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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 22, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and to all of you for watching. i'm paul gigot. we hope to see you here next week. brand-new details on the brave americans who tackled a gunman onboard a high-speed train in france. we're going to talk to the parents of the national guardsman who helped bring down the shooter and saved countless lives. iranian tv brought a brand-new ballistic missile to the world as the white house fights to push forward a nuclear deal. chairman ed royce joins us with his reaction. >> and crisis on the world's most fortified border with north and south korea on the brink of war, can a face-to-face meeting bring them back?
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i hope you're having a great saturday at home. thanks for spending at least part of it with us. i'm leland vittert. >> and i'm elizabeth prann from washington. thanks to the quick action of three americans who knocked out a gunman before he could kill anyone onboard. president obama said the actions of the u.s. airmen and his two buddies prevent add far worse tragedy. amy kellogg is in london with the details. hi, amy. >> reporter: and over on this side of the pond, elizabeth, a french counterterrorism expert said it was a miracle, that it was a lucky coincidence three americans were in right place at the right time and with the requisite courage most importantly to prevent a blood bath from happening. now two of those americans were honored last night. they got medals of honor in the city of arras, france. spencer stone of the u.s. air
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force is still in the hospital. he's being treated for box cutter wounds. the others are alek skarlotos and anthony saddler, a college student from sacramento. the three friends were traveling through europe. skarlotos finished a tour in afghanistan. a french passenger on the high-speed train through amsterdam first encountered the suspect laden with weapons coming out of the bathroom. the frenchman tried to stop the suspect who opened fire injuring one person seriously and then the three americans sprung into action attacking the suspect. >> he didn't say a word. he looked like he might have been on drugs because he looked so out of it, not all the way there, i guess you could say. >> he definitely planned the shooting, had seven or eight magazines in his backpack with him and two firearms. he was there to do business, that's for sure.
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>> the suspect tried to shoot spencer stone but his weapon jammed. he got on with an ak-47, a 9 millimeter pistol and box cutters. he's a 26-year-old man of moroccan descent. they believe he is a man who they heard about from spanish authorities because he had been living in spain. they had alerted the french saying he was involved with radical islamists. he may have traveled to syria. details are coming together as we speak and this man is in the custody of french terror police as we speak. >> amy kellogg reporting live. thank you. >> parents of one of the heroes, national guard specialist alek skarlotos, are underably standa proud of their son and friend. emanuel skarlotos, his father, joins us on the phone.
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i understand you've been able to talk to your son. if you would, emanuel, take us through what happened on that train as relaid by your son. >> when he called he told me, dad, i just -- spencer and i just took down a terrorist on a train. and i said, what? he explained it and would you like me to run through it real quick? >> please. >> alek, spencer and spencer's friend, anthony, were sleeping on the train, and alek was awake. alek heard what he thought was a shot. and glass breaking. he was startled but didn't think it was all that serious. he wasn't quite sure. and then someone ran by maybe that worked on the train. next thing you know from the other car coming into their car
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was the man with the kalashnikov ak-47. he alerted spencer quickly to wake up. alek heard, which keyed him off to making a move, the guy was fumbling with the magazine. from what i understand there were seven or eight magazines that the guy had, some 30 rounds each, military bullets. >> incredible your son had the presence of mind to jump in at that point. we're looking a picture of him in uniform. my understanding is alek had just come back from afghanistan, he had served in combat over there? >> yes. and he was there for nine months and he was back for just a month and then he went to europe. >> who would have thought of that as a father? i'm sure you were worried sick the whole time he was in afghanistan and all of a sudden he heads to europe for vacation with his buddies and that's where he takes down a terrorist on a train. >> exactly. my exact thoughts.
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it was just -- i was in awe. after i spoke with him on the phone, he had to go -- he was at the police station after they got off the train in that town. when he told me the story i was just listening and listening, asking him questions. the more he spoke, the more questions he asked. i've got to go. the police want to -- you know. >> i just saved hundreds of lives. i might be busy at this point of the day. >> right. >> one thing i wanted to ask you about, alek and his buddy spencer, spencer was in the air force. our understanding is he's still in the hospital. has alek been able to see him, and is there any idea how he's doing? >> i haven't communicated since the first call. he's been so busy and i can't call him and he can't call me. i've only been able to communicate through messenger on facebook. >> we hope he does.
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understandably he's busy. our understanding is he wants to be a police officer. what do you think about that? >> frankly, i'm not crazy about it but he really wants to be doing that. with the climate today with the police and the negativity, the false negativity out there that people contrive, i worry about that. somebody has to stand up, i guess. >> your son certainly stood up when he was needed, a tourist on a train. we thank you and your son for his service and heroism. we wish him safe travels back home. hopefully a relaxing few days in europe. now we want to hear from you. send us your thoughts. perhaps maybe you're a police
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chief who has a job offer for alek. you can send us your tweets and we'll read some of your thoughts coming up here later in the show. >> a security guard at a federal building in manhattan agreed to work past his scheduled shift and paid for it with his life. the guard, 53-year-old, never had a chance when he came face-to-face with a gunman inside the labor department building. >> as he approached the metal detector, he pulled out a gun and shot the security officer at close range. after shooting the officer, the suspect proceeded through the area and turned the gun on himself. he was pronounced dead on the scene. >> kevin downing was fired from his labor department job in 19 9 after reportedly filing a
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whistleblower complaint. they say there are no connections to terrorism. we are learning details about isis' second in command killed by an american drone strike in iraq. the white house is confirming he was the primary mover of weapons, explosives and militants between iraq and syria. before that he'd been a bookkeeper for al qaeda. he somehow got out. military officials say his death is a big blow to that terrorist group. >> the same strength but i will tell you based on what i've seen, we have significantly reduced the leaders in there and that's what we've done before. so that makes a difference. you have second, third, and fourth stringers coming in. >> kristen fisher is working her sources. we'll look at what his death
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means and the operation that took him out coming up later in the show. iran is unveiling a new ballistic missile capable, they say, of destroying a target up to 300 miles away with pinpoint accuracy. leaders deny they are designed to deliver nuclear weapons. many say tehran's race for a more sophisticated arsenal are all the more reason to critically examine the obama administration's deal with iran over its nuclear program. >> a growing chorus of critics say the more we learn about the nuclear deal with iran itself, the worse it gets. iran will be allowed to use its own investigators to inspect a military site, the parchin military base, suspected of nuclear weapons research. congressman ed royce has called the deal, quote, a dangerous
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farce and he joins us now. at some level the concept that anyone would allow the iranians to inspect themselves would be laughable if it wasn't so serious. >> the administration said it was unprecedented. it is in every way, this agreement, because imagine a situation where international inspectors aren't going to do the international inspections but instead allow the iranians to do it and imagine a situation where you're lifting the sanctions on iran with esuspere to the ballistic missiles. when they chant death to israel but we're going to lift the sanctions internationally on what they want to strike the united states with when they're chanting death to america. it is phenomenal the decisions this administration has made and against the advice of 85 members
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of congress who co-signed my letter to the president saying we want 24 hour inspections anywhere, anytime, and we do not want the sanctions lifted up front and we do not want the sanctions lifted with respect to the icbm program. >> you brought up a key number and that's 85% of congress who signed on to your letter. the key number is two-thirds of congress who actually have to vote to uphold a veto override in terms of taking the president on when it comes to this deal. otherwise it doesn't matter. the deal goes through. that's 290 votes in the house. 67 votes in the senate. do you have those votes? >> we're trying to get those votes. you know, right now a lot of members of the house and the senate have not told the public where they stand. and we're going to have hearings when we go back into session. i've had 24 hearings so far but we're going to bring former u.s.
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generals to explain the consequences of this to our national security. i would remind everyone out there the words of our secretary of defense who said the "i" in icbm stands for intercontinental which means can fly from iran to the united states. be mindful of the fact this administration pulled the interceptors out of poland, out of the czech republic, canceled phase four of our system, when we don't have a real verifiable way to make sure they're not cheating on this agreement, this is a risk to the homeland, what we'll be focused on in our upcoming hearings. >> what do you make of him willing to have a military option on the table against iran if they cheat and those kinds of things? does this presidential lobbying make a difference or do you think members will be able to
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vote their conscience and what they think is the right thing rather than what is politically expedient for them? >> let me ask you this in terms of that thought of trying to come in and leverage now. why didn't we use that kind of leverage against iran when we said in this interim agreement and when we made the representation that we wanted the answers on all 12 questions because the iaea has 1,000 pages of documents, when we averagely asserted that we were going to talk to their scientists, why can't we see their documents? why can't inspectors go in to investigate in parchin? i'd like to see the leverage used against iran rather than the leverage used against congress. more is tumbling out every day. why don't we get the text of the
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secret site agreements? let us see the texts of these two-sided agreements that now we're learning about, the secret agreements here. >> none of the details tumbled out paint a better picture than the one we had the day before they tumbled. i appreciate you joining us. i know you have a lot of work ahead. we look forward to hearing from you. thank you, sir. north and south korea are holding rare talks to lower tensions that have the two countries close to war. the talks are taking place today at a border in a village in the demilitarized zone. the latest series of squabbles started with a land mine attack allegedly by the north that injured two koreans -- two south korean soldiers. the south broadcasting anti-pyongyang propaganda on the border. later this hour we'll speak with bob scales to get his take on the growing crisis on the korean
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peninsula. >> if you've checked your 401(k) today you probably realized that your stocks have taken a major hit as fears of china's slowing economy tumbled yesterday. the dow jones closed down more than 530 points. the markets began falling last week after choin announced a surprise devaluation of its currency called the yuan. oil fell below $40 a barrel since the 2008 financial crisis. new details in the hillary clinton e-mail controversy. could a second server be involved? this as an increasing number of fellow democrats urged hadder to offer a better explanation for the mess. right now she insists only the media cares. >> is there any indication this issue will not go away? >> nobody talks to me about it
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fellow democrats are now turning on hillary clinton. democrats want clinton to provide a concrete explanation for why she stored government e-mails on a private server during her time as secretary of state. she is still dismissing the allegations of wrongdoing as much ado about nothing by the media. the latest poll numbers suggest it's taking a serious toll on the campaign. molly hennenberg is here with the latest. >> reporter: yes, her campaign wants this issue to go away but so far it isn't. and that's opening the door for other democrats who had initi
10:22 am
initially agreed not to go up against hillary clinton to consider a presidential run because the private e-mail server scandal is hurting clinton with voters accord iingo pollsters. >> it's one of the lowest moments of hillary clinton not just in this election cycle but over the lifetime of her career and the reason why voters take this stuff seriously. this is national security. this is top-secret stuff. >> clinton's campaign put out a video yesterday with her press secretary trying to get beyond the e-mail controversy. here's part of it. >> look, we fully expect republicans will continue to want to talk about hillary clinton's e-mails and the reason for that they can't talk about their plan to grow the economy on behalf of the middle class, but that's what hillary clinton is fighting for. that's why she's in this race and that's what voters care about. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders, a socialist from vermont is drawing large crowds at his events approaching 30,000 at two separate events last
10:23 am
week. and vice president joe biden is reportedly considering a run for the presidency more seriously these days even taking the next step and talking to potential donors. accord iing to "the new york times." some of his friends and supporters have started a draft biden group. one of them told the paper, quote, over the next few weeks we hope to expand our operations so we can communicate with more voters about vice president biden's record. the first democratic debate is october 13, so it's likely that if other candidates intend to join the presidential race, they would do so before then. leland? >> things could get very interesting in the coming month or so. molly henneberg following it all in washington. thanks, molly. the state department has been ordered to work with the fbi in their efforts to recover e-mails from hillary clinton's private e-mail server. that's the ruling from a federal judge who says clinton didn't follow government policy when she used the private server as
10:24 am
secretary of state. sarah westwood is an investigative reporter at "the washington examiner." she joins us now. sarah, thank you so much for joining us. you just wrote a piece in "the washington examiner" a couple hours ago and the headline really caught my attention, said e-mail time line suggests second server may exist. in this tangled web, is it possible that it just got more tangled? >> entirely possible. we have this company in denver that's saying they migrated all the data off that server in m - mid-2013. clinton's campaign saying we didn't wipe that information until january of this year. located on another server all this time and wiped off the second server or that someone here is not being truthful about when the e-mails were deleted or moved. >> where do we go to find out about the whereabouts if that's even the possibility of the second server?
10:25 am
do we go to the contractor, to the clinton team? both would have knowledge of that. this company has said they're not in possession of any device at this point that has the e-mails on them. so we really just don't know where they are but it's entirely possible these e-mails that we now know to be classified are still out there. >> can you shed more light on platte river. were they capable of handling this? >> they did not have a security clearance to handle them. that's one problem. the other they were very small. this is a large operation. it wasn't just hillary clinton using this network, it was some of her top aides. a high volume of material. they're described as a mom and pop shop. this isn't the type of company you would expect to be handling head of state communications.
10:26 am
>> a little bit of a conflict there. who is the attorney in charge of the state department filings and is there a conflict that the state department's handling of the e-mails and is there a conflict with hillary clinton? >> this attorney katherine duvall used to work for the same firm now representing hillary clinton in this whole legal battle. that's one conflict. we know those were lost. now she's in charge of hillary clinton. there's a question as to why with someone with ties to clinton's defense and a past history of losing records would be put in charge of the clinton e-mails. >> where do we go from here? our viewers may be shaking their heads, now we're learning of the possibility of perhaps another location where these e-mails can possibly be.
10:27 am
what's next in the investigation? >> this is something for the fbi to take up, the ones who have taken over the investigative side, so they would need to go out and find because it's not safe as we know these thumb drives contains copies were sitting in a desk drawer. now there's a strong possibility. do we have any progress the fbi can go backwards, work backwards and get that information if it's been wiped clean? >> they have expressed optimism they can pull e-mails off the server. there's a lot of forensics things they can do to go back into the hard drive and figure out at the very least when the e-mails were wiped because that
10:28 am
data will be time stamped and there's a possibility that they'll be able to recover e-mails as well. >> thank you very much for joining us. your latest piece came out this morning about the possibility of a second server. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. leland? >> backhoes are joining the battle in washington state and a critically injured firefighter is now out of surgery. we'll get an update on his condition plus the two koreas are finally talking but will words bring them back to brink for war. major general bob scales. plus, opponents of planned parenthood have a message for congress they are taking to the streets. we are joined from manhattan with more. hi, brian. >> reporter: hi, leland. thousands of protesters from new york to illinois demanding that
10:29 am
congress defund planned parenthood clinics. they say they are reinvigorated in why they say this is only the beginning of a new movement. you show up. you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family. and when it's time to plan for your family's future, we're here for you. we're legalzoom, and for over 10 years we've helped families just like yours with wills and living trusts. so when you're ready, start with us. doing the right thing has never been easier. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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in 300 cities across 47 states there is one resounding message being sent to members of congress -- stop funding planned parenthood. bryan llenas joins us where supporters of planned parenthood are also trying to be heard. >> reporter: about 150 protesters at this planned parenthood demanding an end to abortion and that congress completely defund planned parenthood clinics. this was one of many protests across the country planned in over 300 cities and 47 states
10:34 am
today. about 100 in washington, d.c. to hear in new york city where the crowd prayed and shouted, reinvigorated by the graphic, secretly recorded videos reportedly showing them talking about selling organs to res researchers for profit. >> when we see video footage like we have now, it confirms things that were right. we're right when you say you can't till virtuesly. you will be doing things wrong and that are illegal. >> reporter: the father pavone saying he will vow to pressure congress and presidential candidates to defund planned parenthood while threatening to organize boycotts against businesses who donate to clinics.
10:35 am
they argue the videos are misleading and heavily edited. pro-choice protesters saying a fetus is not a baby, the tissue is necessary for science, and planned parenthood is about a woman's right to an abortion and health care. >> women need access to abortion under any circumstance and it's really important that we recognize the national dialogue and this is why we're out here today. this is not going away. we wish we could pass them off. they're restricting abortion around the country. >> reporter: this controversy is sure to stay. life issues like this are sure to be brought up. elizabeth? >> bryan llenas, thank you. an alert from kabul this morning. three americans are among the
10:36 am
dead following a suicide car bomb attack on a nato convoy. in the capital city that killed a dozen people. three americans were contractors for the international military, the state department has condemned the attack. the taliban denied it was behind it. the blast wounded dozens of afghan civilians along the crowded street. this morning the white house said america is steadfast in its protection of south korea as war clouds darken over the dmz. as we speak the north and south koreans are in high level discussions in hopes of saving off a clash on the korean pennsylvania inla. fox news military analyst frank scales spent years on the dmz. as a young officer and then as an assistant commander. you know firsthand how unpredictable the kim dynasty is.
10:37 am
what are the chances of war? what are the chances of nuclear war? >> the chances of war are higher for a couple of reasons. north korea is facing its worst economic disaster. the worst drought in the history of north korea. kim jong un, the 32-year-old president, has already executed the leader. they have age and experience and he's clearly having a tough time holding on to power. he knows he's on the weaker end of a conventional war. what he's doing is rattling a nuclear sayer. he keeps coming up with the incidents to enhance his own power within his country and to intimidate the world. >> we have to remember how this started, at least the most recent incident. a mine attack.
10:38 am
turn the loudspeakers on with all the anti-north korean propaganda and that's gotten under the collar of the north koreans. >> i was there when we installed them and it was great. it stirred up the north korean army. and to their credit the south koreans did an immediate counter mission, 36 rounds fired at the north koreans and that stopped it. so this tells you the south is just not putting up with this type of intimidation anymore. but it also raises the prospect this could escalate. >> escalation is something you have to be concerned about. tens of thousands of soldiers, some you commanded when you were there. put up the pictures there.
10:39 am
give us a sense in terms of what you learned while you were there about the north koreans and their mindset, if you will. america, the kim dynasty, almost teams like an enigma. a population of 25 million people. 1.1 million soldiers. they spend most of their time farming and trying to raise food to stay alive. some of their units, leland, are good. their special forces, their artillery is very good and if doug indicates just north. >> we have war games going on right now. how dangerous is this for them? >> it's dangerous because they're starting to shoot across the dmz. wear conducting war games which raises the alert level on the south to the high eest that it' going to be during the year.
10:40 am
>> the propaganda that they're ready for war. their military is on a war footing. is that a threat to take seriously? how does this end if it's not war? >> it's not a threat to take seriously from the conventional side. we all know the north koreans -- if they were dumb enough to start a war, they'd lose. it is a serious issue from as far as nuclear weapons go because we just don't know this narcissistic sociopath who is their leader what he just might do. >> sociopath who wants to stay in power. he has to know north korea will cease to exist. >> yes, you know that and i know that. the south koreans know that. this is a young man who has wrapped himself. >> cannot stop him from using it. >> who knows what he's going to do tomorrow morning if he has some psychotic episode, and this is what makes the north -- the threat of north korea so
10:41 am
dangerous over the long it term. >> dangerous with conventional weapons, potentially world changing. >> you bet. >> we'll watch it and bring you back for some insights and you look as good now as you did in the pictures. couldn't tell you aged a bit. >> thank you, leland. >> thanks, general. see you soon. there's much more ahead on "america's news headquarters." wait until you see what it took to rescue this little puppy stuck inside a drainage pipe. and it's being described as a chaotic scene as massive wildfires continue to charge across the west. we'll have an update coming up next. >> there wasn't a whole lot you could do about it. the fire is master. it just does what it wants and it kind of raged around.
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officials in washington state are hoping to make progress today in a complex set of deadly wildfires that burned
10:46 am
more than 100 miles in a single day. the scope is so large that crews can't even estimate how many homes have been destroyed. will carr is following the story and he joins us now live. hi, will. >> reporter: hi, elizabeth. there are at least 70 wildfires burning across the west coast right now. in washington state several of those fires exploded yesterday where they've already declared a federal state of emergency. mother nature just not cooperating in washington. yesterday we saw wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour changing the directions of some of these fires in a matter of seconds. several fires broke containment lines in north washington and are now racing towards several towns. thousands are evacuated in the area. it's so bad that firefighters deployed all available personnel. they've called in the national guard. they're even asking for citizens to help out on the frontline. yesterday we saw firefighters battling on both the ground and from the air bringing in planes to drop retardants.
10:47 am
residents could only watch and hope their communities won't burn. >> i know they're really concerned about the homes that are there and what can possibly happen, but i tip my hat off to these guys. i know we're in as good hands as we can possibly be. >> reporter: and we're learning more about the three firefighters killed in washington on wednesday, all part of an elite team whose fire truck crashed while they were trying to get away from the fire. their deaths prompted at least five different investigations. >> you know that danger is always there. you hope it never happens and when it does it's tough. >> when that fire changed directions, it came fast and hot and i think they got trapped. >> the fires aren't just burning in washington. they're really burning all over the western united states. there are at least 32,000 firefighters on the ground right now. here in california there are 17,000 -- 17 wildfires that
10:48 am
continue to burn. crews all over the state working on those fires. they're battling severe drought conditions. some of those fires, elizabeth, have been described as hell on earth. >> all right. will carr reporting live. very sad. thank you, will. and now this. it took a village to rescue a newborn puppy that fell into a drainage pipe and was stuck there for nearly 12 hours. the story has a happy ending. get this. the local plummer used cameras, computers, and perseverance to get the pup they could see shaking, making noises, and breathing as well. >> very hungry. he's trying to nurse on the towel. >> but he's alive. >> he's kicking, doing really good. >> the puppy has now been reunited with his mother. he's believed to be an american pit bull/terrier mix and we are
10:49 am
told the young pup is being put up for adoption, and i would be willing to bet that the humane society is getting quite a few calls. >> i'd be willing to bet if that puppy was anywhere in a 50-mile radius it would be at my home unbeknownst to my husband. >> he'd find out soon enough. >> he would. all right. more ahead on "america's news headquarters." a revolutionary drug that could be -- that could solve an old age problem. we'll talk to a fox news medical a-teamtory break down the details behind the little pink pill. plus, a celebration of culture and dancing. but you'll never guess where this party took place. we'll have the answer coming up next. ♪ [music]
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a controversial new drug nicknamed the female viagra is now headed to a pharmacy near you. the fda has approved addyi. some womens activists are applauding the fda's decision calling it a victory for gender equality in the bedroom. critics say the medication is minimally effective and can cause some very serious side effects. joining us now on the phone to give us his take, dr. keith
10:54 am
abloe of the fox's e medical a-team. dr. ablow, thank you for joining us. we really appreciate it. >> it's a pleasure. thanks for having me on. >> how does this drug work? and is it a little misleading to say it's the female version of viagra? it's my understanding it works very differently. >> well, it's definitely misleading because because it really is a minor increase in lib libido for some women. and the method of action isn't well understood. it seems to affect saratonin receptors, that is involved in depression and other feelings of well being, but the manufacturer and the fda is very clear they don't understand why in research trials it does achieve a statistically significant increase in desire. but viagra is about an increase in function, not so much about
10:55 am
desire. and so they are quite different. >> right. has this drug been rejected by the fda before? >> yes, it has. and so at this point it has, you know, crossed that bar. it's not easy for drugs to clear that hurdle at fda. and so clearly there's something here. and i know in my own practice when women feel as though that part of their lives is not robust, certainly there's suffering involved. and they want to restore it. is this the best way to do so? it might be worth trying for some women, but frankly if you tested a lot of antidepressants you might find that they restore libido because this indication is one that was sought by this particular company with this particular medicine. it can cost a tremendous amount of money to get an indication. my guess is if you looked at a lot of antidepressants you'll find they do something similar.
10:56 am
for a lot of the women involved it's probably something with depression. >> right. and obviously we know there's some serious side effects and the drug cannot be mixed with alcohol at all. dr. ablow, thank you so much for joining us. i wish we had more time. we really appreciate it. have a nice day. >> no problem. take care now. bye. >> leland. there's not a graceful transition to this one. a major hack of a match making website otherwise known as ashley madison exposes the identities of thousands of cheating spouses. it's a quite embarrassing leak. we'll tell you how it happened and how to protect yourself, coming up. we live in a world of mobile technology,
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but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you.
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well, hope you're having a great saturday. i'm leland vittert. welcome to "america's news headquarters". >> i'm elizabeth prann. questions about hillary clinton's e-mail server and if any of them might have answers to how the former secretary of state handled benghazi. senator isaacson joins us to talk about it. plus, on the road with the presidential candidates including donald trump who had tens of thousands turning up for him in the deep south.
11:01 am
our own john roberts is with him on the road. and a federal judge tells the feds they must release thousands of illegal minors from a southwest detention center. so where will they all go? and will all this just encourage more kids south of the border to take the very dangerous journey north? new developments in the fight against terror as the white house confirms a u.s. military strike killed isis's second in command, a man described as the primary coordinator for moving large amounts of weapons, explosives, vehicles and people between iraq and syria. kristen fisher joins us with more. hi, kristen. >> hi, elizabeth. this guy was a big fish, he was the number two, coo, in charge of all isis operations in iraq and very close to the leader of isis. this is a big blow for the terror group both symbolically and logistically. before isis he was a bookkeeper for al qaeda in iraq.
11:02 am
in 2005 he was detained by u.s. forces where he admitted his involvement with the terror group. then he joined isis. the white house says he was the primary coordinator for moving weapons, explosives and militants between iraq and syria. he also reportedly play add central role in planning that devastating 2014 attack on the city of mosul. it was near that same city in northern iraq where he was finally taken out. the pentagon says he was killed in a u.s. drone strike on tuesday along with one other isis operative. as a former army chief of staff put it earlier this month, it's yet another example of the u.s. strategy to weaken isis by taking out its leaders. >> we have significantly reduced the leaders that were in there. that's what we've done before. so that makes a difference because now you've got second, third, fourth stringers coming in. >> the pentagon says he was killed while traveling in a vehicle on one of the main roads between iraq and syria. although the same thing almost happened to the leader of isis,
11:03 am
al baghdadi just a few days earlier and on that exact same road. that's according to fox news military analyst major bob scales. while the death is certainly a win for the u.s., analysts say it will lead to more security around al baghdadi making it even more difficult to catch him. elizabeth. >> kristin fisher reporting live. thank you. investigators try to recover e-mails from hillary clinton's private server. senator johnny isaacson member of the senate foreign relations committee joins us from atlanta. senator, appreciate you being here. we'll start with this. there's obviously a number of fine fbi agents, but the fact of the matter is they work for the justice department, the person who runs the justice department is attorney general, political appointee, also a democrat. how confident are republicans at the fbi is being given free reign to conduct its investigation any way they want? >> the fbi's loaded with highly intelligent people and highly secure people and people that know what they're doing, whether
11:04 am
it's a democrat they're investigating or a republican. i trust the fbi and i think they'll get to the bottom of the controversy. >> so you think the gloves have been -- have come off here. there's no sort of holding back the reigns politically by the obama administration? >> leland, let me tell you, i'm the chairman of the ethics committee and the senate been on the committee for ten years, i've been a part of investigations that involved fbi and terms of forensics and computers, they're professionals. they'll do it by the book. they'll do it right. >> as you look here in terms of what is come out of this, there's obviously so many different facets that folks are upset about as it relates to secretary clinton's behavior then and how she's handled the revelations about her server now. what do you find the most egregious? >> well, you know, if you look at political history, the most egregious thing is not the crime but the cover-up. and if in fact the server was wiped, we're going to find out if they wiped out classified information. we're going to find out if the statements she said were false
11:05 am
and incorrect. and if in fact they did cover up what was a crime, it will be the end of her presidential candidacy. >> you hit on a very key point here in washington. it's rarely the crime, but often the cover-up. there have been people who have at times compared what's going on right now in terms of destroying the server to richard nixon destroying those tapes, the nixon tapes. do you feel as though there's any kind of similarities here between servergate and watergate? >> well, if in fact the server was wiped and if in fact it had classified documents and top secret e-mails on it, and if in fact she tried to wipe it and said she didn't have any there, it would be just as bad as the missing 18 minutes of tape in watergate. >> and what do you think should happen? do you think she should be -- that there's a possibility of criminal prosecution? or do you think her candidacy ends and it's over? >> well, i'll leave that to the justice department and the fbi. but the political prosecution would be the end of her candidacy. >> that is something a lot of folks agree on as well. i want to switch now to your
11:06 am
other responsibilities on the senate foreign relations committee obviously as they relate to the iran deal. secretary kerry came before you, testified, obviously asked for every member of the committee's positive endorsement as it related to that deal. it was at times a contentious meeting. and i know now that you've publicly come out and said you are voting no. tell us why you've gone against the secretary? >> three reasons. number one, the side agreements with the international atomic energy agency at the u.n. between the iranians and the agency that we're not allowed to read yet it's a part of the agreement. i'm not going to agree to any agreement for the people of georgia that i can't read and see. that's number one. number two, i think we negotiated from a position of weakness and not strength. the iranians walked away from the table, we gave them a conventional honors lifting of the embargo which we should have never done to get them back and that was the wrong thing to do. third, i totally disagree with the president and the secretary of state. it's not a choice between this agreement and war, it's a choice between this agreement and the
11:07 am
strength of the united states. and i choose the strength of the united states over appeasement with the iranians. >> i want a comment on the latest point of the side agreement that we've gotten here, and that is the issue that at least in some ways the a.p. is reporting that the iranians are going to be investigating themselves as it relates to the parch nuclear site facility that a lot of people believe was testing of nuclear explosives there in terms of high ordered detonations to come up with the triggers for nuclear weapons. i'm wondering, is there a way that this deal gets any better as we keep learning about these side agreements? because as far as i can tell it continues to be heads i win, tails you lose, on the iranian side. >> the deal only gets worse for the united states and for the people of israel, for the middle east and for the entire world. every day that goes by from the day it's signed the iranians get a lessening of sanctions, lessening of opportunity and more opportunity to do nefarious things. a bad deal for the entire world,
11:08 am
bad deal for the united states. >> we know you'll be voting against it. we'll see if you get 67 of your colleagues to make it a veto-proof override. senator isakson, appreciate your time, sir. >> thanks, leland. have a great day. >> thanks, all the best. in a country that has seen its share of terror attacks thrks is a story about the horror that didn't happen today aboard a high speed train heading to paris. an armed man with an ak-47, a handgun and box cutter was stopped cold before he could kill any passengers thanks to the quick action and heroics of three americans on leave, one of them a u.s. airmen. airmen spencer stone suffered a stab wound to his thumb during the dramatic takedown. he got help from two buddies who call him the real hero. >> that guy with an ak entered the train cabin, so me and my friend got down and i said, basically, let's go. told him to go, and he went. he tackled him.
11:09 am
and he got cut by a knife after he tackled him. and at that point i showed up and grabbed the gun from him. and we basically started beating him in the head until he went unconscious and we all tied him up. >> i think spencer's the real hero. he was the first one to jump on him. he's the one who got cut up. none of us are injured but spencer took a few injuries. and he just had no fear. that's our friend. so once we saw him go, we had to go join him. we couldn't just let everybody die like that. it was crazy situation. >> anthony sadler also credits stone with saving a passenger who was bleeding from the neck. president obama praised the men for their courage. we want to hear for you. send us your thoughts for the american heroes who stopped a terrorist attack in france. send us your tweets and we'll
11:10 am
read some of your thoughts later on in the show. if donald trump had it his way, we would be casting our votes for president today, more than a year before the general election. trump told supporters in alabama he cannot wait for election day. but there are 16 other republicans who need all the time they can get to try and chip away at trump's lead. senators ted cruz and rubio are in the battleground state of ohio today to speak to a meeting of the group americans for prosperity. texas governor rick perry is also on the speakers list. jeb bush was there yesterday. meanwhile, back at the state fairgrounds in iowa, two governors are having their say and getting an ear fill as well. louisiana's bobby jindal hardening his position on immigration and sanctuary cities, protesters even interrupted his soap box speech. animal rights activists and
11:11 am
opponents of so-called gestation crates targeted new jersey governor chris christie with some heckling. he defended his veto of a new jersey bill that would have banned those devices. at one point christie fired back at a protester saying, quote, you're minor league compared to what i'm used to. senator lindsey graham is in new hampshire where he had an easier go of it. he was in newport, new hampshire, taking part in a parade down main street. well, leland, you mentioned donald trump, he came, they saw, but did donald trump conquer voters in the deep south? our own john roberts is in mobile, alabama, where trump kicked off his southern strategy just last night. >> elizabeth, good afternoon. the mayor of mobile's office gave that official crowd estimate of 30,000. if that is accurate, then last night's event would count as the biggest campaign event so far of 2016. eclipsing the previous record held by bernie sanders of 28,000 people in portland, oregon. alabama's not your typical stop on the campaign trail, at least
11:12 am
not this early in the primaries. but this cycle alabama's part of a six-state s.e.c. primary that comes fairly early, march 1st. so trump is pursuing southern strategy as a possible route to the nomination. mobile is also next door to the florida panhandle. last night trump continued to pound florida governor jeb bush. >> jeb bush who's totally in favor of common core, weak on immigration, right? very weak on immigration, wants to let people come in. although now he is using anchor baby. he put out a memo, you cannot use anchor baby, not because i used it, he's using it. politicians -- >> bush supporters counterattacked last night. his super pac flying a small plane over the stadium hauling a banner saying trump is for higher taxes. bush's campaign also sent a mass e-mail to voters in alabama insisting trump is not a real conservative. people in the crowd last night didn't seem to care about trump's conservative bona fide.
11:13 am
they like him because he's no bs and lacked in the best interest in the country. the one woman apparently told trump she thought he lacked a presidential characteristic she found important. >> a woman came up to me she said i'm not sure you're nice enough to be president. i said you know what, this is not going to be an election based on a nice person. it's going to be based on a competent person. we're tired of the nice people. >> one thing trump is perfected, the bill clinton flyover. clinton used to pump himself up for events by circling the venue on air force one. trump did a couple laps around the stadium in a 757 before landing in mobile last night. not exactly air force one, but what other candidate on either side could do what he did last night? elizabeth. >> all right. that was our john roberts reporting. donald trump brought up the bible and billy graham coming up the last two political experts if he's winning any converts in the deep south. a federal judge late friday ordered the obama administration
11:14 am
to rapidly release immigrant children held in detention centers, and in some cases release their mothers as well. the judge refused the government's request to reconsider a previous decision that said some minors who crossed the border illegally were being held in violation of a long standing settlement. she gave the department of homeland security until october 23rd to comply with her order. attorneys for the government are reviewing the order and may try to appeal this latest ruling. immigration authorities have said the move ordered by the judge could encourage many more families to send their young children north from central and south america exposing them to dangers from smuggling and of course the searing heat right now in the southern part of the united states. turning now to immigration overseas. complete chaos on the border between macedonia and greece today. police clashing with thousands of migrants as they try to cross into macedonia. police even using stun grenades to control the crowds.
11:15 am
macedonia's government has declared a state of emergency as they struggle to deal with an unprecedented wave of migrants this year. we're learning details about an explosion that ripped through a second chemical plant in china. remember, just over a week ago a similar blast at a chinese chemical plant killed 121 people. the latest one happened in eastern china's shandong province happened earlier today chinese time. the blast triggered a fire and more than a dozen fire engines we're told were battling the blaze. that's all according to chinese news service. it's still not clear if there were any injuries or perhaps what caused that explosion. coming up, terrifying moments in the sky when something goes terribly wrong with a military jet at an air show. we'll have the details. plus, this man stands accused of brutally killing at least ten women. serial murders earned him the
11:16 am
name the grim sleeper. so why has it taken so many years to even bring this case to trial? we'll look at some answers coming up. and thousands of cheating spouses are facing public humiliation in the ashley madison hacking breach, so why aren't more people worried about the next cyber information grab? we'll take a closer look.
11:17 am
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fox news alert. we have to warn you that this video can be disturbing at times. tragedy in the skies in britain as a military jet that was taking part in an air show in the southern city of brighton, lost control and crashed into a busy road outside of the airfield. at least seven people are dead. more than a dozen others have been injured. the jet evidently hit several cars on the road as it crashed. witnesses say the jet flew straight into the ground. evidently it was not able to pull out of what they call a loop maneuver. you see it entering the loop right there. obviously we've ended the tape before the crash. officials said all the casualties were believed to have occurred on the road and that no
11:21 am
one on the airfield attending the show is believed to have been hurt. another bombshell in the ashley madison hacking case. according to the associated press, government employees with sensitive jobs and national security were among hundreds of federal workers using government computers to access the match making website. the list includes at least two assistant u.s. attorneys, a white house i.t. administratoad a justice department investigator and a homeland security department government hacker and counterterrorism employee. this is the latest in number of attacks putting our cyber security back in the spotlight. author of the new book, swiped, adam levin is here for a deeper look into internet safety. adam, thank you so much for joining us. is privacy dead on the internet? >> well, if it's not dead, it's certainly on life support. the problem is that -- and as i mentioned in the book, swiped,
11:22 am
breaches have become the third certainty in life. and the problem you have here is not only the exposure of data but the exposure of data in the context that it was used here. so you're operating in very dangerous territory. >> you mentioned context, how much data was released in this particular hack? >> something like now close to 20 gigabytes of data. not only personally identifying information and personal information about somewhere upwards of 35 million people, but also intellectual property, if you can call it that, trade secrets, e-mail communications from the ceo of the company. i mean, in that sense the second dump this is almost like a sony environment that's happening here. >> right. and folks are getting really caught up in the who's who of the scandal. we've seen josh duggar releasing a statement that he's -- you know, this has embarrassed his
11:23 am
family and he's obviously another disgraced reality star among other people who are getting exposed. but i want to talk about the privacy aspect of this. you know, what message does this send to consumers in general? >> well, i think the message it sends is that if you operate anywhere on the internet regardless of what you're doing, you have to assume that at some point this could become the equivalent of sky writing. and i saw a report recently where someone said something very inciteful. they said the conversations that you have with the search box on google are more intimate than the conversations that you would have with anyone in your life. and you have to be mindful of the fact that there are people out there including the government that's tracking and taking a hard look at what people do and where they're doing it. and you have to be mindful of that at every minute. >> could there be any type of legal action, certainly i know that you're more -- your expertise is obviously in the
11:24 am
tech portion of this, but are people when they subscribe to any type of website, you know, they're ensured that this is safe and private regardless of what they're doing on the web. do they have any recourse here? >> no, there is recourse. i mean, first of all the ftc has taken a very hard position that if a company states a privacy policy, they better stand by that privacy policy. in addition to which if you're promised for instance as ashley madison promised that for $19 your information would be deleted, this is one of the issues the hackers had, that information better be deleted. and it turns out that some of the information may have been deleted, but credit card transactions in particular the $19 that paid for the deletion were not. on top of which delete with the internet doesn't necessarily mean delete. you may be deleted from public view, but that doesn't necessarily mean you're being deleted from the servers of a
11:25 am
particular company. so companies are going to have to be very serious about what they promise. and you also have to understand it doesn't matter how secure any company is. if one person makes one mistake and malware gets onto their computer and enters the system, it could bring down the system. it could expose the information of tens of millions of people and put not only those people but the company in harm's way. >> all right. adam levin, author of, swiped, thank you so much for joining us. the takeaway from that is the definition of delete, right? so now maybe we should be more thoughtful on the internet. buyer be ware. thank you so much, adam. >> absolutely. thank you, elizabeth. fox news alert. some very good news, the american injured stopping the train track, spencer stone, an air force airmen, has been released from the hospital. according to eyewitnesses and his friends, he was injured by the man with the ak-47 with a
11:26 am
box cutter the man used to try to cut him. he has been released from the hospital. the other two men you see there, the buddies who were involved in stopping this attack, they both survived without injuries. and we are told this afternoon the president interrupted his vacation in martha's vineyard to call all three of them individually, according to the white house, to commend and congratulate them for their courage and quick action aboard that train last night. the president expressing his gratitude and obviously so many more americans so unbelievably impressed by their actions that saved the french have said countless lives. from the fox extreme weather center, hurricane danny has now been downgraded to a category 2. that happened overnight after briefly surging to a category 3 on friday. show you a live look right now at the storm that is making its way towards the caribbean. the storm's winds weakened to
11:27 am
100 miles per hour just this morning. emergency officials are preparing for the possibility of flash floods and mudslides along that track. tropical storm watches may be issued for parts of the leeward islands and virgin islands today and tomorrow. and while hurricane danny barrels towards shore, parts of new orleans struggles to rebuild a decade after a horrific storm struck the gulf coast. we can all remember that. many properties still bear scars from hurricane katrina, particularly the hardest hit the lower ninth ward. recent estimates say about one-third of residents have returned to their homes in that area. that storm packed winds up to 140 miles per hour. it claimed nearly 2,000 lives. it is hard to believe that it has already been a decade. >> hard to believe in ten years it's changed so much. hurricane katrina seems to be one of those stories like the death of jfk, the challenger explosion, 9/11, that you remember where you were then
11:28 am
that you watch those images because you could really not get them out of your mind. >> unbelievable. >> and also unbelievable how much new orleans has come back too. there's a lot of stories of survival there. >> very much so. >> coming up ahead on the show, gop candidates hit the campaign trail this weekend. so who's coming out on top? you can see the two guys going at it pretty viciously, jeb bush, donald trump. our fair and balanced political panel will weigh in. plus, getting down to business with, you guessed it, the dance moves here. all right. these guys are looking pretty good, and so are the police officers. you're not going to want to miss this.
11:29 am
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i'm why? because it's red lobster's crabfest. and there's so much crab, so many ways. and with dishes like this luscious crab lover's dream or savory snow crab bake. i'm just getting started so hurry in and get crackin' and if you're guessing before it was a prison party. about 100 inmates at a peru prison celebrated international
11:33 am
day of folklore representing six regions of the country. the groups of inmates practiced their dance moves for more than two weeks. prison authorities say the event is part of a program that aims to help inmates adjust to life outside of prison after they're relea released. donald trump says he can't wait for the election at a rally in an alabama football stadium, the gop front runner told 30,000 supporters he is ready. meanwhile, other republicans are fighting for air time as trump surges in the polls across the country. former florida governor jeb bush came out swinging. >> mr. trump doesn't have a proven conservative record. he was a democrat longer in the last decade than he was a republican. he's given more money to democrats than he's given to republicans. >> here for a fair and balanced debate ian pryor, communication
11:34 am
director of american crossroads and steven cobb, former general counsel to the democratic virginia party. gentlemen, appreciate you being here. ian, first to you. is attacking jeb bush the right way to do this -- attacking donald trump the right way to do this for jeb bush, or as politico suggested donald trump is teflon don? >> i don't think he's teflon don. you can't underestimate donald trump, he's polling extremely well, but you can't overestimate what a poll in off years is like. fred thompson and rudy giuliani were leading in the polls, go back as far as 1991 bill clinton was in 11th place in the summer of the off year. so i think there are multiple ways that jeb can really handle this in choosing to go after trump in the past. while may not take hold right away, sooner or later as the field whittles down people will look more to the substance of trump and less of the sound bite. >> give me the other perspective
11:35 am
on this. is it worth it at this point to go after trump? or is it better to continue to let him blow and hope at some point he self-destructs? can you destruct him with attacks? >> the jeb bush campaign is off tilt here. they came in thinking they were going to be the front runner, have the most money, set the standard for really what this presidential primary was going to be. and now they're left playing catch up. so they're clearly flailing around a bit trying to find any way to improve their poll position. and this is kind of name calling and questioning of conservative bona fides is exactly that sort of desperate attempt to get back up in the polls. i don't know if it's going to work. >> we'll see if it works. one of the things a lot of the other guys are doing well in this race, bush, walker, cruz, a number of others are starting to talk tough on immigration. he used the term anchor babies at one point. take a look some reporters came after him on that issue. >> have you heard the term anchor babies yesterday on the
11:36 am
radio. >> no, i didn't. i don't regret it. >> you don't regret it? >> no, do you have a better term? >> i'm asking you. >> you give me a better term and i'll use it. i'm serious. >> governor -- >> don't yell at me behind my ear though. >> now, a lot of folks are saying that the reason jeb bush and so many others in the republican campaigns are going so strong on immigration is because of the way donald trump sort of caught fire with his initial comments on immigration. the initial question is do people love trump's views on immigration, or do people love trump's way of talking about immigration and other issues? >> yeah, i think that's what it is. i think there are people out there that may not substantively agree with donald trump. but look, in this country we have sort of the perpetually offended liberal elite in the ivory white towers that have really pushed this politically correct agenda on the rest of us. and people are sick of it. and donald trump is taken that on. and that's what's so appealing to people. not necessarily what he thinks on substantive issues, but the way he is addressing them, the way he's taking on the political correct agenda. and he's going right after these
11:37 am
issues. i think people like the way that he is challenging. >> so style over substance. at some point does substance ever matter? do the issues at some point count or are we in a new pa paradigm. >> donald trump likes to go out and name-call people and say this is about not being politically correct and i'm going to get hit for it. sometimes being a jerk is just being a jerk. we can rise above name calling. we should be better than that whether you're a republican, democrat, independent. >> it's working so far for him. >> well, your guess is as good as mine, but i don't think it's going to work for him in the long haul. i think voters are going to come to their senses. i don't think donald trump's going to be the republican nominee. i certainly don't think he's going to be the next president. >> i think we can all agree that the field is going to close. at some point it's going to thin out. we're going to have a more competitive -- >> the ufo component, we don't know what's going to bring down donald trump but something very well could. >> certainly. but right now nothing has. i mean, he is speaking to a population out there that is tired of sort of the vanilla
11:38 am
talk of politicians. i mean, you look at hillary clinton, she's never met a position she can stay consistent on. she puts her finger up in the wind and figures out what she wants to say. people are tired of that. whether he ends up in it for the long haul or not, he's brought sort of this attention to let's just get to the issue, let's stop catering to what the media wants us to say. and let's talk about what's important. >> what do you make of the fact when he's pressed on something, hee he was on "meet the press" last week, where do you get foreign policy advice, he goes i watch a bunch of the shows. there was no overlying organizing here. can he skate by forever on make america great again? >> well, you hope as the republican field narrows that they get more into policy specifics and going through those debates and going forward. in which case he's going to have to buckle down and try and get some real policy initiatives going. he's going to have to consult with experts in the foreign policy fields in order to kind of coalesce around what his
11:39 am
actual ideology on those issues are. and hopefully to my colleague's point here, that substance will eventually come through and he won't be able to get by on sound bites. >> i think we agree on that point. we're going to have to get into more substantive issues with trump. >> we will see. so far he's been able to avoid it pretty well. stephen, ian, appreciate you both being here. your insights as you pointed out a long, long way until november 2016. thanks, guys. be sure to tune into fox news sunday tomorrow for all the latest with the 2016 race. my colleague shannon bream sits down with former arkansas governor, current presidential candidate mike huckabee. of course you can check your local listings for the time and channel. coming up, crisis continues to grow on the korean peninsula. north and south korea are holding rare talks today to try and step back from the brink of war following a series of very scary squabbles. kevin corke is following this story for us from the
11:40 am
president's vacation home. hi, kevin. >> reporter: hey, leland. you're right about that. relatively quiet vacation, no more for president obama. i will have the latest on his reaction to what's happening on the korean peninsula. but for now back to you. plus, roars from the crowd rock minute maid park last night as the houston astros make history and make one of our producers very happy. we'll take you out to the ball game coming up next. i brought in some protein to get us moving. i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in.
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no word on the progress of the high level talks to diffuse mounting tensions between north and south korea. the president has been updated on the developing situation while on vacation. kevin corke is following the president. and he joins us now live from martha's vineyard. hi, kevin. >> reporter: hey, elizabeth. nice to talk to you. you're right, usually this is a quiet vacation, right? okay, last year wasn't so quiet.
11:45 am
this year though has been relatively peaceful, but with about 48 hours give or take left before the president heads back to washington to get back to work, obviously a major story with both international and domestic implications. the president keeping a very close eye on what is happening on the korean peninsula. as you pointed out he has been briefed on the circumstance that is happening there. we talked to staff members and of course the white house is watching it all very closely and keeping the president abreast of the situation. in fact, i can tell you just a little bit about what they're saying about it. they say in this latest statement, we remain steadfast in our commitment to our alliance with south korea with whom we will continue to coordinate closely. and there's no doubt about that close coordination. and while the family vacation does continue, you know, with biking and golfing and the like, we do expect the president will be periodically advised on this situation. and i think this is really important to point out, elizabeth, in a circumstance like this usually the white house, the pentagon, the state department and even the national security team will all be in
11:46 am
contact with each other closely coordinating this effort, especially as tensions continue to rise. we'll continue to look out for a readout on that should there be one later today. of course i will bring you that from right here in martha's vineyard. meanwhile over in the korean peninsula you pointed out, leland did as well, high level talks happening right now between the north and the south. ground breaking stuff. we'll see if they can diffuse what is obviously a very tense situation. but for now back to you. very much so. kevin corke, thank you so much. we appreciate it. and still to come, a possible breakthrough in the case of the grim sleeper. new dna evidence could change the outcome of a trial in california. we'll have the latest coming up. shopping online... as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners... were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. start shopping online... ..providers. visit today.
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dna testing has delayed the trial for lonnie franklin jr. the man accused of being the so-called grim sleeper serial killer. the rash of killings terrorized south los angeles decades ago and families have been waiting years for justice. franklin's lawyer said dna linked to two of the cases points to convicted killer chester turner. we've been covering the case.
11:51 am
and marissa, thank you for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> can you start by bringing our viewers up to speed, maybe people don't remember this particular case or are not familiar with it in the first place. can you give me the backstory to this case? >> sure. there were a rash of killings in the '80s in south l.a. several, several women were killed and for a long time the victims' families and the police didn't know who did it and the families waited and waited and then eventually in 2010 police got a familial dna match to the man's son and eventually linked those killings to a man called lonnie franklin, so he was arrested and charged with killing ten women and trying to kill another woman. and then the case has been in trial for five years now. and there's been several delays. but the judge just recently set
11:52 am
a trial date for october. a couple of hearings ago franklin's attorneys said that their experts have found dna at two of the crime scenes linked to franklin that they say match chester turner who is a convicted serial killer who killed several women in south l.a. decades ago. >> okay, so in 2010 the families were told that they have this dna match. but now there is obviously this delay. what happens next? >> right. so, where the case is at now is they have a trial date set for october, but the judge has also told the defense that they have to turn over all of their expert reports including the expert from the dna expert by the end of this month, and then at that point the prosecution will have a little bit of time to go through all those reports and see if there's any follow-up they want to do. and then after that they'll start picking a jury and get ready for trial. >> obviously you've been covering this for some time. what are the families saying?
11:53 am
>> yes, i've got to spend quite a bit of time with the families. i covered a hearing earlier this year called a murphy's law hearing in california where a lot of the victims' families address the judge directly, and they told her how sad and how frustrated they were and how every time there's another delay and another hearing, it kind of just makes them feel deflated and a lot of them beyond frustrated told him -- told the judge that they're scared, that they told her that they're afraid that they'll die before they get to see the outcome of this case. so, it's definitely a process that's really long and really frustrating for the families. >> all right, marissa gerber, thank you very much for joining us. we'll keep our viewers updated as the story progresses in the fall. thank you so much. >> sure. thank you for having me. all right, for today's twitter question we really want to hear your thoughts about the american heroes who stopped the armed gunman terrorist attack in
11:54 am
a train in france including the one man who just got out of jail. let us know what you're thinking. and this -- and this san francisco police officer really lays down the moves for a young cancer patient and it turns into heartwarming danielsoff. after the break. stay with us. hello, everybody, i'm uma pemmaraju and ahead in the next hour of "america's news headquarters" more on that frantic scene aboard a train in belgium. the father of one of the americans whose instincts may have helped avoid a massive bloodbath joins us live. plus, how vulnerable was hillary clinton's e-mail server to hackers? and what if you lived far from the water and an alligator of all things turns up in your backyard? see how one homeowner in detroit handled that scenario. i will see you in less than
11:55 am
ten minutes at the top of the hour.
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11:58 am
♪ ♪ ♪ whoa whoa astros >> and he to tgot it, a no-hitt. >> astros history mike fiers completed the first no-hitter of
11:59 am
his career. it was one for the history books. last night's no-hitter was the first ever in minute maid park down there in houston. the park opened in 2000. in case you're wondering the astros beat the dodgers 3-0 and they are currently in first place as our producer often reminds us of. some good news for you. the american injured subduing a terrorist gunman aboard a train in france is now out of the hospital. on twitter, we asked for your thoughts about the actions of spencer stone and his two buddies, jim tweeted in i'm very proud of all three american heroes who demonstrated courage and strength of americans. j.t., these are american patriots and heroes shows the world what it means to be citizens of the usa, home of the brave. they were brave indeed. and john says american exceptionalism are not dead, these young servicemen are living proof of that, they're excellent ambassadors of america. here's one cop who has all the right moves and a big heart
12:00 pm
to boot, joe marte busted serious dance moves at the children's hospital. 5-year-old colin guerrera shares some of his techniques. that's all the time we have today. thank you very much for joining us. please join us next weekend for "america's news head quarters." three courageous americans taking matters into their own hands to stop a gunman and protect hundreds of passengers on board a crowded train in france. >> why shoot up a train? i can't describe that as anything other than a terrorist. like, why shoot up a train? for what reason? >> we will hear more about those unbelievable moments and speak to the father of anthony saddler jr. now being hailed a hero, along with his two close friends who stopped the potential bloodbath in judgment moments. plus -- >> the administration tells us this is how the deals just get done but i can't imagine a member of congress voting for


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