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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  August 26, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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i am bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. tonight on "red eye." a fraternity in virginia invites freshmen daughters and their m months to drop in for a visit. who says chivalry is dead? and jeb bush's mom says we've had too many bushes in the white house. sorry, jeb. george is still the favorite. and a boy accidentally punches a hole through a famous, would of art, but can you blame him? have you been toted -- have you been to the warhol museum? first, a news break. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez. investors are facing a white knuckle day on wall street. they showed signs of a slight
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rebound from the previous two days. but the blow dahl investor confidence remains shaky. here at home investors soared to 400 points and only to have it tumble during the final hours of trading. it closed at a 200-point loss. firefighters in washington are keeping an eye on rising temperatures and winds that threaten to expand what is already the wildfire on record in the state. the fires have grown 2 and a half square miles since last night and have now burned 403 square miles. many are battling the flames from the ground. >> we do have air support. we just can't utilize it. that's because of the smoke. so, yeah, there are people on the ground that would definitely like to have some support from aviation resources. but again, we can't get a pilot hurt or killed if you
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can't see. >> puerto rico and the virgin islands are under a tropical storm watch this morning because of erika. right now the storm is centered less than 500 meals east of aigua hua and headed toward the leward eye rands with sustained winds of 40 miles per hour. forecasters warn erika might gain strength. and a few tense moments last night for a group of tourists high on top of dc's washington monument. the elevator quit working and they were forced to take the long way down 500 feet of stairs. two of the sight seers were pregnant and they had to be carried down by paramedics. i'm jackie ibanez and now back to "red eye." >> welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey over at the "red eye" news deck.
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>> word is this is a big day for you. >> why is that? >> it is national secondhand wardrobe day. >> i don't understand. i don't get my clothes -- >> yes, it is a day to celebrate people like you who would rather way something secondhand than put on something nice. so kudos to you for putting practice tau -- practice tau cal tee above looking good. >> are you not usually nice in this segment. >> are you not usually nice in this segment. let's welcome our guest. she loves instagram so much she is going to marry it. jedediah bila. his voice is so soothing they can play it in elevators, charles cook. she was born in the u.s. and raised in england. we used to call them loyalists. sherry davie. and he is moving to california so he can have more room for his ego, comedian jesse joyce. let's start the show.
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>> they went from high fiveing to going into hiding. a fraternity at old dominion university has been suspended for putting up sexually suggestive signs welcoming freshmen girls. it appeared at an off campus house where the frat reportedly live. the sign says "rowdy and fun. hope your baby girl is ready for a good time." "freshman daughter dropoff." and "go ahead and drop off mom too." the crude messages sparked outrage on campus and on-line. here is an administrator at the virginia college. >> disgust. in the original statement put out it sickened me. that's the only word that could really describe how i felt about that. >> but not everyone thinks they are so bad. >> i think they were just joking. it is a welcome back to college prank. yoing they meant -- i don't
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think they meant anything serious by it. >> there you go. they didn't mean anything serious by it. there is a reason they call it frat humor. they are just living up to the name. >> i suppose so. i don't think the joke works though. tell your mom to swing by. do you know how furious your mom would be to see you spray painted every sheet in the house? >> i see. >> and nothing good has been spray painted on a sheet. it is never a nugget of wisdom. it is always racist. there are always two holes cut in the sheet. >> that's not good. >> did the kk use spray paint? i don't think they ever did. >> probably animal dung most likely is my guest. >> but they didn't use spray paint. >> they huffed the spray paint. >> sherry, welcome to the show. >> thank you so much. >> i love that accent. >> thank you. >> i didn't know you were -- i didn't know -- just thought you were british 100%.
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>> i was actually born here, but my mom is from england and my dad is from hungary. >> you are the anchor baby. >> i am the anchor baby of the show. >> should these frat guys have known better or are they living the dream? >> frat guys behaving like frat guys, what a shock. how shocking. i know the president of the fraternity was asked to comment on it and he said i can't believe these broads are so upset. i actually thought it was funny, and the last sheet said, you know, dropped off your mom here. that appealed to me as the mother of teenagers. so it is very inclusive. i want my sheets to say i have snacks. >> if you showed up with snacks, that would double the fun. >> it would double it. >> you are are not one of those moms who is concerned about the sheets, right? >> no. >> like jesse? you are the hot mom. see, jesse, that's what they are looking for. >> i don't care about the sheets of the i just think
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traditional moms do. >> it was funny. it is a prank. >> do frat boys exist in the uk? >> no, we don't have fraternities. >> no. >> the frat bit is out. >> where do we get them? >> greece. >> i know -- i mean i know it is greece, but we copied everything the british did. >> you're welcome. >> you didn't do fraternities. you know why? it is all a frat. the uk is a big fraternity. >> no, we don't have to pay people to be our friends. >> we all live in the same house and bow down to the queen who is a small dictator of sorts and tells us what to do or eat. >> you are telling me you don't have a facility where dudes hang out in leather chairs and pipes and under a giraffe's head. >> we have that. that was my experience, but you don't need a fraternity.
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>> it is redundant at all of the schools in eveningnd la. >> you show up and they do the tweed induction. >> do they indulge in sexual behavior as they do here? >> i cannot comment on that. >> that's mandatory. >> we will get into boarding schools if we are not careful and i don't want to get into that. >> i don't understand the schooling there with the public and the private. it mixes me up. jedediah, they were joking. can't they say just kidding? >> i have an italian father. if he were dropping me off at school and he saw those, there would be hell to pay. he would have knocked on that door and those boys would have had a talking to. you have to hold them accountable for stuff like that. what kind of message will that send? somebody will get beat up. a big brother will show up you and beat one of those guys up, and you know what? they will deserve it. >> you're right. that's the way thisy should have handled it.
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let the angry dad or big brother beat them up and that's fine instead of all of this nonsense. >> advocating for violence. i can get behind that. >> we need more vigilantes. >> on college campuses, yes. >> did you see that one shirtless bro. you didn't show the interest -- you didn't show the interview. his name was alex sheet and it is what the [bleep] are the odds that this guy who spray paints sheep is alex sheep. it is like the wetzle pretzel guy. what are the odds that you would be named wetzle and you are amazing at making pretzels. >> it is fun. i am having a pretzel and my name is wetzel and i am having fun. and he said maybe some day. >> but the diagram of people who love pet swrels and those who succeed at pretzel making, that's small. >> that's right. that's why wetzel is so
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special. >> the fact that he is so good at spray painting sheets. >> i feel like you are the only human in the entire universe that would have realized that fact and talked about it. of all of the things you discussed -- >> you got to the stage you were working at what you thought, but what was his name dism? >> realistically he was the [bleep] who didn't want to give his first name. and then he was not very creative. alex sheets? next story. this will make thanksgiving awkward. on monday donald trump took a fight at jeb on instagram using the words of bush's own mother again him. >> would you like to see him run? >> no. i really don't. i think it is a great country. there are a lot of great families. there are just other people out there that are very qualified. we have had enough bushes.
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>> as you can imagine jeb did not take this lying down. he fired back, i don't follow donald trump's instagram. wow. burn, bro. jeb clarified his use of the word anchor baby insisting he wasn't talking about mexicans. >> i was talk about the specific case of fraud being committed where there are organized efforts and frankly it is maury lated to asian -- more related to asian people coming into our country and having children and taking advantage of a noble concept with the birthright citizenship. >> well that clears that up, right? crystal clear. jedediah, why not does he just say anchor babies, a descriptive term? >> he can't defend anything. he is jeb bush. >> first of all, i love the ad. that may have been the best ad of the campaign season. >> everyone is at home saying
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yes please. enough with the bushes. you know where your mind goes, enough with the clintons. it was a way to get a dig with hillary clinton and all of these people with the names in politics forever, get off the stage. i thought it was a brilliant job. as far as the anchor baby stuff, somebody else may have been able to defend that. it just illustrates that jeb bush is bad at defending everything. everything he tries to do he defends policy wise. we are asleep or board or saying this guy sucks. >> he is good at explaining and it is not a good time. >> when is a good time for him? >> when we are paying more attention. it will kick in then. he is spur sway sigh -- persuasive, but he goes on and on. if you are willing to sit he is good. >> are we talking about trump? >> we are talking about jeb bush. >> where are you? >> he was looking at me so intensely. i thought why am i looking at
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him? first of all it is funny that she is teaching a mom lesson. give other people a turn. with the presidency it is get out of line. if you are a trump and want to say that, i'm sure marianne, big mama trump and immigrant from scotland didn't want her son to be a bigoted orangutan, but it happened nonetheless. >> what are you talking about? >> i am talking about -- yes and his immigrant mother. he is a bigoted orangutan. >> i don't like that term. >> continue. >> anchor babies it is like questionable as to whether that is an offensive term. some say yes and no. never is it not offensive to say i am mostly talking about asians. i am surprised he didn't say it with his chin -- like look
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over both shoulders like mostly i am talking about asians here. that's an insane thing to say. >> the hispanics like him so much that he wants to stay on their good side. >> it is weird to say something -- you know have you an image problem when you have to defend yourself and say things like when i was using a term that was slightly offensive to asians i actually happened to offend the mexicans as well and i am very sorry for. that's when you know he has a problem. donald trump should hang a sheet out his window that says jeb your mother loves me more than you. >> do you remember when she said that? it was awhile ago. >> is she even still alive? >> she is. >> i'm sorry. >> and she looks fantastic. >> you said he didn't take it lying down. but he took it on the psychologist's couch. it is really good. it was a definite attack on the thing with the bushes and
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the clintons. >> he will awake -- whatever. barbara bush is going to come back at him. she is a fighting woman. >> like a cr ha c -- like a cracken. >> barbara bush is a cracken? >> in the back of the video they were playing a cheap version of of -- i just want to say one thing about jeb bush. i am not a great fan of jeb bush, but what he said about this being a specific asian problem is true. it is not a right wing thing, it is something covered in the atlantic. this is the problem with people having visas and coming over to have babies. you don't want to say it like he did if he is a presidential candidate, but he is not exactly wrong. >> right. but jedediah has a short attention span. >> if you are going with someone you have to sit and wait for them to make sense,
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go with scott walker. go with someone who has a better record. you have a whole slew of patients. you don't need to choose the common core guy. >> donald trump answered questions from reporters. well, the ones he didn't take -- he didn't kick out. >> excuse me, sit down. you weren't called. sit down. sit down. go ahead. no you don't. you haven't been called. >> have i a right to ask the question. >> go back to uni vision. go ahead. >> you cannot deport 11 million people. you cannot denyship to children -- >> sit down, please. you weren't called. go. >> i have a right to ask a question. >> yes, in order. >> yes, go ahead.
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>> what do you think of that, jedediah? >> the folks on the right typically can't stand jorge ramos so they will cheer trump in the moment if it will make him liked more. the whole bully era gapt thing has limits. there is a difference between errogance and confidence. he doesn't want to turn people off. you don't want a bully to be president. you want somebody uher assertive and can take on iran. but you don't want the playground bully. rehab to be careful with that. >> does it make sense? there is a reason they are nice to reporters and it is so they will be nice to them. >> i loathe donald trump. i have spent the last few weeks on a jihad against donald trump. i wish the ground would open up and swallow him. but he was completely right. he was completely right. this guy stood up and started shouting at him in a press conference as if he is an activist from code pink rather
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than a reporter from univision. jeb bush said -- donald trump said you can't do that. i have other people waiting to ask questions. >> the way you just put it, i must conduct a press conference. >> he said it like a cockatu. >> the other guy was being annoying as well. >> he was. >> and this kind of stuff, this kind of theatrics makes me like trump. what about you? >> i thought it was funny and does president sound like any other -- doesn't sound like any other politician because he is not. he ran the press conference like my mother. she would shout people down. i understand the bully thing. i also don't think -- i think there needs to be a protocol
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and people need to follow them. >> that is the problem. they keep thinking the anger isn't going to work. >> i think it is ridiculous when they show anything beyond the frame of the press conference. then you go like that's not a magnificent room? like the blue velvet and the second you say are you in a holiday inn? you say next. >> it is always beat looking. >> and fatigue has set in for this cat would simply says no more. >> no more. >> just a little more. >> no more. >> a little bit. >> no more.
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no more. >> no more. >> no more. >> isn't that amazing? that's what i love about the internet. we never would have seen that. >> are boyfriend jeans offensive? yes.
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apparently those boyfriend jeans of yours are enabling the patriarc key. in case you didn't know when women wear jeans that are baggier than the skinny jeans they are called boyfriend jeans. they look like they are in their boyfriend's jeans. she pulled them on and out for a quick errand. she doesn't care how she looks. katie holmes popular rised the look and the name. alyssa strouse does to the like the term at all and here is her column in my response.
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here is what so so off by the clothing. it means she can only wear the baggie clothes after securing a mate. sound advice. before that we should really -- should we be showcasing one's body in a more fitted apparel? yes you should. this frames getting dressed as something that is done primarily for the male gaze. it is. when most women know that more often than not we dress for ourselves and others. >> keep telling yourself that. they also suggest a woman should be straight, smaller than men and young. well that was my list when i was single. older women has husbands, wives partners. imagine trying to explain this column to a first grader. it is ridiculous. you are ridiculous. jesse, my argument wasn't so strong at the end. i was calling her names at the
12:25 am
end. you know what i'm talking about. this woman is trying to call patriarc key when everything she was saying was absolutely true. women look better in skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans look like they are wearing their boyfriend's jeans. >> why do we have to address everything a blogger says now? who gives a [bleep] what the lady thinks? for some reason oh that is outrageous. she sat there going what is a thing that could get people to then go yeah that is a thing. it is a dumb name, boyfriend jeans. it is a stupid name. everything has a stupid name. i love bloomin onions. i think they are delicious. every time i go to an out back steak house i hate saying it so much. i am not a shepherd from new zealand. why do i have to put an n apostrophe. why not a blooming onion?
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>> you can. >> i don't like saying it. some idiot chose a dumb name for the thing and that's where it ends. for some reason somebody called it boyfriend jeans and sorry that doesn't mean you are an inferior member of the human race. it just means somebody named it a stupid thing. >> jedediah, jesse is right. bloomin onion is a funny thing. maybe he ordered it because it jumped off the menu. but boyfriend jeans is a script tiff term. it looks like the woman is wearing men's jeans. >> i think it is accurate. i love boy friend -- boyfriend jeans. i wear them all the time. they are comfortable. it feels like i am putting on a guy's pair of pants. we know guys' clothes is more comfortable. when i buy my hang around the house stuff i go to the men's department and buy the over sized plans and the over sized jeans and that stuff.
12:27 am
it is accurate. when you crawl out of bed you grab your guy's pants -- even though i can't do that with my boyfriend's pants because they are expwrient. i would lift them up and they would fall to the floor. you grab the pants -- jesse will peck up on something dirty here. >> jarod from subway. >> i actually think it is a cool and creative name. who ever came up with that got it right. they were living life and they are like, these are the boyfriend jeans. >> you know why katie holmes popular rised it? her husband -- tom cruz, a diminutive man. she looked great in the jeans. >> exactly. i think they are sexy. it is like i just came from shaggin my boy end from. i just put on his jeans. >> and it has the added benefit that if you wear them out and you have those boyfriend jeans out we say you have a boyfriend so i won't hit on you. >> you wear the boyfriend
12:28 am
jeans, but that doesn't apply. now it is just a thing. boyfriend sweat sweatpants. >> all right, it is just a look. >> i agree with everything. i am just worried about what will happen to all of moo i girl end from dresses. >> i not only have them here, but i shipped them over and when i am not on television i like to wear them. they are comfortable and stylish. i would have to buy a bunch of different clothes if the matriarchy comes down. i hope i have a kindred spirit. i thought it was those dresses as well. >> i have been a monty python and benny hill fan for so long you just confirmed the british dude's love for wearing dresses.
12:29 am
>> it is for comfort. you have to put it on if you are going to get a crumb pet. >> that was the punch like, it was a guy in the dress. that was the whole joke. >> but it, woulded. but it worked. >> i am a bit worried that you think i am joking. andy levey is a flat circle. everything he has corrected will be corrected over and over again. did i blow your mind? stick around.
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live from america's news headquarters i am jackie ibanez. something of a turn around of the past two days in the asian stock markets. japan's nikkei is up fractionally to close up more than 3%. the shanghai composite and hong kong's hang seng index are both down after opening higher. traders are hoping that today is not a repeat of yesterday in new york. better than 400-point gain and turning to a 200-point loss. and unlike last night they are trading fraction lehigher. one of those three americans who helped stop a terror attack on a train headed for paris is back home. he flew into sacramento yesterday along with his parents . he is the one in the gray hoodie. he walked along the tarmac with the rest of the
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passengers. they planned on parade for all three heros and they all grew up in that area. a washington state man is resting comfortably in a hospital after being rescued from a rail car filled with 80 tons of sand. rescue crews worked quickly to free him. the sand was up to his neck. they hoisted him out of the car with straps attached to a fire truck ladder. the crews also used three trucks with suction equipment to move the sand away from him. president obama is picking up support from one more senator who backed the iran nuclear deal. they say the deal isn't perfect, but it keeps our options on the table if iran doesn't live up to the agreement. obama supporters say they are confident they can get 34 senators needed to uphold a veto should it come down to that. convicted mass murderer james holmes is being sentenced to life in prison without parole. he is accused of killing and wounding people in a colorado
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movie theater. i am jackie ibanez. and now back to "red eye." >> welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levey. >> hi, tom. >> how are you feeling? >> feeling good. had a little laryngitis. i am doing okay. >> not so much speaking, but your voice sounds fine. >> fraternity banners cause outrage. you say nothing is spray painted on a sheet. it is literally staring everyone in the face. it is there in the word. we need to ban banners. look what you did. >> that would make an amazing bumper sticker. you said the kkk never spray painted on sheets and we
12:36 am
should give them credit for that. if i understood correctly what you were saying is this fraternity is worse than the klan sph. >> only in that field. >> so glad you picked up on that. the idea that anyone would ever say -- the klan did some good things. >> say what you will about the klan. >> interesting landscaping ideas? >> they don't have fraternities in england. do they have houses? >> they do have houses. they break down the colleges to 36 smaller ones. >> tom you asked where fraternities came from many came from masonic influences. >> that makes sense. >> as with everything else in
12:37 am
the world. >> jedediah, i agree with you. a bunch of dads and tough moms should have walked over to that fraternity and put the fear of god in them. >> somebody has to get beat up so this stops across the country. >> i was trying to remember if this is what it was like. it was 45 years ago. >> back in the day. >> i don't like how this was aimed at first year girls. first years, sophomores, gene yes, sirs, seniors are all welcome in my office. >> that's good. >> trump uses jeb's mom -- in an add i mean. the best part of the ad which was well done was when barbara bush says there are other people out there who are qualified, they married that with video of trump.
12:38 am
>> i it seemed like they were saying it about him. trump's mother was an immigrant from scotland. >> yes. >> and frob blee our viewers -- and probably our viewers will be surprised to find out you are correct. >> he is a hipocrite. >> again you are correct. >> he is the worse person. i met him twice. he is the worst person. he is unkind in person. >> he is a tool and he doesn't get jokes and he is utterly a humorless, stupid haired robot. he is a carrot that doesn't understand the joke. i couldn't hate that guy more than anyone else on the earth. anyone on the earth. that includes joseph kony he is on the earth also and i hate donald trump. i have had personal
12:39 am
interactions with him and he is a scum bag. humorless. he would take jokes and then redact them like a real estate contractor. like he would take a sharpee and hand you back a joke without the punch line anymore. what kind of a [bleep] move is that to do? i like the first three words where it says donald trump is. that part i like. the rest, no. >> by the way, why are you on the set of the 12-year-old production of "apolo 13"? the only difference is this is real. >> jeb says anchor babies are mostly asian. you said you are not god at explaining yourself when you say you were trying to be offensive to asians and not mexicans. you sort of said something like that anyway. i said this before.
12:40 am
using the term anchor baby to describe the situation where people come to this country and have a baby for the purpose of that baby being a u.s. citizen. that seems appropriate to me. as charles was getting at, there were federal raids of businesses that were established for asian women to do just that. that's what jeb was talking about. he was right. >> so when i get my nails done that's where they are born? >> there is no reason to get racist. >> what is your point. >> you just made that point better than jeb bush did. you just -- you who are not running for president, i can't imagine why, but you made that point. >> you can tell i am smarter than jeb bush because i don't president what to be president. jet do dye yaw -- jedediah talking about the jorge ramos thing and has the bullying points, i think he was correct. ramos was sitting there saying i am a reporter and i have a right to ask a question. you have a right to be called
12:41 am
on to ask a question. you don't have a right to keep doing that. let's face fact. he is much more of an activist than a reporter. >> that's absolutely true. the problem is he is very bullyish all the time and i think it is going to be over dosed at some p oi nt. it may be the wrong thing that turns people off. here he goes again kind of thing. >> i don't think yelling at the press will ever turn people on. >> i think he got points because nobody likes that guy. >> katie holmes popular liesed the look and the name boyfriend jeans. those are beer jeans. >> what does that music mean? >> i just got played off. >> does that mean chuck norris is about to enter? what is with the music? >> that's where i say time to take a break. >> it is kind of road housey. >> oh, did he say i am done?
12:42 am
i usually wait for that. time to take a break. i'm done. now here is what is coming up on the next kennedy. >> hey, you. on the next kennedy, dana's do's and don'ts. we will see you at 8:00 p.m. and 5:00 pacific on fox news business.
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ever see a painting and think hey, my kid could punch
12:46 am
that? a 12-year-old boy visiting a museum in taipei, taiwan tripped and fell and broke his fall with the painting. "flowers" valued at $1.5 million . the impact ripped a hole in the canvas, but the boy enraged by the flowers with emphasis on opulence will not beheld financially responsible for the restoration. this is not the first time he has destroyed a priceless work of art. look what he did to van gogh's self-portrait. he did change things up when he went to the louve. i wish we had the video of him walking away slowly while it blew up. jesse, when will the rein of
12:47 am
madness end? >> first of all, why bring a 12-year-old who is playing around with a soda in an art gallery. >> it is not very well protected. he doesn't appreciate this. why is he here with his dumb shorts and chubby torso and 82-ounce mourn den dew -- mountain dew. you have no right to be there. >> secondly art is dumb and i have a degree in art history and -- that might as well be, what -- was it at the conclusion of your degree or did you say art is dumb. >> i was an art major. i can paint and draw. i just dress like a sleep in a dog track, but i have a lot of talent. i had a painting in the pittsburgh airport. it is not important. >> what if someone put their
12:48 am
thumb through that? >> who cares? it is not available because no stupid critic said it was available. that's what makes the thing worth while. impressionism was initially a dig at monet because they said he can't paint a sunset. he can only paint an impression of a sunset. they say impressionism. that's a good idea. paint like that. i don't know if you know this, but monet had cataracts. so if you describe monet it is probably blurry. if you look in the early 1880 dais -- >> is this a whole class? >> in the late 1880's it got more blurry because of the cataracts. >> apparently jesse is the greatest artist in the world. >> i wondered why they didn't take advantage of it. if you go to a modern art gallery there is total nonsense. you can -- it is like someone stuck a knife in a
12:49 am
basketball. why not have the painting with the drink and maybe just stuff the child as well and stick him too. this is the tension between youthful indiscretions and priceless works of art. >> i have a 12-year-old and came b amsterdam and we were in the museum and she is like -- they are just so ungangly. she is like the walking dead. i deaf in thely kept her minimum five piece away from every piece of art. and when they display it, what about those annoying people if you are within a foot of a piece of art work, get away. where were those people? >> they need heavier guards at the museum. >> i am not 12, but i am this kid. i am accident prone. i was in the met a few months ago and almost knocked down one of the ceramic naked dudes.
12:50 am
>> roll play, thomas. you have to watch out for people like us. >> some of these ceramics, they should corner them off. jay we will close things out with a bedtime story.
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>> i never trust in salads and have good reason. the rest of the world is catching up. the "washington post" food section was calling salad over rated and i couldn't agree more. the writer goes through all of the reasons why we would be better off without it including one salad is low in nutrition. lettuce is waste of resources. salads fool dieters into making bad choices. restaurant salads are basically the same as the rest of the food on the menu with some lettuce thrown in. and three, salads are bad for our food supply. one billion pounds of lettuce are thrown out every jeer -- every year and it is the number one source of food born illness. so instead of getting a salad
12:55 am
get a burger instead. you may just save the world. what did you think of that? that was my bedtime story. >> i agree with you. i agree with you 100%. >> have you ever had a salad? >> yeah, a couple times. >> a couple times? >> i was drunk one night in a pasture and woke up with salad in my mouth. >> that's the first thing you order when you are drunk is salad. >> as a new property owner in los angeles which is in a mad maxian post apocalyptic drought i would like to say to the [bleep] lettuce farms, we don't need it. stop wasting water. i don't understand why everybody says the farmer is the most important, the corner stone of america. they grow 8 pro cots. who needs apricots? they are a luxury. >> why do you call them apricots? they are apricots.
12:56 am
>> i call them apricots. >> i eat salad, but i like it with meat on it. and like baby animals, something tender and hasn't walked yet. >> i like it with meat and no salad. >> that's it. it would be a cold meat with like warm dressing or something. and then maybe a bit of green on it. what about kale? isn't that healthy? >> you guys are missing -- >> salad is delicious. salad is vitamin packed and it is cancer protection. there are tons of things salad is good for. not iceberg lettuce. it is terrible. i will make you all a kale salad that will rock your world. >> enough of the salads. you go to a wedding. >> forget the dumb salad. it is disgusting. >> i wet your pallet for the good stuff. >> it is all of the lettuce in the back room. what else?
12:57 am
>> it is these [bleep] farmers. and that's why twice a year we have to [bleep] around with our clocks. i know it is not true. >> that does it for me, tom shillue. see you next time.
12:58 am
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