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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 20, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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before the break we were talking about the bracelet. a lot of us have this bracelet because we think when we're into a dilemma what would megyn kelly do. and dana puraino have these. >> we love you! tonight. >> he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people who weren't captured. he's a war hero because he was captured. okay. i believe perhaps he's a war hero. >> 2016 gop presidential candidate donald trump under attack for his comments about senator john mccain. >> this time he's been able to offend one of the most beloved groups in america, and that's our veterans. >> donald trump can't be edited or censored. that's why none of the americans like him. >> the pollster is here to explain how voters are reacting to the latest trump controversy and the forum he hosted. hear from the mother of chattanooga shooting victim
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lance corporal skip wells. all of that and ann coulter is here. donald trump sin hot water tonight and facing criticism from both sides of the aisle after making comments about john mccain. >> somebody should run against john mccain -- in my opinion not so hot. i raised a million dollars for him. i supported him he lost. he let us down. low lost i never liked him after that because i don't like losers. >> he's a war hero. >> he's a war hero. >> five -- >> he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people who weren't cap which ared. i hate to tell you. he's a war hero because he was captured. okay. you can have -- i believe, perhaps he's a war hero. >> earlier today senator mccain who did spend five years as a pow in a huh 93 prison after his
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plane was shot down, he responded to trump's remarks, here's what he said. >> i think he may owe an apology to the families of those who have sacrificed in conflict and those who have undergone the prison experience in serving their country. when mr. trump said he preferred to be with people who are not captured. well the great honor of my life was to serve in the company of heroes. what i think he should do is apologize to the families and those who have served. >> donald trump said he's not going to apologize. and some of his fellow gop presidential candidates are calling for trump to step out of the race including my next guest, joining us now 2016 republican presidential candidate former governor of the great state of texas rick perry is with us. you were on saturday almost immediately angry. demanding an apology.
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but you're saying he has no right to be in the race? >> well i hurt two things on that stage that were stunning to me. one was this attack of john mccain who is a legitimate american hero. anyone who has any sensibilities understands that. the other thing i heard him say was he's never asked god for forgiveness. and i think we got to see really deeply into the psyche of donald trump. i want to go back to this issue about saying that john mccain is not a war hero and that he doesn't like to be around people who were captured. that's offensive. it's past offensive, sean. to those of us who have worn the uniform of this country. sam johnson, who i served in the texas legislature with spent over seven years in that pow camp. to offend those individuals. but to offend their families and to offend those that went through this period of time
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it's just -- for my perspective, donald trump does not have the character, nor does he have the temperment to be the commander in chief of our military forces. >> what do you think he would say that? >> i've called for him -- if he cannot look john mccain in the face or pick up the phone and be a gentleman enough to say you know what i misspoke. i offended you and i offended a lot of people who have given up to and including their lives. and i want to apologize f. he can't do that he does not deserve to stay on and be in the election to be president of the united states. >> his camp will tell you -- i spoke with him today -- that he did four times say he's a hero. the one that made me cringe or the line that made me cringe is when he said like -- i like people who weren't captured which kind of insinuated what he wanted to get captured? that's between him and john mccain. here is my question though.
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you say if -- why do you think he is resonating? why do you think he's now number one in the polls? what is it about his style and the things he's saying that have caught the country's attention? >> well early on in political campaigns, i can go back to governor races across the country, senate races, presidential races where someone caught the attention of the american people. and i will suggest to you that anybody hat hangthat hangs their hat on early polls are making a huge error. i don't think donald trump will be the nominee of the republican party. secondly if this particular early stage in a campaign nobody is -- nobody is betting on a long term horse at this particular point in time would be my response.
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>> if i was going to advise donald trump, i think i would probably agree with you. especially the line about i like people who weren't captured. i think i would have apologized for that line and maybe make the call to john mccain as you said. he's not going to listen to me. the point is the issue of borders is resonating. i would argue his arguments this morning and his arguments since this all went down we treat veterans horribly in this country. if he would have stayed on substance, we wouldn't be talking about this today, right? >> sean being a disciplined candidate really important. and that is i think, what his challenge is going to be. what's he going to say next? but i want to go back to the border. there's nobody -- you've been to the border with me. nobody has had more experience of dealing with that border knows how to secure that border than i do and what we did in the state of texas last summer. you were there and saw it. 74 74% decrease in the
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apprehensions. we don't have a president of the united states who has the will to secure the border. you put personnel on that border have the strategic fencing and use the aviation assets 24/7 you can secure that border. you can do it right now and do it without building a wall that frankly, that's good rhetoric. i understand that. but the rhetoric is not going to stand up to scrutiny. when is it going to get built, how long is it going to take who is going to take the private property rights from the people who own the land. that's rhetoric coming from donald trump. americans are looking for solutions. >> i agree with that. i was down there i sat in a briefing with you. 642,000 texans since 2008 were victims of crime of illegal immigrants. combination of building a wall surveillance motion detectors, all of these things i think are available to us including drones. i think all of that's true.
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going forward, donald trump said in this forum that he may not or won't support whoever the eventual nominee is if it's not him. could he be the ross perot of this race like it helped elect bill clinton president? he only got 42% of the vote in 1992. >> americans will be listening to someone who lays out solutions. if he wants to run as a third party and lays out solutions, he may have an opportunity to make an impact. at this particular point in time, i haven't heard donald trump talk about one solution. he's been heavy on rhetoric heavy on offending people. he sure hasn't been solution oriented. we're looking for a -- he doesn't reflect the republican party from my position. when he said what he said about immigrants in this country and
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use very inflammatory language when he said what he said about veterans in this country and people who have gotten captured. i don't know about anybody else i'll speak for myself he didn't represent the republican party that i represent. >> the wungone thing you pointed out, campaign discipline there's an art to the deal and politics. the question is would he vethe ability to listen to or adapt the strategies that are effective? whoever the republican nominee is is going to have to reach beyond the base to get elected in the end. you sound like -- you've been willing to take on mr. trump probably more than your fellow 15 if you will. you think it's important. it seems like there's bad blood between the two of you. when he's on he talks about you, you talk about him. there seems to be bad blood growing. >> i don't know about bad blood. when he attacks me and the bullet goes through me and hits
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the texas rangers and reconteams and our texas national guard that's been deployed to the border serving selflessly to defend the border and saying they're doing a poor job. i'm going to push back. i happen to think that texans are exceptional about the work they've done on the border. we've got data to prove up we've made the border more secure. that's the real issue. if donald trump wants to sit on the stage and talk about solutions i'm going to be happy to have that conversation. if all he's going to do is throw invectives i'm going to push back hard. >> the country is dying for answers. solutions to solve the economy, balance budgets, 93 million americans back in the labor force.
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68 46 million off of food stamps and deal with isis and japan and china. what are your priorities if you get the nod and win the election? >> we've laid that out. as we will lay it out in greater detail as we go forward. the most important thing the next president is going to do is give confidence that the american people that the best days are ahead of us. economically we'll be able to take care of them and their families. we know how to do it. it's intertwined to our energy industry and getting our industry -- energy going in this part of the country. we know how to do that. you drive down the cost of electricity, put a lot of people to work. you cut the corporate tax rate by 10%. we know you'll have a midlevel wage increase between 5% and 10%. plus you give incentives to manufacturers to come back. that's the single most important thing we can do in this country is economically get the country back on track and rebuild our military. sean i'm telling you, this
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country is only a few good dedecisions from the best years it's ever had. >> those are massive numbers, how long do you think it would take to repair the economy? >> you do it faster than anybody believes we can. opening up the pipe line mexican industry of energy down there it will explode and will happen in a very short period of time. you cut the corporate tax rate and manufacturers will come back on shore. every blue collar worker ought to be listening to what rick perry is talking about. when you cut the corporate tax rate you'll see a 5% to 10% increase in the midlevel wages. that's what has been holding this country back. people have been afraid to invest in this country. they haven't seen salaries
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increase. we can do that and get this country back on track and do it in a relatively short period of time. >> thanks so much for being with us appreciate it. coming up how a potential 2016 voters remarking to donald trump's controversial remarks about john mccain and prisoners of war. this man was on the stage when donald trump made the statements. later you'll hear from the mother of lance corporal skip wells. and ann coulter joins us on this busy night tonight on "hannity." ng. i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in.
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alleviating israel's concerns over the nuke deal with iran. the white house wants to assure israel that military options are still on the table. if iran cheats on their agreement. after israel carter heads to saudi arabia leaders there are also skeptical the deal will stop iran from building a nuclear bomb. cuba national's flag is flying in washington. it was raised today at the embassy to formally recognize reestablished ties between the u.s. and the caribbean nation after more than 50 years. secretary of state john kerry will travel to havana next month to preside over a flag waving ceremony at the american embassy there. i'm kelly wright we take you back now to "hannity".""hannity." ♪ welcome back to "hannity," frank lunz was the moderator where donald trump made remarks about
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john mccain. he joins us along with steve hey hayes and geraldo revera. you create trouble everywhere you go. were you surprised when he said all that? >> i was not expecting it. i was focused on making sure the audience would get to really understand what these candidates were about. it was trump at his trump best. sean two points number one is the reason why he's doing so well is because he's unplugged and uncensored. there a lot of americans to have their politicians to tell what they think. the reason why he's so disliked is he uses language that's unnecessary. you don't have to be vicious and so negative in your attacks that there is a proper way a president of t carry yourself and he doesn't do it. you've got the good and the bad. that's why he is where he is. >> i think frank is right in a lot of ways in this sense. i find him refreshing. i know you disagree.
7:18 pm
i think he's right in immigration in terms of illegal immigration. i think he's right about the a atrocious treatment of our vets. the line that made me cringe i like people that weren't captured. if i'm a political analyst or advisor to trump, i would have been mr. trump what i would do is apologize for that line say you disagree with john mccain and say they haven't gotten the job done and that washington has failed our vets. stay on substance instead of getting trapped into a debate or coaxed into a debate because he called your supporters crazy. >> i don't disagree what you just said. i believe that donald trump 100% owes an explanation to all the people who have ever been held prisoner of war. he must explain to them that this was either a bad joke that fell flat or that he has made a mistake, a grievous mistake and he apologizes. >> is he capable of that? wouldn't it show he could throw
7:19 pm
a fastball or a slider or knuckle ball? if he would have said i humbly apologize, what would the discussion be today? >> i think it would be fine. you have to understand what frank lunz said about him being unfiltered what if the negotiation is between donald trump and vladmir putin what if he loses his temper? the stakes are so high. you've got to be someone who has a sense of proportion of you know everything isn't nuclear war. i believe that you know now he's after the wall street journal, anyone who criticized him, he demeans them. he savages them. i begged him to apologize on the immigration statements. it could be that he like you and i disagree but we disagree in a way that's agreeable and makes sense. you don't attack the other person's character because they have a different position. >> what do you think, steven hayes? i think he'll get out of this issue. he called him a hero four times.
7:20 pm
he's technically correct in that. that wasn't the egregious line to me. with that stand, cumulatively does this hurt him? >> nobody cares what donald trump's opinion is of john mccain's war heroism. mccain was a war hero period end of discussion. i think the outrageous line was when he seem today mock mccain for his own captivity. i went to the press conference after his session with frank on stage, and asked him repeatedly if he would apologize, i asked him if he was familiar with john mccain's story, with the story of him in captivity. the lengths mccain went to in order not to give up information to the enemy. and the torture that he withstood. and donald trump said to me it's irrelevant. that was his quote. look i think we're projecting here. we're trying to make donald trump into something he's not. it's silly to have a discussion about what donald trump could do if donald trump would behave
7:21 pm
better. he's donald trump. he doesn't behave better. this is who he is and who has always been. >> i'm not assuming he can't learn. there's the art of the deal which he's good at and it's a whole different art than the art of politics. he's got to balance trump being trump and what geraldo said, can he also add to that the element of being presidential. if he wants to win, i would to have to find that fine line. >> i don't think he can. i mean there's no question he does a good job of tapping into the anger that conservatives feel about washington. >> i feel it. >> they're justified in that. i share that anger in many cases. at the same time donald trump, we're talking about donald trump as if he has ideas. as if he has beliefs. this is the same guy who is for single payer healthcare who called george w. bush evil who wants to raise taxes who has praised nancy pelosi and given
7:22 pm
money to hillary clinton. this is the guy that's going to become the new voice of conservatism. >> frank, there was one bit of news that was made in this conference a question you asked donald trump. i'll play it here. that was whether or not he loses the nomination would he support the candidate? >> ross perot cost us the election in 1992. would you go on record as say figure you couldn't get the party nomination you would not run as a third party? >> no. >> listening to that i'm thinking every republican better start paying attention to that answer. >> that caught me totally off guard. i don't think the media realizes what he said. this could be the beginning of trump's independent candidacy. i study this. this is my profession. donald trump is not dropping out. he is not apologizing. he is not going to change.
7:23 pm
he is who he is. good and bad. having studied this that he may have already have started thinking about a third party candidacy. if that happens, you can kiss the election good bye for the republicans. there's no way that a trump as an independent that republicans could win. >> ross perot paved the way. >> bill clinton won with 42% of the vote. presidential aspirations aside. if donald trump really believes that pow's are not heroes if he really believes that prisoners of war are not heroes -- >> in fairness to him -- wait. >> this is bigger than presidential aspiration. this goes to his legacy. >> in fairness to him he did say four times after he made that remark he's a hero he's a hero he's a hero. he said it four times. >> but he was mocking him at the time. he said it as mocking in a
7:24 pm
mocking way. he said he's a hero because he was captured. he seemed to blame mccain for his being captured. >> that's the line i thought i chinge cringed the most on. you were there, what happened? >> he was shocked some of the audience booed his comments and he realized he had to clean up. but he nrveever cleaned it up. that's been the most aired segment of footage of the entire campaign. he will have to look at these men, about 500 of them still alive look at them in the eye and explain to him. >> steve you're the most critical in this panel f. donald trump said i humbly apologize y understand that he is a hero. i misspoke at the time. wouldn't that show the curveball that maybe people including yourself weren't expecting? wouldn't that help him? i think it would. >> yeah, no doubt. look sean, when frank asked him
7:25 pm
about humility or asking forgiveness before god. he said no. if he's not willing to do it before god, i don't think he'll be willing to do it before the american people. >> that's the quote you're referring to is frank asked him, if he had ever asked forgiveness -- i'm not sure i have was his initial answer. what's your advice to donald trump? >> i ask forgiveness of god all the time. >> not as often as you. >> you didn't do as much? i love this guy and i love his family. i think that he is being underrated by many people. he built a lot of this town when others could not. he could be a great president. i know people laugh when i say that. he could be. this shows an intemperance and an irationiality. >> can he get out of it. >> only if he confronts the fact he's screwed up. he's got to look at a pow in the
7:26 pm
eye and say i'm sorry. coming up ann coulter will weigh in on donald trump's comments. you will hear from the mother of chattanooga, tennessee, victim lance corporal skip wells as we continue.
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unless you have a subaru. (announcer) the subaru xv crosstrek. symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 34 mpg. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. ♪ welcome back to "hannity." here with more reaction to donald trump's comment about senator john mccain, author of the left's plan to turn our country into a third world hell hole ann coulter. is it smart politically i like people who are not captured? >> no, it was a flip remark and he's taken it back 20 times. >> he never took back the hero part. he said four times that he's a hero i got that. >> hannity, you're splitting
7:29 pm
hairs. he has made it very clear, john mccain is a war hero. this is the other thing he's being attacked. this hysteria by a flip remark that was a estimate it's a mistake that jeb bush called illegalgration an act of law. how about giving driver's licenses to 13 of 9/11 hijackers? we have four americans killed -- >> hang on a second. i want you to analyze this. if you're a republican candidate, i understand you want to get the tea party and conservatives like me and you. we're conservative. we want the wall built yesterday y. i got it. veterans are treated atrociously. how does he get the people in the middle which you'll need if you want to be president? >> the country is boiling with rage over immigration. everyone is trying -- are trying
7:30 pm
to destroy donald trump because he's injected it into the campaign and we're reading article after article about how his real appear is he's unplugged and taking on the elites and tea party, no, i think the issue that has been very obviously at the heart of his campaign is immigration. and the rest of these republican midgets jumping on this one flap remark when they have said things far worse. rick perry saying he can't build a fence because i'll show you a ladder? the test for conservatives is immigration. they used to say the same thing about the prolife republicans and the progun republicans and oh they're fringe and tacky and we're so embarrassed to be associated with them. every one of them comes along and pretends they'd be reagan. no they wouldn't be reagan. they'd be calling the reagan supporters fringe just the way they are with donald trump right now. it's not illegal immigration if you keep saying it is legal
7:31 pm
immigration. this is ridiculous we're bringing people in that the fbi has to follow as they followed this muslim who shot up four -- five of our brave men in uniform this week. that is a legal immigrant. the fbi is following the father. we're talking about how they should be able to arm themselves. no a legal immigrant from mexico shot up three murdered in cold blood three national coast guardsman in carson city a few years ago. they had guns they were allowed to defend themselves. instead of bringing people who are going to murder americans and telling us to arm ourselves or if see something say something, how about not bringing them in? >> donald trump as we pointed out in the last segment said over the weekend, if he doesn't win he won't support the nominee of the party. leaving open the door he might run third party. what would your reaction be if
7:32 pm
he did that? from my perspective, that guaranteed hillary clinton's president or whoever wins the democratic nomination. >> i would like to know whether rick perry, jeb bush and marco rubio will prompt not to run third party if trump wins. >> they all did. >> i promise you jeb or rubio are going to redo a hillary presidency or rick perry faster than anything donald trump can do. >> that should be a clear present danger. >> i heard i would like to see play jeb bush and marco rubio. i don't think they have said they won't run third party. >> they said it at the forum this weekend according to frank. >> i don't believe it. m i would like to see it. >> what do you think you don't believe it? this isn't nbc. do i look like brian williams? >> all insults must go to donald trump because he's talking about immigration. instead of these midgets figuring out that donald trump has struck a chord, all thighey
7:33 pm
want to do is leap on a flip remark he makes. one flip remark. marco rubio spent three years pushing amnesty. that's more than -- >> i'm not disagreeing. >> something stupid said in a moment of anger. three years marco rubio pushed amnesty. i want i am for that. >> i am sorry i let you rant as long as you did. all right, thank you. appreciate it. coming up, you'll hear a sad story from a mother of a tennessee shooting victim lance corporal skip wells as she tries to help. and she'll react to the point that he didn't have a weapon to defend himself. martin o'malley he is forced to apologize for saying get this all lives matter. milwaukee county sheriff david clark is here with reaction. why are all these people so asleep yet i'm so awake? did you know your brain has two systems?
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welcome back to "hannity," as the nation recovered from last week's deadly attack in chattanooga, tennessee. the families of the victims face the toughest journey. lance corporal skip wells was one of five service members gunned down by muhammad youssuf abdulazeez. joining us is the mother of that brave marine cathy wells. our thoughts, our prayers are with you. i can't imagine the pain you're going through. it's got to be really hard. i don't think there's anything worse. how are you holding up? >> i'm doing the best that i can. i'm surrounded by family and friends and i'm doing the best that i can. >> when you hear -- heard this incident happened and then you hear which really shocked me that people like your son who are willing to serve this country, trained in the use of firearms, that they are forbidden from bringing a firearm into a recruiting
7:40 pm
station that we know is being targeted by isis and groups like that and they're sympathizers. does that make you more angry? how do you react to that? >> i'm going to do what my son wanted to do before this happened. he wanted a gun. and he's got several. and he wanted a certain handgun. i'm going to fulfill that for him. >> i'm sorry, he wanted what? >> he wanted a certain type of a handgun. and i'm going to make sure that that gets fulfilled for him. >> in what way do you mean that ma'am? >> i'm going to purchase one. >> for yourself. but -- >> for myself. >> it seems to me that we're asking these guys and training these guy in the use of firearms. we know they're being targeted. we know on july 4th weekend that was happening and we don't let them protect themselves. it's like the rules of engagement we send men to war and they can't even defend
7:41 pm
themselves ensomein some cases. for me that would make me angrier if it was my son f i can dare to put myself in the position you're in now. >> i am i am -- i'm mourning the loss of my son. i am angry. but -- >> sure. >> i'm mourning. >> have you heard from the president? >> no. >> does that surprise you? >> no. >> the same white house that -- i didn't even see the flag at half mast did you? >> i know that some states are doing it. >> i'm talking about washington. >> no. >> is this the same white house that after the supreme court decision put rainbow colors on the white house? >> you know the answer to that one. >> is this the same white house that put out statements about
7:42 pm
ramadan? >> i believe so. like -- i have really just been focused on my son. my son was taken from me. he couldn't defend himself. >> you know we always -- all these brave men that are willing to sacrifice for us every day and put their lives on the line what do you want the american people to know about your son? is there anything you'd like to say to the president that didn't pick up a phone and call you? his commander in chief? >> my son loved what he did. he wanted from the time i can remember he wanted nothing more than to be a marine. he loved what he did. he died for his country doing what he loved for the love of his country and for his family. >> tell us what you would say to the president. this is the commander in chief.
7:43 pm
statements on ramadan, you got the white house, beautiful rainbow colors. >> i can't answer that sean. i can't answer that. >> you do know -- >> i can't answer that. >> you don't want to say it on tv? >> correct. >> i understand. >> i mean -- no, i can't. >> i don't want to add to your pain. i want to wish you and your family you're in our thoughts and prayers. my parents once said there's nothing worse than losing a child. just not the way it should happen. thank you for being here. >> not the way it's supposed to be thank you. coming up milwaukee county sheriff david clark rips president obama for his lack of reaction to this chattanooga, tennessee, shooting. sheriff clark up next, straight ahead. there's nothing more romantic than a spontaneous moment. so why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? with cialis for daily use, you don't have to plan around either.
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welcome back to "hannity." in the wake of the shootings in chattanooga, tennessee, that took the lives of five people. sheriff david clark spoke out against president obama. his shoulder shrug on these soldiers massacred in tennessee is because none of them look like trayvon martin. here to explain milwaukee county sheriff david clark. you heard from the mother of one of these brave marines.
7:49 pm
i mean i'm flabbergasted the commander in chief doesn't pick up a telephone and call them and say i'm sorry for your loss thank him for the service to his nation? >> sean it rips your heart out to listen to a mom like that y. want to salute the five service mb members who died. president obama has failed at his most solemn duty and that is to project the homeland and american people. he's unwilling or unable to do that. the day these attacks occurred he visited a federal prison. i cannot believe -- by the way there was a law enforcement officer injured i hope he's okay. isis has been making these calls, inspiring home grown
7:50 pm
terrorists. soldiers and military installations. when the people who brought these these buildings down are going to hear from all of us soon. we haven't heard that. we've heard the emotional, heart felt situation with trayvon martin. if i had a son he would look like trayvon martin. he reached out to the family of mike brown, to the family of freddie gray his officials have and trayvon martin all criminalities but the people defending the homeland he can't pick up the phone and thank that
7:51 pm
woman that mother for her son's service for the country. >> he won't say radical islam. you saw how the white house reacted. put out their statement, ramadan and congratulations and you can't pick up a phone, 1, 2, we're not going to allow in spite of the targeting of our military personnel, they can't have a weapon at a recruiting station to defend themselves? there is something wrong here sheriff. >> inconceivable. but there is something else here. he didn't call it a terrorist attack he called it a circumstance. with counter terrorism, i'd hold
7:52 pm
them accountable for it. we need one of those moments. that anywhere in the world, especially here home is going to be met with severe consequences. >> it's not going to happen. >> not going to happen under this president. let me ask you something. i like your out spokenness. there is a statement that black lives matter all lives matter. and i'll get your reaction. >> every life matters. that is why this issue is important. black lives matter.
7:53 pm
white lives matter. all lives matter. >> i meant no disrespect and i did not understand the passion, commitment, and depth of feeling that all of us should be attaching to this issue. >> this is embarrassing he would grovel over a statement true that all lives matter. this is what it has come to on the ticket here. the tail is wagging the dog.
7:54 pm
he said it stood strong and did he apologize for that? >> sheriff, thank you. appreciate it. coming up your help because our we of the day is next. ♪ to steady betty. to steady betty. fire it up! ♪ am i the only one with a meeting? i've got two. yeah we've gotta go. i gotta say it man this is a nice set-up. too soon. just kidding. nissan sentra. j.d. power's "highest ranked compact car in initial quality." now get 0% financing or a great lease on the nissan sentra. ♪ fact. advil is not only strong it's gentle on your body too. no wonder doctors and patients have trusted advil... for their tough pains for over 30 years. relief doesn't get any better than
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welcome back to "hannity". do you think donald trump should apologize for comments about senator john mccain? go to owe facebook and let us know what you think. quick programming note. tune in tomorrow night, 10:00 eastern, i will be in ohio. governor john casic will be our
8:00 pm
guest. set your dvr so you never miss an episode we'll see you back here tomorrow night. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. the o'reilly factor is on tonight: >> i'm not a fasten john mccain. he has done a terrible job for the vets. >> i think he mayo an apology to the families of those who may have sacrificed in conflict. >> the republican party under pressure over comments by donald trump. tonight, mr. trump will be on the factor. >> mccain has that old story, war hero that got captured. i don't want to vote for nobody that got captured. >> did donald trump take his cue from chris rock in criticizing john mccain's captivity in vietnam? brit hume has some thoughts. >> what is the thing that you like the most about