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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 17, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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african-american veterans who helped to integrate our armed services. >> we love the honor flight visits. big thanks to all of our veterans. thanks for watching "special report," i'm shannon bream. good night from washington. "on the record" is next. >> this is a fox news alert. was this deadly jihad on american soil? tonight, the chairman of the house homeland security committee warning mohammed yousef be a bull zeez could be a new generation of terrorists. warning he could have radicalized online befing out ak 47 and murdering four unarmed and unsuspecting marines. now, "on the record" uncovering shocking new information about his past. hello, everyone. i'm judge jeanine pirro in for greta van susteren tonight. complete shock in chattanooga, tennessee tonight after a vicious attack on american soil. and now cities across
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america are on high alert as police departments and federal agents step up security measures from coast to coast. "on the record" team coverage starts right now from the investigation and the gunman's overseas trips. but, first, fox news steve harrigan in chattanooga. steve? >> judge, throughout the day here we have seen forensic experts behind us working this crime scene taking photographs of the bullet holes, measuring the distance between those shots and throughout the day also we have seen families come to this scene of the shooting. parents bringing their children. it's clear they want to explain to their children, to show their children just what happened here. more details today about what exactly went on. first, the fbi and the u.s. attorney making it clear that they consider these crimes acts of terrorism as such they will get the highest priority as opposed to ordinary crimes. more information too, about the weapons, the 24-year-old shooter used. he had multiple weapons.
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at a minimum according to the fbi agent in charge, he had two long guns. these either could have been shotguns or semiautomatic rifles in addition to one handgun firing multiple shots. he was not wearing body armor but he did have a load bearing vest. a heavy vest in front of him to allow them to carry as many magazines to reload as often as possible. the goal, according to the fbi, to kill as many people as possible. also from all sides today praise for the chattanooga police and their performance in the midday shootout at that naval operations base when one was wounded. several move forward under fire to drag him back. certainly a proud performance by the chattanooga police as the investigation continues and the forensics continues to be worked. still one unanswered question. how you this 24-year-old who by many accounts, especially for neighbors was an average american boy someone who lived in the suburb, someone who played whistle ball,
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went to middle school here, high school here. graduated. degree in electrical engineering. how was this boy so americanized turned into a mass murderer, judge back to you. >> steve the federal officials, the u.s. attorney from the the eastern district from tennessee in particular. went through great pains to say that they are treating this or investigating this as an act of terrorism indicating that there is a higher level and more resources brought in. how close are they, do you think, to declaring this an actual act of terrorism? >> they said the investigation will take them wherever leads but right now in order to give it the highest priority and the greatest amount of resources they are working under the assumption, given what they know now it is an act of terrorism. we seen someone today come up behind us with heavy hearts. people saying that they don't think this is is the
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end of it really realizing that if a small area like chattanooga, the suburbs of chattanooga can be hit nowhere in america is safe, so along with empathy for the families of those slain a real heavy sadness on the people here in chattanooga over the past 48 hours judge. >> indeed. all right steve. thanks so much. and, yesterday senseless murder of four marines sparking outrage across america. but tonight we remember the four heroes. the ones who gave their lives while serving their country. first, gunnery sergeant thomas sullivan, a decorated marine and two-time purple heart winner who served two tours in iraq. and lance corporal skip wells, the youngest victim. he joined the marines a year and a half ago. his mother telling fox news that her son died doing what he he loved for his country. and sergeant carson
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homequest of park wisconsin. a dog lover father and marine since 2009. he deployed twice to afghanistan. and finally staff sergeant david wyatt of becker north carolina. he specialized in field artillery. served for more than 11 years. deployed to both iraq and afghanistan. and right now "on the record" is on the ground investigating the attack. but who was mohammed yousef abdulazeez. griff jenkins spoke to his best friend. griff joins us. >> griff? >> >> we talked to the immediate neighbor who recalls see mohammed just a few days ago coming out oof the woods with another friend. >> do you remember the last time you saw him? >> i think it was probably this weekend. i saw him walking up from the back with a friend and i just didn't pay any
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attention. i had no reason. >> he was where the wood thing is kind of up there behind that i saw him. and i was just getting into the red truck. >> this is the back of abdulazeez's property. you can see this is an area where the immediate neighbor, karen jones says she mohammed unidentified man saw him walking up as she was getting into her red car here. you can see she would have gotten a good look here. this is 10 feet. as we walked this street there is nothing but shock and sleuth horror that the kid they knew as mohammod the nice friendly kid would do such a terrible thing. this is is the house where mohammed yousef abdulazeez grew up. the family still lives here. the fbi has just finished with their investigation the house is open are to the first time.
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the home is not actually in great condition. all the neighbors we talked to described the family as a wonderful family. you live here just a few houses down from mr. abdul zeez tell me first what kind of kid can was he? how did you know him? >> he was a nice kid growing up. knew him from adolescence and he never caused any trouble in the neighborhood. never. he was a good, polite kid and he came from a good upbringing. >> a normal guy like me. we used to ride go carts and play x box and all the kids in the neighborhood used to hang out. it's quite a big shock to hear somebody could do something like that and then live a couple houses down. >> it's crazy to hear about not only in your hometown you never hear about it in your hometown but somebody you went to school with. we are all pretty shocked. >> he was always playing with a guy across the street and a couple others playing soccer or whatever. seemed like a normal family.
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>> what you can tell me about the family? >> i found out they were from kuwait and they were muslims, devout muslims. they are devout muslims. they have never caused any trouble in the neighborhood. never caused any light to come to their house. any kind of conflict or anything. >> you must have been very shocked. what was your reaction when you had heard who had done this? >> shocked. it was just like that's not the way he was when he was a kid. this is something that he sort of evolved into, sort of a radicalized some way or another. i suppose authorities will find out what that is. >> and griff jenkins now joins us live. griff, you spoke with the shooter's best friend a short time ago and you have reported on that but, you know at some point we have to recognize that this guy
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changed. he did go, we know now he did go to jordan. there is a suspicion that he went to yemen as well. no one you spoke to said, you know, this guy grew a beard? he got arrested for dui? he changed? something was going on? >> >> that's right judge, the picture of who mohammed yousef abdulazeez was is going to be looked at by authorities. if anyone knew him it was his friends and the man who identified himself as his best friend at the mosque in chattanooga here. they wouldn't go on camera with us to do an interview. they talked to me in the parking lot. we talked for a long time and i learned a lot. i learned that mohammod described himself to his friends arabian redneck. typical southern friend and they liked to shoot guns. my heart bothers me because i'm pretty sure i shotguns with mohammod each guns that
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he may is have used in this horrific shooting. he had lots of guns and they shot to be competitive with each other targets in the woods on multiple occasions. he said he prayed with mohammed as recently as tuesday of this week and he said that if mohammed would have had a problem and confided in anyone, gene, it would have been him. and this best friend told me had he done so this probably wouldn't have happened. judge, he also told me that they talked about things that may be political within the middle east we talked about isis and are dislike it he is he very shocked that this happened. talking to the fbi, they are very interested. the fact that this kid was doing typical things like shooting guns he had problem with law enforcement.
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a problem with authority was most shocking perhaps at that mosque. they wanted to tell me, judge, that they condemn wholeheartedly what has happened. >> they wouldn't go on camera to say that griff? >> they feared identity being seen in what might come to them. >> all right griff jenkins. thanks so much. and "on the record" confirming new details about the shooter's multiple trips to the middle east. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us. good evening catherine. >> thank you judge. look the investigation tonight is expanding on two distinct levels. we confirmed earlier today that investigators are focused on the suspect's trip to the middle east in 2014 at least one stop in jordan possibly a stop in yemen though our government contact would not confirm the stop in yemen for undisclosed reasons. we also know, based on the news conference, that there
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are now 770 leads that have been generated in the case and reporters we're told, that we could see activity not only in the state of tennessee but also on the national level. that suggests to me that he they're trying to consider whether there may have been a broader network of people involved. what they said publicly today that they see no definitive evidence that there wasn't anyone beyond mohammed mohammod youssuf abdulazeez. >> tonight the family of the four marines killed in yesterday's attack are in a state of shock. fox atlanta reporter nicole is at corporal skip wills memorial right now. she joins us. >> he put others before himself. it's something we have heard again. well the atmosphere is people in mourning. people grieving. they say he put others before himself. it's something we have heard about lieutenant corporal
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skip wells several times today. this is a very young marine. he graduated here from sprayberry high school three years ago. he arrived in that office in chattanooga just a day before the shooting. he was only scheduled to be there for three weeks. and it was his dream to be a marine. friends and family say that they knew the risks of him serving in the military. they just never thought that he would lose his life in the parking lot of a recruitment office. that disbelief has really spawned the need for a place for this community to go and mourn. this has become that place. set up rotc fellow members of the rotc former members in high school in marietta. people have been stopping by all day leaving flowers flags, sheddin and some sentimental items left behind. if you look over here, this flag left on this shirt that was dropped off by a fellow marine a short time ago. that was from his tour of duty marking his service. he said is he want the wells family to have it and perhaps the saddest story i have heard all day came from
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a family friend of the mother. tells me had just returned from a family trip. a trip skip had surprised her with. sitting on the couch watching everything unfold in chattanooga. she just began to pray. pray that the marines would not be knocking on her door. of course, a couple of hours later that's exactly what happened followed by complete heart break. but friends of the family say the only solace in all of this is that skip died doing what he loved. >> he wanted to serve and to help and step into any situation and be the helper. >> the next step in this process skip wells' body will have to be flown back here for an autopsy. it's then that the family will begin a full military service funeral for him. we're live in marietta, georgia. nicole he back to you. >> so sad. nicole, thanks so much. tonight in towns across america, tributes all of the
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marines who tragically lost their lives in tennessee. we also remember gunnery sergeant thomas sullivan. sergeant holmquist. police are stepping up security measures to prevent another attack. former nypd howard shaffer is here. he joins us. good evening commissioner. >> good evening judge. >> sad night tonight. this is a business that you know well. everyone on high alert. but, weren't we already on high alert? didn't they tell us that military posts were being targeted by isis? didn't we already know this? >> we did know it. but, you know, unfortunately, this was a soft target. and what this young man did was he attacked a place where there were unarmed marines. where there was no actual defense so he actually
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picked easy targets. and that's something that the marine corps and the department of defense really has to pay attention to. >> yeah. i'm sure there would be a lot of discussion of that in the coming future. what should we expect in terms of increased security where and how you and what will they be carrying? >> first, you know, this is the new normal and it's something unfortunately we are going to have to get used to. i just came back from israel and in israel there are watches at malls. there are armed people all over the place. i think it's going that we are going to deal with the department of defense is going to have to consider arming these recruiting stations as well as these reserve centers. you can't leave targets and marines other dod personnelicers targets. we have to give them some kind of defense. >> well, and i think odierno talked about that, in fact, today and you know what might be a bad idea with the
4:17 pm
suggestion. i mean, there is give these guys the ability and the women to protect themselves. moving this on, do you see this as kind of a watershed moment where this is now on american soil? this is jihad on american soil? >> there is no question. and whether this guy was self-radicalized or whether he was launched from yemen or from jordan where he went to we're going to see a lot more of this and it's not going to be just recruiting stations. i think we have to be concerned about malls about movie theaters. we are in a very dangerous time. and one of the things we're going to need is we are going to need the public. we're going to need people who saw this individual change. saw him grow a beard. saw him travel to the middle east to let the authorities know that these individuals exist because this guy and this is what scares us all every night is this guy was on nobody's radar. >> well, yeah. you know this guy is the
4:18 pm
guy that fbi director jim comey was talking about when he said that, you know, we can't prevent everything. and, unfortunately, we're now in a situation where you know, we're going to have to try to have whatever precautions we can going forward. do you see our freedoms being infringed upon in any way? >> well, you know, i think the number one civil right is to be free from harm. we're going to have to give up a little bit of liberty so that we can protect all of our citizens and protect each other. >> all right former commissioner howard shaver, it's good to see i. >> thank you so much. >> we will take you back live to chattanooga later in the hour. this is a fox news alert. a massive brush fire is blazing in the cajun path california. as you can see the 50-acre fire spreading right across the highway even lighting up at least five cars and put on fire.
4:19 pm
right now the u.s. forest service in san bernardino fire department are rushing to put out the flames. pair met dicks are on the scene treating injuries. we're going to bring you more on this breaking news as we get it but first huge news for donald trump the real estate mogul has something to be very happy about tonight. that's next. and, the most dangerous man in mexico on the loose right now. and fox news geraldo rivera is on the ground in mexico straight ahead. we all feel the calling to build something great. ♪
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we need a leader that wrote the art of the deal. >> there is nobody bigger or better at the military than i am. >> obama is going to be out playing golf. he might even be on one of my courses. i would invite him.
4:23 pm
i actually would say i have the best courses in the world, you know what if he wants to -- i have one right next to the white house. it's great if you have a big television show you get a lot of money right? i will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. i tell you that. >> and the donald is number one. get, this a brand new fox polling more good news for donald trump the real estate mogul getting a whopping 18% report from republican primary voters and those are the ones who count folks. that makes him number one. the "on the record" panel political panel that is joins me now. the "wall street journal's" jason riley and the "the washington post" philip bump. all right guys. i will start with you jason. so what do you think? >> i think it's great news for donald trump. the question is whether it's good news for the republican party. if you look at who hillary matches up against best, it's not good for the republican party. she beats all of them right now. of course, it's very early but she beats jeb by about 5
4:24 pm
points and beats rubio by about 7. she beats trump by 19 points right now. >> really? >> good news for trump. we will see if it's good news for the republican party. >> do you agree with that? >> absolutely. the republicans don't need to worry about a hillary/trump matchup. there is little to suggest that these poll numbers which part of it is is the fact that he has great name recognition. part of it is the fact that he just announced his campaign. >> hillary has great name recognition, too she is not running in the republican primary. >> what he does to the republican brand. donald trump is not a republican. he is what hillary wants voters to think is a republican. the media is happy to oblige this because is he so entertaining. the worry is what it can do to the g.o.p. brand. >> here is the interesting thing. i think the guy has plugged in to, you know, a pop police, i'm sick and tired of the lies. -- the huffington post says we are not even going to
4:25 pm
cover this imivment most people are saying who in the hell do they think they are to do that? how do you feel about the huffington post saying they will never trouble trump. >> pr aspect. i get where they are coming from which is that no one seriously thinks is he going to be in this race long term. >> what do you mean you get where they are coming from. >> i get where they are coming from he is not going to be the republican party candidate. >> everybody knew al sharpton wasn't going the democratic candidate but they didn't say they weren't going to cover. >> donald trump's unfavorables are higher than al sharpton's or jesse jackson's ever were when they ran for president. worst unfavorables than any presidential candidate than 1980s. >> he has better favorables unfavorable than chris christie because we has seen the big jump. theme of immigration, people are passionate about immigration. republican party after mitt romney said we need to deal with immigration. worst of both words they didn't appeal to hispanic
4:26 pm
voters and made the base mad. donald trump is talking about immigration. >> is he going to go up in the numbers jason? >> he will go up a little bit more but it won't last. >> how long? >> i have no idea. not very is what i would say. >> i disagree, panel. thanks so much. good to have you here. the victorious drug lord el chapo son the loos right now in a massive man hunt is underway. fox news geraldo rivera is in mexico. and that's next. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today.
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this is a fox news alert. a massive brush fire is spreading in kay john pass, california. take a look at this 50-acre fire spreading right across the highway right now the fire. is rushing to put out the flames. as you can see right now the smoke is enormous there. but prior to it the fires being put out there apparently was fire on both sides of the road that somehow some of the flames actually came out on to the cars those cars, as you can see on the highway still burning even though the fires and the brush on either side of the highway have been put out. i mean that is unbelievable. and dangerous given, you know. what are cars made of and what's in a car? anyway a horrific brush fire engulfs a highway in
4:31 pm
california. stunning. i wonder how they are getting people out of there? and i wonder if there is any help. anyway, i will bring you more on breaking news as we get it. and, a massive manhunt for the most dangerous man in mexico the infamous drug lord known as el chapo. he is on the run following his incredible escape from a maximum security mexican prison. fox news' geraldo rivera reports from mexico. >> el chapo's prison break this man now wanted on multiple murder charges and drug trafficking and money laundering charges and six u.s. district courts, california arizona texas florida, illinois, and new york was imprisoned, and he dug his way out. how could they not know that the master tunnel builder the man who patented the drug smuggling tunnels through and under our southern border.
4:32 pm
they put him in a prison and apparently this story is, no one ever thought that he would tunnel out. yet to he seat vast scale of this tunnel to believe the amazing dimensions of this effort you go to first intermediary level property they purchase just for this purpose about a mile from the prison. you go down to intermediary level maybe 15 feet below the surface. there i saw a massive generator providing airconditioninging and ventilation and lighting to the main tunnel dig which is three stories below that intermediary level. then you get to that tunnel. the scope of that tunnel is incredible. probably six feet wide. 5 feet high. dirt being removed. remember one cubic yard of dirt weighs 3,000 pounds. they took it out bucket by bucket wheel barrow by
4:33 pm
wheelbarrow. they had a rail system developed two little cars and motorcycle hooked to a third car. they would pile the dirt on those cars as they dug into the tunnel, the air conditioned, lighted tunnel. they would bring the dirt out, bucket by bucket. wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow. they had a power wench to lift the buckets and then to lift out the 2,000 tons or more of dirt. they dug not only a mile long tunnel from that property that they had acquired under the prison wall, but they managed to come up directly in el chapo's cell. not just in his cell, but in the one tiny 2-foot by 2-foot area with a surveillance cameras that were on that cream 24/7 could not see. so they came up into his toilet area. that's why you now see the notorious video of el chapo going into the bathroom and then disappearing.
4:34 pm
he went down that shaft. got on that motorcycle, road those rails that one mile to the escape hatch and he got out. and to think that nobody in that prison or nobody in the prison authority administration or in the government of the interior ministry or others were involved were unaware of this is almost impossible to believe. now, tens of thousands of mexican federal police and other law enforcement officers are involved in what i think will be a fruitless search for el chapo. i think the united states, judge janine, wants el chapo more than mexico does. >> and a federal agent who met with el chapo in a mexico prison back in 1998 now speaking for the first time about his encounter with the drug lord. former dea chief intelligence officer from he el paso joins us.
4:35 pm
good evening lar get to interview this guy? you are a d.e.a. agent. >> d.e.a. intelligence specialist and i was with d.e.a. yes. >> right. how did you get to talk to him? >> well, chapo sent a messenger to the u.s. embassy in 1998. and he wanted to speak to d.e.a. i was there at the time. i had part of a hybrid unit in the past that studied mexican traffickers so i knew quite a bit about chapo guzman. >> let me just interrupt here because there is so much to this. so d.e.a. gives you permission to talk to this guy. when you go in, what do you think you are going to gain from this and what do you think he wants from this? >> well, it was permission actually from not only d.e.a., from the u.s. government, department of justice and from the mexican government. chapo wanted to cut a deal with the u.s. government and in return give us the
4:36 pm
members of the tiawain that cartel. >> okay, so you go in the first time you where him and you have studied him. you are with intelligence. do you get the sense that you are in a room with a guy who can take a chainsaw and cut your arm off or is he like a regular guy. >> no. he is like a regular guy. at that point he had been in prison for five years. he was trim, he was slim, he was clean cut. he was actually very surprised to see us. >> so, okay. if he is surprised to see you, he didn't think anyone would respond to his request. but, by asking to see someone from the united states d.e.a., he is apparently cognizant of the fact that we have some input into what mexico is going to do. >> well, he did. he knew that we would be accompanied by mexican authorities, which we were, there was three of us. a d.e.a. agent and the mexican prosecutor. and we introduced ourselves. that's who we were. and we spoke to him and then she began to talk to us about what deal he wanted to
4:37 pm
cuss with the u.s. government. >> do you think he was telling you the truth? >> he was talking as best as he possibly could. he was completely excited to be able to face us and to talk to us. he was actually wanting to be transferred to another prison in mexico, in mexico city, actually a notorious prison where a lot of escapes, coincidently occur. >> all right. so then -- is a deal made. >> no, a deal wasn't made at that time chapo was under indictment in various jurisdictions in the united states. and there was no deal to be made. we went to listen to what his offer was and he we continued to talk to him. there was never a second meeting. we never went back. >> all right. i have got to wrap up quickly. were you surprised that he he ised. >> no, i wasn't. he always said that he would not be in prison. he would either be dead or out of prison. >> all right. well, i guess it was the second of the two anyway,
4:38 pm
larry, thank you so much for being with us tonight. >> thank you. and a fox news alert. right now a massive blaze in southern california. trace gallagher joins us from california trace? >> judge this is the cajon pass. freeway that takes from you california into las vegas. it is the one and only road. right now you can see a brush fire broken out to the side of the road 500 acres. the bigger story son othe highway. where you can see at least a dozen cars are now on fire including a car carrier. both directions are now shut down. if the camera pans out you cam with a backed up and will be for some time. the fire broke out about an hour and 10 minutes ago. in that time the cars were being allowed to go through. the cars caught fire it. it was a domino effect. we have not heard of any
4:39 pm
injuries so far. can you see right there the smoke is very thick. the highway shut down in both directions and we have got at least a dozen vehicles involved in this thing. again, we are talking about the main artery that goes from southern california in to nevada on in to las vegas. interstate 15, this is san bernardino mountains. the cajon pass going over the mountains there fire crews and first responders and all kinds of people. people are abandoning their vehicles as can you imagine on the side of the road. they are telling you if you leave, leave your keys in your car so the car is not stuck there all night. this freeway will likely be shut down for several hours. anybody planning on going for n. either direction needs to be aware because there is no way you are getting in or out on interstate 15 for at least the sex several hours as we get more information on, this judge, we will get back to you. >> trace, as i look to, this i say to myself you said that the highway is shut down, no cars are allowed to
4:40 pm
pass. i'm exiting my vehicle with my kids. but, if the side of the road has been burnt by the fires that were so strong that they jumped down on to the highway, where are these people going? >> they are going to an evacuation center take anybody affected by i this to a local high school and then from there trying to get them ferried to whatever destination they are going to. clearly if you lost your car or your car is stuck on the freeway behind there, you are exactly right. if you are in the smoke they want to get you out of the smoke and get to you a safe zone, so that's a high school right now and that's what the process of doing. >> i'm looking at the screen right now. it appears that there are a few people walking next to that it looks like an 18-wheeler with a car in front of it that's on fire. so they are allowed to walk out. but are people coming with motorcycles? how were they getting them out of there? i don't understand. >> well, we can't see the pictures so it's unclear how
4:41 pm
they are transporting people back and forth. you know the first responders using the shoulders of the road to get there. most of the people you see walking around are first responders. the vehicle on fire now is our understanding is the car carrier. that's the car carrier caught on firer and at least 12 other vehicles as well as a boat are alsoen fire. you can see even the cars in front that have been put out are still burned. toy trucks tossed around and bended by the fire here. can you see over there on the the left hand or the right-hand side of your screen all scorched area. the question is why in the world were they letting traffic go through this area in the first place when the fire broke out or did they not have time you can see the cars are burning there and you go back about 500 yards. you have go more yards and truck burning and go back another 50 or 60 yards and have more that are burning. we say a dozen. but there could be a lot more cars that have been damaged in this just because
4:42 pm
of the smoke and the flames that you see on the screen right there. smoke is incredible. >> anyway. breaking news. we will be back right back with more about the california brush fire next. be a morning person again with aleve pm. staying in rhythm... it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want without the calories you don't... introducing boost® 100 calories. each delicious snack size drink gives you... 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. so it's big in nutrition and small in calories. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. get a coupon for a free sample at the mercedes-benz summer event is
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or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. if you're still just managing your symptoms, ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. a fox news alert. right now a massive brush fire in southern california engulfing a highway full of cars. drivers literally fleeing from their cars. trace gallagher joins us again from california. >> you know, i will tell you, judge, if you look at those two tractor trailers on fire one of them caught the other on fire. one is a car carrying vehicle. if you look directly behind it is a fedex truck. we have no idea if it's loaded down with packages, if the wind shifts, the big worry is they are going to catch that fedex truck on fire and then on you go, would you have got one fire in front. this again is interstate 15 which runs from southern
4:47 pm
california into nevada, it is the one road that takes you pack and forth from southern california to las vegas. and right now it is shut down in both directions. the brush fire that you cannot see is now 500 acres. well now you can see it it's 500 acres and now the concern is it's actually burning towards some homes in san bernardino county. the big concern you have right there on the freeway is all of these cars that have burned out. at least a dozen by our count. it might be higher now. and the fire is kind of sporadic. can you see boom, you hit right there in front where the black smoke is coming out of those tractor trailers and then you have 400 or 500 yards up the road more burning cars. they are trying to get these things out by dropping water buckets on them from helicopters as you can see it's having very little effect and they had some problems earlier because there was some drone traffic in the air. and so they had to ground the helicopters until they could get the drones out of the way. we are told the drones are all gone and helicopters are back on scene. they are having dual trying
4:48 pm
to put the tractor trailers out, the cars out, as well as the brush fire that's now making its way towards homes. this is is a major problem for anybody on a friday afternoon who is traveling to and from las vegas or in southern california going to san bernardino county. we're keeping our eyes on it. as they get more information are evacuating people to a local hospital. get you more and. >> san concern beano forest service. david are you there? >> yes, i am. >> how serious is this? it looks horrible. >> yes it's very serious. homes are threatened, brush fire is moving very fast. >> why is it that if we have got helicopters now that the drones are out of the way dropping hopefully water and whatever else is needed to put out a fire, why doesn't it seem to be having any effect there? >> because of the high winds, basically feeding the more oxygen to the fire and
4:49 pm
creating the fire intensity and making it burn hotter and faster. >> as i'm looking at this truck that is burning like with the smoking coming out of it on the screen, i mean, every one of these vehicles has gas in it. i mean, it's not just the fire, it's an explosion that can occur yes? >> that's correct. >> and how do they stop this? i mean, no one -- there is nothing on the ground. all of our efforts are from up above? >> no, actually we have ground crews that are now spraying the burning truck. >> really? >> okay. all right. and how far does this go? over 500 acres. burn truck. another set is of cars caught on fire. >> i understand now that the concern is for homes in that
4:50 pm
area given the wind and ferocity of the flames that we are seeing. >> that's correct. >> what are we doing about the people in those homes? >> they have mandatory evacuation and they set up an evacuation center at the high school. >> all right. david, thanks so much for being with us. >> you're welcome. >> and the massive brush fire spreading by the minute
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
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4:54 pm
a massive blaze engulfing the southern california highway. collin is nearby. collin? >> hi there. >> hi. collin, where is your vantage point? where are you in relation to what we are looking at?
4:55 pm
>> i'm about an eighth mile north of the oak hills off ramp on the west side looking towards the fire that's in oak hills. >> okay. so you are an eighth of a mile north. were new a car? >> yeah. i was in a car. i was driving north from the accident 395 and i freeway to get as far north as i could. >> what are you seeing? >> seeing the fire is actually headed north-northeast towards houses that are just over the ridge here. and i'm seeing flames now. i couldn't see flames about 10 minutes ago. and just right now they have to two planes making drops. >> go got to go, collin, sorry. thank you for being with us. more on this breaking news next.
4:56 pm
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5:00 pm
news. check us out tomorrow night on "justice" 9:00 p.m. eastern. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special edition of the factor terror on the home front. just three weeks ago we did a special called, the growing terror threat. in it, we warned of future homegrown attacks and it didn't take long before it happened. an apparent radical muslim has killed four marines in a terror attack on american soil. so tonight, on this factor special, we will deacon structure what is happening and talk about what we should be doing to keep this country safe. 24-year-old mohammed abdulazeez brought terror to the homeland in a brazen attack on two military


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