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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 26, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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debate will be vigorous. we are on it. i am bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. watching. welcome to the special edition of "hannity." the trump card. donald trump has burst on to the 2016 gop presidential scene. with an unapologetic no none sense approach. potential voters seem to be buying mr. trump's message. many of the other republican presidential candidates and mainstream media are not happy with the style or substance. here's a look at donald trump's rise in his presidential race. >> i am officially running for president of the united states. we are going to make our country great again.
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>> right now donald trump is doing well in the polls. the reason is they want somebody successful with that mindset to straighten out the country. >> people want to stop being pushed around like a bunch of patsies. >> mr. trump has lapped the field in the republican race. >> they lose their will and a lot of things. ain't going to happen with me. i know how to make things better and work. that's what i do. >> he says what he thinks. he's unedited and uncensored. >> i only tell the truth, and frankly, mexico is sending not their best and not their finest. >> he says what comes to his mind and doesn't sound scripted. 20% of america likes that. >> we will make america great again, better than ever before. we will do it fast and effectively. you are going to love the job i do that i can tell you. that i can tell you.
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>> joining us now steven hayes and from the trump organization special council to mr. trump, michael conan. he was at the border earlier this week. had issue of illegal immigration is front and center. let's go to the original comments that created the first bit of controversy. >> when mexico sends its people they're not sending their best. they're not sending you. they're not sending you. they're sending people that have lots of problems. and they're bringing those problems with us. they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists and some i assume are good people. but i speak to border guards. and they tell us what we're getting. >> steven we know now in texas alone -- i learned this when i was down there with rick perry and on the border with security.
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642,000 texans have been victims of crime, thousands of sexual assault and murders by illegal immigrants against just texans. isn't trump right in that sense? he's right? >> i think if donald trump said what you said by marshling facts and building an argument he would be more right. he's right in the general sense to raise the issue of crime committed by illegal immigrants. i think he went too far when he generalized and suggests they're rapists and some of them might be good people. yong i don't think that's the case. he's better off if he sticks to the fact and make an argument. >> would you argue it was inarticulate -- i know of people are coming here because they want jobs and a better life. we have a lot of drug dealers, a lot of criminals, a huge cost to our educational, criminal justice and -- systems in this
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country. if he would have said it that way, healthcare system would that have made it better? >> yes surely it would have made it better. the way he said it -- >> it's the same thing. >> it's exactly the same thing. steven knows it as does everybody else. there's one word that's missing. had he said the mexican government instead of mexico is sending. when you refer to mexico you're not referring to the mexican people. i want to say that to everybody that's out there and listening. he's not referring to the mexican people. he's referring to mexico. and what he's doing is he's saying they are unloading their unwanted into the united states. as you've been talking about sean, for god knows, the number of people that are being hurt and killed and robbed and raped, these numbers are astronomical. and you know what? anybody that wants to go ahead and grab on one word -- donald trump did not have a prepared speech. he spoke from the heart. he speaks without a
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teleprompter. he speaks from his heart. it's one word. that one word has caused a controversy that as you know between some of the spineless sponsors that run away simply because, oh, i can't defend anybody, you know this is our constituents. instead of saying that's not what donald trump said and we're not going to allow you to distort mr. trump's words. >> let me ask you the question about the campaign in general. i mean he's resonating. he's getting the biggest crowds. he has the best poll numbers. you think this is detrimental to the process, the republican party? where is your biggest criticism? >> he's welcome to make whatever arguments he wants. i think, you know to a lrge extent what he's done is not having taken this process seriously. he gives speeches and makes comments that are sometimes irresponsible. sometimes i think he's just nasty. if he wants to make an argument by all means he can be part of the process. i'd be interested in knowing
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when he abandoned all of the liberal positions he had taken over all these years and became a conservative. a skeptic might suggest he's a conservative of convenience because that's where he sees his opening now. as we've discussed before he was a proposant of single payer healthcare which puts him to the left of barack obama. he's praised nancea pelosi hillary clinton, called himself a democrat in 2004. when we -- >> steve, i got to be honest with you -- i got to be honest -- >> he said it was maniacal. >> you are part of the liberal media problem. wow. donald trump changed his opinion from 35 years ago. because you are exactly the same person 35 years ago that you are today. you're not allowed to change your positions. you know what barack obama never made -- >> nobody said that. i said i would appreciate it if
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you would tell us how squu when did he change his position? it's not that he changed his position on one issue. everybody is welcome to do that. >> he's not allowed to change his position. >> listen to what i'm saying and answer the question i ask. >> because he turned around and identified himself in 2004 as a democrat or had democratic values. shame on you. >> let me ask you both a question that came up this week in two separate instances. one was on dana lash's program and the second was in an interview with the hill when donald trump was asked whether or not he would go third party. >> ross perot cosutthe election. would you go on record today if you can't get the republican nomination you will not run as a third party candidate. >> no. no. i won't go on record as saying that. >> he said that earlier. the comment he made to the hill
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is if he's not treated well by the republican national committee. >> why should he be asked this question? >> every other candidate was asked the -- >> he's not a politico. he doesn't report to be a politico. he's an uber billionaire -- >> i tell you why it's an important question. if he ran third party you might as well say president clinton. >> you know what why should they even ask him that question? why not focus on the issue at hand which is instead of killing each other, which is what they're doing to him. look at lindsey graham. jack ass. >> that's a good point. >> rick perry calling and saying his -- who is grand standing here? >> it was john mccain who started the fight with donald trump and lindsey graham started
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the fight. this is how donald trump responded to lindsey graham. >> he called me a jack ass. didn't this guy call me four years ago? yes. i didn't even know who he was. he's begging me to help him with "fox and friends." i say, okay and i'll mention you name. he said could you mention my name. i said yes. he gave me his number. i found the card. i wrote the number down. i don't know if it's the right number. let's try it. >> i'm trained in marshal arts. i never will start a fight if somebody starts a fight with me i'm going to finish the fight. these guys started with him. >> sure. >> i liked how he handled lindsey graham i thought that was funny. >> better than the way he handled john mccain. i didn't think it was smart for mccain to call the people who went to the trump party crazies.
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i mean i'm not going to litigate who does what if you go to donald trump's twitterfeed, basically it's a long stream of insults to people. i will say i find it interesting that michael didn't answer your last question about a third party run. i think it's relevant. if donald trumpeds says he's not going to rule it out. it's within his rights to do that. i think republican voters would be interested to know that. >> first and foremost donald trump doesn't owe you an answer to anything. if donald trump ends up deciding he's going to run as a third party, that's his decision to do. it's his constitutional right. and it's not your right within which to turn around and ask him right now. he's the frontrunner. more important -- >> i'm a reporter i can ask him whatever i want. >> it doesn't mean we have to answer it. it's okay they call these people crazies. but when donald trump turns -- remember who donald trump is.
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he's a new york real estate developer. this guy has been in the fox holes in real estate which is the toughest real estate for years and he's won. the last guy you want to fight with is donald trump. >> i support that he is treated fairly like every other candidate in this republican race. he said this week he's a conservative republican. he deserves to be treated fairly. >> he's a republican. they are not. >> if he didn't win and he decided to run third party, i would -- i'm like he would be single handedly -- >> you know donald trump well enough that you would call him and you would explain to him your feelings. you would give him your position. donald trump's nobody to play games with. >> i understand. >> he's no one to play games with. all of these guys who have no ratings whatsoever no poll numbers they're coming after him for grand standing purposes. >> thank you. steven hayes always good to see you. coming up geraldo rivera and
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charles gasparino go head to head. later you hear from the man himself. highlights from my recent interview with donald trump and melissa frances find out how much is he really they said a bottle was just a bottle. that no one would ever notice me.
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but i knew i could be more. that one day, i would make people smile. [woman speaking indistinctly]
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bobbi christina brown has
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died the daughter of the late whitt any houston. she was 2 it years old. >> and the cease-fire was unexpected announced by the saudi coalition saturday. two past cease fires in yemen did not hold. now back to your special edition of "hannity." his time as pris norwarof war. i recently sat down with geraldo rivera and charles gasparino to debate these and other issues. joining us is the only guy in tv
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that has one name geraldo. so we have this situation with trump. i like what trump is saying. i agree with him on immigration, i agree with him about our vets. i love what he did with lindsey graham. can he sustain st. >> do you agree with mccain? >> the only line i didn't like which i thought was wrong -- remember mccain started the fight. if you're going to start a fight you're going to hit back. secondly, the only thing that i didn't like was the statement i like guys who didn't get captured. >> that's a big thing not to like. that's a big issue. >> okay. >> 500 living prisoners of war. that's intense. whf when -- >> you're both ganging up on me. >> you're factually correct. >> about what? >> he is a war hero. he went back and forth. >> trump is not going to bow down and say it. >> he was arguing in his head
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about whether he was a war hero. he's undeniable a war hero. >> agreed. >> and should be revered. >> he said that. >> and, you know i don't think there -- is there a rape epidemic at the border? i'm not saying -- >> there's an epidemic yes of crime. >> is there a rape epidemic? >> you listen to parents that testified that lost their loved ones. an assault on a 14-year-old girl this week. >> donald says things that aren't true. >> like what? >> he said rapes are rampant on the border. >> you cannot generalize about 11 million people as drug dealers and rapists. >> he didn't say that. >> statistically that's not the case. >> he said some are -- >> you can't hang on every horrible anecdote and make -- pretend that's the general rule. >> geraldo, i have been to the
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border -- >> against a whole race of people -- >> a dozen times. >> that's not the issue. >> it is the issue. >> you can't -- my view is you can't have open borders and a warfare state. i understand that. i get that. >> remember when rick perry took on the issue of the border down in texas. i went down there. this was the meeting he was supposed toosk have with obama. since 2008 645,000 crimes -- wait a minute were committed against texans by illegal immigrants. that is not a small insignificant number. >> what is donald doing to rick perry? evist eviscerating. >> that's not the point here. >> sean isn't the point that there is a way to make a point. there is a way to take your issue -- >> why does he have to do it your way? why can't he -- >> you have to -- >> we all learned a certain
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civility you can't be inaccurate. you can't paint with a broad brush and -- >> i would advise him -- >> i love the guy, man. >> donald trump says he's stupid. >> they disagree with donald trump. >> i love him as a business man. the perseverance of this guy and he's got good family. this guy is a great businessman. we have to junldge him as journalists as we would anybody. >> i'm a talk show host. >> and so am i. i tell my loyal friend you could accomplish the same result -- keep all of those anti-illegal immigration voters you can keep all of the voters of the military the -- keep them all but you say things in a way -- >> on his accuracy what would you give him, a, b, c, d? i think he's been accurate on
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immigration. i agree with him. he's been accurate on the horrible treatment of veterans. i would say the one unforced error was the mccain issue. i think it was a great contrast this week when he went after lindsey graham and gave out the phone number. that was funny. >> he is absolutely inaccurate when he attacks the texas governor perry. >> i disagree with you, i told you that. >> let them fight if out. >> let me ask you a different question. >> go ahead. >> you would prefer a republican to win than a democrat i assume? you would prefer a republican to win than hillary clinton. >> this is not our first rodeo, geraldo. i'm looking for the most conservative candidate -- conservatism works. >> isn't it fair to say that any one of the 16 is more conservative than hillary clinton? >> yes. >> all right. you want one of the 16 to prevail over secretary of state, hillary clinton. don't you think that what trump is doing is damaging tarnishing
9:21 pm
the brand? remember the romney circular firing squad. when he emrnlederged from it his eye ball was coming out -- >> sean -- >> here's my answer. trump wasn't a conservative a few years ago. >> every politician has changed their views 100 times. >> he's really flip-flopped. >> you asked a pertinent question i'm looking for the most conservative person. he's inspiring, that can ultimately win. >> why do you trust him to be conservative. >> with the quinnipiac poll he needs to pay attention to it. his net negatives are higher -- >> and mounting. even as his popularity mounts. >> why should they trump himst him as a conservative? giving money to hillary and bill. >> you guys are making me a special pleader. you keep saying i like him and
9:22 pm
then you trust him. >> hold him account blgable. >> i am. >> here's why i think he's good overall for the process. republicans in washington, not republican governors, i think they've done a good job. republicans in washington are weak and timid and they don't get the job done. they didn't defund obamacare which is their constitutional authority. they didn't stop executive amnesty. they ended up funding it. donald trump has tapped into a vein of distrust. >> it's a real problem. when conservative and republicans in congress don't do the things you open things up for the demagogue. i'm not calling him a demagogue. >> stop it. >> he is demagoguing certain issues right now. that's a problem. >> one of them is immigration. >> here we go you had to light the >> george w. bush got 44% of the
9:23 pm
hispanic vote. you will hear from the man who's been making waves in the 2016 race. highlights from my recent interview with donald trump. later. i don't need anybody's money. i'm using my own money. i'm not using donors, i don't care. i'm really rich. donald trump says he's really rich. how much is donald trump really worth? how will it impact his candidacy candidacy. trump is leading in the polls, but can he really win the republican nomination when all is said and done? all of mom, when is daddy coming home?
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announcer: a message from the foundation for a better life. welcome back to the special edition of "hannity" the trump card. he's been on this program talking about a variety of the issues. he's some of the highlights from our latest interview when i started asking about the iranian nuclear deal. >> the whole thing is a disgrace
9:26 pm
that a deal like this could be signed. we had so many advantages. they're getting billions and bitiansbit billions of dollars. you have to have anytime, anyplace. you have to go in there and check. we have to give 28 and 24 day notices. you know i look at this deal it's so ridiculous. not to mention the fact which to me is very important, all of the money that they're getting, but how about the four prisoners, why aren't we getting our four prisoners out. kerry said he didn't want to complicate the negotiation by asking for four prisoners. these guys are babies. we have babies. as you know they're celebrating in the streets of iran. they're going wild in the streets. they made a phenomenal deal. it's just incredible. this is amateur night. i've never seen anything like it. >> what would a president trump have done differently from the outset what would be the
9:27 pm
parameters of a trump deal? >> well, as you know yi did read and oftentimes everybody is telling me it's the best book, i did write the art of the deal. they didn't read it. i will tell you, it's to me amazing. because you look at the basics of what they've done and how they've done it. i would have doubled and tripled up the sanctions, very easily. i would have waited for them to call us. i would have said we want the prisoners before we start. they would have given them up in ten minutes. and we would have had a deal that would have been much better. what we're doing is insane. from everything i read at the end of the term they're going to be able to very easily produce nuclear weapons, which is the worst of all. i tell you, this is a terrible deal for us. this is a potentially catastrophic deal for israel. israel has to be very nervous about what's going on with iran right now. >> let me go back to the issue of immigration, which is i would
9:28 pm
argue cat apabilitied you to the top. every candidate is discussing it in detail. el chapo has threatened you and told you to be quiet. what is your response back to him? >> what i'm bringing up is much more important than donald trump, my life. frankly, what i'm doing is so important for the country. i'm so -- i appreciate your question the way you worded it. the truth certiorariis we weren't be talking about illegal immigration if it weren't for me. i'm talking about mexico is forcing people in that they don't want and they want us to take care of those people. they want us to put those people in prisons. if you remember many years ago, cuba fidel castro emptied his jails and sent them to us. in a much more sophisticated way, that's what mexico is doing
9:29 pm
also at the border. because they don't want the cost. the cost is tremendous. had i not brought immigration up and illegal immigration in particular you wouldn't be talking about it right now. you wouldn't be asking me the question. now all the candidates are trying to jump on it. here's the problem, they're weak and they don't understand what to do. you have to build a wall and you have to have very very strong people there. and you will be able to control it. and i had an idea recently when they send illegals into our country, we charge mexico $100,000 for every illegal that crosses that border. because it's trouble. >> in your consciousness, in your thought process, when you were contemplating this run, you see 93 million americans out of the labor force, 46 million on food stamps how important are those people? how important are those americans that are struggling just to survive?
9:30 pm
>> very important to me. you look at the labor force, it's ridiculous. they look for job you know the statistics are totally -- i don't know if they're done for some politician. i don't know when this started. you look for job, you can't find one, you give up looking for a job. people have given up. they're great people, they want to work and make good money. they can't find a job. essentially for statistical purposes they're considered employed. the number doesn't reflect. somebody last week said we have a 40% unemployment. our country is suffering. we're going down. we have people that are incompetent doing it. if you have hillary clinton or jeb bush it's going to be more of the same. and we're not going to have a country left anymore. >> how bad do you think america in terms of its shape, you keep talking about making america great again. that means we're not great right now. how bad -- >> we lost our number one seed to china. china now is the big economic engine. we lost our number one seed to
9:31 pm
china. that was unthinkable. if you would have gone back six seven eight years ago that was unthinkable. we have infrastructure that's rotting. i trauvlvel all over the world. you go to quatar saudi arabia china, anyplace you can name 30 places you got to see the airports the magnificent roads. you have to see the bridges they have. we're falling apart. our bridges are falling down. our infrastructure is falling apart. then you see hospitals where they spend $2 billion to build a hospital and they can't open it because it doesn't work. believe me i could turn this country around so fast. people would love me for it. that's what they want. that's why i'm leading in the polls. i think. coming up on the special edition of "hannity,". >> i don't need anybody's money. i'm using my own money. i'm not using donors i don't care. i'm really rich. a special report on donald
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>> test. >> test. >> test. >> test. >> test. >> edition of "hannity." the trump card. he's a successful business mogul. who says he doesn't need other people's money to run for president. how rich is donald trump? melissa francis from the fox business network has much more. melissa? >> from the very beginning of his campaign for president, donald trump wanted america to know that he is extremely wealthy. >> i don't need anybody's money. it's nice. i don't need anybody's money. i'm using my own money. i'm not using the lobbyists, i'm not using donors i don't care. i'm really rich. >> but the actual wealth of donald trump has been the subject of much speculation. according to forbes the approximate network is around
9:38 pm
$4 billion. in june trump released a one page document estimating his wealth at $8.7 billion. according to his financial report, he detailed it at $10 billion. inud includeings of buildings and golf courses. in addition to his massive port tollio of properties trump has engaged in multiple business networks in and out of the world of real estate. some endeavors have been highly profitable. four trump businessvisees have filed for bankruptcy. personally he's never filed for bankruptcy. after a flirtation with personal bankruptcy in the early 90s. he derisked his portfolio. this focus on branding included
9:39 pm
his now canceled contract with macy's his multiple season gig with nbc as host of the apprentice and many buildings across america that bears trump's name are not owned by donald trump. a product of his branding enterprise. whether or not he is worth $10 billion, one thing is true by every standard out there, donald trump is a very wealthy man. sean back to you. >> melissa, thank you very much. some of donald trump's republican rivals have been coming out strong against him. watch this. >> i don't care if he drops out. stay in the race just stop being a jackass. you don't have to run for president and be the world's biggest jackass. >> he needs to apologize. >> more over the top bombastic rhetoric from donald trump. >> i don't think he has the character or temperment. >> it's offensive and ridiculous and it's a disqualifier as
9:40 pm
commander in chief. >> mr. trump has every right to have every belief he has. if he's going to run, that's fine. i don't want to be associated with the kind of viteral he's spewing out. >> it's appropriate. the comments were inappropriate. i've known him for 13 years. i like him personally. his comments were inappropriate. >> here with reaction from the washington times, charles hurt and rick wilson. charles recollectwhat do you think? >> the reaction most people are having to donald trump, the voters has been a fantastic response. that's why we're seeing him in the polls as -- doing as well as he's doing. it's why he keeps getting all of the media attention. all of it earned by him. which is pretty smart for a novice politician. the people who are having the biggest problem with him, as you pointed out, are the professional politician and party leaders because they're seeing their party get sort of carted away by a guy.
9:41 pm
and they no longer have any control over any of this. that scares the dickens out of them. >> i love the only people whotrol are the people. they'll decide. you've been critical of donald trump. i'm listening to these guys criticize each other. that happens every election cycle. that's nothing new to me. >> everyone in politics needs to be it's a rough game and you play without pads. donald trump so far, because he is a celebrity, and because he has -- a past master of the media game has been able to make it a one way fight. we're going to get into a position soon where it's not going to be donald trump lobs an insult at a candidate, all the candidates are tuning up and preparing themselves to go after donald trump's record and his background details that everybody has to face. he doesn't get a free ride much longer because the campaign will get -- >> that's the process. >> yeah he needs to play in the
9:42 pm
process. >> i agree. that's all going to happen. let me go to lindsey graham and john mccain in particular. it was mccain who attacked donald trump. lindsey graham called him a jackass. he fought back. i look at graham and mccain as part of the problem. they didn't repeal and replace obamacare. they didn't control the border. they do do a lot of talking and don't get a lot done. >> rick is right. we are going to get to the point where we're start talking about issues and it will be great. as what we have seen so far anyway is that donald trump is very good at debating. he's very good at fighting. he's very good at speaking plainly in a way that a lot of voters especially republicans, but also independents who are very frustrated with the system frustrated with the professional politicians, he has a way of reaching those voters in a way that none of these professionals know how to do.
9:43 pm
that's a tremendously positive thing for republicans or conservatives. we need a voice like that. also he's also talking about vitally importance issues like illegal immigration that we wouldn't be talking about without him. >> good point. rick? >> the problem with that point is he's not debating now. he's yelling with a bull horn. he's got the media following him around because he's sucking up the oxygen in the room. he's not debating he's bellowing. once he has to outline procedures and answer for the fact that in his past -- he's suddenly a born again conservative. he has been partial birth -- proabortion, prosingle payer healthcare. progun control. he will have to answer for these things right now he has not. >> i can't wait to hear his answers. >> i can't either. >> because it's a very good question. he's going to have to answer them. >> as every candidate is. >> he sure is.
9:44 pm
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welcome back to the special edition of "hannity," the trump card. donald trump has injected a lot of energy into the 2016 race. can he ultimately win that nomination? here with reaction fox news legal analyst, peter johnson jr., former white house press secretary, ari fleischer. you go back to this time 2007. he see a quiz do you know who was winning the nomination? with 33% -- 2007. >> in the summer it was romney. >> wrong. >> don't know. >> rudy guiliani. >> you're right. you're right. >> guess who was number two? with 20%? >> tell me. >> fred thompson. interesting, right? it gives perspective. >> it is perspective. >> i would argue that polls they mean something, not everything right now. can he win the race? >> no. here's why. i've gone back and looked at this. when pat buchanan beat george
9:50 pm
bush there's always been an anti-establishment part of the party. four years ago we saw that with herman cane there was a rotating crop of people it's a low ceiling. >> as someone who wants a >> right. >> i want the infusion of energy. >> are you suggesting it's inevitable for an establishment candidate to win? >> well that is what history shows. >> ronald reagan? >> he might be the exception. >> he nearly knocked out a
9:51 pm
sitting president in 76 ford. >> that is correct. in 80, you can't find a time since that hasn't happened. . >> i think it's a new paradigm. i don't know if we can continue or not. it's either going to explode in success or fizzle out in abject failure but it excites the media. the media may want him to fail. but focusing on things a lot of americans are upset and concerned about in this country, including the political elite, including inability to tell the truth on everything all the time as someone perceives it to be. so we channel a lot of folks that are home tonight, and saying you know if i was a billionaire i'd love that
9:52 pm
opportunity he has, and to speak in an unfetterred way, unafraid. now, we can disagree if he's telling the truth or not telling the truth, but i think it's a new paradigm he's creating at this point. >> my analysis is that he's willing to fight. i think republicans in washington, d.c. have been unwilling to fight on these issues, immigration, they haven't gotten the job done. in the bush white house, we were promised 700 miles of fence. they haven't built it. same thing with vets. our vets are treated horribly. >> that is why i think trump captured peoples' imagination and hurt ted cruz the most because ted wanted to be the voice of the antiestablishment candidate and trump sucked up a lot of ted's oxygen. . >> i think it's a wide-open
9:53 pm
field. you go to new hampshire, and the field starts to whittle. once the field shrinks down and you're only dealing with a few candidates, not 16 a slice of the party is not big enough. you have to be the coalition builder. donald trump doesn't have the ability to be a coalition builder. >> it did add up to reagan. >> the mass doesn't work out for anyone in this campaign. in terms of mr. bush perception is that everyone was going to fall out of the way. it didn't happen. ted cruz was going to be the truth teller. chris christie was going to be the truth teller. unfetterred and so trump captured people's imagination in ways we haven't seen.
9:54 pm
and he's exposed a corruption of republicans and democrats going to the white house, and down. >> they failed to secure the border. they have failed. not one person has been held accountable. >> yes. yes. i mean institutionalized corruption. >> let me make it clear. i know him and represented him. i disagreed with him, i've told him i disagree with him but i think it's an exciting opportunity for americans to have their voices heard when it's not being heard. >> that is ♪a little voice came
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on the phone♪ dad, when you gonna come home? ♪and said daddy when you comin home? ♪he said the first thing that came to his mind♪ i'm already there ♪i'm already there♪ ♪take a look around♪ ♪oh, i'm already there♪
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and thank you for being with on this special edition of "hannity". that is all the time we have tonight thanks for being with us we hope you have a great
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night. >> i am not getting it. so educate me. >> what is he talking about? >> are the american people already alarmed? >> forget it. i have had it. i am done. i am through. >> seems to be just failing on every level. >> hi, i am greg gutfeld. thank you for not watching "naked and afraid. the best five words ever burning smoke album. which candidate lost my votes all because of van halen. can everyone please stop discriminating against vam fires. open your minds and your