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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  July 20, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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and killed the kidd back in 1881. >> and humanoid robots dazzling crowds at the 2015 robo soccer tournament. they can speak and dance as well as play socker. >> i want one. >> that looks fun. >> "the real story" with gretchen carlson starts right now. the obama administration considering a ban on gun ownership for some collecting security and a popular hacking website stands to expose tens of millions and countless marriages. hello i'm gretchen carlson, and "the real story" starts right now. going to kick it off with a fox nurse alert because u.s. ambassador samantha powers addressing a gathering of the u.n. security council where world leaders have approved a recent nuclear deal with iran
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and six world powers in a unanimous vote. this as we get an update now on the case of a "washington post" reporter held in iran. a lawyer for jason ressian saying the next hearing will be a last before a verdict is reached though it's uncertain when that will be. as you know he's a duel u.s.-iranian citizen and is accused of espionage and distributing propaganda against the regime. he faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. let's move on to donald trump. he's ramping up his attack against senator john mccain claiming the senator has abandoned the nation's veterans. hi i. i'm gretchen carlson here to bring you the real story and much more on this. senator mccain saying trump owes luis apariciogy to veterans and military families following his comments about his war record as a hero. >> does donald trump owe you an apology? >> i don't think so but i think he may owe an apology to the
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families of those who have sacrificed in conflict. >> do you feel like donald trump should abandon his bid for the presidency because of what he said about you? >> no i think that's a decision that he would have to make. again, what i think he should do is apologize to the families. >> well donald trump tweeting later this story is no longer about john mccain. it's about our horribly treated vets. illegals are treated better than our wonderful veterans. >> guy benson is the political editor for and political news contributor. donald trump is outspoken. tops in the polls on the gop side, but has this gone too far in your mind or not? >> yeah. of course it has, gretchen. i mean this is another sort of appalling ad hominem insult from donald trump, another obnoxious double down and this is what we've come to expect. these are the life and times of hillary clinton donor donald trump. he's a shameless self-promoter,
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very good at it. he's a crass witlet insult comic and not a serious presidential contenner and if you look at his long history of public contributions and statements he's most assuredly not a conservative. >> that's interesting. did you like him at all before he made the most recent comments over the weekend? >> i haven't been a huge admirer of donald trump to be totally honest gretchen. here's the thing. israel concede certainly that he is tapping into something. there is a contempt for the political clash in washington that he's channeling. >> oh, yeah. >> the guy out there and refuses to play by the rules, and refuses to apologize even when he should and there's an element of people who i think are attracted to that for good reasons and for more sort of belligerent reasons, but i think when we see what he says and how he says it he is sucking up so much oxygen politically in the media, he is preventing more
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credible conservatives from getting their message out, and every day that he's front and center is a great day for hillary clinton to whom he has donated repeatedly in the past and you could argue this presidential campaign is the biggest in kind contribution to hillary clinton. >> very interesting. >> while you're saying, that check out the latest presidential poll by monmute university. this is for the iowa gop caucuses. you have scott walker at 22% and second place is donald trump, although far behind scott walker at 13%. now this no doubt happened -- well, i don't know if it happened after his comments or during his comments but what do you make of it? >> the polling, i believe, spans from thursday to sunday and comments came over the weekend so i'm not sure if these polls necessarily reflect what he said about mccain yet. by the way, there's plenty of reasons to criticize john mccain. his war service and p.o.w. status is not one of them? right. >> as for the actual result of
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the poll must-win state for governor walker so his team has to be very pleased with this result and donald trump, again, when are you in the public eye all the time and you're saying things that fire up a certain element of people and you have massive name recognition you're going to do decently in the polls. overall though his negatives are extremely hey a lyly high among republicans. he will not be the nominee. >> guy benson thank you, sir. the united states ushering in a new era in our relationship with cuba. the two nations restoring diplomatic ties today for the first time since they were severed following the cuban revolution more than half a century ago. president obama announcing the thaw alongside raul castro late last year as you recall and today embassy's reopening in both countries with the cuban flag now flying in washington, d.c. chief washington correspondent james rosen live at cuban embassy. i bit there's a bit of fanfare there earlier today, james. >> reporter: that's very much true, gretchen.
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in fact today's events were largely ceremonial and symbolic and the in many respects the u.s.-cuban relationship is scarcely changed. however, at 12:01 this morning just after midnight the cuban intersection here on 16th northwest officially became the cuban embassy and the flag was raised at 10:30 by foreign minister bruno rodriguez who used the occasion to press very familiar demand for the end to the travel and trade embargo on cuba that only congress can lift and for the return of what he called the occupied territory of guantanamo bay. >> i bring greetings from president castro as goodwill and sound determination to move forward and a mutual respect and sovereign equality. >> rodriguez was due at the state department. we can show you a live picture over at foege bottom where at 1:45 p.m. we were supposed to see the start of a news conference between secretary of state john kerry and the cubanean
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foreign minister rodriguez. that's obviously running late. the last time a cuban foreign minister was received at the state department was 1958. for his part kerry will announce his plans to travel to havana and raise the u.s. flag over the embassy there on august 14th. just four hours into this new erach diplomatic relations so at about 4:00 a.m. eastern time the cuban flag was inserted into its alphabetical mace at the hall of flags at state department between between those of croatia and cypress. the pre-dawn hour was chosen due to safety concerns as a sgretchen if you'll indulge what i like to call the twease if our viewers will follow us on twitter after this live shot i will tweet out who was president of the united states the last time the cuban flag was in the atrium at the state department. back to you. >> good to know it's between crechia and cyprus. also a good trivia question for
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later on. always learn something from you, thank you. >> you bet. a new move by president obama that has second amendment advocates literally up in arms. this amid word that the administration is looking to ban some social security recipients from owning guns. peter doocy is live in washington with the story. peter, why doesn't the white house want some social security beneficiaries to have guns? >> their thought is if you need help managing your affairs you don't need to be buying the gun so the plan first reported by the "l.a. times" would make it impossible for as many as 4.2 million people collecting social security benefits to buy firearms, if the social security administration knows that someone is getting help handling their social security checks from another person due to either a physical or a mental disability. but the nra has a big problem with this proposal saying, quote, this fits a pattern of abuse within the obama administration which is clearly hell bent on destroying the
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second amendment in any way possible. this push the latest part of an attempt by president obama to clean up the gun buying system in this country on his own. >> certainly not going to prevent every act of gun violence but it's a common sense way for us to try to improve public safety. >> reporter: that was just a few minutes ago. remember, the president did lean on congress to reform the gun-buying system with new laws in the months after the sandy hook school master in 2012 but those legislative efforts stalled so here we are. >> very interesting. which agency would actually step in to try and stop social security beneficiaries from actually buying guns? >> reporter: the centerpiece of this plan is the ncis the national instant criminal background system which gets loaded up information gathered by law enforcement agencies so that retailers can figure out within 30 seconds if they should sell somebody a gun or not. generally the system disqualifiedor illegal aliens or
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known drug users but adding social security beneficiaries that cannot take care of themselves to that database would be a big expansion. >> yeah. >> how do you qualify exactly who can't take care of themselves. it seems very ambiguous. all right. peter deese, thank you very much and that is the big question. how will the fed actually decide who is capable of managing their own affairs? well, our political panel is going to debate that coming up and i give my take on that as well. also now calls for action in the weighing of the chattanooga shooting. some leaders urging the military to arm more soldiers and new warnings over terrorism on our own american soil. >> if it can happen in chattanooga, it can happen anywhere any time any place and that's our biggest fear.
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welcome back to "the real story." two people hurt and others have minor injuries after a small
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plane crashes south of las vegas. seng-in piper cherokee crashed yesterday afternoon three miles south of the henderson airport and then it caught fire. two of the four people aboard have critical burns. the plane is a total loss. the cause of the crash still unknown. >> an alert to tell you about now because this just coming into fox news. we have just confirmed that the army recruiting center in chattanooga, tennessee is now back open. there's other new information coming in about these types of recruiting centers as well so now you recall that this recruiting center just days after being one of the scenes of a shooting rampage. the marine and navy recruiting center next door remains boarded up. tennessee governor calling for a review of policy and procedure reviews. this is a deadly shooting raised new concerns about lone wolf terrorism. >> what keeps us up at night are really the ones that we don't
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know about, and i'm afraid that this case falls into that category. if it can happen in chattanooga, it can happen anywhere any time any place. >> joining me now is tennessee congressman scott desjarlet and he wants to introduce a bill to arm people at these recruiting centers. have you had a chance to do that today or will you do it later on. >> we just introduce it had 20 minute ago. >> okay. all right. tell me exactly what's in the bill. >> okay. well, in '92 they passed the department of defense directive that banned military personnel from carrying the weapons and that created the problem that unfolded in chattanooga. there's been 21 attacks on military installations, ft. hood, the navy yard in chattanooga and what our bill will do is repeal that directive and allow the military to arm themselves as facilities such as chattanooga and other
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installations across the country. >> i find it very interesting because we have just confirmed here at fox with the pentagon that the head of the u.s. northern command has now issued a directive to authorize recruiters not to be able to carry weapons at these centers, but he wants them to implement new security measures like closing the blinds at the office. what? >> i don't think that goes near enough. the perception is now that the lone wolves know that these soft targets are not able to defend themselves and that's got to change it's up fair to put our men and women in uniform who are train today handle these kinds of weapons in a position where they are basically sitting ducks. >> yeah, i mean i don't know what closing the blinds is going to do. covered it right here on the show that the guy drove up in his car and never even got out and just shot right through, but if somebody had been armed on the inside they may have been able to shoot back. i want to call your attention as
11:17 am
well to senator moran who is also introducing legislation to address gun-free zones and at the recruiting center you could see the sign that said this is a gun-free zone. have you talked to senator moran about what he's trying to introduce? >> i've not talked to him. sounds like certainly a step in the right direction. this facility i was there on friday, and it was just literally the whole storefront which was about riddled with bullet holes, and it's just ridiculous that people inside have no means to defend themselves, and they are simply at the mercy of the shooter. >> and, you know we know that nobody was killed obviously at that first location but five other people died at the second location where they really were truly standing ducks, right? >> right. >> because they were outside and not armed at all? >> right. >> would your bill change any of that? >> it would allow these people to carry weapons. the department of defense would
11:18 am
be task with issuing a new order within 30 days to beef up the security and allow military personnel to be armed and it would reverse the directive put in place in '92 and into march of '93. >> all right. any idea congressman, about the kind of support that you have at least in the house, for your bill? >> it's been amazing, really since friday. the phones have been ringing off the hook. when we introduced the bill today i joined my colleague from memphis, tennessee, steve cohen, a democrat who is co-issuing the bill and we have the entire state delegation in tennessee on board and we're getting calls from other states to join in so i would simply urge people all across the country to call your congressmen, tell them to get on this bill and let's put our men and women in a position that will protect themselves and others. >> very interesting that we might have some bipartisan movement on this in the face of a major tragedy. congressman, thank you so much for your time today. >> thank you. possible break in a 2008
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bombing that took place in the heart of times square. the attack which caused little damage and no injuries was similar to two earlier bombings at other high-profile manhattan locations. all occurred around the same time of night and in each case the suspect was seen biking from the scene wearing a sweatshirt that hid his face. now the fbi says they have identified several persons of interest in these cases adding that each attack was likely linked and they are offering $115,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest or conviction. huge cyber attack on a website that helps people cheat on their spouses. and now the hackers are threatening to expose the users unless the site comes down. what ashley madison is now doing about this. and how about this. new study suggesting the longer you wait to say i do the more likely you are to end up divorced. the researcher says the chance of ending your marriage increases every year after the
11:20 am
age of 33. so that brings us to our question of the day today. how long have you been married? pretty easy one, right. come on let me know. tweet me @gretchencarlson and use the #therealstory. i think i'm approaching 18.
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it all the way to arizona. those trying to get from arizona to california will now have to drive hundreds of miles out of their way to try to make it to their destination. have you heard about this story yet, hackers infiltrating a controversial website that helps married people actually have affairs and now they are threatening to spill the cheater's secrets? trace gallagher with more live on this story. what's going to happen trace. >> this is not ashley madison. the hackers got ahold of personal information like names, addresses and credit card numbers for all of avid life media websites including ashley madison as well as cougar's life and established men. avid life media and ashley madison say they have secured all of their websites and shut down the unauthorized access points but it might be a little too late because the hacking group that calls itself the impact team did release a small
11:25 am
amount of private information and now promises to release more and more each day until avid life media takes down all of its websites. remember, these sites have some 37 million users. this appears to be a revenge hack. impact team claimed it hacked into the website because avid life media is lying to its users about its paid delete program which promises to erase all of your personal information and communications on ashley madison and other sites for 19 bucks. the hackers claim the information is not erases. ashley madison claims it is going on to say, quote, as our customers' privacy is of the utmost concern to us we're now offering our full delete option free to any member in light of today's news and i'm guessing that plenty of users might accept that offer. others, by the way, say it's just not very smart to cheat online in the first place. listen. >> see, my thing, using the
11:26 am
internet or social media to cheat or commit infidelity is idiotic for the fact you're going to get caught. it's broadcast. it's out there. everyone is going to know and see. >> ashley's madison is life is short, have an affair unless you're branded as a cheater on the internet and then -- and then life just seemed to get a bit longer and more arduous. >> no doubt. >> all right. we'll have to see all this whole thing plays out and wonder if they will take it up on the free thing and if they already hack into info probably get into yours too. >> new grim details revealed as the suspect in the d.c. mansion murders heads to court for a preliminary hearing today. what evidence the prosecution just presented trying to point the finger at somebody else. plus a video of a gun firing drone triggers a federal investigation. what authorities have found out so far. look at that thing. gun firing drone.
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new austerity taxes which means almost everything there now more expensive. u.s. defense secretary it israel meeting with the country's defense minister. tomorrow he's discuss the iran nuclear deal with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. that ought to be interesting. well the u.n. security council and the european union today both approving the nuclear agreement with iran. meantime,led white house faces an uphill battle on capitol hill before an up or down vote expected in september. white house correspondent kevin corke has more on this. kevin, the white house remains confident that they can sway congress, but some powerful members today with more sharp criticism of the deal right? >> reporter: yeah. perfectly said gretchen and the fact is frankly we sort of expecting jousting like this before the deal was struck with the iranians. that's how a lot of members on capitol hill wanted to see this all go down and, of course that jousting will now happen after the fact. president today was talking about it from the oval office. he said that we should all listen to world consensus that
11:32 am
this is in fact a very good deal, but as you pointed out there's still very strong agreement on capitol hill. >> there's broad consensus not just among the international community but also among experts in nuclear proliferation, and my working assumption is that congress will pay attention to that broad-based consensus. >> the president was so desperate for any deal that i believe they made concessions that are much worse than even when the framework had said. this idea of any time anywhere inspections have now gone away. it's not 24/7. it's now 24 days later after the request. >> reporter: strong words there as you see from john barrasso out of the state of wyoming and i'll share something that bob corker is saying about this the senator from the state of tennessee saying it is inappropriate to commit the united states to meet certain international obligations
11:33 am
without even knowing if congress and the american people approve or disapprove of the iran agreement. so as you can tell right there, gretchen, there remains very fierce opposition to this deal. >> all right. now to change gears a little bit kevin. the white house weighed in today on trump/mccain saga and the continued back and forth. what did they have to say. >> yeah you know kind of felt like josh earnest, the white house press secretary, was sort of lying in wait on this as if he knew this question was going to come up and typically to be care, he likes to stay above the fray when ites to gop infighting but listen carefully to how he described the president's view on what donald trump had to stay on john mccain. >> even in the midst of their competitive 2008 campaign for the white house that senator exobama expressed his deep respect for mccain's heroism. there's political differences between president obama and senator mccain have conditioned
11:34 am
while president obama has been in office and those have not reduced his appreciation for his remarkable service to the country. >> this clearly underscores the passion that's taken root in this controversy. if you like donald trump, you might feel like he's a free man, can say what you want it's a free country and if you're a fan of john mccain or other people who say he went over the line in terms of his criticism that might rub you the wrong way and as you can see right there the white house is trying to stay above the fray a little bit. >> live at the white house, thank you. >> dramatic new details emerging in the murder mansion mystery that stunned our nation's capital. daron dylon wint accused of killing the prominent savopoulos family and then sitting it on fire. this afternoon in court his attorney trying to shift suspicion and it happens to be the dead man's driver.
11:35 am
lis wiehl joins me in court. >> there's no indictment here. usually are a preliminary hearing the prosecution gives over material and here the defense is already trying to make their case trying to say that their guy was set up. in fact his attorney used those words prior to the preliminary hearing and what's so interesting about putting it on the second guy, witness number one or witness number two if you're following the hearing. now prosecutors can come back to this defendant and say to his attorney, hey, you guys know so much about this, the setup, you seem to know who the guy is come here and come tell us now is your moment to tell us exactly what happened because these murders, four murders, gretchen, were so brutal i really had to believe one guy pulled it off. >> what's coming out in this preliminary hearing is that apparently the husband and the housekeeper were also strangled. >> right. >> in addition to blunt force trauma. >> horrible. >> as people will recall from following the case it was the pizza crust that had the match
11:36 am
of the dna to daron dylon wint. >> the match was right there in the room where three of the bodies were found. what the defense attorney says on this one, classic, well he was getting a piece of pizza. >> how did he end up in the house at the time when they were all murdered? >> and the footprint on the front door, that also matched him, i believe. >> the dna evidence is very strong against this one defendant, but i really have to think that either -- either one or two or maybe more people are involved, and the -- the assistant would make sense in a way that he knows the habits of this family can get to the bank and get the money, has the trust of the family. by the way, this defendant actually worked for the victim and this family years ago so did they know each other from years ago. that's what law enforcement is using and i think they are using this prelim hearing in a funny way to switch it and try to get more information from the defense. >> very interesting. let's talk about this because actress demi moore is in shock after a man was found dead in
11:37 am
her swimming pool. a statement by moore saying she was out of the country traveling to meet her doubter when she got the devastating news. aerial shots of the pool where she died. is she liable? >> very likely yes. premises liability in california and when you have someone with an assistant there who apparently had this party, she entrusted the assistant. the assistant was an employee so kind of covered by her like the there. if they invite somebody over that person becomes a licensee and that means they have a duty of careful. that pool was just open and attractive nuisance and she didn't have permission to keep it closed while she was gone she's definitely looking at a liability suit. >> even if you have it fenced and even if she was not there. >> tonight matter. >> to open the cover. >> doesn't matter. >> employee liability. you're responsible for what your employees do. parents you're responsible for what your kids do when they are not home. >> good notice because those
11:38 am
trying to protect with the cover, closed all the time and the fence and all that you can still be liable. >> all right. lis thank you. video showing a drone that can fire a gun is spawning a federal investigation now. police say the video was posted by an 1-year-old boy in connecticut. three agencies now trying to determine if the teen actually built that contraption that you're watching. video shows a drone firing off four gunshots with no finger pulling a trigger. while we're talking about drones an australian takes the title at the first u.s. national drone racing competition. chad nowak of brisbane winning all three events at the california state fair. won the individual time trial the team time trial squad and the freestyle trick event. this involved custom-built drones with cameras attached to allow people to see what the drones generally see. >> drones in general like
11:39 am
completely taken over my life from starting out with just the little toes the fpv, the first-person view. it's actually better. you get to experience the world in ways you can only dream of. i would see a bird and imagine i'm bird up there flying and now i actually get to be the bird so it's pretty cool. >> well nowak brought home more than $15,000 in prize money, and roughly 10 racers competed in the event. search for new life is getting some major funding. scientist stephen hawking along with entrepreneur uri milner announcing a $200 million project to determine if intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe. the ten-year project will use the green bank telescope in west virginia and the parks telescope in australia to survey the million stars closest to the earth. time to check in with shepard smith "reporting live"
11:40 am
from the fox news desk. >> much more ahead on the historic opening of the cuban embassy after half a century of very bad blood between the u.s. and the island nation. move marks a huge step in the restoring of diplomatic ties but some critics are pointing to the castro regime's troubling human rights record and the fact that officials say dozens of american fugitives are still hiding out in cuba so what to do about that? plus, cuban officials say they want guantanamo bay back. a live report from havana coming up on "shepard smith reporting." >> the white house again pushing for tighter control over firearms, this time zeroing in on people who receive social security, but how would you actually decide who can and cannot buy a gun. plus, a huge part of the country gripped in a heat wave. janice dean coming up with when we'll see a bit of a cooldown. right back. i noticed benny right away. i just had to adopt him. he's older so he needs my help all day. when my back pain flared up
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story." a new push now to expand gun control targeting millions of people collecting social security. the obama administration wants to restrict gun ownership for people getting benefits who are unable to manage their own financial affairs. julie rogowski is a former political adviser to frank lautenberg and fox news advisor and lisa booth, convenientor adviser for black rock group. help me understand this. there's tons of people on social security right now some of whom want their sons or daughters or somebody else to handle their checking account because they just don't want to do it anymore and now suddenly they wouldn't be able to have the wherewithal to own a gun. lisa? >> that's absolutely right. the nra says this is the potential to be the largest gun grab in history because we're talking about over 4 million americans that could be affected here. look, president obama has tried to push for gun restrictions in the country but those -- that push has been rejected by congress. it's been rejected by the prern
11:45 am
people and now he's seeking a back doors mean to push those gun restrictions and i have a big problem with placing law-abiding elderly americans in the same category as criminals and you know drug -- people who violate our drug laws because they need help with their bookkeeping. >> julie, help me out with this. how would you even be able to quantify or qualify who would be eligible or not eligible to get a gun? >> let me preface this by saying i'm a much bigger proponent than most people who watch this of gun control and certainly believe that mentally ill people should not have access to gun control and this seems overly broad to me and i don't understood the rationale. if you're someone who has trouble balancing a checkbook or don't want to do it or doesn't know how to manage the finances but it doesn't mean you're violent towards yourself or someone else and this regulation or this legislation would take
11:46 am
guns away from people who otherwise should be able to access them so i'm not quite clear what the administration is doing. if they want to take guns away or do a better screening of people who are truly incapacitated because they are mentally ill or because they are no longer able to take care of themselves and nobody knows what to do if they have a gun that i fully support but this seems very, very broad to me and you're a mental health advocate it would be something you would be against. >> mental health experts as well as advocates for the disabled those are just some of the people who are against this initiative. lisa, about 4.2 million adults receive monthly benefits that are managed by representative payees so they would have to -- by the way, when was the last time that an elderly person like did one of these mass shootings? i never thought -- i don't think of an elderly person who owns a gun as suddenly becoming a problem? >> well that's incredibly concerning, gretchen. i think you hit the nail on the head. we're allowing bureaucrats here
11:47 am
to say just because someone has a family member or a third-party individual help them with their book keeping that somehow they are mentally deficient and somehow they are incapable of owning a gun and why we've seen so many groups criticize these measures. look what, we've heard is they are modelled after what's happening with the v.a. right now and as we know the v.a. is responsible for putting 99% of the individuals who are on the federal gun ban list on that list, and the problem is they are not taking into account if these individuals are a danger to themselves or the public. it's just because they need help with booking, and that's incredibly troubling. >> julie, is this a step -- some people who would say are critical of the obama administration saying, look they are trying to get rid of the second amendment any way that they can. how would you respond? >> i don't think that that's getting rid of the second amendment. i'm someone who believes yes you have a right to a firearm but don't necessarily have the right
11:48 am
to have one if you're mentally ill or pose a danger to yourself or somebody else. the problem of what we're talking about here no way to determine as it stands now who that is and this net is being dragged way too wide and why i wouldn't support it. the second amendment is something that people are absolutist about it one way or another. i'm not absolutist about it but i think we need more sensible regulations to ensure that people who are mentally ill shouldn't have access to them. this is not the answer. >> julie and lisa, thank you for your time. >> time for my take. i find it interesting on on the same day we have members of congress putting forth bills to allow our military personnel to be armed in military recruitingers? president obama is presenting a plan to limit the ownership of guns for some of our elderly citizens. the administration is pushing to ban social security beneficiaries from owning guns if they lack the mental capacity to manage their own affairs but just because a son or a daughter may manage an elderly person's finances, does that
11:49 am
automatically make them untable have the wherewithal to own a gun? prohibiting gun ownership based on financial competence is wrong. maybe some of those who no longer manage their official affairs simply don't want to deal with a headache of balancing a checkbook, you do you like it i don't or managing credit card payments, that's a-degree, too. this plan is too wide-reaching, and frankly it's discriminatory to older people who are still competent to own a gun. you can get my takes every day on my facebook page and at have you seen this surfing competition? wow did it take a terrifying twist. look at that fin, and it's all captured on live tv. he didn't escape with any injuries or not a scratch. plus, stormy weather causes a major problem at a hot air balloon festival. this is in the midwest. we'll show you what happens next. right back. >> stay here. >> what happened?
11:50 am
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hot air balloon goes haywire in stormy web site. incredible stuff video capturing this freak accident. happened at a festival in wisconsin over the weekend. a strong wind gust knocks the balloon loose. spectators run for cover. a loose rope rangeled an suv then drags it to a group of tends. amazingly no one was hurt. summer scorcher in the northeast. with heave advisories in effect for several major cities including new york city, boston, and washington dc. temps nearing triple digits. meteorologist janice dean is live for us. so janice, we have had metoff 0 "snowmageddons" together, separate hotel rooms but fun dinners. why are we complaining now when it's just a little bit toasty out there? >> are you complaining? >> no. >> i have a snowball from last year in my freezer ready for the pier person that complaints.
11:55 am
>> how long is this going to last? >> the next couple of days for the mid-atlantic and the northeast. we have to stress is it dangerous when its comes to the heat index. what it feels like. so people are urged to stay indoors, especially the. ones elderly. bring the pets inside. it feels like 108 with the humidity. that's dangerous heat. you have a right to complain. folks in the northeast it's been a relatively calm summer so far but we do have heat advisoriness place where the heat indisk will be up towards new york city over 100 goings. the heat will break with this cold front that moves south over the next couple of days, moving off the east coast by wednesday so near average temperatures as we head into the weekend. so we just got to get through today and tomorrow. you can see the highs tuesday and wednesday into the 80s again for new york. across the south, sultry and maybe tomorrow we could be by a
11:56 am
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