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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 20, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> we are working on the second hour of "happening now" now. we'll we you back in an hour. >> right after "outnumbered" which starts now. this is "outnumbered." i am andrea tantaros and here with us is harris faulkner cohp cohphost of after the bell and peter johnson junior is here. sometimes known as pj jay is here. you are "outnumbered." >> been looking forward to it. the smartest most attractive people in television.
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>> we know you a fox and friends favorite. >> they trained me. i said i don't have to be told. you look fantastic. >> i love the pink. >> we do have a bigger couch than they do. >> it is a fantastic couch. >> waiting for donald trump to apologize? guess what, folks? it is not happening. the presidential candidate is refusing to say sorry what he said about senator mccain and his sacrifices were the country. the remarks that triggered the firestorm. >> john mccain says something makes me life difficult. he had 15,000 crazies show up. he called them all crazy. he is not a war hero.
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he is a war hero because he was captured. i like people who were not captured. he is a war hero because he was captured. >> donald's choice of words getting immediate, fiery reaction from the fellow gop candidates with all of them condemning his remarks and some saying it disequalifies him as a candidate. >> until mr. trump apologizes directly to john mccain and the veterans of the country i don't think he has the character or temperment to hold the highest position. >> it is absurd and i think a disqualifying comp. >> if you want to be commander and chief and you are serious
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about that job, the last thing you would ever do is say anything that would show disrespect for anybody who served. >> in response to the blow balk back trump is lashing out at the fellow gop hopefuls calling them failed politicians and on the today show trump taking issues with the media reporting on his comment as he goes on the attack against mccain again. >> i do have a problem with what he is doing on the border he is table, and the illegal immigration is horrible. he is doing a horrible job for the vets. i see the vets coming to me. powerful, wonderful people and crying they don't know what to do and are lost. illegal immigrants are treated better than many vets. it is a disgrace and john mccain
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has done nothing about it but talk. >> mccain appearing to take had high road saying he is willing to put this behind him. >> does donald trump owe you an apology? >> i don't think so. but he may owe an apology to the families of those who have sacrificed in conflict and those who have undergone the prison experience in serving their country. >> pj-jay this is getting a lot of attention and it should. senator mccain is a war hero whether you agree with him or not. >> donald trump is a friend of mine. i believe in the end donald trump is going to make amends with senator mccain and needs to with the veterans of the united states. this is not what donald trump represents. i think senator mccain is taking
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the high road because he knows he has a personality that is difficult himicism. he has been in tough campaigns. he had to walk back things. but this is what not donald trump stands for. we cannot stand were this really as americans. i don't agree with that notion that someone is disqualified for the presidency. the people at home decide that. the candidates don't disqualify donald trump. he should continue. he is a strong forthright candidate and should say he is wrong when he is wrong. >> harris, it doesn't look like he is going to appallologizeapologize should should? >> senator lindsey graham was on the couch last week. he said something that was consistent with what we heard.
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he wants all voices in the arena. what happens if you take donald trump out? take a look at the fox news fol polling, when you have donald trump and we talked about this, look at how much real estate he soaks up. take out donald trump. this is what potential voters say. you might find yourself saying things like maybe he doesn't deserve the state. it changes the conversation and not just about immigration. but one way senator mccain is not saying is he admitted calling the people in arizona crazy to go see donald trump. >> no body likes to be called
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crazy. donald trump makes good points but takes it a bridge too far. now trying to say we need a secure border anyone calling for a security border is trump crazy. >> does he think he is running against senator mccain? it started out as a feud and now he is making it his job to point out where mccain stands. i know you will say what you want to say but maybe focus on the candidates running and point out their policy. it is bizarre why mccain is the focal focal point of this. >> when you watch it live you can see he did a lot of television because he gets that one liner and makes a joke in his head that comes out but it is way too far. when you saw the other
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republicans getting out they were looking their chops. >> donald trump is right in one sense. he talked about a dishonest mead media media. i read the washington post storey that broke this. my father was injured in the vietnam war though. a lot veterans and people coming back after being captured and their service shouldn't be sullied. this is not about senator mccain calling trump supporters crazy. >> it is a little distracting he is fighting with juan -- john mccain. he said the only reason he is a hero is because he was captured. that means if you were not captured all of the other
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veterans were not heroes. >> i believe that. but i believe in his heart donald trump doesn't believe that. he got carried away and wept with it. >> but we have a president right now who has a hard time apologizing. if president obama does something wrong he is up there and capt say i was wrong or i am sorry about that. so donald trump may have spoken too soon but it is important he has the character trait where if he does or says something wrong he is willing to open up to it. >> should he apologize? i don't think he will. >> i do think he should. >> to who? >> senator mccain and other troops. >> i think he does need to apologize but i think it represents something interesting for the election. all of the rest of the politicians say things designed
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to mean everything and nothing at ones and people are sick of it. donald trump's appeal is he doesn't care. this is the danger and downside. >> donald trump said say i disagree with him but he is a great american and we should honor him. make that statement today. >> does john mccain owe an apology to the people who went to that event in arizona? >> he should not have used that rhetoric. io both of them should not be speaking the way they should be but only one of them is running for president. the other ran and we know how that turned out. had ohio governor is entering the white house tomorrow for his second time running. his spite taking off his
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campaign weeks and months after some of the other 15 candidates he is being closely watched partly because ohio is a critical state. peter, he has a very impressive record with balancing a budget and turning cities alone in iowa and a big state in the election. >> part of the newt gingrich team, 18 years in congress with the leiman brothers. very attractive candidate. knows how to speak on television and communicate. he may be coming to a little too late and probably too late for the fox news debate in august. >> i am not sure if all of these candidates are running were the top spot or vp. they should have a cabinet
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secretary hopeful debate. >> my husband said the same thing. are they all coming out with a book? i want to yield my time to you because the thing that matters to most people is the economy. can you talk about ohio's economy and things he has been able to do? >> he has a good record on the any and an interesting state because a lot of auto workers and that is an issue. he recruited ge to the state bringing 2,000 jobs with them almost all paying over $50,000. so recruited jobs better than the minimum wage and made the state business friendly and created a rainy day and people say that is a function of the economy and federal programs that were helping. but he has fosse fars a i happen
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concerned have a good record on the money part of it. >> he really does. especially in a state like ohio. what do you think about him? windup thing i really like is not just his record but he doesn't make sloppy mistakes. on tv he knows how to answer questions and doesn't get tripped up like other candidates. >> i think that is fair but he is not getting people as excited. be interested to go and see him speak to a crowd and see what the demeanor is like. he is not exciting people in the same way scott walker or donald trump or rand paul. there is something that happens with the interaction with the public. this guy seems like a balanced politician and i don't know how well that will work. >> come may be good as a vp. we will not trip up good background. >> qualified for both.
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a lot of families on autism and mental illness and down syndrome love him. people like that unloaders. >> we will see watt it is like tomorrow. the nuclear deal with iran endorsed by the security counsel today after the iran leader says the policies of the islam pe republic will not change. and half a dozen republican governors are ordering personal at national guard facilities to be armed. should more governors follow suit? and after the show you love lunch have lunch with us. or if you are on the west coast breast fast. your lunch time love sandwich of fun. free legal advice, people!
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watching "outnumbered" on this fine monday. interesting new developments in the deal with iran.
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the security council endorsed the agreement authorizing a series of measuring leading to an end of sanctions at the un. congress begins the 60-day review officially today. and what about our key ally israel? defense secretary ash carter is meeting with leaders there who warned us had deal would make us less safe. and iran's supreme leader is going on about how they will continue to support hezbollah and secretary of state john carry said this: >> we are not allies and friends and this agreement does one thing. and you heard the ayatollah in the last few days proclaiming the continued issues with the
9:20 am
united states. no illusion about that. >> the list of things it does is longer than one. >> it is not just about nukes. this is about money because it makes iran more dangerous because of the money they will be getting. not only the $150 billion that is being unfrozen around the world but it is the last frontier for places looking to move? i-phone and apple are dying to get in there. they have places in tehran called pizza cut because they want coke and pepsi but they are banned in the region. the economy is going to boom at 10% by most estimates and you will see all of that money and tax revenue and other money going to the government that is a state sponsored terror organization. >> you have that young generation that basically this white house ignored when they
9:21 am
were trying to have a green revolution. could this help them? >> in 2009 you saw the green revolution driven by young people trying to get on social media and pushed for democracy and the white house was silent. but we saw them in egypt and libya. why they didn't back the young people of iran is a mystery. should it help them? i am torn on this. as melissa pointed out we opened it up to make them stronger economically to fund terrorism but we are giving them $150 million and we have the hostages still there. >> this is an absolute outrage. so at the end, we gave away intercontinental ballistic
9:22 am
ranges. if you cannot negotiate for $150 billion and giving someone what you want there is absolutely something wrong. and then the nerve to agree to go to the un first and say to the united states congress sorry. that is wrong. wrong. >> what does that do for the conversation they are getting ready to have on capitol hill if the sanctions have been wiped away leaving us with ours which is considerable but what pressure does that put on us? >> it puts pressure on us were people to push it through. ash carter is going to meet with the israeli government. >> that will give them money to fight back on the ballistic situation. benjamin netanyahu is not going to budge. president obama is not going to budge. i don't think we will meet in the middle.
9:23 am
i don't think benjamin netanyahu is going to back any version of this. and you have the ayatollah saying we will not change our behavior. by the way we will continue to fund hezbollah, so by the way we don't care about any of this non-sense. we don't take you seriously. the pressure is on the congress. >> andrea, what are we to them? >> fools? oh infidels. that is had biggest point. henry kissenger points out historacally the iranians don't believe in doing deals with in infidels. they do not take us seriously. >> peter can i ask you a question?
9:24 am
i said last week america's public has the power in their hands. by the way google iran deal preferable from a news source. you can download it. i think it you are conscious and read that you will have an opinion and pick up the phone for the lawmaker. >> people have to understand what does this mean. what do they get? what happens? for example and i found this absolutely incredible. we talk about 24-hour inspections if we have belief they are doing something wrong and engaged in building up the nuclear stalk pile in terms of weapons. they have 24 days before the inspectors show up. is that a negotiation that john kerry or president obama should be proud of at this point? >> i don't know if you saw on fox news sunday, he said you are
9:25 am
being ridiculous. that is not what that means. i read it. you read it. you are a lawyer. you understand it better than me. >> there is no common sense. when you go in hungry saying give me this deal please and you get nothing in return. nothing. >> here is what we found out from secretary kerry as well talking about how the hostages were mentioned and the president didn't want to they can the question. but i guess we live in an alter universe because this is what the secretary said about the host hostages. >> every single meeting in the world that every took place with the iranians we have raised the issues of the american citizens and we are working on the issue of the american citizens even now. >> why, when the president was asked about this and it was
9:26 am
back and forth and we talked about the question major garret put forth, but the president said they were not part of this particular deal. what is he talking about? >> in fact he went as far to say if we did bring them up it gives the other side more leverage. you notice he will not call them hostages but those americans. i think it is because that is another one of those things where they are afraid of sending iranians -- offending -- iranians who are holding our people hostage. they don't want to use the loaded word. >> if i had a lawyer go out and say i raised that issue, but they are not budging on that -- >> you would say they are fired. >> i just can't get that done. $1 billion to get the hostages
9:27 am
back. >> $150 billion? you would think we could get a couple hostages. >> we got bowe bergdahl. >> isn't the white house saying if you know overseas and are captured you are on your own. your families can negotiate. and peter ityou brought up a good point and how insulting it is with the balance of power in the executive branch has swelled. >> congress has to be sitting there saying thanks. we don't matter. all of these provisions we are questioning and things that would protect our security and israel doesn't matter. >> one thing i will say about the hostages we know from the fbi is they have raised the reward fund. the question is are they bad at
9:28 am
the deal making and they would not put it part of the deal? governors in several states not taking chances ordering personal at national guard facilities to be armed at recruiting office. the growing debate for our men and women in military to be armed at home.
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well the deadly shooting rampage in chattanooga with hundreds of people gathering outside of the military office where the shooting began four days ago. a makeshift memorial of flags and balloons is growing. florida texas louisiana, arkansas oklahoma and indiana governors are ordering
9:33 am
recruiting officers to be armed and rick scott florida governor, is going a step further recruiting people to armories immediately. >> they will not be reopened until we are comfortable the national guard members are safe. >> as commander and chief i will not permit our citizen soldiers unable to defend themselves and at facilities around the state. >> tennessee's governor is ordering the state's national guard to review security policies and in north carolina the governor is calling for stepping up security measures at recruiting center armories, and readiness centers state-wide. in 2013 we saw a shooter gunned down in the naval yard in washington, d.c. and 13 killed for there. this is is aa little late to the
9:34 am
game but i applaud them. the president doesn't plan to send anything through congress so the governors have to take action. >> they do and are seeing the military men and women targets and watching what is happening across the country. these are the guys that have been trained to defend themselves and us. they are the people we are depriving. pete said if we don't trust these men and women with weapons who do you trust? the governor is recognizing the failure in the administration to recognize a pattern and that is the military is being targeted and the targets are in places with gun-free zones and prohibited from carrying them. >> we have seen states take action on immigration in arizona and the administration sued the states. do you think they will let them do this one on their own? >> they have the right to do it. the national guard is run by the
9:35 am
governors of the state. the department of defense with a pen could today sign an order allowing our military to carry firearms at military instillations. the president could order the secretary of defense to do so today. they have not done so. i think it is criminally negligent to allow our men and women to be sitting ducks. when the next god forbid americans with killed on this it will be on the soul of those folks who have not made the determination to protect them. there is no thought involved. this is common sense. they are trained in weaponry and know how to protect themselves and each other. we are saying you be in the strip mall and you wait for the first jihadist to come along and kill you and kill others there. it is sickening. >> but you kind of want to look back to where it came from
9:36 am
before -- the reaction is to reverse how we got there. the ban dates back to 1878 it was a law that prohibits federal government from using mill tar in domestic law enforcement. so you would say that seems outdated. the other reason with the malls is it is supposed to be welcoming and non-threatening and getting people to come in and join the military. it seems like now unfortunately it means everybody knows they are not armed. so on both counts it is out of date. you might know back and look at it. >> this regulations goes back to 1992. it can be changed today. what is the next thing? we will not have the military men and women in uniform? we will put them in civilian close because we are afraid they will get hurt. >> i was born on an army base and hearing you talk about the families are serving too. we are with our dads and moms in
9:37 am
the military. so you are talking about two things. they could move the service centers if they want to make people feel welcome. they don't have to put them in strip malls and maybe better protect them. but the issue of having protection on the military instillations is so important. we have seen fort hood navy yard, we have seen online we are targets; not just those serving but the family members. >> we are advertising they are sitting ducks. we saw the white house bring into action on certain vents and cherry picks on others. >> crowds of young americans gathered to show support for hillary clinton this weekend. but guess what? they were barred from talking to the press and the big question is why are they trying to shut up the young people?
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and welcome to "outnumbered." so much for transparency. hillary clinton making headline lines for that happened in iowa taking the stage in cedar rapids for other democrats wanting to be president while fans stood outside. a reporter for the des moines register tried to talk to supporters but they were not allowed to talk they claimed. this is coming two weeks after hillary clinton's camp herded the press behind a rope at a fourth of july parade. what do you say? >> she is paranoid but i kind of agree with them. >> why? >> because when you are running a campaign you have to maintain
9:43 am
control of the message and there is nothing that worried me more as press secretary that young people on the campaign or young people would start going off the cuff with reporters. this wouldn't be a big deal if she were talking to the press or people from her campaign were. the reporters need to write the story. they are not getting something and grasping at anything. i remember telling everybody in the office shut up no one talk do is the office but me. this hits home personally for me. >> interesting timing, too. now you opened the door and mind on this, i was like there is no way anyone would agree with this but i get it she is a control freak. what about a non-disclosure event? you cannot control people on your staff at whole foods
9:44 am
market? wasn't there where it was? someone talked out of line about what was going on in her campaign? >> how exhausting must it be to have such a tight grip on everything all of the time. >> is that a bad thing? >> i think she is terrified of these moments where people are speaking their mind. i think she is squared and right to be scared. obama's campaign with unscripted moments and the jill the plumber moment they played over and over get you into trouble. she knows she is not good in unscripted moments and saying the odds are most people are not so let's manage as much as week we can. because of her history with the media it plays out bad. >> i was a young press
9:45 am
secretary too. i hated it when younger people behind the rope line would be there on election night and make all kinds of statements like who are you talking and like this is someone that wandered into the office a week before and we are afraid to have them hand out posters. >> we called these people horses? they tend to know and speak. what does hillary clinton do? a freak flag she can fly? how does that work? >> put tube socks and shot collers on -- collars -- she should do press and they should not be so excited to talk to someone else. >> the skills your kids need to
9:46 am
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we are not over yet but we have to go to jon scott to tell us what is coming up on "happening now." >> we all need our airtime. the cuban flag is up in washington, d.c. for the first time in 54 years as cuba opens an embassy there. another step in restoring diplomatic relations. a terror attack in turkey near the border with syria killed 28 people. and a heat wave at least in the northeastern united states. we will get a check of extreme weather from coast to coast ahead on "happening now." andrea? >> thank you. >> putting your child on the road to success is not about building their self-esteem but that might help. encouraging them to share, cooperate and show kindness is what helps turn them into successful adults. kindergartens who displayed
9:51 am
those traits were more likely to graduate college and find jobs before reaching the age of 25. daddy peter, what do you say? >> daddy of two beautiful girls. i think you should be indifferent, incent -- incense insensitive and get a job in the white house. no i believe you need to be empthetic with your children and show them how to do the same. >> jedediah, you spend time in leadership and academics and know kids in the classroom and what are nor your thoughts >> i agree because i found these traits lacking in young people. the reason we have bully as such
9:52 am
a problem is because the compassion for people is not being taught along the lines and those are parentsconversations parents need to have with kids. this as a job for parents not teachers. >> teachers have so much to do in the classroom but what do you think of making that equal par with academics? >> sometimes i think it is a little too late by the time they get into school. my younger brother was special need and when the bullying comes up. when people could say why is your brother different? why isn't he talking? why is he drooling? there is a opportunity to
9:53 am
parents to say he is different and special from little on up building that sensitivity so you are not trying to do that in six or seventh. any disability, parents need to start young as possible. >> i agree. i think my kids have different levels of empathy even though raised in the some environment. some come out with a lot of that. but i think right away you talk about how would you feel if this were you. i asked a therapist how do you teach empathy and it is about saying if you were in those shoes how would you feel. we go to sunday school and they get the underlying message of do unto others as you would do to them and love god and others. >> i hear you and peter talking about the faith. >> and public service, and
9:54 am
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>> we often hear it is better to wait until it is older to get married and new research is chemicaling that notion and it is called the goldilocks three of marriage. and crunching divorce numbers they find the late 20s and 30s, they are just right. that is going to be first i am in trouble and you are in this boat together. and you are young so much is changing x. people tell me you might be be set in your ways.
9:59 am
we have three months here to figure it out. and i think it the study is a bunch of bunk. do whatever works for you. it is better to have your career set and have money and listen you can't live off of the love and someone has to pay the bills and jimmy chew. >> and you are so young and my advice, when you really fall in love that's when you will get married. >> that's it. >> and what is your solution in terms of like. >> keep trying. >> don't give up. >> this is called the goldilocks premise and didn't you hang out with bears? >> and oh, my goodness. >> and what did you say, harris what is your plan? >> marry when you find them and
10:00 am
find your love and don't stress about it. >> we all know it is a single person. and moving on. and outnumbered over time on the web. and slash outnumbered and we are back at noon eastern tomorrow. a fox news alert and stunning new details in a murder mystery that shocked the nation's capitol. the suspect in the dc mansion slayings a pores in court. >> a disturbing fine in chattanooga. investigators recover writing by a gunman who killed five service members in a cold blooded attack. >> california pounded by much needed rain and will it make a dent in the golden state's drought. >> tense moments in the track. a nascar


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