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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 17, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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" is about to get underway. gregg, thanks for being with us as well. >> we miss you. come back to you martha. >> see you next week. >> "happening now" beginning right now. jon: fox news alert. a search is on for answers after horrific murders of four u.s. marines. federal investigators treating shooting rampage in chattanooga, tennessee, as possible domestic take rich. they previous the gunman acted alone they say. welcome to "happening now" on this friday. i'm jon scott. >> i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. police say the gunman was a 24-year-old american born in kuwait. mohammad youssef abdulazeez, an engineer who opened fire at two military sites in chattanooga. the heavily-armed man killed four marines. injured three other people before officers were able to take him down. federal authorities say that the gunman did not appear to be on
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their radar but they believe he could have been motivated by isis calls for violence during the muslim holiday of ramadan. jon: senior national correspondent john roberts is following the investigation life in chattanooga. john. >> reporter: gregg, good morning to you. a couple of things to break to you at this hour. i'm told by u.s. officials in mathal fact that mohammad youssef abdulazeez did make several trips to the middle east including jordan and kuwait and would be obviously logistical next step for the fbi here in the united states and for tell bense agencies overseas to be examining who he contacted on those trips to see if there were any potential radical ties or ties to terrorist groups. i'm told by u.s. officials that yes, his father was investigated for a short period of time to see if he had any ties to terrorist organizations but the u.s. intelligence officials consider that case, closed. officials from the fbi crime lab
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continue to go over the scene here at the recruiting center where the shooting started and 10 miles away at the reserve base. they say because of number of shots and cash all thes it will be at least a couple more days before they finely clear both scenes. 24 hours ago at this moment this area erupted in complete chaos aziz seize pulled into the parking lot. he took out what witnesses described as large black gun, opening fire, firing 25 to 30 shots straight through the front doors and windows of that recruits center. thankfully the only cash all the was a marine lightly wounded in the leg. from here he drove down the street to the reserve center. drove down jersey barriers meant to she vehicular traffic down, not allow to get up speed to crash through the gates but somehow he managed to do that. crashing through the gate. looks like on the left side of the recruiting center.
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wrapped it around the front of his car and carried it another 30 to 40 yards into the parking lot in front of the recruiting center looks like by sheer force of momentum came off the front of his car or backed away pulled out his gunfiring again. killed four marines dead. seriously wound ad female sailor. after several hours of surgery she reportedly made it through the night so doctors are happy about that fbi does not whether abdulazeez was a lone wolf or ties to terrorists acting on other direction. fbi says they will not leave any stone unturned to find out exactly what happened. >> we're checking every possible place that he could have reside or could have resided, visiteds, where he shopped, where he wept to school, who his friends were if he worked out at a gym. every possible lead. so we have information that he has been in various locations. we will check each and everyone
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of those. >> fbi has searched abdulazeez homes in near by hixon tennessee across the river from chattanooga. they took away a number of evidence. two women were briefly detained but no one was put in custody. they said at a press conference last night as bad as it was it could have been worse. >> our hearts go out to to the families of four marines that lost their lives in. the middle of that there were heroic action by marines who lost their lives and some others at the facility who did everything they could to minimize the damage. >> reporter: and gave their lives in the process. the community here in chattanooga is coming together over had. there was avenge bill last night attended by a few hundred people. there is non-re planned at local baptist church at 5:30. the local islamic chapter is urging muslims not to celebrate
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ramadan with a traditional feast but go to the non-religious vigil to pray for the victims of yesterday's tragic shooting. jon: so far no indication that anybody else there in the chattanooga area was involved? >> reporter: yeah, but they are turning over every leaf. last night the fbi said they believe at this point no one else was acting in concert with him but the investigation they caution is still young and they are looking down every potential avenue of investigation that they can to find out if indeed he was a lone wolf, jon. jon: so much chaos caused by one guy with a murderous bent. it is unbelievable. >> reporter: terrible. jon: john roberts in chattanooga. thank you. jon: well the gunman may have had a local police record after an arrest for drunk driving. in april there is to indication the federal government was keeping an eye on him. now the shooting races serious question about security at military facilities across the country. we have captain chuck nash, retired from the u.s. navy.
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also a fox news military analyst. just give us your perspective from a guy who has seen combat when you hear that one guy, with a weapon, was able to cause so much carnage, at our u.s. military facilities what do you think, captain nash? >> nothing new. we can go back to fort hood. nutjob gets a gun, smaug gels it on to the base goes into a gun-free zone which is this service center, on the base. the and kills a bunch of people yelling "allahu akbar!." so, you know, the army says well-we'll have to look to see if we arm our people or not. years what happens later, we'll look at this to see whether we should arm our people or not. that is really responsive. jon: i want to play something that the president had to say after these shootings yesterday. and continue that discussion. here's the president. >> okay. >> when you have an attack on a u.s. military facility then we
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have to make sure that we have all the information necessary to make an assessment in terms of how this attack took place and what further precautions we can take in the future. jon: further precautions we can take in the future. what about the notion of at letting at least one person perhaps trained in the use of firearms actually carry a firearm at these military recruitment centers? >> well you know the other way to look at it jon, is that the supreme court has decided that bearing arms is an individual right, not a collective right. and so if you can qualify to carry conceal carry when you're off-duty you can carry a firearm, let's say, you were in the state of tennessee and you had a conceal carry permit or had one that had reciprocal agreements with the state of tennessee once that marine got home and took off his uniform,
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he could he could carry a conceal carry a weapon. so that he can't carry it at work is, is strictly a procedural thing and i'll acknowledge that in the united states military yeah everybody has a first amendment right but in the military you are prohibited from saying certain things or, for example, talkinging to the media a things like that. there are restrictions that can be put on but after we start to realize this is no longer a frontal war, where we're fighting in the trenches in world war i and fighting in japan or fighting in europe in world war ii now the enemy is blending in among us and they're being radicalized you don't know where it is going to come from. to say we don't know what caused this, on the last day of ramadan, when the public affairs spokesman for isis encouraged people to self-motivate, get out there and kill people wherever you can find them. if you die during ramadan,
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killing americans or apostates, that you get a special place in heaven and get extra rewards. so all of these things are falling in. this thing is quacking like a big duck. jon: there was, we understand, a marine officer who was able to obtain his personal weapon and did aim at the gunman apparently, police are saying the gunman died from police bullets and not from this marine officer's courageous actions. >> right. jon: you're exactly right. we are now fighting this army that president obama once compared to the jv team. they seem to be getting fairly effective at organizing and exhorting attacks in this country. >> well, if a you don't acknowledge the threat, and b you tie people's hands behind their backs, and i'm not saying arm everybody. i mean, as soon as you do, the more people that are arm the more accidental firings of guns and weapons you're going to
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have. that is statistical fact of life. but we're so concerned about that and what people might do and i think we're being too, too cautious and as you pointed out in your first question, why not have one or two people per watch section per duty section who are qualified to conceal carry in that state, why not allow them to carry in uniform? jon: sure when you pull up to a military base, almost invariably there are armed guards at the gate. >> yes sir. jon: so forestall this kind of an attack on a military base. a military recruiting center those people are essentially sitting ducks. >> absolutely, because, jon you want them out in the public face where people walk by to see the posters and look and see and come in. have it to be welcoming and open because you're trying to draw people in. jon: sure. >> access is key to a recruiter and by putting them out there, in these strip mall shopping
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centers and local down untowns and everything, these knave operations support centers there are 120 in the united states. one in every state. big states like california or texas have nine or 10 wyoming might have one, put they're all in 50 states. you look at recruiting centers of other services they're all out there in the public domain trying to be successful because they want walk-ups to come in and get interested in joining. jon: you know there is a lot more to a military career than bang bang you don't pull in the local police station and expect every officer will be disarmed. the i would point that out. chuck nash. we have to say good-bye. thank you. >> thank you, you bet,. >> breaking now, shocking revelations concerning escaped drug lord "el chapo." mexican lawmaker say he slipped down a tunnel dug into his cell, caught on surveillance cameras 18 minutes passed before prison guards sounded alarm. let's go to fox news senior
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correspondent geraldo rivera live for us in mexico city. >> reporter: hi, heather. you have to see the vast scale of that tunnel to believe it. and you have to see the vast scale of that tunnel to believe that it is almost impossible for that thing to have been built without the active complicity of somebody else besides "el chapo," the notorious drug kingpin, now facing potential death penalty charges in six u.s. courts in california in arizona, texas, florida, illinois and in new york, charges ranging from multiple murder, to drug trafficking, to money laundering but to see how this billionaire, now fugitive dug out of this tunnel is amazing. it was a feat of engineering that is staggering to see. to see it up close and personal. how once he was behind bars, in the most secure mexican prison, how his colleagues shortly after
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he was imprisoned, managed to acquire a property, dig a shaft in that property, place a gigantic generator on an intermediary level to provide air-conditioning and lighting and then to go down three more stories to begin excavating that amazing mile-long tunnel from that building, three stories down one mile, dug it out by hand yards and yards of dirt. they estimate 2,000 tons of dirt at least, remember one cubic yard of dirt weighs 3,000 pounds. 2000 tons of dirt, can straighting this mile-long -- excavating this mile-long tunnel, putting in a rail system to remove the dirt. a little motorcycle to run the railcars. and then, heather, this is the most amazing thing, not only to dig this tunnel deep enough to go you know a railroad, under the walls of the supermax, but
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up not just into the prison not just into "el chapo"'s cell, but in the one area of that cell that, two by two foot area of his cell where there was a little wall by the toilet to protect his, quote unquote privacy. so the tunnel goes down three stories, a mile long, up into the prison grounds into "el chapo"'s cell. not just his cell but into his little bathroom area right by the toilet. it was a magnificent feat of engineering and everybody in mexico is outraged and humiliated by it heather. >> deep underground but he had some deep pockets and lots of folks thinking he did have some assistance there. thank you so much, geraldo. remarkable look inside. appreciate it. >> reporter: okay heather. >> be sure to tune in for a special edition of "hannity," featuring geraldo on the hunt for "el chapo." right here on the fox news channel tonight at 10:00 p.m.
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eastern. jon: new details in the decades-oldies appearance of two sisters. the man charged with murdering the lyon sisters, revealing the disturbing reason why the girls were taken.
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jon: right now some crime stories we're following for you. the execution of a texas man indefinitely delayed now. the court of appeals is stopping clifton williams execution just hours before he was scheduled to die by lethal injection. the court granting the delay over questionable information given during his trial. williams is on death row for the murder of a 93-year-old woman. a philadelphia doctor already in trouble for running a so-called pill mill, now faces stiffer charges. a new indictment against william o'brien accuses him of causing a death through his drug distribution. a convicted sex offender charged with the murders of two missing maryland sisters now telling police why they were taken the investigators say
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lloyd welch told them the girls were act ducked so that he and his uncle could sexually abuse them. actually12-year-old sheila and 10-year-old catherine lyon disappeared from a shopping mall back in 1975. heather: to a fox news weather alert. only first-responders are being allowed in illinois town hit hard by tornado. video taken by a storm chaser showing the twister as it churned through but the heaviest damage was eight miles away in cameron. that is where access was blocked to all but emergency crews. that is 200 miles southwest of chicago. the twister caused major damage but thankfully no serious injuries which is amazing. more storms with hail, high winds and potential tornadoes expected for the same area today. meteorologist maria molina is in the fox weather center with more on this story. hi maria.
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>> hi, there heather and hello everybody at home. yesterday we had eight or nine reported tornadoes across parts of midwest and part of iowa and parts ever illinois. the storms hit hard in this area throughout the afternoon and evening hours even nighttime hours out here. it wasn't very high in particular tornado risk out here across this region. this highlight is really wide. always important to be weather aware to get warnings even at that risk for severe weather isn't particularly high. it is not particularly high today across parts of the midwest including illinois, indiana, ohio. have a way to get those warning. you don't have zero percent chance for those storms. farther west a little higher risk across northern plains. large hail damaging winds, isolated tornadoes will be possible. look at risk for it weekend. similar areas looking for more severe with. that includes as we head into sunday a slow moving frontal system will be on the move. that will really enhance the risks of severe weather.
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very warm and humid ahead the system. talking about very warm extreme heat in parts of the south and portions of illinois and iowa. looking at heat index values rising into triple digits for many of this. let's head over to you, heather. heather: thank you very much, maria. jon: pouring over the background of a killer. investigators are trying to figure out what drove a 24-year-old man to open fire on those two military facilities in tennessee. it all started 24 hours ago. plus authorities still working to identify this girl. baby dough, almost a month after the four-year-old's body was found on a beach in massachusetts. the new effort to solve this very sad case.
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heather: well now backs to the deadly sheetings in tennessee a
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24-year-old kuwaiti born man opening fire at two military facilities. the murder of four marines prompting a federal terrorism investigation even though authorities have not yet determined a motive. so how are they investigating this case? joining us now is bill gavin, he is a former assistant director of the fbi. u so much for -- thank you so much for taking time out with us today. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure, heather. heather: as we look into this case we have four united states marines dead. we have three others injured. one of which is a marine fighting for his life we're told. how does this happen here at home? our military members, they expect to put themselves in harm's way but not here at home. so why and how did this happen? >> there is a number of things, heather that are just amazing in this case. number one is why these marines were injured and not allowed to carry firearms at, while they
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are working at these recruitment centers is beyond me. we put weapons their hands. we train them how to use those weapons efficiently and legally. and defend us overseas. and when they come back home, the, do they lose that ability to do that? no, they don't. and they ought to be able to be armed at those particular places this isn't the first time that something like this has happened. as you well know back in little rock in 2009 same thing, one marine dead one marine wounded, with a individual who fired at them with a long barrel weapon. this is disgraceful. secondly, this, this particular individual there is a, we want to capture lone wolf and i really don't know the great significance of that word yet but i think that it is so much more difficult to identify an individual acting alone rather than in concert with a group because whenever there is a group of individuals they will carry something out, somebody
8:27 am
will talk. in this case they don't. heather: i wanted to ask you a little bit more about that. how he managed to fly under the radar until yesterday's incident with the fbi? >> well, he flew under the radar heather, i think because he didn't do anything that would draw them off to the flame. he was arrested for drunk driving as we all know is absolutely against the islam principles of, muslim principles but that was the only time he ever came to anybody's attention. other than that he seemed to abnormal everyday student, individual in the neighborhood. people had nothing but booed things to say about him -- good things. so he flew under the radar. heather: we know his father at least under one occasion was being investigated. >> i i don't know enough information about why he was investigated so i wouldn't really want to take a guess at it and be wrong. heather: apparently for giving money to an organization with possible terrorist ties.
8:28 am
sew was very briefly briefly on the terrorist watch list. >> yeah. it was probably something that whereby it came to the attention and it was cleared. and in this particular case though heather, the bottom line is, they sent a lot of people in to work this case hundreds of fbi agents to include the evidence response techs, the i.t. people and absolutely in coordination with the local law enforcement, and other federal law enforcement agencies as part of the joint terrorism task force. this is a little bit unusual other than someplace like 9/11 or the bombing in 1993 where a lot of people came. not a lot of people came to the bombing to the shooting in little rock, arkansas, when that occurred. the second thing that i don't know what triggered this shooting. was it something that came at the end of the hajj? was it something that was on the grid that federal law
8:29 am
enforcement was looking at for quite some time and they just had the dot that they couldn't connect with anything else? when this happened maybe they had a high-value target they had on the grid that they could make the connection after that and that is why increase of manpower. and the director of the fbi going to the white house to talk to the president about it. that is not the usual case. heather: we want to move on just briefly here to another topic i know you've been following. police in massachusetts, they are hoping that a tiny detail added to a picture of what is being called baby dough, will help them learn her identity. now the new picture posted on the state police facebook stage showing the child with small ears. investigators adding the ears because of new information apparently from the medical examiner. they have been trying tofiedfy this girl -- since finding her in a trash bag on a beach. baby dough is 4 years old. anyone with information is urge to call the massachusetts state
8:30 am
police at this number on your screen. what is it going to take to identify this young girl? 508-8920-21 it 1. >> -- 2121. >> this is peninsula not an island. this child was found on the harbor side of the island not the ocean side which is significant. not too far from the trail that is absolutely covered with people every single day walking that trail. it tells me when whoever put that body down there and i don't think it washed up from the water. i think it was placed there on, next to the path, whoever put it there wanted that body to be found. secondly that child had the little tights and whatnot and more importantly, anybody who has children, grandchildren, the kid's favorite things what they call their blankky. in that trash bag with this
8:31 am
little child is that blanket. it was somebody who showed compassion in terms of that being a child but at same time left that dead body unidentified. that little child lays on a cold slab in the medical examiner's office when she should be out paying in the sand at that peach and making little sand castles. this is horrible. it is going to have to take somebody who is either a caregiver or parent to step forward and say, i take responsibility. this is terrible for this little girl to have to lay there and have somebody dedicate a bench on that path in the name of a baby dough. heather: really heartbreaking. she should be out enjoying summer the next couple weeks or right now getting ready to go back to school or to school to begin school. very unfortunate. thank you so much. we appreciate your insight on both topics today. >> it is my pleasure. thank you heather. heather: thanks. jon: continuing our coverage as we learn more about the shootings in chattanooga.
8:32 am
investigators look at a trip that the kuwaiti-born gunman took to jordan last year. the president's nuclear deal with iran why critics are taking the media to task. our media panel with their thoughts.
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you jon: as we learn more about the 24-year-old kuwaiti-born gunman who opened fire on two military facilities killing four marines in the final days of ramadan there is criticism directed towards president obama and mainstream media for an apparent
8:36 am
unwillingness to connect the shoots to radical islam. we have judith miller, fox news contributor, pulitzer prize-winning reporter. lynn sweet also with us washington bureau chief for "the chicago sun-times." it was 24 hours ago when these shots first started ringing out, judy. we may be a little bit premature but what do you think about that? when you have a guy of this background, who for apparently unprovoked reasons goes after military facilities and military training facilities, what are the media supposed to say? >> i think what the media are supposed to do, jon as we discussed so often on this show and others is to ask the right questions and one of the most important was mohammad youssef abdulazeez directed or ininspired to do this as a result of his perverse interpretation of his religion?
8:37 am
was he inspired or directed by isis which is a really important issue? because the at moment it appears it appears, if he was so inspired or directed, that militant islam or as the administration insists on calling it violent extremism, has come home in the form of lone wolf terror as we have seen again and again and again now. we have to look at this phenomenon. in my view, and i think mothers in the media may disagree we have to call it what it is, militant islamic terror. jon: i think back, lynn to, you know world war ii, when the united states soundly defeated the nazis and there was no compunction about, you know, calling nazis what they were making fun of adolf hitler. portraying him in a bad light. does the same kind of thing need to take place with regard to radical islam? >> may i respectfully say that think you're just jumping a bit ahead here. everything judy says, of course
8:38 am
all those questions judy raised who is an expert in the middle east, of course need to be looked at an answered. i just think you can't fault anyone for not, if you don't know for sure what his ties are, you know i listened to a press conference today of law enforcement officials. they're looking at his friends his hard drives, everything to try to put his story together. rather than jump to a wrong conclusion, let's get the facts out. what is so wrong with that, jon? jon: all right. judy, you are also something of an expert on the new york city police new york city police department program that infiltrated mosques, you know kept an eye on possible radicals from inside of the mosques. these days you don't even need to go to a mosque to become a terror operative like this guy apparently was. yeah he spent some time in the mosques but you can sit at your computer to become radicalized. how much of a problem is that for investigators now? >> exactly.
8:39 am
that is the challenge, if you doesn't need to be with a group of pesple, don't need to be trained. we don't know his background. all we know at the moment he has a engineering degree university of tennessee and an intern at the tva. how does that qualify you to go out to commit a terrorist act or violent act like there? it is terrifying thought that you don't need to be trained or directed. and this is the law enforcement nightmare the nypd has been preparing for since 9/11. jon: let's turn to another topic that also broke this week, the coverage of the iran nuclear deal. president obama is trying to win support on capitol hill. some critics say the white house is getting a helping hand from fawning media coverage. "the new york times," lynn, could not have been more effusive in its glee about this deal. appropriate or over the line? >> i think you're talking about an editorial position that the paper took which is of course everyone knows is different than the reporting which has been
8:40 am
extensive in "the new york times" and, i understand, who wouldn't, the administration wanted this deal, so they are talking about it in a way to sell it. they want congress not to block it. but what is interesting here from the media angle is that even though maybe a lot of people have not focused on this or what it means, this is going to get a lot of scrutiny. congress other next 60 days will be looking at it, picking it apart. there is going to be hearings. there is obviously a lot of interest in picking this apart in israel. there is going to be an abundance of people writing stories and analyzing this on multiple platforms. so even though the administration is casting this as, is their privilege we knew from the press conference obama was at and his speech when the deal broke, there are certainly many interests and specialists and people out there who want to put out another set of facts or
8:41 am
another interpretation of their facts about this deal but one thing though i think where you start on this, usually usually is -- it starts out if you're democrat or republican. interesting though democrats are divided very much on think, hard to change minds. judy, as she said "the new york times" loves this deal. "wall street journal" hate this is deal. you put out a piece on that i guess would be fairly described as somewhere in the middle? >> yeah. i basically held my nose and said i thought that on balance the deal, as we now know it seems to be a step towards limiting iran's ability to break out and get a nuclear weapon but i must say, the experts as lynn pointed out are really divided on this i think what the media have to do right now, i don't agree with senator rubio, i don't think the coverage has been ecstatic. i think heavy coverage of
8:42 am
bibi netanyahu's real objections to this, even hillary clinton's lukewarm endorsement of it suggests that there are some real problems and questions that need and will be addressed. i agree with lynn, i think you're getting a very skeptical response from the press. i hope it is not a partisan response. >> when they are one of the world's foremost sponsors of terrorism it is pretty hard to sign a dale with them and feel good about it but, maybe there are some good elements in there. >> the, one of the points that the administration put out in the president's address in the press conference this will not cure all our problems with iran. >> exactly. >> and just deals with one specific thing to not let them get a nuclear weapon. jon: yeah, if they can abide by it. lynn sweet judy miller. thank you both. >> thank you. heather: coming up, a bold and brazen robbery right in broad daylight. a dangerous criminal's actions caught on camera. plus, more details on the man behind the deadly attack in
8:43 am
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jon: let's get a look ahead at "outnumbered" at top. hour. sandra, harris what do you have coming up. >> your smile bright inches our day jon. good to see you. we're awaiting a white house news conference at top of the hour to learn why a gunman targeted our military in tennessee yesterday. >> donald trump surging to the top of the latest fox news polls. is he on to something? should his rivals think twice about blasting him? >> guess who says san francisco's sanctuary city policies compromised public city. reportedly the city's own sheriff's union. >> #oneluckyguy, "outnumbered" at top of the hour. please join us. jon: interesting. looking forward tonight. thanks. heather: we are learning more about the man who opened fire on two military facilities in tennessee killing four marines. shocked neighbors describe mohammad youssef abdulazeez as a socialable person who seemed to
8:47 am
get alongwith everyone but he also had an islam-focused blog exploring sacrifice for the sake of the muslim religion. three days before the shooting a series of his posts stated that muslims should not let the opportunity to submit to allah pass you by. that is a quote. so far the feds believe he acted alone. a counterterrorism investigation is underway as agents try to figure out his motive. u.s. army jag major tom kenniff to join me to talk more about this. where is the investigation going? we were told initially it is looked at as a case of domestic terrorism. do you think that should be the case? >> i think it should be the case. domestic terrorism is defined as any criminal act committed against the interests of the united states, the people of the united states, certainly, uniform servicemembers fall under the definition. has intent of either terrorizing the population, instilling fear in the people or influencing
8:48 am
the actions of the government of the united states. everything we know at this point is still early, we don't know all, that appears this individual's motivations had to do with his twisted radical ideology and anger that ideology is generally associated with against the united states and its people. certainly at this point it is being investigated as an act of domestic terrorism. that is why we had overwhelming, federal law enforcement response. heather: -- specify who will have jurisdiction in the case? >> absolutely. the federal government has jurisdiction under the united states code for acts of both domestic and international terrorism when particularly when they're directed at members of the uniformed services. absolutely federal jurisdiction. the attorney general of the united states is, the head of the department of justices the oversigher of the entire investigation. they may coordinate with state and local governments. there is indication they have
8:49 am
the last 20 four hours and will continue to do so. heather: do you think our laws are caught up with what is going on in the world now this this is new form of war, a new form of terrorism, where influences from outside of the united states internationally, are coming into our country, via the internet. things like that. and that is how these people are becoming influenced. could it be a case of both domestic and international terrorism melding into one? >> absolutely and it really goes to how we define terrorism. the definition of terrorism has evolved is become much broader in the post-9/11 world via the patriot act and other forms of legislation. so we don't necessarily define terrorism anymore as only a large international organization that is maybe committing acts of great magnitude. these, lone wolf attacks, if you will can fall into that definition. it is motivations of culprit, even if only one culprit. at this point that's all we know, are again, to terrorize
8:50 am
the population, influence the government of the united states instill terror, whether it is one person doing it or large organization like al qaeda. heather: one person but being influenced by a much larger group who has a very specific end result in mind which is to kill americans in this case four marines. when you talk about the suspect's past as well, how will that come into play when they move to the investigation phase? >> well, i think what they're looking for is certainly regardless if this was a lone wolf or there are other people involved, they want to know who this individual was connected to, whether he was self-radicalized. whether it was the internet as you point out is a big problem nowadays -- there so much out there. heather: his father for one period of time was on the terror watch list. >> contacts within the family. the amount of law enforcement
8:51 am
someone said last night, a couple of hundred federal agents. this would be one thing as manhunt but the guy is dead. heather: i have to wrap-up. thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. heather: we'll be right back. . cinna-milk. cinnamon toast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares. cinna-milk!
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8:55 am
sorts the same jury that convicted james holmes will determine if he should be executed and as emotional as gut-wrenching as the past three months were with testimony, the next three to four weeks could be even tougher as the defense tries to save their client's life and victims testify. some of the three men and nine woman were in tears as the judge read the 65-page verdict -- 658-page verdict form. took him one hour. james holmes stood with his attorneys entire time. the first time the judge said guilty, there was audible gasp and family members began sobbing and hugging and holding hands. afterwards they came to the mic. >> this isn't about a thing who indiscrimminantly kills. if you look at it would kill again if it was let out. thank god the jury saw that take a picture where he looks now fat and stupid and in jail rest of his life and possibly going to die.
8:56 am
>> reporter: tom's son was killed along with n1 others. teves joined others we should remember who it was about, people went to a movie and found themselves in a massacre. the case is trending on twitter. one hashtag trending on lives loss. hashtag love aurora. something happened outside of the court after the verdict a rainbow appeared. she asked grandmother of the one of the youngest victims, if she saw it and the grandmother said, veronica loved rainbows. jon? jon: alicia acuna more to come in that case. we know the gunman is convicted at least. alicia. thank you. heather: new in the next hour of "happening now" we're continuing to follow breaking news as we learn more about the gunman behind the attacks on two military facilities in tennessee. very latest on the investigations. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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>> the first ever pickle festival featuring a giant flying pickle balloon. local food music and a pickle drinking juice contest. we will see you back in an hour. "outnumbered" starts next. >> we are waiting new reaction from the white house from the shooting in tennessee. the daily white house briefing is expected any moment. they do expect details to emerge in the killing of four marines.


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