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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 17, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> the first ever pickle festival featuring a giant flying pickle balloon. local food music and a pickle drinking juice contest. we will see you back in an hour. "outnumbered" starts next. >> we are waiting new reaction from the white house from the shooting in tennessee. the daily white house briefing is expected any moment. they do expect details to emerge in the killing of four marines.
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today we have our lucky guy, kevin sorbo and he is outnumbered. >> good to be here. >> i know you have someone serving in the military and i know this is something you talked about. >> my brother 23 years of lieutenant colonel u.s. army. he spent a lot of time in saudi arabia and kuwait and has interesting stories. >> let's get right to it. it was at this time yesterday when we were reporting at first on the situation unfolding in chattanooga tennessee. we know four marines were killed at a naval reserve center and three others, including a police officer, were injured after a gunman opened fire and at a recruiting center at a strip mall. the suspected shooter has been identified as 24-year-old mohammad youssef abdulazeez
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born in kuwait and raised in tennessee. he wasn't on law enforcement radar and no ties to militants. now we turn to the heart break left behind by the senseless killing of the heroes. thomas sullivan among them 40 years old from massachusetts and served two tours in iraq and was awarded two purple hearts. and from the atlanta area lance corporal skip wells, a marine reserve. john is live in chattanooga. bring us up to speed on what you learned. >> reporter: we will learn more about what happened 24 hours ago at 3:00 when the u.s. attorney for the district of tennessee and the special agent in charge of the fbi in the knoxville region including chattanooga hold a press conference. they should have more information by 3:00 this
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afternoon. here is what we do know and this is what i am hearing. abdulazeez made several trips to the middle east in recent years. one of them a lengthy stay to jordan. it would be a logical next step were the fbi and intelligence agencies overseas to be looking into where he went during the trips, who he met with to see if there is ties to radical islam or terrorist groups. we had confirmed that abdulazeez's father was briefly under investigation for possible ties to terrorist groups but u.s. officials said the intelligence agency consider that case to be quote closed. it was open and closed quickly according to this official. here on the scene here is the latest. the officials for the fbi crime lab are still working the scene where the recruiting center is. they are measuring bullet
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trajectory fired from the guns. the fbi is not saying what that weapon was. four marines were marines were here and a female soldier was graven gravely wounded. she made it through the night. doctors are confindent she is doing well enough now she may survive this. they are trying to piece together what happened and why. let's listen to ed ronald. >> we have no idea what his
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motivation was behind the shooting. we are just beginning this investigation. we will explore that option but at this point we don't have anything that ties into international terrorism organizations. >> reporter: they believe there is no reason to believe abdulazeez didn't act anything but alone. the fbi spent hours at abdulazeez's house looking for evidence on why he would do this. here is what we know. he is 24 years old and attended the university of tennessee graduate graduated with a degree in electrical engineering and worked for a time. the internship had him going through a background check because the facilities here are secure facilities. he worked at a wire and cable company in franklin tennessee which is 2 hours and 15 minutes from here.
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that would be a long commute. neighbors who we talked to yesterday suggested this was a normal guy living in what appeared to be a normal life. >> him and his family all of them are friendly i don't have any issues with them. they are nice people from what i know. just a neighbor like anybody else else. >> reporter: somewhere along the way this normal guy went wrong. >> i know you were updating us on the sailor going under surgery and we got word that is a male not a female. you mentioned the background check and i am curious if that would have turned up recent travel that at least from neighbors he left this country. his father reportedly told a
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friend he had quote unquote gone back home and that would be to the middle east. >> reporter: this was 2009-2010 so probably would have been when he was 18-19 years old. the extended trip to jordan was was in 2014. he might have gone back to kuwait but i think this internship was before the jordan trip. in background checks they don't necessarily ask where you travelled recently. they want known addresses and people to speak for you. >> it is interesting. if we are going to be looking out for people who might be radicalized abroad maybe they should be asking that question. john roberts thank you for bringing us up to speed. we will bring it back to the
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couch now. >> the naveal officer is out of surgery and we hope the best for him. we know the key issue is looking into motives of the shooter. we are trying to determine if this was indeed a terrorist attack
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attack. we will talk about how much social media companies need to work together to look for discussions of acts of terror online. >> it is not just politicians. we know the fbi director was in the oval office talking about this and other situations and we know particularly this. we have a little bit from him in an interview he gave back on july 8th and a warning we may not be able to stop this completely. watch. >> we are stopping these things through hard work, the use of sources online undercovers, and it is incredibly difficult and i cannot see stopping them indefinitely. >> so much on social media after this happened about are we ready now to change the game and get in with both feet online. >> it is strange. it is like we need something even larger for people to wake up. >> what would that be?
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>> god forbid that is what i am saying. who passed this military order that our military cannot have guns? >> 1992 president clinton. >> it was clinton? i heard clinton and bush senior. >> you are right. >> it was under bush senior. >> that is insane to me. look at all of the places being attacked. with that sort of logic they should take the gun away if you are worried about shootings at military bases. >> they want to give them nurf bats why not. >> thank you for jumping in and correcting me because i was definitely wrong on that point. but i think i am hearing eco across the country and seeing online. people want to know why they are not armed. let's watch colonel oliver north
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here. >> the commander and chief could sign the executive order flight. if you are at the white house sign the executive order releasing the regulation that knows back to 1992 and say everybody on a military base who has a firearm can carry it with them. >> andrea? >> how long is it going to take for this country to wake up? what is it going to take? we have talked about this on the couch the warnings. you heard fbi director comby. we know what the motive was. they are saying they are trying to figure out if there is direct ties to terrorist organizations. you don't need a direct tie. you can wear the jersey and not be part of the group. you can wear the jersey and be radicalized online. this administration has shown it can flex muscles and go after corporations and businesses like hobby lobby and called them out by name. so why isn't it putting more
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pressure on these companies to comply because, harris right now, they are facilitating terrorism and breaking a law on the books. it would be easy for the doj to enforce. and to kevin's point. why are they not allowed to have guns on military basisebases? in 2013 we saw many deaths while they were sitting there on the base. >> i am thinking fort hood too. >> they are trying to avoid making policy decisions that would solve this. letting them have guns and profiling. >> don't profile. >> julie, it was so simply put by colonel north. the president today with an exexecutive pen could change this. >> we have mp's on bases but
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fought at the recruiting center. obviously this is becoming a different situation. isis is saying they are going to target or military. al-qaeda has said it. i think everybody knows i am not a big fan of guns in general but these are trained professionals and we should consider arming them. i agree with that. >> they walk around other countries with guns if you wanted anybody to act responsible with guns wouldn't it be these people? >> this point was raised this morning saying you have kids living on bases -- >> i was one of them. >> and they may not want everyone carrying the rifle into a restaurant base where their kids -- >> maybe they should take a poll and ask them. >> that is why i am saying take a look at the policy and see what makes sense. i am not suggesting it is something we should not do. we ask examine that.
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>> the army's top officer tells reporters that arming troops in those offices like we saw yesterday would be complicated and make more problems than it might solve. notice went out -- >> what kind of bs is that? >> today, notifications went out reminding them of all of their protection measures. i saw a sign on the door, no guns and people not having a way to protect themselves. these places are in public venues. >> and there are only two uniforms worn by the u.s. army. the blues and combat uniform. they are walking around in combat uniform so wouldn't it be better if you are armed? >> that is an interesting point. i cannot remember his name but killed the people in the colorado movie theater. >> james holmes. >> there were four officers in the building when he was shooting and killing people.
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if they had guns i don't think that many would have died. >> and in texas, two texans had guns taking down the radicalized men at the mohammed cartoon contest. that is why we haven't talked about terrorism more is because they were not successful stopped by law a biding citizens with firearms. >> you are quite. >> i think it is complicated. >> it is not complicated. >> it is complicated for me. i would usually say i am for gun control but i am undecided about this. >> that press briefing is coming up moments away and we will take you live once the issue comes up. the hard sell for the nuclear deal with iran. the big meeting at the white house president obama is having with a key middle east ally that has condemned the deal.
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♪ the white house press briefing has good begun and they are talking about the shooting in tennessee. >> the president received a briefing from the director of the fbi as well as the the top advisor at the white house to get an update on the investigation. the attorney general loretta lynch is involved in the ongoing investigative efforts. at this point, i don't have an update on the status of their investigation. i know the fbi made it clear yesterday they are looking at a variety of possible motives including the possibility of domestic terrorism. so that is a part of their
9:21 am
ongoing investigation but i will allow the investigators themselves to provide you with an update. the president wants to keep the public informed in a timely fashion and i am confidant our investigators will do that. >> do you have information on if anyone else was involved? >> they are looking at all of this in the context of the investigation. >> the army chief of staff said earlier today that security at military recruiting and reserve centers needs review. is the president saying it is time to beef up security at places like that? >> the president believes it is appropriate for the department of defense to conduct a review like this. the president alluded to this in his statement yesterday that it is important to take necessary
9:22 am
steps to make sure our men and uniform, particularly at home are safe. there was an announcement from the homeland security about additional steps they would take. there are facilities jointly offerated by the federal government and department of defense where the department of homeland has jurisdiction. it would make sense the department of defense would be considering doing something similar. >> and the last point, today there was a rare line saying the president is in new york -- [inaudible question] >> this is an opportunity -- the president was and has been scheduled to travel to new york for a fundraising event. but the president, yes is looking forward to a rare opportunity he will have to
9:23 am
spend a little personal time with his daughters in new york over the weekend. joannei don't joanneticipate -- i do not anticipate a lot of details about the press will be there with the president and we will inform your colleagues who are participating -- or maybe not participating but travelling along that might interfere with the personal nature of the father-daughter time. we will make sure you are aware of what they are up to. >> what can you tell us about the president's meeting with the saudi arabian foreign minter this morning? any commitments the united states might make to defend saudi arabia in the context of the nuclear deal with iran? >> we knew josh ernest the press secretary, would be asked about the shootings in tennessee and we anticipated that and he
9:24 am
took a couple questions and didn't have enough information to offer. i will not disguise my disgust at can you flesh out the father-daughter weekend for us. i have to tell you. we had a lot more to ask about. and the meeting with the representative from the middle east was important. he was giggling at the top because laughing about this at the top. your thoughts? >> we thought certainly they would go back to it. i thought we are not living in the same world right now and experiencing the same thoughts and emotions that the counterry is going through by listening to josh ernest. he started off with no updates or nothing new. they are looking into what may be one of the motives of this
9:25 am
shooter being terrorism. i mean harris i am not sure we got much new from josh ernest there. >> he did get asked about the chief of the army, general ray saying they are going to review the process of how best to protect our recruiting centers and other military locations. andrea you are shaking your head. >> we saw this happen in 2013. why did it take more american military many and women to die before conducting another review. 13 gun downed on capitol hill in 2013 by armed gunman doing office work in their office and a man came in and shot them. can we get a more limp response? we are conducting a review. and he said part of the review about this recent act will be domestic terrorism. part of it. one of the sources. part of it? why can't he just come out and say what it is and say the
9:26 am
president is going to take action. would it kill him to have the appropriate tone? a little fire and anger and not laughter about the father-daughter day? they have no clue what they are doing and no clue how the american public feels about things like this. >> he was asked the question the same they he was asked about bill cosby during the iran briefing which made no sense to me. i don't care what the president says about drugs and bill cosby. he has to answer it. >> is the press' fault for asking stupid questions? >> yes absolutely >> what is josh ernest going to say? i am not going to answer your stupid question? >> he could have said let's stick to the presumed act of terrorism. >> then the press would say what
9:27 am
are you trying to hide about the father-daughter day? it was asked. >> president obama is taking heat for the initial response to the shooting in tennessee as well. what he did not say and why his voice of words or choice of words i should say is causing concern among his critics. and new details about the victims of the attack. the human element in all of this. what we are learning about the four marines whose lives were taken too soon. >> i am at a loss for words. why would you hurt your own protectors?
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hp instant ink can save you up to 50% on ink delivered to your door print all you want and never run out. plans start at $2.99 a month. ♪ ♪ the most affordable way to print. hp instant ink. welcome back to "outnumbered." we are waiting an update on that deadly shooting rampage in
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chattanooga where investigators are set to hold a news conference. as we mourn the loss of those four u.s. marines we are learning more about who they were including the two you see here thomas sullivan from massachusetts, and georgia. jennifer griffin is live. there were four and we know more now. jen? >> reporter: that is right. we are learned from u.s. navy sources that the injured sailor in chattanooga in surgery is male not female. he is a navy petty officer. we are learned the names of all four marines killed. sergeant thomas sullivan, lance corporal skip wells, carson homes and david wyatt.
9:33 am
a serving in india battery and fought in the 2005 battle where he earned combat action ribbon and purple heart and a second one. skip wells was the youngest. age 21. graduated graduated from high cool in 2012. his mom was a single mother and drove a school bust. home quest was from wisconsin. david wyatt was the operation chief responsible for fire direction control. he was an artillery battery. his unit made history by firing
9:34 am
more rounds than any other battery since vietnam. in 2005 they deployed to new orleans to provide relief after hurricane katrina and some of the unit deployed to iraq in 2006. they were known for their toys for tots drive in chattanooga. we learned all four marines are entitled to full benefits since on active duty status that includes life insurance and a $100000 death gratuity for their next of kin. >> god bless their family. we lost special people. thank you for the details, jennifer jennifer. >> the obama administration is coming into the microcope for their response to the shootings. listen to what president obama said yesterday. >> we don't know all of the details. we know what appears to be a lone gunman carried out these attacks. we identified a game and at this point a full investigation has
9:35 am
taken place. >> critics say the president is trying it downplay what happened. charles krauthammer is taking issue with how the president used the word lone gunman. >> when you say lone gunman what you are doing is disconnecting the dots. i think it is the six and a half years of obama always wanting to err on the side of downplaying the threat. the threat is radical islam which he will not say. >> kevin, is charles right? is the president downplaying what we know about this tragedy? >> he has been downplaying it for six and a half years. most people sat in their living room saying it is another radical jihadist doing the damage. we are right. the president doesn't want to call it what it is. this as a broken record both sides. why isn't the president calling
9:36 am
it what it is? why are we not saying this is part of what is happening in the emotional muslim world? >> that is what kevin is asking why not call it what it is? all fingers are pointing to this being terrorism. >> i think it is prudent for the president not to say anything until getting the facts. i think if he did say it i think that would be inappropriate. i will say i have a hard time saying this is radical islam. because i have a very hard time saying that any religion as a totality is radicalized. you could say this is something that used his religion inappropriately. >> it is a terrorist attack. >> why won't the president say that? >> when he made that statement yesterday he didn't have all of the facts. >> i don't know if he called it that yet? >> i would call it a terrorist attack the same way i would the charleston shootings. bush never went after the muslim
9:37 am
religion and i don't think obama should. this is not a reflection of the muslim religion. >> if you call it radicalize islam -- >> what religion do they follow? >> wait a second i am sorry. what religion was the guy that attacked the charleston church? is this radicalized christianity? >> if president obama responded to every u.s. tragedy the same way it would make sense. when you have riots in ferguson he comes out saying the doj needs to get on this and wags fingers at the police. whenever there is an instance of racism he is coming out and injects himself in these situations. whenever it has to do with radical islam, which is what it is and the terrorist make it clear when they yell allah. the president says work place violence or spontaneous
9:38 am
demonstration. >> what does this say to our allies in the middle east? >> we are fools. >> what does it say to allies in the middle east if he starts inviting this as a religious war? we are at war with islam. >> in saudi arabia they get it. >> you going to say to them we are at war with an element of your religion? >> yes. because they know that too. >> and the egyptians know it. >> you are playing right foe isis. >> we are being smart doing that. >> i want to get on record regardless of however they term it the council on american islamic relation thought they should speak up. the care the nations largest muslim and civil rights organization condemned the attack that left four marines
9:39 am
dead. if you go to the website, cair by the way you will see the director. >> so did this guy's mom. >> i want to get that in there that it is part of the conversation. >> and also part of the conversation brand new fox polling showing donald trump surging. what the impact might be on the gop race for the white house. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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♪ ♪ (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. welcome back to "outnumbered." donald trumped to be doing something right. a new fox news poll showed him now leading the crowded gop field. the real estate mogul pulling in 18% support followed by scott walker with 15% and florida governor jeb bush with 14%. that is a big leap from just three months ago when trump was in ninth place.
9:44 am
he is the candidate gop primary voters say they are interested in learning more about during the debates. what do you think of donald trump? >> i like donald as a guy to hang with. i have golfed with him and he is entertaining but he is saying what a lot of people are thinking. this is a problem out there. why can't we -- i think it is going to be fun to watch. here is guy who can say what they want and let the chips fall where they may. i don't think he is going to get president, though. >> if we can look at the polling
9:45 am
when respondants were asked about his comment on mexico. 68% agreed and 30% no. so i think the media is fixated on his comments that are inflammitory about the rapist and making other points about border security that is resonating. >> i think some are nervous when he talks because you never know what he is going to say and there is a camp of someone is saying what i am thinking. he is master of that. he has everybody talking about him. he is the master of branding. the latest poll showing only 2% of those repondants american voters didn't know who he was. he has the branding power and he is very good at golf is the question? >> he is okay. >> he is going to threaten to
9:46 am
sue you for that comment. >> listen, ryan call me. i am sorry for you. the poor man. i will take you out for a drink. because the chairman of the national republican committee spent a lot of time doing the autopsy after 2012 to find out what went wrong and part of that was maybe we should stop alienating latino voters and here is donald trump blowing up ryan's entire strategy to try to attack more minority voters. it is a national security issue to benefit all immigrants to come here illegally. no one should want this to happen. trump got out there before anyone was saying. >> 80% of latino voters disagree
9:47 am
with donald trump's comments. i don't care what republican primary voters want it may hurt them. but they cannot afford to go into the november election with a 27% vote share of the latino vote. you can not win a national election that way. if where didn't know better i would say this is a democratic plan. >> they would say gop is never getting those votes anyway. >> i think donald trump does have fellow members in his party worried about the debates because if he does begin to talk we saw him exercise emotional intelligence. it isn't just about the throwing. he can drill down on an issue and force him to do the same thing. the question is can they? a new stunning development following the killing of kate steinle on the san francisco pier. the new complaint filled and what it could mean for the national debate on sanctuary
9:48 am
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more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first, let's go to jon scott with what is happening in the second hour of "happening now." >> as we get the second hour underway, live pictures from chattanooga where american flags and flowers are being placed at
9:52 am
the scene of that apparent terror attack yesterday. four murdered two injured and the suspect a kuwait-born american dead. james holmes guilty on all counts of the mass murder of 12 in colorado. he has a sentencing hearing on wednesday and is facing the death penalty. republican candidate scott walker is live in davonport, iowa. he is considered one of the frontrunners already after throwing in the hat on monday. we have new polls to share and we will share them in about eight minutes. a new layer to the debate over sanctuary cities in the aftermath of the deadly shooting in san francisco. the union representing the san francisco sheriff's deputy has reportedly filled a formal complaint against the sheriff. it links the killing of kate steinle to sheriff's order in march borrowing deputies from communicating with federal
9:53 am
immigration agents. it reports the deputies want that memo resended and they say the sheriff's policy recklessly compromises the safety of personal citizens and visitors of the san francisco area. i think this is a great thing and a good thing they filled this complaint. however the law on the books in san francisco says law enforce of the city should not stop question or arrest any individual combos because of their origin or citizenship. >> what is the reasoning behind the sanctuary city? the catch bad people? what is the reason? >> as hillary clinton argued years ago she said one of the reasons for doing this is so immigrants would feel like they can come out of the shadows to report crime. >> has that happened? >> i think so.
9:54 am
>> that is a lame excuse. >> some people in the police department would say it has and makes people not fear law enforcement. if you traffic ticket you don't have to worry about being deported? >> don't you think the downside is much worse? >> this horrible person that killed her and i don't support the concepts of local law enforcement asking for immigration papers. i think that is not their job and there is argument to made if you ask for immigration papers they will not report crimes, cooperate with law enforcement and that creates problems. >> why is so no one questioning that? not because of this one incident. this bord of supervisors said they are getting death threats
9:55 am
over the tragic occurrence but i am a sanctuary city is a good policy. she is getting death threats. are you not understanding change is being sought? >> if change is being sought they will vote her out of office. >> we will see how the conversation goes next thursday bought at 10 a.m. on the east coast the house judiciary set-up a hearing entitled sanctuary cities; a threat to public safety. and it will look at policies adopted by state and local governments that refuse to honor the federal government immigration laws. it will be interesting to see that on capitol hill. as senator graham said why isn't it talked about? >> he is part of the problem. we are waiting for updates on
9:56 am
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caddy. >> i will be that. >> and you will have a no better time in your life than hanging out with andrew. >> glad you watched "happening now", starts right now. we begin with the breaking developments with the four murders of the marines. they are looking into a trip to the mideast by the gunman and pinpointing the ties to terror. >> i heather. it is a tough day to report. it is case of domestic terrorism. and pouring through the past of 20-year-old mohammed youseff and if he had help from known terror groups. he fired dozens


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