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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 17, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> we are staying here on the web. click overtime tab and we are back at noon eastern time. "happening now" starts now. >> hillary clinton under fire for the e-mail scandal. f did the former u.s. secretary of state expose u.s. secrets. plus, out of control wildfires in southern california to the pacific northwest. >> it came hot and heavy. >> flames sent people running
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for their lives. >> we grabbed and left. >> and. >> it was gone. >> brazen bandits caught on camera. whose classic car did the thieves make off with? it is all "happening now". we begin with new developments in the 2016 campaign trail. candidates talk to the voers in the first caucus state in iowa. >> i am jenna lee. >> and i am eric shown in for jop scott. carle fiorina is taking the stage. among the candidates making the news. the first poll since the fox news channel debate. and showed that scott walker slipping a bit and carle fiorina
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gaining and donald trump remains front runner. >> fox news showed that bernie sanders gaining the ground on hillary clinton. we have kathryn harris on the e-mail. and we have the latest fox poll numbers. >> reporter: 17 candidates. and it can bring substantial consequences to the race for the republicans. latest fox news poll donald trump has a quarter of the fox voters. and carson jumping and ted cruz with third and jeb bush in fourth place. and walk wither falls from 9 to 6. and carle fiorina doubles her support and jumps in the top ten. marco rubio and governor
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christie round out the top ten. the democrat it is a narrowed lead. she leads bernie sanders 49- 30. and biden at ten percent. and he will decide by the end of the summer whether to run. >> a handful of republicans are campaigning in iowa. governor scott walker addressed one critic that charged him with falling his state. >> i am not intimidated by you, sir, i will fight for the american people over and over and over and over again. you want somebody who is tested. i am right here and you can see it. this is what happened in wisconsin and we will not back down. we'll do what is necessary to defend the american people going forward. >> reporter: meanwhile the
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republican front runner started his day in court. he was on jury duty. it is unclear if he will serve. >> that's pretty good, rich. >> reporter: yes. >> and back to the e-mail controversy and the number of e-mails on hillary clinton's server that contained classified information. catherine has more details. >> reporter: thank you, eric. this morning the state department confirmed 53 classified e-mail and understand that several hundred others are under suspicion of containing classified information. this is in line with with the general inspector assessment that hundreds will be found. when david petraus prosecuted it
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was deemed to. but there was no information ever went beyond the two of them. by contrast, the congressional source familiar with the e-mail tells fox news that the damage to mrs. clinton's case may be unknowable. there are multiple copies and the servers and three thumb drives were not properly secured and mrs. clinton was using a private account to receive national security information. separately a highly decorated marine is facing dishonorable discharge for sending a classified report to others in afghanistan. and he can so on an unclassified personal e-mail account. it was not acted on and three marines were killed in the 2012
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attack. the father of one of the victims said there are laws for the elite when it comes to classified information and laws for everyone else. >> i lost my son. i will never have him. and i will never hold my son again. but now they turn around and ruining a young man's career for trying to do the right thing. >> reporter: the clinton team hangs the hat that they were not marked classified. that is no excuse under the law. in the petraus case none were marked classified. >> see what mrs. clinton referred to messaging app snap chat. >> i know that people across the country are following us on social media as well.
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by the way, you may have seen that i recently launched a snap chat account. i love it. i love it. those messages disappear all by themselves. >> she may be mocking the e-mail issue but it is hurting can her poll numbers. up next we have betsy. let me start with you. what does it mean with the new fox news poll that showed mrs. clinton slipped not just slipped but 61 percent in june to 49 percent in the last two months? >> it is bad news. the fact that her lead over the closest democrat competter shows that she has serious big problems and they may be surmountable but she needs to
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take them seriously. and making jokes about snapshot may suggest she is out of touch and it makes her seem like she doesn't take it seriously. and the same time percentage of voters that said she cares about them declined. >> she's below 50 percent and got money and organization and backing of the democratic establishment. >> i think it is bad. these e-mails are not going away. it is a drip, drip, drip situation. we learn more and more classified information is found on the e-mails and over the weekend bob baier a cian operative said that if it was him in the situation, he would be fired immediately and prosecuted and maybe sent to jail. she is making jokes about this? this is a very serious matter
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and it is the type of thing that might draw joe biden who sees her numbers dropping and a serious criminal investigation out there jump in the the race. >> is there a sense of the doj and the fbi involved in this question. is there a sense in washington that there can or may be a serious investigation for criminal charges? >> some people say they can't imagine it under the obama administration doj pressing charges like this against the democratic front runner and former secretary of state in the administration. i am not so sure. intelligence matters, these may have a life of these on and maybe obama doesn't have any say. i wouldn't count it out entirely. >> betsy what happen? she said it was classified after
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the fact and nothing was marked as classified and so she could say i didn't know. what is the sense of a serious investigation leading to something like the petraus case. >> just because it was not marked classified doesn't matter. john sclindler wrote an in- depth piece in the daily beast and detailed it doesn't mean anything if it doesn't have mark on it. they are trained on how to properly use. it it is protected and not labelled that is a copy out and doesn't hold water. it is weird that defense is what she is using when she previously said there was no classified information. it could involve drone strikes in pakistan. and the reason it is classified top secret it matters for the united states national security. >> what do you think is going to happen, betsy?
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>> i have no idea. i think it will hurt her campaign, we'll keep getting the news on the e-mails and investigation going up to january and it depends on what it finds and goes. no question. >> jamie? >> most experts say these e-mails are probably in the hands of our enemies, china and russia who have sophisticated hacking abilities. it is likely that the private server ended up in the weres of our enemy intelligence service. >> this is not going away any time soon. thank you so much. a desperate situation in the west. triggered evacuations and latest on the containment efforts. >> we had an earthquake and oh, my goodness. >> i know what that is like.
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a weatherman goes off script as a earthquake hits while he is on the air. and we want to hear from you. if you are voting in the primary today. go to fox news.comto join happening now to join the investigation. -- conversation.
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a fox news alert. fire crews out in the west working around-the-clock. there is gusty winds and scorching heat that is fuelling the flames. devastation all the way up the coast and inland as well. wildfireses are in california, montana and washington state and oregon and idaho. we have more from janise dean. we'll start with william from los angeles on the latest on the fires. >> reporter: jenna, from a national perspective it doesn't get worse. 35000 firefighter working the fires that have burned an area
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larger than rhode island and that is from active fires only including 11 new ones overnight. high winds and drought and record- setting heat and prompting a national alert level to the highest possible, five. nationwide. we have no more manpower or helicopter left. every available asset is excited to an existing fire. they may request help from australia and new zealand since canada is maxed out. >> 10000 are without power and 75 have no homes. >> it came quick and hot and heavy and the winds kicked up and it was unstoppable. >> i got there and granned what we could quickly and left. in oregon 12, montana 10, 2 in
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idaho, including 300000 acre burned and california, red flag warning in affect for much of the state and meaning a simple spark could ignite a new wildfires. 19 burning here and that is affecting air quality and take a look at san francisco. residents think that everyone is cooking on the bar-b-que even when they are not. >> smoke came in and you could so it and smell it actually. >> reporter: 30000 firefighters deployed. last time it happen was 2013. we have burned 6.5 million acre. we still have two months to go for fire season. >> thank you. >> the wildfires are feeding off of the tender box. man, they need rain.
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>> they do but they will not see rain. high pressure is anchored over the pacific and all of the moisture that we are seeing is well east of the regions that are burning right now. and hearts and prayers to the 30000 firefighters and families out battling the fires. 78 right now and keeps getting worse over 100 acre in the west that are burning right now. and what is not helping, we have very high temperatures in the southwest. a little relief for parts of the interior northwest as a cold front moves in but the rest of the region warm temperatures and fire index as we go in the afternoon and early evening and that's the poapproximate tential for more wildfires spreading. and no moisture in the forecast and look at the next seven days. we could have dry lightning and any of the moisture involved in the storms evaporates and we are
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left with lightning that spark more wild fires. and that is extreme to exceptional droughts for many of the areas that are burning right now. and we look ahead to august and october. and hoping to get precipitation for parts of the southwest and california. and when you look at temperatures, we are dealing with above average for the west. eric, i think el nino, it might help but until then it is dry. >> and above average rain hopefully comes with the fall. out west, hits keep on coming. a small earthquake struck the san francisco bay this morning. it did rattle some nerves. this is the weatherman live on the air. >> oh, my gosh.
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what an earthquake. oh, my goodness. this is a good one. all right. all right. that is. and you are on the air and you can't do that. and no one can blame them for being startled. it was described as a good jolt. and that will wake you up. and one witness described it as a quick short shake. >> i know you are from back there and people approximate are used to it. >> they are never used to it but you can laugh it off. >> is this the beginning or will we get more earthquakes. >> and coming up here on the fox news channel, the obama administration calling out chinese government agents right here on our soil. and they are operating illegally in our country and what they are doing and how to make a september visit from the chinese president a little bit
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dozen killed in a bombing in bangkok. the surveillance camera kamentured the dramatic wlaft. someone placed that pipe bomb that you can see going off and set to explode in the evening rush hour. no one claimed responsibility for the attack but the shrine is a major tourist a sdprakz the bombers targeted foreigners to hurt the tourism industry.
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now the story. obama administration putting china on notice. about the government agents that are working secretly. it is operation fox hunt as it is called. the chinese attempt to repatriot individuals. that warning coming ahead a visit from the chinese president. >> joining me is the author of the coming collapse of china. >> who is the target? >> there is a list of 100 that china issued in april. 40 of those individuals are here in the united states. the president is conducting a purge in the anti- corruption campaign. and new chinese leaders try to clean house. he is more relentless about
10:26 am
this. you have political enemies that pled here and they want them back. he wants to consolidate his position. >> what could they be governmenty of? >> corruption. and they call them economic fugitives and they are not angels and so has his family. and so everyone there is. >> and so what is the issue. china going after the officials or they are not transparent? >> i think the big issue is not they are villians. we have known that for sometime. but the agents have been work nothing the united states openly for a decade and we haven't done anything about it. not only this administration but previous ones. >> are they targets of the investigation. are they bad people and should
10:27 am
we be helping china getting them back to chinese land or not? should we help protect them? >> they are bad people, but i don't believe we should repatriot them. we don't want to help jinping approximate. the operation fox hunt is not in the american interest. there is no justice for them. they will be put internal disciplinary system where they are torteured and once they go through the season they are broken physically and mentally. we should not return people to that type of a system. >> what are you hearing as far as the secret agents go after these individuals? >> they just find them and by the way, we know your brother your son and nephew is back in
10:28 am
china and we'll make it difficult for them. and they probably say, look. we'll do a deal you can keep so much money or whatever. and this is going on for sometime. >> so the first state visit from the chinese president this is under the shadow of the hack attack. the united states did not come out and saying that china took the records. you have this issue. and so many others, and there is a lot to talk about. how do you think the administration should handle the meeting. >> there should not be a formal state visit or south lawn or 21 gun salute or formal dinner. that is hideous given all that is going on. and senior chinese general came to washington and he didn't get the 19 gun salute at the pentagon and obama didn't meet him which was unprecedented.
10:29 am
that is a temp late. yes, we will talk to you but we will not legitimize the machine. they want photograph. or united states loves the communist party and what xi jinping gets all of the honors. and we'll watch. >> and they have sky net. if you have seen the terminator movie. that is creepy. >> what is it? >> operation fox hunt and the sky net initiative are the same thing going after the individuals. >> you ever get spooky feelings on e-mail? >> ominous. >> and thank you very much. eric. >> gordon is scaring me today. >> coming up. we'll have a story. national labor relations board
10:30 am
ruling against the northwestern playersment we'll break do you know what it all means. and a trial without end for the american who is locked up in a notorious prison. why doesn't iran free him? his brother joins us live on "happening now".
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>> fox news alert for you now. national labor relations board
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dismissing a ruling that gave a northwestern football player the right to form the first college union. the board saying it could throw off the competitive balance between union and nonunion teams. hi, mike. >> just like you said, northwestern football players may not unionize it. it over turned a decision from the regional nlrb in 2014. and that could choose to unionize. at the time players cast secret ballots and we will not know what the players chose. the unionization could lead to different standards from the practice time allowed and to the amount of money players could receive. northwestern players said players are first and foremost students and long- term health
10:35 am
and academic support will be addressed through different channels. we believe that unionization and collective bargaining are not appropriate methods to address concerns. we are pleased that the nlrb has agreed with the university's position. there is no response for comment. therefore, the panel did not rule on the central question of whether college athletes fits the definition of employees. >> eric, freedom for an american reporter is on hold today. jason has been in the notorious teheran prison on charges of espionage that he denies.
10:36 am
last week a verdict was imminent. and could be coming by today. but they now say the trial is not over. jason's family is awaiting the fate. we have his brother here. a li, last week we talked and you were hopeful and now what? >> we are still waiting to hear from our lawyer. we were expecting it tomorrow or the next day. their law said it should be within seven days. we hope they will stick for that. >> what is the lawyer advising. >> she's trying to see the judge. they will tell her when the verdict comes down and we'll be able to find out. just continuing to talk about his innocence and no evidence against him. is just a sham. >> your mother is in teheran and
10:37 am
able to see him sporatically and when does she see him next? >> tomorrow normally they can talk on the telephone. and they don't get physical contact. and friday a four minute telephone call with him. >> what did she hear from him this friday. >> he's concerned and wanted to know people were thinking about him and everyone knows he's innocent. >> we are. and we will focus on when we will hear the sentence. he could be sentenced and set free and the iranian justice system is difficult to understand and navigate as we all know. take us back to the day a little more than a year ago when you heard your brother was arrested. where were you and what happened? >> i was at home, and it was july at home with my son.
10:38 am
we were together. i got a call from jason's boss and he told me about it and we said okay, they are looking into it and this kind of thing happens and i thought it would be a day or two and it kept dragging on and on. >> when did you realize it could be long-term. >> you don't want to admit it. there is no precedent like this happening to western journalism at all. it could be a week or a few days or a month and kept on-going. >> how did it impact your family? >> my mom went back to iran and stressful for her. and i go to dc. and i do everything i can to get the message out about jason and get him out. >> where do you any from now? >> we'll wait for the verdict and make sure everyone knows
10:39 am
what happens. there will be so much pressure that the iranians will do the right thing and let jason come home. >> we'll see what happens next. did you get an indication from jason that he was concerned about work nothing teheran? >> no. he worked hard to make sure he was boy the book. they have rules and he was not covering controversial things. and that is where it came out he was squeaky clean. >> i encourage people to check out the twitter feed. last story was american baseball catching on in iran. he discussed the culture there. and a li. we'll be watching the story closely. >> thank you so much. >> and now to brazil, thousands of protestors are calling out
10:40 am
corruption. and they say the president of the country, is the worker's party and calling for her impeachment. this is the third round of countrywide protest already this year. the president currently filing a snow balling corruption. a weakened economy and downward sphiral of brazil currency. >> all three of the people on your screen accused of trying to leave home and join isis. this shows the reach that isis has on american soil. how do we stop the influence from growing here. what could be triggering the increase in the deaths? ♪ [music]
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10:44 am
he will sign no on the president obama's nuke deal after considering going with yes. hillary clinton, breaking news on the the e-mail. the number is bigger than 50. and megastore target is adding a service you might like and delta airlines is doing something you will probably not like. all those stories and more coming up. >> traffic deaths are on the rise this year. there is a 14 percent jump in the first six months of the year. that means 19000 people lost their lives in june. and the council's president said improved economy and lower gas prices are encouraging them to drive a record number of miles. >> jenna, a terrorist suspect is back in the buffalo courtroom on terrorism charges. eric stocked up with weapons and
10:45 am
trying to join the isis fight in syria and pled not guilty. and a young mississippi couple are in jail accused of trying to join isis. how can the alarming trend stop? we'll have more now, tom? >> start with nagi. 44 years old and divorced and two grown kids and worked as a delivery man and out of a job. it is a pass of being attracted to isis and the cause and trying to go join them abroad? >> great to be here, eric. we are seeing in europe and the united states. as most of us are revolted bite drownings and stories like kayla
10:46 am
muller. but some of our society are attracted to. it it gives them a purpose. certainly the utcan have the side of things and other people who subscribe to the jihaddist views which is the extreme version of sun ni islam see the united states -- to them it is to what freedom in america is to us. >> he pledges a legiance to the head of the islamic state? >> yes. this is a difficult thing. fortunately the fbi are very aware of this and a lot of people who try to join the groups are stupid in terms of international security. and in the uk for example now. mi five that does the domestic
10:47 am
intelligence agency slightly different frn the fbi. the amount of people coming back from syria is so large, that they can't monitor people to the degree they would the want to. there is a great concern in europe about the terrorist attack. and the ideology spread across the world. we have seen across the world. >> i am concerned about the ones who are not stupid that are here now and could attack our country. >> actly. the people who are paying more attention and calculating are harder to attack. and thanks to edward snowden. they have avoided the u.s. intelligence grid. it allows them to better protect themselves against the authorities. that is a big problem.
10:48 am
>> it is remarkable, this guy lived one block away from the six, back in 2003. six young men in buffalo convicted and trying to join al-qaeda and down in mississippi, an amazing case against a 22-year-old and jaylen young, 19, she was a cheerleader and honor student and police officer's daughter and arrested trying to travel from mississippi to join isis. the number of young muslims are seduced by the islamic state and resonated as far as stackville, mississippi it is a feeling that the struggle and terror in foreign deserts are not as far from the american heartland as they might have seen. is that true, tom? >> it is true. and the unfortunate thing,
10:49 am
critically, eric. those who say we have time are wrong. it is not what they are doing in the region and slaughter the sunni tribes that are moderate. it is every time the islamic states capture new territory and has another attack and recruits new americans, it feeds the narrative that they are goddy warriors and america, the most powerful country in the world cannot defeat them. and so to defeat the islamic state you have to destroy the islamic state. i have a piece of what i thought we should do. it is not a patient thing to push off to the side and delay to a future president. >> it is the immediate challenge of our times. >> thank you. >> and scathing new report and stunning details on how amazon
10:50 am
is responding today. and also this. >> the decorated vietnam veteran with a purple heart and not a guy who brags about it. >> someone knows where those trailers are at. there is a reward. >> a vietnam veteran a victim of a car theft. one big- name business owner is also one. quietly as possible. ♪ [whirring drones] ♪ no sudden movements. ♪ [screaming panic] ♪ [whirring drones] google search: bodega beach house. ♪ ♪ [drones crashing] ♪
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one of the three cars stolen in the detroit area this weekend has been found. police found the 1971 chevrolet camaro that belongs to the founder of papa johns. turns out he sold the gold and black car decades ago to start the pizza company before he
10:54 am
bought it back in 2009. the $10,000 reward was being offered to try to catch the thieves. and they happened to victimize a decorated vietnam veteran. his 1966 chevy was stolen along with the trailering it. both cars took part in the dream cruise. america's biggest online retailer amazon called out for reportedly bullying its workers. amazon is firing back in a big way. >> the amazon fight back is led by founder and ceo jeff bazos who said he doesn't recognize the company the "new york times" wrote about. he appealed to workers to e-mail him directly if they witnessed of what he called the shockingly
10:55 am
callus behavior writing even if rare or isolated our tolerance for lack of empathy needs to be zero. amazon workers we spoke to this morning have few complaints. >> that's not been my experience at all. i have loved every minute at amazon. great benefits and nothing negative to say about it. >> if you are not working as much as you are not going to grow as fast. it is very competitive. >> the "new york times" article alleged amazon had no sympathy for things as cancer and miscarriages and is cold to weed out what are called weak links. another former employee identified by the times said you walk out of a conference room
10:56 am
and you see a grown man covering his face. nearly every person i worked with i saw cry at their desk. mr. bezos said if all stories were true anyone would be crazy to stay saying i know i would leave such a company. >> thank you. here is a story you will barely believe. police say one man took his apparent obsession with bears to a bizarre level. we have the final 30 next. ♪ forget about your worries ♪ i mean the bear necessities ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently.
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police say they want to talk to a man wearing a realistic looking bear costume while harassing a mother bear and her cubs. the mother bear and cubs were trying to feed on salmon in the
11:00 am
river. witnesses say the man was jumping up and down before driving off in his bear costume. >> those are real bears. >> apparently he did drive off in his bear costume. strange. >> thank you for joining us. "the real story with gretchen" starts now. hi. we kick it off with a fox news alert because the number of hillary clinton e-mails flagged as classified getting bigger by the moment. i'm gretchen carlson. a source telling fox news officials flagged more than 300 e-mails that may contain classified data as they continue to comb through messens. chief white house correspondent ed henry live in washington with the latest. the fbi investigation seems to be widening now. and yet hillary clinton was kind of laughing it off in iowa, right? >> she was. pretty remarkable on the campaign trail. let's start with


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