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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 31, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> that is chairman dempsey breaking out into the unicorn sign during a forum on the challenges facing military members and their families. have a great weekend and we will see you monday. bye, everybody. part of an airport wing headed to france where experts will officially determine whether it came from the missing malaysia airline jet. i am jon scott. >> and i am heather childers in for jenna lee. investigators in france hope to have an answer in the next 48 hours. >> it appears to be from a
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boeing 777 and mh 70 is the only one missing in the world. they are combing the area where it was found and finding more debris. oliver mcgee is joining us now. he said that aircraft forensic could help experts identify not only the plane but what happened before it crashed. he is a former u.s. deputy assistant secretary of transportation for technology policy. oliver oliver thank you for bringing your expertise to "happening now." it appears almost this particular flapper came from mh-370. they are looked at the part number and it matches a boeing 777 and it is the only one missing in the world. it is not like if a flapper fell
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off over the indian ocean off another 777 someone would have noticed it by now. what do you think this is the evidence of mh 70? >> this is the only one missing in the world since 1948. we have 1200 fatalities last year and that is the most in six decades. this aircraft piece is an opportunity for aviation safety investigators do aircraft forensic. this piece will tell us a lot about what is going on. the barnacles can be traced through microscopic analysis from where the path of this travelled on the indian ocean. there could be evidence of fire or explosion on this piece. we can find out about the angle of break out because composit material will tell you that and
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we can find out what happened in the final moments of the aircraft and one thing i am excited about is it can give us evidence of the path it moved across the indian ocean. >> so there are finger prints on this piece of equipment that may help pinpoint where it first went into the water? >> jon, i love the use of finger prints chatty prints. this is an opportunity to look at the forensic files and a great opportunity for the public to understand how safety investigators look at the pieces. this is a great day to have this small piece of mh 370 rise up from the ocean and it will provide so much information for investigators in australia and i understand u.s. officials are monitoring this as well from the
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faa. >> it does show us that plane went down somewhere in the indian ocean but the indian ocean is a big place and they have been searching a quadrant for the 16 months since the plane went down and they not seen anything so far save maybe this piece assuming it is confirmed. how does finding this one piece put us closer to finding the wreckage? >> one -- youunique thing about the boeing 777 is it has a scope of damage. it has materials from the ocean in different types of biology across the indiana ocean. once this is under a microscope we will see the path where of
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this travelled from the coast of frequent all the way over to the priority search area and may find if we are looking at the right area or need to look in a different area. >> the same islander who found this piece of watt appears to be an aircraft wing found other bits of debris. he found a suit case that was shred shred shredded and found a bottle of water from china with many passengers being chinese on the jet. he found a bottle of cleaning solution that comes from singapore where the -- i am sorry, indonesia, i believe. can they be matched to the familiar flight or is this the debris you will find washing up on beaches in that part of the world? >> we have to be careful with
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that. we have had great experience looking deep in the ocean and we found out there is a lot of garbage in the ocean so lots can wash up and not associated with this aircraft. we will be able to bring scientist and engineers to look under the microscope and bring out information and clues not available to the naked eye. we will work with material science engineering and ocean information and the public is going to be very informed. >> this piece is about six feet long if it came from mh 370 there was such a scouring of the ocean in the days immediately after the flight disappeared if this piece was floating, there should have been others floating
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nearby. i wonder if it makes you thing the searching was focused on the wrong quadrant of the ocean. >> that raises questions. i talk all of the time about this topic which has great interest. i was talking to a driver one time who said where are the seat cushions and i said that is a good point. we need to do more study here to be able to find out where is the possibility of this giving us clue. i always tell the public where are the seat cushions. that is why i call the whole process aircraft forensic. we are trying to find the soul of mh 370. >> if the whole is intact you
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would not find the seat cushions. thank you oliver. >> thank you. >> hillary clinton is speaking at an event live right now and ed henry is live with more. are we expecting major revelations from the latest e-mail dump? >> reporter: in the first two batches there were not any major revelations. no scandals on controversy. her critics say that is because if you listen to hillary clinton's story she has 60,000 e-mails on the personal server and split them up into 30,000 official e-mails turned over to the state department and at 1:30
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eastern time they will start to be released today. the other 30,000 she deemed to be personal were deleted. and we are not seeing controversial e-mails because they have been arrested. you have generals saying there was classified information on the server despite clinton's denial. her camp said no classification markings on the e-mail and she didn't know at the time the information was classified. she is under pressure for why it took so long to release the e-mails. >> this is a question for the state department. they are the ones bearing the responsibility to sort through the thousands and thousands of e-mails. >> you have seen hillary clinton have a commanding lead in the democratic primaries. at least the early polls. but she is facing questions on
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if she honest and trustworthy. there are questions weighing on if other democrats are getting in. fox news reported a top aid to joe biden sat down for breakfast with a major democratic fundraiser susman and susman said the breakfast took place but they didn't talk about raising money. i think in the days ahead the clinton camp is focused on grinding out her message and they are not changing strategy or worried about joe biden getting in. a family in montana gunned
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and authorities believe he killed a woman shortly after the escape. defense attorneys for james holmes asking jurors to consider his mental state when considering sentencing. prosecutors say he was legally sane when opening fire at a colorado movie theater killing 12 people. triple digit temperatures gusty winds, all of that fueling new wild fires in northern california. the national guard sending in helicopters to battle this and help the fire crews on the grund. hundreds of residents already forced to leave their homes. we have more from the fox weather center. are they going to get any help from mother nature? >> reporter: it does look like we will see a break in the pattern. we had dry conditions and hot temperatures and we are seeing
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monsoon moisture making its way across central california and into northern california event eventually eventually. the drought has been ongoing and relentless for several months. you can see the moisture lingering out there but not a lot as you head further west. some of those areas do need that moisture so of course we will see a little bit of hit or miss shower activity and any moisture we could use across california. here is a look at the drought monitor. most of the state under severe to exceptional drought. 94% of it. this is very significant and all of the dry brush will enhance that wild fire threat that continues across the state. we mention moisture is increasing and that is welcome news across the state. not as much as we need to clear us from the drought but help with the wild fires. we are dealing with extreme
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heat. look at the central u.s. temperatures climbings in the 90s and very summer like. further east the heat wave is building. in the northeast it dobad. 89 for the high in new york city. we are lower humidity behind the front through the region yesterday. it will not feel as hot. and across parts of the southeast temperatures are on the hot side. 90s and upper 80s. in the pacific northwest we have heat building out here. temperatures out here are climbing in the triple digits and in the upper 90s with heat advisory and excessive heat warnings in eaffect. this is another area to watch for dangerous weather coming up for the weekend.
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>> thank you! >> an argument between a man and woman leads to a high speed chase and crash caught on camera. watch police save the life of the suspect they were chases. new numbers are showing economic growth in the country but are you feeling it in your wallet? how the economy could play a huge role in the 2016 race for the white house.
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then crashing. it began after officers responded to an argument and the suspect jumped in his truck and took off with police in hot pursuit. the guy lost control slammed into a tree with the vehicle on fire and officers smashed the windows and pulled the suspect out. the police department plans to use this video to help in future training. the economy rebounding a bit in the 2nd quarter growing 2.3%. but years after the great recession many americans are not feeling the recovery. something that republicans are quick to point out. how will the economy play on the campaign trail as the candidates offer ideas for boosting jobs? we have howard dean's campaign manager and former political
8:23 am
white house director. good to have you. >> great to be here. >> politics and money not what is in the pocketss of the candidates but this is the pockets of americans. this is the worst recovery in 70 years. who takes advantage of that toward the election cycle? >> i mean certainly the republicans are going to try to make as much out of that as they can and they tried it in 2012 as well. it didn't work. i think there are a lot of other factors that will matter. the economy always does. but security and other issues will play bigger factors than normal in the elections. >> matt we are talking about the economy in this segment. who do you think is in the position to best take advantage of the economy?
8:24 am
>> i think any candidate who jumps on the fact the american people feel the obama economic plan has been a failure. higher taxes poverty rates are skyrocketing 1-5 dollars spent on health care it is the candidate that ties into the big government overtaking and a centralized government is a big problem. that is why you see people like trump spiking. the outside voices saying washington has broken and obama failed. >> and the best economic growth for obama was 2.5% back in 2010. how does hillary clinton separate herself from that and move forward, joe? >> look i think there is going to be a lot of debate about the bush economic policies that put the country into the mess we are in whether obama's policies worked well to get us out, but
8:25 am
if you ask the american people if they prefer the clinton, bush or obama economy a lot of people thing fondly of what happened before george bush was president. yes the economy is going to matter. she can be a blend of her own economic policies. she is going to have to carry some of obama's into the election. with income inequality and other things the democratic nominee is going to talk about we will have a fight on the economy. i don't think this is the slam dunk the republicans think. that is what happened in 2012. ge >> hold on to things because i
8:26 am
agree with joe. i think the 2016 presidential election is going to be about security. part is economic security and the fact that americans wonder does the american economy dominate the globe or are we just going to have this middling outcome in the economy with the stagnant growth? the real question is about security. what is hillary clinton doing? she is running the obama playbook. it is all about growing her support for the base of her party and the left. that is why she came out with a big climate change proposal and embracing everything on the left. i think that leads her vulnerable in two ways. people think george bush did secure the country and people think obama caused the problems with his left wing thinking. >> the final question is donald trump significantly in the lead, poll after poll taking more of the lead is that because americans are angry primarily
8:27 am
about the economic static they tonight have money or jobs joe? >> i agree with matt here. it is an anti-washington eruption that is happening and trump is tapping into that. it is really in anger and frustration that the folks in washington are not listening and they are not getting increases in pay. >> do you think it is anger as they are concerned? we have the lowest participation rate in our labor force. we have incomes that haven't ris risen. >> 5.3% unemployment rate in june of 2015. i have to wrap it there. we appreciate you and will see what happens. >> more of hillary clinton's e-mails are about to be released
8:28 am
why her campaign strikes backs at the new york times over a controversy story. and rolling stones magazine facing another lawsuit and a vacancy in the managing and editor office months after the retracted story about a gang rape that supposedly occur at the university of virginia. ee
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>> a quick look at what is still to come.
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a marathon swimmer in the water for 18 hours makes a daring escape after a great white shark stops him from making a record. and new reports on the hannah anderson case. why the kidnappers sister's said she was the victim. and dylann roof appearing in court again today. the suspect is facing federal hate crime charges. an emotional scene as thousands gather to remember an officer who was gunned down in the line of duty during watt appeared to be a routine traffic stop. the sergeant stopped the motor motorist for driving erratically. civilians and officers alike lined the roadways during the
8:33 am
procession. many holding american flags while officers from all across the country filled in the arena. bagpipes played out remembering the officer. family and colleagues choked back tears remembering him as a quote warrior who encouraged everybody to do their best. >> i think my dad always knew something like this was going to happen. i truly believe if he had to go this is the only honorable way for it to happen. >> well little brother the tables have turned. it is your big brother who now looks up to you. >> the sergeant was on the haw ard police department for 15
8:34 am
years. hillary clinton is calling on the u.s. to lift the trade embargo against cuba. she is on the campaign trail in miami home to many cuban cuban-americans. her campaign is pushing back at the new york times for reporting ms. clinton appeared to be the target of a criminal investigation over the use of her private e-mail server. clinton's communication director writing we remain per plexed by the times slowness to acknowledge the errors after the fact and the shaky adjustments that have been made. let's talk about it with judy miller and lynn sweet. welcome to both of you. >> hi jon. >> lynn the hillary clinton campaign is complaining the times was slow to make
8:35 am
corrections in this story. were they? >> yes they were and the letter the clinton campaign wrote the to times had other complaints like not giving them enough time to check out the allegations they thought. they also thought the times didn't give them the full picture or the fullest picture of the story so they can respond. the clinton has a lot of beef against "the new york times." >> was the story in correctcorrect? >> part of it was retracted. but jon and lynn we are missing the bigger picture. and that is hillary clinton, whether or nut the times got the facts wrong, has huge potential legal and certainly political problems because of her handling
8:36 am
of the e-mail. if i were hillary clinton's press secretary i would want to divert attention to what "the new york times" did or didn't do and how fast it did it. we already know she had 60,000 e-mails and only 30,000 were turned over. we know there was at least five e-mails which contain classified information. we don't know how many more did or when that information was classified. we know there is a mysterious disappearance of e-mails just around the benghazi attack. there are so many issues and problems here. for me the question is why didn't the media get on this story sooner? why did it take for the original story from the new york times to prompt others to look at the issue? >> as we continue to watch
8:37 am
hillary clinton who is about to address a crowd in miami live on the left of the screen we have been asking, lynn is it a fair compareison that david petraeus was charged with a felony. the clinton campaign is upset because "the new york times" implemented she was personally the target of an internal probe. david petraeus was charged originally with a felony for handing private journals to his biographer who was his mistress at the time. he pled to a misdemeanor but why is there a difference? >> i will let judy handle the big picture and i will handle the small picture. just on the narrow issue since
8:38 am
this is a media segment, on the journalist to get something right. i think the story, as judy noted and "the new york times" noted, had parts that had to be retracted. there is a huge responsibility for a paper with all of the resources it has all of the editors and fire power it has to get things right and deal with sources in a fair way so that sources have a chance to reply before a story is published in a way they could fully understand what the story is about. i think, let's just stick to that for the moment because i think that is where the politics of this is. the damaging story was put out by "the new york times" and they said in the letter you cannot unwind it or you cannot put the toothpaste back in the tube once it is out and people often remember the first story not the
8:39 am
retracted version. i think it is a warning to everybody to be careful when you do the stories based on sources you cannot name. >> before woe get back into the this hillary clinton has taken the microphone in miami and let's listen. >> there are people of all backgrounds and walks of life who work hard do their part and get ahead. that is the promise of america that has drawn generations of immigrants to our shores and reality here at fyu. today as frank said, i want to talk with you about a subject that has stirred passionate debate in this city and beyond for decades. but it is now entering a crucial new phase. america's approach to cuba is at a cross roads and the upcoming presidential election will determine whether we chart a new path -- >> as you know the obama administration recently chose to restore diplomatic relations
8:40 am
with cuba. hillary clinton will argue it is time to drop the economic embargo against cuba. if you would like to hear what the presidential candidate has to say you can watch the comments streaming on our website. the manager of rolling stones editor is stepping aside in wake of last year's story about the gang rape at the university of virginia and the story later confirmed to be false and retracted. three attorneys are suing the magazine as well as the writer. judy does it surprise you that will dana stepped down? >> no it wasn't. i think it is kind of sad because he was instrumental in kind of leading rolling stones
8:41 am
through some of the investigative reporting it did and it did extraordinary pieces in its day. he had been there 19 years and stood by his reporter which is what the editor is supposed to do until the story was shown to be wrong and it was terribly wrong. i think it is unfortunate it ended this way but i think he knows too, the time to leave as come. he is leaving without another obvious job so it is a difficult moment for the magazine. >> the fact checking process here failed, lynn. >> it did. and rolling stone was not under any competitive pressure. it is not a deadline driven organization in the way a daily newspaper is. "the new york times" might have thought the so-called scoop they thought they had about clinton
8:42 am
was going to be broken by another news outlet. most reporters don't have the luxury of times that the rolling stone gave to the report. they had fact checkers. there were so many points of the system that failed in this one because they have a high bar and they were dealing with a news creature where they had no reason not to get the fundamental facts right including the thesis of what the whole story was about. >> we are going to have to leave the discussion there. judy miller and lynn sweet our media panel today, thank you both. >> thank you. a new development in the case of a kid napped teenager. the sister of hannah anderson is filing a wrongful death lawsuit. and a marathon swimming attempting a world record break for attempting a swim and
8:43 am
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new information on a kidnapping and manhunt. hannah anderson was kidnapped by a family friend after killing her mother and brother. he was shot and killed a week after the investigation by the authorities and now the family is saying they used unjustified force and suing. we have our panel here. they are asking for $20 million. do they deserve it? should this be happening or allowed to happen? >> i don't think they want $20 million. i think they want answers and that number is for the government to take it seriously.
8:47 am
i think what the family wants is to know what happened to their brother and in that situation. by asking for $20 million they are saying we are serious. you need to take this serious and we want answers from this. i don't think they will get that. >> fred federal and state prosecutors found the two fbi agents acted responsiblely and reasonable in the instance. >> the bottom line is this guy murdered a woman and her 8-year-old boy and the fbi is out in the middle of nowhere firing a rifle and gets shot. here is safety tip. when you are surrounded by the fbi in the wilderness don'tpic up your weapon and start shooting. they will not get the money.
8:48 am
if all they wanted was answers file a freedom of information act and ask for answers. >> he murdered annal 8-year-old boy and the mother were both found tied up in the garage and along with a dead dog, the family dog. why do they deserve to pursue these answers further? >> i don't think they deserve to pursue money but deserve answers. their loved one did die. their loved one, they loved him that was their brother. he did do horrible things and i am not saying they deserve monetary damages. but they want answers. >> hannah and her father are both being called as witnesses so they'll have to take the stand and relive and explain what happened again. and the memories have to come back again. is that fair? >> for the father no his wife
8:49 am
and son were gunned down and dog, too. the daughter is a little questionable. a lot of questions on her involvement and the relationship with this guy. the guy died at the hands of the government but this wasn't a guy who was a veteran and checked in the va and died. this guy committed multiple murderers and they thought he was involved in a kidnapping. to bring a lawsuit is just quite frankly improper. >> a lot of people hearing about this are shaking their heads wondering how it can happen. the gunman accused of killing nine people in a charleston church heads back to court. the new charges facing dylann roof. &%c1
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a record-breaking swim stopped short by a great white shark. this marathon swimmer was trying to swim from the san francisco bring 28 miles to the island and had to stop three miles away. >> i had to stop before getting attacked. they called me out of the boat and where you can see the chaffing i had bleeding. i think they got me out in time. >> he said he is not sure if we will attempt that swim again. >> reporter: the accused shooter in a
8:54 am
charleston massacre arraigns on federal hate crumb crime charges. nine people were killed in the attack. roof suis accused of targeting the attack because they were black. john roberts is live. >> reporter: court wrapped up in charleston. it was a short time with dylann roof being presented with the charges against him and he plead not guilty. they want to see if the federal government will pursue the death penalty against him. these are the most serious hate crime charges filled recent history. nine for murder, three for attempted murder 12 counts of obstruction of religion, fine counts of use of firearms to commit murder.
8:55 am
four victim family members spoke out saying they forgive roof and this act of murder will not take away their joy. church officials for ame said it is a moment for all black churches to unite and they are working together and all churches black and white, will be watching the case. the federal charges will be after the state trial which is selected to get underway in july of next year. he could face the death penalty in that case but they have not decided nor have federal officials. if the state doesn't execute him the federal government will. there is no question attorney general lynch wants to make a statement. bruck was assigned to the case and part of the defense team for dzhokhar tsarnaev the boston
8:56 am
bomber and back in 1995 he defended susan smith who got life in prison n instead of the death penalty for drowning her two children. brook is an outspoken critic of the number of black defendants on death row versus the number of white killers. dylann roof would be the first white put to death for killing a black person in the state since 1991. the next federal court appearances is a motion day on august 20th. >> john roberts joining us from atlanta. thank you. >> how lifeguards are using an eye in the sky to protect the surf. plus good news in california in the midst of a record-breaking drought. stay with us. nline is as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers carpenters and piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is.
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welcome back to "outnumbered." >> it is great to be here. >> everybody is talking about the big story. more clinton e-mails. >> that is always the big story. more of clinton's e-mails are going to be released today with the state department releasing the third batch. this


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