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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 26, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> we lost adam word, engage to a television producer, allison parker, 24, dating whenever co-workers, a morning show anchor. our prayers to them and their families. vicki garner is fighting for her life. stay with us. >> we begin with the fox news alert. >> new details of the shocking on air murder of the two individuals in virginia. i am jon scott. >> and i am jenna lee. vest er lee flanagan who worked as a reporter under the name of bryce williams is hospitalized of gun shot wounds. he is accused of gunning down alison parker and photographer adam ward early this morning as they conducted a zou live on tv.
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the person they were interviewed was also shot and in stable condition after going through surgery this morning. the photographer's camera capturing the image of the shooter. it is side ways on the screen now. that is the image that we got after the camera fell to the ground. this is alison parker moments before being killed. >> the gm spoke out about the problems with the suspect. >> i don't recall if there was friction. he was a difficult person for a lot of people to it work with. as for the allegations of racial insults or whatever, as soon as we heard about this we surveyed the staff and can talked to those people who might have come in contact with him and might
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have had any reason to hear about this and they could not substantate a thing. as a matter of fact he filed a complaint and they dismissed it out of hand. i will not say, to the best we can determine, there was none there. >> we asked mr. marks about the two young journalist that lost their lives. here's what he said. >> you never expect. this senseless. it is about two people who hadn't done going to anyone and were wonderful individuals. just doing their job on a mundane new's story. >> we are looking forward to talking to the general manager again. davidlily has more. >> reporter: here now the latest information. the shooter is identified vest er lee flanagan.
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he was known to television viewers throughout the country as bryce william. they caught up with the shooter at 11:30 this morning. at that time a state police patrol car spotted the vehicle. attempted traffic stop was made. that is when flanagan sped off. minutes later he crashed his vehicle off of the road accord according to authorities. he had shot himself. we know that he worked at the television station wdbj. he allegedly committed the crime on live tv and recorded it on cell phone video and posted that video on a facebook and twitter account. he even sent out a tweet saying, i filmed the shooting, see facebook. the general manager of that
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television station said that he had a reputation that he was made all kinds of complaints and there may have been one about alison or adam. i frankly don't remember. >> reporter: as for the motive of the shooting, williams tweeted. he was speaking about one of the victims, 24-year-old alison parker shot and killed as she
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was doing a live interview. the photographer also shot and killed. 20-year-old adam ward. the new's team was intervowing vicki gardener who works for the local chamber of commerce. she was shot in the back. the subject of the interview, the local economy. live on the air, eight shots could be heard before they cut back to the studio and a woman's voice off camera saying oh, my god. two people dead. reporter and photographer and the interview subject who worked for the chamber of commerce is in stable condition and worked in the local hospital and the shooter, reported to be in critical condition. back to you, jenna. >> there were reports that he had died. but the state troopers who had
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been chasing him, it sounds as though he shot himself while actively driving. the state troopers did not find a pulse and then his pulse returned and it was originally thought he had killed himself and now said to be hospitalized in critical condition. danny colson is a former fbi director. danny, any surprise about the attempted suicide and ultimate successful suicide of the accused here? >> it is the same song, different verse. an individual who everyone knows has mental issues and hard to get along with. and basically causes trouble and killing innocent people. we so it over and over and over again.
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people associated with him are not surprised he did something evil like this. this is chilling and for me to see the video, it is chilling for me, too. and it is scary. >> it is so strange, a guy so upset about the way he claimed he was treated. i want to make that clear. his rants on social media about how alison made racist remarks, there is no indication of that being true. the victim, alison was an incredibly sweet and wonderful woman. and here he is blaming the rest of the world for the rest of his problems and yet ending his own life when it catches up with him? >> that is not unusual. in an active shooter situation, once the adrenalin subsided and some sense of reality sets in, he didn't want to be punished
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for this. he was a coward and wanted to kill innocent people and in order to avoid the consequences, he attempted to commit suicide. >> there were indications of an escape. he parked his own car at richmond airport and rent a vehicle toous while pulling off the crime. i suppose he thought the rented license plate no one would track the vehicle to him and maybe get on a flight? >> these murderers often underestimate the capability of modern law enforcement. and it happens more often than that. the law inn forcement gets on the guys. there may be other people he was angry the at and depends on how long his adrenalin would carry him and whether or not he would
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continue his rampage. in the colorado rampage i believe he would kill other people but the police caught him and they did a great job. >> this guy worked in a tallahassee, florida station and filed a racial discrimination lawsuit upon loving that station after just a year or two. that was dismissed and filed a racial discrimination complaint against a recent station wdbj seven and that was dismissed by the equal opportunity commission. there are unhappy people in every work place. and how do you go finding those who might truly be a check? >> doing a good background investigation. if you you see a guy working in numerous places. why did he leave those other
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stations and don't hire him in the first place. a good background is essential. you need to be careful when you hire people and do good backgrounds and interview people that they work with and see who they are and if they don't measure up, don't hire them. >> in speaking with the station manager, he left under difficult circumstances, obviously you heard him say they had heard police escort him out of the building. and he lived in roanoke and people ran cross him time to time and there were no incidents or red flags, how would you assess it? >> generally there are not red flags. why did he have to leave the other stations. i am not criticizing the station. these guys live in their own
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delusional word and like ted bundy looked like an fbi agent. and then they stew in their own juices and then it is a tragedy. >> danny, stick with us. we appreciate your input. >> news coming in about what has transpired this morning. bob strain is co-chair of the task force and office ceo of the management group. bob, i would like to pick up what danny was talking about. the station manager was not necessarily surprised to hear the name bryce williams. one can never predict this. this person was fired from the station several years ago and there were not threats ongoing with this individual and those
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on the air and no immediate contact. how do you aupt this? >> you have to do the best you can. do the background investigations and monitor the individual and co-workers and management and suspicious activity or behavior. call in and report the individual and get that individual help. there is a combination of things and when that person leaves. do they have a plan when they leave? do they have work place assistance or psychological help or unemployment or a place to it live? do a comprehensive background check while they are at the business to it make sure they have the right psycheicology in terms of an 800 number. and employees know what to it report and monitor that person
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and follow them and make sure they are okay. >> that brings a question. how would anyone know he would choose this day, this morning to commit a crime? how do we answer the question of why? >> in 2013 there were ten percent of all doeth deaths in the work place. and going to be more in 2014. they say it will surpass that number. this is a source problem and becoming worse in our country. as employers down size and efññ- time employment is a revolving door and 1099s and in the tv business and people going from station to station, this gets worse. you don't have the career cbs employee there 40 years as part of the family and employee
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assistance program that have a pension and health insurance and retirement forever those days are going. we have part- time and temp employees and people here today and dpn tomorrow it is it difficult to track. >> it is a new part of the economy. it is valid, bob, and something we talked about, talking about the economy. but the white house is bringing up gun control and gun violence in this country and we'll see that reported throughout the day today as the story develops. we appreciate your insight and we'll get to a few more items and keep them back in the conversation. >> wdbj reporter alison reporter described as a wonderful woman and shining light and 24 years old, an intern at the station before becoming a reporter there and long devoted herself to the craft of journalism.
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>> following breaking news of the shooting that happen in virginia early this morning, 6:45 eastern time and taking the lives of two people on the screen. alison parker is one of them. and as we continue the web that is this story we will talk about the shooter, but want to talk about the victims as well. we have an opportunity to get a personal perspective on the story. laura weeks went to college with alison and we appreciate the time you are giving us today. tell us about alison and when did you first meet here? >> sophomore or junior year of college. we worked on the paper together.
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here passion for journalism and story telling and getting the facts right were so inspiring not only to me but the whole staff. >> was being a journalist her goal in life? >> she did an internship in the paper, and yeah, that was her passion. >> when did you last see alison? >> i saw her, i guess it was may or june. i had a an event in roanoke that she came to and that meant so much to me. and went on a date with her and kris to the baseball game and i am glad i got to witness the love they shared. >> chris was her boy p friend. they recently decided to move in together and were very much in love, is that what you witnessed? >> they were in love and they were a team, this is just before
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they decided to move in together and she was telling me about that and she was excited for their future. >> a lot of exciting times. did she voice concerns for her own safety or concerns about working in the station at all? >> no. not at all. she loved her job and career and excited about that. >> when you heard the news this morning, where were you and what did you think? >> i was on the way to work. i heard a vague facts on the radio. and i tried to update myself on the situation and i saw the video and i saw alison in it, it was just unbelievable. >> it is still so new and we should all remind ourselves of
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this, a few hours and a lot to digest and learn as well. laura, as our viewers are continuing to hear coverage of this story, what would you like to leave them with and know about alison? >> she died doing what she loved, and you know, you can't let fear stop you from living your life and i think she would want everyone to put a smile on their face. from what i heard, she came to work with a smile no matter what hour or what she was covering, and so i think that is how she would want to be remembered. >> i have seen the photographs of her. and you can see her spirit and you can't help but feel her energy and laura, we appreciate your perspective and getting to know alison a little more than we previously known her. thank you for your time today.
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10:26 am
i should edit that if i could. not real- time in 6:45 when the videos posted were shooting. it was not live. but over the course of the morning as the chase was described as pursuing the suspect. he was putting video and reasons and motive for the shooting on twitter and facebook. both p of those accounts were shut down by the social media businesses that it run them. and it adds a interesting dynamic and added new pictures of videos and we will not show them because of the horrifying nature of it. morgan wright is a expert. and i can't remember getting a real- life account from the perpetrator to this.
10:27 am
>> jenna, when i was a detective and did fbi profiling, social media department exist. what was the precursor and cause somebody to do this. in this day and age was social r media. it was to insure that his name was known. and it gives him a platform for him to do it. huge platforms to get their message out regardless of what the message is. and the video, it is going to exist forever. but would he done this except for social media? >> that is an interesting question. we are trying to put together the time line in all of this. we heard from the governor of virginia, a pursuit was happening and a car chase of sorts and he was able to bring
10:28 am
his car to the rental car agency at the airport and pick up a car. and he had time to do things. how confident are you that it was indeed him that was posting all of this on line as he's running from the police? >> you know, the prelimary information is pretty sure it is him. where they caught this guy is not too far from where i live. this is right in my backyard. the virginia state police will take all of his devices and computers and look at social network and look at the car chase. we'll put together a time line between the social media networks and virginia police traffic and the events that happen. when was the initial written and activity and lead up to the shooting and when it was posted and we'll compare all of these
10:29 am
things and they will do a forensic investigation of all of his electronics to make sure it was just him. you don't know on cases like this and they will rule it out to it make sure they have the right person. multitasking to do this. it was only briefly in twitter and we were not able to really look at it. we have no way of knowing if he had other social media accounts and that is what they will be able to learn. part fits into all of this? according to your first answer, you think it might be a real part of why he committed the crime. >> think about this a second. a have a good friend in grand prairie, texas. they had a mass shooting in the skating rink. we talked about the homicides
10:30 am
and if they happen a week apart it would not make the news. but the same five murders happening in a couple of minutes and the scope is contained, what he went for social media allows him to get the frequency and reach he would not get the and chris donner, the shooting rampage with the l.a. police officers and others that were killed. to get the visibility and rebbing nugz they were not getting in their own life, now they get positive or negative recognition they get. it and the twitter account will be key in determining what was the offense or trigger to say >> it is scary to think about, morgan as you are talking about this. there are live streaming capabilities on social media and what we will see next and what
10:31 am
precedent this sets for other criminals. >> it is copycat. i was senior law advisor down in tampa. we know anonymous protest groups were streaming over ustream and you stream. no one can stop you from putting it out there. but the question was, was he inspired by somebody or inspire somebody else? when you cross something like this, it changes the gachlt 9/11 changed the game of airline and airport security. this will change for the people in the field how they take their personality security. if you are a target any time, you have to act as a target. >> hopefully social media can be a tool to answer the questions that we have and get some of the bad people that are out there. morgan, thank you. >> so alison parker, and adam
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>> it is a crime that horrified the nation at a quarter to 7:00 this morning east coast time, a young woman named alison parker and her cameraman adam
10:36 am
ward were doing a live television shot for a station in roanoke, virginia. they were talking about economic development there. the woman in the white jacket, head of the local chamber of commerce talking about efforts to bring new business to the community and all of the sudden gunshots rang out. eight could be heard on the live television feed. some say 15 shots and adam and alison fell dead. the woman they were interviewing was taken to surgery with a gun shot wound in the back. the suspect in the case was a former reporter at that station. vester flanagan who went on the air by the name of bryce williams.
10:37 am
he worked in tallahassee, florida, san francisco, and texas, as well. and so if the name or face seems familiar to viewers in other markets, it could be be the case. and the pictures we just had on the screen, there they are again, the live image of what is going on in the site of a virginia state trooper spotted the car and gave chase. the car that bryce williams was reportedly driving. five hours after the crime, police were able to lay eyes on the suspect. they tried to pull him you over and his car, in the top right hand corner of the screen there. his car left the road. troopers got out of their car and ran up to the door they found that he had shot himself presumably before the accident. at first there was no pulse and
10:38 am
they thought he was dead. but his pulse came back and he was transported to want hospital and said to be in critical condition. steve rogers is a frequent guest here in fox and a retired lieutenant detective and on with us earlier today. steve, have you ever seen a crime like this? >> not like this. especially social media becoming part of the crime. the station manager, mr. jeffries. >> jeffrey marks. >> he did everything he could as an employer to meet the needs and address the complaints of the individual up to the point where he was so concerned about his employment he had the police come by and escort him out. he did everything he could do. it was difficult to it predict. now we have a killer who posted what he did on twitter and
10:39 am
facebook. 38 years of police work never seen this. >> you mentioned jeffrey marks. he is the station manager in roanoke. he was an amazing pillar of strength through the entire ordeal. he spoke about bryce williams, a short time ago and we'll play it. >> vester was an unhappy man. we employed him as a reporter. and he had talent and had experience. but he had been out of the business when he was hired here. he quickly became, and gathered the reputation of someone who was difficult to work with wouldn't you say joe? and he was sort of looking out for people to say things that he could take offense to.
10:40 am
and eventually after many incidents of his anger coming to the floor we dismissed him. he did not take that well. we had to call for police to escort him from the building. >> jeff row marks headman in wdbj. some of that video recorded mentioned that the suspect was killed in the lettering in the top of the screen. once again bryce bill wils is still alive but in critical condition. yes, you think about what has to be going through the gm's mind. you say he did everything he possibly could to protect his staff upto and including the police leading this guy out of the building and yet, something festers inside of him and
10:41 am
a cancer takes hold and he comes back and does something like this on live television? >> you know -- it is unpredictable. you can issue a summons or talk to someone and they take out a gun and kill you. this man is a pillar of strength, not only for his tv station but for the country. he did it everything he was supposed to do and i am sure inside of his heart, it is bleeding but it is unspeakable this crime. no one should feel get about what they did or not do. two women people's lives were shortened. god bless those of you in the media, we didn't understand how hazardous and dangerous your job is. you put cross hairs on your back when you are out there. at least in law enforcement we have a gun and a defense, but
10:42 am
you have no defense. >> god bless you in law enforcement as well. steve rogers we appreciate your contributions and comments today. >> as we take' scene where the pursuit for the suspect came to an end. we are waiting for a live press conference where we expect to get the latest news. we have peter doocey who is there and he will join us after the break.
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>> hi, everyone. busy news day. we are just minutes away from the first press conference from the virginia police. they will up date us on on the shocking killings of a reporter and video journalist today. we expect to hear more about the shooter's condition after he shot himself and crashed his vehicle. we'll dig deeper in the disgrunteled employee's lawsuits about the companies he worked
10:46 am
for. >> as gretchen just mentioned, you are looking on the scene of i 66 in faquier, virginia. this is where bryce williams, vester flanagan. he is the suspect of a murders of alison parker and adam ward who were doing their job when about this were shot and killed in a live report. vester flanagan, known on air as bryce williams, a reporter seemed to have a pattern of filing racial discrimination suits in many of the places he worked. the two suits i am aware of were dismissed by the courts and equal opportunity commission.
10:47 am
vester flanagan took the chip that was on his shoulder and carried it this morning when he opened fire police say against two other individuals. we are awaiting a new's conference from franklin county. authorities are briefing us on the latest of the investigation 13 minutes from now. peter doocey is live on the ground in virginia, where this all came to an end. peter, what is going on there? >> reporter: jon, just to give you a sense of how widespread this morning or afternoon's events were. franklin county, virginia's sheriff's office is a 4 hour drive over the commonwealth to get to the hospital where they took mr. flanagan, the guy who they suspect executed these two people, the reporter and her photographer and shot somebody from the chamber of commerce on live television this morning.
10:48 am
the virginia state police obviously was helping out four hours away and they are the ones who apprehended the alleged shooter. but it is the franklin county's sheriff office that is taking the lead. we drove by the shopping center where this happen this morning, there is a lot of investigators there and it does appear one of the vehicles taken by the new's crew is within the crime scene and reminds us of how recently it happen and these were two people who did their jobs when they were senselessly killed. we hope to get an update on the investigation and condition of the commerce commerce who is treated ina i nearby hospital at this hour, jon. >> again, the shootings took place south of roanoke,
10:49 am
virginia, peter in faquier county, it is close to washington d.c. >> reporter: right, in fact, we were on the way here and we saw the spot where there were mixed reports at first. and we saw the spot where they apprehelpeded this man, we were two hours past it. and so as every national news crew headed down this way, the alleged shooter headed in the opposite direction and luckily the virginia state police and other agents stopped him and got him now. the threat from him is over, but that doesn't make the tragedy any less in franklin county just a few miles up the road where the beloved news team died. >> there are reports that the
10:50 am
bryce williams put his own car at the airport and rented a car and that is what is on the road in faquier cooperate. >> he certainly had a lot of time to operate. he had hours between the actual crime and when he actually crashed and that is a little bit description that earlier by som those on the ground, including the governor, that there was some sort of a pursuit and an arrest was imminent. we were told that early this morning. there was obviously a lot of time that took place between the re right now. also, just quickly, abc news received a fax overnight more than 20 pages long from someone named bryce williams. we'll talk about that with a former fbi danny colson after the break. i'm mike, and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack.
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back to breaking news of this morning. a reporter and a photo journalist losing their lives in a deadly shooting earlier today. the suspect, currently in the hospital in critical condition after shooting himself. you see the two victims on the screen now. back with danny colson. former fbi deputy and assistant director. i mentioned this before the break. we talked a lot about it in social media, twitter, facebook, as part of the shooter's portfolio as he committed this crime. abc news is reporting, though, that overnight they received a fax, more than 20 pages long, from somebody by the name of bryce williams. they've turned that over to law enforcement. how crucial is that potentially? >> i can't emphasize enough how important that is. if you'll remember, the unibomber was caught based on his manifesto.
10:55 am
anybody who takes the time to write a lengthy dia tribe about misconduct or whatever grievance they have is serious. they did the right thing by bringing it to the attention of law enforcement. when people receive these, if there is any hint of violence or dissatisfaction, that should go to the local police as quarterbackingquickly as possible. >> apparently the fax came in overnight. the shooting happened at 6:45 this morning. it's no way of knowing when someone at abc received this or whether anything could be done. that's something else, danny, as we reflect on this horrible crime, one wonders, could we do anything better? what do you think we should think about regarding our security in the workplace. >> every company in the$
10:56 am
security with every news team. we should be aware that evil stalks this land. there are people out there who will kill us, and they do it and then, in this particular case, didn't do it because of social media. they just used social media to broadcast it, to get more publicity and boost up their own little egos. the evil is in the man, and it has nothing to do with social media, that part. they just use social media to propagate their own evil. >> gives us something to think about. well said. evil does stalk this land. we're all too frequently reminded of it. it's important to remember the good people out there who will rise up against it. danny, thank you for your time. we'll be right back with more happening now. through usaa, i know a fair price.
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11:00 am
and adam ward, television station employees who were murdered on the job this morning. >> we certainly think of their families and send prayers to their families today and all those affected in the community. we'll have continuing coverage here on fox news. >> thank you for joining us. >> "the real story" starts tkcq fox news alert, continuing coverage. disgruntled former employee apparently attempting to take his own life hours after walking up to a fellow reporter and her cameraman who were live on the air and opening fire and murdering them. alison parker, 24 years old. cameraman adam ward was 27. a third victim is in the hospital after surgery. we're here today to bring you the real story on this breaking news and more. as we await an update from police. we are awaiting a press conference, the first one, an update from police after the suspect was ident


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