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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 20, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> pat is on the line here saying the association maybe could make a change to their rules to allow the american flag only but would exceptions stop there? >> coming up at 7:50 earn eastern on "fox & friends," we will speak with this military mom about the dispute. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. good morning, to you, it is monday july 20th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. he will not be lectured. donald trump not backing down from his verbal assault on john mccain. >> he's not a war hero. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured okay? >> and this morning, the brand-new trump op-ed. what is he saying now? meanwhile, five service members killed by an islamic extremist in cold blood but the president hat not ordered the u.s. flag to be flown at half staff. why not? we report what you know.
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you decide. >> they did it for ft. hood. a pro surfer one of the best attacked by a shark. does he live on live tv? up next hear from that surfer and how he managed to fight for his life. and keeping in mind mornings are always better with friends. ♪ ♪ we're not in center field, actually we are at yankee stadium if you missed our fox fan weekend, thousands did come to yankee stadium in the bronx, there is the entire kilmeade clan and in the back is brian
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cashman, the general manager of the yankees. >> it is an all brian zone and you got elisabeth and ainsley and something they do at the yankees, they do the ymca. as you can see i'm caught mid "y." >> you and sally doocy have a pretty good ymca going. >> the grounds crew goes out and does it. >> we're going to give you full highlights today. if you have one at home and you were with us yesterday or saturday send the pictures in. we met all the people who were lucky enough to be at the yankee game. almost every third person on sunday it was about donald trump. >> actually the headlines did not hit during the saturday fox fan day.
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what we learn over the weekend with donald trump appearing with frank luntz in iowa donald trump does not like john mccain. donald trump, with thousands of people there, john mccain referred to them as crazies who showed up. donald trump didn't like that. when frank asked him in ames iowa about john mccain, he said this keep in mind after he had this statement, mainstream media said donald trump says john mccain not a war hero. he says it one time and immediately corrects himself and says he was a war hero four times, listen. >> frank, frank. let me get to it. he's not a war hero. he is a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. okay? i hate to tell you. he's a war hero because he was
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captured. >> many people not liking the dig even though corrected there. those including marco rubio and rick perry both saying hey, this should and may take him right out of the running. watch. >> it's an insult to john mccain who clearly is a war hero and a great man but it's an insult to all p.o.w.s who all men and women who have served in uniform and captured in battle. it's absurd ridiculous and i do think it's a disqualifier as commander in chief. >> until mr. trump apologizes directly to john mccain and also to the veterans of this county i don't think he has the character or temperment to hold the highest position in this country. >> they did not pointing out great things he had done. he wouldn't talk about it. when senator mccain was running for president, he infer talks
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about what he experienced but his record it's -- he's the first one to put himself down, but if you look at the u.s.s. forest tape he was able to escape the fire but he went into another jet to get that pilot get out. after 23 bombing missions in vietnam, the injuries he sustained and the torture he put up with and staying there for five years, as soon as they found out that his dad was a four-star admiral, he would have gotten out, but he didn't. donald trump he goes at you directly. i imagine if we were one on one trying to bid against buildings, he would come after me about soccer he would go after the weakness. he went after john mccain and said he doesn't likethink he's done enough for veterans. >> he wrote an op-ed in usa
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today this is overnight, brand new, he does not need to be lectured. a number of my competitors for the republican nomination have no business running for president. i do not need to be lectured by any of them. many are failed politicians or people who would be unable to success in the private sector. >> he goes on to say john mccain has made america less safe spent most of his time in the senate pushing amnesty. they don't like each other. it's political season and a lot of people say it's donald trump being donald trump. he's not going to apologize because he says he does not like what john mccain did for the vets. >> the bottom line is donald trump is his own adviser. i don't think any politician can
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be successful especially a frontrunner with 14 direct competitors being his own adviser. he has to start consulting with people. >> if that is true advising himself, he's done so far. >> why would you kault him? let us know. meanwhile, it was four days ago, we talked about it here on the program on friday that attack in chattanooga, tennessee, where the 24-year-old muslim man by the named of mohammed abdulazeez murdered four marines and one navy officer as well. what is curious, the president did make a statement on thursday but after that the flags at federal facilities have not been lowered to half staff even though they have in similar events in the past. >> it's been four days since the president has made that statement right now after our five service members were killed in this terrorist attack and people wondering why, steve, as you mentioned the flag was not
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set at half mast here. it's happened before. we've had flag loergs in april 15th it was 150th anniversary of lincoln's death, and december 2013 it was the death of nelson mandela and december 12 sandy hook shootings and 2009 ft. hood. some are asking why? >> so you can focus on that and i think if you want to -- but the big story, marines are told to walk around without their uniforms on. they are still not allowed to walk around with weapons. we're not doing anything to stop people that are pushing this stuff forward like what we've seen at ft. hood and the shooting of the 24-year-old who are blaming depression the family is saying depression could have caused him to do that which is an insult to
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everyone with depression and everything else. this is got to stop. it's not going to stop telling marines to walk around in civilian clothing. >> the president can decide when he wants to lower the flags. apparently he's not made that decision yet. the governor of tennessee and arkansas they lowered their flags at half mast. >> you make the call. we'll be standing by on facebook and twitter. we're going to say hello and good morning to heather childers. we had a good time yesterday? >> we did. >> nice seeing you guys and all the fox fans. i want to talk about extreme weather beginning in california record rainfall causes part of interstate 10 to collapse into a
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rushing river. one person is hurt. that major highway still shut down this morning and for the first time in two decades, there was a rain delay at a bawg -- ballgame. he spent 17 years in prison for attempted murder and now a haitian resident who should have been deported has been arrested for killing a woman in connecticut. he was locked away in 1988. his prison file had him marked for deportation upon release, for some reason i.c.e. never got him out of the country and now he's charged with stabbing a 25-year-old connecticut woman to death. a bachelorette party tragedy to tell you about. 55-year-old stephen romeo plowed his truck into a limo after
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making a u-turn. eight young women were inside that limo. four did not survive. they were all in their 20s. four others were hurt, including the bride. former president george h.w. bush is back at home after recovers from a broken neck bone. jim mcgrath says that mr. bush is very grateful to his doctors. he fell at his summer home in maine last week. he is expected to make a full recovery in three to four months. that's good news there. our prayers are with him and his family. 11 minutes after the top of the hour. the numbers are shocking nearly 100,000 muslims come into your country legally each year and at one point, the tennessee terrorist was one of them. the fbi is being overwhelmed.
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this is not your
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grandfather's al qaeda. this is a group of people using social media to reach thousands and thousands of followers. >> the fbi director there issuing that dire warning just a couple of days before the chattanooga attack and the ongoing threat even more imminent when you consider the gunman was one of 100,000 muslim immigrants who come to the utilizes legally every year. so what changes need to be made? joining us right now is former mayor of new york city rudy giuliani. >> when you see those numbers, in your mind and expertise, what changes can be made? it seems like the fbi is overwhelmed at this point. >> it's both those 100,000 and american citizens who get jihadistized i probably made up a word. we need to recognize this is not an isolated lone wolf situation. first of all, there have been enough lone wolves it's a pack of wolves now and second it's all part of a plan. it's bin laden's plan originally
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now adopted by isis to recruit individual people win them over to jihadism win them over to islamic fundamentalism to kill christians jews soldiers and others and now it's working. it's working. he's getting these people to do it. it's an organized plan. it's like organized crime was. these people are going to have to be identified. there is going to have to be surveillance. >> can i stop you just a minute? this guy who is a 24-year-old muslim who went to -- born in kuwait he went to yemen and to jordan within the last year or so talk about surveillance you would figure if an american citizen went somewhere, that somebody would be watching and now the fbi says we have no idea what he was doing over there. >> that's going to sound familiar to with what happened with the boston marathon with
3:18 am
dzhokhar tsarnaev he went back to the middle of the chechen area all of a sudden and they had information about him and they were looking at the social media of both paem they would have seen very disturbing things said by this man on this social media. this is going to have to be become the way in which -- we investigate organized crime. i did it with the fbi. director west gave me 50 fbi agents handed them to me he gave me his tech experts and in those days we used wire taps we used home invasions in which we put in bugs and cameras. in this case they can look at social media, they can follow people far more easily. these people have to become the subject of intense scrutiny and we also have to start putting police officers back into mosques which mayor de blasio changed a year ago. i started that in '94.
3:19 am
mayor bloomberg continued that for all the years he was mayor. they should be in mosques. not all are bad. the attack on the 1993 world trade center was planned in a mosque. i can't tell you how many attacks we stopped during the time i was u.s. attorney and mayor. >> this terrorist attack in tennessee now, we talk about a lot that can be done. is one of things that should have been done or should be done now, though a little late is lowering the flag at the white house to half staff? shouldn't that be clear? >> how about a first step? the flag should be lowered half staff, the president of the united states should have gone to a memorial service for these people instead of going off and raising money for the democratic party and going to a play.
3:20 am
i'm sorry, i was mayor of new york when one of my police officers god forbid was killed or firefighters, i didn't go to plays and i didn't travel out of town. i went to the memorial service and i went to the funeral. president obama is not the guy putting his life on the line they are for him, as they should as the president of the united states i mean. and he owes them something, and he should have been at that memorial service and with the concern that he shows over shootings, half more than half of which have turned out to be totally justifiable, maybe he should have showed a little more concern over this. >> let's see if they change their mind and lower it. straight ahead, donald trump not backing down from these comments about john mccain. >> he's not a war hero. >> he's a war hero. five and a half years -- >> he was a war hero because he was captured. i like people who are not captured okay? >> can the donald recover?
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welcome back to 24 minutes past the top of hour. overnight, the united states and cuba fully restoring diplomatic relations for the first time since 1961. these two countries have opened embassies in each other's capitols and a flag raising is expected in d.c. later today. and another federal gun grab the federal is attempting
3:25 am
to keep people who owning guns who have it's been determined no longer can make -- donald trump igniting a firestorm of controversy. >> john mccain goes donald trump makes my life difficult. he had 15,000 people crazies he calls them. >> he's a war hero. >> he's not a war hero. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people who weren't captured. >> did donald trump go too far in saying that? is it all being blown all out of proportion now by the democrats and republicans? roger, do you think this is blown out of proportion? >> absolutely. donald trump didn't say anything to denigrate john mccain's
3:26 am
military service. he did criticize his service in the senate where john mccain teamed up with bernie sanders to ensure no one is held responsible in the obama administration veterans administration scandal in which a thousand men and women died awaiting for medical care. >> that is true. that is the impact. that's what he wants to come out of this whole debate like it would the immigration debate. on the other hand adam he did come out and say he was a war hero because he was captured. >> i tell you this is what turns a political consultant's hair gray. donald trump is kind of an outside the box, tell it like it is get it done anti politician has gone from detecting what's wrong with america to maybe what's wrong with himself. he took on john mccain who has been awarded 17 medals for an
3:27 am
incredible experience where for five and a half years, he was a prisoner of war, tortured beaten nearly drowned. if this isn't a hero i don't know what is. this is donald trump that he moved toward the debates. >> whatever you think, he's still leading in almost every poll winning in individual states. is this something -- >> that's the point here brian. this is a gang-up because trump is out front because he is speaking hard truth. john mccain has been in the senate for 30 years. our veterans health care is a disaster. he's the ranking member on that committee. many of the p.o.w. families believe that john mccain abandoned some of his brethren back there, so the idea that john mccain is a deitiy that i can't criticize. >> you don't criticize that.
3:28 am
john mccain thrives off criticism. he loves to get his hands dirty. he he loves to be a consequenceal senator, no one has taken on his war record even in a sentence. >> not donald trump. listen to the tape. >> right now, adam if you were working with donald trump, would you say okay here's where we go today? you are the frontrunner. here's how to lessen the damage or how to build up what happened. what would you say? >> i would come off john mccain, i shift on to something that he has focused attention on in the republican primary which is our southern border. i think he scored some points there and i i think every republican needs to focus on securing and manning and defending our southern flank. that's where he needs to go. he's gone from the donald trump show starring donald trump and the nine apprentices heading to
3:29 am
the debate and look like an apprentice himself. >> that's what they said two weeks ago. >> let's speak to the southern border john mccain goes from being for a path of legalization -- >> don't worry about mccain. now he's for a wall just like trump. >> that would have been the debate. the war thing, everything got blurred. people are taking advantage to knock down the guy in front. one minute before the bottom of the hour. demi moore, is in shock. a dead body found in her pool. and a shark attacking a champion during a competition on live tv. how he fought back? we want to wish happy birthday to model gisele
3:30 am
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take a look at this. it's the video everyone is talking about, a surfer in south africa attack by a shark on live television. >> oh, you see a little splash. oh. [ bleep ] excuse me. >> so scary. surfing champion mick fanning fighting off a huge shark after it dragged him under the water. crews racing to pull him out of the water. you see that here amazingly he emerged without a scratch. >> he said i was waiting for the teeth to come at me. i punched him in the back. he also used his surf board as a
3:34 am
shield at one point and apparently one of the problems was the shark actually got tangled up in his leg leash that was attached to him and the board and the shark was between it. here he is talking about what he did to make sure he was not eaten by the shark. >> it felt like it kicked me off but then it was still there going and i was still attached to my board and i felt like punched a couple of times and then it was dragging me. i felt like it was just dragging me under water and all of a sudden my leg wrap broke and i was all right, started swimming and i turned around i had that thought, what happens if it comes at another go at me. i turn around so i could at least see it coming and before i knew it the boat was there, the jet skis were there. we were in safety. >> one thing these jet skis a lot of credit too, they were the
3:35 am
first ones too going through the waves to get to him as quick as possible and can you imagine being a surfer next to him and the announcer everybody out of the water, there's a shark. i think the most shocking thing is after you hear about the six attacks in north carolina these are just swimmers then you have a champion surfer and a three camera overhead shot you would think they would have a way of clearing the waters in a competition this level. >> they did cancel the rest of the competition saying surfer safety -- >> when he goes down i think he was hit -- >> he was caught between the board and the shark and because he was attached to the board and the shark went down he within down with it. there's a big wave right there. we don't see him for five seconds. some people jump the shark. he actually punched one. >> does he go back out there and does he do something else? does he go to a department store
3:36 am
and start being in sales? >> he gets back on the board. more to come on that in the meantime we're going to say hello to heather childers. we saw a lot of great people. >> it was so much fun. thanks to all those folk for heading out there and saying hello to us. some other news headlines, have you heard about this actress demi moore, absolutely shocked after a man is found dead in the backyard pool of of her los angeles home. the 21-year-old was pulled from the deep end following a party that was hosted by moore's assistant apparently. the victim who did not know how to swim slipped and fell into the pool. she released this statement, i was out of the country traveling to meet my daughters for a birthday celebration when i got the devastating news. and detroit, thick billowing smoke through the sky. it came from a fire that was happening at a nearby parking
3:37 am
garage. seven cars were destroyed and two others were damaged. a downed power line. no one was injured and the tigers lost 2-3. and a truck goes careening through a toll booth in china. both the driver and passenger were sent to the hospital. officials think the trucks brakes failed. those are your headlines. 22 minutes before the top of hour. we told you about it earlier, more than a thousand of you came out to yankees stadium because the yankees needed your help and we wanted to show our thanks to you. the wing-ding was put together by michael tamaro. >> two days and hundreds of fans
3:38 am
and tons of baseball in case you missed it here's what happened. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> neil ca pt v -- cavuto. >> oh, i thought you were bill o'reilly. >> hey! ♪ ♪ >> excellent. >> i look crazy. this is good, as always. >> i think i screwed it up. >> this is pretty good.
3:39 am
♪ ♪ >> it's a privilege and honor to be able to put on a show right here in yankees stadium. it's a pretty good privilege. ♪ land that i love ♪ >> people from florida, from kentucky new york all around the area. >> brooklyn. >> brooklyn like it's a whole other state. >> attention, attention fox fans thank you, thank you for coming. >> does anybody watch the game? >> what a fun time. that was baby jack that i gave a high five too and also rebecca. >> the golden knights parachuted in. five of them. >> they kicked off the whole thing.
3:40 am
couldn't have planned it together. we had a special guest mike holmes and a brand-new fox show home-free. >> i'm first of all going to teach everyone what i know. they have to learn drywall, tiles. if they are not good enough at this they get eliminated. what everyone doesn't know is the person or the couple that i eliminate each and every week are the deserving families. i'm giving away nine houses to nine couples in atlanta. wait till you see the show. >> i can't wait to watch it. home-free premieres this wednesday on fox. log on to in the fox light. the house that holmes was built was actually at the house that ruth built? >> perfect synergies coming
3:41 am
together. we'll check that out. he was one of americas most beloved presidents? >> to ignore the facts of history of an evil empire to call the arms race a giant misunderstanding. mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. >> up next the people who knew ronald raegan best, are pulling back the curtain on his life. did you know he was nicknamed dutch? >> i did. kurt the cyber guy shows us how to update your ride. ♪ ♪
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♪ to steady betty. to steady betty. fire it up! ♪ am i the only one with a meeting? i've got two. yeah we've gotta go. i gotta say it man this is a nice set-up. too soon. just kidding. nissan sentra. j.d. power's "highest ranked compact car in initial quality." now get 0% financing or a great lease on the nissan sentra. ♪
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3:45 am
the heroes who helped end a war. to ignore the facts of history and the aaggressive impulses of an evil empire to simply call the arms race a giant misunderstanding mr. gorbachev tear down this wall. >> and eventually they did and now we're hearing never before told personal stories of president reagan from 81 of his appointees and people who worked with him. joining us right now is ambassador gilbert robertson. he also worked under him as well. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. i love the fact that has a personal angle to it aside from the fact that you worked for him, your daughter -- tell me the story about her sunday school teacher. >> yes. we were coming out of church one sunday morning in the spring of '79, and i met with her teacher
3:46 am
and her and she evidently had told the teacher that i was going to meet governor raegan on tuesday. this was sunday. and so her name was joy seesh, the teacher. she said please give dutch my best regards. i knew people don't call him dutch unless they knew him. i said how do you know him? she said we went to high school together and i had a little career in the movies she was a starlet and i told raegan he aught to be in the movies. she said he said i don't know anybody and she said you know him. she got her agent to give him a screen test and the screen test went very well and he was hired by paramount, and then he became governor and et cetera and so
3:47 am
that next tuesday, the governor had come to new york to meet political figures and everybody, like bill safire and bill casey and others like that and then he had a reception, and at the reception, i said to him i have regards from joy and he just stopped the line and he look at me and he said gil, you and i would not be talking or i won be running for president if it wasn't for her. >> look at that. >> very interesting. and one of the other things that happened i just heard your excerpt about his speech. >> which we started off with in that monday -- montage.
3:48 am
>> i was talking to a friend of mine who was a neighbor in carmel, new york and he was one of those rangers. he said to me do you want to you know have a little bite? we were in a -- going toward a restaurant and on a saturday afternoon, and i said sure and so he said what's new? i said my wife and i, daughter and my mother are going to go to france and he said you are to normandy. i said we were going to paris. we thought about it. if you go to normandy go up to point de' art. if you want a meal or a drink, just mention my name. i said bill tell me the story. i didn't know he had been a ranger. he said i landed on d day and we scaled the cliffs and it just was incredible story, and then he said the germans counterattack, i was caught behind a wall and he said then
3:49 am
i fell asleep. all of a sudden i heard -- >> you know the great thing, ambassador, about your book it's chockful of stories we have never heard before once again, the brand-new book is called "reagan remembered". thank you for joining us from d.c. coming up on this monday he sat in the boardroom with donald trump. what does geraldo rivera think about his donald's comments about john mccain? we will ask him when he joins us at the top of the hour. plus want a modern day ride without the price tag? kurt the cyber guy is here to tell you how to get many more miles out of that lemon you are driving.
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one. it will sync up with the cell phone system and start recording the data from your car. >> i want to ask you about two apps. what are the benefits of it and what's the cost and what does it do in your car for you? >> i put the demo on the dash. about automatic, the most compelling thing -- i really like both of them. i don't think you can go wrong with either one. one requires you to spend a little bit more money. this one goes for $100. it's linking by bluetooth to your phone. you get into an accident that's severe it can tell based on the accelerometer of your phone. it says elizabeth is in trouble. we'll call 911 for her. can you list family and friends to be notified and your position will be located. this also very similar to the other app, record where you left your car in terms of parking and it will keep you up-to-date with diagnostic information. so the most compelling way to keep a mechanic honest is to
3:55 am
have the information that they have. >> it may cost $100 but could save you when it comes to taking it to a mechanic? >> with absolute certainty. diagnostic information that your car gets to a mechanic when they plug into it is the same information you're going to have on your screen. >> that notification if you were to get into a car accident it looks almost like on-star would. would it also identify family? >> yeah. you can have that list your family so it does that. mojio uses cell phone technology. it's not relying on your phone to communicate with the outside world but you're using your phone. in fact i have it up here. check out this. this is the console you get. several apps with this. it's called gauge. it will tell you your fuel efficiency. start saving money. all right, elisabeth, you ride with your seat belt on but i want you to drive a little less aggressively. don't brake too sharply. if you accelerate less you'll save maybe $28 a week. >> maybe you're right.
3:56 am
for parents of new drivers as well. >> parents will love this one. this is a map. it's live. it's telling you exactly when the car is started and where it is at any given moment. we'll have details about both of these on the website, and we'll put all the info there. >> automatic and mojio, which is $149 by the way. >> $100 and $149. >> new updated smart car right now. thanks guys. >> kurt i want that car. i would like to take the top off, though. inside the board room with donald trump. geraldo rivera does he think that trump went over the top with his comments and how does he think he has become number one? >> in about a minute and a half. massive wave knocking into a cliff, taking jerry the dog with
3:57 am
it. >> no way. >> the dramatic rescue straight ahead. >> geraldo saves the dog. i sure had a lot on my mind when i got out of the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my family? my li'l buddy? and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital but i wondered if this was the right treatment for me. then my doctor told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots but eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. knowing eliquis had both... turned around my thinking. don't stop eliquis unless your doctor tells you to. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. if you had a spinal injection while on eliquis call your doctor right away if you have tingling numbness, or muscle weakness. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily... and it may take longer than usual for bleeding to stop.
3:58 am
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3:59 am
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4:00 am
good morning to you at home today. it's monday july 20th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. don't hassle the donald. defending his comments on swrm. >> he's not a war hero. >> he's a war hero. >> he's a war hero -- >> 5 1/2 years. >> he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people who weren't capture captured. okay? >> did the donald go too far? geraldo rivera is here to weigh in. islamic extremist right on american soil. flag of the white house is still flying high. why is this tragedy being
4:01 am
treated differently than all the others? good question. meanwhile, dramatic scene on this hawaiian beach. monster wave sweeps people their belongings and even a dog off to sea. what you really have to watch is how this ends and how jerry the dog is saved. we'll show you in the next hour. live from new york city this is "fox & friends." >> this is a new sport inside a big plastic ball and run at people as fast as you can. somebody is going to go flying. >> that somebody might be me. >> generation where parents are told they want to wrap their kids in bubble wrap this seems
4:02 am
to be the perfect answer. you can hit somebody as hard as you want knock them flying. >> how hard are you going to hit me out there, guys? >> i will not hit elisabeth hasselbeck. >> i do not believe you. that is yet to be determined. >> who are the models we hired? a fashion show? >> we'll be doing it ourselves in a little bit. stick around for that. geraldo on donald trump in a few seconds. first heather has some headlines. headlines. >> a new york man pled not guilty to driving drunk in this crash that killed four bridesmaids. 55-year-old steven romeo plowed his truck into the limousine as it was making a u-turn in new york's wine country. one misdemeanor charge. prosecutors say that will likely be upgraded. eight young women were inside
4:03 am
that limo. four did not survive. four others were hurt including the bride, still in serious condition. now a haitian immigrant, who should have been deported is accused of killing a woman in new york. he was released in prison after being lock add way since 1998. his prison file had him marked for deportation but for some reason i.c.e. never got him out of the country. now is he charged with stabbing a woman to death. the obama administration is now trying to keep people collecting social security from owning a gun if it is determined that they were unable to manage their own pension and disability payments. critics say this could affect 4.2 million beneficiaries, some of whom simply can't balletance a
4:04 am
checkbook. video that shows the moment a dog is swept off a hawaiian cliff. he jumped right into the rough waters thick of it to save this dog. with the help of two others he scooped the dog named jerry back into his arms and they all climbed back up the rocks to safety. jerry has a very good owner. lucky dog. >> who takes their dog to hawaii? maybe they live there. >> i'm not sure. maybe it's a surfer dog. >> heather, thanks. geraldo rivera is joining us now. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> follow-up and the finals. you know donald trump on every level. first off, are you shocked that we're talking to you today as a guy that's leading in five different polls in three different states? >> i want to wait till the next polls, but, yes, he has been incredibly surprising let me put it this way, in his showing.
4:05 am
i hope he doesn't let his pride destroy his dream. he has gone too far empty mainstream. >> john mccain not a war hero. we're about to play you the original comments. he did say that but then he pretty much immediately corrected himself and he does call john mccain a war hero four times. here is the original comments aimes, iowa saturday with frank luntz. >> let me get to it. >> he's a war hero. >> he's not a war hero. >> he's a war hero. >> he's a war hero -- >> 5 1/2 years. >> -- because he was captured. i like people who weren't captured. he's a war hero because he was captured. >> if you listen to his comments in total, he's not critical of john mccain the war hero. he's critical of his senate record. >> at the very least, donald trump owes an explanation.
4:06 am
you're trying to explain t donald trump owes that explanation, your explanation to everyone who was ever a prisoner of war. it sounds like he's saying there's a distinction between gis who are captured and gis who are uncaptured and the gis who are capture rd lesser than those who are not captured. i just think it is so offensive. one thing about john mccain, you can hate his politics, you can accuse him of any number of things. one thing that's sacred are the man's service. >> great valor. >> he was not only shot down by flying a u.s. navy aircraft bombing the enemy of the states he was not only held for five years in the worst conditions possible at the hanoi hilton so-called hanoi hilton prisoner of war camp but refused early release based on the fact that his father was an admiral and vip, he could have gotten out earlier, jumped the line.
4:07 am
that's why, steve, there are some places you cannot go. this is one of those places you cannot go. it may be that it was a bad joke. if it was a bad joke donald as your friend and i love you and your family. you're such a wonderful person and have been so good to the riveras. i beg you to explain it if it was a bad joke. just say it was a bad joke. i'm sorry it laid flat. i didn't mean it. or if it was something you said out of anger because of what mccain said about crazies, then apologize, i never intended for a second to insult your service or the service of other prisoners of war. they're on the pantheon of america. you just cannot mess with them. he made a terrible mistake. >> he came out in usa today. he says this. a number of my competitors for the republican nomination have no business running for president. i do not need to be lectured by any of them.
4:08 am
many are failed politicians or people who would be unable to succeed in the private sector. he does bring up a good point. when you are front-runner and have 13 other people who can't figure out why you're the front-runner -- >> not another candidate matters in this. this is between donald trump, john mccain and the pows and people who serve generally. >> would you take it as far as marco rubio and rick perry have that he's a disqualifier as commander in chief? that's marco rubio. if he does not follow your advice as a friend and apologize, would you side with marco rubio and rick perry saying it should disqualify him or do you think it naturally will? >> i think it is far worse than that elisabeth, far worse than damaging his chances to win the
4:09 am
nomination. if he refuses to apologize, this has damaged his entire legacy a cancer on his reputation. he must apologize or explain it. this is different. i love this man. two weeks ago i begged him to modify his statements about undocumented immigrants. i said you can make this same point but you don't have to be so harsh or stereotyping. you could say the same thing, get those same voters in your camp without hurting people's feelings and insulting a whole race of people. this is as bad or worse than that because there's one thing we hold in common as a nation. >> donald trump is going to be on this channel tonight talking to bill o'reilly to explain. see, when you're -- >> explaining is not enough. >> that's fine. >> you have to finally say -- he
4:10 am
said to me, i'm not the kind of guy who says i'm sorry. i get that. >> you see it as a slight against all vets. i look at it the way you do. they've got bad blood. it goes back to when john mccain called all his followers in phoenix crazy. he was taking a swipe at john mccain, not his military record his record in the senate and not all veterans. >> he made an unforced error of epic proportions. >> then you stop it. >> right. by saying nobody questions his valor in battle. the fact that he finished last in his class at west point should not have been coming out of donald trump's mouth. it has nothing to do with it. >> because he finished last in his class, i thought that dummy stuff was between him and mccain. it's the next step. now john mccain goes to war and becomes a celebrated war hero. now john mccain volunteers for
4:11 am
missions. he goes back and back finally shot down and tortured. you ever shake his hands? they're all bust eded up. i just think there's some places you can't go. and even us who love him. believe me this is a man i consider family. he has hurt his supporters. the people that prior to him reaching out to the tea party constituency he has a loving family and he has embarrassed everyone who invested in him. >> totally correctible. >> it is. >> right now, it is. if he comes out today and says i should have never brought that up. i was too angry. >> yes. >> the way he approaches everything is also the way he's rocking in the polls. there's no notes. i'll talk to the smallest newspaper or the biggest tv station. so he's doing what nobody else
4:12 am
is doing. >> will he apologize tonight with bill o'reilly, do you believe? >> i have never in the years i have known him, elisabeth, heard him say "i'm sorry." i have never. >> he says he has. >> i have never heard it. >> i think he will explain those comments and you'll see him exclusively here on fox news channel tonight at 8:00. >> he has to. he can't let his pride destroy his dream. he was doing remarkably well despite the naysayers and the people as you quote them. i don't doubt theirs isity. they have a certain xlitpolitical ax to grind that we don't. it's not enough to explain, john mccain called me a name or the voters crazies. that's not enough. you can't ever distinguish between captured and uncaptured as brave and not brave or hero
4:13 am
and not hero. come on donald do the right thing. >> put down the remote. just wait. geraldo, thank you very much. >> love your shoe ss, by the way. >> love your suit. you got the gray suit memo? >> i said if i want to look cool i have to wear whatever he's wearing. >> who wore it better. >> great to have you here. >> thank you, elisabeth. a presidential candidate said all lives matter then this happened. >> black lives matter. white lives matter. all lives matter. >> now he's apologizing for saying that. is he running from the right message? >> unbelievable adjustment there. >> another big perk for illegal immigrants. some now are eligible for a free attorney to help argue their case.
4:14 am
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4:17 am
democratic presidential candidate martin o'malley getting a chili reception after telling a crowd all lives matter. >> black lives matter white
4:18 am
lives matter. all lives matter. >> after he got shouted down like you just heard, he then walked those comments back. >> towards the end in your explanation, you said the phrase "all lives matter." you said the phrase "white lives matter." i want to ask you, do you understand the difference? >> i believe what i first said was that black lives matter. i meant no disrespect. that was a mistake on my part and i meant no disrespect and i didn't not mean to be incense insensitive in any way. >> to say "all lives matter" was disrespectful. executive director blacksphere kevin jackson. can you clue me in as to why saying "all lives matter" is disrespectful? >> it isn't. i would love to see them ask that question of hillary clinton and see what her reaction will be. that will now be the litmus test of how sensitive and tolerant you are. the fact of the matter brian, black lives matter is racist.
4:19 am
it's that simple. and all lives matter is exactly what america was built on. all lives do matter. if you say anything that doesn't point to blackness and essentially coddle black people you're a racist. martin o'malley couldn't be more of a liberal than bernie sanders or hillary clinton and makes a very same comment and has to back up on it. >> bernie sanders got booed and shouted down too. unlike people who get backlash like donald trump, when he says things about john mccain, he will stand up and take the arrows and see where it falls. what do you think the ramifications are of o'malley turning around his comments and apologizing same session? >> i don't think he's much of a factor to be honest with you. but i think it shows the level of weakness that democrats have
4:20 am
that walk back a comment that's common sense. all lives matter. black lives don't matter any more than white lives, at least in america. what he should have said is that if black lives matter so much why are you killing each other? why are you committing so many crimes against each other? why does it seem that black lives don't seem to matter on the motherland when you have genocide in the various african countries? it seems like they only care about the black lives in this country. what about the black lives around the world? he could have easily pushed back on this and then explained that all lives do matter and if he's president he's not going to value one life over another life the way that barack obama does. >> i think he did more damage by switching than he ever did by saying with his party or anybody else. thanks kevin jackson. >> my pleasure. five service members killed by terrorist in cold blood. the president has not ordered the american flag to be flown at
4:21 am
half-staff. why? rudy giuliani sounds off. her little brother fought back pulling her back and saving her life. life-saving moves you can teach your own kids from being kidnapped. try nexium® 24hr. the latest choice for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection.
4:22 am
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jack up the cost of your jaa. and more than $100 million, how much stephen hawk inging is ponying up for the search in alien life. now there's a bounty. a 15-year-old girl nearly kidnapped grabbed by a man and nearly pulled into his van. her little brother jumped into action. >> she was already halfway into the van like to the waist and i had to grab her legs right here. i had to grab her legs and keep pulling as hard as i could. >> i did everything i could not to go into the van. >> the suspect is still on the loose. what can you teach your kids if they find themselves in a similar situation? joining me now is retired westchester county police detective and self-defense expert steve cardian and his
4:26 am
assistant, cat. you say the first 20 seconds is crucial in terms of getting out of that primary situation. you'll give us three ways to escape should someone find us in that situation. >> first, never allow yourself to be taken to that secondary location. if he's a stranger and takes you from point a to point b there's more than a 90% chance you're not coming back. he has two fears, afraid of getting caught and getting hurt. we'll instill one or both of those in him to make you a less valuable target. >> awareness is key, you say. walk us through scenario one. what is that? >> awareness. back to basics. we're a digital society. focus on your surroundings. number two, identify the threat. then be aware of it and address it. and number three, escape. >> let's talk about this situation that just occurred. you're being dragged into a van, see someone being dragged into a van. what do you do? >> by all means, fight back. if he's not relying on you doing anything. >> how do you do it? can you show us? >> absolutely. from this position here if i go
4:27 am
to grab her somewhere, she's going to step right in down to the ground and kick to all my vulnerable points. >> the attacker is saying don't kick don't run. you tell your kids don't listen to them. run, kick scream get craze. >> i go crazy on him. scream yell get squiggly like a little kid trying to be kicked up off the ground. if i was going to pick her up here she will hit me in the groin, causing me some serious pain and she'll escape. >> what if you grab from behind, the upper body? >> a grab from behind i'm going to grab her, protect her, she's going to sit down to the ground and sit and spin. she can hit me in all my vulnerable areas. >> get to the ground and start kicking. >> the ground is your friend kicking up at my vulnerable
4:28 am
points between my groin and my nose she can be highly effective, harm someone double her size. >> should you practice this with your kids steve? it seems scary. if this ever happens -- it won't but if you ever find yourself in this situation, kiddies, this is what you need to do? >> our program girls on guard. i create instructors all over the country, bring it back to their community and teach their ch inner and female loved ones. >> you'll be teaching a seminar? >> in chicago where this very incident happened i'll be certifying instructors to instruct this particular program. >> great program to keep everyone safe particularly our kids. thank you very much. in shock this morning, demi moore, as a dead body was found in her pool after a party at her house. what went down? details straight ahead. plus the video is absolutely terrifying. watch this.
4:29 am
>> on the rankings. you can see a little splash. >> oh! >> holy [ bleep ]! excuse me. >> world champion surfer attacked by a shark on live television. what he did that saved his life. you're not going to want to miss it.
4:30 am
4:31 am
4:32 am
♪ >> well it must be so cool in those knockerball outfits. it's time for knockerball. it's supposed to be football more popular than baseball by the end of the summer, latest contact sport sweeping the nation because we don't play enough sports in this country. you become the actual ball. we get to hit each other. >> move over dodgeball. i'm going to start trash talking now. i'm going to knock out brian and
4:33 am
steve later in the show. >> go ahead. >> little problem. if you're going to trash talk you can't giggle while you're doing it. >> that's her approach. >> go street smart. >> ooirm going to get my game face on. i'm going to knock out brian -- ♪ get that knocker ball rolling ♪ >> don't laugh after. >> i can't help it. you're in a big bubble. >> listen this is going to be great. don't miss it. coming up next hour. >> doesn't sound like you're all in on that. >> i don't know that it looks like that much fun. >> i just in theed nobody here that told us to do it is making eye contact anymore. >> it's all for fun. >> we'll see who is standing at the conclusion of the program. heather is standing.
4:34 am
she has a look at the headlines. >> walk right into people looking at their cell phones in new york city with that on. >> that's a lawsuit. >> that would be great. the white house still not ordering flags -- have you heard about this -- to half-staff after the brutal murders of five service members last week in chattanooga despite the lowering of flags in dozens of states to honor the dead. they're calling on the white house to lower the flag at the capitol building. mayor rudy giuliani weighed in earlier. >> flags should be lowered half-staff. the president of the united states should have gone to a memorial service for these people instead of going off and raising money for the democratic party. i'm sorry. i was mayor of new york. when one of my police officers god forbid was killed or firefighters i didn't go to plays and i didn't go travel out of town. >> the flag has been lowered
4:35 am
four times since 2009. the most recent event, 150th anniversary of abraham lincoln's death. in absolute shock after a man is found dead in demi moore's backyard pool of her los angeles home pull friday the deep end following a party. moore's publicist says it was hosted by her assistant. the victim who did not know how to swim slipped and fell into the pool. moore releasing this statement saying in part quote, i was out of the country traveling to meet my daughters for a birthday celebration when i got the news. every single illegal child living in new york city will get free legal help to stay in the country. officials will introduce the nearly $2 million initiative today, hiring 5,000 lawyers and volunteers to represent any illegal child facing deportation. they will also call on other cities to follow suit. it is the video everyone is definitely talking about. surfer in south africa attacked
4:36 am
by a shark on live television. look. >> expanding on the rankings. you can see a little splash. >> oh. >> holy [ bleep ]! excuse me. >> you see him disappear under water there. surfing champion mick fanning fighting off a huge shark in competition after a shark dragged him under water for what seemed like an eternity. crews raced over to pull fanning out of the water. amazingly, he emerges without a single scratch. very lucky guy right there. >> record rainfall in california causes interstate 10 to collapse into a rushing river. one person is hurt. that major highway between california and arizona still shut down this morning. >> for the first time in two decades, there was a rain delay at the ball game. the los angeles angels game specifically and the boston red
4:37 am
sox will instead play a doubleheader tonight. there, tracking all the weather for us -- or she's here. they certainly want to know if it will rain out the game again. >> california nevada as well flash flood watches are in effect. tropical moisture we had in place across parts of the pacific. that's what's really starting to enhance that rainfall out there, forecasted through tuesday evening as those areas continue to see showers moving through. farther east much heavier rain producing flash flood concerns across parts of missouri illinois kentucky. we have a concern for flash flooding as well as severe weather, anywhere from the plains to parts of the midatlantic. and this will continue as we head into tomorrow as well. multiple days of watching out for severe weather. the other concern across parts of the south, the east coast, this was going on over the weekend as well. very hot temperatures. high humidity. heat index values between 100 to
4:38 am
110 degrees continuing through today. heat advisories are in effect. let's head back inside. >> thanks maria. call it the catch of a lifetime in san francisco. 10-year-old boy, just 10 stopped a foul ball headed right for his dad's head when his dad was looking away. >> let's take a look at the catch by this young fan right here. save my dad. >> now with us and his hero son, good morning to you both. your dad owes you one after that big save there and catch, right? >> yep. >> take full credit. >> dad, what do you think watching that video, how many times you've probably seen it right now, seeing how close it was. you're distracted. your son isn't. he's there with his mitt. what are your thoughts? >> well first, he makes a great catch. and i think the story is about,ow, dad bringing a little leaguer to the game and making a
4:39 am
great catch. but when you look at crawford hitting the ball from the time he hits the ball to the time it lands in john's glove is less than two seconds. >> yeah. >> i think i'm a lucky dad in a lot of ways. >> you are. tell us the story. he unlike you, dad, was watching the game. what were you doing? >> there's a lot of speculation as to what i was doing. but i think the teasing has been about a crab sandwich retrieving a crab sandwich. >> john jr., do you feel like you saved your dad there? that could have been a bad incident had that ball hit your father. >> yeah. >> right. john what are you thinking? how long have you been playing baseball? >> six years. >> you bring your glove to the game. are you thinking you're getting a foul ball or are you thinking i just got it -- just bringing it just in case? were you thinking in your head
4:40 am
you're going to catch a foul ball? >> yes. >> so you were almost expecting it? do you remember your reaction as the ball was fouled back in your area? >> how were you sitting? >> i was sitting in a catcher's crouch on the seat waiting for a foul ball to be hit. >> that's awesome. >> what team do you play for, bud? >> westwood little league i play for the tigers. >> have the san francisco giants reached out to you yet to see if you would like to play first base? >> would your preference be second base or shortstop? >> shortstop. >> okay shortstop. >> you might have earned it with that catch right there, i have to say. john and john jr., what a catch and save. dad, i don't know how you repay him after that but you might owe him something special. >> i think so. i think so. it looks like a lifetime of debt here for saving my life.
4:41 am
>> you're lucky you took him out to the ball game. >> and first started playing catch with him. >> thank you for joining us today from san francisco. >> thanks for having us. >> you've got it. >> good luck. >> have fun. donald trump not backing down for this comment about john mccain. >> he's not a war hero. >> he's a war hero. >> he's a war hero -- >> 5 1/2 years -- >> he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people who weren't captured okay? >> up next that other voice you hear right there, frank luntz, who moderated the discussion will giv his reaction to what's happened in the last 48 hours. >> that's right. proud military mom told to take down her american flag because it's against the rules. she says some neighbors even tore it to shreds. that mom here with us live to tell her story. born on this day in 1988 this dancer's first leading acting role in the 2011 film remake of footloose. who am i talking about?
4:42 am
first friend of fox with the right answer.
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yet i'm so awake? did you know your brain has two systems? one helps keep you awake- the other helps you sleep. science suggests when you have insomnia, the wake system in your brain may be too strong and your neurotransmitters remain too active as you try to sleep, which could be leading to your insomnia. ohh...maybe that's what's preventing me from getting the sleep i need! talk to your doctor about ways to manage your insomnia. donald trump not backing down after controversy erupted over the weekend about john mccain in iowa. >> frank, frank, let me get to it. >> he's a war hero. >> he's not a war hero. >> he's a war hero. 5 1/2 years -- >> he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people who were not captured. i'll tell you that. he essay war hero because he was captured.
4:46 am
in a new op-ed, trump writes the reality is that john mccain the politician has made america less safe covered up for president obama with the va scandal and pushing amnesty. >> fox news contributor frank luntz. walk us through what happened frank. >> so he and i had an exchange. this is about halfway through it. maybe a little bit earlier than that. he had said to me that i was being too politically correct because i was asking him whether or not he thought it was appropriate to use language calling senator mccain a dummy or what he said about the mexican population coming across the border. then we got to this exchange. i want to make this clear. this is more significant than just what he said about john mccain. later on a questioner in the audience asked him would you guarantee you're going to endorse the republican candidate for president? his answer no.
4:47 am
i'll say it right here i believe that there is the possibility if the tension between donald trump and the republican party get any greater that i could conceive of a donald trump third party candidacy. >> they speculated that forever. frank, let's talk about that event in particular. you followed up 5 1/2 years. four times afterwards he says he's a war hero but so are others who didn't get captured. did the audience in the building sense that he walked back those comments or clarified them accurately? >> not at all. in fact shall the way that he said it -- you played the important clip just before this introduction. i've never heard someone ever say what he said. this is significant and veterans organizations and veterans themselves on individual basis have been speaking up and speaking out and they said this is not appropriate. brian, this is one of the great -- one of the most
4:48 am
significant moments of campaign 2016. but i'll tell you, donald trump isn't going anywhere. i'm convinced he will still remain the front-runner up to the fox news debate because there's a segment of american society that like a candidate who says what he means and means what he says. donald trump can't be edited or censored. that's why a number of americans like him. >> sure. he was on fox & friends weekend yesterday and he called in and he was reacting to you saying this was an attack on all veterans as you just said. here is what he said yesterday. >> he is so wrong. i was interviewed by him and i will tell you again i got the biggest standing ovation of the entire weekend. but he is so wrong on that. i'm talking about mccain. i never even mentioned veterans. what i'm saying is mccain isn't fighting for the veterans. mccain has done very poorly for the veterans. anybody knows that. >> so frank, what he was saying -- he wasn't critical of his military record. he was critical of his senate
4:49 am
record he went on to say. >> but he has been making fun of john mccain -- look you have the right to say whatever you want to say. at least be accurate. the biggest standing ovation? no guys. i am going to challenge the fox & friends producers behind you guys go play the standing ovations for each of the candidates. donald trump's standing ovation was actually the least of the ten candidates and he had a lot of people in the audience at the time. yes, about 60% of the people stood up for him. it wasn't universal. and it was nothing like ted cruz. it was nothing like marco rubio. it was nothing like bobby jindal. and the second point, when he says that he has -- the way that he expressed himself about having concern for those who weren't captured you cannot imagine what it is like to spend 5 1/2 years being beaten every day. >> oh, sure. >> we ought to thank americans -- my god!
4:50 am
we ought to thank god there were hundreds of men willing to withstand such torture. one more thing at fox & friends, put on the videotape. you've got it, of john mccain after one of these tortures. they're dragging him out. this is the definition of an american hero. you can disagree where he stands. but his body was broken for this country and we owe him respect. >> leading up to being captured he showed -- he was a hero. >> right. >> and showed great valor. >> way all know he was a war hero. >> no doubt. >> difference of opinion about his service in the senate. by the way, trump will be on with bill o'reilly tonight. frank luntz, thanks for joining us from l.a. >> thank you, frank. >> thank you. thank you. ordering a mom to take down her military flag. when she refused that situation got worse. that mom and her story next. sorry kids. feeling dead on your feet? i've been on my feet all day. dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles have a unique gel wave design for outrageous comfort
4:51 am
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4:54 am
jewelulianjulianne hough is the answer. you'll be getting a copy of brian kilmeade's "george washington's secret six." condo association has ordered this military mom to remove flags because they're against the rules. now the association is threatening to charge this patriot resident with heavy fines for every day that she leaves old glory flying there. angie hildebrand, involved in the flg fight with the condo association, joins us now. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> you're a mom of two boys in the military. your sons are military men. why is it so important for you to fly this flag?
4:55 am
what does it mean to you? >> it's everybody's freedom. my family has fought for this flag. it's my freedom, everyone's freedom. it stands for my patriotism and it stands for my sons. i'm very adamant about that. i've flown a flag every place i've ever lived. never had a problem before. >> we're seeing a photo of your two sons. can you tell us about them? >> my youngest is clayton, specialist in the united states army and my elder son is travis. he's a staff sergeant in the marines. >> we're thankful for their service in this great nation. i'm sure they have words for those of you that don't want you flying this flag at your condo association. you held a rally to fight for your right to fly this flag. after the rally where you had
4:56 am
some support, what happened the next day? >> it was actually the day before the rally or the day of the rally i woke up and they had shredded my flag brand new flag. they cut that one up or shredded it. they cut it two or three times. and then after that we had the rally. the rally still went on as planned. i was rather disheartened to see what somebody would do to be so disrespectful to the flag that so many have fought and died for. >> right. disgraceful that they would do that. you have nine months now to stay there with fines and then you're going to move and i'm sure wherever you move you're going to hang old glory and do it with pride. we thank your sons for their service and your family to their commitment to this country and hope that your new place welcomes your patriotism. >> thank you so much. i hope so too. >> angie, great american there. offering no apologies. can donald trump recover from
4:57 am
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5:00 am
good morning to you. today is monday july 20th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. donald trump is not backing down from saying this. >> he is not a war hero. >> 5 1/2 years in the -- >> he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people who weren't captured. okay? >> did the donald take it too far? senator john mccain responds this morning. trying to catch a wave when out of nowhere -- oh, look behind you. >> his standing on the rankings. you see a little splash. >> oh! holy [ bleep ]! >> man they bleeped the announcer. imagine what the world champion surfer said when he was attacked by a shark on live tv. what he did that probably saved
5:01 am
his life. we'll share it with you. single mom arrested by abandoning her kids at a food court while interviewing for a job 30 feet away. 30 feet away. then she goes to jail. is that right? we report. you decide. in case there's a quiz later, let me remind you, mornings are better with friends. ♪ >> doesn't it look like m & ms running around the plaza out front? >> it does. >> doesn't it feel like we're about to become those m & ms? knockerball fever happening here in new york city. we are going to take to that turf. >> there was a morning show probably in 1920. outside on the veranda in that show were a group of football players and they had leather
5:02 am
helmets on and ran into each other saying there's this new game called football and it's going to capture america. folks were probably perplexed by this. 100 years later, what do we have? football is the number one sport. we're going to be the christopher columbus of knockerball. >> foreshadowing. it's happening today. >> go ahead. >> 1920s. >> yeah. >> no couch. >> anyway we'll tell you all about knockerball. we're going to get in those things. it won't be pretty. >> they're air conditioned, right? >> just like the m & ms, i have a feeling we're going to melt in the suit. not in your hands. >> busy final hour. we'll talk to very shortly bret baier regarding donald trump's comments. first we return to heather. >> we start off on a sad note. a honeymoon tragedy. a newlywed bride is killed by a
5:03 am
single bolt of lightning, just six days after her wedding. kathleen batter bartlet and her husband were traveling when lightning hit. witnesses had to climb down for cell service to call in rescue crews. her husband was also hit and hospitalized. this horrific crash killed four bridesmaids. 55-year-old steven romeo plowed his truck into the limousine after making a u-turn. he will likely face more charges. eight young women were inside that limb oo. four did not survive. four others were injured. a haitian immigrant who should have been reported is accused of killing a woman in new york. jean jacques has been locked
5:04 am
away since 1988. his record was mark for the record deportation upon release. for some reason i.c.e. never did and he is now charged with stabbing a woman to death. the dating site that helps married men cheat, ashley madison's motto is life is short. have an affair. releasing information about millions of customers if demands are not met. police are investigating the breech. those are a look at your headlines. >> heather, thank you so much. >> bret baier at our nation's capital, big show at 6:00 pm eastern. i think what we learned over the weekend in ames iowa is that donald trump and john mccain don't get along. i think it all started with that comment from john mccain a week or two ago, referring to mr. trump's followers in arizona as being crazies.
5:05 am
>> yeah. let me say we're considering changing the rules to go full knockerball. >> you should do that. the responses would be somewhat muscle ed muffled. >> might be. >> it feels like it already is. >> donald trump has a lot of following because he's a straight talker doesn't have a filter. when attacked he comes back swinging extra hard. this is a combination of those two things and the topic was not a topic you can do that on. and even in the straight talking, it is most republicans believe, over the line. more republicans are agreeing with geraldo, on your show earlier today, that trump has to come out and apologize to the families of pows and may do so on o'reilly tonight. he was offered numerous chances over the weekend to do that and
5:06 am
didn't. however you explain it it's still not sitting well i think, across the board with what he said and how he said it. >> without an apology we have his original comment that is started in ames iowa. this is what it sounded like. >> frank, frank, he hit me -- >> he's a war hero. >> he's not a war hero. >> 5 1/2 years in a -- >> he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people who weren't captured. he essay war hero because he was captured. >> frank -- frank, sorry. we were just talking to frank luntz about this. bret as we heard there, he said not a war hero but then immediately corrected it and said he is a war hero four times. >> yes. but he also said that i like war heroes who were not captured. this is a problem. let's not sugar coat it.
5:07 am
this is not a good moment for the trump campaign. >> no. >> no matter how he keeps talking about it it's not a good moment. i don't know that the headlines that this is the waterloo for trump or the downfall of the donald i don't think that that is going to prove itself to be true. he is not a guy who seems like he pulls out of things any time soon. and will have voter that is stick with him. >> he is winning in just about all the polls right now. here is what he said a short time ago on the td show. he's blaming the media. >> matt that's what you don't do. excuse me. excuse me matt. you're the media and you do the same thing. the next sentence was, he is a war hero. i said that. but they never want to play it. and you don't want to play it. >> why would you say the first thing? >> excuse me. >> why would you say the first
5:08 am
matt part? >> if you would have let it run just another three seconds you would have said that i said very clearly, he is a war hero. >> well we actually played the whole sound bite. >> if you're explaining you're not moving forward. if you're explaining something, you are not winning. >> john mccain was on nbc as well. he had this comment about whether or not donald trump should apologize to war heroes. >> in the case of many of our veterans when mr. trump said that he prefers to be with people who are not captured the great honor of my life was to serve in the company of heroes. i'm not a hero. but those who were my senior ranking officers congressional medal winner those have inspired us to do things that we otherwise wouldn't have been capable of doing. those are the people that i think he owes an apology to.
5:09 am
>> not surprised that mccain doesn't want to pat himself on the back. he never does. but your reaction to where this story goes now? >> i think it will be a day or two of this. it is a bad moment for the trump candidacy. if he doesn't deal with it it will only get bigger. listen there will be people who say this is not a big deal and we still support trump. but i bet the people on the edge who said he's a very successful businessman, straight talker but i have a problem with this. i think there are more of those people today than there were friday. >> you hit the nail on the head when you said if you're explaining you're not winning and you're not moving forward. well stated brad. see you tonight
5:10 am
we'll see you tonight. >> i'll talk to you a little bit later on radio. when we're telling everyone where to meet. absolutely legitimate candidate for the president of the united states and should stay in the race a perfect comment from a veteran. >> geraldo is his friend. he has never known him to say i'm sorry. >> she always drops the name geraldo. >> i know it. meanwhile, let's talk about this. a woman down in houston was arrested because she went to a job interview and she got called at such short notice -- that's the woman right there. she took her two children 2 and 6 to a mcdonald's food court. she sat them down 30 feet away from where she was doing the job interview. they were in complete line of sight the whole time in that food court. i would say maybe foovive or six tables away. what happened? she got arrested. >> she had accepted the job offer. now worried that this arrest
5:11 am
might cause her to lose the very job in which she was trying to get to support her two kids as a single mom. >> is there logic and reason left in this world? ironically another bill is passing through the senate proposed by senator mike lee that talks about giving parents the option to be free range parents. free range kids legislation that allow parents to give kids freedom under their as you missuspices. >> the couple in maryland feel that their kids should be able to walk home from the park or walk home from school. and people see these kids by themselves and call the cops. >> this woman is trying to get a job to support her kids. she has them with her 30 feet away. i can look right there and see 30 feet away. what do you think? is she doing the right thing or is she putting her kids in danger? >> i spent the weekend with two
5:12 am
americans, spent the last year in switzerland. they don't teach kids academics until 7. the parents don't go to practices. kid goes everywhere on their own. total opposite. >> sounds like america 1960. >> maybe so. >> there you go. e-mail friendsandfox people who collect social security from owning a firearm. what? peter johnson jr. here next with details. just trying to catch a wave and was a champion when a shark ruined everything. >> fanstanding on the rankings. you see a little splash. >> oh! >> holy [ bleep ]! excuse me. >> you better believe it. world champion surfer attacked by a great white shark on live tv. what he did that saved his life.
5:13 am
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♪ every backyard comes together around a grill and kingsford charcoal. gather 'round. and try our sweet and fruity charcoal with applewood. have you heard about this?
5:17 am
the obama administration making another push for restricting gun control. to keep people from collecting social security from owning guns, a move which if implemented could affect over 4 million beneficiaries. what are they talking about? fox news analyst peter johnson jr. joins us now. >> good morning. >> when you hear that it's shocking. >> it is shocking and it's shocking a lot of disability advocates and a lot of folks who believe in the ability to own and bear firearms under the second amendment. so what they're considering doing is looking at that class of representative payees meaning 4.2 million americans who receive social security benefits but don't have the capacity for one reason or another, including mental disability of running their own affairs. about 2.7 of the 4.2 million are in that category. gun rights activists are saying
5:18 am
is this another opportunity for the obama administration to take away the lawful firearms of americans? guns can be restricted and they are by federal law to individuals because of marks of subnormal intelligence mental incompetency and certain diseases relating to mental illness. >> i get a lot of those. at the same time it's like who is to say somebody qualifies for one of those? >> absolutely. and usually it's a matter of the court determination. we do know that under social security they themselves make that medical or mental health determination very often. we know that some disability advocates, including psychiatrists rrks saying listen there's not an equivalency between inability to maintain one's financial affairs and one's ability to lawfully
5:19 am
possess and use a firearm. that become the distinction. mental disabilities under the law obviously should preclude gun owner shup in this country. what's the new borderline that the federal government is trying to impose through social security and what rights will people have to fight that? not every person who is a payee is mentally ill or incapable of owning and using safely a firearstandard? >> yeah. >> by the way if you're on television at noon today, tune in to outnumbered. >> that's a great show. >> it is a great show. >> smart, lovely terrific women. >> we'll be watching you, peter. >> thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> straight ahead, he killed a known taliban bombmaker and that got this green beret stripped of his silver star. where is the common sense? we'll tell you that story.
5:20 am
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5:23 am
welcome back. quick headlines for you now. former president george h.w. bush is back at his maine summer home this morning as he recovers from a broken neck bone. bush 41 was released from the hospital yesterday after four days of treatment. spokesman says that he is very grateful for his doctors. chattanooga shooting in florida, recruiters are being
5:24 am
armed and moved from storefronts to armories. taking similar steps to arm guardsmen in neighboring states. >> good. imagine you're in school and this is the last question on your final exam. select whether you want two points or six points added on to your final paper grade. there's a small catch. if more than 10% of the class selects 6 points then nobody gets any points. what would you opt for, two or six or for the greater good? >> we conducted our own test yesterday. watch. watch. >> i would take two points. >> why? >> i don't want to worry about everybody else ruining it for me. >> i'm going for six. >> i would take the two. >> two? >> two points. >> six. >> two. >> six. no risk no reward. >> two. take one for the team. >> six extra credit points. >> going all in? >> yeah. >> i would take two.
5:25 am
that's most courteous. >> i would take six. >> you would? how come? >> because i'm a genius. >> okay. >> most of everybody picked six so everyone would have lost. our next guest says that's almost always the case. a psychology professor from the university of marylands who exam went viral. dr. dylan selterman, welcome. what prompted you to look into this? >> this is a class exercise that i learned when i was a student from my professor when i was in college. i decided it was a great illustration of the common dilemma. >> how did the students answer? >> well, the students in this class, 20% answered six points so nobody got any points. and that's about the same percentage that i get each semester that i do this class. >> professor, i know you're probably on summer vacation right now but explain the common dilemma.
5:26 am
>> actually i'm teaching a class, yeah. >> then you're on the clock. explain what that is. >> a dilemma people face when they're torn between doing what's best for themselves and hays best for the group. obviously, it would be better to have six points than two points but if too many choose that the resource is depleted and nobody gets anything. it's an analogy to electricity or water or food in general. >> but ultimately what you have found with your own students -- and only one class has gotten it right where they've got the two points -- is we're greedy. >> yeah. >> and we want six. >> most people choose two points. that's important to keep in mind. most people are trying to behave in a communicatal way. you could say they're selfish, too, that the best chance for points is if everyone chooses two. >> students should get together before they take player class and should know that everyone should answer two point. >> yes, they should do that. >> what's the conclusion? what do you want everyone to take from this?
5:27 am
>> i want everyone to be mindful of how their actions affect others and vice versa and also to think about ways in which we can reduce over consumption of public resources. >> there you go. professor thank you very much for joining us today. good luck. >> thank you. >> heading over to the college park campus. you have a class later today. >> where i'm sure 100% of the students will be in sandals. actress demi moore in shock this morning. a dead body was found in a pool at a party at her house. was she even there? >> details are coming your way on that. video everyone is talking about. three-time world champ surfer attacked by a shark during a live competition. how he fought for his life next.
5:28 am
♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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5:31 am
oh, how much fun we had this weekend. we had a chance to meet some of or most dedicated fans for fox fan weekend. here we are. this is angela. we got to hang out up at the yankees game yesterday. brian, here you are. >> oh, yeah. this is mickey rivers one of the superstars yankees able to walk around and impress everybody. he has a huge adam's apple. >> hall of famer joined us as well on the saturday edition of fox fan day. more than 1,000 people came to
5:32 am
yankee stadium. if you missed it fox vice president of marketing got a behind-the-scenes look. here's what went on. ♪ >> i thought you were bill o'reilly. ♪ >> i look crazy. >> look good as always. >> i think i screwed it up.
5:33 am
>> privilege and honor to be able to put on a show out here at yankee stadium. ♪ land that i love ♪ >> so far away from florida. >> brooklyn. >> attention! attention fox fans! thank you! thank you for coming! >> good news. even though this was the tenth annual we'll have one next year as well. just hang on. we'll tell you when you e-mail us and you can get some tickets and get as much food and beer and whatever you want to drink. >> our kids had so much fun at it.
5:34 am
there were a ton of families there. thank you all for joining us. what a blast. on to next year we say. >> yankees added some drama to it. >> that home run at the end of the game by teixeira. >> i was there friday and saturday but saturday didn't go in the yankees' favor. >> we still had a nice day. >> it was great. >> heather, tell us about the news. actress demi moore, have you heard about this? she is in shock after a man is found dead in the backyard pool of her los angeles home. the 21-year-old's body was pull friday the deep end following a party thrown by moore's assistant while she was out of town. the victim who did not know how to swim, slipped and fell into the pool. green beret stripped of his silver star. he told the cia four years ago he shot the man because he considered him an armed combatant. the army claimed that the
5:35 am
bombmaker was unarmed and revoked his awards in 2010. army board found in evidence to support their claims. the board did find major goldstein guilty of conduct unbecoming an officer. the silver star is the third highest military decoration for valor. she grabbed national headlines this summer when it was revealed she lied about being black. >> are you african-american? >> i don't -- i don't understand the question. >> difficult question. now weeks later, rachel dolezal is still unapologetic about identifying as black, saying she deceive nod oned no one. she said she did not claim to be african-american but would say she is black, saying there's a difference. truck goes careening through
5:36 am
a toll booth. people dodge edd seeds and shells to help the person inside that truck. officials think the brakes of the truck failed. >> at least he got through the booth. >> no ez pass there for sure. 24 minutes before the top of the hour. it is a hot and sweaty summer day here in new york city. >> that's right. good morning. hello everybody at home. we're tracking extreme heat across parts of the south and up the east coast. i want to take you first out west. parts of california, nevada, we've been dealing with flooding out there. lot of tropical moisture in place across the pacific. that's been streaming northward, firing up showers and storms. of course this is welcomed news. we have extreme drought conditions for a big chunk of california and also into nevada. but we're getting a little bit too much too fast. that is producing those flash flooding concerns. it's been ongoing as of this
5:37 am
weekend. illinois kentucky flash flooding also a concern. there's a look at severe storms today from the central plains to the midatlantic. back inside. >> maria, thank you very much. meanwhile, have you seen these images? legend -- australian surfer mick fanning was in south africa preparing to -- he was waiting to catch a wave when up behind him, a great white -- this is how it appeared on live tv. >> fanning on the rankings -- you can see a little splash. >> holy [ bleep ]! excuse me. [ horns blowing ] >> the three-time world surfing champion described how he actually escaped the shark's clutches and jaws. listen to this.
5:38 am
>> it felt like it kicked me off. but then it was still there, going and still attached to my board. i felt like i punched it a couple of times and then it was dragging me. i felt like it was just dragging me under water. all of a sudden my leg wrap broke and i was like all right. just started swimming and screaming. i was swimming in and i turned around and i just had this thought, what happens if it comes for another go at me? i turned around so i could at least see it coming. and then before i knew it the boat was there. the jet skis were there and we were in safety. >> you see how quick he gets out of the water when the jet ski pulls up. and it's important to note too, has he ever had anything like this happen? world champion surfer doing this his entire life. >> they called the event for the day. two sharks were spotted in that area. his manager was watching it and he said that he thought they were watching the three-time world champion die. and at the very least he was
5:39 am
going to lose a limb. in the end, you can see him right there on the boat behind the jet ski. he was unharmed which is unbelievable. >> sharks don't want to eat humans. they mistake them for fish. >> sure looked like they wanted to eat him. thankfully the surfboard and leg wrap were the only things damaged there. three-time world champion escaping that shark. unbelievable. 15 republicans, five democrats all want to be in the white house next time. with looming threats around the world, which candidate is the best to lead our armed forces? the surprising answer from a former navy s.e.a.l. coming up next. plus we showed you them a short time ago. we're getting into knockerball action for ourselves, which we're finding out for the first time as we read the prompter. i want a body double. >> me, too.
5:40 am
5:41 am
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verizon. come home to a better network. the u.s.s. little rock making a big splash. watch this. the navy's newest comeback ship was christened in wisconsin. and bombs away. >> a world war ii era photo flash bomb safely detonated on a florida beach after being discovered over the weekend. thank goodness for metal detectors. steve? >> brian, thank you. from iran's nuclear ambitions to vladimir putin's aggressive pursuit of power, the presidential candidates are painting a picture of how america should flex its muscle.
5:44 am
>> cities that were liberated at the price of the lives of their colleagues. >> we shouldn't have been there. once we were there, we shouldn't have left so easily. >> we abandoned our relationship. iran will run wild. >> lethal force assistance to the ukraine. >> if we don't get the military right nothing else matters. >> who is best qualified to be our commander in chief? you went to the naval academy, navy s.e.a.l. commander. on the republican side who do you see so far as having the qualities we need in a commander in chief? >> well steve, those qualities are somebody who believes in america, someone who will stand on principles and beliefs and understands america's unique role in the world to deter enemies. we need a strong leader you look around the world right now.
5:45 am
strongest leader i've seen on the republican side for the gop nomination is carly fiorina. >> really? >> i think she's incredibly articulate. she can articulate the message and strategy that people can get behind. she doesn't back down. she stands on her beliefs when questioned. and she has had some tough interviews with -- from folks on the liberal press that are trying to attack her. she stands her ground and i've been very impressed with her. >> a lot of people have been impressed with her out on the stump. she's saying some thing that is others aren't. we do have a sound bite. here she is with her point of view regarding military policy. >> i have traveled and live and worked all over the world and i have met and known many many world leaders on the stage today and that is true. what i can tell you from all those experiences is that when we do not stand with our allies and when we do not confront our adversaries, our allies lose courage and our adversaries
5:46 am
press forward. >> i find it interesting that you say that carly fiorina is the best if you had to pick somebody right now nor commander in chief. she does not have military experience. a couple of republicans, rick perry, lindsey graham and david webb on the democrat side do. why is that not something that you are as concerned about? >> i think she's a proven leader. and having served in the military we need leaders who have been proven tested. i think she certainly has. she's someone that i would certainly be happy to get behind. i think my former colleagues would certainly do the same. she's someone who would scare our adversaries. they know she's not going to back down. vladimir putin and iran would be shaking in their boots if carly fiorina were our commander in chief. >> what's the next problem
5:47 am
facing our next commander in chief? >> iran. nuclear armed iran. that will be a game changer for the world. >> headline every day about isis. isis is metastasizing across that region. we have a strategy but that strategy clearly is not working. >> we don't have a strategy currently. it's certainly not an effective strategy. the fact that we're just going to train those iraqi soldiers and they're going to go back and do what we do it's just not going to work. we need a leader who can articulate a vision understand we can make a difference. isis can be handled within just a matter of months. we could radically reduce their military capabilities. >> leif babin. his pick for commander in chief of the republican crop carly fiorina. thanks leif. >> thanks, steve. elisabeth, brian and i will
5:48 am
step in to those knockerballs. who will be left standing? we'll know in 11 minutes. we could be the lead story on "america's newsroom." >> depending how it turns out. new developments on the trump/mccain story today. cuban officials are about to do something we have not seen in 50 years. the iran deal goes to congress today. many are dubious. what you need to understand about this potential deal. we've now heard from this surfer attacked by a shark on live television. wow! we'll see you in a few minutes, top of the hour, right here. earlier fresher harder and yeah, even on sundays. if that's not what you think of when you think of the united states postal service watch us deliver. ♪ [music] ♪ defiance is in our bones. new citracal pearls. delicious berries and cream. soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin
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d. only from citracal.
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it's time for a knockout
5:52 am
experience with knockerball. sweeping the nation. you know how much the nation needs sweeping. last one left standing not knocked out. we would like to introduce you right now, jason thomas from knockerball u.s.a. and major mike irwin from team red, white and blue. good morning. >> good morning. thanks for having us. >> brian made the great point earlier, so many parents want their children encassed in bubble wrap when they go outside. >> we got it done. >> you couldn't have more bubble wrap than what we do. we take a little bit of football mix it with a little bit of soccer wrap it up in bubble wrap and have some fun. >> this is brian kilmeade. there's elisabeth. don't hit her too hard. >> actually just go for it like you're doing hand springs. >> brian, i've got a better idea. just run into the wall. >> it's actually the first thing i ever did was i ran into a
5:53 am
brick wall. >> this is crazy. >> mike what is team red, white and blue doing with knockerball? >> nonprofit organization enriching the lives of veterans by connecting them to their community through social activity. sales from this month from knockerball, donating -- >> brian, very good. he did a couple of somersaults. >> our chapters a lot of them in kansas city chicago, alaska having a blast with these knockerball. >> where can we find knockerballs where we are? >> easiest way to do it is go to if you want to pick up a couple of balls yourself or go to if you're looking to play f you're looking to start your own knockerball business we will be with you shortly if you go to >> bachelor parties, church
5:54 am
groups everything. we're going to come and have fun with you. >> receiving word from the control room. brian is stuck. actually brian is stuck upside down. >> there we go. >> this is good. >> oh, my goodness. >> so much fun. >> it is good. brian, come back this way. come here. we can't hear you. what's it like in there? >> steve, it's the first time i felt like myself all day. it's a little hot, little clammy. i feel as though i can't be hurt for the first time. >> do you feel like you should be over at ups being shipped somewhere? >> i do. i really do. >> would you like elisabeth to do -- >> funny you should ask, brian. he is mad at me because i held him upside down. >> let's see what you can do. >> thank you, knockerball, for doing what you're doing for american veterans.
5:55 am
to show my gratitude, i'm going to knock brian over. >> elisabeth, brian would like to do a synchronized -- you're both up against the wall and come towards dave's camera. all right? hold on. >>. are you ready? >> i think so. >> back up next to brian. >> i don't like to go upside down. >> objection. oh good. she's stuck. >> i don't want to -- >> oh, alley-oop. >> oh, man. >> i wouldn't do anything to hurt you. >> are you okay? >> i'm okay. who are you anyway? >> who are you? where am i? >> where am i? >> it's called knockerball. >> roll over play dead elisabeth. more from fox & friends live from the plaza in two minutes.
5:56 am
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it is called knockerball. brian, there's been fun and games. knockerball, one run at you. >> how many people over here believe that brian is going to win this knockerball right here? >> oh, yeah. >> okay brian. give it a shot right here. >> let's get out of the way. >> this is a knockerball moment we've all been waiting for. >> which one is he? >> the guy in the middle. >> the guy dressed in black. >> ladies and gentlemen -- >> three, two, one, go! >> oh! are you okay? >> oh, brian. >> oh. >> ow! >> doing it with a smile, though. he's on his back. brian, are you okay in there? >> brian?
6:00 am
brian? he takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. >> did i win? >> you did well. >> i won new jersey next time then new york then the rest of the world. see you tomorrow. bill: donald trump sticking to his statements about senator john mccain and his service to america. trump says the vietnam prisoner of war qualifies as a hero only because he was captured. good morning on a monday, hope you had a great weekend. patti ann: i'm patti ann browne in for martha maccallum a trump rebuffing calling for an apology but instead calling into the "today show" and


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