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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 27, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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riticized. i so i think people are going to hate. >> i have my double child running stroller -- >> thank for having me on today, guys. >> thank you, judge. >> outnumbered overtime, ten more minutes of judge. "happening now" starts now. jenna: we start with a fox news alert major flooding forcing people from their homes after almost a foot of rain in florida. jon: and the severe weather threat is not limited to the sunshine state. conditions are ripe for the central u.s. to to see damaging storms later today. we're covering all the news "happening now." >> easiest way to get people out is by helicopter. jon: massive wildfires putting lives and homes in danger out west. >> whichever way it goes people are going to lose. jon: high winds hampering the work of firefighters. is there any end in sight? plus -- >> unfortunately,. [inaudible] >> a deadly shark attack as a man is dragged underwater never
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to resurface while his daughter watches in horror.
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e-mail server at home and what is she trying to hide. trust issues they are keying in on and bode poorly for her. >> she has a 13 point lead in new hampshire and sander ares represents the neighboring straight. most candidates for political office would be happy with a 13 point lead. >> i think we have heard over and over again, this is a coronation of hillary clinton. all of the polls show she will have to fight for the democrat votes in iowa and new hampshire and other primary states. she will have to lay out a clear message of raising the level of playing field for the working families and we saw her do this last week when she was out on
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friday. >> but this constant drip, drip, drip of negative news, the questions and two inspector generals rebuking her on the use of private e-mail and so forth, that potentially could put her in front of a stand this fall. and the closer to the election it gets, ron, that it can't be good news for someone who wants to take the top office in country. >> she said she wanted her e-mails released she has not released them. and she said she wanted to comply but hasn't complied. in addition to the fact you mentioned two inspector generals used criminal and probe and not good for a candidate running for president of the united states. i think she will be in trouble later out on down the road.
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>> it affect her favorability ratings. >> there is no question. the average gop from spiking the football. the more you attack her e-mails or go back to benghazi you create a narrative that she is sort of being victimized by a bunch of caucasian men. that could be bad for the gop going into this one. they need to let the process take its course and no need for congressional subpeonas and let the doj and ig go where they are going and let it reap their fruit. that is critical for the republicans. donald trump is running strong in two key voting states.
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21 percent in new hampshire ahead of jeb bush. and governor walker 12 percent. and governor kasich seven percent. and iowa bush walker and trump, bush and carson huckabee. does it surprise you the strength of donald trump's candidacy. >> it does early out. the american people are dissatisfied with what is going on in washington. we spend billion and can't get a website to work for obama care and the republicans and democrats are fighting with another. they don't want business as usual politicians and whether he is the proper vehicle down the road remains to be seen. i don't think we'll talk about donald trump. i think it is a wave and i do think he will flame out.
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>> richard, is he worrisome to the democrats as republicans? >> not to the democrats, all of clinton's favorability rates are higher than trump. you have a right fringe of the party want donald trump to be taking it to the hip and outspoken. and all of the establishment candidates trying to destroy him, whether it is rick perry or jeb bush. they are picking and poking at trump. but they only make the balloon bigger. i don't see it crashing soon. all it sees is rising in the polls. that tells me the electorate in iowa and new hampshire they want a candidate that speaks to their concerns and no candidate is doing it honestly like donald trump is. >> do you agree with that?
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>> i think if you go to donald trump's website there is hardly anything about the issues. americans and republicans and democrats and independents they want to know how to stimulate the economy and protect u against a terrorist attack and what is your plan to get the country moving in the right direction. and you will find trump short on specifics and that's not what people are looking for. >> i disagree with him. if you look at republican voter they are telling you they agree with donald trump on many speeches and immigration. i disagree is regardless of the fact. but they are agreeing with him. the establishment over taking donald trump polls tell us that that probably will not happen. >> richard fowler and ron
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christie, thank you both. in the meantime hillary clinton is slamming the opponents on the issue of the environment. she said climate change is real and dramatic action should be taken. she wants solar panels installed and more spending to boost other forms of renewable energy. >> president in ethiopia. he held a conference with the prime minister. they agree they need morintelligence cooperation. and we have more from ethiopia. >> reporter: good afternoon. the president made a full appeal to the african leaders to work together cooperatively to battle groups like al-shabaab. they have been a major threat to peace and stability in east africa.
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and yesterday's events in somalia the capitol city was attacked by al-shabaab that injured 40 people and claimed the lives of a dozen. the president in the joint new's conference talking about the need to come together collectly to fight groups like. that and despite criticism that al-shabaab be remains a lethal threat. he said cooperation will limit the spread of the group. >> some in the press said al-shabaab is still here. how is that a model when you have bombs. the point is defeating terrorist networks is not easy and problems in somalia are not completely solved. >> reporter: there is a major war happening in south sudan and
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the president trying to encourage leaders from nations in this world to help. and he talked about iran in the joint new's conference and sounded confident that it will make it on capitol hill despite political posturing. >> if you are asking me how our arguments is going, it is going great. and asking about the politics of washington and the rhetoric that is taking place there. that doesn't always go great. the president singled out a pair of gop candidates. donald trump and mike huckabee and their criticizing the. and mike huckabee said it is
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putting the israelis toward the oven. president obama said it is a negative dialogue coming out of washington. >> thank you, kev cannin. and next guest explains why the war is not inevitable if congress votes against the deal. >> and ash carter sitting down one-on-one with doug mcelway and discussing the security changes facing our country. this after the wake of the iran nuclear deal and reassuring the alloys that the u.s. still has their backs. the pentagon chief is not ruling out using american forces to fight isis in spots. doug has more. joishgs as a reminder that iraq is a dangerous place.
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the missile warning sounded in baghdad. i was in the cockpit and was invited up there and i told secretary carter about it. he said happens all of the time. carter faces a complex threat helping the iraqis get a sectarian government. iraqi forces surround ram adi. and they are poised to retake that city. and up north kurdish fighters had more success against isis. turkey announced it will allow the air strikes against isis. carter was cautious about that development. >> we would like to see the turks do more including helping us to get and it will be the last to do that.
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we'll have to wait and see how it develops. >> and his caution is understandable. and day after the interview, turkey launched its own air strikes against isis. and that is a marxist faction. and turkey said is a terrorist group and points out the difficulty in the terrorist strategy. that could resort to rivalries and civil wars that mark the past. >> this is a complicated part of the world and there is a lot of communities. there is a lot of different parts to that. and that's why nobody can win and lord it over everybody else. there has to be inclusive goffornance. >> and pinpointing the targets for air strikes is not ruled out. commanders on the ground have
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not requested them. doug mcelway thank you you. >> and republicans, sparking a battle with labor unions. and a massive surge expanding off the coast of florida and 214-year-olds missing at sea. and the nfl legend is getting involved in the effort to bring them home. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you wouldn't ignore signs of damage in your home. are you sure you're not ignoring them in your body? even if you're treating your crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis
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>> a massive search underway for two young but experienced boaters, the 14-year-olds were last scene on the florida atlantic coast fuelling up for a fishing trip. their boat was recovered but no sign for the boys missing three days. they are staying positive. >> every time we go out we operate with highest level of optimism. we need that. >> and the community is rallying
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be be behind the boy's academy. an nfl famer, joe namath is offering a 100,000 reward for one who is help get information for the boys. >> law makers sprucing a bill that takes power away from the union leaders. >> reporter: jenna, the biggest impact is the way the unions contribute to political causes:ee right act supporters said the unions work voters are intimidated to let the bosses to funnel money. this bill would make donations a secret. >> 40 percent of the union members are republicans and virtually 100 percent of the money they raise goes to elect
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democrats and not to it have republicans at all. the workers have no say at all. >> the union backers don't think it is protecting the workers at all. they are accusing the republicans for rewriting the rules so they have more income. >> this is when the republicans bring it up. they want to take the money out. and there is a few big left donors. >> and there is a big appetite in the house controlled house and senate to reform the unions and there is a question mark about what happens if it makes its way to the desk. >> and thank you. >> you might have heard president obama telling law
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maker ares that war is the only alternative to a nuclear deal with iran. our next guest said that is simply not true. >> and ending in tragedy a man killed by a shark in front of his daughter. >> she saw her father attacked and raised the alarm and set off the flare. and never run out. right now, buy an eligible printer, and get three months of free ink with hp instant ink. available at participating retailers. the most affordable way to print. hp instant ink. listen up... i'm reworking the menu. mayo, corn dogs... you are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein... and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in. you do all this research on the perfect car. gas mileage , horse power... torque ratios.
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>> law makers have a 60 day window to approve a deal or vote against it. the obama administration is making a full court press to sell the deal on its merits.
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>> consider what happens to the world without the deal. there is no joining with the world to sanction iran. >> walking away from the deal would leave the world's leading sponsor of terror with a short break out time. >> this is not meeting congress' approval and the sanctions are going and iran goes back to enriching. can you hear the cry right now. they are enriching. here is the prime minister of israel. calling up. time to bomb. >> one of the experienced voices disagree. and aaron david miller wrote this in the wall street journal. if congress blocks the deal the mullas will take their time for
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all of the options. aaron david miller is a current vice-president of the wood row wilson center joins me now. it is great to see you. why do you believe that iran would make the move to instigate an attack. >> because by and large, iran is playing three dimensional chess and we are playing checkers. the iranians reached the where implementing the deal is in their advantage. i don't like binary choices. life is usually much more complicated. i don't think war is inevitable. and the irans will not sneak out a weapon. and the israelis don't want to strike and certainly this administration doesn't. i am something an alternative. and how long the stability would
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last is arguable. >> the president said critics don't have an alternative and republicans pushed back on that. >> the other alternative. p- five. we have a union union resolution that was passed by 15-0 vote and i was sitting in teheran and congress overrode the president's veto. i would go along with the ia ean and verify that i held up to my end of the bargain. and take advantage of what sanction relief would be provided. secondary and oil and banking sanctions would be there. and i would try to divide the international community and exploit the fact that the responsibility of saying no rests not with me but with
10:28 am
washington. i wouldn't necessarily try to strike an american. >> you wouldn't have to be sneaky. and that means iran won? >> look i think a far greater victory and congress will not be able to. and president will veto. and congress will disapprove and the veto will be sustained and that is what the administration is counting on and so is teheran. i am a rolling stones fan. and mick jagger wrote a song. you can't always get what you want but you get what you need. the deal president obama got what he needed a smaller program. but the mullas got what they wanted. >> i like the mick jagger
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foreign policy. we'll do that next time with the lyrics. and make it all that more interesting. while we are having the conversation, i don't want to limit what is happening in teheran. and the ayatollahh is sending out the tweets. we'll not show the tweet because it is so disrespectful of our president. i am in full support not to show the image. but we should have an honest conversation to what he is saying. >> we welcome no war or initiate war. but if it happens, the one who emerges loser will be the aggressor united states. what are we to make of that.
10:30 am
>> whether you are dnr. and i worked for dnr's. you have to look at the tweet and conclude two things. you are dealing with a regime that is operating outside of international norms and convention. this deal will not moderate them. it consolidates them in hard line factions. and iran has a different view of the region than we do. and the leader of the country calls the united states president or the country criminal and forget aggressive. it leads you to a firm conclusion that you are dealing with an ideological regime. a cause rather than a country.
10:31 am
>> and we have to be clear- eyed of who we are dealing w. we'll find out what the cost and consequences of the agreement are. >> that's what makes people worried. and aaron, it is great to have you watching with us. thank you very much. >> a deadly day in the water. a shark attacks a man while his daughter looks on in horror. >> and out crews are joining us with the latest. >> we had precipitation and folks think the four damage has diminished. but it hasn't.
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>> wild fires are raging cross the west with crews battling several fires in drought- stricken firefighter. four are injured and alaska montana and oregon and washington state also reporting major fires. johnathon hunt live in los angeles with that johnathon. >> the lone fire you mentioned is particularly difficult to fight. it has burned 1700 acre in terrain that is hard for
10:36 am
firefighters to get in to and out of. the fire has been jumping tree to tree. and throwing embers a half mile ahead. and 4 or 5 firefighters were caught guy the flames. >> easiest way to get them out is helicopter. three of those firefighters were treated and released and the fourth had serious burns. four fires and residents are watching the unpredictable winds. >> it goes that way they lose their homes. and back this way, people lose their homes. there are several burning and the willow fire is burning first miles north of fresno. and scorched 1500 acre and five
10:37 am
percent contained and there is better news with the rag fire in napa valley. firefighters getting good control over that over the weekend and all evacuation orders have been lifted and similar story in montana. crews made headway in a fire in the glacer national park. those fires are john likely the beginning of an exceptionally busy period particularly in california where record drought left areas driveway and waiting for a spark. >> praying for rain. >> and florida is seeing major flooding as a stall front threatens to bring more rain. tampa is being evacuated in parts. and the northern plains bracing
10:38 am
for busy weather. jenna? >> we'll start off with severe weather threat including the tornados and midwest. enhanced risk for damaging winds and tornados and watching that late in the afternoon and overnight. and look at the potential for severe weather right now. we have a system that is pushing through the severe u.s. and hail and winds and isolated tornados and moving into florida and they have incredible amounts of rain in the last 48 hours and that will continue over the next 48 hours. and too much of a good thing. close to a to the of rain in the clear clear and tampa region. we expect more from tampa up to
10:39 am
daytona beach. and that frontal boundary could produce something tropical. looking at the wild fire dangerous. we have collar conditions in the northwest and hot weather continues for southern california. we are dealing with historic drought. and forecast highs. cooler in the northwest. and we have heat advisory for a close to a dozen states where temperatures are over 100 degrees. and new york city in the 90s by inside. and 95. and be prepared. two-thirds of the country feeling like summer time. we'll keep you posted. >> and sounds great, thank you. >> a massive fire destroys a furniture factory in
10:40 am
australia. 200 people were forced to evacuate to a suburb of sidney. it took more than 100 firefighters under control. they anyhow the factor could not be saved and the crews will remain overnight in case spot fires were started. >> and day on the water ends in tragedy. a shark mauls a man to death as his daughter watches on. and they describe what happened. >> the daughter returned to the boat and the father returned to get for scallops and he did not return to the surface. his daughter became worried and went down and checked on her father and she saw a very large shark and she saw father being a
10:41 am
shacked by the shark. >> the ark -- fitness magging gene put a plus size model on the cover. can you be healthy if you are overweight. >> and unrealistic or inspiring. the controversy over the adfor baby stolers.
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calling switch to liberty mutual and you can save up to $423. for a free quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> hi, everyone. i much gretchen carlsson and we have new video. the frantic search for two teen boys off of the coast of florida. and which candidate used the word dumb dumb. and two went up to spots. neither was donald trump. and a pick-up truck. you can sell it back to the
10:45 am
dealer? why? that's coming occupy the real story. >> a plus size model, women running and breaking with convention and how a healthy person should look and the recent interview editor and chief. there was a stereotype that all runners are skinny. you can go to any race finish line and see that. it was important for us to celebrate that. >> the dr. motorcycle mike caplanis chief of the weight loss. and it is great to see you. doctor, you don't so covers like this. and when you see this what is your take? >> so first, i just want to start. i have practiced bsz medicine since 2001. and people don't choose to be
10:46 am
obes and ten hormones at play to it make people feel hung row and difficult to lose weight and a hand in life that is more difficult to lose weight. and what you need to keep in mind. women are losing weight by diet and coping it off by exercise and a cover like this is so helpful. it will allow any woman to identify themselves as a runner. show is a plus size model. and she would likely qualify as technically as obes e. she is healthy and obese? >> exactly. and unfortunately the number one discriminated group in america is the overweight woman. and the stereotypes prevail. you don't know what her wait would be if she was not
10:47 am
a runner. and i think that i give so much praise to runners world. >> i talk to our viewers before. and sometimes we mention the races i had done in the past. and the people requesting the marathon didn't look like the skinny minis. and they chemicalinged me and my dev -- challenged me and my definition of a healthy woman. >> we have no way of knowing what the health of the model is in. we don't know why she is obese. it is not our business and why she looks the way she looks. >> and we wanted to show an ad that is getting inform. buggaboo adfor a stroller. she has a two-year-old and
10:48 am
a woman with a fantastic body. and that's what you look at like when you have a two year old. do we have an accurate image of what healthy is. how do you know which is more healthy. >> and most women who gave birth don't hock like ha model. it makes it different and i don't think they are doing a disservice. >> one upon women is not jay z because she doesn't leave without a diaper bag. and you read whether or not we know what healthy is and what to aspire to be like. both images can be inspiring. >> i don't know about the stroller image, because we live
10:49 am
in a society where there is so much talk about the celebrity losing the baby hood weight. and as a society, we request for this supply and demand situation. we buy in the messages. >> and you don't think it is inspiring to see. >> i am a new mom. and the same time. he you know, it is not skriticism. of myself the and, i think it is disleading for most. >> i will join the panel. and it is unrealistic standard
10:50 am
for by the for women. >> so intchlth women's running is on the news stands and getting attention. thank you both for coming. dive today, but what is unfolding thousands of miles away is affecting your money here at home. that's next. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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a small plane crashes into the backyard of a california home and that plane going down in riverside and catching fire. the pilot was killed and an instagram user posting a fire of fire crews putting it out. officials at a nearby airport say the pilot radioed them saying his engine was losing power. he was the only person on the plane, and no one was hurt on the ground. the faa is investigating.
10:54 am
china's stock market plunging today, its biggest drop in eight yearsration concerns here in the united states about the potential impact as we take a look at market. the dow right now down more than 100 points. joining us now from our sister network fox business network's gerry willis. >> an 8.5% crash in the shanghai index. it's the biggest drop since 2007. let me explain why this matters to us half a world away in the u.s. china is our second biggest trading partner. canada number one so the degree to which china's economy is doing poorly or suffering we look to their index to fall out and that could be a problem for us in our market. you should understand the chinese government has intervened trying to stop this freefall. only weeks ago china's stock market dropped as much as 40%. the government came in and spent $483 billion buying stocks.
10:55 am
they banned short selling, and they even stopped trading in some stocks. all ideas that are sort of anathema in this country would be shocking to american investors, but something that you can relate to john 80%, 80% of the investors on the shanghai index small mom and pops so individuals here in the crosshairs watching these stocks go down. john, back to you. >> sounds like a problem. gerri willis thank you. >> a spa in the sky. one airline says it's planning to offer free massages to travelers in economy class. john, you know could use a massage. >> i would take one in the air, sure. >> where can you find this deal. we'll tell you in the final 30 next. i hate cleaning the gutters. have you touched the stuff? it's evil. and ladders. sfx: [screams]
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all right.
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time for the final 30. at travelers know, flights these days can be awfully cramped, right? >> yes. >> a mediterranean airline offering free massages to its coach passengers. malta airlines is adding the perk. it includes he had rubs and foot massages, a little bit of first class treatment now in air. >> do the massage therapyists take up a seat? >> those are the therapists. a lot of questions about that. flower power at the university of california-berkeley really appropriate. folks getting a look at this gigantic corpse flower in full bloom. experts say it takes seven years to get to that size and only blooms every seven years. >> i saw that last year it was cool. >> an air hockey tournament in colorado springs drawing contestants from far and ride and a 16-year-old kid from houston named the best air hockey player in the world. >> are you a good air hockey player? >> i love air hockey. >> can get pretty serious. >> just like that for example. >> i love air hockey.
11:00 am
>> should have one in studio. >> one in the office. >> why not? >> thanks for joining us everybody. >> "the real story" with gretchen carlson starts now. thanks very much guys. so we're going to show you brand new video of the capsized boat as the desperate search growing for the two teenage boys who vanished off the coast of florida. plus the head of the rnc calling on all republican candidates to pledge that they won't run as a third-party candidate and hillary clinton breaking her silence on the e-mail scandal. hi everyone. hope you had a great weekend. i'm gretchen carlson. "the real story" starts right now. family and friends are holding out hope as the u.s. navy now joins the search for those two teens who vanished during a fishing adventure. brand new video just coming into fox here it is of their capsized boat found 70 miles off the coast of the state of florida. 14-year-olds perry cohen and austin stephanos were


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