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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 27, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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the scott walker interview. neil it's clear your a left-wing show. neil grand ole party thrive on. way to go speaking for the team. same interview, different reaction. go figure. hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with geraldo rivera, dana perino eric bolling, and tom shillue. this is "the five." president obama is convinced almost the entire world supports his deal with iran. >> there's a reason why 99% of the world thinks this is a good deal. it's because it's a good deal. >> mike huckabee is convinced the agreement will have deadly repercussions repercussions. >> this president's foreign policy is the most feckless in american history. he's so naive he would trust the
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iranians and he would take the israelis and basically march them to the door of the oven. >> obama hit back as a gop presidential candidate at a news conference earlier. >> the particular comments of mr. huckabee are, i think, part of just a general pattern that we've seen is -- would be considered ridiculous if it weren't so sad. when you get rhetoric like this maybe it gets attention and maybe this is just an effort to push mr. trump out of the headlines. but it's not the kind of leadership that is needed for america right now. >> governor huckabee is here now to respond in his first tv interview since being mentioned by the president.
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welcome to "the five," governor. >> thank you. >> are you the big news maker of the day? >> i didn't intend to be. when it looks like the president and hillary clinton are calling you out personally, must be a good day. >> do you stand by your comments? >> absolutely i do. absolutely i do. the last time the world didn't take seriously threats that someone was going to kill massive amounts of jews we ended up seeing 6 million jews murdered. we didn't take it seriously. the iranian government has repeatedly said it's going to be easier to take the jews out because they're all concentrated in israel. we won't have to go all over the world and hunt them. they've used the word holocaust. they've used that word. they refused in this negotiation to recognize israel's right to exist. they refused to tone down their rhetoric and said the holocaust did not exist and that they're
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going to wipe israel off the map. when people in a government position continue to say they're going to kill you, i think somebody ought to wake up and take that seriously. >> dana you have a little bit of a follow up. >> president obama he's on his africa trip. he hears about this. one of my rules is anytime a president goes overseas something happens back home that you need to respond to and that becomes the news of the day. he has said repeatedly anyone who is against the deal that he's making with iran, they're warmonger, which is unfair and serious. when you bring up the holocaust, everybody loses. one of the things i think you'll see that -- >> let me ask you -- >> let me finish one thing. i think for democrats who are on the fence of possibly refuseing to go along with obama on this deal then all of a sudden they get pushed in a position of defending the president. you saw mansion in west virginia saying he's probably going to
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support the deal. >> if i get credit for them supporting the deal then i'm a much bigger deal than i think people thought i was. look here's what i would want to remind people. if we don't take seriously the threats of iran, then god help us all because the last time -- it's neville chamberlain all over again. three times i've been to auschwitz. when i talked about the oven door i have stood at that oven door. i know exactly what it looks like. 1.1 million people killed. for 6,000 years, jews have been chased and hunted and kills all over this earth and when someone in a government says we're going to kill them, i think, by gosh we better take that seriously. and for the president to act like there are only two options, either take his deal or have a war, we didn't get the hostages out, they didn't stop this
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rhetoric about wanting to wipe israel out or death to america, i thought you're kidding. this is it? this is the best deal? why can't we criticize it? >> but governor the point is you went a step -- i love you. you would be a great president. you have the temperance. you have the experience. but as a jew -- and i have to tell you with people who work in the anti-defamation league and relatives on both sides, it was inappropriate. there are some places you cannot go. you cannot compare the slaughter of 6 million jews to anything other than maybe the slaughter of the armenians or something else in history. you cannot compare it to a negotiation over a deal like this governor. there are some thing -- you have
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offended many people in the jewish community, not only the organized jewish community, but the rankin file. it's inappropriate to compare the holocaust to anything. if you start using that as a sloppily rhetorical phrase you're going to get in trouble. >> why do we have the holocaust museum in washington? why do we have it? >> because they are sacred. >> why do we have it? no no answer my question geraldo. >> to remember. to never forget. >> why? so we never repeat it again. if we're on the verge of repeating it again with a nation that's threatening to do the very thing, how do we not bring up this language? >> we don't use that when there is a slaying in a school and multiple victims. we still don't go there. >> the word? the word? >> it was an attempt by a nation to wipe out a race of people. that's different. that is unique.
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i'm begging you to apologize and to retract that. >> i will not apologize and i will not recant because the word holocaust was invoked by the iranian government. they used that very word. >> are we going to go there then? >> by the way, i've had more support from the jewish community than i have had retractions. the democrat jewish community has been universal in condemning it. for them it is a political issue. for me it is not. it is a humanitarian issue. when you have a government saying they're going to kill every jew on the planet earth and they use the term holocaust, i'm not sure why we have memorials for the holocaust if we're not going to remember it. that's exactly what the iranians have said for, i mean as long as the ayatollahs have been in
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power. at what point do you not take that seriously? >> go ahead. >> i was just pointing out, governor i've known you for a long time. i agree with geraldo. you're a good man. you would be a great president. my problem with the comment is not the comment itself. listen my wife is jewish. i don't think she has a problem with it either. my problem is that it took the focus away from what president obama said that 99% of the world is in agreement with this deal which i fully disagree with number one, and number two, who cares about the rest of the world. i care about what america is thinking. 50% of americans hate this deal right now. can we just focus on that a little bit? can you answer president obama's comment that 99% of the world is in agreement with the deal? >> if it is such a great deal how come none of that people in
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that neighborhood were for it? the saudis, they're against it. why is it if it is such a great deal that the people living closest, why were they adamantly opposed to it? why would israel will opposed to it? seems like they would be for a deal that would make it safer. maybe it's because they too, have seen this movie before and they know it does not end well. i think it is a naive deal and it didn't get anything. you should have had some preconditions. the precondition should have been three things at least. four hostages that were taken should have been released. they should have been on the next plane home. >> yeah. >> you should have had a condition no more death to america talk. >> you want to focus on the merits of the deal or lack there of because you didn't do the
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deal with the iran. the president of the united states did. that's on him. >> i'm surprised everyone is shocked by the statement. i think it is a sober statement to make because when they announced the deal they were saying death to america and death to israel. >> great. let's talk about foreign policy the role of the united states and the lack of confidence people seem to feel these days in terms of u.s. national security and foreign policy our position right now in the world. >> i think the reason they're feeling great anxiety is because if we really believe that we are under threat of islamic jihadism and the president won't clearly define it as that i think that's problematic. i think it is problematic that we continue to think we can charm the snake back into the basket. we most certainly cannot. this is not a typical comment between nation states who want to fight over a piece of real estate or certain power.
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these are religious fanatics that want to kill us in the name of their god. it's not to raise taxes or to lower taxes or to take a piece of land. it's to annihilate everyone who does not agree with their exact and specific understanding of a religious caliphate. >> what do you think the united states should be doing to strengthen ourselves militarity? what would you do as president? >> we would see the military beefed up dramatically. we're spending less money. least prepared since before world war ii. under the reagan era, we were spending under 6% gdp. china is outspending us three to one. have a military so robust so strong so prepared that nobody on earth would be stupid enough to challenge them. >> there was a big debate yesterday going on. the highway bill -- the senate got together. they passed the highway bill but they attached the xm bank.
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that thing kind of swept through. senator cruz and senator mcconnell got into it a little bit. where are you on the highway bill and the xm bank? >> the highway bill i have a lot more affinity for because every billion dollars you spend building highways you create 13,000 jobs. if you build it with a strategic goal in mind there's an advantage. infrastructure in this country is in desperately bad shape, so we need to look at the revamping of highways bridges, overpasses. $3 trillion worth of infrastructure needs. i don't think the xm bank is something worth defending. i believe the marketplace can take that and handle it much better than a government subsidy. and frankly government subsidies have not worked out real well. all right. don't go away because governor
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mike huckabee stays with us. we're going to ask him how he plans to convince gop voters to pick him for the nomination. that's next.
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all right.
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we're back with presidential candidate mike huckabee. he's in seventh place right now among gop voters and independents who say they lean republican. you won iowa last time in 2008. >> right. >> this year you immediate a decision not to do the iowa straw poll. do you think there's a different path to the presidency than a traditional one? >> well i think that the path is still the same. you have to organize and build structure in the early states and you have to connect with voters. one of the things i don't think people understand about the value of iowa new hampshire, south carolina those states provide a wonderful service to the rest of america. they really filter through the candidates. you can't just go and buy a bunch of media and sit it out. you have to go out there, shake hands, talk to people. you can't put the press in a rope. you have to get out there and answer tough questions. i think that's a healthy part of our process of selecting a chief
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executive for the country. >> this is going to seem like a jokey question but it's not. do you ever wake up and think, i can't believe i'm doing this again? >> i have those moments. >> really? >> you know what janet actually is very much for me doing with this. i've heard people say i'm thinking about running. my wife doesn't want me to do it but she'll come around. don't do it. >> convince her along the way. eric you have a question. >> governor at this point, what are we 12 days before the first debate? you may be doing debate prep. >> yes. >> who plays donald trump? >> i don't prep that same way. what i do is prepare what i'm going to answer not what someone else is going to answer because i've found if you want to pick out the counterfeit 20 you don't study 100 different
2:19 pm
ways counterfeiting. i need to go into that debate knowing what i believe, what i stand for. i've always found that's a much better thing. >> are you suggesting that trump is the counterfeit bill? >> you guys are terrible. >> i'm suggest -- >> it's a very valid question. >> i agree. i was actually going to ask him about his debate prep tricks as well. kimberly? >> i have a real question. i was struck by comments you made in the past about your motivations of why you were seeking this job. you said quote, i'm not a republican because i grew up rich. i'm a republican because i didn't want to spend the rest of my life poor waiting for the government to rescue me. do you still feel that way? >> i still feel that way. look i've lived the american dream. i grew up in a little rent house on second street in hope,
2:20 pm
arkansas. first male to graduate high school in my family. i understand what it is like to love this country. this country is not going to be the same for my grandchildren that it was for me unless we make some remarkable and bold changes and get it back on track where people can work and get a decent job. we now have seen five million manufacturing jobs disappear since the year 2000. jobs are disappearing and i keep hearing the president say the economy is in recovery. i talk to people every day who sweat through their clothes. they lift heavy things and their economy is not in recovery. >> can i ask you something about that? >> yeah. >> with the trustees report every year they come out and say there's not enough money. is there a tax increase or a realignment of others?
2:21 pm
>> when they're ten years away from retirement saying we were just kidding. you're going to have to work an extra ten years. part of the problem is the way we fund social security and medicare. it's all through payroll tax. i'm a passionate supporter of the fair tax because it helps create a levelized funding stream for those programs. the fewer number of people that are actually getting their paychecks through wages is dramatic. most people get their wealth in america by dividends and investment income. as a result, you have a shrinking pool of money going into pay for those programs. thousands of people retiring every day. common sense says that doesn't work. yes, let's change the funding stream to a more reliable one, which is the consumption tax. >> doesn't common sense say we should raise the retirement age? when it was set, this was at a time when people's life
2:22 pm
expectancy is around 65. they didn't really pay in did they? people take more money out of their social security than they put into it. >> some do. some don't. some people will never get their money back, but that's like insurance. i didn't get all my money back. if you have a car and you have it insured and you have a major wreck, chances are you're going to come out better but i don't think anybody says i want to have a wreck so i can make sure i get my insurance worth. >> planned parenthood the debate over this graphic conversation about fetal body parts. do republicans risk the whole war on women chapter 2 that the democrats will portray the investigations of planned parenthood as an attack on women's rights? >> i think we risk something
2:23 pm
bigger but not answering the bold question, is it time that we start asking what kind of civilization do we have that we would kill children in their mother's womb? we have destroyed an entire generation. we have not done it because of the health of the mother. there's no health to the mother involved. this is a financial and a social decision in about 98% of the cases, and parenthood is in the business of providing abortion. they're in the business of selling baby's body parts like the parts of a buick. for god sake can we not have the bigger discussion on whether or not it is okay to call ourselves civilized if we practice infanticide? >> here's one way of bridging that divide. just stop using taxpayer money to fund it.
2:24 pm
you're not driving planned parenthood into bankruptcy. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> it was a pleasure. thank you. >> i love what you've done with the place. tomorrow night, another candidate will be here former texas governor rick perry. ahead, the president of planned parenthood hits back at critics after two undercover videos expose one of the group's practices.
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planned parenthood is now under congressional scrutiny after two tapes exposed officials discussing the sales of body parts of aborted babies. the president denies any laws were broken and attempted to
2:29 pm
shift the focus to the video makers. >> this entire effort is a complete political smear campaign in order to cut off funding for basic health care for women. we should not base decisions about health care in this country based upon highly sensationalized folks who are anti-abortion extremists. >> two gop presidential candidates on the controversy this weekend. >> this is an abomination that planned parenthood has lobbied against a woman's opportunity to look at an ultrasound before she makes an incredibly difficult choice to end the unborn life within her and yet they are using that same technology to harvest body parts. >> i think the time is now to discuss whether taxpayer dollars should be going to such a gruesome procedure. people are outraged by this and i think the american people deserve to have a vote on it. >> almost on cue the president of planned parenthood says all
2:30 pm
those videos were taken out of context. >> well there's a lot of money at stake, isn't there? >> 538 million bucks. >> there's a financial incentive to keep it business as usual and to continue the flow of revenue into planned parenthood. they don't use these funds specifically for the abortions, but any person with two cents can say, wait a second they're turning the lights on they're hiring the people to work at the facility. you can't just parcel it out and say none of the money is going to fund abortions. why do they have a government right to receive funding? >> yes. and i would agree with that and i think that is at the very heart of the issue. by the way, you can find it taxpayer calculated. you can find out how much of your tax dollars are going to planned parenthood. dana a senator from new york is
2:31 pm
fundraising off this controversy saying look at what the right is doing, they're trying to take away your rights. >> if you're a political operative, and cecil richards is one of the best they're doing what is in their best political interest. it will be effective for them. they'll be able to fundraise off of this. do the republicans run this risk? i actually think at this point they could run a risk about the war on women coming back but i also think they run a risk with their own voters and supporters if they don't stand firm on this. senator paul has an amendment he has proposed and senator mcdonnell has put that on a fast track for a vote. >> several states attorneys general have decided to look into planned parenthood whether breaking the law -- >> and they should. >> camilla harris here in
2:32 pm
california. >> camilla. >> sorry. >> i have to say broadly one of my least favorite things on earth is when old men send young men to war, particularly those who have never fought. i hate that. i also hate when old men oppose abortion late in life. they were all for it in the 70s and 80s. now they see the light. that's happened to several of these republican candidates, including my dear friend donald trump. he was in favor of abortion rights and now he's against it. he saw an ultrasound. they all see ultrasounds. if they were pro-choice before now they're pro-life because they saw their grandchild in
2:33 pm
utero ultimaterasounds. now to whether they have the right to bring up the planned parenthood there is a callous callousness among those arguing for a women's right to choose that has become ingrained and institutional. >> i don't think anyone is arguing -- >> i'm about to agree with you. >> over and over again, they turn the argument. the argument on the table right now, should planned parenthood be funded by taxpayer money? yes or no? >> 90% of what they do is non-abortion related. >> is that a yes? >> the answer is that taxpayers by law are protected against their money being used to fund abortion. >> how in the world -- if they
2:34 pm
do 327,000 abortions a year how can you not assign a dollar to an abortion? you have to be able to do it. it's a service fee. >> by the what was your percentage? >> 93. >> i wholeheartedly disagree with that percentage. >> except what the actual procedure is -- it doesn't matter. you can say that about any money that 98% of our money is spent doing "x" or "y." i know why it is so hard politically to stop funding for planned parenthood. does this come up for votes occasionally? >> it would be a perfect way to fuel hillary clinton's ascendency
2:35 pm
ascendency. >> i don't know why it's so hard saying should we cut planned parenthood. half the country is against it. how are we forcing them to pay for it? >> senator cruz i think, tried to get a planned parenthood defunding amendment attached to that highway bill. why wouldn't they push that through? >> i think tactically in the senate it makes sense because, as you heard governor huckabee talk about the highway bill that it creates jobs there is bipartisan support for the highway bill. if planned parenthood is attached, you will not get a highway bill. senator mcconnell put senator paul's amend on a fast track. >> are we good to go? next, the head of the rnc on the idea of donald trump running
2:36 pm
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donald trump recently flirted with the idea of running as a third-party candidate if the republican party didn't embrace him. the head of the rnc said he doesn't see it happening, but advised against it. >> our candidates should pledge not to run as a third-party candidate. if hillary clinton is going to get beat he'sshe's going to get beat for a republican. most people who run for president run to win. if our candidates want to win, they'll have to run as a republican. >> the donald is now saying he's getting support from his party. chuck todd says he'd still like to break away for this reason. >> it likely makes hillary clinton president. in his mind he would say, i'm the reason why she got elected and i could picture him wanting
2:41 pm
to have that honor. >> donald trump will appear on "hannity" tonight and he got a sneak peek. he addresses the prospect of a third-party run. >> so many people want me to run as an independent. i don't want to do that. why would i do that? with all the republicans, i'm leading as you just stated by a big margin. my preference and what i want to do is run as a republican and win. and i think i'll win the primaries and ultimately and i'll make our country great again. >> of course he threatened. that's how you get what you you throw a little tantrum. he floated that he was going to leave and then the republican party started treating him well right? >> he's doing something to be able to still stay on the top stories, the leads of the day. i think he's a very confident individual. i think he believes what he's saying and so far, he's not going anywhere. >> dana was chuck todd fair?
2:42 pm
do you think he would actually -- >> start again. >> that assessment that he would bolt and create a third party to get hillary elected and say i did it. that's weird. >> it's a convoluted way to look at it. if i was donald trump, i would say i'm running as a republican. did you not see my announcement a couple weeks ago? i'm running as a republican. he's trying to convince republican voters that he's a reliable republican. that's probably his biggest achilles heel. i wouldn't flirt with the idea anymore. i'm not answering that question. i'm running as a republican. >> it would be good for the republican establishment. >> if he changes his mind down the road he can change his mind down the road. >> but eric he wanted them to lay off them. he felt like he was getting ganged up on. >> and he was. he was having a hard time.
2:43 pm
there was the whole was there a phone call or discussions going back and forth. someone asked him would you entertain a third-party candidacy and he may have said yes. i think he said yeah well i'd listen to anything. he's leading. he's number one. the newest polls have him 4.5 percentage points ahead of jeb bush right now. why would they be asking him if he would run as a third-party -- right now, he's number one. they're doing it for a reason. they're doing it so they can see if he can hook him to say, yes, i will. if hillary clinton wins he might be the reason for it. >> i don't think that's why the media is asking. i think the media is asking because it keeps it in the news. >> he's leading in the polls, he's rich, and he can still play
2:44 pm
the underdog. how does he do that? >> the republican party is virtually irrelevant to donald trump. he needs their line on the ballot box, but he's way bigger than reince priebus, the head of the rnc. he's bigger than the entire structure and the party itself. you look at jeb bush and he's made 100-some million dollars. in 1992 it was devastating when ross perot ran. trump would decimate the republican party. he could win, though. he could get 35% of the vote. >> catch trump on "hannity" tonight. next, the daughter of whitney houston passed away yesterday. questions still remain about
2:45 pm
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one of the greatest pop singers of all time, whitney
2:49 pm
houston as you know drowned in a bathtub back in 2012 in beverley hills. almost exactly three years later, her daughter is now gone as well. bobby kris bob bobbi kristina brown died yesterday. she was only 22 years old. an initial autopsy found no significant injuries but additional tests now will be performed. kimberly, i heard she was found with a bruceise on her chest. six months have passed since she was unresponsive face down in the bathtub. in terms of a criminal investigation, it seems extremely hampered by the six months that passed between the incident and the final pulling of the plug. >> you're taking an environment that would be forensically rich right, and from a pathology
2:50 pm
standpoint, when you're the medical examiner you want to get in there and examine everything right away when the tissues are still relatively fresh. now you're seeing this stretched out six months. when you're trying cases, a defense attorney is going to jump in and say you can't prove this beyond a reasonable doubt because this much time as passed. how do you know? because we have lost the chance to make certain, in fact what happened to her. he went into rehab right after this incident and then he is being sued by the court-appointed protector of her estate to say, wait a second this is a guy who transferred money without her knowledge, without her approval into his own account, and then allegations of domestic violence and assault own physical injuries on the body. i would not be surprised if you
2:51 pm
saw some charges coming against him. whether they'll be able to make the case against him is a different story. >> the financial case is easier to make. >> i'm talking criminal. >> dana when you hear the dysfunction here that bobbi brown, her father was a junkie whitney died of an overdose drowning, here comes the child, does it fuel the sense that this whole pop culture is going to -- >> i think every family goes through trials and tribulations. it's terribly sad. i read the entire packet. it feels like such a personal matter for the family. i hope they do get to the bottom of it. i hope there was foul play. i hope there was no foul play. >> you hope there was no foul play? >> yes, i hope there was no foul
2:52 pm
play. >> it overshadowedovershadowed eded the great talent of the mom. >> greatest pre-game national anthem ever. listen to it on youtube. it's amazing. you go back to the day that whitney houston hooked up with bobbi bobbie brown. she was at the top of her career. then she passes with drugs in her system. bobbi kristina passes with drugs in her system. it's such a sad spiral. you wonder if that original -- >> again, he is right now, according to the district attorney's office a person of interest. i'm saying nick gordon is a person of interest and could be charged criminally with a potential manslaughter homicide in this case. >> how do you deal with this on
2:53 pm
"red eye"? >> i won't do this story because we like to lighten things up late at night. i remember that national anthem. i stopped my car. i was in new york city. it was amazing. "one more thing" is up next. don't go away. your company's data is secure the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
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thing." eric? >> we heard about the two boys that went on the fishing boat. the boat was found capsized 70 miles east of daytona, which is central florida, jupiter, south florida they're recalculating drift patterns. everyone keep the prayers out for these two that they're safe. they're in our prayers. >> and for their families. they must be so worried. i'm going to try to redeem myself after a terrible "one more thing" last week. a cycleist stopped to go into the bathroom in a ravine in boise. he decided to light a match to burn the toilet paper. he started a wildfire. burned 73 acres. it took firefighters seven hours
2:58 pm
to put it out. we don't know his name. he did turn himself in. apparently the story matched evidence found at the ignition site but the blm is protecting him and not releasing his name which is probably good for him. there's a lesson in my "one more thing." don't try to burn your toilet paper. >> it is always to cover up -- erica and i -- not eric. erica and i picked up our little girl from camp. she had a great time. her parents were mourning her absence. erica and i picked her up. we took her to boston. first, we did the tea party tour and the american freedom trail. we went to thomas haynes and paul revere's.
2:59 pm
it was really, really wonderful. as a special treat on saturday night, we took her to see taylor swift at gillette stadium. taylor swift put on an amazing show. she's a wonderful role model for these little girls. it was very touching. i think taylor swift would make a great president. >> all right. i had the pleasure to meet someone here in person. she is a presidential candidate for 2016. she'll be giving a major foreign policy speech tonight at the ronald reagan presidential library in california. a lot of people are wondering what her foreign policy would be like and we're going to get a chance to hear about it and perhaps more about it tomorrow on the show. look at this. i love balloons and i love world records. 433 hot air balloons set a new world record in france.
3:00 pm
>> that's fantastic. >> i delivered balloons and sang songs. it was a business of mine. rick perry is going to be here. that's it for "the five." pro-life supporters trying to win a major battle in the abortion war by cutting off the supply lines of planned parenthood. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. pro-life supporters will gather here in washington tomorrow and in dozens of other cities throughout the country. they're supporting new efforts by lawmakers to cut taxpayer funding of planned parenthood following the release of undercover videos alleging the group is selling aborted fetal body parts. we have tonight's top story. >> reporter: gop lawmakers are launching multiple efforts to strip planned


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