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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 23, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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more and more, unfortunately. and these are the days we live in. >> yeah. we'll find out more in the hours and days ahead. sheriff, thank you for your help tonight. again carnage has been unleashed in louisiana. stay tuned. tonight, the border patrols they're petrified of saying what is happening because they have a real problem here. >> donald trump heads down to the border. some like him -- >> i like donald trump. he is a friend of mine. he is taking on the washington cartel. >> and some cannot stand him. >> donald trump's candidacy is a cancer on conservatism. >> reaction to how donald trump is shaking up the republican party. >> what would work for you? don't low ball it. >> okay. >> tell me what you really -- >> and the department of justice says it's going to review these shocking undercover planned parenthood videos. did the nation's largest provider of abortion break the law?
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"hannity" starts right here, right now. >> welcome to "hannity" now. just hours ago 2016 republican presidential contender donald trump, he landed in laredo texas to begin his highly anticipated border tour. now naturally the visit is not without controversy. a local border patrol group that invited trump for a guided border tour pulled out of the event after, quote communicating with members of the national border patrol council. listen to how donald trump responded just after landing in laredo earlier today. >> they're petrified and they're afraid of saying what is happening. they're the ones that invited me. they wanted to give me an award. the border patrol is petrified of what is happening because they have a real problem here. and i'm talking about on the whole border. they invited me and all of the sudden they were told silencio. they want silence. if i win, believe me we'll get things straightened out. >> joining me with reaction
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special council to donald trump michael chronis is with us. appreciate you being here. he was invited. he was going to get an award. i read the statement. i have it right here from the campaign. who made the decision in washington. was it the union? do you think it went deeper? >> it's my understanding that it came from the national and they basically told them. >> the union? >> the union that you got to step aside from this one. if you step aside, everything will be fine. if you don't step aside, we're going to have problems. >> okay. he said today, earlier on he was with dana lash. >> let's go back to the border. whether or not the union ends up touring the mexico, laredo area, it doesn't really matter for mr. trump. it doesn't change the simple fact that we have a real immigration problem in this country and that reform is
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necessary. >> listen have i put these numbers up on that screen daily. i've been down to the border ten times. all the way from the reagan all the way to san diego. i've seen tunnels. i've been in drug warehouses. i went and i sat through a border patrol -- the crimewave, what's happened in texas. 642,000 texans have is been victims of a crime by illegal immigrants since barack obama has been president. that includes 2,993 murders. that's a lot of people. including thousands of sexual assaults. >> i heard today while the press was setting up in anticipation of mr. trump's arrival that there were actually people coming over the border while they were there. and there was an alarm that went off. and people started scrambling to try to round them up. >> in 2013, the last year we had
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numbers, ice convicted criminals. 193 homicide convictions because we didn't deport them. 428 sexual assaults because we didn't deport them. 303 kidnappings, because we didn't deport them. we have 1,175 aggravated assaults. and it goes on. >> why it is then that the liberal media is going wild on donald trump for doing basically one of two things. there are two topics right now that are being discussed, right? the v.a. that's a big topic. and of course immigration. the two topics that mr. trump has brought to the forefront. >> i think see right on immigration. he is right on the v.a. i like what he did with lindsey graham. he is able to capture the attention of the american people. what made me cringe is when he said i like people who weren't captured. what is your reaction to that? >> my reaction to that he pulled back. it was said, he was talking
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about everybody. anybody that puts the fatigues on for this country is a hero.3ñ mr. trump doesn't come in with stump speeches. he is not reading off a teleprompter. he speaks from the heart. and when you speak from the heart, you say things the way you say it. now this isn't standard politics. so it's not scripted. and when it's scripted, it's perfect. it's done by real great writers. look at the president the other day talking about the v.a. what a great speech. it was eloquent. he is a great orator. but it's there is no substance. it's all fluff. everybody knows it. >> let me go back to the hill today he would open the door to third party if the republican national committee didn't treat him well. reince priebus. i said is there any truth to this? he said 1,050% absolutely positively not.
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has there been any indication you have received from the rnc. >> zero. zero. >> not true. >> it is not true. and again, what the media is looking to do, they're looking to make mr. trump into the outsider. which by the way he is. he is not a politico. see mega bill developer celebrity author movie staret set. that's what he is. he is not a politico. and they're afraid. you know what he does, sean? he speaks to the core. >> he resonates. >> he is what everybody is talking about at the water cooler at work. i'm afraid of illegal immigration. >> let me go back to the third party. this is important. if they treat him well and he doesn't win he can go third party? >> only mr. trump can assure you of what is relevant. >> you have talked to him about it? >> we have spoken of it. he wants to be a republican. he deserves to be a republican. donald trump is a republican. >> and he hasn't been mistreated
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by the republican party? >> that's not true there was a statement put out by the rnc a couple days ago which i thought was disrespectful. >> which one? >> it was by spicer. and i thought it was improper. they're supposed to be a neutral party and not bring up issues that are between the candidates. and what did he do? he did exactly that. >> john mccain started the fight with trump. >> he sure did. >> lindsey graham called him a jackass. >> and they both lost in that fight. >> that was funny when he gave out the phone number. rick perry is a big boy. he said trump is a cancer on conservatism. >> talk about a nasty statement. everybody says domd, you have to be nice. >> i actually this process is healthy, because the democrats aren't going to be nice to the eventual nomination. they beat up mitt romney so bad
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that all that obama had to do is him in the forehead and he was out for the count. he was so beaten up from the commercials and the stories that were going on, it's disgraceful. who did they pick on? of course, the front-runner.hd let me tell you something. donald trump is going to be the republican candidate. and if not -- >> we'll see. all right. if not what? if not what? >> that you're going to have to speak to mr. trump about. >> all righíy÷ he is on next week. >> yes. >> for more reaction to trump's border tour is the editor of csn news, and he moderated the panel where the comments about john mccain were made. you hear michael cohen. a little conflicting message from the campaign this week as it relates to third period. my interpretation, you know what? this has got to be a fair process. i think that's all he is asking
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for. >> he has every right to ask for a fair process and should it be. make no mistake, i think you're hearing the beginnings of a third party candidacy. and the other candidates have the right after the voters to ask him. there isn't another republican candidate who will not say that they won't back the republican nominee. that's legitimate. and second i also think you're hearing the beginnings of president hillary clinton. because if this -- i know, sean, you and i disag if they get down into the gutter this early, and if they start using that kind of language that has gone back and forth in the last week, then you can be assured the democrats will win. that is the consequence of republicans tearing it -- >> i will say this. if they don't pivot, meaning in the end -- look. i was born a fighter. i played ice hockey. i fought every day of my life growing up. so fights don't bother me that much. i train mma. >> but they bother voters, sean.
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they bother the voters. and they're going to move that center. they'll lose the moderates, the floating voters to the democrats. >> they can have the fights. if they offer solutions to myb america's problems, which is the pivot i'm talk about, i think all of that will be negated. terry jeffrey? >> well, you know, frank was talking about the swing voters. let's look at that for a minute. republicans need to win florida. they need to win ohio. if they don't win this, these states are gone. they lose a state like ohio where the first republican caucus is like they did to obama, that would be harmful. i believe swing voters in those states are as angry about illegal immigration as donald trump is. and if the republicans don't nominate a candidate who is willing to address that issue and who is credible on that issue, they're going to have a very hard time winning the election next year. >> now michael cohen has been listening to this. do you want to respond? >> so frank, first of all, it is my understanding that you were tweeting during the time that you were also acting as the moderator for that forum.
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and i thought that was somewhat, you know, improper. and i think as improper goes, so are the comments that you're making. number one, the republicans right now are no worse and no better off than the democrats are. i'm not even sure hillary clinton is going to be the democratic nominee. somebody may end up stepping up to the plate and taking her down. she certainly has her problems. second of all, they've been attack donald trump since the day that he entered the race. donald is not going to enter the race. why, he does this all the time. then he enters the race and all of a sudden, it is a big hoopla. then he is not going to file his necessary papers and he does. he file his necessary papers. >> frank, do you want to respond quick? >> he's right. i agree with all of that. i was tweeting because i was trying to involve voters across the country in the conversation, not just the people there. michael, ever point that you make is correct. but even in the tone of your voice, it is all confrontational.
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you're looking for a fight. you just want someone to fight with. not only does donald trump have a right to be in it and he has a lot to contribute to this, and he is correct on many of the issues. but there is a difference between engaging people in a civil, respectful way and deliberately looking to punch them down and take them out. >> we're definitely not looking for a fight. but you bring a fight to donald trump, he's going the take that fight and he is going to finish it. >> all right. let me get terry, last word. >> there you go. >> terry jeffreys? >> sean, people should watch out for this. if conservativists remain divided in the primaries and allow a established candidate. if there is a third party candidate that drains conservative votes or the swing voters away from the republican party, they won't win the election. those are two facts people need to pay attention to. >> i would agree. if donald ran third party, it's over. hillary is president. >> it's over. >> no doubt about it.
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all right. michael, frank, terry thank you. coming up 2016 presidential candidate chris christie he'll weigh in on the donald trump phenomenon and the trip to the border. also, the iranian nuclear deal. he is in studio. and then later tonight -- >> let no one be mistaken. donald trump's candidacy is a cancer on conservatism. >> tonight we'll examine the different reactions different presidential candidates are having to donald trump as we continue. we're glad you're with us. to get us moving. i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in. ♪ to steady betty. to steady betty.
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this is a fox news alert. i'm patricia stark. a gunman opening fire inside a movie heater in lafayette louisiana. police say at least three people, including the gunman are dead. another nine people are injured. some of them critically. law enforcement describing the
10:16 pm
gunmen as a 58-year-old lone white male. however, they have not yet released his name. there were about 100 people inside the theater at the time of the shooting. people inside saying once they realized what was going on, they scrambled to safety. >> then we saw a lady with blood all over her leg. i just grabbed my child, i mean, we all ran. >> again a movie theater shooting in lafayette, louisiana, killing three people, including the gunman. nine others were injured. some of them are said to be in critical condition. i'm patricia stark, and now back to "hannity." welcome back to "hannity." illegal immigration, border security have become some of the top issues in the 2016 gop race for president. joining news in studio 2016 presidential candidate, he is also governor of the great state
10:17 pm
of new jersey chris christie is with us. how you, governor? good to see you. >> a pleasure. >> in my opinion, having been to the border a dozen times donald trump is right. and i think republicans are afraid to say it. >> yeah. >> since obama has been president, 642,000 texans have been victims of crime by illegal immigrants, including nearly 3,000 murders. how come we don't secure that border? >> because it's been a failure of a president who has been unwilling to even acknowledge that there is a problem, letza2 alone come up with a solution for it, sean. and we talked about four steps we have to take. you to put a fence or a wall on the places where it's appropriate. second you have to higher more border patrol officers. third, you have to use drones and other electronic surveillance in some of the tougher areas to monitor exactly what is going on. and fourth, every business in this country has to use e-verify. a lot of folks coming across the border. >> why haven't republicans done this? the republicans, they don't
10:18 pm
defund obamacare and use their constitutional power. they didn't stop obama's executive amnesty. they funded it.h are they catering to big business as many charge? >> some are. also, you need a strong president who is willing to lead. a lot of these different things we've confronted in new jersey, sean, a democratic legislature. and i've gotten them to do things like reform teacher tenure and to be able to stand up to the teachers unions on pensions and health benefits. this president is so weak and so timid that republicans don't even want to deal with it. >> i watched and i wanted to cry this week, and i interviewed many of the families that lost loved ones by illegal immigrants. they all testified before congress there is a report today that some of them fell asleep as mothers are telling the stories about their slain children or a father telling a story about a rape that happened or a horrible crime that happened it seems that there is a lot going on here behind the scenes. is your position, if you're president, secure america's
10:19 pm
borders first before we do anything else with immigration? of course you have to. if you don't have the confidence of the american people that you're going the enforce the laws that exist already why would they ever entertain you putting any new laws into place? that's been the fundamental problem. let me tell you, this is annett thick of this administration, sean. marijuana laws we have throughout the country? well, if you don't like them in your state, you don't have to follow them. so colorado, other places, you don't have to follow them. the federal government turns a blind eye. sanctuary cities, you don't like to enforce the federal immigration law? we'll turn a blind eye. let me tell you this. when i'm president every one of the laws will be enforced. >> isn't that an accessory to crime? isn't the president an accessory to crime by advancing sanctuary cities and not enforcing the law? >> not only, that sean, not only that, but you know what else is going on, he is fostering a disrespect for the rule of law in our country. >> that's a good point. i agree with you. >> you cannot -- when i take the oath, sean, i say i'm going to enforce the laws of the state of new jersey. not the once i like, there are
10:20 pm
some laws i don't like i have to enforce. he is putting forward disrespect for the law and rule of law. >> news today. if the iranian deal couldn't get any worse, they get conventional weapons. they get to continue the missile program. they get 24 days to clean up their mess before inspectors. they get 24 days' notice. $150 billion, a equivalent of 8 trillion u.s. dollars based on the size of their economy. they don't stop their rhetoric about killing or destroying or wiping israel off the map or burning american flags. >> death to america. >> and john kerry's surprise at all this. >> yeah. >> now we find out there might have been secret side deals. >> there were. >> we have an ad that just came out. you want to run it for the first time? >> yes, sir. >> let's roll the tape. >> president obama gave away the store to the iranians to a group of people since 1979 have been chanting death to america. you wouldn't let this president buy a car for you at a car dealership. now he is lying to the american people about how the deal is going to work. i would have walked away from the table. that's what reagan did when he walked away from mikhail
10:21 pm
gorbachev. mr. president, the top priority is to protect the united states of america. i'm the only one in the race who has at least some small part of that responsibility. i'm chris christie. >> they were chanting death to america during the negotiations. >> of course. listen. only the president and john kerry and hillary clinton believe that iran's going to change their conduct. they haven't changed it for 36 years, sean. you and i are old enough to remember when the hostages were taken in 1979, and howeld for 44 days. the only reasons they got out is a strong person this the oval office. >> do you see a path to stop it? i don't see the numbers if congress that will prevent that deal from becoming from happening. >> it's going to be hard. let me tell you something. democrats in congress better step up here. >> chuck schumer, the first time in israel life he has hidden from a tv camera. >> where are these folks who should be standing up and saying ronald reagan was right reykjavik.
10:22 pm
i read a great book on the negotiations in reykjavik. reagan knew that no deal is better than a bad deal and he walked away. what happened? >> we got a deal. >> we got a better deal for the united states of america. i wouldn't let this president buy a car for me. that's like walking into the showroom and saying to the salesman, i'm going to buy a car today no matter what. now lets negotiate price. >> it's over. >> it's over. you might as well empty your pockets. that's what we've done with american treasure and american lives. because the iranians are going to continue to use this money that we're giving them for terrorist activity, the biggest state sponsored terrorism. >> this is as bad or worse than chamberlin and munich? >> and sean, what has been -- i think you and i would both agree has been an awful presidency, this will go on as the worst thing. >> the worst thing he has done. and the only person who has actually prosecuted. >> investigated and convicted terrorists i know how severe these challenges are. people in america need to know you need to fight this. >> he doesn't get radical islam.
10:23 pm
>> no, he does not. and we fought it and i fought it as part of the bush administration for seven years as u.s. attorney. that's why the country stayed safe for seven years. we used every tool at our disposal to make sure first and foremost we protect the lives american people. >> governor good to see you. >> great to be back sean. coming up next right here on "hannity" -- >> he is taking on the washington cartel. in particular, he is focusing on illegal immigration and sanctuary cities. >> we'll examine how donald trump's republican rivals are reacting to his campaign. peter johnson jr., tammy bruce they join us next. and later, the department of justice is looking into the undercover planned parenthood videos. did they break the law? our panel weighs in, coming up. what to do when you're stranded in a city and you need a last minute hotel? a priceline tonight only deal! stuck out on the range? nowhere to rest your beard? choose from thousands of hand-picked
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10:26 pm
rick perry, he did not hold back when speaking about trump at an event yesterday. watch this. >> he is without substance when one scratches below the surface. he offers a barking carnival act that can best be described as trumpism. a toxic mix of demagoguery and mean-spiritedness and nonsense that will lead the republican party to perdition if pursued. let no one be mistaken, donald trump's candidacy is a cancer on conservatism, and it must be clearly diagnosed, excised, and discarded. >> that's pretty powerful. meanwhile, last night right here on this show gop presidential contender senator ted cruz of texas, he took a much different position on donald trump. watch this. >> i like donald trump. he is a friend of mine. he and i sat down and visited many, many times.pã@r(t&háhp &hc% i think the reason why he is
10:27 pm
getting the attention he is and the support he is that he is bold and brash, and he is willing to speak the truth, and he is taking on the washington cartel. and in particular, he is focusing on illegal immigration and sanctuary cities. >> here with reaction, fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. and fox news contributor tammy bruce. do you agree with either one of them? >> yeah, i probably agree with both in measure. listen i like donald trump. i represented donald trump. i have known him for about 30 years. he has brought an excitement to the republican nomination that wasn't going to be there. he is speaking and channeling a lot of americans who are angry, disgruntled, disaffected, hurt by the policies of the obama administration and want to be heard and can't be heard. so he has been very effective in that way. >> isn't he also a creation, though, peter of the republican party and their inability to repeal and replace obama care stop executive immigration,
10:28 pm
republicans that have been equally guilty on the high deficits? >> well, i think you're right. and he speaks to what is called the washington cartel, the political insiders of both parties who often don't hear what real americans have to say. i disagree with him on how he characterized some mexican folks. i disagree with him about john mccain. he changed his opinion on john mccain. but i think he is exciting for the country. in a marketplace of ideas. he may go down in flames and lose but he's got a viewpoint that he is articulating and you can't push anybody out of the process. >> right now he is winning. >> he is winning. >> he is winning. >> and he is aggravating a lot of presidential candidates. >> all these pundits and all these media people and all these establishment types, here is a news flash for them. you guys don't decide. the american people will make that decision for you. what do you think? >> yeah, look. i found this, the rick perry comments in particular my
10:29 pm
goodness, if that could just be directed at the left and barack obama, maybe we would actually get something done. suddenly we're seeing that the republican party these candidates have some fire in them. but it's never been really directed at obama. we could have gotten lots done. and i also find it rather ironic that he is complaining about donald trump's attitude and what he says, and then calls him a cancer. i don't know if he understands the irony of that's what is happening, whether of course it's john mccain calling his supporters crazies. today in politico, rick wilson, a gop strategist effectively called them clowns and said it's like herpes supporting donald trump. >> oh, my gosh. >> for me strategically, this is the problem. you've got a group of people who are condemning and insulting 20 to 25% of the base. when the base knows what it's doing, you're right, sean. the voters will make the decision. the republican voters will make their decision. but is the establishment then going to smear in a smug,
10:30 pm
dismissive way that section? and they are now. >> if they do that base may not show up in a general election. >> this is the problem. the thing that the republicans have that the democrats don't is the enthusiasm. if they're going to suddenly attack their own people in the name of going after trump for being a bad guy, when they're the ones who will do the most damage. >> all right. perhaps i'm counterintuitive. why do i believe in my heart that ultimately this is a great thing for the republican party? it shows that they're vibrant, that they accept internal differences and debate. and at the end of the day, every republican run willing be better than a third obama turn with hillary clinton. >> if they accept it. now mr. perry wants people to understand that donald trump is hughie long. is he mr. smith goes to washington? a lot of americans think he is mr. smith that he is a billionaire with a heart that is not afraid to tell the truth that he is rich enough not to get hurt by the folks in
10:31 pm
washington. he basically says listen, i've bought and sold these people left and right. when i wanted them to come to my wedding, they come to my wedding. he is exposing the corruption of our system. and they find that really, really distasteful. >> especially whens he is winning. >> well said. >> it's one thing to go after a mr. trump, because he has decided to go the arena. the establishment, what is so inexplicable is they're attacking the voters. they're attacking the base. that has to be rethought. regardless of what you think of mr. trump, this is an opportunity, and they're completely blowing it. >> look, i would say the republican governors, they have been very impressive to me in a lot of different states. >> sure. >> i think it's the republicans in washington. they have been weak, indecisive. they have been timid. they have broken promises and they're part of that cartel. and that has created a desire for somebody strong and principled. >> simply it is a message. it is early enough to where the voters to a pollster can say this. they know that something more serious has to happen. but the immediate reaction from
10:32 pm
that establishment, the managers of the monster reinforces what it was that they liked about trump. >> last word. >> that's a test for donald trump. does he move to the next level? move from condemnation to solutions and try to mainstream his support. >> he does that, he is player. >> he is a player. >> if he can make that transition. >> he has to make that transition. >> being trump and presidential. we'll see in the debate that will be the first indication, right? coming up, the undercover video planned parenthood is allegedly showing. brokering deals. this is the despicable grotesque to sell the parts of aborted fetuses. the department of justice is now taking a closer look at these tapes. that's next on "hannity." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hp instant ink can save you up to 50% on ink delivered to your door
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10:38 pm
we're about to show you is extraordinarily graphic. it is not suitable for kids. all right, ready? watch this. >> that's fine . >> according to some legal analysts, the doctors you just saw may have broken one or more federal statutes, including the national institutes for health revitalization act of 1993. that act states, quote, it is illegal for any person to knowingly acquire, receive or otherwise transfer any human fetal tissue for valuable consideration if the transfer affects interstate commerce, and also according to the statute it is illegal for a doctor to alter abortion timing, method or procedure for the sole purpose of obtaining the tissue without
10:39 pm
obtaining the written consent of the woman obtaining the tissue for use in such research. moreover the parenthood officials may have broken the partial abortion act of 2003 that act states quote, any physician who in affecting interstate or inner commerce performs a partial birth abortion and kills a human fetus shall be fined under this title or imprisoned. with the of live action lila rose, tamara holder fox news legal analyst mercedes cohen. lila, this is the very thing you were pointing out last night. three, maybe even four specific statutes were broken here. explain. >> three federal statutes, sean. one having to do with illegal partial birth abortions which dr. nucatola had herself admitted to on tape how she delivers the baby breach in order to preserve the intact
10:40 pm
torso to get the organs to harvest the organs. number two, the selling or purchasing of baby parts is illegal. it's against federal statute. and number three altering or manipulating the abortion procedure in order to harvest organs is illegal. the last part is hhs guidelines in their regulatory code. and they say that a team that is performing a abortion can't even be aware that the body parts are going to be sold or going to be donated as they say afterwards. but is clear in both case that they're very much c by all counts this is illegal. >> so tam remarks selling body parts for let's say, a lamborghini they admitted on tape -- >> sean, if you're going to play the video why don't you spend the whole hour of your show playing the entire video. that is not what she said. when she made the bad joke. excuse me, i am speaking now. i gave you your opportunity to give your legal analysis even though you haven't been to law school. >> mercedes has. >> that's fine.
10:41 pm
i've also -- >> and it is illegal. but we'll get to it in a minute. >> it is not illegal. the statute specifically says there have to be anatomical landmarks in order for there to -- >> they admit on tape the following. >> can i finish? >> it is illegal to manipulate the procedure for an abortion. they talk about crushing this part of the baby, not that part of the baby. they talk about using ultrasound to preserve the heart, the lungs, the liver, of course. they preserve it. >> preserving for what, to sell? >> any person, any person. that. >> tape was all about horse trading. oh, i'm going to purchase this for $75. what about $100? it wasn't joking. there was horse trading taking place during that tape recording. >> they're mip late and they're doing it for process. how many laws need to be broken? >> which one? which one? >> which federal statute? >> we just read them to you. >> wait. >> i have a question for tamara. tamara, is it 1531?
10:42 pm
is it 4249 g? >> a question for you. lila, go ahead. >> a for profit company set up in the state of california, has been ranked some of the fastest 300 growing biomedical companies set up for profit. they sell and purchase body parts. their middle man. >> they sell it for profit. that are allowed -- >> an advertisement that is endorsed by planned parenthood where they talk about the financial profits and benefits to the abortion clinic. >> you have a duty. [ overlapping dialog ] >> and it's disgusting to people because either human lives -- >> sean went through all the statutes that specifically identified all the wrongdoings by them. and the criminal sanctions that flow from it. you look at those statutes. it's valuable consideration. you're talking about doctors who have violated their -- >> name the time or the amount of money that they traded this horse trade.
10:43 pm
>> they said $75, $100. >> they can get a certain amount of money to preserve the fetus, to transfer the fetus there is no evidence whatsoever. >> they admitted they're telling doctors to manipulate the process is imllegal. >> i pulled down the planned parenthood consent form. it says particularly the doctor is going to engage in this particular procedure. and this the procedure changes. >> to preserve organs. >> unless you're at planned advocate, you're going to defend this. but it's very clear what is going on. >> let me just tell you something. i'm not defending anything. i'm just not going to prosecute planned parenthood. you don't have all the evidence that they're doing. it is a disservice to the country, andas you a larger duty --
10:44 pm
[ overlapping dialog ] >> last word is mercedes. >> stupid. >> they're parts of the tape. >> no there are not. >> where you have consideration. horse trade -- first of all, they didn't know they were being taped. number one. so obviously they're not going to be careful about what they say. >> you're a lawyer. >> we can't hear anybody. hang on a second. lila, let mercedes talk, please. >> there is evidence on that tape that there is horse trading. they're going back and forth. they're negotiating. >> 75, 100. they mention numbers. >> exactly. >> for the specimen. >> the valuable consideration for the specimen. >> you're not allowed to sell body parts for a profit. and then they're talking about the they manipulate the procedure. >> ten times. >> excuse me ultrasound using forceps, crushing this part of the body to preserve that part of the body that is manipulation. a violation of law, clear. so now the justice department is going to look into this. to me this is a slam-dunk prosecution. you're a great defense attorney. do you think you could get these
10:45 pm
people off based on the evidence so far we have? >> well they're going to -- there wasn't an actual trading taking place. there is a discussion, number one. i'm going to use some of what tamara said. number two, because they were tape recorded in california, you need bilateral consent. and they did not secure that. >> which they like to do. >> shh. >> why do you always tell me to shh? >> i'm saying one at a time. you are talking over each other. >> it's out the window. >> there were hundreds of hours that they taped. we'll have to see if they're all from california. >> you're not going to give me the last word. go. >> no. you're not going to give me the last word. you're going to allow this one to interrupt. here is the point, sean, if they violated any of the three laws that you're lawyer who tape recorded this illegally did, then i would like to see it. and i absolutely agree that a department investigation should be had. >> we read the laws to you three times.
10:46 pm
>> you can read a law all day long. you have to have evidence that a law has been violated. and lila has a history and her history have histories of trying to make people show that they have violated laws and they didn't. >> we have to go. >> biomedical companies need to -- >> subpoena them and see the dealing that is being done. >> there is no dealing. you should find something better to do than make up your stories and do half and half little -- [ overlapping dialog ] >> it's not made. there is a actual tape recording. >> oh, my gosh. >> you can't ignore that. >> i've got to break. when we come back, new video surfaced. the new york city police allegedly hitting a man suspected of stealing a pizza. we'll get reaction. bo dietl, eric buster, coming up straight ahead. h relief so smooth...'s fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue ...and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum, tum tum tum...♪ smoothies! only from tums.
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on demand tv shows and movies on all my devices. it's perfect for me because my kids are costing me a fortune. i'm going to cabo! [ music plays ] don't settle for u-verse. xfinity is perfect for people who want more entertainment for their money. welcome back to "hannity." the new york daily news has obtained surveillance video of an nypd officer hitting a man for allegedly stealing pizza in brooklyn. this happened july 7th. according to the news, the brooklyn d.a. is now investigating, and the nypd internal affairs division is also looking into the matter. here with reaction, bo dietl, former nypd detective, criminal difference attorney eric guster. all right. roll the tape. i'm beginning to worry we use
10:52 pm
videotape too much and we don't get the full story. fair? >> sometimes we do. this is -- this is mma fight. this is a guy going in for the kill. and that's how nypd does not have -- >> can you see what is in his hands? at this point his hand is up. as we're watching, we're watching. and his hand stays up. >> one hand is up. >> then the other guy came in. >> wait wait, sean, sean. >> let's be honest. it was a radio run, and it was allegedly a robbery where a switch blade came out a knife came out. so they're responding to a robbery in progress. he has the one hand up i see. i don't see what the other hand is doing. i also don't hear what he is saying. i don't know if they told him put your hands on the counter. >> just knock his teeth out. just knock the guy's teeth out. >> you to use necessary force to effect an arrest. >> it's an escalation of force bo. >> they didn't have these cell phone cameras when i was a cop. start punching the guy. this is why people don't trust
10:53 pm
police. >> wait a minute. i have tape that we have. we have tape in ferguson, missouri. we have tape in baltimore, all these people -- >> what's happening sean. >> all these people stores. why haven't we arrested all of them? why? >> that officer needs to be arrested. >> the problem here is, the problem here, the problem here is becoming like what happened with the lady there that died in her cell. these things are becoming magnified. the cops now first of all, they're out there patrolling. they're getting no -- and it's catching on. it's catching on now. >> you're talking about the bad traffic top? >> she shouldn't have been stopped. >> so the police can get by. and he gave her a ticket. totally arrested her and shoved her face into the ground. >> one at a time. >> if a cop pulls me over, i say officer, i'm sorry. by the way, i don't know what i did wrong. i'm a retired detective. let me finish, please. there is a thing called courtesy
10:54 pm
to a cop. >> i put my hands outside. that's the first thing i tell him. i'm carrying a firearm. >> it's an attitude. >> why are you pulling me over. courtesy to citizens. some of the police don't have it. >> we should arrest every person in ferguson looting and robbing and stealing. >> i agree with that. >> same in baltimore? >> anyone who is stealing, and those police officers in the tape should be arrested. >> we do agree. we do agree. baltimore and ferguson, lock them up, right? >> when we come back we need your help. our question of the day, next. ght in some protein to get us moving. i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in.
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11:00 pm
for the hour we're going to examine donald trump's rise in this race for the white house 2016, and much more. that's all the time we have left for tonight. thanks for being with us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. presidentia)ry candidate donald trump storming the border. the presidential candidate touching down in his personal boeing 757 in la laredo texas to see the border with mexico. >> mexico is booming. jesus the city manager have done an amazing job right here. a lot of what is happening here is the fact that mexico is doing so well. it's just doing beyond beyond what anybody ever thought. and i don't know if that's good for the united states but it's good for mexico. anybody have any questions? i think i will win the hispanic vote. i have thousands of