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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  August 8, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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before you go, the vote, chris christie or rand paul. see you monday, 7:00 p.m. good night from washington. tonight on "red eye." who is the big winner of the first gop debate? donald trump's answer may surprise you if you are easily surprised. and was carly fiorina the only one to show up to the debate or did it just feel like that? and can we take a picture without a single curse word? i doubt it. rebuttals and answers, but first a news break. live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. convicted colorado theater shooter james holmes sentenced to life in prison without parole. the jury reaching their decision after deliberating
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about six and a half hours after the past two days. the verdict is a disappointment to prosecutors who had been seeking the death penalty. the same jury convicted holmes of killing 12 people and wounding 70 others in the july 2012 attack on a movie theater in aurora. the navy authorizes the army, sailors and marines at off base centers. it follows last month's deadly shootings in chattanooga, tennessee. that's when a lone gunman killed four marines and a sailor at a navy reserve center. a truck loses control speeding down a highway in ohio before crashing into the median. inside, a naked driver who bolted out of the vehicle and began running. the suspect tried to elude police on the busy highway which witnesses say was one mess of a scene. >> it is surreal. almost apocalyptic. there was just debris everywhere. >> six people were injured in
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the incident. a record breaking number of people tuning into the first gop presidential debate on fox news. an estimated 24 million people watched the prime time debate with the top 10 candidates. the debate becoming the highest nonsports cable program of all time. the highest rated cable news program of all time and fox newschannel's most watched program ever. the u.s. job market preparing to be full health. july mark eld the latest month and a streak of solid hiring with employers adding 215,000 jobs. the unemployment rate holding at 5.3%. i'm patricia stark. now here is "red eye." welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levey at the "red eye" news desk. >> still recovering from the big brawl yesterday. >> quite a day, wasn't it?
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>> can't remember the last time i have seen anything like that. >> great job by the moderators? >> huh? i don't know who those people are or what are you talking about. >> what is the big brawl you are talking about? >> the one in time square. will you roll that? >> that's what i'm talking about. >> i don't care what people like you and jenna jamison says is sp idey is a hero. >> let's talk about the other showdown. it is official. thursday night's prime time debate was the most watched
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cable news program ever. 24 million tuned in to see what john kay sick would -- john kasich would say. we brought in a very special panel. >> the columnist at the new york post. the washington bureau chief will ron. on the comedy, comedian kurt metsger. and joanne nosuchunsky. let's get right into it. >> the prime time debate started with a question for all of the candidates. >> is there anyone on stage, and can i see hands, who is unwilling tonight to pledge your support to the eventule nominee of the republican party. >>
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♪ raise your happened ♪ raise your hand ♪ you feel confident, secure ♪ ♪ raise your hand ♪ you feel dry now ♪ raise your hand ♪ if you're sure ♪ raise your hand. raise your hand if you're sure ♪ >> you have timing. >> all night brett bear and megan kelly ask questions. questions from the audience were less hard-hitting. >> how much milk do i have to drink to be big enough to be quarterback? >> that's a great question. >> it is great to be here tonight. >> he ignored the question. unbelievable. >> meanwhile, it was nice to see the candidates address everyone in the great american mosaic. >> the politicians of wall street and bureaucrats and prostitutes, pimps, drug
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dealer. >> siamese twins. >> barbarians. gyrose o'donnell. >> you had to get rosy in there. she is part of the great quilt. thank you for being part of our special panel. you will cover the substance of the debate. that's good. >> i think john kasich did a pretty good job. marco rubio did a pretty good job. jeb bush didn't do that good of a job. he did an okay job, but what is the argument for jeb bush right now? he is the one with the money. he is the serious guy. john kasich feels like he can do that. marco rubio can do that. scott walker whiffed it a little bit. and then there is that other guy running in the center of the stage. >> trump. >> yeah, that's the one. >> he is on a few radars. >> it is like nine people running for president on that stage.
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then also donald trump who is dominating everybody else in the polls. >> let's talk about the theatrics. >> he is the first one in line when talking about those things. would you say he did get the best performance? >> he did not deliver the goods. i am thinking of a terrible andrew lloyd webber musical called "starlight express." it was a loud, boring garish and relentless. he is an old player whose schtick is wearing thin. >> and he was wearing roller skates. >> you don't think his schtick is fresher than the other schticks? >> i have been around since the 1980s. when he was on the front page of the post. >> never in running for president like in that context. >> it used to be called entertainment. now it is called politics.
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>> is he fun intoe? >> it can be. he totally can be. >> it is hysterical. >> you know he has a guy that is like okay, trump. say this, this, and this. and then he ignores that guy and says mexicans rank. that's the first thing out of his mouth. >> no one would have thought of that. even rosie o'donnell was like classic joke. who would have thought of that? >> that question megyn kelly asked was a stupid question. you called him a fatso and talking about all women. he didn't back down. he was talking about rosy. >> whether you president you have to deal with angela merkli. does he call her a lollipop girl? >> is there a war on women? is it being waged by trump? >> i didn't hear that question.
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i thought the debate was the only one. every time rick perry took pat on the back i took a shot and so i was wasted by 9:00 p.m. i heard a lot of talking, but i didn't know what was being said. >> carly was probably impressed then, right? >> carly was amazing. >> we will get to her a little later. kurt, i want you to watch this. chris christie and rand paul got in a heated debate. let's show that. >> that is a completely ridiculous answer. i want to collect more records from terrorists, but less records from other people. how are you supposed to know, megan? >> use the fourth amendment. get a warrant. get a judge to sign a warrant. i don't trust president obama with our records. i know you gave him a big hug. if you want to give him a big hug again, go right ahead.
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>> and you know, senator paul, the hugs i remember are the hugs i gave to the families who lost their people on september 11th. those are the hugs i remember. >> bam. >> it was a hug fight. >> that's a scene from who is afraid of virginia wolf. they are ripping each other's throats out. as a theater critic i thought that was the highlight of the debate. >> that's theater, isn't it? >> you hugged obama. that's what they were waiting for? >> isn't that what gets stuck in the right wingers claws? he got it in there. but christie came back. >> do you remember your black hugs this. >> most of all. >> true story. andy levey hugged me once. >> we all shake hands and make a good show and see you later
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and stuff like that. andy hugged me. >> was it a good job bro hug or a consolidation hug? >> it was the hug of somebody in need. it lasted a few seconds. >> we in the theater hand out hugs and hug each other all the time with a complete lack of sincerity. >> it was good theater and what do you think? i don't think people understand these issues. am i right about that? they don't get what this stuff is. >> one of our national security reporters said meta data to me. it occurred to me, you though, i don't know what that is. at the same time this is issues they toc selled about. tustled about. he is able to snoop around and root out national security threats. rand paul takes a libertarian position. personally i am more in senator paul's camp due to the fact i am not an an objective
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reporter. >> that fourth amendment is kind of important. it is the sort of thing warrants and judges approving things. these are generally good ideas that are slipping away at a rapid rate. people don't seem to mind. >> tom, i was very upset when i found out about the nsa wiretapping. and then five minutes after that i gave all of my personal information to candy crush for five more candy lines. that's how much i value it. >> i disagree slightly. i do think this is a topic that most people are concerned about. most people want to know if someone is listening in on the phone calls. people want to know how much power the government has over their lives. this is a legitimate debate to be having at a time when a terrorist could strike us at any moment. this is pre -- precisely the debate they will be having other than a sideshow like that old schtick donald trump
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taking up the time when real issues need to be discussed. >> that's obama huger talk to me. >> did anyone hear the real issues? >> we talk about this stuff all the time. when chris christie takes the time he is right. raped paul says he has >> how much are you willing to give up? what is more important to you? >> that will change with the voter appeal. what kind of booze do you like? i had to bring it back. >> i switch all of the time. sometimes i am a rye man and sometimes i go with the bourbon. >> it is to the that people don't want the program, but there should be some kind of oversight or letting us know they are doing that. >> we don't know where the line is, right? >> i have a right to privacy, but i have a right not to be blown up on the subway on the way home to work. >> are you in my camp.
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>> trumpity trump, trump, trump. he upstaged most of the candidates. take a look. >> it was a dog. combining all of your skills, the theatrical, the sub stan sigh, who was the winner of the debate? >> megyn kelly. >> she has gotten a lot of flack on-line. people said are you being mean to donald trump. >> donald trump has made the internet an even more fun place for women i gather. >> it was a dumb question. you get in a fight with rosie o'donnell and it doesn't mean you are attacking all women. >> he does it all the time. he says how can we trust
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hillary clinton when she couldn't even satisfy her husband? >> that's a fair point. >> is it fair of megyn kelly to ask the questions that hillary clinton bill -- will ask the nominee. she is playing the devil's advocate. >> a lot of candidates got similar questions. >> i thought the moderators moderators were terrific. megyn kelly is terrific. in the afternoon i heard them praising megyn kelly and she is doing a good job. >> these communists say can you believe megyn kelly is actually a journalist and asking real questions? people think we are loon gnaw particulars -- lunatics. >> donald trump is the run away front runner right now. he is clobbering everybody else. >> john kasich did well.
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states man, sincere, intelligent, seasoned. he gave a good answer that they have to have for the issue of gay marriage. it is not something personally i accept, but i love everybody regardless of sexuality. if my friends are gay i will be at their wedding. >> everybody is acting like this is a new thing. that's what dick cheney said 10 years ago. >> he was a trailblazer in that regard. we have had a lot of republican politicians. >> really not so nice things about gay people at times. john kay sick was able to say and what he is able to articulate is the position where all of the nice people in america are. when he got that applause, that was not only great for john kasich, but great for the gop. >> i think it was a tie between god and facebook. >> the question at the end
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about god really we should not let people on facebook ask the questions. while some people did want to know the answer it was polarized from people who were maybe thinking about voting for a republican, but now probably won't. >> what was the question? >> joanne, what made -- what would change minds you think? >> as soon as you start talking religion, you really isolate a lot of people. aren't we supposed to separate church and state? then you bring it to the debate stage. >> not the republicans. it helps them gain votes, does it not? >> i don't know the question. what was it? >> are you into god? why do you have to fake like they are all christians. >> i don't think obama is a christian. >> donald trump is the republican nome thee. nominee. we have to pray we will win. >> i tholed donald trump did
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crappy when they asked hem if he was pro-life. >> he had a friend that was having an abortion, but didn't, and the kid is cool now. it was the simple made up answer. >> but mr. trump what happened if that baby were rosy owe -- rosie o'donnell? >> if it was a jerk he would be on the other side. >> in terms of how they frame it and phrase it, it gives you an insight to who they are is people. that's going to give you the best insight into how they will lead. the policies are probably going to change when they actually get into office. >> and it is probably good to articulate why it is important to them, but how it informs their personal life and not making their political decisions. i thought most of these candidates were good about talking in that way. there is an awareness of church and state. >> you hope so.
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>> you can talk about your faith, but you have to make it clear that you are not going to impose your faith on others. >> i think there are a few -- they go for that a little bit. >> talking about politicians and talking about god and religion and what is guiding the decisions. this is going back to the founding. >> jefferson believed that god lived in trees. >> i thought they were throwing god's name everywhere. >> they talk about, you know -- it is a great state. >> we have to jaber that to the religion. >> don't you want to know -- i love all of the faith talk. i like the sunday church and the hot ham afterwards. coming up, we bid adieu to john stewart. set your dvr to record "red eye" with tom shillue so they
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know you are a true blue conservative.
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after 16 years, the cultural jugger not that is the daily show with john stewart has come to a close. it featured a sendoff with stephen colbert and the cast members that have gone on to silver screen fame. it was a who's who of hollywood. but not for everyone. take a look at this montage of former correspondents who had no affect on his career. >> here is tom tom -- tom shillue. >> here is tom shillue with all of the answers.
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tom shillue is here. tom shillue. >> yeah, i really road that one. >s don't feel bad. there were many, many palm who appeared on the daily show. wing part of the show -- being part of the show we will open up the panel to resident experts. >> now what did you do to keep them out some. >> there was not a lot of color in these days. >> there was just one guy and we had him on our show, treyvon. >> there was great effort to open it up. >> we moved to new york together and we both had the
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twinkle in our eye. and then i got the daily show and he is a good actor too. i saw him in some plays. >> i got on "the daily show" and i had a tvg gig. >> he is on "the daily show." >> questions for "the daily show" expert. >> the first and most obvious one is how did you get fired? >> well it wasn't a real firing. i was on "the daily show" and it was a moderately successful show. it wasn't the millions that watch "the daily show." so i was lucky to mick it into the john stewart world. when he took over he cleaned house. beth littleford and brian ungar. craig kilgore brought it
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alive. i was still there trying to hold on to my job and i was doing what i could for him. other people were coming in. >> well he changed the show. he wanted to make it about the issues. i watched that guy with a great deal of respect. i watched him take the show and turn it into the jugger not it became. he was 24/7 on the show. i watched him make a show that was essentially about making fun of everyday americans and he used to say it is not about americans. it is about the powerful. he wanted to make fun of the people in power. he changed the show to what it is today. at the time it was not that at all. it was a meaner show. >> it was meaner and it was making fun of average everyday americans. john turned it that. the show was all him. the show it became, it was because of his force. >> i have a real question. when he talks about having a clear out when he got there,
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they were like -- what is exactly upsetting him where he had to clear it out? >> he came in and said -- they had everything set up. they would go out and do field pieces and make fun of a guy who made mannequins for a living. >> the elvis guy lived by me. >> there was all of those old famous things. and they would get laughs at the expense of other people. john came in and said you are not doing that anymore. everything has to do with headlines. it was harder to produce. a lot of the producers were like, this stinks. they were out of there. i was there during that transition. i never made it beyond the first year. >> i am curious though, was he a smugly liberal 1234* i i couldn't bear him the last few years. >> i would watch it because the show was still good even though it was hopelessly liberal. in the beginning it was really -- he really did want to secure both sides. he wanted to make it about the day's headlines. then to be honest fox news
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made him lazy. then they would all laugh at fox news. >> you didn't have to give them all of those clips. >> it was out of context. judging him as a performer i thought he became lazy. he got away from a verbal humor and just started to pull faces and make funny faces. people would say something and make a funny face. the audience would roar with laughter. >> that's not always a bad thing. >> i have a question. >> if you saw a joke that was new writers. >> he was on the show at the beginning and he did leave like five or six years ago. >> what did he smell like? >> he smelled like seg rete smoke. in the early days he was a smoker and he kept his office dark. he was a private guy. >> a good guy.
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he was good and i still like john stewart even though i grew tired of the liberal angle of his show. >> half fourth dimension. i mean half time. see you at the news deck when we return.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. convicted colorado theater
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shooter james holmes sentenced to life in prison without parole. the jury reaching their decision late friday after deliberating for six and a half hours over the past two and a half days. we are now learning more about the jurors' thought process from juror number 17. >> i think the issue of mental illness was everything for the ones who did thought want to impose the death penalty. >> the verdict is a disappointment to prosecutors who had been seeking the death penalty. some family members went in court. the same jury convicted holmes of killing 12 people and wounding 70 others in a july 2012 attack on a movie theater in aurora. a tornado roared through a wal-mart and a sports outlet in troy, alabama. the strong storm partially collapsing the roof of the wal-mart injuring at least six people. the storm also tearing out the wall of a sporting goods store that was closed at the time. the national weather service is working to determine the size and strength of the tornado. several people returning
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home days after evacuating during a fierce northern california wildfire. the fire dubbed "the rocky fire" spending a week going through 109 square miles of dry bush. the flames are claiming the life of one firefighter. his body returned to his native south dakota home today. 43 homes have been destroyed in the fire. two days after the gop debate, several of the presidential hopefuls are back in campaign hoed. dash >> they are back in campaign mode. the candidates attending are jeb bush, ted cruz, mike huckabee and scott walker. now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines go to fox you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox newschannel. welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levey over at the "red eye" news deck.
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>> i'll tell you what you missed. you missed a whole dam story. >> but i will talk about it. >> >> let's talk about the prime time debate. kasich did a good job and rubio did a good job and bush did not do a good job and scott walker. >> agree, agree, agree and who? >> scott walker who is leading the polls in iowa last time i checked. >> i felt bad. every time he came on the screen and i am not making it up, but it is a shot at me as much as it is a shot at him, but i couldn't remember who he was until they put his name up. i kept forgetting. >> the big question that scott walker will have to answer is if a president can have hair like that. >> you can't identify him for his gump side burns? >> i kept blanking. >> he is a b-list contract player whose contract is about to be rescinded. >> he is a dumb dumb. >> i don't think that is true. >> you will make the case of scott walker? >> he is a very good
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politician. >> do you remember anything he said last night? >> he had an awful night, no. but he is not an awful politician. >> he is pretty good at it. >> we agree. >> i found this in my notes on debate prep. i don't think i said. it debate prediction no matter how many dumb things trump says his supporters will stand behind him and blame them on somebody else. >> i do. >> you said trump did not deliver the goods. are you on twitter? >> no. >> oh, i wanted to give people your twitter address. >> i don't feel the need to tell everybody what i am doing every minute of the day. >> you know trump has a guy telling him what to say and he is ignoring him. >> yes jie. i don't think that's true. i just think all his guys are like him. >> really? wow. where did he find those guys? i am for hire if he is around. i will give him great stuff to say. >> you would absolutely fit
12:37 am
in. >> your hair is too good. >> as megyn kelly pointed out, it was not just rosie o'donnell. he tends to have a habit of doing that. >> if you are dumb and i call you dumb it is not attacking all women. >> right. >> you can't call dumb women out on the fact -- >> you can call them dumb, but for example, it didn't help that after the debate he retweeted somebody who called somebody a bimbo. >> i think that's the same what hulk hogan did, the president said the n-word. that's what i do on twitter. i blindly retweet compliments. >> who will hurt you that you have to retweet compliments? >> you don't retweet compliments? >> i believe on our show that he has the phrase retweets are not endorsements. >> and that's true. but he retweeted that for a reason. i don't think a bigger baby has ever run for president.
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>> i just -- you know, i think he is a pseudo alpha male. the guy who wines about unfair debate questions is the dwie who keeps bragging about how he will be tough with putin. >> i think he can get putin. >> remember regan when he went to the soviet union? he didn't wear a coat. >> are we talking about iceland? >> which russian leader? >>gore gorbachev? >> that -- that is not alpha power move stuff that trump does. your breath is very bad. >> he will do that. >> trump will be -- i'll stop you from this. and putin will pick out his gun like indiana jones does and shoot trump. >> will, i have never hugged you. don't come and spread your lies. >> it meant something to me, andy.
12:39 am
>> joanne, well, it was your dream. joanne, you said regarding the question about god we shouldn't let people on facebook ask the questions. why do you hate god? >> no, no, no. i don't hate god. i am a closeted catholic. >> i just wanted to get out record as not hating god. >> thank you. >> the real loser was cecil the lion. no mentions. >> how quickly we forget. >> and ben carson bragged about separating conjoined twins. >> why? i would brag about that all the time. >> america needs a uniter and not a divider. >> it makes it even dumber that you are sitting there going why? >> like i am supposed to have -- >> i like it. i say it is a good day. >> it is fun. >> it is cute. >> the story you didn't get to
12:40 am
talk about, you didn't get to talk about the 5:00 p.m. debate and carly mania. thoughts, will? >> first off just one note. it got a lot better ratings than john stewart's last show which got decent ratings. you have to teal bad about rick perry. carly fiorina won. rick perry just didn't make the cut. texas did really well under rick perry under a lot of different objective measures. >> he told everyone in third person how well the governor of texas did. >> the man just cannot speak. it is like last time he was on painkillers and it screwed him up. >> rick perry is a guy who spent two hours and still walks outlooking like an idiot. i will say this for jeb bush. he does wear glasses that make him look intelligent. he wears glasses well. rick perry looks like an idiot
12:41 am
with or without glasses. >> i think rick perry's glasses are much nicer than jeb bush's. >> jeb's ?roa slogan, it is -- jeb's slogan. it is time for bush with a bigger head. >> and what was going on with lyndsay graham? >> we are all going to die. >> i never had someone telling mooy how scary the world is while boring me at the same time. >> he is such a funny guy. >> he is funny and charming and single. >> to quote senator mark kirk. >> he sounds like he is making a recipe with paula deen. >> john stewart's finale. >> i didn't realize you were on "the daily show." >> i always confuse tom but i know now.
12:42 am
>> two years. >> you said stewart turned the daily show about making fun of everyday americans to making fun of the powerful. this is before the meetings at the white house? >> like i said the first half of the decade he was on a little tear. >> as will eluded to, it had six million viewers and i think stewart's final show had 3.5 million. jay leno's show had 14 million viewer for his last show jie. and this show gets higher rating than the daily show's web broadcast. >> we average 4 to 4.5 million viewers a night. >> just average. you're done, right? >> yes. >> time to take a break. a family gets naked when we return.
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dinner is ruined. a new tv ad is taking aim at rand paul's stance on the iran nuclear deal. the ad was put out by an organization started by the president of "red eye" john bolton. let's watch. >> hey, hey, how are you? >> good. >> how was your day? >> good. >> how was your day?
12:47 am
>> talk about acting. >> wow. pretty grim. >> that was like out of "robocop." that would be an ad you would see. >> that is stolen from lyndon johnson's ad in 1964 where the girl is plucking the daysy and she gets to 10 and then there is 10, 9, 8 and then the mushroom cloud. they lifted that. >> that was a good ad while this -- >> that was a brilliant ad. >> you can say definitively that dialogue is brilliant, right? >> to my uppedzing dave -- to my understanding david wrote that ad. >> i know he is a conservative. >> can he explain something
12:48 am
about the ad? >> he seemed too big to be picked up. but he was also too small to be out on his own. where was he coming home from? why does he come home all by himself? >> did you like his dad, dr. keith ablow? did you like joe the plumber, his father? >> i don't think the person who put that ad together, do you think it was a little improvised? is that what happened? >> how was your day? you see that to your son? >> and there is the daughter. >> notice how there are no salad plates, but a salad. what are you supposed to do? >> they may have their salad. >> i was just in europe. >> i am half italian and we eat the salad first. >> do you think this was fear mongering? >> yeah.
12:49 am
we are screwed either way. >> they have the ability to do so. this deal is not going to stop them. not having a deal doesn't seem to stop them either. we are just going to get blown up. >> why is that such a bad thing? >> i am sick of hope mongering. >> why is it -- why is rand paul different from obama and the obama administration which seems to -- >> because the idea iran is about to push the button to get us over here is over blown. they are not suicidal. they are not like the guy with the bomb strapped to his chest. the ayatollah will not blow him up. they support other people doing that. they want that for a deterrent. >> what they will have now is the sanctions lifted and they will have the money flowing in where they can make mischief
12:50 am
with all of the other puppets they have in the middle east. >> i have never seen them work ever. people wanted to overthrow the ayatollah. at one point they were in the streets protesting. >> they are not going to do that. >> we will close things out with a bedtime story. you can keep talking.
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i was in a public speaking contest in middle school. when climbing off the stage i split my pants open. luckily i was wearing a thick pair of cotton bvd's. not so with lenny kravitz. his pants tore open and he let it all hang out. the package in question made it back to the u.s. faster than a concord jet. and it was featured on computer screens everywhere. not cool, says lenny. he is now suing the sites who are spreading the picture of him spreading. his legal team says the pictures breech their client's copyright, human right, right of publicity and performer rights. >> i know we are getting a kick out of this, but i don't think it is nice when someone's package is revealed on film. >> it wasn't revealed as much
12:55 am
as it escaped. >> he he was wearing leather pants and no underwear. >> every time someone says the name keith richards i get a nickel. >> i got the first part of the joke. >> i get it. >> i thought it was an homage to gene simmons tongue. >> he is one upping it. it was a wardrobe malfunction and he didn't mean for it to happen. we poke fun. we are snickering and everyone is snickering. if it was a young lady -- say it was miley cyrus -- no that's not a good example. >> up skirt photos are in fact allowed. they say privacy is to the necessarily a human right. when you are in public you are not entitled to privacy
12:56 am
because you are putting yourself out there. he, like squating like -- by squating like that, is ending his privacy jie. from what i understand up skirt photos, they are prosecuted all the time. people go around sneaking these photos. >> you don't have the copyright. >> how did you know what i was thinking? the way the copyright thing works if you send naked pictures and it appears on the site, unless you send them first to the copyright office, then anyone can use them. ighted.just wait for them to >> that's what you have to do. >> that is noise you can use. >> news you can use. >> we are laughing, but if this was a woman we would sympathize. >> yes, we are laughing at lenny kravitz. this is the best -- this is the only publicity lenny
12:57 am
kravitz has gotten. >> it is still good. >> riel ron, -- will ron, and that does it for me. did i mention kurt? >> me? >> i'm tom shillue. see you next time.
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♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. >> thumbs. >> have a good weekend. see you monday. >> that's the new one. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. after a debate in cleveland, watched by 24 million people here on fox, republican presidential candidates are in atlanta tonight for a gathering of conservatives. we will have that story in a minute. but first the breaking news. new details on a story we broke last night involving one of america's most dangerous enemies. an even more questions about president obama's iran nuclear deal. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is at the pentagon with our top story.


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