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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  August 14, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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cashing in tomorrow here on fnc and please remember the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, the 2016 race for the white house is at full speed as candidates hit the ground running in two states with reputations of making or breaking presidential hopes and it comes as brand new fox news polls show potentially big trouble for hillary clinton's campaign. i'm shannon bream in for megyn kelly. many campaigns start and end in iowa and new hampshire. that state is playing host to the first of the nation caucuses and first in the nation primary. nationwide for the republicans donald trump leading the pack by nearly double digits in the real clear politics average of polls. and then a crowded field of
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governor jeb bush, governor scott walker, senator marco rubio and dr. ben carson. here is how the candidates did in the state far in new hampshire in one of the best chances to make a face-to-face first impression. >> i don't think they are bad people. used to be they said it is so bad it has to be that they are bad people. i think they are very stupid people. our leaders don't have a clue. they are incompetent. >> you don't need to go around and lick the boots of the billionaires and special interest groups which i would never do. i would much rather quit than find myself trying to seek money from those people. >> right now we have a president that pushes down anybody that disagrees with him and he elevates himself with the sophisticated nuance view and that result is nothing gets done but it can. we can fix this. >> let us never apologize for who we are as a country, a country that cannot be explained
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apart from the providence of god himself. >> a leader's job is to serve. and in particular i think, now we need a leader in the white house who understands their service to the american people is to challenge the status quo that has existed in washington, d.c. for far too long. >> tonight who is standing out in the gop field and the polls reportedly giving democrats second thoughts about their front runner. we begin with carl cameron live in des moines. hello campaign carl. >> reporter: the fair started on wednesday and goes ten days. tomorrow is going to be jammed. they expect a crowd of about 120,000 about an average to put that into perspective the republican caucuses have about 120,000 people in it that will be a record. it explains why for these 17 candidates there is such a huge
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scramble for caucus supporters. tomorrow donald trump will be arriving here at 12:30. and when he does it will be a certain spectacle. the media front will be huge. the opportunity to interact will be a big deal. it is important to note beyond his rhetoric he has hired a very successful iowa organizer who helped rick santorum win here in 2012. beyond that you have also coming is ben carson who not only had a great debate and is surging in the polls but also has people organizing in all 99 counties as well as half precincts in there. behind that you have carly fiorina. it takes about 30,000 to potentially win in a field this big. look for john kasich who is focused on new hampshire to begin to try to connect with iowa voters. they watch what happened in new
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hampshire where he spent most of his time and new hampshire voters watch what he does in iowa. jeb bush was here today. he did what he needed to do. he came and he ate the deep fried snickers bar and tossed a pork chop visited and didn't make mistakes before the time he left. that raises the question about what happens to scott walker. he is from wisconsin. a governor ought to be a favorite nephew here. he opened the wisconsin fair a day before the last debate. finally, tomorrow at 10:30 hillary clinton will be here and that will be a spectacle too. >> we know you are going to stay on it. carl cameron, thank you so much. here now fox news digital editor. with all this talk of fried snickers you and i are in the wrong place tonight, right? >> wherever i am there is never a pork chop too far away. it is always within reach. >> we do share a wall. we are side by side offices. there is a lot of bacon over
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there. bacon is not the star at the fair out there but the candidates are. let's talk about new polling and where people rank and if you are surprised by what you are seeing. >> what do you have? >> if we are looking at clear politics latest polls we have trump at the top at 19%. behind him ben carson talking to political outsiders and iowa as you know we spent a lot of time there. people take votes very seriously. they want to talk to the candidates and meet them. trump seems to be convincing them in the polls at least. >> the two people seemed most advantaged by the big debate last week seemed to be carly fiorina who is not in the top five. we don't have enough good polling data yet. it seems that fiorina has bounce and seems ben carson has been
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advantaged. the message is people do not want a politician. the republican party is of the mind as evidenced by the wise and stable poll numbers apparently of donald trump that they definitely want an outsider. >> knowing what we know about iowa and how people operate there that they want to shake your hand at least three times before they decide if they are going to vote for you. trump is going to get more active there. he has such a great showing without really spending a lot of time there where it is a lot of retail politicking not being there is working for him. he is going to start spending time there. >> he is going to start spending time there some but will start laying out policy positions. that is where things get tricky for donald trump. he has been jokingly called the post policy candidate. he is a candidate about attitude and not policies. now the policies will come forth as we saw with his difficulties in answering questions about planned parenthood and maybe he
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would still fund planned parenthood and he is not sure. for these iowa voters they want to see you eat the fried snickers bar but really want to know for their very valuable caucus votes and as carl pointed out we are talking about a very small number of activists animated by core issues. if you are not right on the planned parenthood issue for the republican base in iowa you are not right at all. it doesn't matter how many pork chops you eat. >> that's true but fried snickers maybe. clinton has a commanding lead but she is continuing to have trouble on trust issues when asked about whether or not the statement about her e-mails saying i didn't knowingly send or receive something classified at the time 58% say she lied about that while 33% say there could be another explanation. we continue to have the drip on the e-mails. does it hurt her in the long term? >> i mean she is not as solid
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as you would think. if they would have told us five months ago where we would be today five months ago a defiant press conference at the united nations and said you get out of my face, this server is mine if you would have said five months from now the fbi will have the server they are looking it is reported for the possibility that there are backups of the e-mails that she destroyed. everybody thought she had taken a brazen but perhaps genius move which was to absolutely go just bonkers. we have deleted the e-mails. you can't have them. get out of my face. five months later she is not able to deliver on that. for democrats they have to say what else is coming for goodness sakes. >> i know you are dying to see al gore make another run at the white house but for now doesn't appear that is going to happen. happy friday night. that is your weekend gift. good to see you. >> bye. donald trump speaking a short time ago blasting his
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opponents and his critics not surprisingly. >> he is doing so badly that he figured to attack trump because i'm leading by a lot everywhere and i don't mind. i think he's never going to make it. >> how the presidential candidates and the media are responding to the front rner and why it is not like anything he has ever seen before. governor scott walker reacts to trump's latest remarks. we ask about plans to fight the recent slip in the polls. a police detective left beaten and bloodied. why he says he hesitated in his response to the suspect that nearly cost him his life. >> that's what is happening across the country right now with the local level law enforcements.
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everybody. and other than giving him a lot of money for an eye center at his request he asked can i have money and i said absolutely. i gave him a lot of money for an eye center which is very hypocritical when you think of it. but other than giving him a tremendous amount of money for his eye center which i am happy about because i'm sure they do good work i hope they do good work he is doing so badly that he figured he has to attack trump because i'm leading by a lot everywhere. i don't mind. i think he's never going to make it. never going to make it. can't make it. >> i have been attacked by perry of texas. he went like a rocket ship except in the wrong direction. i was attacked by lindsey graham and he had two points and now has zero. rand paul has very few points but i think he is going down too. i will say one further thing
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about rand paul. rand paul is using the people of kentucky. either run for senate and do a good job or run for president. you don't run for president and if i don't make it i will become your senator reluctantly. jeb bush said on women's health issues he won't fund them. then he said i misspoke i'm so sorry. i cherish women. women will be taken care of better with a president trump than anybody else republican or democrat anybody else. we are led by people that don't have a clue. honestly i think we are led by stupid people. i don't think they are bad people. used to be they said it is so bad it has to be that they are bad people. i think they are very stupid people. our leaders don't have a clue. they are incompetent. jeb has raised $114 million approximately. everybody that puts money up for jeb bush it's like he is a
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puppet. he is totally controlled by these people. jeb bush is controlled by the people that put up the money. so are the other candidates. i don't want money from people other than small donations because so many people -- one woman sent $7. i love where they invest in my campaign. i don't want that for the money. i want that because i think it is great. but jeb bush has $114 million. what is he going to do with it? he will start hitting me with ads. he has to because he is going down the tubes. i think that they will be probably involved because there is a lot of pressure on hillary right now. it has been brutal for hillary. i think she is perhaps not going to be able to run and will have to end her campaign. >> all right. that was a laundry list there. joining me now howie kurtz. it seems like he is continuing
6:16 pm
on what is working for him. he paints in very bold strokes when it comes to policy issues and is not afraid to go after anyone standing upon the stage with him. he went after somebody he did talk about carly fiorina and said am i not allowed to talk about her because she is a woman. she got thrown in the pile, too. >> he takes out this two by four and starts whacking away. he cherishes women. this is the trump style. it seems the whack at hillary is very instructive and said she is having problems. she is sliding in the polls and has the fbi investigating her e-mail. he flips to she is not going to be able to continue on the race like she is on the verge of dropping out and then another point i think joe biden needs to get in. he doesn't know that. the media don't know that either. the media says this is over the top the way he described hillary clinton then he will call the
6:17 pm
pundits a bunch of losers and idiots and extends the news cycle. >> he did talk about more policy and took a few questions there. one thing he talked about which he talked about a lot is mistreatment of veterans in our country and bipartisan everybody agrees it is a disaster in many many cases. he talked about things like i'm going to start firing federal employees like v.a. employees and there wasn't special legislation to that effect and talked about firing the epa. i think the department of education people. those are things that in reality these are federal employees many in unions with protections. you can't just do that. >> no. and it's also risky and problematic to say we are going to take isis's oil. how many troops is that going to take? trump is a master at the sound byte that sounds terrific to people who want to hear a nonpolitician promise easy
6:18 pm
solutions. he rarely drills down below the first couple of sound bytes. rand paul i beat him at golf. he didn't respond to in any way the ad showing old clips of donald trump saying he is liberal on health care and how he supported democrats and he doesn't need to do that because even as pundits and prognostcaters say we need to hear more policy specifics from donald trump when he flounders around on the issues or defunding planned parenthood he has taken three different versions of that this week his supporters don't care and his numbers are holding up. >> i have heard that audience very enthusiastic tonight except a boo when he mentioned the name hillary. we will see you sunday morning for media buzz. >> and we will be talking about this and also the other candidates, how do they get in the oxygen other than attacking trump so they get a headline.
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>> they have to strategize too. next presidential candidate governor scott walker is here. we will ask him about the policy plans he is releasing and the recent slip in the polls, what he wants to do bet that. another christian owning business coming under fire for refusing to take part in a gay wedding. we will talk to the business owner dealt a serious blow in his fight for religious freedom. >> united states constitution clearly protects my right of freedom of speech and freedom of religion. ♪ the goodness that goes into making a power kale chicken caesar salad is rivaled only, by the goodness felt while eating one. panera. food as it should be. ♪ it's a calling. a love affair. a quest. the next horizon.
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for more than two centuries we've helped progress makers turn their ideas into reality. and the next great idea could be yours. the way you have been surging in the polls people never elected to anything i think because voters are trying to send a message. i tell them i heard that message five years ago. that is why i stood up and ran in a state. >> that was republican presidential candidate governor
6:23 pm
scott walker on the white house hopefuls who are overtaking him in some iowa polling. the wisconsin governor had been the consistent front runner in the hawkeye state but that was before what some called a safe but not standout performance in last week's republican debate. new polling shows walker falling behind donald trump and dr. ben carson. he is joining us live and will release important policy plans soon. good to see you tonight. >> thanks for having me on. appreciate it. >> you described yourself as aggressively normal when it came to the debate. people love that you seem so steady and talk about the different fights in wisconsin. you were very slow and steady and survived all of the fights. is it the same thing that will hurt you in the race because maybe you are more policy driven you are not superdramatic. you are aggressively normal. >> i hope in the end people want
6:24 pm
more than just to be angry. that's why you see a number of people going up in the polls because they are upset with washington and particularly upset with republican leaders in washington who said elect the house and the senate we will start doing things like repealing obamacare. there is no bill. they haven't passed a bill. he is the president and likely to veto it but show the american people you will follow through on promises. people want to see that progress. a lot of anger out there. i think what makes me different is when i mentioned in that comment you played is i share that same sentiment five years ago when i ran for governor. i didn't just take on the unions and the democrats. i took on my own party. a lot of the establishment in my state legislature didn't want to do the things i said we needed to do. we wanted to think more about the next generation than just the next election. we got them to do that because we led and the state is much better off today because of it. i think americans want to be more than just angry. they want someone who will fight and win and get results and do
6:25 pm
it without compromising. if that is what you want i'm your candidate. >> how do you think this shapes out? we have these folks who are nonpoliticians dr. ben carson and donald trump taking up polling numbers and doing really well and convincing people it might be good to choose an outsider. do you think you and others within the gop field who have traditional government elected official experience will be able to harness some of what people find so attractive about them? >> i think there is a certain sense. i think for many i can throw carly fiorina in there. people are frustrated with washington and republicans even in washington. at least many in the leadership who are not following through on the promises they made to take action. they are not defunding planned parenthood and not pushing back on the bad iran deal. they want to see leadership. what i counter is i feel your pain and understand what you are talking about. don't you want someone who has
6:26 pm
proven they can take on the democrats and not just big government union bosses but our own party? we have shown it in a blue state and got results and balanced the budget cut taxes. we defunded planned parenthood. we joined the federal lawsuit against obamacare on the very first day we took office. next tuesday i will lay out a very specific plan about how we are going to not only repeal obamacare once and for all but our plan to put patients and families back in charge of health care decisions and how we get a republican led congress to act on that immediately which is what i think people wanted all along in the 2014 elections. others can talk. talk is cheap. you need someone to get the job done. >> that is a top criticism the gop house has taken in not offering up plans. critics say they talk all day about defunding obamacare. they voted to repeal it numerous times but don't have a solid
6:27 pm
replacement. let me ask you going into the next debate only a few weeks away will you do anything differently to avoid the safe but too safe sort of characterization you got this time around? >> i hope in the end we get a chance to not just answer gadget questions but talk about what we are for. the moderators can push us on the details. i will be talking about many other issues in the coming weeks. i hope people will ask us about it. i think people want to see your passion and don't want to just hear about the anger. the anger is legitimate. i heard it years ago when i ran for governor because i wanted my kids to have a better life than they had in this state. i think that is why most people who are upset are willing to stand up and do something about it. they are willing to stand up and elect someone to reclaim the country and make the country great again. if that is what you want i'm
6:28 pm
your candidate and i will lay that out clearly in not only the debate but in stops in iowa and nevada and new hampshire and plenty other places across this great country. >> we will see you on the trail and at the debate in september. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me on. coming up the white house attempts to go viral with the retweet. does it get the reaction it was probably hoping for. >> a veteran police detective beaten and left for dead by a suspect he had pulled over. why he says fear of the media's reaction made him hesitate and that nearly cost him his life. former l.a.p.d. homicide detective reacts. >> hit him several times with a gun hitting him until he stopped moving.
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developing tonight an alabama police detective is speaking out after being violently attacked saying he hesitated in using force because of the potential media reaction. that decision nearly cost him his life. it went down last friday. police say the birmingham detective pulled over a car for driving erratically until the driver apparently rushed the officer. the veteran cop decided to hold back saying he was unsure whether or not to pull his weapon because he didn't want to be accused of needlessly killing an unarmed man. this is a picture of what happened next. you see the officer on his knees covered in blood. police say the suspect grabbed the detective's gun and pistol whipped him leaving him on a sidewalk. it took 17 staples to close a wound in his head. what followed is more
6:33 pm
disturbing. instead of helping the injured officer by standers took pictures and posted them on social media mocking the detective and celebrating what happened one writing pistol whipped his blank to sleep. mark firmen is a former homicide detective. i have to start with the by standers and the reaction. taking pictures and mocking the officer as he lay there severely injured it appeared nobody knew at that point. what do you make of that as a former officer yourself? >> you have to say that the decency is absolutely gone absent. the morality of these people the incense tivity to anybody laying unconscious after being beaten. it makes you wonder what our country is coming to. it's actually just the tip of the iceberg for the movement
6:34 pm
that is going on right now, this antipolice and this is not surprising for the crowd and i'm sure there are celebrations all over the country about this issue. >> i want to play a little bit of the fraternal order of police president had to say about why this detective hesitated. here is his explanation. >> he did hesitate and that is what is happening across the country with the local level law enforcement. it's not that the officers are not trained because they are. we are well trained. it's just the way some media is covering and the criminals as victims, we are hesitant and walking on egg shells. >> what does that do for officers in the field? they have to make split second decisions. >> they have to. they cannot hesitate when violence is before them. sometimes a quick and decisive
6:35 pm
decision stops further escalation. the hesitation and i want to be really clear, i think it would be hard to argue that what is going on is strictly down racial lines. this was a ferguson situation all over again and this officer probably in mill iseconds was running through his mind what happened to darren wilson being 100% right losing his job and career and having to move out of sight and get out of town basically. it ruined his life. this officer hesitated and did not want to get in that position and look what happened. he saw a black suspect. the suspect saw a white officer. there is definitely a war on cops right now but i'm going to tell you it's right down racial lines and we see it. and the media is jumping on when the black suspect is injured, killed or beaten but when the reverse happens there is rarely any coverage except for fox i
6:36 pm
couldn't find anything on this today on any national channel. >> you have to wonder if there is some middle ground here between bringing forth legitimate grievances involving the rare law enforcement officer and expecting the rest of the force to be protected and able to make decisions that will protect them and others around them and certainly the followup of leaving an officer on the ground and leaving pictures. no one will find that acceptable. no decent person. thank you for your time sir. >> thank you, shannon. up next a christian baker who refused to make a cake for a same-sex wedding was dealt a serious blow in his fight he says for religious freedom. he is here. we will ask him what is next. we will show you how a canadian politician's unconventional approach to politics is taking off on social media. >> i'm wyatt scott and i'm running for parliament.
6:37 pm
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6:41 pm
this started in 2012 when they asked the owner to design a wedding cake for them. baker jake phillips declined said he couldn't do a wedding cake due to deeply held religious beliefs. the couple complained. the state civil rights commission agreed and ordered phillips to make cakes for same-sex celebrations if asked but to retrain staff and support quarterly compliance reports to confirm he has not turned away customers. yesterday the colorado court of appeals upheld the position rejecting the notion that first amendment rights had been violated. christian wagner is senior vice president of legal services with alliance defending freedom. what has this been like for you? >> it's been quite a whirl wind.
6:42 pm
we are here in new york city talking to you. it's also quite a surprise to see that the government that is supposed to be protecting my rights is becoming the greatest threat that i have. >> especially this ruling yesterday that said making a cake does not communicate that you endorse same-sex marriage. basically saying you making the cake nobody would think that means you endorse the ceremony it represents. >> i would have to disagree. the bride when she comes in wants me specifically to make the cake and be part of the wedding. >> i have to refer back to the original hearing by the commission. and in that transcript of this hearing that was the original part of your case the lower body there was a commissioner who said this idea of you using freedom of religion saying freedom of religion has been used to justify all kinds of discrimination throughout history whether slavery, the
6:43 pm
holocaust, whether it be hundreds of situations where freedom of religion has been used to justify discrimination and to me it is the most despicable pieces of rhetoric that people can use. your reaction to those words? >> i mean my father fought in world war ii against the holocaust. he was part of the division that marched through europe and landed on omaha beach. he won the purple heart, patched him up and sent him back and helped liberate a concentration camp. for her to compare a cake and my government trying to control what i do with that to the holocaust and the nazis is absurd. >> we appeal. this kind of government coercion should be frightening to all of
6:44 pm
us whether we believe in same-sex marriage or don't whether religious or not. the important thing is that civil liberties travel together. if you believe in economic freedom then you need to support religious freedom. we are all in this together. >> you have to commit to comprehensive retraining for your staff. you have to give quarterly compliance reports for two years to the government. i thought this was interesting. the compliance report should document the number of patrons denied and list the reasons denied service. how do you comply with that? >> it's impossible because it's not just a wedding cake that i'm declining sometimes. it's other things that i just don't do for more than religious purposes. it's not just the wedding cakes or that bride. we have had other customers who come in for years who look forward to me doing their daughter's wedding cake because we are not doing them because of government coercing --
6:45 pm
>> you have to do them for all couples. >> it is taking away her right to choose where she wants to go. >> important to know when this case started same-sex marriage wasn't legal in colorado. of course it is now following the supreme court's decision in june. keep us up to date on the appeal. we would love to know more and watch how this plays out. thank you for coming in. we want to talk to the other side. rob boston is with americans united for separation of church and state which filed a friend of the court brief in this case. thank you for joining us. you obviously agree with the ruling yesterday. but where do you draw the line? do you think there is some balance between genuinely held religious beliefs and not asking someone to participate in a ceremony that they don't want to lend what they argue is their artistic talent to a particular ceremony. >> what if the individuals that mr. phillips was discriminateing against were jews or african-americans or latinos or catholics, nobody would
6:46 pm
seriously argue in that case but he had a right to discriminate. we did away with that type of discrimination. in colorado the law protects lgbt individuals as it protects african-americans, jews et cetera. it is an extension of a policy that i think made us better stronger more decent nation. i am appalled that there are individuals trying to re-establish a theory of discrimination and cloak it in the nobl garments of religious liberty. it is not a club to attack others. >> would you agree that the commissioner who likened it specifically talked about slavery and the holocaust? >> that rhetoric is probably over the top. i would look at the jim crow era. we had business owners saying you can't stay here. you can't eat here. you are not welcome in this place. the restaurant that serves you people is across town or the next town over.
6:47 pm
that was a serious harm to dignity and to human decency to those individuals and can be difficult to people who haven't been on the receiving end to imagine how the individuals felt when they were told get out. we worked hard to erratadicate that. we are not going to put that discrimination into the for profit market. a house of worship can do what they want. the law in colorado says serve everybody or serve no one. that is the rule. >> very quickly before we are out of time. dissenting justices in june out of the supreme court warned people with genuine religious convictions will be deemed bigots that they will not be able to live out their religious faith in their life not just at the church or synagogue or mosque but in monday through friday business life.
6:48 pm
do you think the supreme court has to decide the case? >> the real important issue is that the ground is shifting beneath our feet. many more people are supportive of lgbt rights. some individuals aren't happy with that and looking for a way to discriminate. we laid that issue to rest more than 50 years ago. i don't think we are going back. >> a lot of folks say they don't intend to discriminate and will serve but don't want to particularly take part in a specific ceremony. we will see where the lines continue to be drawn. we thank you for your time. thanks for joining us. when we return the growing outrage over a major retailer's decision to ditch labels for boys and girls, toys. a tweet pushing the deal with iran back fires. and a dark horse candidate running for office in canada releases an ad for the ages. >> freezer canon! >> i'm an independent candidate and i'm here to fight for canada!
6:49 pm
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6:52 pm
tonight, new fox poll numbers are out. showing that the majority of americans 58% say if they were in congress they'd reject the iran nuclear deal. also today, the obama administration is getting backlashfter ginning up support. posting this on the twitter. straight out of uranium. you wrote a piece on this. basically saying you're against the iran nuke deal and you saw the meme. >> the 58% must have not seen the meme. very convincing. i'm a millennial so i make all
6:53 pm
my decisions based on memes. as long as i know they like all the super cool stuff, then i know they have our best interests and are no longer worried about the billions of dollars going to people who want to kill us. >> the first criticism is that's probably not even accurate. >> it s. they won't be straight out of uranium. that's not what's happening. they will definitely still be able to produce uranium. really funny meme. facts, whatever. you know. >> obviously, this is off of straight out of compton. as we've seen with republicans and democrats alike, when they try to do these kind of cutesy social media things it often does not go well for them. people are snarky on the internet. they come back hard onnia. >> unfortunately hillary was the most recent one before this with the tell me about your student
6:54 pm
debt. she's trying so hard to be cool. she's not cool with the selfies. i heard her say amen sister in response to an interview question. she's not cool. >> talking about trying to be cool. they're not going to gender label their toys. they had building sets like pink one for girls, is this legit? >> i thought how it was weird how it says building sets and girls' building sets. i hate moving in the direction that you can't talk about anything in terms of gender. there are thing yz like to do that i consider woman type things. i analyze my text messages more than most men do i'm sure. pedicures. i want to be able to call them woman things. but, you know let's be honest about the fact that statistically, there are gender differences. >> girls are going to want to
6:55 pm
play with dolls. boys will want to play with trucks. but everybody should be able to play with everything. this guy is running for parliament. he's slaying dragons, it's out there. but we're talking about him. >> exactly. exactly. there's so much entertainment out there. that you have to be entertaining. in order to have anyone pay attention to you at all h. look what's going on with donald trump right now. >> this guy, he catches someone who falls out of the sky. there it is. it's a guy in a dress. he keeps looking at the dam rucamera and screaming i'm running for parliament. can't you see him sitting at the bar and eating chicken wings. >> i don't know about the necklaces. >> weird. >> not anything good. this guy says i'm running independently. i have to do what i have to do to get -- there he is killing a
6:56 pm
robot. okay. thank you for weighing in on all this. >> thank you. we will be right back. with my moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor. she told me that humira helps people like me get uc under control and keep it under control when certain medications haven't worked well enough. humira can lower your ability to fight infections including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. raise your expectations. ask your gastroenterologist about humira.
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her name is poppy lues hager. judge napolitano and dana perino on monday. have a great weekend. welcome to "hannity." from the moment that he entered the race donald trump has been shaking up the 2016 republican primary. the businessman had a commanding lead in the polls. part of it may have to do with his nonconventional style. watch this. >> ladies and gentlemen, president of the united states donald j. trump. the american dream is dead. but i'm going to make it bigger and better and stronger than ever before. okay? i don't want to run a third party or as an independent. i want to rupn as a republican. as long as i'm t


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