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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 24, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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whoever put crab on this salmon, that's who. with flavors like these, i'm almost too excited to eat! hey i said almost. and now that it's back get crackin' while you still can. >> "outnumbered" starts now. >> see you back in an hour. this is "outnumbered." i am sandra smith. host of kennedy is here kimberly guilfoyle is here kirsten powers, and today's hash# #oneluckyguy, willie robertson from duck nynas. >> great to be here.
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>> let's get to the top story. police in willie's home state of louisiana, a gunman has been identifyed in the shooting in lafayette. john russel houser stood up 20 minutes in the comedy "trainwreck" and started shooting. there were a hundred people in the theater at the time of the shooting. witnesses describe the night turned tragic. >> we were sitting watching the movie and heard gunshots. >> there is a group of teenagers running out saying run for your life. i thought it was a prank. then i saw another group coming out saying the same thing. my reaction was we saw a lady
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with blood all over her legs. i grabbed towels and ran to her. >> will car live from outside of grant 16 movieplex in lafayette. >> reporter: we are learning that houser's wife had his guns removed from the house in 2008 due to his mental state and got a protective order against him because she said he had an issue of mental historys and violent interactions with her family. authorities were asked about this and have to put facts to the allegations but those documents will play into this as they are trying to figure out the case. they found 13 gun cases. witnesses said they thought shots were part of the movie and others thought it was fireworks going off. >> we heard loud sounds.
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going to the movie you don't think you will hear gun shots. the sirens went off telling us to get to the nearest exit. we walked around to the front of the building and a woman was on the ground when had been shot. it was crazy. people everywhere. it was unreal. >> reporter: authorities say houser shot 33-year-old jillian johnson and she died at the hospital with her family releasing a statement saying their hearts are shattered. he shot 21-year-old mayci breaux who died at the theater. the man was staying in a motel 6 near lafayette throughout the course of the month. they searched the hotel room and found wigs and glasses and are trying to figure out why he had those. they are looking into his bloging history and say this is
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a slow and methodical investigation. there were two teachers inside and one teacher jumped on top of the other teacher saving her from getting hit in the head with the bullet. the teacher got hit in the leg and crawled and pulled the alarm and because of that so many people got out who could have been shot and potentially killed. >> will car thank you from lafayette louisiana. willie with the state of louisiana near and dear to your heart, specifically lafayette the i went to school at louisiana state university and spent a bunch of time in lafayette. i can tell you they never expected something like this to happen. >> sadly it is creeping a few hours from where i live. i know a lot of people in lafayette. my heart goes out to them. we have evil going on in this
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country. you go to church a movie -- my children are at movies all of the time -- and you never know what is going to happen. i don't know how you can explain crazy people. the lafayette police chief is taking questions with a press conference going on and we will listen in: >> other physical evidence, so they have to go very slow they have located at least 13 sell casings thus far. we don't anticipate having another update until later on this afternoon. possibly around 5:00 p.m. we have some investigation activity that we need to do and that our crime scene people need to do and finish up. so i want to let you know that our next update will probably be sometime around 5:00 p.m. and we will get the word out as soon as we decide on an exact time.
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>> that was jim craft, the lafayette police chief wrapping up there. kennedy, difficult to listen to. a young woman in her early 20's and another in her early 30's is dead. scombl >> all you want to do is sit in a theater and escape from the bad news. yesterday we heard from the fbi director saying we have to be worried about the lone wolf attacks against isis and then you have some guy, some drifter, who obviously has mental problems clearly this guy is suicidal but don't take it other on other people and ruin other people's lives because you cannot handle yours. >> a lot of people think about heading to the movie theater and it makes you think twice.
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>> in colorado they had a case and a case like in this san francisco and where was part of the officer-involved shooting. i got a page to go a scene, a movie was out and a guy stood up in the theater saying someone is going to die, pulled out a gun and cops responded happening to be in the theater and prevented loss of life. he was killed. and getting to the scene and processing it all and the amount of bullets -- that is what they are doing. that is why they say at 5:00 they will get more information because they are going through ball ballistics, witness statements and get forensic. you are vulnerable there in movie theaters and schools. it is a real struggle. >> and acts of heroism coming from that and we will keep you updated on the developing story
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and bring you new information as we get it. mean time a measure to cut down on sanctuary cities passing in the house. it would withhold federal grant money from local governments that fail to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. the president plans to veto it and point the finger at congress. >> when it comes to law enforcement and cracking down on those individuals who pose a threat to public safety the president has done far more than congress. but there is more that should be done to put forward a proposal that would address these challenges. >> this is coming weeks after kate steinle was killed an a san francisco pier allegedly by an undocumented felon who was supposed to be turned over to federal authorities but was released because of the city's sanctuary policy.
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where does the fight go next? >> the former mayor of new york city sued the federal government for doing what congress is doing now. the reason was he said the illegal grants with a net plus to society and we need them to be able to send kids to school to go to hospital, and need them to be able to come to us and give us tips and help us solve crimes. if we have to report them every time they are never going to talk or interact with us. people running the cities that is where they are coming from. they are not just indifferent to the laws but they feel this is harmful and they need to spend time on serious crimes and this very tragic case of this young woman is not the norm. this guy was obviously a crazy person in the same way the person who went into the shoot up the, you know, the movie
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theater. >> those points are absolutely right on. and you know you cannot punish everyone when comes into the country as though they are a murderous felon. it takes an irrational turn when it gets so emotional and when you have an emotional issue the outcome is ultimately bad law. >> you have children the fact this father was walking on the pier with his 32-year-old daughter and saw her taken down it is scary to think something like this, another incident would have to happen before this changes. >> i cannot imagine that. i agree this is a crazy person. but if cities, and i am not the smartest guy in the world but if they can pick and chose the laws they want to go after and ones they don't, for instance, our city decides not to do gay
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marriage that is going to be outcry. this one involves someone getting murdered because of the law. how can we pick and chose which ones? >> this is important since i was assistant district attorney in san francisco which is a sanctuary city not one of the cases i prosecuted and i was in charge of head of homicide that i didn't have a witness not cooperate because they are worried of being deported. i prosecuted in los angeles and san francisco for a decade and never saw it being an issue. i think you need to observe the laws and rules on the books and make uniform change if you are going to do that. >> that is a good starting point. new trouble for hillary clintons the justice department camrese the request to open an investigation into if she
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mishandled classified information in her e-mails. and a new sector of voters feels christianity is under attack in the united states. are they right? if so what is to blame for it?
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hillary clinton over her e-mails. the justice department asked to open an investigation into whether she mishandled secret information while using a private e-mail. ed henry is following the story. >> reporter: i am near wall street because hillary clinton is giving a speech on the economy in a short time. all of the focus is shifting and overshadowing this speech. new questions about the e-mails in a few moments. the justice department confirming they got a referral about the e-mails she exchanged. they are testifying it is not a criminal referral as "the new york times" originally suggested. i have confirmed they are looking at whether classified information was mishandled and that could lead i stress could lead to criminal charges down
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the road. speaker john boehner jumping on the reports saying what these reports demonstrate is the inherent risk of conducting the nation's risk of diplomacy and foreign policy on her home server and it is undermining national security and time for her to do the right thing. the clinton campaign is noting "the new york times" changed the story suggesting she was the target of a criminal investigation and now the story changed to say the e-mail itself how it was handled is being investigated and she is not the target. their statement has been reported on multiple occasions, any released e-mails deemed classified by the administration has been done so after the fact not at the time they were transmitted. that means the clinton camp is insisting when hillary clinton transmitted e-mails as secretary
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of state she didn't know it was a classified information. these private, independent watch dogs at the state department and intelligence community are telling us they have done reviews and believe there could have been hundreds of e-mails that were classified when she was e-mailing the clinton camp. she didn't know at the time they were classified and sent after the fact. all of this is raising questions about why she was sending sensitive information on a private server. she insisted she never shared classified information on the private sector and new questions about whether that statement is true. >> this is another episode of semantic gym pp nasttic-- gymnastics
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here. >> i go back at a the excuse of using the personal e-mail to avoid carrying two devices. i have one device and a work e-mail and a personal e-mail on it. i don't understand it. and i still even a criminal probe i don't know if that is going to hurt her. >> it is hard to imagine the justice department actually investigating her or if they doi suspect they will find out she didn't do anything wrong. this justice department. it is possible they would find her guilty of some sort of wrongdoing but just this idea the campaign is now saying you know well it isn't her under investigation it is -- who is it? she is the one who sent the e-mails. >> her server? >> it is your personal e-mail server. you are the one under investigation. >> who else would it be? >> i go back to be a smart person. if you are secretary of state
9:20 am
you are entrusted with a lot and if memos and e-mails can be reclassified at some point, and she obviously has to know that. she has been a united states senator and show knows sensitive material can change. the nature can change when facts come to life. if she didn't realize that she is a steward of her own system. >> i don't think it is a problem if this were the last we were going to see of this. but at the end they didn't figure out she is running for president. i hope they can figure out how to send e-mails the right way. that is what concerns me. she wants to a bigger office? you have to figure out how to get e-mails through that may not be secure. >> if she is running for the office of the president of united states and you have this breach with national security why should people vote for
9:21 am
somebody like this and trust them again and the lack of transparency? >> you are going to be the leader of the free world, you know? it is a little scary. >> i think she should get the benefit of the doubt and has nothing to hide. i think we should acknowledge that right now. therefore she should turn over the server to prove me right. >> your thinking is not in line with all recent polling on her trustworthiness. >> the point is she is in hiding essentially. where is the world is hillary clinton? she doesn't want to answer questions. she hovering over a server in her backyard. what kind of presidential campaign is this? >> it is not all on her. willie the vote from louisiana, people don't trust politicians. the trustworthiness level in washington in general is going down. people are not comfortable with
9:22 am
the state of politics in this country. >> they feel like they are dishonest and don't live in the real world and get caught up in the corruption. that is certainly the pulse in my neck of the woods and everywhere i go it is the same way. they don't feel trustworthy. especially my wife. she hates politics and told me you better not get into politics. what is a show without donald trump? haven't you been missing him? pack up the controversy and taking the issue to the border. some say he is fine-tuning his message. will we see a softer side of donald? the lowest weekly jobless claims in more than 40 years this week but more americans say the obama administration hurt the country's economy rather than
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welcome back to "outnumbered." could donald trump be softening his tone on immigration? he said after visiting the border only sections need a wall. that is different from the comment he made about mexico sending rapist and murders to the states and the entire border needed a wall. he insisted he will win the hispanic vote. >> thousands and thousands of hispanics have worked for me and now work for me and the relationship is very good. they know i will take jobs back from china, i will take jobs back from japan and every county that is killing us. i will bring the jobs and the
9:28 am
hispanics are going to get ge jobs and love trump. they already do. they were not insulted because the press misinterpreted it. >> was he misunderstood? >> it is so amazing. he is going to china and japan and fly on the trump job and put all of the jobs in a bag worth more than mitt romney and sprinkle them all along the southern border. i love he is going to build the wall and make mexico pay for it and all latinos are going to vote for him. and he is going to win the latino vote. he doesn't say how but people say that is great. this is fantastic. >> willie are you a trump fan? >> i love trump. how can you not love trump? i wonder myself i was confused how he is going to win the
9:29 am
latino vote. it is solely based on that hat. that hat will win the latino vote. it is a fashion statement. we were talking earlier about the politicians. the way he talks resonates to people. he sounds like a real guy and a real person. he is angry and it is happening to a lot of people and i know they are listening and saying he is making more sense and it is a glossed over politician. >> would you vote for him? >> over hillary, yeah. i like bobby jindel. he is the governor of my state. trump has gotten over the misstatements. i believe with what he said about mccain and how he said it i heard it and i don't believe that, what he said. however that doesn't mean the whole package is gone.
9:30 am
i think he said stuff to make sense. he is a tough guy. he said here is the way i see it and how we can fix it and i don't believe those thing as they are saying. >> why don't you sit the governor down and develop compassion? stop giving people glossed over talking points and talk to people like real people and show you have passion and fire in your belly and you can run something and do it right? >> i think people are passionate. it is like television. someone might be passionate not but not as excited as the other. they show it more than others and they were saying i was passionate there and it doesn't sound like that. he is a passionate guy and we will see how it plays out. >> you said i am a business man and you like donald trump and
9:31 am
you like the way he is talking to you. donald trump has reached out to the business community and told them i am going to make it a more business-friendly environment than the current administration which a lot of business owners feel like there has been an attack on business in this country. so they are looking for anyone who is going to realize how the effort they make on a daleily bases. and you strive every day to make your company better and you are looking for a political environment that will improve your situation. >> will all of the republicans do that? people don't feel that the republican party -- >> willie is saying trump is coming from a message that is connecting and resonating with people. not just politicized statements. people are frustrated with politicians whether it is hillary clinton or republicans.
9:32 am
they want someone authentic. >> and they want someone that has ran something. most politicians, especially this president have absolutely no idea the blood sweat and guts you have to pour into your company and make is successful. they don't understand that is the american dream. when you have an idea and create our own capital and beg friends for money and make it work and when it does that is the american success story. >> it doesn't make financial sense even. it would be a horrible business. >> just like what? are you talking about taxes? rules and regulations? >> fill out every piece of paper. all of these things. wouldn't you promote the business? donald trump knows what it is like to cut things. corporate america gets that and they do it like that. you have to make those decisions to be able to have the country
9:33 am
to be able to be financial a spiritual guy and i believe in lots but when it comes to the country you come and run it as a business. it can make money. it has a great brand. let's do it. we cannot keep getting deeper and deeper in debt. >> there are other you know, republican candidates who have the same message but kimberly is pointing out the message of talking to every day americans. when donald trump says i am going to be the best job president that ever existed -- am i quoting that correctly? he is going to be a god for jobs. people are listening. >> i think it is the same thing with bernie sanders. it is the fact he is somebody that is talking from his house and saying what he believes. you are seeing on both sides. >> a head-to-head match up
9:34 am
between bernie and trump. can you imagine? >> another one dear willie's heart is religion in america. apparently it doesn't have the influence it used to. what a new poll shows voters feel about organized religion and christianity in the united states. when i went on to ancestry i just put in the name of my parents and my grandparents. and as soon as i did that, literally it was like you're getting 7, 9, 10, 15 leaves that are just popping up all over the place. yeah, it was amazing. just with a little bit of information you can take leaps and bounds. it's an awesome experience.
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9:39 am
42% disagree. a man where religion is important in your life home life and your family willie, talk about the role of religion at home with your family and how you see it in the country today. >> for us it is our number one thing on the list of things is our faith in god because it makes sense of the tragedies we are seeing. not to make it better but there is a belief and hope and trust that there is something beyond here. if not, just life sucks for some people and it is great for other people. we have bigger meaning where there is another place we are going to go and someone who came that can take care of your sins. all of these give you hopefully hope and that is what we believe in. it doesn't surprise me the influence of organized religion is down. i think some of us feel that. it is the appathy of people.
9:40 am
>> your show is embodies great time together where you eat and pray together before meals. >> we do. amazingly enough i believe that parts of christianity are under attack in this country. however our show is the most watched reality show every and has a prayer at the end. so there you go. >> how do you make sense of that? >> how do you? i don't know. i think it is a bright light. even if their family is not like that they can strive to be like that. maybe their two year old kids is playing at home. i heard the stories and we are trying to do that and get together as family. now a days everybody is gone and no body talks and everybody is on their phone. that shows an older way and tradition of doing things but it is nice and there is value in that. >> i think it is really important. you were mentioning your little girl. >> prayer is a big part of our
9:41 am
family. and i love the end of the show where you sit down with the huge beautiful family and you pray every night. our family tries to. it is difficult but we try to sit down and pray every night. our just turned two year old daughter that is a big deal. and instilling that early on is one of the most important things you can do for your family in this country. but that is not the norm. the irony is interesting. you get faith-based films hitting the box office and they are the biggest successes in the decade. so there is a lack of practicing faith but an eagerness to know more. >> and what pushes people back to the lord and faith is tragedy. you saw that in 9/11. the churches were filled. and i guarantee you in lafayette louisiana the churches will be filled. all of a sudden there is bigger meaning because you see tragedy and are like thew do we make
9:42 am
sense of this? and our human brains don't. >> like we saw in south carolina. >> that is terrible. >> i think there are a lot of people who are practicing their faith. it doesn't surprise me your show is as successful as it. the attack on christianity is coming from a fairly small group of people. i think when people think of christianity under attack they think of supreme court decisions trying to force nuns to pay for contraception. things that were unthinkable before. these attacks on catholic charities and trying to force them to do things against their belief. these things wouldn't have been done in the past. >> or people like bill marr who try to boil town states to a character which is not how people feel and express relationships. it is unfortunate.
9:43 am
it is such a gross misrepresentation. >> and christians don't respond to someone like that like other people would. they don't attack and say we will not stop until you are off the air. they don't do that. and sadly among christians much like political parties they get in arguments and fights and can't agree on this. you don't see the push under christianity because they are splintered off. that is what is sad. you cannot go and push and influence. >> some parents connecting with the so-called puberty lady that helps kids learn about the birds and bees with their parents at their side. would you go for this or rather go alone? our one lucky guy is a dad of five kids -- that is a lot of birds and bees.
9:44 am
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[phone rings] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first to jon scott with what is coming up in the second hour of "happening now." >> hi sandra. we have seen the gop field running for president getting more crowded this week.
9:48 am
now one candidate polling well is adopting an interesting strategy. will jeb bush's slow and steady attitude be enough to win the race? and killed after attacking a woman he met online. investigators are across the united states are trying to solve cold cases that may be linked to this man neal falls. and good samaritans work together to free a trapped motorcycle from under a vehicle. it is all next. >> oh the birds and the bees is the talk that is very uncomfortable for kids and parents. but the puberty lady is here to help. this nurse is helping shape the adult conversation by holding
9:49 am
sex-ed classes. the parents get to attend while the nurse takes questions and advice. you have three daughters. would you and your wife attend a seminar like this with your girls? >> i think so. i haven't talked to her about it but it is a hard conversation to have. it is very difficult to have that conversation for some people. so anything that helps -- if the parents are involved -- i don't like yanking kids out and trying to tell them. but let's face it you will hear stuff at school and you are not sure. so i am open to that. you know i don't know what it is. but i am open to someone else being there that would say, look at that. >> look at that beautiful family. >> i am open to someone saying let's get the talk along and see if you have questions. you don't want there to be i don't know what is is going on and you don't want them to listen. >> as moms, we can make nagging
9:50 am
all day long sit up straight, chew with your mouth closed, so sometimes it is nice having someone outside directing the conversation. you are sitting there next to your child. not pawning them off on the nurse. >> you might learn something. >> sounds like you are in on this. for someone like yourself when i take ronan maybe. i would worried about what he would ask. i am trying get him to tone it down. when my girlfriends say he tries to go in the guest room and get in bed. >> the puberty lady said no questions are off limits. >> what a sexist question you asked would you bring your girls there. what about his sons? oh come on now.
9:51 am
>> i am not opposed to this. i am jump in. >> compare it? here we go. it has been a while. >> not cross country. ever had to sit here and look at the faces that kimberly makes? you would not keep it together either. when you learn to do the other things it helps to not have the parent informing you because it is like you learn better from someone outside of the family. i am not surprising myself i would not be totally opposed to this. >> i think there is a reason it is sold out and it is great. i don't think you should trust your public school system to give your kids the facts. if you are sitting there asking as a filter which is what
9:52 am
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>> brandy burgess is lucky to be alive after a bison charged her and flipped her in the air after she and her daughter snapped this selfie in front of the wild boast. it happen so fast but so manied like it was forever. it was painful and most frightening experience i was in through my life today. >> wow, she is the fifth person in yellowstone park to get too close to a bison.
9:57 am
people put themselves in danger with selfies. the american hunter is in stores. something tells me the animals you take a selfie they are not alive. >> no i wont. just i mean no i am not doing that? they are wild animals. that's what they are going to do. going to run and try to attack. >> it is not disneyland. it has huge orange and a giant boast and the mass and force. that woman is lucky to be alive. >> people who don't grow up. >> figure it out. >> get her but the ripped open. >> they don't want selfie pictures and profile pictures
9:58 am
with tigers and lions. who wants to date those guys anyway. this makes you more? >> and people are getting too close to bears and rattlesnakes and i am just thinking what do people do with these pictures. they are taking pictures. what are they doing with them? >> it is on instagram. >> and dating sites. >> and people who don't grow up around nature. i am from alaska and no one there would do this. you have respect, yes, they are wild animal and you are in their world and they are not playthings. i can't tell you how often, someone told me how they were in montana and they it saw a bear with a club and you don't want to get close to a bear with a cub. they can move really fast.
9:59 am
they so the big bears and they don't realize how fast they can get to you. nbears are fast and alwillig at on on allegators. >> get off selfies. >> disney banned selfie sticks. >> did they? >> yeah i did a story on. that >> didn't vladimar putin start this trend. >> with the horse and tiger. >> oh, yeah. >> and i have to tell you, i was in grand central and there was a family as big as willie's family and they gathered on the stairs and had a six feet long selfie. and proudly taking a picture of their family. ask someone to take the picture next time. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you, we have the now
10:00 am
book called the "american hunter" go through the history of hunting from native americans to now. >> we are back on monday. "happening now" starts right now. >> we begin with a fox news alert. james holmes trial stopped abruptly. starting back monday. >> we are covering all of the news "happening now". >> in an act of self defense, she turned the tables on attacker. i grabbed the gun and shot behind me. >> but the story does not end with the suspect's death. investigators are trying to determine whether he's linked to similar cases in the country. >> good samaritans and a life or death situation. a


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