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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 22, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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good night. hello. i'm greg jarrett. >> i'm molly line. topping the fuss, high drama on a high speed train in france. the if you details about the foiled shooting as the brave americans who tackled an armed suspect speak out about the terrifying ordeal. >> at that point i looked back and the guy with an ak entered the cabin. me and my friend got down and i said, basically let's go. >> dry winds fueling deadly wildfires out west spreading the flames in one area by 100 piles since yesterday.
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we're going to have a live report. and donald trump taking the south by storm, drawing a crowd of 30,000 people. but can he hold on to this momentum? we're getting more details about the attack on a french train where three americans jumped into action to disarm a funman. if you video coming in right now. u.s. airmen spencer stone walking out of the hospital, his left arm in a sling there. he was slashed during the fight to subdue that funman traveling through europe with his two buddies. authorities call them heros who very likely stopped a blood bath. their train was going from amsterdam to paris when, the suspect from morocco paid his move. now more from amy kellogg.
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>> reporter: a french counter terror expert says that it's a miracle and at that a lucky coincidence that those three americans were in the right place at the right time with the courage to prevent a flood bath. two of them, along with a british man who helped tie the suspect up, received medals of honor last night. the third american of the u.s. air force was hospitalized being treated for box cutter wounds. the others of the oregon national guard and a college student from sacramento. the three friends were traveling through europe. one had just finished a tour in afghanistan. a french passenger on the high speed train from amsterdam to paris first encountered the suspect laden with weapons coming out of the bathroom. the frenchman tried to stop the suspect who opened fired, injuring one person. then the three americans sprung into action, attacking the suspect. >> he didn't say a word. he looked like he may have been on drugs 'cause he just looked so out of it. he didn't look like he was, i
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don't know, all the way there, i guess you can say. >> he definitely planned a shooting. he had about seven or eight magazines in his backpack with him. and two firearms. he was there to do business, that's for sure. >> reporter: the suspect tried to shoot stone, but his gun jammed. he got on the train in belgium with an a.k. 47, .9 millimeter pistol, box cutter and ammunition. according to authorities, he's a 26-year-old man from morocco. he lived in spain and authorities alerted the french to his involvement with islamic fundamentalism. he's in the custody of french anti-terror police. mol cree? >> amy kellogg with those incredible details. such bravery. >> and more on this now. a french official is saying that the suspect was already on a security watch list for those ties to extremism. president obama reaching out to the three heros on the
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telephone, praising each one for their periphery and quick thinking and thanking them on behalf of the nation. earlier today, fox news spoke with anthony sadler, senior, whose son helped stop the tragedy. >> he's doing very well. he's grateful to be alive. he's very much challenged with all of the attention and trying to keep up with it all, him and his friends. and fatigued. there is fatigue because he's not been able to sleep well just with all of the attention and the adrenaline from the whole incident. >> that includes attention from the president of france thanking everybody who stopped the gunman, making plans to host them at the presidential palace.
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vice president joe biden seems to be getting serious about a possible white house run, reaching out to high level donors. this as hillary clinton's campaign is struggling with those sliding poll numbers. the democratic front runner still dismisses allegations that she stored deposit e-mails on a private server while secretary of state. molly henneberg is live in washington. >> reporter: hi. vice president biden is reaching out to potential donors and to potential political allies it appears. media reports say biden met with one of the standard bearers of left wing democrats, pass mass senator elizabeth warren, possibly to get her support if he decides to throw his hat in the ring. they met at the naval observatory which is the vice president's official residence. warren has said she's not running for president if 2016, but has yet to endorse another candidate. some of biden's friends and supporters have started a draft biden group and one of them told the "new york times," quote,
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over the next few weeks, we hope to expand our operations so we can communicate with more voters about vice president biden's record. this comes as hillary clinton can't seem to move beyond the private e-mail server controversy at that has dogged her for months. pollsters say the issue is hurting her with voters. >> it's one of the lowest moments at that we've ever tested of hillary clinton not just in this election cycle, but over the lifetime of her career. the reason why? voters take this stuff seriously. this is national security. this is top secret stuff. >> reporter: meanwhile, senator bernie sanders, a socialist from vermont running for the democratic nomination, is drawing large crowds at his events. around 28,000 people at one rally last week and over 27,000 at a different rally. the first democratic debate is october 13 and it's likely that if biden or others intend to join the race, they would do so before then. molly?
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>> all right. thank you. with the latest on the democratic side of things. on the republican side of things, donald trump is taking his show on the road through the deep south. ♪ sweet home alabama >> wow. you know that song. followers and fans turning out in a football stadium in alabama runner tries to convince more voters he is for real. trump hammering on his signature issue, illegal immigration, while continuing to sting fellow republicans. john roberts has more from the campaign trail. john? >> reporter: the official crowd estimate of 30,000 comes from the mobile pair's office. if that number is accurate, that would mean trump had the largest campaign event so far of the 2016 cycle. eclipsing the previous record held by bernie sanders of 28,000 if portland, oregon. alabama not your typical
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campaign stop for the primaries. however, this year the state is part of a six-state sec primary at that comes fairly early, march 1. so trump is pursuing the southern strategy as a potential route to the nomination. mobile is also next door to the florida panhandle and last night trump continued to pound florida governor jeb bush. >> jeb bush who is totally in favor of common core, weak on immigration, right? very weak on immigration. wants to let people come in, although now he is using anchor baby. he put out a memo, you can not use anchor baby. now because i used it, he's using it. politician sister bush supporters counter his super pac flying a small plane hauling a panner saying, trump is for higher taxes. bush's campaign sent out a mass e-mail to voters in alabama insisting trump is not a real conservative. people in the crowd last night didn't seem to care about trump's conservative bonafide.
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they act him because of no bs. one woman told trump, he lacked the presidential characteristics she thought important. >> a woman came up to me. she said, i'm not sure that you're nice enough to be president. i said, you know what? this is not going to be an election based on a nice person. it's going to be based on a competent person. we're tired of the nice people. >> reporter: one thing trump has perfected, the bill clinton flyover. during the 1990s, bill clinton used to fly air force one around venues a few times. last night trump lapped a few times -- looped around a few times. which other candidate could do what he did? in mobile, alabama, john roberts, fox news. >> that's a nice plane. wish i had that. you can hear more from trump when he sits down for a full interview tonight with justice with judge jeanine 9:00 o'clock eastern here on f news
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channel. three americans killed in a deadly car bombing in afghanistan's capitol today. officials say a suicide bomber attacked a nato convoy as it traveled through a crowded neighborhood in kabul, killing at least 12 people, including three civilian contractors from the united states. and wounding more than 60 others. the taliban denying carrying out that attack. top officials from north and south korea holding crucial talks right now trying to ease tensions on the border after the two countries engaged in artillery fire. the white house says president obama is closely monitoring the situation. kevin cork is traveling with the president and joins us from martha's vineyard. >> reporter: good evening. you're right, the president is watching things very carefully over about a half world away. and as you pointed out, we've heard all about the artillery fired, the exchange between south and north korea.
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we've heard previously sort of saber rattle. but this time it's very different and the white house is watching it very, very carefully. as you also pointed out, electric have been some high level meetings in the dpz between north and south korea leaders hoping once again to push away from the brink of war. the white house says the president has already been briefed on the situation and he's said to be watching it carefully from here in martha's vineyard and official telling fox news we remain steadfast in our commitment to our alliance with south korea with whom we will continue to coordinate closely. the family vacation continues with a little biking and a pit of golf as well. but we expect the president will once again be periodically briefed on this situation. i should point out, whenever you're talk being a circumstance on the korean peninsula, you're dealing with a number of moving parts back here in the u.s., including the pentagon, the white house, and even the state department to say nothing of the national security team. they'll all be talking to the white house as we continue to monitor this situation from our
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perch. if we get a readout, i'll pass it along. back to you. >> you're having a really great time there, aren't you? it's such a beautiful place, right? come on, tell us. >> reporter: it is, no question. >> tell us. >> reporter: all right. i could complain, but who would listen? i'm in martha's vineyard. i got ocean over here. it's work, right? we work seven days a week when we're here. but it's a great place to visit. >> who are you kidding? it's not work, kevin. you're having a great time! >> reporter: listen, to be honest, i am wearing sneakers. there is that. [ laughter ] >> usually i wear boxer shorts. all right. >> you've been there. you know the drill. >> yeah, i know the drill. okay. take care. pro-life groups holding more than 300 protests nationwide with one message for congress. stop funding planned parenthood. pro choice groups are making their voices heard.
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brian sullivan is live in our -- bryan llenas has more sister about 150 pro live supporters protested outside a planned parenthood outside manhattan, demanding an end to portion and that congress defund planned parenthood clinics. one of many protests organized by dozens of pro-life and religious groups planned in over 300 cities and 47 states today from los angeles and seattle to aurora, illinois and washington, d.c new york city, the crowd praying and shouting, reinvigorating by the release of secret videos showing planned parenthood illegally selling fetuses for profit. when we see the video footage, like we have now, it confirms things that we have gotten also in the past, that tell us that we're right, we're right when we say that you can't practice vice virtue with usually. if you're killing babies, you're also doing other things wrong. and things that are illegal.
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>> reporter: he said the videos renewed the effort to end abortions for good in america, vowing to continue to pressure congress and presidential candidates to defund planned parenthood while threatening to organize boycotts against businesses who donate to them. planned parenthood argued the videos are misleading and heavily edited. pro choice protesters saying a fetus is not a baby, the tissue is necessary for science and planned parenthood is about a woman's right to an abortion and health care. >> it's really important that we recognize the national battle afoot and that this is why we're out here today, because this is not going away. we wish we could laugh them off and dismiss them, but they're passing laws. they're restricting abortions and closing clinics. >> reporter: now if an election year, in controversy is sure to stay in the headlines as pope francis makes his first visit to the united states in a month where life issues will surely be brought up. molly? >> thank you.
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an army veteran is opening fire if a federal building. if you details both on the shooter and the victim as investigators try to put together a motive. >> plus, the latest on hurricane danny as it barrels toward the northern caribbean. >> and donald trump addressing his piggest crowd yet down south. can he win them over more on the donald's strategy. >> i said it the other fight. my second favorite book of all time. what's my first? the bible! the bible.
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time for a quick check of the headlines. investigators trying to decide why an army veteran opened fire if a federal building if pentagon, fatally shooting a security guard before shooting himself. officials swarming the home of the punishman. he shot and killed a guard who had been scheduled to leave work at 4:00 p.m. that day, but agreed to stay for an extra shift. professional sky divers paying tribute to military
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parachutist killed if an accident in an air show. here it is. a fellow army folden knight landing with them at the funeral service. 32-year-old paster sergeant cory hood. northern caribbean preparing for heavy rains as wind and weakening hurricane danny approaches. the category 1 storm expected to probable cause a tropical storm between sunday and monday. donald trump strengthening his lead in the crowded gop race for the presidential nomination. holding the biggest rally of the campaign season as he spoke to a crowd of 30,000 supporters in mobile, alabama. his visit attempting to show his candidacy has a broad appeal and lasting appeal in the south where alabama and seven other states will hold this voting blitz on march 1. so can trump actually win the south? joining us now is the chief
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congressional correspond sent for the washington examiner. thank you for joining us. >> hi. >> so this was a big crowd. 30,000 people, pleased to be estimated to be the piggest crowd so far this presidential season as the candidates poof forward. bernie sanders is drawing pig numbers. when we talk about trump and the south, is he being strategic here? is he specifically targeting the south and is it important? >> well, the south is very important for a number of reasons. first of all, if he does not do well if the first two important primaries in iowa and new hampshire, he needs to start winning quickly after that or he could just failed away and start becoming a nonentity in this whole race. so it's good to have the south ready if case he doesn't do well in the first two primaries. i will point out that mitt romney was not all together successful in the south and he still ended up winning the nomination. rick santorum and newt gingrich did better if the south. newt gingrich revived his campaign, which wasn't doing so well, by winning the south carolina primary. the south can play a pivotal
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role for candidates for a variety of reasons. it helped keep rick santorum in the game. i think what trump did yesterday was show the enthusiasm, really big enthusiasm for him as a candidate. that's something fun of the other republicans have been able to do. there is such enormous value if being able to demonstrate huge crowds, wild enthusiasm. that really is what benefited him the most yesterday. more so than just appealing to alabama for their immigration issues and trade issues, which he was able to touch a nerve there. but just showing the big crowds. remember back in 2008 we had hillary clinton. along came barak obama. he showed something more so than she was able to show, which draw the big crowds and enthusiasm. that's the kinds of thing that can give an early campaign the kind of momentum it needs to -- to become a real campaign. so i think that's what trump really accomplished on friday in alabama. >> it's opinion interesting to watch this and all of these
3:23 pm
other candidates, republican candidates, 16 other candidates watching closely as well, of course. trump has gone off after former governor jeb bush a little bit more than he has some of the other candidates. and bush has also been playing the south. he's been down there making the rounds in some of those southern states as well. is it right now looking a little pit like they're going after just each other and what does that mean specifically for the southern race? >> it's really an important question because first of all, florida is part of the south. florida is a huge get. in fact, if some ways it might be bigger than some of the other southern states put together. whoever wins florida is considered to be the person who can really wrap up the nomination. jeb bush, of course, former governor of florida, favored to win there. he's also the item one fund-raiser of all the candidates. it's something trump has to keep an eye on, even though he's independently wealthy and talks about that all the time. he's still at some point going to require campaign donations. i don't think he can survive an
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entire campaign completely on his own fortune. so jeb is a target for him. jeb bush was the leader if the polls before trump came around and started to lead the national polling a few weeks ago. >> all right. thank you so much for weighing in on the latest race so far and what's happening if the south as we look toward these contests that will begin text year. it will be interesting to see it play out. >> thanks. better weather conditions today helping out firefighters, but the danger far from over. the latest from the fire lines coming up next. and u.s. dealing a major blow to isis, taking out a top leader. the impact on the effort to degrade and destroy the terrorist group.
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wildfires that killed three firefighters in washington are getting bigger. fire officials say they've drone by more than 100 square miles if
3:29 pm
one day. windy weather is helping to whip those flames across parched ground. this as thousands of people are forced to free tear homes and watch and wait as the fires race toward residential areas. >> there wasn't a whole lot you could do about it. fire is its own master. it just does what it wants and it kind of raged around. >> will carr is live from our los angeles pure row with more. >> reporter: -- bureau with more. >> reporter: there are at least 70 wildfires burning across the west coast right now. in washington state, several of those fires exploded yesterday. they've already declared a federal state of emergency if washington where mother fair simply is not cooperating. the firefighters have seen wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. winds like that can change the direction of these fires if just a matter of seconds. biggest pushing in washington right now at more than
3:30 pm
227,000 acres. today the weather has been calmer, but the potential for danger still high. >> there may not be wind, but had you get these extremely dry fuels aligned slope and heating from below from the fire, upslope runs are still very, very possible. >> reporter: things so bad if washington right now, they have all of their firefighters on the ground, all the firefighters if the state. they've also deployed the national guard and now they're asking for citizens to volunteer to go to the front line. at the same time, we're learning more about the three firefighters who were killed on wednesday in washington. they were all part of an elite unit that was tracking the fire. they were inside of a fire truck that ended up crashing from left to right on your screen there. at the all were overcome by that fire. now their deaths prompted three separate investigations. >> we know that danger is always
3:31 pm
there. you hope it never happens. had it does, it's tough. >> when that fire changed directions, it come fast and hot. i think they just got trapped. >> reporter: fires are burning in eight western states right now, including california which has 17 fires. many of which are fueled my the state's dangerous drought conditions. take a look at a satellite picture from noah where you can see a lot of the smoke generated from the fires from space. often the large fires can create their own weather patterns. the fire crews that are on the ground looking towards weather for the rest of the day and tomorrow really hoping to see more calm weather with zero wind so they can try to get an upper hand on so many fires burning all across the region. molly. >> thank you for staying on top of this. u.s. air strike killing a top isis leader if iraq. the white house confirming the second in up and down of the
3:32 pm
terror group was killed near mosul this week. he was the primary coordinator for moving weapons, explosives and fighters between iraq and syria. his death considered a logistical and symbolic blow but likely not impact their day-to-day operations. middle east journalist, fox fuss contributor is with us now. is this a big deal if. >> it's a big deal symbolically, meaning that we were able to get the second in command. he's the right hand man to ago bagdadi. it's also wonderful that we know now that physicals at the got him by shear accident, that we have enough intel to go after these guys. instead of patting ourselves on the back and celebrating this kind of victory, i guess the question begs, why aren't we hearing more of these types of tar getted attacks? >> given our current approach to isis, can we defeat isis? >> every single campaign we've
3:33 pm
made, they've made more significant gains. we pushed them back in iraq and syria, they made gains in libya and afghanistan and in the sinai pen have a. if we killed if i of their members and their hierarchy, they've gone ahead and gotten a pigger piageting recruits all over the world to join their cause. they have 30,000 fighters and we're trying to fight them with a number of rebels that we're trying to train on the ground. >> is that not working? in other words, trying to train and equip local individuals, rebels, as you say, on the ground to defeat isis if is that not going to work? >> right. so the plan was to train and equip 5500 rebels, local rebels on the ground, meaning they had to vet them, find them, train them and then put them back on the ground. if they're not abducted or killed, which a lot of them have been. and in the outcome so far has been 55 to 60 fighters. 55 to 60 fighters are supposed to go and fight 30,000 isis
3:34 pm
fighters. >> is it your view president obama just doesn't understand this? >> you know, it's a funny question to ask. he's the leader of the free world. he's leading the coalition. we've asked turkey to step on forward. we've asked others. this is a global problem at this point. if president obama doesn't understand it, he's going to be late to join the cause. jordan, saudi arabia, all the countries in the region understand what a threat isis is. and the problem here is that if we underestimate the threat of the largest and most brutal terror group in history, they've already beaten us in terms of time, in terms of resiliency. it will be hard to catch up. >> pulling out u.s. forces in iraq, was this a huge mistake? >> having a presence if the region is never a bad thing 'cause as we can see, it's when these vacuums appear is when these groups that are well organized -- >> the reason i ask this question is we have 28,500
3:35 pm
military personnel in south korea, have since 1953. they're there for a reason. they engage in security and the same thing could have been said of iraq. >> right. what do we have now if we have this mishmash in iraq. who is taking advantage of that? the revolutionary guard of the iranian regime, the same one they're going to give money to to get pack in there and the same thing happened in syria. political vacuums give rise to terrorist organizations. the issue is only thursday did ash carter come out and say we're considering having the kurdish fighters join the rebels that were -- the group that we're forming. what took so long? the only boots on the ground that we have, if we're not willing to commit boots on the ground and i'm not making a case for or against that. if we're not going to exit boots on the ground, why don't we engage with the fighters who are actually on the ground? the only group that has been able to make any sort of significant gains on the ground against isis has been the kurds
3:36 pm
and we should not pander to turkey instead of giving the kurds what they need, which is equipment and funds in order to do their job. >> lisa, good to see you as always. >> of course. >> molly? >> we're getting if you video of thousands of migrants rushing past pass don'tian police officers -- macedonian police officers trying to block them from entering greece. this uproar starting when the police allowed a small group of migrants with young kids to cross the frontier. people in the back then pushed toward that shielded police wall. there were no reports of the item and extent of the injuries. this is the second day of clashes between the migrants and the macedonian police who are trying to prevent them from heading north to other european countries where they can seek asylum. was the secretary of state's e-mail an open pack -- book for the world to read pause of that private e-mail account?
3:37 pm
now a report of a possible second server as hillary clinton it nothing that her predecessors didn't do. >> the facts are stubborn. what i did was legally permitted. everybody is acting like this is the first time it's ever happened. it happens all the time. networ,
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3:42 pm
questions of national security. fox fuss confirming some of hillary clinton's e-mails as secretary of state were indeed classified when they were sent and received. this as a federal judge this week declared her use of a private server a violation of government policy. now the washington examiner says its investigation of the e-mail timeline indicates a second server might be out there somewhere. what does this mean politically, legally? susan estridge, professor of claw political science at usc, university of southern california, joins us. served as michael dukakis' manager during his presidential run. remember it well. >> thank you. >> it's sort of the drip, drip, drip, every day. nobody is paying attention to what she says about policies and and what she'd do as president.
3:43 pm
but rather it's her sort of responses or nonresponses to this controversy. is this killing her? >> well, it's not killing her, but it's certainly not helping her. it helps explain why bernie sanders is getting these huge crowds. the usual ruse in politics is when you got a bad story, you and i are old if you have to remember this one. gerald dean ferraro's taxes. remember if when she said i'm not going to release my taxes. you know how italian men are. and i was on a plane. i landed and mondale looked at me and said, what did your friend just say? i thought, woo. but the way she handled it was to have this one big press conference and 20 years o returns and hundreds and hundreds of pages, and the whole thing went away in one day because there was nothing really there. >> right. >> the clintons adopted the
3:44 pm
opposite approach, which is you describe it is the drip, drip. and for the life of me, i'm not sure i understand why, because as you say, it gets in the way of her message. it reminds people of with a did they used to call him? slick willie or something? >> right. >> pack in the day. and it kind of reminds people at that the clintons can be very secretive and have on occasion not been entirely honest. and why would you want a drip, drip that personal out every day physicals it's something really bad in there. i really don't think there is. >> really? i mean, that leads me to my next question: i kind of thing that the reason why she hasn't addressed these problems is because she doesn't really have a good answer, susan. >> well, she doesn't have a good
3:45 pm
answer, it's gonna be worse after struggling for weeks and weeks and getting in the way for weeks and weeks. and you know, i have a feeling that the answer is a lot smaller than the questions. i mean, i just think that if the question is why did you have a server, it's because, you know, cease a little bit concerned about privacy. >> right. >> and given her experience, people might understand that. ha are these classified documents doing? i don't know. but you better explain it and it's better to sprain it all at once -- explain it all at once right out there. unless there is something so terrible that you're hoping it will never come out. here is the problem with that theory. it will come out. so you might as well throw it out. >> her defense is no defense. she cannot actually say, hey,
3:46 pm
you know what? i didn't really know what was classified pause -- because it wasn't marked as classified. that's not a defense under the law. you know that. i know that. we're both lawyers. her problem is explaining that. to argue that i didn't actually know they were classified is in a way arguing i'm incompetent. i was so inept as secretary of state that i didn't actually realize what these documents were when i read them. >> well, greg, you know if they had put this out all at once and there were half a dozen documents at that were classified and a million others sitting on the table that said unclassified in that same little corner, you might say, i did my best to sort of and always keep classified documents separate.
3:47 pm
but obviously there were occasion, given the volume of documents i deal with, look at them all, where something may have been if the wrong pile. i don't know p you, but i get things if the wrong pile all the time. >> listen, i do that, too. but here is the deol. >> we're not secretary of state. >> how could you be secretary of state with a personal server and for four years not have classified i documents on that server? it would be impossible, right? i mean, every day you're dealing with top secret classified information. and to think for one moment that it wouldn't gratify some way or gravitate some way to her e-mail is absurd. >> well, except she did a pretty good job of it. i mean, the other way to look at it and the reason this stuff looks incriminating is because of the way it's coming out. and pause it's being brought out and then there is an official
3:48 pm
maybe yes, maybe no. but if all they've got is a handful of documents from two servers or whatever it is, the honorable -- the best thing you could do if that circumstance is simply to say i did the best i could. i think i did pretty well. and on these five occasions, i clearly let things go that i shouldn't have and that's why the policy is what it is and why i'm sitting here apologizing for breaking it. i was concerned about privacy. it was not clear to me. i take responsibility. i'm not blaming anyone. >> she should hire you. >> and it goes away you're so good. she should hire you as other -- her spokesperson. i almost believe you. good to see you. >> great to see you. >> check out susan's syndicated column in newspapers across the
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the results of a now study revealing little to chlor up the debate on how to treat early stages was breast cancer. we will bring in dr. earnest patty senior of medicine in saint barn bus hospital. >> thanks for having me. >> what is it and how is it different than other types of breast cancer. >> it is ductal carcnoma cancer. and it is precancerous cells that are found long the milk ducts. it is not necessarily lumps. it it is a precapserous legislation or carc noma. >> and 60000 people are diagnosed with this. and what is the window that it open ones? >> basically the studies gave us
3:54 pm
more information and so manied to confuse us more. and's couple of things we have to remember. not all cancers are in lumps that you feel. more surgery is not necessarily better for you. and sometimes when you find area was carcinomma in the breast or prostate or service they regress and disappear. it depends on the type of cancer. >> the ultmate conclusion women had had mastectomy and over 20 years the same amount of life time risk. >> you would think they would have better survival rate. but many of them died of breast cancer that was not picked up inspite of lymptectomy and radiation and mastectomies.
3:55 pm
>> does doctors want to wait before pursuing aggressive treatment? >> it gives us an opportunity to stop and take a deep breath. don't rush to get a mastectomy. many times people can get a second or third opinion as well as an informational gathering thing. and what you need to do is limit or decrease your risk factors, decrease alcohol intake and don't smoke and eat a healthy doit and life style and that decreases chances of breast cancer and you need to know your family history and investigate that and if it is high for breast cancer and so what markers that it you have to lone more to getting a breast cancer diagnosis. >> thank you dr. patti for your
3:56 pm
insight. snshg thank you. molly, you and i need to may attention to this. who said you have to find the perfect mate to be perfectly happy. coming up next, new research on why the single life can be just as good. ♪
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>> this may not be so bad. now study shows that people are
4:00 pm
happy being alone. researchers think that being alone remove the social anxiety that come with relationships. >> i love the hubby. >> i am conflicted with anxiety no matter what. julie banderas next. check it out. we are hearing from the americans hailed as heroes from stopping for what could have been a bloody massacre in europe. witnesses say two of the americans, both military servicemen jumped in to action and tackling the heavy armed gunman. they were able to disarm him and boat him unconscious. a third american helped to tie up the suspect before officials could take over. it happen on a high speed train from amsterdam to paris.


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