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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  July 25, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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ivilege. not a chore. and unconventional methods common. i'm a teacher. i make more. right now on "justice." maybe the heat is getting to everybody. >> i don't know about everyone, hilla hillary, but the heat is definitely on you. are criminal charges in order? plus, the donald at the border. we're joined live by a trump adviser about the gop frontrunner's big week and what's next in the campaign that everyone's watching. then -- >> who's that? >> florida. i forget what his name is. >> more than 20 candidates for president, but do you really know who they are? i hit the streets and you won't want to miss what i found out.
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"justice" starts now. welcome to "justice." i'm justice jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. you know, you can't trust her. you didn't believe her. why even think about voting for the woman? there is no candidate in recent history for president or any other major office who has skirted the law, pushed the legal envelope, or been under investigation as much as hillary clinton. two inspectors general informed congress that e-mails from her private server contained classified information and the fear is there could be hundreds more. but wait. hilla hillary, you said you never did that. >> i did not e-mail classified
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materials to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified materials, so i'm certainly well aware of the classification requirements. >> okay. you say you know what the classified information is. if so, you knew at the time it was classified information that you were sending on your private server. if you knew that you didn't need a tech at the state department to tell you what a classified document is, you already knew. and if so, you must also know that it is our property, not yours. our secrets, not yours to play with, profit from, or leverage to line you and your family's profits. but you already knew that, didn't you, hillary? your confidant used the same
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personal e-mail supported by that same server. now, hillary, one might be inclined to think she was someone who like you understood the necessity of hiding certain information, but all doubt is removed when we find out that you went the extra mile to have her employed by the state department and the clinton foundation as well as another clinton connected company. this has never been done in state department history. so hillary, why go through so many hoops? the white house told you you couldn't hire cynthia blumenthal. you put sydney on the clinton foundation payroll and e-mailed him about security issues at a time when he represented interests that would benefit in the fall of gaddafi in libya.
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those e-mails were actually hacked by another group. so much for the secure private server argument. to top it off, you didn't turn those e-mails over. we find out about them when blumenthal turns them over pursuant to a subpoena. hillary, you just hid and deleted our e-mails. you were conducting the people's business in a manner that prevented anyone from knowing about it. and if that isn't intent to hide secrets, deceive, and defraud the american public, i don't know what it is. so why? were you afraid that people might find out the reasons for your shift in policy decisions or were donations to the clinton foundation connected to the sale of arms around the world that doubled when you were secretary of state, especially to those governments who gave millions to the clinton foundation? one in particular, algeria, you took money from them after saying you wouldn't and then
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conveniently forgot to disclose it on your clinton foundation disclosure. hillary, there's a reason no one trusts you or believes you. every time you open your mouth a falsehood comes out. like this. >> i have said repeatedly that i will answer questions before the house committee. we are all accountable to the american people to get the facts right. >> you know, you say you're going to answer all questions and be held accountable. is this how you do it? roping off the press and their questions from even talking to you at a parade? hillary, you have jeopardized this nation and the good and decent people who live in it for your own personal wealth, building an empire for you and your family under the guise of a foundation. and that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook page or twitter.
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#judgejeanine. with me now is democratic strategist and adviser to hillary clinton's 2008 campaign, richard goodstein. you heard my open. am i wrong? >> there's a sense of deja vu right there. higher ventilating in the press. they think they've finally got her. people kind of look at the facts. give me a second to talk about what those facts are and then they go, oh, another one of those faux clinton scandals. there's a reason that hillary clinton in the gallup poll was one of the most admired women in the world in the last 20 years. >> richard, why is she considered so untrustworthy now? why is she losing in the three most important states to republicans? don't you think that the public is starting to get on to the fact she doesn't think the rules apply to her? >> so i'd like to talk about the facts here for a second.
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number one, these e-mails according to the inspector general were not marked classified. second, the state department under pressure from a bush appointed judge to get these e-mails out released them inadverte inadvertently. years after hillary clinton was at the state department, the intelligence community is now saying, you know what, maybe they should have been labeled classified after all. this is a dispute among bureaucra bureaucrats. to hear people talk about criminal this or that is crazy. even "the new york times" had to retract that. >> number one, you say that they were classified after. she kept the state department from knowing full well what those e-mails were. they couldn't be classified because the state department didn't have them. they couldn't be used to answer foil requests because the state department didn't have them.
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>> sorry. that's just factually wrong. they were on the state dot gov website. yes, she was communicating with people through her personal e-mail account, but these were on the official dot gov e-mail accounts. >> what you're saying that when she communicated with government people, everything that was classified, it was preserved, but we know now that she wasn't just communicating with government people. we know now that she didn't give us the e-mails. isn't that correct? why didn't she give us sydney bl blumenthal's e-mails, richard? >> they were not marked classified. hillary clinton is a smart woman, but she can't look into the future years when somebody in the intelligence community is going to say, you know what, after the fact, maybe they should have been marked classified after all. she's smart, but she's not that smart.
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get those 55,000 e-mails that i've disclosed. >> it's 30,000. 55,000 pages. she put it on packages so you couldn't do a quick run of words to identify. why did she not hand over the richard blumenthal e-mails when they were discussing libya around the time of the attack at benghazi? why? >> the e-mails that you're referring to actually took place after she was out of the state department. >> whoa, whoa, whoa! you're wrong. it was in 2011 and '12. >> i remember when benghazi happened, but the e-mails you're referring to were a communication was after she was at the state department. >> you're wrong. look. here's the thing. richard, should we even be having this conversation? isn't someone who is running for president, shouldn't be beyond a
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question of government rules, freedom of information, classified information? why are we having this discussion? >> the same rule that emplapplio colin powell and every single person who works for secretary of state, anything that happens on their personal e-mail, they have to disclose. it's a matter of public business. >> you talk about colin powell. he had a personal e-mail like most people do, but he didn't have a private server. she had a private server so they could not capture the e-mails. none of this stuff was intended to be disclosed. richard, i'm going to give you the last word. >> i think we've been through this before. even "the new york times" has had to back away from its story. there's nothing criminal.
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there's nothing here untoward. if every time that happens, we had some justice department investigation. that's all they would be doing. a month from now, we're not going to be talking about this. mark my words. >> you know what, i'll bet you lunch. >> you've got it. >> i think we will be. richard, thank you so much for being with us. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> with me now, someone who may feel a little differently ann coulter. ann, when you listen to that, you say to yourself, do people not understand what inspectors general do? >> right. you also think, oh, my gosh, we're going through this again with the clintons. one thing that i think conservatives are overlooking and the clintons do this all the time. they break so many laws and tell so many lies. but the most important law
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because it is the most all encompassing is about the destruction of records. she destroyed the server. you have to keep the original thing -- >> did she destroy the server or she deleted the e-mails? we don't know about if serthe s >> but you have to keep all the originals. it would be like destroying the original copy of the constitution and here's a photocopy i made. there's a reason you have to keep the original because there's all kinds of forensic information on the server, when it was sent, what was replying to, did you change the time stamp. it's not a huge felony. it's a three-year felony. anyone guilty of it can't hold public office. >> interesting. do you think that she's going to get past this? >> well, i did think richard made a very strong argument that
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"the new york times" retracted a criticism of hillary clinton. if t"the new york times" is retracting -- >> she's in big trouble. >> no, she must be clean. i think this is helping the democrats. i think hillary has an incredible glass jaw and it's just been one thing after another among other things her laughing about that little girl who was raped and her defending the rapist. she's married to bill clinton. he never got 50% of the vote. she's got an awful voice. i think they want to dump her, but they have to face the feminists. the same way there are certain groups that hold the republican hosta hostage, the feminists hold the democratic party hostage. i think this e-mail scandal is helping the democrats. >> this is going to justice.
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justice apparently will then send it to the fbi. jim comey owes no allegiance to hillary clinton or anyone else. he's got a ten-year term. what's he going to do? >> i don't know. in general when i think about the obama administration is going to investigate, that's interesting. >> the truth is the ig recommended that the department of justice inquire. it doesn't matter what they label it. >> of course. this is the sort of parsing you always get with the clinton defenders and this conspiracy out to get them. does the country want to keep going through this? y >> you wonder if the so-called clinton fatigue is maybe why her numbers are so low in these
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three states that she is behind. i think we've got a call for on this in terms of the numbers where she's behind the republicans. right. look at this. favorable. unfavorable. very clear. people don't like her. they don't trust her. >> right. she's just such an opportunist. she does have that awful voice. but even though she's saying something that she's believed for years and years years, she just looks like she's lying. >> i triy to listen to what she says. why does she have the private server? >> so she can look it over first. >> explain to the viewer why it's in her interest to not have to explain what she's doing. >> you went through some of them. i would love to see the genuine e-mail paper trail on what was
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said about benghazi. she went up to the father of one of the navy s.e.a.l.s. at the funeral and said, don't worry, we're going to get these guys. come on. it was a video that set off angry muslims. >> of course. >> that's obviously one series of e-mails we would love to see and now we can't. why? because she destroyed the original records. >> now she says she's going to appear before trey gowdy's committee. now she's going to go to the select committee in october. what's she going to say? >> i hope she starts yelling at them and starts saying what difference does it make at this point. i'm usually for republicans that don't have political skills.
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democrats have political skills in spades. she doesn't. certainly biden, i would guess, john kerry, maybe al gore, maybe jerry brown are dying to jump in without facing the feminist wrath. that's why i think "the new york times" is involved in putting this out. >> the democrats aren't willing to push a flawed candidate off. they're willing to force a fought candidate off, but not a female candidate. >> i think politically they're dying to have an excuse to dump her. >> all right. ann coulter, always good to have you here. thanks for being with us. tonight, i'm going out on the street to ask people many presidential candidates and whether or not people know them. and next, yet another week where
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i want to run as a republican. the best chance we have of winning is if i win as a republican and go on and i believe i'll beat hillary if hillary is even able to run. >> donald trump on the campaign trail today in iowa as he continues to dominate both the headlines and the fields. this week even making a visit to the southern border. with me now donald trump adviser, roger stone. all right. so he's scheduled to go to the border and apparently the border patrol is going to meet him and take him around. they say, not so fast. we're not going to meet you. what was that all about? >> well, they work for the obama administration and the obama administration is not happy about the way donald trump has elevated the illegal immigrant issue in this country and turned it around. the focus is now on the illegal
9:23 pm
activity by illegal immigrants. the liberals say, well, here's a harvard study that shows there's no correlation between illegal immigrants and a rise in crime. they don't get it and trump has been very blunt. if there is one murder or one crime by somebody who is not supposed to bethe country, that's too many. i think this blunt talk is why he has moved ahead in the polls. >> the border patrol people not being allowed to meet with presidential candidates is somewhat antithetical to what this country is all about. >> but we understand the political nature of this administration particularly. >> particularly. >> politics was afoot here. it doesn't matter in my view because he went to the border. he dra matizmatized in an extre
9:24 pm
effective way the issues. >> there's no question that he pretty much catapulted it to the front burner, but okay. donald trump, you know, he's surging in the polls. what is it about this man that attracts so much attention? >> it's a couple things, i think. first of all, it is the fact that he is not beholden to anyone. no special interests, no lobby, not even a party. donald trump cannot be bought and he doesn't need anybody's money, so i think they view him as truly independent. >> okay. ross perot didn't need anybody's money, but he never got the crowds that donald trump -- >> he was once leading in the polls of that race until he self-destructed in his own campaign. i think you see the same hunger today. voters are tired of career politicians. they're tired of washington. they're tired of lies and they find trump very refreshing
9:25 pm
because he doesn't apologize, he doesn't mince words. >> take a look at this fox news poll. you have got donald trump at the top of the heap there. people that have been pushing to run for president forever are in the single digits. he's on the top of the field. do you think, though, that the critics may have a point when they say he's really light on the specifics of what he would do? >> that's what a campaign is about. he has been in the race for less than two months. we have a debate, a fox debate i might add, coming up. he's going to have an opportunity. he's done this well just talking about immigration and then the incredible mistreatment of veterans under this administration. do you know that 1,000 veterans have died waiting for medical attention and nobody wants to talk about it? >> 22 veterans a day commit suicide. they can't even get appointme s appointments, but that's for another time. >> he understands free
9:26 pm
enterprise and how to create a bottom line. >> quickly coming up against a break here, will he run as a third-party candidate as he has threatened given the rnc trying to reel donald trump in? >> he's clearly not his preference, but why should he give up that leverage? he wants to see if the republican treats him fairly. he understands his prospects would be best as a republican. if he's given fair access to the debates and the process, i don't think so, but i don't know why he would throw that card away right now if he's not treated fairly. he always has the option. >> he knows how to negotiate. roger stone, good to have you here tonight. new details about that mass shooting in louisiana. plus, what's next in the battle over sanctuary cities in
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wednesday. i'm lauren green. now back to "justice with jeanine." breaking news tonight, we're learning new information about the gunman who opened fire thursday night in that louisiana movie theater killing two and injuring nine people before turning the gun on himself. will carr is live in lafayette with the latest. will? >> reporter: good evening, judge. it's been an emotional weekend filled with memorial services as friends and family have come together to remember two women gunned down wednesday evening. julian johnson ran a local boutique with her husband. her friends say she was a bookworm. then there's 21-year-old mayci breaux. she was about to graduate from lsu and was about to start working at a nearby hospital.
9:33 pm
those who knew her best say she had a love for life. both women are set to be buried on monday. john russel houser was a bit of a drifter. he had a history of mental issues back in 2008. his wife got a protective order against him. that same year she also took all the guns out of their house. authorities say that the gun in this case was purchased legally in alabama at a pawnshop last year. that's interesting because that's the same state that denied him the ability to carry a concealed weapons permit because he had past domestic violence issues and also had a past arson charge. houser was evicted from his house in alabama last year. authorities say after that happened he booby trapped the
9:34 pm
house. they're going through houser's journals. there's also going through some right-wing blogs he would post on. there is the potential that they may never know what caused him to come through this theater thursday night, sit through 20 minutes of that movie, and then just started firing into the crowd. seattle's mayor is proposing sharia compliant loans for muslim home buyers. that's right. sharia law right here in the u.s. the author of "shariaism, the battle to control women and everyone else." good evening, joy. thanks for being here. i don't want to talk about sharia, per se, or jihad or any of that stuff. what i want to talk about is sharia financing in american banks. so there is a concern in seattle that the muslims cannot find a
9:35 pm
sharia compliant financing option when they want to buy a home. what exactly is a sharia compliant financing option? >> whoever is asking for this hasn't done some research. this is a market that is shrinking dramatically. there's no true demand. those are very risky kinds of mortgages. >> what are they? >> okay. so there is an interpretation under sharia law that you can't have interest payments. just leave that aside. >> so they're not supposed to pay interest. >> yes. so instead they're going to pay rent. if you're going to have a car, you can pay a car loan off or you can lease a car. that's the difference. they create a mortgage that has rental payments instead of interest payments, but in order to do that you have to layer and layer on lots of complications.
9:36 pm
>> if i lease a car, i don't own the car. the company owns the car. >> exactly. the idea is to offer muslims the opportunity to own their own homes. a rent to own option doesn't provide a title, a clear title, to that home until way -- >> who has the title to the house? >> another good question. u.s. banks are not allowed to own title unless the property is in foreclosure. the title is opened by a shell company. a shell company is created, totally legally, very complicated. it turns this mortgage into a derivative. had to do with the subprime mortgage disaster. it is very risky to the consumer. >> you say shell company corporation. who owns the house? >> really it's just this legal entity. this is just one risk. the fact is if you want -- the whole idea that if you want them
9:37 pm
to own their own home, they don't get clear titles, but there's a lot of other things going on. the reason why this is coming up is it is being advertised as interest free. you can have an interest-free mortgage. everybody who comes up to me says they want an interest-free mortgage. because this is very complicated and there's lots of layers to this -- >> why don't they buy a house like everybody else? >> the fact of the matter is they have for years. >> whose idea is this? >> i think it's the idea of people who have been told this is a cheap way to have a mortgage. >> somebody has got to be benefitting. if they didn't need it, somebody out there is benefitting. who? >> that's true. >> if you say the banks, they pulled back from this. why? >> they realized there was a tremendous risk to the banks. once the risks were disclosed to
9:38 pm
the consumers and the banks themselves, they didn't want any -- there's no demand. demand is coming from some source saying these are great things, but it is an advertising campaign. >> should anyone be concerned about this? >> i think it's important when a mayor comes out and says we should offer these, he should look for the facts a little bit before he comes out with this. i do think it is important. we should be concerned because it is important that people understand the facts. >> all right, joy brighton, thank you so much for being with us tonight. a showdown looming over sanctuary cities. will congress punish these cities for their failure to cooperate with the feds? this after kate steinle was murdered by an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times.
9:39 pm
fireworks in washington. i want you to take a listen to this because it involves you. >> you may not believe that we should have a fixing of our broken immigration system, but don't exploit a young woman's death in order to receive a paycheck to put food on your table. you should find a more decent and practical way to go about earning your living. >> boy, he's pretty angry with you. why? >> i called him out for a comment he made on telemundo when he called the murder of kate steinle a little thing that people were blowing out of proportion and it's not okay to say that when people lose their lives at the hands of illegal aliens who shouldn't be here to begin with and he's not used to be called out on it, i guess. >> well, he certainly doesn't like you. he says about this guy sanchez, he says, this man is not an
9:40 pm
immigrant. immigrants come here to work and sweat. we should be warm and receiving. this man is a foreigner who came to cause damage. let's fix the broken immigration system so we can get rid of foreigners who come here to cause damage. does this guy have a crystal ball? how can you tell the difference? what is it that this guy says distinguishing one from another? do we have to wait for them to commit a crime? >> well, that's the current policy of the obama administration is that we do have to wait for them to commit a crime before they are subject to deportation, but mr. gutierrez has never supported any fix to the immigration system that would solve these problems. he's wanted to enable sanctuary cities. he's perfectly fine with the obama administration releasing tens of thousands of criminals every year back on to our streets. he doesn't -- >> okay. >> he thinks the answer is a mass amnesty, which is going to
9:41 pm
let all the people stay here are criminals. >> did he fiwe find out why it t okay to honor a federal detainer warrant? >> the excuse, i should say, that is given by people who want to obstruct immigration enforcement is if they cooperate with the feds, immigrants will stop reporting crimes. it's a complete myth. it is really something that they have created to give them some >> jessica, there's something called a "u" visa. if you're convicted of a crime, you get preferential treatment. do these sanctuary cities actually increase the likelihood of illegals reporting crime?
9:42 pm
>> no, absolutely not. immigrants can report crimes on anonymous tip lines. there's plenty of community outreach that police departments do nowadays. crime reporting is a problem across all ethnicities, types of people in the community. if they want to increase trust for the whole community, all law enforcement agencies ought to be working together to make sure that the laws are enforced. immigrants don't want criminals among them anymore than anybody else does, so the whole thing is really just a made-up excuse to obstruct immigration enforcement that they disagree with on a political level. >> all right. so good to have you with us. thanks so much. >> thanks. all right. how many presidential candidates can you name? >> paul, paul. >> paul -- i forgot their --
9:43 pm
>> rand -- paul is their last name. >> oh, rand paul. >> i went out with some visual a aides to see what americans aides to see what americans really know about the people yes, we are twins. when i went on to ancestry, i just put in the name of my parents and my grandparents. i was getting all these leaves and i was going back generation after generation. you start to see documents and you see signatures of people that you've never met. i mean, you don't know these people, but you feel like you do. you get connected to them. i wish that i could get into a time machine and go back 100 years, 200 years and just meet these people. being on ancestry just made me feel like i belonged somewhere. discover your story. start searching for free now at come from all walks of life. if you have high blood sugar, ask your doctor about farxiga. it's a different kind of medicine that works by removing some sugar from your body. along with diet and exercise,
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the race for 2016 is heating up and getting quite crowded. there are about 20 candidates between the two parties. 16 alone in the gop. so earlier i took to the streets of new york to see how many people know who is running and who they might vote for. plus, we might have thrown in a few curveballs just for fun. take a look. >> do you know who the candidates are? >> of course. >> who's that? >> donald trump. >> trump. >> who's that? >> mr. immigration, donald trump. >> i only know donald trump
9:48 pm
honestly. >> what's his name? >> trump. >> would you vote for him? >> no. >> why? >> i don't think he's got the brains. >> what? >> that's the guy from florida. what's his name? >> don't know. >> jim webb, democrat. >> that's why i don't know. >> who's that? >> he looks like a surgeon. >> bobby jindal. next. i thought you knew who was running for president. >> george pataki. that's rubio. >> ben carson. >> who is that? >> no clue. >> bernie sanders. >> paul -- paul -- >> i forgot their last name. >> no, paul is their last name. >> oh, rand paul. who are all these people running for president that i haven't heard of? >> i see what you did here.
9:49 pm
>> what did we do? >> that's an actor. >> who's that? >> that's beyonce's husband. >> jay-z, very good. >> again, i'm sorry. >> rand paul. >> rand paul. >> oh, rand paul. i should have known that one. >> you should have, but you didn't. >> scott walker. >> that's jeb bush. >> who's that? >> mr. bush, jeb. >> that's ted cruz. >> do you guys spend a lot of time watching the news? >> fox news. >> fox news. >> if you don't watch the news, how do you know who to vote for president? >> i'm not going to vote. >> you're not going to vote? >> i just like him because he's kind of bossy and big. >> he's in your face like you. >> i don't like him either. >> why don't you like dr. ben
9:50 pm
carson? >> he's a good doctor, surgeon and everything. >> did he ever operate on you? >> seeing as how trump is the only guy you know, i think did ? >> i think you ought to vote for trump. >> no. i'll wait. i don't jump on decisions like that. >> would you vote for her? >> maybe. >> vote for her? >> no. >> that's me. did you know that? >> she's definitely going to take my vote. she looks familiar. >> out of these women, who would you vote for president? >> of course you.. >> none of those women, h huh? >> you. >> i won again. i am number one in the polls.o >> would you vote for her for president? >> oh, that's you. >> definitely that one. >> not hillary clinton. >> and there you have it. the conclusion of today's work, i will be running.
9:51 pm
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>> we asked, is hillary being honest about her e-mails? tri sha says hilly and honest is an oxymoron. tristan, all politicians lie, so what? hey, tristan, so why would you reward the ones that you know repeatedly lie? >> jake says liar, liar, pantsuit on fire. jay says if her lips are moving she's lying. sandy says another day, another lie. get her an orange pantsuit and throw her behind bars where she belongs. >> susan says why should she change tactics now? lying has worked for her so far. and patrick says, this is being blown out of proportion. she is cooperating. she told the state department to release her e-mails, remember? >> hey, patrick. she told the state department to release e-mails that she gave them, but she deleted 30,000 of them before she gave them the ones that she gave them. has she ever been honest about anything?
9:56 pm
and what difference does it make? jessica says she handed over her e-mails. she answered questions and she accepted the benghazi panel invite. what more do you want? hey, jessica, there's a reason americans find this woman an untrustworthy person. she said she never got a subpoena. that was a lie. she was raising money for her family foundation while she was secretary of state when she should have been doing the people's instead of her own. that's it for us tonight. remember, you don't ever have to misjustice. set your dvr, tell your friends to do the same. thanks for joining us. see you next week same time, same place. kitchen get some sle. if you want beautiful results, you know where to go - angie's list. now everyone can get highly rated service even without a membership. you can shop special offers or just tell us what you need,
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