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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 20, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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who are upset with racial tensions in the country. she's trying to reach that group. i don't think she'll ever be able to placate this organization. >> you want to go after this stuff, by all means. we went after the republican stuff. that's the essence of fair and blarns balanced. hello, everyone. "the five." talk about being captured. >> john mccain goes oh boy, trump makes my life difficult. he had 15,000 crazies show up. he called them all crazy. he's not a war hero. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. >> now maybe this is trash talk between rivals.
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it could be, but even trump knew he crossed the line. it's why he repeated hero four times after, but donald is not to blame for being donald. in reality critics beat both. his repeat defenders always paint trump's gaffes as blunt honesty, which turns them into bill maher's audience. they left stuff slide. when you perceive criticism as disloyalty you turn fans into minions, but criticism is your guardrail. embrace it and you avoid these petty feuds and nasty gaffes. trump may have slayed the self-serving denigrations found amongst republicans once and for all. the guy helped elect democrats and he gave to the clintons.
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when you see righties defending jokes about p.o.w.s, it says this game of conservative issues is i'm more conservative than you. we embraced him, exposing tv's true purpose, which is ratings. an election is in 16 months but ratings come out every single day and trump delivers. he just described holy communion as a little cracker. at least he didn't say that about mccain. >> that's so funny. >> geraldo, you think -- i saw you earlier today. you think that donald should apologize. i don't think he should because i think -- we know what donald does but explain to me why you feel -- >> there are over 500 surviving prisoners of war. we revere their service. you can't go there, particularly
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if you were a draft dodger. i did not serve. to remedy my conscious, i put myself in as many wars as i could since the vietnam era to show i had some political problems and i didn't want to i didn't believe it. trump didn't serve, and i met him in those studio 54 days. that's how long i know him. but when you have a p.o.w. this is service that is revered. he must explain it was a bad joke or he made a terrible error and he's sorry for it. >> i think he could have deflated this by just saying it's a joke. if this was a comedy central roast and mccain was in the roast, he could say they say you're a hero, but where i come from heros don't get caught. people would have actually laughed, but he doubled down
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instead. >> chris rock actually did that. >> if you from the beginning to the very end, there's a back and forth. donald trump is talking about john mccain taking shots and his fan base or the people who showed up at his last rally. they're egging him on. there's another question about mccain, about his service as senator. he takes another shot and they kind of laugh. then it goes to but he's a war hero and it's almost like donald is on a roll and he just throws it out there and then corrects himself four times. personally, i think john mccain is a war hero. i would tell you talking to donald trump he'll probably tell you the same thing. he's a war hero. >> he has, though. >> but what i think the shot at mccain was for his service as senator and there is a big
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difference there. donald is not going to apologize. right. it's just not in his nature to apologize. >> but he was definitely talking about his military service. >> to say he was joking would have taken away from his appeal to his base. his fans like it that he is authentic and that he says what believes. this is finally someone who is willing to just tell it like it is. but it's not in keeping with how he has described himself and his awe then authenticity. >> do you think he disrespected mccain or more than mccain? >> more than mccain. if a crowd can egg you on to the point that you actually call a prisoner of war not a hero because he was captured and you don't like people who are
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captured even if it's in the heat of the moment, as a president of the united states you have to be able to dismiss that instinct and rise above it. that's what people will follow. >> it's the nature of all these petty little feuds. if you do criticize donald trump, he'll end upcoming komcoming after you. you should let that stuff slide, right? >> that's what practiced politicians do. they have teams that manage and micromanage and control the rhetoric and the flow of speech and what they think they should be saying because things are poll tested over and over again to make sure the message is staying on course. he's not that kind of candidate. it's a blessing but it's a curse because he's populist. he's able to tap into the emotions and the passions and the frustrations of people who are tired of politics as usual but he's not going to be the
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quinn ideal political candidate. >> the other candidates were asked immediately to react. they didn't have time to go back that their handlers. i think there's three examples that show how people would play this instinctively. cruz declines to comment. he's probably thinking straight ahead, but his instinct was to not say anything at all. ben carson says it depends on what you mean by war hero. that's his instinct. well, okay. i don't understand. then rick perry, who up until now has received less press attention than he's deserved,
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says this is uncalled for. >> if you have that kind of temperament and you're face to face with vladimir putin as president of the united states what are you going to do push the button and then apologize for pushing the button? the other is what if you insult someone's mother? that doesn't just go to your political acumen. that goes to your fundamental character. there's more at stake here for donald trump than his success in this presidential race. if he doesn't apologize to these p.o.w.s, this is a stain on his personal legacy and his disappointed his friends and loving family. >> do you think donald trump has disrespect or doesn't think that someone who is captured by the enemy and spent five years in captivity isn't a war hero?
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i think it just kind of fell out of his mouth. he wished he could take it back. don't forget the context of this was someone asked him about john mccain's service oto the veterans. he said john mccain dropped the ball as far as the veterans administration. >> the va scandal, the deaths. >> the thousands of veterans who have died because of what's going on in the va. >> changing the subject, remember when i interrupted, i talked about chris rock? chris rock several years ago had a comedy routine based on john mccain's service. his whole joke was war hero he was in jail he was captured. he can get away with that. there are some things that are truly sacred that you just can't violate. this is a very very big deal that cannot be minimized.
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this was a bridge too far. >> we have to expect more don't we? again, if eric holder had said this fox news, we would be covering it 24/7 and we would be demanding resignations which is why we have to hold donald trump to the same standards. >> we are. look at every show on every network and it is led by donald trump. >> i agree. >> i think he's being held to a similar standard. again, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. i'll speak for myself. i've said things that i wish i haven't said. >> what you've said to me you mean? >> no, i meant that. >> he's got too much pride. >> or it is just the way he is. people have signed on to donald
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trump because of who he is. he's not the standard politician. >> anyway as i was saying -- i wasn't finished. that's who he is. you can make a value judgment on that on his candidacy, on the person that he is and decide whether he is for you or not, but don't be afraid of diversity and different thought. i love john mccain. i voted for john mccain. everybody knows. who is going to doubt he is a war hero? his service to the country, the fact that he stayed two years in solitaire confinement, he wouldn't come home he's a class-act and he handled it very well by saying i'm not going to criticize. that i thought, was very good how he handled it. >> donald trump is the one we
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don't have to explain the most. >> every week there's another reason you have to defend -- >> the left didn't have to do that with the obama. >> the left will have to do it for hillary. >> that's true. >> that's interesting. >> a lot of explaining to do. >> candidates on the trail, they make mistakes. they say things they wish they hadn't said before. >> some of the things are fatal, like 47% of people are on welfare. >> i don't like john mccain because he told my followers crazies, but i never meant to imply that prisoners of war are less heroic. that's it. then you're finished with it. >> but the people that were coming out and saying on the right who were forced in the position of having to defend john mccain, they go to their twitter feed and say i disagree with everything john mccain says but he's a war hero. just cut off that first part.
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he's a war hero. all right. we got more to come on this very same topic. how will trump's comments effect his 2016 campaign and should he drop out of the race all together? that's what kimberly thinks. i'm kidding. i was joking.
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following his controversial comments about john mccain, donald trump is facing some backlash from fellow gop candidates. >> he needs to apologize to senator mccain and all the other men and women who have worn the uniform. >> this is not just an insult to john mccain, who is a war hero and a great man, but it is an insult to all p.o.w.s. >> more over the top bombastic rhetoric from donald trump. i really don't understand his strategy here of taking on a bullet that went through john mccain and hit a lot of us that war the uniform of this country. >> but trump just says his critics are upset because he's leading them in the polls.
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>> the republican candidates some of whom are registering 1% and 0% they're very upset that i'm leading the polls by a nice margin. they're extremely upset. >> so he is right about one thing if you take donald trump's polling numbers out, the whole gop field shifts dramatically. >> i don't doubt all of them were sincere in their revulsion because that's what a lot of people felt at the comments even if they were massaged away later on by trying to revamp it. the thing that i don't understand on the point of this issue is the conservative purity that is demanded from most people on the conservative side but for some reason they're totally accepting of a donald trump candidatetycycandidacy, and he has supported some of the most liberal policy positions and candidates in his career. i think donald trump will end up on that debate stage.
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that's what the numbers show. if i was one of those other candidates i would be studying their own records closely, because everyone on that stage will be a good debater, but i would know donald trump's record very well, because he's going to have to defend that on the substance and i don't think he'll be able to make personal attacks. >> if he wasn't in the front and leading, would the other candidates take the shots that they're taking at him for what he said? >> i'm not in the race but i've thought -- i know trump and i thought the comments were bad. he's almost saying that kind of opinion doesn't matter. if you were upset by this it doesn't matter which is really weird because as a conservative if you don't care about this comment to john mccain, what's wrong with you? if you don't think this is bad,
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you're not the real conservative. you're the rino if you don't care. i don't think he's an ideologue. he's an ideal third party candidate. he's got this populist appeal. he's got name recognition. money. i have a feeling that's where this is going to lead. >> he tried it before. >> if you vote for a third-party candidate, that hurts the candidate that you originally were going to vote for and helps the candidate that you least like. >> assuming he has to run as a third-party candidate. is it too early to write him off? >> no. let's wait until the debates. let's hear all the issues. let's get the debate going. i think it's going to be healthy for the party. people are like oh, this could hurt the republican party. do you feel that fragile? >> the rnc came out and made a
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very harsh statement towards donald trump. they're like dad. the kids are fighting but was it too early for dad to step in and take a shot at one of the kids? >> william jefferson clinton stepped in and won the election in 1992. john mccain drafted the immigration reform bill during george w. bush's administration. marco rubio drafted the immigration reform bill in more recent times. both of them when it came time when they saw the displeasure from the tea party faction of the party, changed their minds about the bills that they had drafted. so i think donald trump's inconsistency certainly has plenty of precedence. >> i think in 2007 john mccain's bill could have gone forward if it weren't for barack obama and harry reid who voted for the
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poison pills. >> there were quite a few candidates who have moved on a lot of issues. >> mitt romney you couldn't nail him down. where did he stand on a lot of issues? >> health care being one. >> health care being a big one. >> i think the other candidates can actually learn from donald trump and it's always about making sure the target on your back is small because the media is always going to go after you. the target is already there, so you've got to figure out how to marginalize that target and that means thinking before you blurt. >> i don't think i've ever seen a candidate that has more -- this guy has a target from the left. he's got a target from the right. >> but he puts it on there. >> especially when you go after people personally like their appearance that is creating a target. actually it might have strengthened the republican party because it made the rest of them smarter and be willing
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to stand up. >> i saw it when they started criticizing trump, i didn't consider their criticism as legit as i did ordinary citizens. they seemed self-serving. the latest developments on the iranian nuclear deal proves the administration wasn't honest to you, the american public, when they were selling it, next. when you travel, we help you make all kinds of connections. connections you almost miss. and ones you never thought you'd make. we help connect where you are. to places you never thought you'd go. this, is why we travel.
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. all right. last week the white house announced a controversial nuclear agreement between iran and the u.s. and five other world powers. the obama administration further angered angered others by taking the deal directly to the united nations. >> i don't know why they're going to the united nations. i think they should have gone to the united nations after the 60-day review.
2:28 pm
they don't gain anything but doing it earlier. i think it is not consistent with iranian review act. >> those concerns were ignored and today the u.n. security council unanimously endorsed the deal. >> nobody in teheran is chanting death to china, death to russia. they're chanting death to america, destroy israel. the russians want to sell them weapons. the chinese want to buy iranian oil. everybody wants to do business with iran and the countries involved in the u.n. they're not as concerned with death to china, death to russia. >> as people have looked at the details at this deal it's not as good as the obama administration is saying. >> there was a fantastic interview over the weekend. it was fascinating to see the
2:29 pm
spin they put on this deal. >> can i show it? we have it. let me show you what eric is talking about. this is john kerry yesterday. >> i never in four years had a discussion about anywhere, anytime. the fact is that in arms control there is no country anywhere on this planet that has anywhere anytime. there is no such standard within arms control inspections. the intelligence community has made it clear to us as they did before we signed on to this deal that we'll be able to know what they're doing during that intervening time. >> president obama said it. not only that there was another interchange where chris wallace said what about years '15 and forward. no they won't do that. it's not the deal.
2:30 pm
wallace pushes back and says where is that. i don't see it anywhere in the deal. well they've promised to do that. if you listen carefully, basically they have a deal for ten years, possibly up to 15 years. the iranians can do whatever they want. they will have bombs and massive amounts of bombs. they're banking on the iranians holding their, quote, promise. that's dangerous to the world. >> if you remember just four months ago in march and april, the congress had its big debate. they worked out a deal. they give the president a little bit more time and then the president, after asking them to do that bypasses them and goes directly to the u.n. security council. >> he has no care whatsoever
2:31 pm
about what the republicans think, about what congress thinks. this is something he was bound and determined to get this through no matter what the consequences and no matter what other members of congress think about it. this is just another slight by him going around them and not giving them proper due deference. >> why not let congress have a look at it? >> this is not the u.s. versus iran. we are so arrogant. we think we are the world. we are not the world. >> we are the world. >> do we believe the governments of russia and china and germany and france don't want a nuclear-free iran? do we think the security council, 15 countries to zero, that they're so naive?
2:32 pm
>> yes, they did. >> the league of nations could have averted world war ii. the league of nations was passed by the rest of the world. woodrow wilson brought it to the united states. the international order collapsed. the nazis rose up. we had world war ii. the second global conflict in two decades. why don't we just consider these people are people of good faith -- >> because they're not. they're state sponsors of terror. >> the britbritish? >> the iranians. >> what about the british, the french the germans? >> the one that doesn't get anything out of this deal is us. the other five do and the iranians. >> i'm telling you -- >> death to america. >> you've been sitting here so patiently. >> three points.
2:33 pm
we never chant death to anyone. isn't it time that we do? we're too busy doing pillates and hot yoga. we do chant death to our cops. that's what we do. we look inward not outward. number two, obama on his weekly address said i make no apology for keeping this country safe and secure through the hard work of diplomacy over the easy rush of war. >> passive aggressive. >> this guy has so many straw men that the white house is a fire hazard. let's look at not just iran but cuba. no conditions about cop killers being returned for cuba or hostages in iran. that tells you one thing, that we are afraid to ask for anything because we feel we don't deserve it. what about the prisoners in cuba and the cop killers in cuba? what about our hostages in iran?
2:34 pm
>> this is about domestic diplomacy. it is immature to have only diplomatic relations with people that you like. >> let's get something out of it as eric says. let's get the cop killer. >> yeah geraldo. why wouldn't you want him to get american hostages back? >> what about what germany did to the rest of the world in world war ii? >> can we hold that? >> what about with the japanese did? what about what the vietnamese did? you try to negotiate. this is an imperfect world. better to talk than not to talk. we're learning more about the shooter who opened fire on two military recruitment centers last week after this.
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a fifth victim is dead following the tragedy in chattanooga last week. 26-year-old sailor randall smith was injured in thursday's shooting, but died early saturday leaving behind a wife and three kids. today dozens of fbi agents are on the ground in tennessee investigating the shooter, mohammad youssuf abdulazeez. they're looking at a series of his writing, which include talks of becoming a martyr drug and alcohol abuse, and references to suicidal thoughts. the family said mohammad suffered from depression from years. geraldo, i'm going to go to you on this issue and the trouble in this country with mental illness. >> i think mental illness is at the heart of much of this but you cannot deny that there is a very specific danger from these
2:40 pm
radicalized sunnis muslim extremist wanna-bes. right away it elevates you from loser to winner of virgins and after life and the noble patina of being a warrior. i think it is the story of our times. it is extremely distressing. when you say people should see something and say something, i call on every mosque -- and this does not include all the people who are self-converted to islam -- if you see a kid going through what this kid went through, it ends with him doing something vicious to innocent
2:41 pm
people upsetting our civilized way of life, and then they kill themselves at the end, if they have to courage to do that. they should do the suicide part first. >> they in fact want to kill and murder other people eric. >> that's all true. there are two things that have come to light in the aftermath of yet another radicalized self- -- i don't care if they want to call them lone wolves. they're jihadists. work is getting into the mosques and communities. it is behavior profiling, not ce or religious profiling. don't be afraid to say, hey, i understand this is a muslim community, but does anyone seem like they're radicalizing? do you see a spiraling on any of these young people that they may do something stupid or kill some people? the other discussion is arming
2:42 pm
our bases, our military. letting them hold arms. they go ahead and defense us. they protect us overseas on foreign soil. we need to start letting them protect themselves on our own soil. >> i have a compromise. one armed person per watch. >> why? >> we have 22 suicides among veterans every day. every day 22 suicides. we have one active-duty serviceman killing himself every day. >> i think that is a false argument geraldo. if they don't use a gun, they'll use something else to kill themselves. by the way, there were two people from the ft. hood shooting that we spoke to over the weekend and both of them said had we been armed, at least half if not more, would have survived. >> for a second, you had a little "i heart you" moment. that was very nice. >> i think in some ways we need
2:43 pm
to experiment quickly with some sort of a mechanism for local law enforcement to have a safe place for moms and dads who are worried about their children who are seeing a bit of self-radicalization, for them to be able to call into a place where they can communicate safely and try to get help for their children and not necessarily lose them to law enforcement immediately. that's something i think we can do immediately and quickly. you don't have to pass a lot of laws. you can just get it done. >> i liked the way you said mechanism. go ahead, greg. >> it is bad intel. you have to infiltrate. you have to send people into these mosques undercover. you've got to do that. the focus right now when they talk about this guy is on depression which does two things. it takes the focus on true sickness and it smears millions of people who have depression who don't go out and do this --
2:44 pm
>> what about james holmes in aurora aurora? >> there's almost no difference in the sense that they are lonely losers seeking infamy. i'm 100% behind martyrdom as long as it is just you. >> do it in any spectacular way that you want. cut yourself in little pieces. >> don't bring other people with you because we don't want to go. we've got plans. >> they don't care about that. they don't care about other people. they care about themselves and having sick glory and infamy. >> they're losers in life. >> go away losers. a professional surfer defended off a shark in south africa over the weekend and the whole thing was caught on live television. stay tuned to see how he managed to escape. multiple foreign objects in the body. tweezers. (buzz!)
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this video is incredible. a three-time world surfing champion adding shark survivor to his resume this weekend. this is in south africa during a
2:49 pm
live televised tournament. >> as you look at fanning on the rankings you can see a little splash. >> dude, little splash? here is fanning explaining exactly what happened. >> i was on my board and it was like right there. i saw like the whole thing just thrashing around, but i was getting dragged under by my leg and then i felt like it me off, but it was still there going. i was still attached to my board. and then it was dragging me. i felt like it was just dragging me under water. all of a sudden my leg broke. i was swimming and screaming. >> swimming and screaming. would you give up surfing if that were you? >> i hate this guy. he's already surfing in a championship. he's cool. then he fends off a shark.
2:50 pm
all he needed to do was shoot a terrorist. >> and then he had that accent. >> he was kind of handsome too. >> were you frightened by "jaws" growing up? >> my parents wouldn't let me watch it. >> my wife won't go in the bathtub because of "jaws." >> i know what this is. i love the series. it's "sharknado." this is a cheap promo point. this is "sharknado" week. >> you're kidding, right? you think they planted it? >> sharks are a special terror. >> he transferred all the animosity to you. >> i'm oldholding the torch.
2:51 pm
>> isn't it true that there's something almost prehistoric about the fear of sharks? >> yes. >> sharks are totally -- they're just misunderstood dolphins. just because dolphins have a smile, everybody is dolphins are great. sharks can't smile. sharks are bad. >> how many dolphins eat people alive? >> dolphins travel in groups and attack fellow dolphins. they're perverts. >> will you still go in the water, dana. >> i don't go in the water now. >> why not? >> i don't like -- i grew up in the west okay? i might go in a lake but not very far. i respect the things that are living down there. >> he just ruined a dolphin tale
2:52 pm
of harry connick jr. for me. >> what channel are you watching? >> what are you saying? >> >> i only believe in controlled water water. >> why? >> because there are no sharks in there and you can choose who you invite in. >> but statistically, it's very rare. >> have you seen the dolphin adult channel? it's called finemax. >> he's going to look for it. >> i got to check it out. right by the al qaeda-isis channel. "one more thing" is up next.
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time for "one more thing." kimberly kick it off. >> hi. i have this special feature i wanted to do last week but we didn't get a chance to so i said you can hash tag that on twitter or facebook and i'll answer your question. today i want to pick a question. is the bell curve as scary as i think it will be? it is. there are many things you can do. apply yourself. >> don't become a lawyer. >> no become a lawyer and then
2:57 pm
you can come on television like the two of us. you can become a politician a professor. it's the education that matters and the way it teaches you to think critically. congratulations to you and good luck. >> where am i? eric? >> democrat presidential candidate former maryland governor was on stage and he said this. watch. >> every life matters and that is why this issue is so important. black lives matter. white lives matter. all lives matter. >> so o'malley got booed down. he had to issue an apologize. he couldn't say all three lines again. he chose not to say white lives matter. don't all lives matter? >> don't you know better? of course not all lives matter. haven't we learned that?
2:58 pm
we learned that from planned parenthood. >> lesson learned. >> oh my gosh. >> amazing. this week the world championship chameleon volleyball took place in australia. this is lizard mcgee breaking every record with hundreds of balls coming after him. just blew out the competition while changing colors. he was awarded a trophy. later after the performance, he went home with clive owen. >> that is so weird. what is that? what is that? >> lizard mcgee. dana dana? >> that's animal cruelty. >> when you come to the new terminal at jfk, there's going to be this great new animal resort. it's called ark. you're going to be able to do all sorts of things there. there's like a swimming pool. this is definitely a first-world
2:59 pm
problem, if you have to worry about your dog. >> you're going to miss all your flights. >> now jasper might be able to travel with me so there's a bonus. >> i don't know there was an ark there. don't laugh. >> please don't encourage him. >> it was terrible. i feel sick inside, geraldo? >> one thing i feel very good about inside is for the first time in 54 years we have reestablished diplomatic nations with the nearby nation of cuba. for more than a half a century, we have had this cold war continuing. i visited cuba several times in the 70s and early 80s. i was with fidel castro. he was supposed to show up at 9:00 in the evening. he actually showed up at 3:00 in the morning. he was full of life. i know they hate him in south florida.
3:00 pm
get over it. john kerry who opened our embassy in havana it's about time. >> all right. dvrs, never miss an episode. the war of words over heroism and war. donald trump doubles down on criticism of john mccain as he mocks call for him to leave the presidential race. this is "special report." >> good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. one spent five years as a prison of war and was the presidential nominee in 2008. the other has spent a lot of time making money and wants to be the republican presidential nominee in 2016. donald trump remains


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