it will not be enough time to hide a nuclear site. if the iranians said no you cannot see the site the iaea can ask for visiting if they are suspicious. there has to be a reasoninable suspicion however. >> i don't think it is absurd to think we should have some relation with iran. the iranians are getting a bomb no matter what. the real question is is the core competence of the obama administration to enforce this? this is the administration that underestimated isis. >> kristen you see the president willing to bump up the
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military aid to israel because part of the deal we didn't know about was this huge ballistic deal. >> you have to think about the alternative and that is no deal. the reality is people who are being crushed with sanctions is europeans and asians and they don't want to continue to do that. they said that flat out. the british ambassador was saying they were not going to work long term. if there is no deal -- >> what about a deal that says you cannot promise to not hit israel? >> i don't think we can force iran to do things. and what they say or posture to their domestic audience. we have to be realistic about
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our power over them. the people who have the main relationship with them that are affected with the sanctions important are not going to keep doing this long term. they want a deal. they are not on board with just crushing them. >> i want to broaden this out. "the new york times" has a story out about wikileaks saudi document documents showing how concerned they are. they are keeping an eye shiite iran because they are arabs. >> does this indicate an arms race? >> they will get one anyway. >> the saudi arabians have been seeking a bomb and made it known and so does israel. this is a bad deal.
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essentially what why died was give them $140 billion in randsome. of course it was ransom. we didn't get our hostages and woe we rewarded them for that and they will use that money and the money from the oil to fund terrorism against us and israeli. the deal is ludicrous. if anyone in the senate votes for this they should be voted out. >> were you against the -- there is a radical element in iran. they run the country. but the iranian people are secular. >> why didn't we back them in 2009 during the green revolution? >> i am not going to defend
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that -- >> when you had iranian citizens behind the conversation why were you not putting your voice behind them? >> don't ask me to defend the core competency for obama and rice. i am not going to do that. >> as andrea said the president said he would rather have no deal than a bad deal and you are saying it is not perfect. >> everybody is admitting that but the president. >> he is challenging critics to come up with an alternative but also alluding to the fact there is no better plan. he is encouraging debate but saying he will veto anything that blocks it. the message is the president's ears are closed and he is not
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listening to critics. >> i think the critics are offering an alternative. the alternative is let's continue to crush them with sanctions and that is not an alternativeause allies don't want to do that. >> not perfect is one thing but horrible is another thing. new reaction to a tense exchange at yesterday's white house news conference on the iran nuclear deal. major garret here asking president obama why he is contempt with the agreement not including three americans being held in an iranian president and a fourth american vanished while visiting. watch how the president answered garret's question. >> i give you credit for how you craft the questions. the notion that i am content as i celebrate with american citizens langishing in iranian
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jails? major, that is non-sense. and you should know better. i have met with the families of some of those folks. no body is content. >> many critical of the president for how he is handling the situation and question. one lawmaker calling it classless. >> it was mind-blowing and i thought the interview was -- you see a president that is very defensive and very thin skin. i don't use that terms lightly. he comes out with this deal and people have legit concerns members of congress, members of the public and leaders of countries and he said if you don't trust me and think i should have included these four people as part of the bigger deal then you are not somewhat
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enough. >> the president is vulnerable and that is why he got defensive. >> i was watching it live when it happened. it was so uncomfortable. it is almost like you cannot challenge the media. he is one of the top journalist in front of the president and why is he not allowed to ask this? >> we have various journalist coming out and blaming the major. their job is to be responsible and asking the president tough questions. but the president didn't answer the question. that wasn't an answer. he should have been prepare today answer the question no matter what form it is in. >> he did take a question on bill cosby. we are breaking in with breaking news if we can. this situation we have been watching and reached a point
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where the chattanooga tennessee mayor is speaking with reporters, andy berk the naval reserve center was put on lockdown and the university after a shooting. the mayor con firming a shooting at a naval reserve center in chattanooga. let's watch and listen. >> very terrible situation and we need to go figure out how we can handle it. >> you heard from the mayor there is a shooting at the navvy reserve center with one officer down. we are investigating whether or not this may be linked to a shots fire call on lee highway. there might be multiple locations. >> well-come back and tell you what we know. an officer is down you heard this is the naval reserve center
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in chattanooga. the u.s. navy is tweeting they are investigating the shooting there. this first came in with regard to the university, the state university in chattanooga and schools in the area were being put on a rolling lockdown situation. they were the first we knew about and then we learned the naval reserve center was put on the active lockdown as well. the mayor, andy burke was speaking moments ago and you heard him say this is
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this is what is unfolding in chattanooga. a couple new developments since we saw you a couple minutes ago. the fbi is responding to a possible active shooter near the recruiting offices at the naval reserve center. they have not confirmed a shooting happened. we heard from the mayor of chattanooga on the record saying during a briefing he was con firming a shooting and an officer is down. but the fbi is getting involved to look at the situation. and that rolling lockdown situation now includes the erlanger hospital. the shooting happened at the naval reserve center which is
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not too far from chattanooga state where they sent out on all tiger alert on the main campus telling people to stay locked in doors and this hospital nearby is on lockdown. it is my understanding they are a couple miles away but i am not standing there and what i am reading is that is what happened. they circled the naval reserve and put buildings around on lock done cloughing a university and the hospital. we will confirm more as we are able to. growing concern on what the united states is doing to safeguard young americans from being radicalized. the obama's administration approach is said to be inadequate and isis is inspiring many to commit acts of violence.
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they say the fbi has arrested at least 45 suspects now in the united states on such charges this year. most recently? this man plotting to attack a college campus in the name of isis. one former national counter counterterrorism officials says only half of the number is devoted to countering violent terrorism. >> resources have been inadequate. units within each agency are understaffed. >> officials said the number of government employees focused on combatting terrorism is approximately eight. >> insane. i covered insider trading. you cannot imagine how much money the government spends cracking down on something as insignificant as insider
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trading. they devoted millions of dollars and dozens of agents were working cases against people like phil nickelson or carl icon. i have a lot of friends in the fbi so hopefully they are not watching. >> the biggest threat to the country is terrorism and you are saying we are throwing agents at other problems -- >> stupid white coller crimes. >> working as a local news report you get the news blotter and it would be filled with things easy to go after and adjudicate. i think that is what we are seeing here. we know we are behind the eight ball in the cyber warfare portion of fighting isis. we know they can go dark. we are begging countries capitol hill as james comey and
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others begging for new way do is get in and relax about the nsa naval gazing so we can see twhat are doing. >> the fbi needs a top to bottom review of federal law enforcement based on what i have seen from the white collar standpoint. >> why not do more to prevent the terrorist radicalism? >> i am sorry there are more than eight people working on counterterrorism in the government. what about the people working on the drone program say? we don't know that. if someone is claiming eight they have lost me. that is ridiculous. that is impossible. >> you know they waste money. >> i would like to have real numbers to look at. like i said if you just take the people working on the drone
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program that is more than eight people. >> rather than guess how many people whether it is eight, 12 15, 100 it is not working. they are saying they are recruiting fasting than we can kill them. there are laws empowering the doj to go after the companies if they don't nab the terrorist conducting acts of terrorism on twitter and facebook. they are just not doing it. the old greek saying the fish stinks from the head it is not a priority of obama's. if he will not acknowledge radical islam is not the problem how will he change it? he would rather worry about changing the name of an nfl stadium or release people
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selling tons of crack? >> or he is blowing up people with drones who had terrorist. i would say he is somewhat focused on it. the idea he doesn't think terrorism is a problem -- he thinks terrorism is a problem. >> he doesn't think radical islam is a problem. >> he doesn't say that -- >> you realize this is internal responses -- >> i don't believe that. >> we will let harris talk. i have to get in with what is happening in chattanooga. a couple things have come in. chattanooga first location i can tell you about we are watching about is the naval reserve center and the u.s. navy through their contact with several reporting agencies, looks like the associated press is con firming they are investigating a shooting at their naval recruiting center on that reserve campus there. not too far from there was an all out tiger alert on the man campus of chattanooga state
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telling students and faculty to stay behind locked doors. we are doing our own reporting but i want to speak to this because people are looking at social media saying the state police saying it could involve several locations. it could but we know for sure several locations are in lockdown but that doesn't mean they are looking for an active shooter that has gone to several locations. we know for sure a hospital is on lockdown chattanooga state and a navy reserve center is responding to reports of an active shooter. the mayor said he confirmed reports one officer is down. this is shaking the communities there as you can imagine as this breaking news unfolds. stay with fox news channel for the very latest.
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>> we come pack with a fox news alert. we knew there were reports of some kind of office associated with a naval reserve center possibly the recruiting office we are getting more details clarifying that and there were reports of a shooting. we heard from the mayor of chattanooga saying one officer is down as a result. i can tell you locally televisions stations are saying a shooting incident began at the naval center and a chattanooga police officer was shot according to local reports and the mayor confirmed that as well. there may be other victims but we cannot confirm that. on local tv there is a report of another shooting at a bradley square shopping mall in
9:29 am
cleveland, tennessee. it is not clear if that is related to the situation but lots of things breaking in and around this area. erlander hospital is still on lockdown. and chattanooga state is still in lockdown as well with students and faculty being told to stay indoors. as we learn more about what we can confirm because the mayor got out early and told us things that are just starting to come together from other sources. he got out in front saying there was a shooting with the naval reserve center and a police officer is down. now we are learning there might be something related to the other areas in lockdown. we know a community is hurting. we want to pull the facts together. the neighbor described the scene as horrific a short while ago. before moving we want our facts straight. but a heck of a day unfolding.
9:30 am
breaking news in chattanooga and we'll update you when we can. new concerns for hillary clinton and her frontrunner status among democratic white house hopefuls. a new poll showing bernie sanders making steady gains against clinton. she is leading 51-17 percent but that is down from april whereas pp whereassanders -- wheres -- whereas sanders has increased. >> i think it is interesting he and donald trump are resinateing. i think part of it is because they are not acting -- i think
9:31 am
people are looking and saying we are tired of the politicians. i don't think they are ultimately going to vote for trump and sanders but i think there is something people are hungering for. >> people are going to say what they think. people who will say what they think and are now kowtowing to to -- >> i saw a poll of her against trump and it was 17-51. but 51% is all we can really get? she has tremendous name recognition but she is turning off a lot of people still. i think donald could wreak havoc on the republican brand and party because he is a junk yard dog. i like him. he is a friend of mine. but when he gets up there are jeb bush and other guys -- >> define junk yard dog.
9:32 am
>> you didn't watch his presidential speech? >> stand on this. >> he is crazy. he is a fighter. and he is going to go after jeb bush in such a way that he could really get hurt. i know a lot of republicans on wall street because they are lining up with jeb but they are worried about him turning against them. >> are you saying he has legit reasons to go after jeb bush? if that is the case jeb bush is going to have to get tough. >> you said he is crazy -- some of the things he is saying is resonnating with donald trump and you saw him talking about immigration and then the next week a woman was killed in america by an illegal. >> he is opening the immigration
9:33 am
conversation which wasn't where it was prior to donald trump jumping in the race. what if the vice president throws his hat in the ring? what will that do to hillary's recent decline? >> i think it will complicate things. if is a super delegate fight on getting the nomination and a large percentage of them are behind her and they would have to switch and probably the rest of them are leaning toward her. >> is that impossible? >> it is not impossible. she is the establishment candidate. it could change. she was the establishment candidate last time and we know what happened. that is what i was going to say. there are democrats who are not crazy about hillary who like joe biden and could potentially -- >> she is horrible on the campaign trail never answers the questions, has tons -- there
9:34 am
is a a lot of good stories going to be written about her. she is going to be formal against republicans because of donald trump. i am telling you he will wreak havoc with this party. they will not get in the mud with him. >> kelly, i want to go back to wall street money. you said it is flowing to jeb bush but are they sending money clinton's way? >> yes, hillary clinton has a lot of friends at golden sacks and black rock and charles mills is on his board. >> he is from the state department. >> there is a lot of wall street guys that like democrats and hillary. but on wall street what they are worried about, and these are the big money guys they are petrified by donald trump. he went for the crazies in a sense. it was a brilliant political
9:35 am
move. if you are donald trump you want to be on stage with jeb bush. how do i get 15% of the republican vote? i say build a wall on the mexican border and you get that vote. >> in the republican party, haven't the candidates been unable to fight? they have been weaker and apologetic about their health. they are not standing up for the average system and they are milktoast. >> he is personalizing it. i want to point out, there is a great book out by kristen called the silencer. you cannot punish people for speaking their mind all of the time. >> i don't like a lot of the things donald trump is saying and i think it is fair to criticize him. i think he is very damaging to the republican party and the
9:36 am
things he is saying about illegal immigration are helpful to the broader audience. he absolutely as the right to say it. >> the republicans field are is pretty good. they are accomplished guys. chris christie scott walker jeb, and they are getting in going against a wwf fighter. >> trump makes better points than sanders >> that is a very low bar. >> donald trump has had a way with regard to his wealth to speak to directly what andrea asks of making it personal. he makes it part of that dream and i think his ability to do that connects with them. >> he said yesterday he was worth $10 billion. they spelled out dollars! >> we will give you updates now
9:37 am
on chattanooga. reports are starting to pull into this. place is from juanohn robert saying the u.s. navy is confirming a shooting and this is something we knew was coming from the navy. a navy operation support center is where this has happened. jennifer griffin our correspond correspondent is coming in. this went to a lockdown, a possible shooting and the mayor coming out and telling us what more than anything. what have you learned? >> reporter: the confusion here from the navy side of things came from their twitter account. at first they reported there was no shooting at a recruiting center then they said they are investigating a shooting. those tweets came 15 minutes apart leading to a little
9:38 am
confusion. navy sources are telling us the navy operation support for is investigating shots were fired at the building. that is an office building. it is not a recruiting center. some of the terms have been mixed up. no reports that a naval recruiting center has been shot out just this office building. the mayor said a recruiting center where army and navy and three services were recruiting. so we have to now step back the navy says it is an operation support center. it is some place where the reserve uses as an office. >> i was reminding viewers social media is such a part of our lives and people look down and you will see certain things happening. you had the hospital on lockdown you had the state
9:39 am
university on lockdown and then this naval operation office you have clarified for us is not the reserve center but a satellite office of theirs responding to shooting. there was feathering out of multiple sites. have you heard anything like that? any shootings outside of what the navvy -- navy is confirming? >> reporter: we have shots fired at the naval office support center an office building not a recruiting center and therefore they are looking into that. i cannot say whether there were shots fired at other locations. what i do know from listening to the mayor is they are searching for a white male in a silver mush mustang who allegedly fired the shots and when one police officer was injured and taken to the hospital.
9:40 am
what is important to remember harris, in these situations, and we have seen them a lot with active shooter situations, is we are drilled into what to do that multiple locations went into lockdown to protect people. these are protective measures. this is the way the system is supposed to work. we need to let the navy investigate and the local authorities. we understand the fbi is getting involved and most likely that is because there is a federal building involved in this. but we don't have a lot of details. >> can you hang with me? shepherd smith who you know is familiar with certain areas of the country like mississippi and tennessee, just e-mailed me with this. he has a source reporting a man exited in a gray or silver mustang convertible after the shooting. the suspect fled in that vehicle
9:41 am
after shooting into multiple buildings that are connected to each other which confirms what you are saying because this is like a center or complex situation. source confirmed officer down but not confirming suspect down. that goes along with what the mayor said. horrific horrific scene is how he described it. >> reporter: that jives with what we are hearing. it takes sense the shooter is allegedly a white male in a silver mustang and essapecaped the scene. that is why you see multiple locations going into lockdown. you have one officer take to know a hospital. that is confirmed. and we know from the navy that this naval operations support
9:42 am
center which is an office building and it would make sense maybe there are multiple buildings attached to that. >> jennifer griffin, we will come back to you as the news warrants. i do want to say this the hospital i mentioned on lockdown, local reports and tv news there are many police and ambulances outside of that emergency room. now with conformation from the mayor and it looked like others. we pray that person is going to be done. active shooter is what inducase indication indications are. we are following the story in chattanooga tennessee. stay with fox. when my back pain flared up, we both felt it. i tried tylenol but it was 6 pills a day. with aleve it's just two pills, all day. now i'm back! aleve. all day strong. . . . . . . . .
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9:47 am
operation center by the navy in chattanooga. officer down per the mayor we found out an officer has been shot. we know there is a hospital on lockdown and we believe there is where the officer is taken because many ambulances and police officers are outside of the hospital. it was confirmed cleveland tennessee is 30 minutes north of chattanooga and lee university is closed and on lockdown in cleveland tennessee. bradley square mall is on lockdown from possible shooting. i have not heard that again but todd stern is reporting it is on lockdown. the bradley county court house is being guarded. major religious organizations are based in cleveland and they
9:48 am
are all on lockdown. let's go back to chattanooga. chattanooga state we know is on lockdown early on sending out main campus wide alerts to their faculty and students to please stay indoors and locked. all of this indicates from jennifer griffin that there would be an active manhunt going on. we know someone in a gray or silver car sped away from the location of the original shooting. so as we kind of put this story together we know there are at least two towns in involved in terms of how law enforcement is reacting. but the overarching headline is what the mayor of chattanooga said. this is a horrific scene playing
9:49 am
out in the state of tennessee. cleveland chattanooga, on lockdown and you can imagine what the communities are going through trying to find the active shooter. we are confirming only a police officer is down. we are staying on this and have reporters woking on reports from there. we have jennifer griffin when i will join us again. if there is an active shooter going on many locations are being watched in towns that are 30 minutes apart. this is a huge crime scene and in the middle of it is is a police officer gunned down. we don't know his or her condition. we will work to find out for you. stay with us. then smash it into a tree. your insurance company's all too happy to raise your rates. maybe you should've done a little more research on them.
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we continue it inform you on what is happening in chattanooga, tennessee today. now confirmed reports of a shooting there. police officer down near a naval special operation center that had several offices. we have been able to confirm through our own reporting and the mayor of chattanooga is there are several areas on lockdown. the chattanooga state university is on lockdown we knew that because tay sent out alerts.
9:54 am
the erlanguor hospital as well. there were many ambulances and police officers huddled outside of the emergency room door and that is possibly where they have taken the officer who is down. and 30 minutes north of chattanooga to an area called cleveland. and we knew there were several areas on lockdown there. and another hospital on lockdown. memorial hospital in the city of cleveland tennessee lee university is on well. we are waiting from a the mayor to come out and brief again. he came out early on this and got on the record. >> she was in a press conference on a business-related matter when all of this began to unfold. andy burke responded saying the
9:55 am
officer is down and the shooting suspect and he is quoted saying this is a terrible situation. saying i am very concerned about what is going on and we need to figure out how to handle it. the reporter updating on the chattanooga free website is reporting ambulances swat team and another ambulance pulled up to the hospital you mentioned. >> yeah. and local television is also now reporting that the fbi the atf, are said to be in route to the seen to aid in the investigation. when i say scene i mean that u.s. naval operation center. from what some of our anchors and reporters who have been contacting us who know the area shepherd smith and todd sterns have been helpful, we are gathering this is a complex situation. chattanooga is the fourth largest city in the state located in hamilton county.
9:56 am
the mayor of chattanooga, one of the first voices that we heard, alone saying a horrific day. a police officer down. an active shooter manhunt. a lot happening in chattanooga and nearby cleveland as those communities work to secure the situation. we have no reason to believe at this point there is more than one shooter involved but we cannot confirm that. we are moments away from the mayor stepping up to the podium. thank you for being with us and we will go to a quick commercial break and "happening now" on
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now fox news alert. we're following a developing story about shootings in chattanooga, tennessee. shootings at different locations. we're following that. this is very much a developing story. we hate to use the term fluid as it is a cliche john. it is a fluid situation. i'm jenna lee. we're taking what i believe -- is this a live shot of the -- tape. this is a tape of one of the highways. we're trying to work on the locations. the shootings happened off of two different highways in


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