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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 23, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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ning today on "the real story." see you again tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern on fox business network for strange inheritance. here's shep. >> donald trump set to speak at any moment. live from texas border with mexico and this should be very interesting, not that isn't always interesting but today may even more so. the controversy with the border patrol agent now. have you heard? and is donald trump serious bat possible third party run? what would that do to republicans' chances trump live and analysis to come, plus, mystery in oklahoma. a couple of teenagerrers accused of murdering five relatives, is to being them to death in their own home. but a 13-year-old girl survived and she could give cops some clues about what happened. plus are we alone the universe? nasa's news today is ginormous.
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it takes us closer to the answer is, there is anybody out there? because scientist just discovered a brand new planet that is very much like earth and is right here in our own milky way. so let marvin gaye and get it on. >> this is going to be a good one. breaking news now on fox news channel. district attorney in texas is speak bath woman's death in a jail cell. we're expecting the d.a. to talk about the autopsy findings, which have not been made public. we heard debate over the death of thewoman, sandra bland. a straight trooper pulled her over for a turn signal violation, then arrested her after she said he became aggressive. jail officials say she hanged herself in their gel but her relatives demand on independent booking autopsy. one booking form indicated the woman had tried to commit
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suicide at points in the past but another form indicated she said she had not. we'll get to that as the decision comes in. now, donald trump, snubbed at the united states mexico border and getting ready to talk about it. the republican front runner is now in texas right along the mexican border. he was supposed to meet with members of the local border patrol union for a tour, but they pulled out at the last minute. union official says they talked with the national border control council -- yes there is one -- decided to cancel after quote careful consideration of all the factors involved, unquote. trump says he smells conspiracy and donald trump blames union bosses who he says do not want people to know how bad it is on the border. we'll bring you the donald's comments live, set to start in just a moment. they have a sent up and all the reporters are in there sweating, as one would do on a hot day in south texas.
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donald trump's immigration stance has been cycles, calling mexicans criminals and rapists and some were good people. that created backlash many of his business partners and republican rivals. donald trump respond with various insults calling many of the board ear dumb or idiots or a combination and says that republicans, if they don't treat him better -- listen now -- he would absolutely consider a third-part run for the white house. he would absolutely consider a third-party run. much like, well, ron paul once did. that's accord together reporting of the hell newspaper. analysts predict a doomsday scenario for the gone gone should donald trump run. according to the "washington post" and abc news poll in a hypothetical matchup between hillary clinton, jeb bush jeb do nontalladega trump, clinton would win. analysts say that's because
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trump would split the republican votes, handing clinton a landslide. mush like what happened with bush back in the day. what have we heard in laredo? >> reporter: donald trump hammered the border patrol union saying it does not want the real store of what is happening on the border to be told. trump arrived said the union invited him but suggested the national leadership told the locals to be silent. thank you. says if he wins the problem at the border will be fixed and noted a big crowd there is to meet him has been in a war of words with former governor rick perry who suggested trump might not a billion to find the bored. >> if there's one built bit of advise i give to m-trump going to texas it is to recognize the fact that it is not the state of texas or any state's responsibility to be securing the border.
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>> perry called trump a hypocrite when it comes to border security, as a known employer of illegal immigrant labor. >> what are we hearing from the other republican candidates? >> florida governor jeb bush was asked if trump runsing about some new reality tv series. >> a serious candidate and is going to have a lot of money. he is tapping into people's angst, that are legitimate. but i don't think you win by tearing -- by denigrating people, by wearing us apart. you have to offer concrete proposals to allow people to rise up. >> we heard those concerns from other republican candidates and officials. they're worried that trump's tough criticism of fellow candidate colorado sure the nominee and the g.o.p.'s chances of winning the white house. >> late put this up on the big wall. we're just waiting for trump to come up there, and it's our understanding he will speak at
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any moment. i'm most interested in the controversy over the border patrol acts with whom he was supposed to speak but is not. for a reason he is positive involves a conspiracy. kaitlin, hello. >> hello. >> what do we make of this? there's a new trump controversy and it's brewing. >> i have to give him credit for actually going to the border health's been talking about exception is actually going there. this is a rite of passage for republican candidates -- >> he says he was going there in danger. what does he mean? >> well, making a big show of this. he is saying he is brave enough to go down to the border and see what it's all about. >> okay. so what do you make of this controversy with the border patrol agents. they won't speak to him. >> loot the candidates who have gone to see the border coordinatedded with the governor and agents and made that an official state looking visit. it appears though, that donald trump has not coordinated with
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anybody from the governor's office for the agents there so that mile be reflective of that. >> if he runs as a third party candidate, what does that tell us? is he punking us? i say that with the following knowledge. he was pro choice. he was pro clinton, he was pro changes in immigration policy. he seem pretty left. all of a sudden he is right. is he working for hillary? >> if he runs a third-party candidate she benefits. there's been a lot comparisons to ross perot but if he runs he pulls more votes from the republican part. so of course this helps hillary clinton. >> so he is punking us? is he really a lefty who is -- >> i think that donald trump likes the show. this is making good tv. the republican debates in a couple of weeks will be everybody will have their eyes on that.
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and he has enough money to do it. so kind of this mentality of, why not? why not just keep in the race. if you don't make it in the primary, just keep going. >> donald trump speaking live in a moment. the republican party, the establishment of the republican party is not happy with him. >> they have tried to void this kind of thing. remember when they limited the number of debates or candidates who could appear in the debates. they want to avoid this clown car show. now that's what they're seeing. donald trump announced the day a after jeb bush did and since then he has been out in front he has not only being 0 been leading in the polls but taken up a ton of media covrage. so whale the other candidate are pulling out initiatives or traveling to other states, they're not getting much attention. >> we have heard not one word of policy. >> that's important. >> if you ask the analysts, of those in the big wall from the republican party who are running, who benefits the most and to a man and a woman to an
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analyst, they say, it's general jeb bush because all of these other to itsesgk they can't get heard because all he is doing is taking up all the air waves and does that mean that those who want jeb bush to be the next president, could -- got to be a conspiracy. if there's a trump it's a conspiracy. >> it's interesting. donald trump's number one target is jeb bush in all of these things he says. jeb bush can point to donald trump, he looks presidential, he can still maintain his position in the polls and is not affected directly by it. the other thing though, is that all those candidates are figuring out oh maneuver around him being in the race you. saw lindsey graham make the viral video. you see rick perry trying to make an impact by showing some contrast there pointing to donald trump as the side show and making himself seem presidential. so they're all advantaged in
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some way. if they can capitalize on it. >> it's this immigrant about and border issue that attracted the attention of so many people. that's the reason so many people today say i'm for him because he tells it like it is. he realizes the problem that is immigration. he realizes the border has to change he is on the border and this speaks to -- if this is a trump base, this is it. >> what people like about him he says it like it is, tapping into that frustration and also tapping into the frustration that republicans have with the republican party. a big base is frustrated by the establishment telling them what to do, telling them who the nominee is so they point to trump as spun who is speaking their mind and that why you're seeing candidates like ted cruz embrace trump. if trump falls off he can
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assume those vote. >> he can >> that's the thought process. we don't see donald trump backing another at any time soon. he'll be in this for a while it seems. >> i don't have any idea what he is doing. animal -- i know there's not really the kind of organization -- it's my understanding from speaking with those in the know there's not an organization putting together policy papers and such. we heard nothing on policy. >> an important point. you can't pin down donald trump on policy. the talks about the bored-under but there aren't specific prescriptions he has for it. >> i see action. a man just talked into this wrist and a police car drove bay and they're all looking in one direction. i see dana bash and others looking, watching. i believe that trump is upon us. >> what is racialable, he is not remarkable he notice -- >> trump and his hat. let us listen together.
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>> are >> you want to hop on the plane for a ride back in you can have it. donald trump. >> i'd like to introduce first the mayor. he is going to say a few words and then i'll say a few words. we were treated so nicely and learned so much, but the mayor has done a fantastic job. mr. mayor. >> thank you mr. trump. >> good afternoon i'm the mayor of laredo. we're excited to have mr. donald trump here in laredo, texas. it provided us an opportunity to present to mr. trump and his onatgroup what la raid dove is --
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la rid dough is all about. we do over 40% of the mexican trade. laredo is known for obviously transportation. you can see the big trucks behind us. we are -- nafta has been very good to us. we're excited about that. we also have oil and gas production in our county, and it also provides the revenues to us. mr. trump has brought up a certain issue the immigration issue in particular. we, at least i feel personally that immigration reform is required if needed. we need protection. and the border area. we need to secure the border. but we also need other elements. obviously the immigration act or bill. so, with that in mind, it's a pleasure to have mr. trump the excitement he brings is also very on the plus side for our
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city, and we appreciate all the attention but we know the attention comes through this gentleman here. mr. trump. thank you. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> well, thank you very much for being here. it's been an amazing experience. mexico is booming absolutely booming, and jesus the city manager and pete have done an amazing job right here. but a lot of what is happening here is because of the fact that mexico is doing so well. it's just doing beyond what anybody ever thought. and i don't know if that's good for the united states but it's good for mexico. anybody have any questions? i think i'll win the hispanic vote. i have thousands of mexicans and hispanics. when it comes -- i don't know if you saw the polls bum they did a big poll in nevada, and i'm way ahead, and more importantly as far as i'm concerned i'm way way ahead with the hispanics
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well into the 30s. and second is 11. so i have a great relationship. over the years thousands and thousands of hixs -- of hispanics that work for me and the relationship is very good. >> mr. trump-some -- >> go ahead. >> how many people killed? >> five people were killed where i work by marines. american cities. it means that killers come from all over the world. >> i agree with that, and they come through here and come from all over the world. aagree with that. >> you keep saying there's a danger, but the crime along the bored is it down. >> great danger with the illegals but a tremendous danger on the border with the illegals. em. >> have you seen evidence to confirm your fears about mexico sending its criminals across the border.
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>> ey, i have, and i've heard it from a lot of different people. in fact, asous know, the border patrol invited my. i think most of you have that invitation that the border patrol invited me and then they cancelled because frankly they don't want to get involved. from the reason they invited me was because of the tremendous problem and the tremendous crime and all of the things you're talking about. so they invited me and then at the last moment -- we were virtually in the air and they said we can't get involved. and i heard they got those orders from washington. >> what evidence specifically have you seep? >> we'll show you the evidence? >> when? >> how? [inaudible] call you racist. >> we just landed and there were a lot of 0 people at the airport and they were all waving florida and in favor of trump. such a great warm -- is was surprised but such great warmth at the airport with all of those people that were there so we're very very honored.
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i go ahead. >> one thing to say things dirks. >> they're chanting for me: i didn't see them. >> what is the most surprising part of the trip being here on the border for you? >> meeting the mayor and meeting jesus, the city manager therapy. doing a tremendous job jesus say a word. this man -- i'm going steal him to run something for me. he is fantastic. the city manager. >> thank you mr. trump. and welcome everybody to the city a a laid dough. one of -- laredo. one of the greatest cities on the border and we're a vibrant city, and the trade that we have here with mexico, this is where the rubber meets the road and all of you can see it right behind us. this where is all the trade comes through that mexico and the united states have in common right here, and not only that but his this where is it goes to the rest of the world. we wouldn't be where we of if it wasn't for the support that mayor and members of the city council, that are also here with
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us we are very fortunate to have the support they provide news order for this city to be such a great city and the number porter in the country. >> -- mr. trump the way to make the border safe is to build this long wall? >> well, that's federal issue and we have our comments on that. >> what is your comment? >> we don't think that's necessary at this time. i think there's other ways we can work together with the federal government. i think right now, we have a process that we work together with border patrol, and everybody to be able to get these things done. the relationship that the city of la trade -- laredo had with the federal government is tremendous. >> proposal, mr. trump? >> not at all. different sections. this is one section --
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>> actually do to change the illegal immigration -- >> the one thing you have to do, and as jesus was saying and the mayor was saying, there's a huge problem with illegals and in this section it's a problem in some sections it's a massive problem and you have to create -- you have to make the people that come in -- they have to be legal very simple. >> what do you -- -- >> you have to let people do their job. the border patrol. which, by the way see the unions are verynvolved with the border patrol but you have to let them do their job. the want to do their job elm that's why invited me. they invited me because they have such a problem. they want to be able to do their job. if they can't do their job believe in the they're unhappy. they want to be able to do their job. >> are you in favor of a wall? >> in certain sections you have to have a wall. absolutely. >> how can you -- >> with the way the wall, the wall, will save you a tremendous
12:20 pm
amount of money but you absolutely -- there are areas you have to have a wall. >> -- from -- >> who? >> the drug cartel leader. >> i don't know anything about it. >> in the past couple of days as a third-party run if the g.o.p. not treat you better. what would it take -- >> i'm a republican, conservative. i'm running. anytime first place by a lot it seems. i want to run as a republican. i think i'll get the nomination. we'll see soon enough but i'll get the nomination. the best way to with is for me to get the nomination and run against hillary -- she his worst secretary of state in the history of our country. she will be beaten and i will bet here and i will take jobs back. the reason i won with the hispanic vote and win all over, because i'll take jobs back from
12:21 pm
china, from japan and eve a country that is kill us us. i'll bring the jobs back ask the hispanics get those jobs will love trump and they already do. >> ready to apologize to those hispanics who felt insilted. >> they weren't insulted. the press misinterprets my word. >> what would you do with the 11 million undocument immigrants who are here. >> we have to strengthen our borders and then we'll have plenty of time. thank you very much. thank you-everybody. >> well, we learned a lot there. we did. and it's going to take me a minute because i don't write very well, but i'll tell you what we learned. we have learned that he used to say, we need a wall, the whole way, and by the way mexico will pay for it. but now he says we need a wall in certain sections. because jesus the city manager who is doing a fantastic job was asked if we needed a wall,
12:22 pm
and he said, no. we don't need a wall. our relationship with the federal government is very good, and then donald trump being as specific is a ever heard him say we need a wall but only in certain sections, and he reiterated he will win the hispanic vote, and when asked if hispanics were upset with him when he said the people were sent here by mexico and they're -- what -- rapists and murders, but not illinois assaulted at all. they were for him and will win hispanic vote. we only need big wall in certain sections. and when given the opportunity to rule out running as a third-party candidate he notably did not do that. he pointed out accurately, he is in first place among all 16 republican candidates. in first place by a long shot. he absolutely is. fox newsen colonel firm he is absolutely on point on matter. he said i'm a republican and
12:23 pm
want to run as a republican. the best way to win is to do so as a republican and at that point, when given an opportunity to say will not run as a third-party candidate because that would help hillary clinton who. he has relead lid called the worst secretary of state in the history of the nation dish he did not do that, and he has hat. kaitlin is back with us from real clear what do you say about that? >> that was one of the shorter press conferences he has given. he went to the border, i think -- seemed like a few minutes. the question about what to do with those who are here, it's not something he wants to address really at all. hoe was asked about it, and said we'll talk about that later. the other thing is that trump has never actually run for office before. we don't know what his numbers will be, so i don't know where he is getting these winning the hispanic vote numbers. >> he's getting them. just getting. the. another thing he said was he said that hispanics like him and he will win the hispanic vote
12:24 pm
and that -- he is very confident. >> sure. he has confidence. that is the one thing one qualifying this he has in spades. >> mike emanuel -- go ahead. >> this just is, again makes good television, every major news network and outlet is following him. he is enjoying himself. >> mike emanuel do you feel like you're being punked at all? >> i tell you what, shep. i was in the room with him last saturday in iowa. there were ten republican candidates the and he stole the show by going after john mccain's military record. he was asked if he would rule out a third-party run and he said he will not and so he is having fun messing with the rnc leadership at this point basically saying if you don't play nice with me i may run use my own money and run against you, and ultimately bury the republican party and lead to four to eight years of hillary clinton as president.
12:25 pm
and so there is a reality show, tv show feel to it. the circus with the plane coming up with his brand on the side, and the cameras everywhere he goes but jeb bush said today i'm taking him as a serious candidate with a lot of resources and so it seems like while a lot of other republican candidates don't want to talk about donald trump they kind of have to because he is the story at least of the moment. >> remember the autopsy? after the last time the republicans lost the national ehelpings there was an autopsy number one thing they had to fix is get some of the hispanic vote. so what donald trump said is mexico is sending in rapists rapists and murders and now he says he has evidence that the government of mexico is sending in rapists and murders and will get to that evidence. that was fine, clearly he led in the polls and went up. then he attacked a war hero, john mccain, who no mart what
12:26 pm
you think of his politics, after a year in the hanoi hilton for so long it was john mccain who was given the opportunity to leave and said, no, we exit in the same order in which we entered, and i'm going to stay, and he did for four more years the american holiday. and annihilated his service to america and that was okay and his numbers went up. i wonder what else he can do? >> donald trump will not exit the race because republicans tell him to. what will happen is if the to lose support in the polls. if people who are supporting him find another candidate who is doing that in perhaps a better way or whatever it is, and they start to pull out in these polls, that's when we'll see -- but until then, there's really nothing that at this point we have seen to get him out of the race. the only other thing too is in
12:27 pm
a republican primary especially veterans are a huge con sit tune si. so if we standard to see them become more involved, energized and try to push him out maybe that can have an impact. we haven't seen it at all. in fact it's fueled his fire. >> mike? >> many in the political class thought going after mccain's milling tear record -- not him as a politician but him in his service and his 20s would be the turning point you would see the polls go south and there's an abc news "washington post" poll and say it dipped a bit on sunday after the comments about mccain sank in but there's no downward right-hand side, and so for now, a lot of folks are saying never mind what he said about mccain and the military. mccain has been ineffective. what we like about trump eggs he says it like he says it and is not a slick live produced politician. so now his connecting. >> he was saying that we needed a wall all along the border and
12:28 pm
mexico would pay for it. then jesus the city manager who is doing a fantastic job said they didn't need a wall there then we got a policy change -- new policy, wall in certain sections. so what do you make of this policy change and how do you think that will fact the race? >> a lot of folks here in washington are saying where are the details of the things you want to do to change the world to change the country, and so there you have it. he brought them up. said hey say a few words you're doing a fantastic job and his ideas were different than trump's and he ad-libs a little change in policy, and we'll see if it stick's whether at the next stop back to the full wall. >> we don't have any policy statements. we have one policy, got have full wall. indicate -- it's shifting before our eyes. >> an interesting race. >> interesting is the right
12:29 pm
word? >> interesting is an understatement. for the past several weeks trump has been able to take up a lot of room. you have 16 candidates. so think about people like john kashich would just announced, or scott walker. they've a having to deal with the trump in the record. they have to maneuver around him, and media attention is at a premium already. so i am interested to see how these candidates try to maneuver around him and we'll see a lot of that on the debate stage in a couple of weeks. >> it's july something or other of 2015. the election itself is more than a year away and they used to call this silly season. and now we know why. he has a hat. roll the animation. >> breaking news now on fox news channel.
12:30 pm
the jury in the colorado movie massacre trial has just ruled the killer, james holmes, is eligible for the death penalty. anything but this would have been shocking and astounding. this is exactly what every single human being expected. in face one of the sentencing trial the jury unanimously ruled his crimes were aggravate meaning he can be sentenced to death. the jury now moves on to next phase in which the defense well argue reasons why the jury should spare he killer's life. back in 2012, james holmes killed 12 people and wounded 70 at a midnight showing "the dark knight rises." jurors have ruled he is eligible for the death penalty but they have nor testimony to hear. >> in texas the occupancy is out from a woman who was said to
12:31 pm
have hangs herself in a jail cell. she was arrested during a traffic stop that turned into a huge mess. we'll get live updates on that on the fox news channel and we'll have continuing coverage of the massive policy shift long wall, paid for by mexico. now, jesus who is doing a fantastic job says we do not need a long wall in a laid dough. lard dough
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>> there are more than one thousand years old. the art facts turned up in northern guatemala and portray a mayan ruler who becomes a king, and the news continues from fox news channel right after this.
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breaking news now. just got word from officials in texas who say there are signs that sandra bland did indeed kill herself inside her jail cell. sandra bland died just three days after a controversial traffic stop. the district attorney just reported the trooper involved acted inappropriately. the district attorney confirm that investigators are not releasing sandra bland's autopsy just yet but that some of the finds are consistent with suicide. we have reported here that officials at the jail say she hanged herself with a plastic garbage bag her relative says she never would have killed he was. in response officials released pictures from them autopsy. you can see a mark on her neck from the makeshift noose. the autopsy described there were no defensive injuries.
12:38 pm
we got a look at the booking forms and the formed appear to contradict each other. look here. we have a suicide questionnaire from the day police arrested her, standard thing. officials there say sandra bland answered yes -- i should say -- answered yes to whether she had ever felt, quote very depressed, unquote. and, yes to feeling quote this way now unquote. of course, you just got thrown into a jail cell, who wouldn't be depressed. on the same form, they've say she answered yes to whether she ever thought about killing herself, but no, to thinking about doing it that day. they say she also answered, yes to whether she ever tried killing herself, and that she admitted taking pills last year over a quote lost baby, unquote, and here's where it gets murky. on a different form, about the questionnaire, somebody filled out, no, for attempted suicide. officials say she also told them she was on medication for
12:39 pm
epilepsy. but bland's signature appears on a different document on who she apparently claimed she was not taking medications. casey has more. what are we learning? >> reporter: even though the official autopsy report has not been released, they have been going over the autopsy in great detail. in fact over the last 40 minutes or so. they say the cause of death has been ruled another hanging and the manner of death a suicide. here's what is significant. medical examiners at the harris county medical examiner's office where the autopsy was done say the found in the autopsy scars on san bra bland's arm. 30 cut mark on her left wrest that were in a state of healing scabbing. medical doctors say that it indicate of oui of injuries to to four weeks old, she was arrested. there were no signs of a struggle or violent attack and
12:40 pm
also said that preliminary toxicology reports show, quote significant amount of marijuana in her system. there have been some rumors online that the amount of more was so it could mean she ingested ill while she was in jail. they have not addressed that. and' in the press conference. you're searched when you're an inmate and get prosed, so if she did smuggle marijuana into the jail that would raise a whole new question. rarely do you see them showing autopsy photos in anywhere else other than to trial. >> that's for sure. what already relatives saying about the booking documents? >> well, they contend that the information just doesn't jibe. it doesn't sound like the woman that they knew and loved. in fact the lawyer says that he takes a real issue with the notion that the 28-year-old was depressed. an attorney adds bland was never clinically diagnosed and what not taking any medication they
12:41 pm
were aware of. he believes this i attempt to move attention away from this, that dash cam video that shows the heated exchange between the woman and the texas state trooper who made the arrest. >> with regard to her medical history, none of that has anything to do with why that stop took place and why -- >> not the stop. what happened in the jail. >> what i say to you is that despite the effort to try to divert the energy and attention from what really happened, we will not fall subject to it. >> lambert did dodge the question, when a reported straight upped a him about the noted suicide attempt from the booking forms in 2014 and he did not answer that question. >> they said that the person who arrested her acted inappropriately, there are more specifics in. no they just say inappropriate. that's why that trooper has been placed on administrative leave. don't know if his emotions got the better or him.
12:42 pm
the texas department of public safety the agency the trooper works for, came out right from the get-go and said the way the trooper handled himself was not appropriate, which is why he is on administrative leave. >> did anybody ask what the charges were and why she was arrested in the first place? what the legal reason? >> they said she was taken to jail for assaulting a peace officer because the trooper claims bland kicked him when he got her out of the car. he used that taser -- he daytonaite. he pulled out and said i will light you up, and then he takes her oust the car walk with her and then the walk another of the frame of the dash cam video apparently the trooper claims she kicked him and he arrested for assaulting a peace officer. >> evangeline gomez is with us. what do you make of this. >> i'm shocked.
12:43 pm
>> a lot of stuff. >> how'll see an expert who locks at the 30 marks and evaluate -- put a time stamp on them what are they consistent with, what was used, razor use pen, et cetera. >> what they're saying is that the authorities are saying the autopsy indicates what that reported, some killed herself. what seems still unclear is why she ended up there. why was the in jail? what did she do to warrant jail? >> that's a question a a lot of people have. this is a reality, not one that many people want to hear, but there could be an argument she was resisting arrest, and under texas law and empowered by supreme court precedent, you can stop and you can arrest somebody for a minor traffic infraction. >> nice to see you, thank you. did you hear about the new planet? not actually a new planet but
12:44 pm
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12:48 pm
the planet on the right is -- that'sing our earth on the left. researchers say it's four times the size of mother earth and located 1400 light years away. pluto is less than one light area from ought. scientists said has quote sustainable opportunity unquote to host life and our plants would likely survive there if it has an atmosphere. trace gallagher is live from the west coast news hub. this place may feel like home? >> reporter: in fact, we're told you can gate pretty healthy sun tan because the sun is the same dips stance away as our sun is from us. now, officially the planet is called kepler, 452b, but nasa kales it earth 2.0. scientist believe it's rocky active volcano, and oceans have all the necessary ingreedents to life to have existed if if you live there your callender would have 385 days instead of 365
12:49 pm
but aside from the small variations nasa is very excited about the new find. listen. >> an unfolding story. we have gotten closer and closer to finding a true twin like the earth. every step is important because it shows we're getting closer and closer, and that's current planet is the closest yet. >> reporter: the closest and the most compelling evidence yet that life once existed out of our solar system. >> signssigns of life of any kind? >> well, scientist says because the planet is 1.5 billion years older than earth it's likely there's no life because the aging sun is heating the surface and evaporating the oceans and because of the heat, the variety vapor is lost forever so while you might get a decent tan the surf wouldn't be great. nasa says because the planet so closely resembles ours it could be a peak into our future and that earth could some day become inhospitable to life. keep in mind, the kepler spacecraft that took this, that
12:50 pm
found this information, has been floor new worlds since 2009, and has found more than 4,000 planets in the so-called goldilocks zone, planets not to hot, not too cold, just right. >> trace thanks. >> five people stabbed to death in a home two teenagers under arrest now. details on a murder mystery. and the young survivor who they say could help crack the case. that's next.
12:51 pm
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six minutes before the hour now. police say a silent 9-1-1 call led them a gruesome scene in a home. five people had been stabbed and some of them were children. happened near tulsa last night. cops arrested two teenaged suspects in the woods near the home shortly after the stabbing. they found a toddler unharmed in the house and a 13-year-old who went to the hospital with serious injuries. cops say the victims and the suspects are all part of the same family. lea gabrielle has details. >> shep, police say two adults and three children from the family are dead. i spoke with an officer who serves in the area where that's
12:55 pm
happened and he said in his near 20 years on the force he has never seen anything like this. >> not only is this unusual this is really unheard of in broken arrow. >> this normally quiet neighborhood situated around a golf course, a crime scene last night. police say when they arrived they heard moaning on the other side of the deer that sound was coming from the 13-year-old girl who they pulled to safety first. investigators are processing the scene and questioning the suspects 16-year-old and 18-year-old. police believe the two boys are the children and siblings of the children. >> two suspects need out the back door into a green belt. that led to a track by a k-9 officer and they were taken into custody via that k9 an preparation. >> the toddler is now in child custody. the 13-year-old girl is out of surgery. police say she is in serious but stable condition. and no word on what the motive
12:56 pm
was for the crime,. >> we'll be right back. now i'm back! aleve. all day strong. you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started. we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new business owners to do just that. check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom.
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(trader vo) i search. i research. i dig. and dig some more. because, for me, the challenge of the search... is almost as exciting as the thrill of the find. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we rebuilt scottrade elite from the ground up - including a proprietary momentum indicator that makes researching sectors and industries even easier. because at scottrade our passion is to power yours. >> approaching the top of the hour. we'll start off with headlines. fir, an hour where we heard from donald trump and during that, while wearing a hat we learned that the wall that he talked about having mexico build is no longer a solid wall but just one that needs to be built in sections and things in and around laredo are going just
1:00 pm
fine. the dow is off today on earnings numbers which have come in. the fox business network with a market recap after the bell. right here, "your world" with neil cavuto. >> thank you shepard. we'll have more hope to market in just a second. it's now technically underwater, the dow for the year, donald trump just wrapped up a meeting with law enforcement officials. he has been on the border. he did not get the opportunity to meet with border patrol officials there the union nixed the visit at the last minute so donald trump mettive just the law enforcement types and dialed back his comments on whether we needed to build a wall entirely across the u.s. mexican border. let's dip in and see what he is laying on the border here. these comments are getting a lot of attention namely because he is tops in the polls. donald trump. >> by the way by the w