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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 25, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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e to tweet it to us on jer on fnc. that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and to all of you for watching. hope to see you right here next week. for hillary clinton, it is the controversy that will not go away. two federal investigators say secret government information may have been compromised because of her private e-mail server. will the democratic front-runner face a justice department investigation? >> i have said repeatedly that i will answer questions before the house committee. we are all accountable to the american people to get the facts right. >> and he was convicted of selling u.s. secrets to israel. now infamous american spy jonathan pollard could go free soon. why some say it's a move to patch things up with our closest ally in the middle east.
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>> there are now 16 candidates in the republican presidential race and former new york governor george pataki is sitting at the bottom of the polls. what does he need to do to change that? we'll ask him coming up. and thank you for spending your saturday with us. i'm elizabeth prann here with leland vitter on "america's news headquarters" from washington. two inspector generals say there are potentially hundreds of classified e-mails on hillary clinton's private e-mail server. they've just now asked the justice department to determine whether sensitive information was mishandled and there are brand-new calls for her to turn over that server amid furious
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clinton denials that she did anything wrong, but she still refuses to release all of her e-mail. molly henneberg is here and joins us. >> reporter: hillary clinton's campaign is suggesting that part of the delay in releasing some of the e-mails that she's turned over to investigators is due to quote, disagreements among agencies. clinton says she's turned over nearly 55,000 e-mails from her personal server and now the inspectors general from the state department and intelligence community have indicated that quote, hundreds of those e-mails may include potentially classified information. that fires up the house republican who is heading the benghazi investigation. south carolina congressman trey gowdy put out this statement yesterday saying quote, the best -- the only way -- to resolve these important factual questions is for her to turn over her server to the proper authorities for independent forensic evaluation. regardless of whether the server is voluntarily relinquished or acquired by other lawful means,
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there is clearly sufficient cause to examine the contents of said server for the presence of other classified information. congressman gowdy also had been calling for clinton to testify before his committee investigating the benghazi attack in september 2012 in which four americans died including the u.s. ambassador to libya when clinton was secretary of state. and now gowdy may get his wish. according to the clinton campaign the statement they put out today, it said quote, earlier this week we were pleased for secretary clinton to receive an offer from congressman gowdy to appear before the committee in a public hearing in october. and yesterday accepted his invitation. a tentative date is october 22 but that may change. republicans want to know if the u.s. government specifically the state department could have done more or hindered efforts to save those americans during the attack. elizabeth? >> molly, thank you very much. molly reporting live from washington.
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leland? >> and we're going to, of course, have a lot more on the e-mail controversy and the fallout. perhaps even will hillary clinton be eventually forced to turn over that server. our political panel will be here to weigh in in a fair and balanced debate. that's coming up the next hour 2:00 p.m. eastern here on "amhq." and turkey is in the middle of a major offensive this week. new video shows turkish jets slamming targets for a second day. this follows the decision to allow u.s.-led coalition air strikes to launch from turkish bases. in iraq the native ally is breaking a ceasefire there that's been in place since 2013. kurds and turks have a long history of animosity in the region and blame the kurdish militants for not withdrawing from turkish military. they are conducting a sweeping series of anti-terror raids across the country. more than 600 people have been arrested so far. i think it's so interesting to
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watch and it's really interesting to watch to see the reaction u.s. officials will have. >> you can't look at any in a vacuum. there's a saying enemy of my enemy is my friend. you have the united states using a turkish air base to bomb isis at the same time the turks are using the air base to bomb the kurds who are u.s. allies also fighting isis. we can draw you a diagram in the next hour. >> a very confusing map. >> another big confusing map in the middle east the dealings going on with iran. israel vs. iran israel vs. the united states. and an infamous american spy accused of snooping could be soon set free. probably not a coincidence either. jonathan pollard will be eligible for parole in november. pollard was arrested on charges of spying for israel back in 1995. he was later sentenced to life
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in prison after pleading guilty for that crime. "wall street journal" now reports that some uz.s. officials hope the release will improve relations with israel which, of course has been strained by the iran nuclear negotiations. now we want to hear from you. should jonathan pollard be released? why? why not? would it help with israel or would they say who cares? we only care about iran. you can tweet @elizabethprann or@lelandvittert. she tweets more than i do. >> but not nearly as important. flags are at half-staff to honor two women who lost their lives thursday in the lafayette theater movie shooting. mayci breaux and jillian johnson. johnson ran a clothing boutique. we're learning new information about the 59-year-old man who took their lives and injured nine others.
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will carr is joining us live with the latest. hi will. >> reporter: elizabeth, the past 40 hours have been devastating for this community after these two innocent women were gunned down while they were simply watching a movie. 33-year-old jillian johnson ran a local retail shop with her best friend her husband. then authorities say the shooter also shot and killed 21-year-old mayci breaux from franklin, louisiana. we've seen a number of memorial services for both. late yesterday governor bobby jindal showed up carrying flowers. he laid those outside of the theater and took a tour of the crime scene. >> just now walking the theater for the first time seeing the blood, seeing the discarded snacks and debris the victims just left hurriedly behind. i'm alternating between deep deep grief and the sorrow over
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the loss of innocent life as well as intense anger. >> reporter: we've seen a lot of grief and intense anger from a lot of members of this community since the shooting occurred. authorities still trying to figure out why john russell houser a man with a law degree and a history of mental issues bought a ticket to the movie "train wreck" and then unloaded on the audience at the beginning of the movie. they say he purchased it legally at a pawnshop in alabama last year. he was denied a concealed carry permit because he had a history with domestic violence and an arson conviction. in 2008 his wife took the guns out of his house because she was concerned about his mental issues. now authorities say they're looking into political blogs that houser was on. they also say that they're going through this investigation meticulously. they do admit there's a possibility they may never know exactly what took him inside and made him start firing on all the innocent people inside the theater behind me.
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at the same time we've heard about the heroic efforts that happened here. two teachers have been an example of that both shot. one who s ended up crawling over and pulling the alarm to be able to notify everybody else. about 300 people inside of the movie theater. she let them know what was going on. they all got out safely. authorities have been calling her a hero. we spoke to her father. they're devout catholic that they've forgiven him and are praying for him. elizabeth? >> will carr reporting live thank you very much will. very sad. thanks. there are 16 declared republican candidates for president and only ten spots at the fox debate in cleveland on august 6. roughly ten days away. now comes the final sprint for hopefuls to get one of those coveted spots. donald trump is about to appear at a rally in the state of iowa. the state's biggest newspaper won't be there. mr. trump has denied press credentials to the "des moines register" reporters after the paper published an editorial calling on him to end his campaign.
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also in early voting iowa another candidate known for not shying away from controversy, chris christie is in the state. he held a town hall meeting this morning just outside of des moines. we expect the "des moines register" to cover that event, though. rand paul is back in new hampshire yet again. he held a stand with rand meeting this morning. he will be hitting a number of towns throughout new hampshire this afternoon. >> and like leland said a massive field that will leave nearly half of the candidates out of the first debate. recent fox news poll shows the top candidates and george pataki is not included in the list. the poll has been giving him less than 1% among republican voters. how can the governor raise his profile? he joins us now. governor pataki thank you so much for joining us today. we very much appreciate it. >> nice being with you, elizabeth. >> governor are you going to make that stage on august 6? how important is it to you?
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>> i don't think i'll be there august 6, but i will be here in new hampshire august 3 for the first forum, and i'm looking forward to that. before we get to politics i want to get back to your first story where you were talking about two inspector generals saying secretary clinton may well have had hundreds of classified -- e-mails with classified information. i don't -- that is a serious felony. i don't trust this justice department to investigate it we should call for a special prosecutor to look at that to subpoena the server. this is a very very serious breach of state department security. it is extremely important for the national security of the united states. i fear that foreign countries like china or russia or iran know what were in those e-mails but the american people and congress don't. this is not something we should take lightly. >> okay. now you talked about that. obviously we know the doj is looking into it. they haven't necessarily said there are any criminal charges, so we know our viewers are still
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waiting for that. you are talking about a number -- >> elizabeth, i do not trust in obama justice department. we should have a special prosecutor. when there have been highly charged political investigations in the past it has been taken out of justice, given to a special prosecutor. now let's get on to politics. >> i appreciate that and appreciate your position on some of the breaking news but i want like you said i want to talk about politics because i want to see and i want to hear how you're going to separate yourself. i know you said you're not going to be in the debate but people need to learn about you. how are you different from the 16 other candidates? >> absolutely. both from the standpoint of vision and my record. first of all, i saw the consequences of radical islam and islamic terror firsthand on september 11. i think more than anyone in this race i understand the consequences of not going after isis not going after al qaeda
10:13 am
at their training camps, recruit recruiting centers before they have a chance to attack us here again. we are at greater risk today than at any time since september 11. i have not forgotten the lessons of that date. i would be proactive in protecting american freedoms by preventing them from organizing to attack us here over there before the attacks occur. >> okay -- >> second of all -- go ahead, i'm sorry. >> you talk about being proactive and i asked you before how you would separate yourself from the candidates and i watched other interviews. when hosts bring up donald trump, i've seen you roll your eyes and have gotten irritated. i'm not going to necessarily ask what your opinion is of him. i will say he is getting the numbers in the polls. what would you -- what would be your reaction to, 56 if he were to bow out of the republican party and run on an independent ticket what would your reaction be and how would that affect the republican party? >> elizabeth, everyone wants to
10:14 am
talk about politics. i want to talk about the future of america. i want to be the president because i know i have the ability to bring people together to solve problems. i took new york a deep blue state, overwhelmingly dependent on government lasts in jobs first in taxes, and left it with $143 billion lower tax rate and, by the way, a million fewer people on welfare. i know i can take the government in washington bring people together reduce its size reduce its expense, reduce its intrusiveness and give power back to the people in the states. i know the media wants to talk about donald trump saying this or lindsey graham blowing up his phone. i want to talk about the future of america. i think the issues facing this country are very serious. that's why i'm running because i know the solutions exist. >> okay. i know you've been very vocal on the iran deal that has come out in the last week how would you have handled that differently?
10:15 am
>> i think i'd start from the beginning by not caving in to so many of the absurd iranian demands as this administration did. first of all, this is a treaty. if anything in my lifetime is a treaty a multidecade agreement involving almost a dozen countries and affecting everything from arms and nuclear weapons to trade is not an executive agreement. it's a treaty that should have gone to the u.s. senate and the senate should have overwhelmingly rejected it. second of all, forget about the nuclear side which is unenforceable. it gives them a path to ballistic weapons. we are giving a terrorist state hundreds of billions of economic relief much of it right away acknowledging they will use that to continue their terrorist activities. they will use those billions to continue to do things like support assad in syria who uses chemical weapons against civilians, crimes against
10:16 am
humanity. think about the morality of this administration giving hundreds of billions much of which will be used to support terrorist activities including crimes against humanity. that is wrong. this treaty has got to be rejected. >> okay. governor pataki thank you so much for joining us. we really appreciate it. coming up in our next hour we'll talk to 2016 presidential candidate mike huckabee on his chances of grabbing a seat in the first gop debate next month. leland? >> there's much more ahead. president obama is in africa. part a business trip and part personal journey. and new images show what it was like to be in the center of the chaos in baltimore last spring. did a hands-off approach leave police officers vulnerable and lead to even more violence? rod wheeler is here.
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but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. i'm a republican. i'm a conservative. i'm running. i'm in first place by a lot. i want to run as a republican. i think i'll get the nomination. >> that is a confident donald trump. one could wonder when you don't ever see a confident donald trump in laredo, texas. >> the visit sparked a media frenzy but highlighted an unusual alliance. >> do you think trump is going too far? >> look donald trump is a friend of mine. i like and respect donald. he speaks in a colorful way. he speaks in a way you and i don't speak, but i commend him for focusing the attention of
10:22 am
the country on the problem of illegal immigration and the problem of sanctuary cities on the problem of the obama administration releasing hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens with criminal convictions. >> presidential candidate ted cruz is one known for not keeping his emotions secret. has largely refused to criticize trump. >> you never have to wonder too much what ted cruz is thinking except in this case. a political reporter for "the washington examiner" has a great piece about the trump/cruz relationship. are we seeing an interesting alliance being formed? every other republican presidential candidate, all 15 of them have come out squarely against trump, and it seems as though cruz is going, well, the donald is a friend of mine. >> i'm not sure if this is an alliance. what i've been hearing is that trump has more or less stolen
10:23 am
ted cruz's thunder. he's running an antiestablishment campaign a lot more successfully than ted cruz because of the decline and sophistication of his rhetoric. trump is known for making off-the-cuff remarks. ted cruz is out there delivering this sophisticated rhettoric that's not resonating with americans. >> he doesn't want to criticize trump because it's his own base and if the donald falls support will swing to him? >> it's a little bit of that and, also donald trump has contributed to his leadership p.a.c. in the past. if he does bow out or is forced out, he could potentially be a financial backer for ted cruz or a very important endorsement. >> it always comes down to the money. >> what behooves him to stand with the rest of the candidates and say, listen, these comments have been outrageous. does it really behoove him to make this type of alliance?
10:24 am
it's not necessarily set in stone. >> ted cruz has always been a very classy guy. i don't think he wants to perpetuate this republican infighting we've been seeing time and time again. he is setting himself apart from the other candidates who are constantly out there attacking donald trump and his delivery and the remarks he's made. people are saying look he's extremely classy for not going after another republican and he's channelling that energy to the democratic candidate. >> in a larger sense, you talked about how ted cruz has had this unbelievable sense and policy views, it's the one thing we haven't heard from donald trump, is he going to be forced to actually lay down real policy positions rather that platitudes? >> we should be keeping an eye out for how he performs on august 6 and whether or not he can deliver justifiable policies and go really deep into what his detailed policy prescriptions
10:25 am
are. what we've seen so far are very broad suggestions on his behalf. >> that's for sure. we appreciate you being here. great work in "the washington examiner." look forward to reading it. >> thank you for having me. >> you can hear from two gop hopefuls on "fox news sunday." chris wallace will sit down with senator rand paul and carly fiorina. you can check your local listings for time and channel. >> and president obama is on his first visit to father's homeland. at a press conference mr. obama repeated his call for equal respect of all citizens regardless of sexual orientation. kenya's president called it quote, a nonissue. kevin cork is following the president and joins us now from nairobi. kevin? >> reporter: good evening from nairobi, kenya. you're right.
10:26 am
i don't think there's any question that headlines tomorrow will talk a great deal about the difference between president obama and president kenyatta on the issue of lgbt rights. for all the pomp and circumstance and all the talk of cooperation between these two countries it was that one issue that really raised eyebrows today. i want you to listen careyfully how the president responded to a question about gay rights and then listen to the leader of kenya and notice the difference as you do. >> the idea they are going to be treated differently or abused because of who they love is wrong. full stop. >> it's very difficult for us to be able to impose on people that which they themselves do not accept. this is why i repeatedly say that for kenyans today the issue of gay rights is really a nonissue. >> reporter: clearly you're seeing the president kenyatta there make the calculation that
10:27 am
at least for the domestic audience this is a nonissue. in an international sense clearly a lot of people might disagree. the president did listen carefully to his answer. by the way, he was also asked if this trip was an important one to restore friendships between our two countries, and the president rejected that notion. listen to him. >> we don't need a reset -- >> absolutely. >> -- because the u.s./kenya relationship and cooperation continued robust lyly throughout my presidency. >> reporter: to say nothing of a future that includes more economic cooperation and the president also made a very big point today to talk about cooperation on counterterrorism matters, a major issue here for safety and security not just to the kenyan people but more broadly here in east africa.
10:28 am
tomorrow is a huge day for the president and he will address the kenyan people in a huge event and certainly we'll be covering it for you here on fox news. for now back to you in the states. >> kevin cork reporting live. thank you very much. kevin, we appreciate it. >> it was a literal cliffhanger for a california man and two dogs when a rescue attempt went very wrong. the owner says it all began when his dogs chased another dog down a steep bank. he went after them and ended up falling 20 to 30 feet over a cliff. santa barbara fire crews came to his rescue. they were able to hook all three to a triple harness and somehow lower all of them to the beach. the santa barbara fire crews have a triple harness just for this case which is kind of interesting. you would think they planned for a guy and two dogs to go down a cliff. maybe he'll keep his dogs on a leash next time. still ahead, the white house is about to move into week two of trying to kel congress that the iran nuclear deal is a good
10:29 am
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we set out to dismantle their ability to be able to build a nuclear weapon. and we've achieved that. >> secretary of state john kerry is taking his case for the iran nuclear deal to congress this week. many lawmakers are alarmed after learning of two secret agreements. we'll hear from republican congressman mike pompea next hour. for now congressman dan kilde.
10:34 am
we appreciate you joining us. >> thank you very much. >> you've been reviewing the deal for a week now. what can you tell us? what have you learned? >> well, i think the biggest concern that i have is as we learn more of the details and we evaluate the deal and the texts and the provisions within it that we measure the value, the quality of this agreement against what we think are the logical alternatives as we move forward. i think this is one of the things that hasn't been missing but needs to take more of a role knowing what's in this deal. pardon me? >> i want to interrupt you because you said in the past it's important to remember an alternative to a diplomatic resolution is at best uncertain and worst very dangerous. do you still feel that way? >> yes, as far as i've been able to get through the agremementagreement, i haven't come to a judgment on this.
10:35 am
i'm not certain that while people say that eye rapiran be a threshold state within a few years, they could be within a few months if we don't have a way to constrain them. that's the process that i'm going through right now. >> have you and other congressmen and women been privy to the iaea negotiations between that agency and iran. if not, when will you have access to that? >> well that question has come up with secretary kerry and others. i haven't received an answer yes. i think as questions come up have them posed, a little over 50 days to review the agreement and that will be part of the focus. the implementation agreement is important.
10:36 am
what will they be implementing? i first have to ask myself whether that standard is a strong enough standard. so far what i've seen it fairly strong but i will have to do more inquiry on that. >> what's the perception you're gauging from other lawmakers? do you feel as if people are taking to the agreement, lawmakers are upset the deal was approved before it went to lawmakers? >> some have been. every body involved this is a multilateral negotiation, not a negotiation just between the u.s. and iran. and there's nothing about the u.s. approval that makes it a prerequisite to the others having to go through their approval process. obviously it won't be enacted unless everybody involved in it is ultimately onboard. i understand there are all sorts of criticisms of this and the process. i think it's important to keep our focus on what the agreement is about and see whether we achieve that goal. >> i want to switch gears
10:37 am
because we've talked about one of the political prisoners being held. do you think it's something you could perhaps hold up the deal because of it? >> it certainly affects the way we view iran. i distinguish that from having them as part of the deal. we certainly would never want to be in a position where we exchanged something in order to gain the freedom of innocent americans. that would create incentives for iran or other rogue states to grab americans whenever they want something from us. secondly to put them in the deal would have created even more uncertainty because we don't know if this deal will be enacted. congress may not approve it. in fact it may not even have been agreed to. if that had been the case the situation that these americans face could even be more
10:38 am
uncertain. we wouldn't want to do that. >> okay. and, in fact we spoke with the spouse of one of the prisoners and we have a sound bite from the show last week. i want your reaction afterwards. >> i hope that even before we made the deal at least on the sidelines or even before we start talking with iran that his picture would have been released. we're losing more leverage as we move forward with the deal. >> so you hear her say she feels like they're losing more leverage. perhaps now they feel they've lost some hope. >> i represent the family of another prisoner. i agree their release should have been a precondition to starting negotiations but my own constituent has made it clear he would not have wanted to be exchanged as a part of this transaction. i think our leverage is at a strong point because this agreement has not been approved.
10:39 am
it's been written but it has not been approved. it's important iran understand the world, the american people and members of congress are going to consider all of their behavior when judging the value of this agreement or any other they take in terms of their global activity. >> it will be interesting to see if congress approves the deal over the next 60 days. coppingman kildee -- >> i think it will be close. >> thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. u.s. military leaders say russia is a growing global threat. this as the pentagon gets ready for military cuts. what does that message say to putin? and never-before-seen video from the baltimore riots released by the baltimore police department. new details about the dangers baltimore police faced. a former homicide detective rod wheeler who shot these images joins us up next.
10:40 am
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four months after the germanwings crash in the french alps the unidentified victims have been laid to rest. more than 400 gathered for a memorial service yesterday in france. they released white balloons as they mourned their loved ones. the unidentified remains were buried in a nearby cemetery. germanwings says there were 144 people from 18 countries aboard that plane when it crashed. investigators believe the co-pilot deliberately flew the aircraft into the side of a mountain. we're getting creamed. we're getting destroyed with these rocks. >> this week the baltimore police released dispatch audio and surveillance video from the freddie gray riots that rocked that city and the country this
10:45 am
april. they paint a chilling picture of officers outnumbered and ill-equipped to take on thousands of rioters and looters who took to the streets following the death of freddie gray. the 25-year-old black man who died in police custody. >> whoever is has pepper foggers on the scene, you bring them to me. >> sadly a lot of officers got hurt. hundreds of businesses were burned or looted at the time we reported it was due in large part to an order given by the mayor for stand down and not confront those in the lawless city. >> the mayor has never answered to those. former d.c. homicide detective rod wheeler. rod, we heard the urgent calls from cops. now listen to the order over the scanner just a couple minutes later. >> toe the line. do not go forward and do not
10:46 am
chase them. >> the order, hold the line do not go forward, do not chase them. was that the right order to give in the first critical hours? >> that was a horrible order. that order, though leland came from the mayor's office. that did not come from the police chief. i was right there right in the heart of the riots on that monday. >> you got attacked a couple of times. >> april 27. that was the monday. and i arrived in baltimore right around 4:30 in the evening. this is the time that the riot took place at the mall. that's where it all started. when i went over there, the police were literally, leland and liz, running for their lives. it was like yesterday to me. >> have you ever seen anything like this? >> never in all of my days in law enforcement. they were literally running for their lives. they were not fighting back at all. they were outnumbered. the number of individuals on the street was about 2,000 at the time and it was only about 400 police officers on the street. and then of course the riots moved over to pennsylvania avenue and north street where it
10:47 am
became even worse. >> how does a police force benefit with this? for the nation to see the fact they're standing down? >> well the unfortunate reality is the police department meaning the police chief, the commissioner there, did not want to stand down. let me tell you my sources tell me and i have some very good sources in the baltimore police department that there was a lot of tension between the mayor and the police commissioner. >> and the mayor just fired him. >> that's right, that's right, about a week or two ago. there was a lot of tension over this situation. and i'm telling you, i was right there. when i saw police officers guys literally getting hit by bottles, hit by rocks, and you see the video right there. this is video i actually took. i was standing right there and the police are not doing anything about it. i knew right then and there there was going to be major trouble and there was that evening. >> over the past couple of months in baltimore we have seen the crime rate surge. we've seen the homicide rate go through the roof. there's a lot of police officers have told you, told me as well we're afraid to do our jobs. you arrested the officers involved in freddie gray's
10:48 am
arrest. what are you going to do to us? are there ways to bring this back? the police commissioner is fired. the mayor is doing god knows what to fix the situation. how do you bring this back and make baltimore a safe place again? >> i must say the governor of maryland larry hogan, has been involved hands-on with his staff in baltimore since the riots and that's a good thing. this governor is very involved. >> does he have the power to take over the police department? >> in a way he does. it has to go through the state legislature for him to do that. the bottom line is the mayor needs to go. it's just the reality. the mayor needs to go. >> the police don't trust her. >> and that's why it's very difficult for the police officer to do their job. >> she was the one who said we gave people space to destroy. >> that's right. she said that the day of the riots, and that's exactly what they did. they destroyed their city. the police chief is gone. police officers out there feel like they don't have any support from the city, and i'll tell you that's probably one reason why the crime rate has spiked because officers now are saying hey, let them have it.
10:49 am
>> this video you shot at north and penn i was up there a couple weeks ago as the crime rate was going through the roof and a couple of folks who lived there at north and penn worked there, told me ordinarily we see police officers every day come through here and try to sweep up the gangbangers and drugs. i haven't seen a police officer in three days. that was stunning. >> it was stunning. i was there the whole day and that's when i took this video and it was unbelievable. >> rod, we appreciate your insight. we did ask for the mayor's comments on the tapes that were released by the police department. we've asked her to come on the show a number of times to talk about the standdown order and so far the mayor has refused all those requests. we'll let you know if it changes. thanks rod. >> we appreciate it. coming up next fascinating new images from the outer edge of our solar system. why scientists say these pictures almost brought tears of joy to their eyes.
10:50 am
10:51 am
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mornings. wonderful, crazy mornings. we figure you probably don't have time to wait on hold. that's why at xfinity we're hard at work building new apps like this one that lets you choose a time for us to call you. so instead of waiting on hold, we'll call you when things are just as wonderful... [phone rings] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. take a look at these remarkable new images from pluto. a week after the spacecraft did a historic fly by this heart shaped formation is not only stunning to look at but it's
10:54 am
telling scientist a lot about pluto's atmosphere. we have known for 25 years pluto had an atmosphere. these new images show what is most likely nitrogen snow. >> this is the first time we've really seen it. this was the impanel that almost brought tears to the eyes of the atmosphere. >> nasa expects to get photos from pluto's big moon next week. all the data sent down from the spacecraft will not reach earth until late 2016. so we'll get this trickling of information. it's so cool every time we get it. >> we didn't know how beautiful you were. i was thinking how cool it is for little kids these days. >> it's something to be excited again about and you're
10:55 am
obviously, now when science teachers and those kinds of folks want to talk to kids about these kinds of things there's new information out there and something to teach kids about, about how to make nitrogen snow. i don't know why but that sounds fun to make. >> i also complain about getting to work and this took 10 years to get these images. >> next time you're in traffic think about that. still ahead. who will be among the lucky ten to make it above the stage for presidential candidate. mike huckabee is joining us live. we'll ask if he thinks he'll make the cut. plus one of our wounded warriors finding healing in a very unsuspected spot. ever since darryl's wife started using gain flings, their laundry smells more amazing than ever. (sniff)
10:56 am
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welcome to america's new headquarterers from washington. >> nice to be with you at home. here's what's making news right now. the presidential candidate who has been down the campaign trail before. will mike huckabee have better luck realizing his wife has ambitions the second time
11:00 am
around? >> and the senate meets for a rare weekend session tomorrow whose outcome could effect millions of american drivers as the clock ticks down on the funding of the nation's highways bridges and roads. we'll tell you why things are getting more con tengous on capitol hill. >> yogies have encountered the roads to inner peace happens. some of the military looks at this and said this is something we should get our guys and gals into. >> we are two weeks away from the presidential hopefulingss taking
11:01 am
the stage in cleveland. a resent pole shows governor huckabee with 4% of the voters. it could be just enough to get him on the stage. you can see him there in the eighth spot above chris christie santorum and fiorina. governor appreciate you being here. there's been so much focus on this debate. is it critical to be on that stage or are we looking to sprint in the marathon race? >> i think it's important to be in the race. i think it's possible somebody might not make it on the stage for the first one. it is so far out. this is ultimately going to be about organization, structure and winning votes in the early state. i don't think we've got a problem. the fox news pole is the only one where i've been that low.
11:02 am
the other ones i was number four. if you talk an average of all the poles, never less than somewhere in the middle. so barring something dramatic happening over the next week i don't see a scenario in which i won't be on the stage in cleveland. >> back in 2008 you were the dark horse who came from behind and it was an unbelievable surge. what i'm wondering is had you rather be in the position you are right now in the middle of the pack or was it more fun being the underdog in iowa? >> when you're in the middle of the pack you're still in the underdog spot because all the attention is focussed on whose in the lead. >> mr. trump in this case. >> that's not a place you want to be right now. if it were then we would be talking about president giuliani giuliani president hillary clinton, president mitt romney.
11:03 am
we're not talking about those guys. it wasn't thompson, wasn't romney wasn't hillary. in this stage when people are leading, they rarely end up getting the nomination and rarely end up getting the presidency. >> one issue where you made a halmark in your campaign and the issue of dealing with iran i've known you for a long time and saw you in the middle east back in 2010 and you've been talking about it day in and day out, you just released this video on vine. take a look. not a strategy. you made it pretty clear governor. >> you trying to do and the use of the cartoon was to take a lighthearted jab at something deathly serious. deathly serious is that this deal i've read all 159 pages of it. this is a deadly deal not just
11:04 am
for israel and it certainly is for them. this is a deadly deal for the world. the iranians can't be trusted. especially i think, israel has a right to be concerned. we should be concerned because we have a great historical president. when people are saying they're going to kill jews they usually do. all these 36 years they've been in power they've consistently said they're going to wipe israel off the face of the map. if you're a jew living in israel and your parents or grand parents had been marched and somebody for 36 years says we're going to kill you, would you take that seriously? you better believe you would. and the united states needs to stand up with israel and take it seriously because we had some people back in the 30s who said there's no way that they will
11:05 am
ever go out and kill the jews. one nuclear blast and they could kill 6 million jews. i think we need to be concerned about this. >> a lot of folks are. back in the world war ii comparison roosevelt didn't bomb the train tracks. still a controversial move. i want to get back to politicings in terms of the race itself. you've a large part of the factor that helped you win iowa in 2008 played well to the primary voters and i'm wondering how you plan to move beyond to mike huckabee social conservative to mike huckabee who can win the economy and the national security debate? >> i don't think i have to go out and prove i'm a social conserve conservative conservative. people know i hold those views as true positions. they're not political positions. if they're listening to what i'm
11:06 am
saying on the campaign trail and the focus on the campaign it's 80% dealing with the combination of how to bring some economic empowerment to working class americans and it's about national security. that's where the focus is. i think sometimes the press says okay he's a social conservative. let's stipulate he's a social conservative. i'm pro-life and protraditional marriage. if people listen carefully, nobody's talking more in detail about how do we make it possible for working class americans to have a descent job that will pay them a good wage give them the benefits and let them be able to be optimistic for the future and themselves. >> your track record in arkansas speaks to that. governor mike huckabee joining us live from florida. good luck to you and if all holds well for you, we'll see you on the debate stage in cleveland. >> look forward to it. thank you very much. >> thank you, sir.
11:07 am
>> an american spy convicted of snooping on the u.s. for israel could soon be set free. jonathan pollard became eligible for parole. kristin is following the story from washington. >> kristin, this is one of the biggest cases in modern american history and now jonathan pollard could be released from prison in just three months. the former u.s. intelligence analyst was sentenced to prison for selling classified information to israel but yesterday the justice department said he's available for parole in november. in the his release has been brought up as a bargaining tip. here's what the white house said about him last year. >> the reason that they're releasing jonathan pollard is on the table is because this is something that the israeli government regularly raises with the u.s. government it's true that
11:08 am
the president has not made decisions about mr. pollard. he was tried and convicted of very serious crimes and it'ss serving a serious sentence. >> now administration officials say his relief is in no way political. yesterday a spokesman said quote there is absolutely zero linkage between his status and foreign policy considerations. this is all based on standard procedures. pollard, now 60 is being held in prison in north carolina. they said his punishment is way too harsh. critics call him a trader. if released it would almost certainly be seen as a concession to israel. they are peaking over the nuclear deal with iran. so far, pollard's attorney says he's received zero commitment from the white house. elizabeth. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> interesting to see what happens with that. it's been so controversial.
11:09 am
should the u.s. release spy jonathan pollard? why, why not, what does this mean with a deal for iran? you can tweet us. we've already gotten dozens of responses. thoughtful ones as well. we'll read your thoughts coming up later in the show. a rare friday session on capitol hill. it was a stunning scene yesterday. republican ted cruise calling his own party leader a liar. cruise slamming the georgia leader mitch mcconnell in a speech from the floor. >> to look every republican senator in the eye and say there is no deal when in fact what we saw this morning was a deal and he's jamming this through does real damage. this is the essential example of the washington cartel. >> it was pretty stunning to
11:10 am
hear cruise on the floor as well. this came after mcconnell moved up on an amendment. the senate will debate the transportation bill in a rare sunday session tomorrow. >> and new images from inside president george w. bush's emergency operation center on 911. it's a revealing look at the country's top leader during the nation's most tragic times. police cow skouerring the social media accounts of an 18-year-old brutally stabbing family members. russia is a threat to the united states. as big as isis. is putin ramping up his military taz as the u.s. is ramping down ours? >> i think the intent i create a situation where nato can't continue to thrive.
11:11 am
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11:15 am
these newly released photos show george w. bush in the immediate aftermath of the attack. given the fact he's with the vice president, this would been the evening of september 11th after he got back to the white house. you can see the scene inside the president's emergency operation center and the looks of the shock and hoar error on the the face of america's top officials. the pictures were taken by then vice president dick cheney and staff photographer and now released by the national archives some 15-14 now years later. >> hillary clinton facing fresh calls for her to turn over her personal e-mail server she used as secretary of state. that server could be storing potentially hundreds of class typed e-mails. they're now asking the justice department to investigate whether any classified information was mishandled. how could this shake up the 2016
11:16 am
race in let's have a fair and balanced debate. radio show host joins us. thank you so much for joining us gentleman. >> thanks for having us. >> mark i want to start with you. why would the justice department be asked to investigate this if there's no criminal act? >> there is no criminal act. in fact, that was false reporting by the new york sometimestimes. also what she did was released material not classified. now, in the rush to release 35,000 e-mails, 55,000 pages of e-mails, there's some things the intelligence community wants to classify and they're saying hey, republicans don't rush to get out in the public so soon. we want to check and make sure this is not classified. not top secret not the highest level but some of the things that's top secret. i worked on their business in congress. i can tell you a lot of things
11:17 am
are classified we might not think need to be classified but it's a matter of them checking to make sure nothing's going wrong. >> i want to get your reaction brad. we heard mike so there was no wrong doing by the secretary of state state. what do you say about that? >> i say the first wrong doing was her making determination on her own to use a personal server for her business. almost everything the secretary of state does involves classified information. who knows how many e-mails have yet to be released. there was classified information transmitted through those e-mails taken on her personal server and that was her exclusive communication between her and her state department employees. i can assure you there's wrong doing and certainly a lack of judgment on her part and making the determination of making the communication. when the state department has
11:18 am
their own servers classified and protected against intrusions by others who are not able or have access. >> okay. you said lack of judgment and i want to toss it back over to mark. mark how does this work out for the former secretary of state when we're dealing with her trying to buy for the nominations? her optics are so important right now. >> it's interesting. i think the person whose going to be her opponent, jeb bush refused to use personal servers in florida. >> it doesn't matter. >> what about collin powell? >> let me talk about jeb bush. governors don't deal with classified information or national security. collin powell's e-mail was incidental. not done as part of his communication. >> he did it on his private
11:19 am
server like hillary clinton. there's never been a piece of information classified. >> we don't know that. >> we do know that. >> of course not. she's not going to release that. >> they've been released to the state department. >> we only have a couple of minutes left. i want to ask one question and i'll shift gears here. i'll poset mark and brad. we learned this morning hillary will appear before a house committee. there's a number of accusations and scandals. is it hard to tackle one of them? the intelligence committee run by republicans as completely exonerated. thai going to keep trying and trying to make the a big deal. these questions have already been answered. >> brad i'm going to get your response and wrap it up. >> if anything she's stone walled. we know that the fact shows
11:20 am
she's asleep at the switch. it wasn't because of video. it was because of organized terror. why do the republicans exonerate her? >> i'm going to have to wrap it up. >> thanks for having us. >> thanks so much. >> monday marks week two of the white house trying to sell the iran nuclear deal to congress but many lawmakers are now alarmed after learning what they're saying is two secret side agreements between the international atomic energy agent and iran. you might remember we spoke with democratic candidate of michigan about this and now we want to hear from the other side of the aisle. congressman and senator are leading the fight to release the details of what they call those secret deals. so here he is. house intelligence committee
11:21 am
member. congressman, appreciate you being with us. these aren't secret deals between the united states and iran. these are secret deals between the -- and iran. how is it possible you and congress are going to get access to them? >> thanks for having me on today. it's necessary we get access to these documents. they form a core part of the understandings about how we're going to verify the notorious cheaters like the iranians don't cheat. the president is asking congress to weigh in. we're going to get a chance to vote. members of congress can't possibly evaluate how good their verification is and what this deal actually does absent getting access to these documents. >> congress is going to vote in
11:22 am
40 some odd days. congress is going to vote no both in the senate and the house. the question is whether there's possibility of a veto override enough votes, two-thirds in the house and two-thirds in the senate to override the details that he's promised. are you feeling like you're making majority? >> i believe i'm confident that the american people as they continue to see how this deal unfolds, they watch the fact that iran is going to have enriched in their possession. they're not destroyed. the fact that we don't have anything remotely looking like anything any time in the inspection. it will be from the time of a potential violation to the chance of getting anyone to look at it. when the american people say they're going to talk to their members of congress and also have to weigh on what they have to do when they don't know every
11:23 am
word. the president told us verification matters. we're not going to know the verification regime iranian nuclear facility and all the iranian past military dimensions of the iranian military and nuclear programs. i think the members of congress go back here in august to the district and talk to their con stitch -- they're going to find out americans don't want this at all. >> also how it matters in the 2015 election. approve the nuclear deal in iran without reading the entire agreement that comes from you. what does that tell you in terms of what the secretary knows as he comes before congress to testify? >> we discovered the deals and talk to them about the secret
11:24 am
deals. he confirmed the existence and confirmed he never read them. i don't know how i could bless such a deal. these the administrative deals. they were hard fought and negotiated to the end. >> i want to get your thoughts quickly on this. help me understand in your opinion why there's such a wide divide on this. i've never seen a split on foreign policy this deep and i'm won wondering why we hear such vastly different views? >> good question. i don't think it falls upon
11:25 am
partisan lines. america does not have the capacity to deny the iranians the capacity to build the bomb. there's other at ternlternatives and better deals could be reached. i'm convinced the white house and secretary of state are among the folks. >> they say it's the only option and they fought as good to get that deal as much as you and others just like it. we appreciate your incite, sir. see you back in warn wash. -- back in washington. >> thank you. >> here at home we're seeing massive cuts. how safe are we really? president obama makes his first
11:26 am
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with russia backecoming more of a threat and isis in my mind we're on a more dangerous balancing act right now with capability. >> the army's top officers saying russia and isis are major threats to our national security while the army is trying to find ways to slice its force by 40,000 troops over the next two years. >> big type of conversation. really interesting stuff that came out. retired army major here now. this is what i think is interesting. i red an advanced copy you have
11:31 am
coming out. you say your grandson yourself you want him to go to law school. >> mri >> i'm 71-years-old and i'm afraid after 13 years after war where the army fought and lost 7,000 soldiers and held together what i'm afraid of is that today budget cuts are going to do to my army what al kie at that -- al qaeda and the taliban didn't do for 13 years. >> are you worried because it can't be rebuilt? >> here's the problem, elizabeth. you can break an army overnight and take six months to rebuild a
11:32 am
ground service. i ought to know. i did that. i joined the army in the 607ss and fought in veetietnamvietnam. the barracks were a racial battleground. as a captain i use to have to carry a pistol in the barracks to defend myself against our own soldiers. >> are we heading back to that? >> armies break morally, not physically. when lieu tenttenants leave an institution and no longer believe in it and they get pink slips, an institution like the army begins a slow painful process of desin grags. >> i want to get your incites on this. it's something we've talked about a lot and that's the issue of russia. as we saw, a number of generals are starting to sound the alarm bells once again about the
11:33 am
russian bare and july 4th we know a couple of russian bombers threw within 39 miles of the u.s. coast not only in california but in hasalaska and the greeting from a russian pilot to an american pilot, good morning american pilots. we are here to greet you on your fourth of july independence day. that's one of the pictures of the bomber flying near the united states. it seems as though the russians have one-half of a ground army we would want one as well. >> putin must be saying my principle threat his little green men, that's where he's putting his resources because he knows that's where he's fighting his battle. he watches the american army cut the first 40,000 and another 40,000. he must be saying to himself and the advisers, if my principal
11:34 am
focus is on the ground maybe they're not serious. >> is this why we're seeing this increase in the number of incidents where you be russia. if ukrainian army gets mres and blankets. if they're not supplying them with weapons, americans can't be serious. >> general bob scales we appreciate you sir and hopefully, by the time your grandson rolls around the army age he'll follow great tradition with your blessing. >> thank you very much. >> as president obama makes his first trip security is tight. u.s. defense took up to 50
11:35 am
militants this week in preparation to the president's visit. haul has haul has the details. hi paul. >> 50 have been killed in a u.s. led offense during the past week. president obama made it clear today as far as kenya is concerned, he wants to get rid of the terror groups too. >> there has been extensive and offensive counterterrorism cooperation between the united states and kenya dealing with primarily threats from al al shibob. >> coordinated from a facility and surveillance controlled from a base in ethiopia.
11:36 am
pinned down from the border they popped up elsewhere claiming responsibility for killing a member of parliament. the largest has been denounted for president obama's trip. u.s. special forces have joined 10,000 local police. a quarter of the country's entire force and hundreds of unseen intelligence operatives on the streets. security officials are also taking other measures but fox news is not reporting for the sake of the president's overall security. what analyst is kicking back against the high cost of all the security and missions aimed at protecting obama questioning whether it was wise given the vulnerableility of obama to come? he says that the u.s.
11:37 am
>> we appreciate it. >> police in oklahoma are digging through the social media activity of an 18-year-old accused of stabbing his family. brian is following the developing story live from new york. hi brian. >> hi. five family members stand to death. it could have been worse if it wasn't for a horrific and heroic 911 call. this man and his 16-year-old younger brother used two knives to stab their family to death wednesday night. among the dead their father and mother april along with their two younger boys ages 12 and # and younger daughter age
11:38 am
5. the boy says his mother is being attacked by his brother and minutes later police arrive finding blood orcht front porch and hearing a call for help of a 13-year-old girl laying on the floor from a stab wound telling police her brother just attacked the family and minutes later police following the footsteps lead to the two suspects hiding in the back of the home. still no motive for the attack but police are combing through the brother's facebook and pint rest accounts. on one pin three years ago robert posted a door lock design designed to look like a gun commenting i'm totally going to do this.
11:39 am
other post showed music he liked like lincoln park. both boys home schooled with no criminal history. >> our hearts go out to the victims. >> and our fox 23 station reporting investigators are looking into a shipment of boxes of am in addition to be delivered to the home thursday. both brothers facing five counts of first degree murder. >> brian in new york following the story. we'll see what comes of it. thanks brian. >> coming up the controversial doctor leading to the assassination of lincoln. why 150 years later the family won't give up the fight to clear his name. plus we'll show you the viral video that shocks the auto industry. could you be a target? we'll have that story after the break.
11:40 am
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11:44 am
descendants of danielle mud, the doctor convicted of conspiracy is trying to clear his name 150 years later. >> as 102 years old, tom, we're never going to win this but again, in the court of public opinion we can keep trying and as long as there is mud alive, we're going to continue. >> that is the mud family taking a tour of something we don't know what. dr. mud treated john's broken leg. i think i learned that in fifth grade. mud had no idea who booth was or what he had done before treating him. 80 of mud's descendants attended the 150th anniversary of his
11:45 am
imprisonment at fort jefferson in the florida keys. mud was held there for four years after his conviction. >> chrysler has recalls of more than a million vehicles after releasing an alarming video showing experts hacking in a wifi equipped jeep from miles away. take a look. >> kill the engine. we're killing the engine right now. >> i'm stunned on the highway. >> i think he's panicking. he's not going to be able to hear us with the radio so loud. >> guys i need to accelerator to work again. >> yeah i would be panicking too. joining us now is security
11:46 am
researcher charlie miller. he's one of the hackers in the video. thank you for joining us. full disclosure i drive a jeep grand cherokee and i'm flabbergasted when i watch this video. i want you to play it for our viewers. you are hacking into the computer inside that jeep grand cherokee cherokee. >> right. in the center of your dash there's probably a big screen with navigation and you know one of the cool features is it tells you where there's accidents or traffic and the way it does this is because it's on the internet and because of that we're able to reach out and feed all these jeeps and other vehicles on the internet. it turned out in this case it had a flaw in the software on it we were able to take advantage of it and take control of the vehicle and make it do physical actions. >> some folks know it's not necessarily just jeeps that are vulnerable. >> in this case it was any car made by chrysler which includes
11:47 am
dodge rams chrysler 200's, jeeps, chrysler vipers. any car made by that accompany. >> for folks at home when you tap into entertainment systems you have access to all the dashboard functions. anything from steering to brakes to transit mission. you can take complete control of the vehicle. >> right. it took a lot of work. it wasn't easy but we were able to do things like control the steering wheel, make the brakes network, engage the brakes. speedometer, turn signal anything you can imagine. >> hypothetically why would anyone want to hack a vehicle. what's the appeal? >> i don't know. i mean that's one of the things that's hopefully keeping the bad guys from doing it. mostly they're motivated by financial gain that's why they attack your bank account. there's not a financial motive to do this which is good, i guess.
11:48 am
i guess if you were just a bad guy you would want to crash somebody and stock someone. can car companies protect consumers? >> i hope so. the whole point of this research was to draw attention to this issue. as we add more electronics to vehicles, they become susceptible to these attacks. we want to get manufactures thinking of this and fixing the vehicles now. >> let say you're in the market for a vehicle. can you be assured there's software to protect you from these hacks say you're worried about it? >> no. unfortunately, there's no transparency between the automotive industry and what they're doing for security. you might say i'm not going to get a chrysler problem. there's no reason to think ford or anybody else is doing a better job. there's not much we can do at this point except try to get them to do a better job than
11:49 am
they're doing right now. >> okay. charlie miller thank you so much for joining us. i will say when i watched the video it seemed like a pretty painful prank you were playing on your friend there and you braked the car so he could no longer travel. >> it was fun. thanks. >> you never know, it could make you a better driver. >> it's impossible. >> it's impossible to make her a better driver. coming up the ancient practice this modern day warrior said save his life. now he's working to save the lives of others. >> i know with 100% certainty i'm exactly where i'm suppose to be doing exactly what i'm suppose to be doing. it took getting blown up in iraq to do that. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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11:54 am
itself another endorsement of traitors. pollard. i'll get it right if i try. the third time i got it right. >> the debate continues. third time is the charm. >> absolutely. the congressional budget office says that 40% of soldiers wounded in iraq or afghanistan suffered a major loss of a limb. when stateside they have to work very hard to find their new normal. one veteran is showing his inspirational story of the healing power of yoga. >> two. >> reporter: dedicated yogis can talk for hours of the nuance of the warrior pose but yoga is not exactly a practice one would closely associate with warriors themselves. >> two years ago if you would have told me that i would be practicing yoga and then teaching it is i would have thought you were certifiable, absolutely insane. >> release your hands. >> reporter: dan nevin lost both of his legs in iraq more than a decade ago. searching for a way to move
11:55 am
forward he found yoga. >> for the first time i took my legs off and i was floating above the ground for a decade and there was something magical about just getting reconnected and being just a human being. >> reporter: nevin hopes to inspire others to find their namaste, too, he leads hourlong classes in rooms heated to nearly 100 degrees. and at his class this week two congressmen promoting yoga to heal wounded veterans. >> we lose 22 vets a day to sue sired and, you know, my mission is to reduce that number and i don't care what technique, what approach is needed to do it. >> reporter: as for nevin, you can find him helping wounded warriors master the warrior pose. nevin's partnered with the wounded warrior project to share his story. for more information and how you can help go to we have to give a little disclaimer for the photog who
11:56 am
was out there, great guy to work with. been on a lot of stories with him. the video wasn't blurry it looked like that inside the yoga studio it was over 100 degrees and the lens was fogging up. we appreciate it. that was combat pay if i've ever heard it. >> and also a beautiful story, the perseverance he exhibits and what a great leader and i sure hope he spreads the word. >> incredible what he's done and how much it's helped a lot of other wounded warriors because it's something they can adapt in so many different ways. so thanks for being with us today. >> yep. >> thanks for staying through what you may have noticed is a few technical problems. that's for us in washington. we're done "america's news headquarters" continues from new york. >> thanks for watching. when heartburn comes creeping up on you... fight back with relief so smooth...'s fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue ...and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum, tum tum tum...♪ smoothies! only from tums.
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ahead this hour friends and loved ones in mourning following this week's horrific louisiana theater shooting. and today we are learning more about the mental state of that gunman who left that louisiana community devastated. and his plans for carrying out the attack. >> plus this -- >> i believe the guys have been bamboozled. >> that would be the equivalent of the fox getting in the chicken coop. >> this is a deal whose survival is not guaranteed beyond the term of the current president. >> but now secretary of state john kerry is taking on those taking aim at the iran nuke deal as congress is on the clock with less than 50 days to decide if it will torpedo the deal. and the defense department


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