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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 22, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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to court and a lot of women wish they could go to court. >> herk not be blamed for that. >> thanks so much for coming today. >> thanks. i'm glad to be here. >> i'm shepard smith in new york. hope you have a great afternoon. welcome everybody. cities have tried it. municipalities have tried it. towns have tried it. colleges have tried it. university systems have tried it but today new york state is one step closer to enforcing it. an entire state. we're just getting word now that the push for a $15 minimum wage has been essentially okayed by the new york labor board endorsing what would be a virtual doubling in that minimum wage in short order and to take effect in stages over the next few years. what makes this a big keeldeal for
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the $150,000 fast food workers in the state is it would have other cities talking about doing it. this comes on the same day the university of california system announced similar hikes in minimum wages for its employees starting at $15. again, this is a big deal right now in the big apple certainly because this would include all of new york state. we'll keep you posted. it's not a done deal but it has been the stuff of huge and often sometimes very cranky protests very close to becoming. meanwhile the push to sell a very controversial iranian deal. the president stands by it and has secretary of state john kerry trying to win the support of house members support as well as senators support. we're told in about a half an hour at the united states
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senate. it seems to be they do not have the votes necessary for passage. but that day department plan on that anyway. there were enough of objections here. what they hoped to secure and keep in place is this veto proof majority that will prevent congress from overriding what the president and secretary of state have ironed out with the iranians. our senior capitol hill producer joins us. any indication what progress the secretary has made with house members? >> i talked to a democratic congressman from missouri who left early. he said secretary kerry was very compelling. he said they got into great detail. the chairman of the armed services committee says there was bipartisan skepticism and one of the more note worthy things is congressman mike
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pompeii a republican from kansas went to vi ena to meet with the international arms regime over the weekend and they learned that there are side deals which are not in the actual portion of the agreement that members of congress can look at. and congressman paeo told me he asked john kerry about that and he said he confirmed to him there were in fact side deals and he himself had not seen the agreement. there's a lot of skepticism up here. israel's ambassador to the united states met with the conservative voices in the house today. are arguing against the deal. you hit on something important, this is not about passing the deal. it's not even about overriding a veto or sustaining a veto but getting this up on the senate floor. remember the way that this deal
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has been cut -- there's a part that deals with a piece of legislation which can go right to the floor quickly. this is a garden variety bill. in the senate you need 60 votes to bring it up and 60 to end debate. if they can't do that regardless of what happens and whether there's the votes over ride you can't get it through the senate then you're in trouble. >> chad thank you. i appreciate it. that matching number you're going to hear a lot of in the next 58 or 59 days. 67 votes to override what is a likely presidential veto toe of a rejection of a deal that most senators do not like. the question is how many democrats can be wooed over as well? new hampshire senator will be at that meeting in about 25 minutes from now. she joins us to chat about it.
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senator, if you had to handicap those numbers how close do you think you are to 67? >> you know neil i don't know what the vote count is at this point. but i've heard about growing concerns. first of all, with administration going to be a nation essentially selling the congress out by going to the un first to try to box this in i know there were concerns about that issue and then you have got to step back and think about where we are. we have a rogue nation that was outside the international community. so in this deal has now managed to get economic relief of businesses now from these european countries who are dying to go to iran. >> isn't it too late for that? the reason why i raised it is because there's a legal argument. i'm not a lawyer. but because the united nations security council has voted yunnanunanimously
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unanimously, that is the green light from the other agreement negotiators. who say that even if it's rejected by the united states those countries will go ahead and lift their sanctions, tens of billions of sanctions and it minimizes your role and congress's role. does that interpretation bother you? >> it bothers me. i do have a legal background and i will tell you, neil i think this is a real issue because theedthe d theed administration pulled us out in that regard. again there still are sanctions that are significant. you're right that you have other countries, kbrurpens and the other countries who were rushing to do business with iran and this administration is legitimizing that before congress has had its voice on this agreement. >> i spoke earlier today with the israeli ambassador of the united states. and one of the things he told me
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is that this idea that -- were reprehensible to him. but he shook off the possibility that we might be making extended overtures to israel to keep them happy. i'm paraphrasing and simplifying that. do you know of any such deals or whether with israel there should be deals and would that ease the concerns of some of your colleagues? >> i do not know about a side deal with israel. however it was mentioned to us today at lunch that there were side agreements. that he and senator carden were going to be pushing to get copies of for our consideration. >> i want to be clear. interesting point. you have the documents. but you don't have documents regarding side deals or ancillary agreements that have been made even post the deal?
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>> that's right. again, we've learned that there are some of those documents. they're being pursued by the foreign relations committee. we expect to see them. one can that can be raised is that would mean we don't have all the documents that would trigger the timing under the agreement. i think that will be raised as well. we're going to need to see all of it. i've been to the classified annex to review not only the public part of this agreement but the classified portion and i want to see it all so i can review this thoroughly. >> i switched policies so you don't mind. i know you're good friends with lindsey graham. how has he been talked to you about this whole phone number thing? >> i think he's been taking it with good humor like he does most things. you know i saw him last night and i happened to have my two
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children in town and his phone was ringing off the hook because donald trump had given his phone out. so my kids started answering the phone on his behalf. >> he should put out a video showing various ways to destroy a phobene. do you think the whole phone rage whatever has become too much of a distraction here? >> well obviously i think that what donald trump said about senator mccain i've spoekken out against that and i think john is a true american hero. so that is completely inappropriate. this phone thing is a side distraction and i think senator graham is having a lot of humor out of it and treating it the way it should be as something to laugh about. >> do you think donald trump could get the party's presidential nomination. >> i would hope he would not do that so that we can make sure that republicans can win the why
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is. >> so you don't think if he were the nominee he could win? >> again, i think that whatever he's going to do in terms of running is going to be his decision. i don't presume to know what his decision would be. >> well he's running already. so i don't see him quitting. he thinks he has a good shot. you would support him? >> neil i thought you asked me about a third party run for him. >> i see. yeah. you don't support that. okay. >> yeah. and i also don't believe in the end that he's going to be our nominee. >> but you would support him if he were? >> you know i don't support what he has done and i don't think he will be our nominee. so i don't think i'll have to worry about supporting him. >> all right. senator, thank you very much. senator kelly. all right. to the developments about this muslim targeting around the world. you would think given the number of incidents associated with so many attacks including
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chattanooga last week. now reports that a british muslim was arrested for reported attacks a few days later. colonel there are a lot of dots to easily connect but we are taking great effort in this country not to do that maybe not to create a firestorm but you say the firestorm is there, right? >> absolutely think the firestorm is there and i think we better start connecting the dots pretty quickly. >> what is going on? i mean the reason why authorities, the state department and homeland security they say are isolated incidents. i know your argument in the case of this british muslim there is that common feature where you have an extremist, that's reason enough to start linking these. explain. >> well i believe we have to start linking them because i think they are linked in some form or fashion. we need to start figuring out
1:12 pm
what that is. i think there is influence on all of these situations of these people doing these things and going to chattanooga and shooting marines and killing them. i believe somebody is out there influencing them. is it people from isis al qaeda, whoever you want i don't know exactly who it is but it's very clear that they're being influenced to do these things. these people are not lone wolves and i've heard that said oh it's just a lone wolf doing it. it is not. it is someone influencing these people. that's the rea to figure it out and connect the dots as quickly as we can. >> on that we're getting some other report that a couple of the soldiers who are killed in chattanooga put themselves in harm's way to save lives. that wouldn't surprise me and given your record and some your buddy's that wouldn't surprise her at all. what do you make of that that some of the details we're piecing together that a couple
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of these guys put themselves in harm's way, died to save people? >> well that doesn't surprise me neil at all because these four marines, they had been in combat one was a purple heart recipient. it's the kind of people they are and that's what makes them so special and that's the reason we need to do a better job protecting them and we need to do something in those reserve centers to protect those young men and women in there doing the right things to get soldiers in the military in the future and we have to find the way to absolutely protect themselves and be able to stop that from happening again. >> thank you. sorry we have to talk under these type of circumstances but i value your opinion and appreciate you stopping by. >> thank you, neil. >> now, a couple of things going on currently. the house briefing wrapping up. but going on a little longer.
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the secretary of state john kerry doing his best to sell a deal that is not going down well in washington not only with republicans but with democrats, too. that is key in these discussions. can john kerry prevent what could be a -- democrat bolting for the president against a bill they think is very, very dangerous, a measure very, very dangerous then there's the anger that's developing how the un got a chance to vote on this before they did. they say this is drama after the fact and annoyed and apparently they are going to let him know about it. we or going to be getting more on that as well as rick perry responding to all of the above. and trump's comments after this.
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a toxic mix of democrat gofy and nonsense that will lead the republican party to predition if pursued. >> maybe it was donald trump's comments about his glasses but rick perry is not taking this sitting down. message to you are wherever you are mr. president. that commandment of yours has been violated. the war is on and rick perry is here later this very broadcast. stick around. also on a day we're hearing that the irs now apparently is not targeting anyone and what's the big deal the fallout from the president's interview from john stewart yesterday. enter a number of tea partiers saying what the heck the irs is still investigating this and now we're hearing from the president of the united states that it's just a congressional issue a
1:19 pm
lousy law, anything but a targeted attack. but the founder of the tea party group that was among those targeted is a tad ticked off. what did you think about what the president said? >> well the president of the united states of america lied to the public. he knows there was a report that detailed the targeting. he knows that lois learner admitted to the targeting and said it was wrong. so he lied to the american people and we are tired of being lied to. >> now, he's a lawyer maybe you're a lawyer i'm not. legally he has a right to say what he said in this sense, that it's over it was a bad law, it was a clumsy law, it might have been misinterpreted move on and critics are saying what he's doing is legally running out the clock on this so that groups
1:20 pm
like yours can't whine about it. what do you think of that? >> that's true. obviously we're three years into nd this and he is trying to run the clock out. i have an e-mail in my hand that shows that lois learner was with other government agencies like the department of justice, federal elections commission to piece together false statement cases. the targeting definitely happened. he can't deny it. >> you're saying it happened but to the running of the clock, when you look at big issues this election year while this was hot a couple of years back as you know becky, it's nowhere in the top ten issues that are in america's minds right now. does that bother you and that whatever offenses occurred and whatever e-mails hidden destroyed and suddenly found again, we might never get to the bottom of this now? >> neil it goes to a bigger issue. and the issue -- this is just one of many offenses by our government.
1:21 pm
they are taking over the people. and we the people need to stand up to them and it's just time. we have to draw a line in the sand because we don't have another generation and if we the people don't stop these guys and get involved you know it will just get worse. so it's time to put our feet down. >> all right. we'll watch very, very closely. thank you for taking the time to stop by. a lot of you remember bernie madoff right? leave it to mary highens clark to come out with a book. she'll explain because she is next.
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let no one be mistaken. donald trump's campaign must be diagnosed, excised and discarded. >> the other republicans tip-toeing around the criticisms getting from donald trump and he comes back and says a lot started criticizing me first. the former texas governor is saying enough is enough in a speech today, saying that donald trump side show has to stop get out of the race move on let's get serious and he is ready to rumble. in fact he will be doing so here in less than half an hour. stay tuned for that. another lady is ready to rumble but not nearly as controversial although justice prolific. mary higgins clark. one of the most successful authors in american history. you have got 51 books, all of it
1:26 pm
best sellers. 80 million copyies in the united states alone. >> 100. you were missing. >> did you just make that up? >> no. >> because i got this from your pr sheet. no. i'm kidding. a lot of copies. now you have come out with a book that i swore was built on bernie madoff the embezeler. you in fact said it is. >> he's such an example of someone with the way he was with the saintly face and smart enough to refuse to some people which made them clammer to be with him. you think what he did -- >> he snookered people. >> yes. he snookered them bad. good people bad people. you know what i mean. he got away with it and i used to see pictures of him and he
1:27 pm
always looked saintly. >> here he looks a little -- but your character, i don't want to give it away scandalous behavior take as lot of folks' money and goes off on a yacht. but here's the one concern i had in your book. he was not a nice guy. your character comes off as i wouldn't say sympathetic but more appealing than the real bernie madoff. why? >> the reason is i saw him as an appealing figure which is why all those pouror souls would sit in his office and be served coffee and crumb cake and tell them i don't care about the big people i care about you. >> and he was very good at that. >> that was my thinking beyond him. but the way he left his wife and son and then of course the big
1:28 pm
question is the son in on it as the young interior decorator who was helping the wife -- >> financially wiped out. the fbi is going after him. there's the wife trying to get together whatever she had left. >> from the house. >> because a lot of people are angry and in your book you do as you do in a lot of books, you're not predictable in that sense. you will present even the villains in -- i wouldn't say a rosy life but almost a vulnerable life. was that by design? bad guys aren't always just bad? >> i honestly wasn't. i thought he was a trickster and happy being that. he was very smart in the way he picked up when he thought someone was getting close to him and he never thinks about his
1:29 pm
wife. and she's home saying our show maybe ended but the melody lingers on because she thinks he's probably dead and then with a few glasses of wine she says to her son, did you hear from him, did you do this with him. >> i understand you might need a little help selling books. 80 million. do you look at this -- the publisher is properly a big deal. 40 years since where the children, initial huge introduction to the world. 75th printing. someone told us the year of mary. is that true? >> that's very sweet. i had one come out last november with a coauthor and then i had one come out in march and then in may. >> why the coauthor thing? >> well they wanted --
1:30 pm
>> same notes? >> no. they liked my characters in last year's book. and said we would like to see them go forward in a series. but i think it's a good idea if you have someone with you. and that has turned out beautifully. it feels as though i've written it i think. they said so. but it was nice to have another person who is a very good plotter to work with me. >> you're a very good story-teller and also so prolific. you're almost 90 right? >> please. i'm only 87 1/2. >> i apologize. >> oh my. >> that's rude of me. >> where is my cane?t many books, it's hard to differentiate, you know how do you keep that going? same was asked of people like stephen king and it's that your mind is constantly working?
1:31 pm
>> that's true. that's exactly right. the other thing is i love to write. people say why don't you retire and i think and do what? put a plant in the ground and it will die. put a biscuit in the oven and it burns. >> you got to watch. she waited a long time. >> i read today and i always heard if she wrote that book and her agent asked her to rewrite and that's when she went back. actually martinburg is the second book. this was the original version and is she right to put it out? millions of copies later. >> yeah. >> but i was in love. >> i know. and we're in love with your character. i don't know about this parker bennett dude we'll have to see. great meeting you. you're a cottage industry. stuck to your bronx roots. >> of course. >> appreciate that.
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in new york's times square. all of that in 60 seconds.
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some guests dare challenge my tax. an 87-year-old author who might be legendary. when i say she told copies it's not 100 million by the way. we checked it out. it's 100 million. she's right. wasn't she great? in new york's times square a rally against, against that iranian deal that we're told is going to gets together 100 various groups that have their beef against this deal as they're discussing this venture in washington john kerry is with senators as he has a little -- a few minutes ago with those in the house of representatives. david miller in times square. kicking this off in little less than an hour, david? >> reporter: that's right, neil. times square is called the
1:37 pm
crossroads of the world. many folks are here because they want to send a message to the world. not to be double-crossed by iran. very critical of the nuclear agreement adopted on monday by the united nations. they say is a grass roots movement called stop iran now. they say it is nonpartisan and has the backing of 100 different organizations. there are expected to be two dozen speakers today addressing the crowd. among them a former cia director and we expect to here from governor pataki. this now as the clock is ticking in washington. the congress has 60 days as you point out to review the nuclear agreement with iran. the folks here now want to send a very clear message to washington to not endorse this agreement, it is not trust
1:38 pm
worthy. in addition to the demonstration taking place in one hour's time in new york where they expect tens of thousands of people they're saying that similar demonstrations are in the works in a number of other cities from los angeles to philadelphia. from now the latest from times square when the rally gets underway in a hour's time. >> david, thank you very much. now to house majority steve scalise. you had a chance to hear from secretary of skate kerry. did he win you over on any of your doubts? >> no. in fact neil he confirmed the strong doubts that i have and it's not just me. i think it's a growing majority in congress and across america that this is a bad deal. if you look they went into this with the objective of getting a deal and they got a deal but it's a bad deal that doesn't achieve the main objective. i think majority in congress want and that is to have iran
1:39 pm
dismantle their nuclear weapons program. they can be in full compliance and still be within a year of this deal. also our strong ally israel and others. >> did secretary state kerry explain how it was -- we see it was argued against him doing this way -- that the united nations got to vote on this before you guys did? >> he didn't get into that. that's irritated members of both parties and makes their job harder to sell. that they would go to the united nations. but congress is going to take this up. i think you'll see in september a motion and resolution to reject this deal and i think there's going to be growing support not just amongst republicans but democrats in congress as well to reject this deal. >> by a large enough number to override a presidential veto in that event. >> that's going to be one of the
1:40 pm
tests. you need at least 40 democrats to get a veto proof majority in the house. i think you're going to see over the august recess i'm going to be having town meetings we're hearing a lot of interest in my district and all across the country. hearing from their constituents and people need to. i think everybody ought to hear from their constituents. we're hearing from prime minister netanyahu. we also know how bad it is for america. we need to reverse this bad deal. >> always good seeing you. thank you very much. >> great to be back with you, neil. >> you know a lot of republicans are careful dealing with donald trump, that you don't want to enjoin his rath like a junk yard dog who knows how to bring the fight and keep fighting. rick perry has decided to fight back. the man was getting a field day from donald trump about those glasses of his. i think he's planning to argue
1:41 pm
with them on after this.
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making 47 1/2 million making cell phones. next time you better make it 38 1/2 apple. down more than 5 bucks today. that did not help the nasdaq. apple a disproportionate component in the technology world. so when it goes down it takes a hit. technology stocks in general take a hit. the ceo of ameritrade says what is happening in a market like this. is that overkill? not in terms of apple but just take them out and punish them for not doing nearly as blistering as we hoped? >> that is just the nature of the market and some of the tech stocks where you can see it in netflix and google. when you have surprises on the
1:45 pm
upside particularly on revenue and groetwth, the marketer acts well. when you have it on earnings and not on growth you're getting punished. >> there is a different world for apple right? everyone was moaning about this. only a million and a half of these watches. any other company couldn't sell that let alone 47 1/2 million. >> it's the largest company in the world measured by market cap. anybody that has invested over the last 10 12 years has made a lot of money. >> what do you tell clients, whether it's a weird response to apple which you could figure given the fact that the watch thing and some other things but that maybe with ibm, some of the other companies, disappointed. that there's something going on here something bad? >> you know i think right now we're continuing to tell clients
1:46 pm
to say invested. >> what does that mean? >> really about your time in the market. if you're investing in the market you should be investing for the long term and don't get too caught up in the short term swings. >> that varies by age group? >> no question. in terms of how aggressive you want to be or conservative you want to be. >> let's say you're like me in your early 30s, yeah it's one thing to be more aggressive than it would be for someone who is a couple of decades older. >> you should be more conservative in your investing. >> real quick. raise in interest rate as soon as september? >> there's no question when the feds start to raise, we're going to see that in the equity markets. you look at our clients, they're fully vested. >> are they sitting ducks then? >> i think just the markets in general are in that position. >> all right. fred good seeing you again. keeping us calm.
1:47 pm
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i see rick perry the other day. and he's doing very poorly in the polls. he put glasses on so people will think he's smart. and it just doesn't work. people can see through the glasses. i said he shouldn't be allowed on the debate stage. i said to myself he shouldn't. so i tweeted that rick perry should have to have an iq test before getting on the debate stage. >> do you think rick perry is going to take that sitting down? the nation's longest-serving governor for some 15 years as head of the fine state of texas? joining me right now, governor
1:51 pm
you fired back today. boy, did you ever. and you're one of the few who do. i don't know what it is or whether people walk on eggshells with donald trump but you engaged him and he engaged back. then you got into this instagram tit for tat. what is going on here? do you guys just hate each other? what is happening? >> this isn't about me. this is about donald trump and making statements that are just so out of the realm of appropriate, taking on our p.o.w.s, to say what he said about john mccain and the rest of the men and women who spent time in the hanoi hilton is just -- that's inappropriate. an individual who -- >> i understand you as a veteran one of only two veterans in the race a captain in the air force and of course lindsayey graham the other, you have a right to feel angry about that. i give you your due there. i think where you escalated it these comments today in which you talked of trump being a
1:52 pm
cancer on conservatism. what did you mean by that? >> indeed he is. when you look at his statements this country is begging for a leader that will bring this country together not a divider. we've had a divider for the last 6 1/2 years. americans are looking for somebody to bring this country together. that incendiary rhetoric that you hear out of donald trump, whether it's the immigrant population in this country or whether it's our veterans that's unacceptable. and i think americans are going to take a look at that just as i did and say, you know what we're in the going to quietly take this. we're going to push back and push back hard. >> right now they are not doing that. and i don't know whether that does change. i mean polls are fleeting as you've reminded me many times. but right now donald trump is doing very well in the polls. what do you make of that? >> well i make it early horse race polls. if you'll recall i think it was four years ago in '07, eight years ago, rudy giuliani was ahead in the polls. he didn't even make it to
1:53 pm
florida. so these polls, they ebb and flow and what have you. one thing that doesn't ebb and flow are the values of this country. americans want an optimistic view about the future of this country. people want to feel good that the best days are ahead of us. and when they see someone like donald trump who spends all his time throwing invectives and being negatives to individual that's not going well. >> he's promising to go to the border tomorrow your fine state, to bring the point home that those who work at the border they love him. are going to honor him. they never did that for you. he says. what do you make of that? >> here's what i hope that donald trump realizes tomorrow. that the failure at the border is a federal responsibility. securing the border is a federal responsibility. he's down there casting aspersion on texas rangers on the texas parks and wildlife war dense, on our texas national guard that we have sent down there to fill in where the federal government has failed.
1:54 pm
donald trump needs a lesson in how the country is supposed to work. and the federal government is supposed to be securing that border. they have failed. and texas has stepped in and done the best they could do to help secure that border. >> you know, governor, not surprising to take on donald trump. jumps into a dog fight. very aggressive. has made him a very successful businessman. but he has looked at this and come back at you with your critical comments to say, well a fine thing for governor perry to be saying all this stuff about me. four years ago he was begging for my support and my money. what are you saying? >> well i don't ever recall any begging that was going on. there were a lot of people that went and sat down with donald trump four years ago. but here's what i've found out. [ overlapping speakers ] >> instagram pictures of you and him together. explain that. >> well listen. i've been with a lot of people before. but when i found out about the real donald trump, which is by the way his twitter tag is the
1:55 pm
real donald trump. when i found out about the real donald trump, i didn't like what i saw, i didn't like what i heard. and i don't think americans are when they take a look. this ace guy for single payer health care. this is a guy who is for raising the taxes huge amounts. this is a person that i think would be more comfortable with hillary clinton than running for the republicans. >> if he were your nominee, the republican party nominee, would you support him? >> there's a lot of people that are going to be i think have a better chance of being our nominee before donald trump. >> i understand that. i understand you're hoping that is the case. if he were the nominee, would you support him? would you support him over hillary clinton? >> we can say that about a whole lot of people. i'm a republican. i'm going to support the republican nominee. and donald trump's got a long way to go to make people really believe he's a conservative. when you really look at what this guy believes. come on. single payer health care and he's running as a republican? where's that coming from neil?
1:56 pm
>> when you heard comments on either physical features or in your case the glasses, what do you think? how do you respond to that? what do you say? do you just think, all right, i won't trade on that kind of exchange? or i'm not going to ignore it. unlike some of the others you are going back full bore. why? there's great rest okay that too, isn't there? >> i happen to believe it my record is what's going to stand out, not either how i do my hair or whether i wear glasses or not. i'm not going to talk about donald trump's hair. i doubt if he talks about mine. but what we are going to talk about is our record. i'm going to talk about where i grew up in that dry land cotton form and those experiences that paint my world view. wearing the uniform of the country. and nobody nobody on that stage is going to be able to talk about having the executive experience and running the 12th largest economy in the world and the job creation that occurred in the state of texas. it blows away anybody on that stage. >> rick perry, very good seeing you. thank you very, very much. >> thank you, neil.
1:57 pm
1:58 pm
iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
1:59 pm
2:00 pm
this is times square new york. getting ready for a rally of all rallies against this iran deal. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino along with kimberly guilfoyle, eric bolling, geraldo rivera and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." tonight we are joined by a special guest. he is the governor of new jersey and hopes to be the next president of the united states. chris christie is here for his very first appearance on "the five." welcome, governor. we're glad you made it. >> glad to be here. >> the traffic we'll blame the mayor a little bit later in the show. i'm going to kick it off and go around the table a couple of times. you've been a declared candidate for a little over a month. i was curious, what sort of anxieties do you hear from the campaign trail from potential voters? what's their biggest problem and how would you try to solve it? >>


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